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September 27th


Jim says to expect a new version of Thred next week sometime.

"In the meantime, Mr. Carmack can be found on-line almost every day, swinging his axe away at fellow Quakers."

Nah. He told me he plays for a half hour at a time, maybe every other day (maybe he'd like it more if he stopped using the axe?...).

"I just thought I might bring to your attention that since Quake seems like such a "satanic" and "evil" game (by parents), I thought I might make something that would make Quake seem a bit funnier. As a result, I managed to program VictimBot. The bot does not attack anyone. In fact, all he does is run around and get into the client's face, yelling "run away!" or "help me!" etc. The VictimBot is killable, and the killer loses a frag for killing the VictimBot; this, of course, creates an interesting twist to your typical Deathmatch."

"My friends so far find that VictimBot is very fun to play with, even though it is a tad annoying at times."

"If you want to have a look, it's in FTP.CDROM.COM under VBOT1.ZIP"

Fun but annoying, huh? My kind of guy... Here's the text file.

September 26th

Quake Widows?

Updated: .

"I'm listening to your voice right now, and it's actually coming in! All in all the quality of the audio in this is a TON better then the Quake lauch event, but the content is... well... weird. Who came up those commercials? There messed up. All the clan guys were cool, but those guys from pseudo are strange. all in all, when they said that this quake cast would be better, they weren't lying. I'm sure not dissapointed."

I thought the pseudo guys were actually pretty good, especially that Mase Royer (sp?), but I know about the promos, that Nina (Ida, Ina? It was hard to tell) Brown was totally weird ("BYE GUYS!"). I got to listen to most of it, and it did break up at times, but overall, I was pretty impressed.

"I'll be working on an ambitious new page at Stomped in the coming weeks with the help of American McGee of id Software. All your map editing questions will answered then."

"On another interesting note, Carmack and Jay Wilbur, id Software's head of marketing, announced ... post-Quake plans, simply referred to as "our next technology." ... Watch out, Prey!"

Yeah, watch out you still under construction game... your foothold as the "greatest game ever" might be endangered by this other game that's in the planning phase.

And so it goes.

The QuakeX site isn't just for Quake add-ons, it's also a page for REAL world editing tips, files everyone REALLY needs, and the add-ons they're creating. Many pages have general "tips&info", but QuakeX has specifics, deals with the problems you'll encounter with what programs, and takes you step-by-step through the process.

Not just all this, but QuakeX has files you can't find anywhere else, and files that can be hard to locate... like the program to export the original Quake models to the 3DS format, DXF to 3DS converter, links to shareware modelers available now, and other goodies. Plus instructions on how to create models and stuff. I get requests for this kind of info all the time, so obviously the word needs to be spread. Another example is that many people are running around asking where to get the texture wads used with THRED and Worldcraft. You can find them at QuakeX.

Well, the moral of this story... I see hundreds of people asking how to do this and how to do that, where to get this, where to get that. And QuakeX is the one place to go. The reason why QuakeX is there is to actually HELP people with Quake editing (Whaleboy wants to play other peoples add-on's as well). So that's my Cool Site of the, I don't know... month (October, to boot). Go check it out now. In case you hadn't noticed, I made a link (I count seven) out of every mention of QuakeX (oops eight), in this article to make it easy to find. Be there, aloha.=D

"The Quake Survey Page has been taken down. I tallied the 320 responses so far this month (we had 311 last month), and I suppose it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that nearly every question produced the same results from last month. This, coupled with a statistically not-significant-enough number of responses to really mean anything, I've decided to cancel the project. My thanks and apologies to the few who participated, it was very much appreciated."

September 25th


Here is my challenge to Cash. I doubt he will be man enough to reply. (If he does reply I'll make a demo so the whole world can see his head cave in)

: You need a beating. Whenever you have some free
: time let me know. I must avenge my clan and my
: honor :)
: You and me. To 20. You pick the level.
: You bring your head, I'll bring the hammer.

I think I know why tempers are flaring. American mentioned in an email earlier today that the air conditioners are broken at id.

I think in Texas they should send you home from work when that happens, the way we stay home in the northeast during blizzards.

"I finally finished the Top 40 Monsters Contest. It's up at Quake Fiction"

"I`ve started maintaining the "Official QCPL Homepage" (that's quake C patch launcher)."

QCPL it cool. Very helpful for checking out Quake C patches. Recommended. (Who am I, John Dvorak?)

Even though he was quick to point out that he scooped me on this story (fair and square), it is in the name of accuracy, not revenge (heh heh heh), that I point out that it's probably not really coming out on the 28th, as David says, but more likely the 29th, since the WorldCraft Homepage (the source of this story) says:

"New version due by the end of the September 28th weekend!"

Go check your calendars, I'll wait here (*hums*). See, Sunday is the 29th. Besides, the small print adds:

"(but don't blame me if it's late!)"

"More character movement (cut down on spawnfrags) They will now jump Merging code with the Elimnator bot, to use the pre-made line draws for the course. Drawnig up paths on the loading of a new map, so the Bots know where the good stuff is and how to get it. Even more agressive bots, with more taunts. They now move when shooting. And other assorted stuff..."

According to the Homepage, you can play against 20 of these suckers at once...

No humor for you today.
I must work some...

Currently working on warehouse levels, bunker levels, and trying to figure out some styles for a couple of other levels. The artists are cranking out some really awesome textures for this thing... very "Aliens".

Need to find time to give Cash a proper beating for what he and 311 did to Dark Requiem in New York. Expect a -4 to 30 type score to be posted here soon. (If he is man enough to play)

Well not all serious, as that trash-talk at the end attests (well maybe that's serious too).

BTW, um, forgive me, but screw what 311 did to Dark Requiem. Let's talk about what Dark Requiem did to the Brothers Gib. My clan got bumped from every single Clan match we were scheduled for, but DR managed to get in their matches, even though they weren't scheduled to attend!. That's it Tokay... next time I see you I'm going to blow up all your rockets with my face (hope my gibs mess up your skin...).

*fixed spawn/respawn telefrags
when spawning (or respawning) you it will now search and find any open start spot, not just blindly go to the next one you will only telefrag somebody if every single spot is occupied in that case the last person in gets whacked; this keeps us from getting right back into the rolling telefrags at the start of a level and gives the first guys in a chance to get off of the spots teleporter telefrags have not been changed

While we were talking in New York I thanked him profusely for planning to change that. I hate those sooo much. Funny thing is, American told me that the id guys hate them too, it's just that they didn't realize how bad the problem could be until they got into some 12-16 player games.

He also mentions that the version number of the next release has been bumped to 1.06.

"Actually, Destructor from Dark Requiem started a call for clan skins 9/8, it was on Stomped, anyway, Des's email is if you want it."

It's true too. This site is definitely fueled by that magic elixir (as all who know me can attest). And I was giving Quake Command grief about their diets. Oh well, I gotta make another peanut butter and jelly sandwich (my wife's out tonight). The link is just an under construction sign, BTW ... Check out the newly renovated (is that paint I smell?) [deicide]'s Quake Domain.

September 24th

Thred Beta Released

Mike "Flea" Wilson sent along the following (the "Flea" thing is a Red Hot Chili Peppers joke, it's not like Mike's infested):

"Just wanted to drop a line to let the homeys know there will be another realaudio/live chat quakecast from this thursday night at 9pm est. I will be calling in along with Mike Ryan from PC Mag, some clan leaders, and the #quake undernet ops. We'll be talkin about the event in new york and the aftermath, as well as discussing things we are gonna do to the interface at to make it THE place for live quake talk. We plan to make this a weekly event, with different id members and guests each week. we believe this will become an integral part to faster feedback/implementation to get quake world where we all want it to be much faster."

"Do you know what an "Nightopian Orgie" frag is? Most of you don't even know what a Nightopian is. How about a Pizza Frag? No, just gibbing them to pepperoni doesn't count."

To find the answers to what this all means, visit the Almost Authorative Quake Deathmatch Frag and Player List. Steve promises regular updates, and lots of good stuff (even better good stuff if anyone helps him!). He even threatens that it might even turn into a full-blown Quake page. Check it out it's very funny.

What's that Dipstick?

"And I just want to say Hola to the clan I'm in, Clan Lagitus, and to say we're the best lagged and frag-curved players out there =)"

All right enough of you, get outta here. =D

"I'm logger from #quakeed (mostly) and currently I'm working on a project to collect clan skins from clans to standardize a clan player.mdl to be used on servers in the future. My page is at: I will release the mdl when I get a reasonable number of skins. It will be used on my server (up in the next week on and hopefully will become a standard so that clans can select their skin no matter what server they're on."

He says you can mail the skins to him or find him in IRC, and send them that way.

I know QuakeWorld is going to support skins, but remember, that will only work on QuakeWorld servers, so there could be a need for this kind of thing too. There are also heated debates raging over the "what if they steal my skin" cries coming from some folks, but I can't help you with that...

Go start making maps! What are you waiting for?...

September 23rd

My QuakeWorld Launch Saga

I can't believe the stupidity of these guys... if you had a program written in Visual Basic (slooooow) that required about 4 megs (yes, 4 megs) in DLLs and OCXs, that had nag messages demanding $10, would you intentionally invite comparisons with a lean, fast, free program like QSpy?

And then, of course, there's the questionable brainpower of doing something like desecrating my buddy Devicer's logo like that, which is sure to piss me off. Grrrrrrrr...

" mentioned that QuakeWorld could hit the streets "a week from next Wednesday" which you said would be Oct 4. Oct 4 is a Friday. I only know this because my birthday is Oct 5 and this is the first time in years that it's fallen on a Saturday..."

Scot, of course, is right, a week from Wednesday is October 2nd, which is the approximate (remember "when it's done?") date of the first QuakeWorld client, based on what John Carmack told me.

My only excuse is that it was three in the morning when I figured that out...

"Not really news, but this thing would be amusing as a Quake controller."

"I'd probably keel over from a heart attack. At the very least, I'd get dizzy doing 180s as often as I check my backside in DM."

Thanks Gorilla!

I just wanted to inform you that is on a dual P100 that is essentially dedicated to Shake N' Quake and its FTP site. It's also on a T3. I thought that you might like to link to as well as for the files that will be most in demand. Many people (especially me) can hardly download from most of the time. :(

Anyway, Worldcraft is at:


DirectX is in four parts at:

/quake/worldcraft/dx1of4.exe, dx2of4.exe, dx3of4.exe, dx4of4.exe

Feel free to link to our FTP site, for a lot of people it is a nice alternative to Thanks!

Thank you Tom!

You asked this:

Why do some people call the Quad Damage that (QuakePower)?--help me here...

I'll help you here. In the illegal beta and beta .92 (first legal beta), that's what it was called. I can remember it, picking up the Quad (it was called QuakePower) in E1M2, and gibbing the HELL out of everything... =)

So basically, it was called QuakePower in the earlier betas. So there.

And tell Wendigio that I owe him a few pinapples. =P

Wendigo, dipstick owes you a few pineapples!

September 22nd

"One comment on your news: there is no way the rendition machine was running 1280*1024. More likely 640*480. Hard to tell with the bilerped textures, though."

Which just means I was also wrong about how Rendition-enhanced Quake looked. If that was 640 X 480 then the card is more impressive than I imagined. Like I said, I mistook it for 1280 X 1024.

There was another surprise in that message, but I'm gonna tell you more about that a little later (he he)...

John Carmack also updated his plan:

I had a good time at the New York event -- it was fun to meet a lot of the web and clan guys, and there was some good fierce deathmatch action.

The QuakeWorld beta has revved a couple more times. When things work right, its great, but it seems like it only works right on about half the windows machines we try it on.

We have at least a week of beating on it before a public release.

"I, unfortunately, wasn't as lucky as you were. I didn't get to go the id thing in NY. But, hey! Maybe next time. I hope! Although it did feel like i was there when i read David Kosak's account of what happened there. His story was very well written and i could picture everything happening. Maybe you should have him write for your page more often? One thing that i missed was the Real Audio and the Cu-SeeMe stuff of the NY thing. Do you know if anybody has got a .wav file of the Real Audio broadcast that i could actually hear anything out of? Also, maybe you know of someone who has QuickTimes (or any format for that matter) of that event?"

"I saw the comment you made about QCPL v2.0 not having the option of selecting patches by moving up/down and pressing enter. Well, in order to satisfy the requests of fellow Quaker's, i decided to give QCPL a MAJOR face-lift."

"Beta testing of QCPL v3.0 will commence on Monday, and the full thing should be released on Friday. I added many additional features like a FULL QC file-management option menu, just like the one seen in XTree Gold."

Here are the Release notes:

Runs on NT. Should run on Win 95 but was not tested. Uses OpenGL. If you want good rendering quality use at least 16-bit color mode.

You'll need QuakeC source files .QC to run editor properly. Open Things inspector and type .QC files path in Prog Dir: edit control. When press Reload.

You also need to configure project path, and startup wad file. Choose Misc/Settings. If you keep WAD's in C:\QCC\GFX, when for project path type C:\QCC and for startup wad GFX\BASE.WAD or other wad file. When restart QuakeEd.

XY View solid & textured modes are not implemented yet.

And of course I'm not responsible for any damage this editor could make.

[The Definitive Quake Server List & Related Enhancements] "... have been put on indefinite hold while I recuperate from a minor head-on auto collision. I'm, basically, fine except for moderate whiplash. The car only needs about $800 worth of work. It wasn't my fault. They were in my lane and there was nowhere to go."

Now there's dedication... the guy almost busts his neck, and want to write in case we were wondering about his web page. Maybe we should all send him a get well email...

September 21st

WorldCraft Beta Released

QuakeWorld Launch Photos

QuakeWorld Launch Event Photo Page

As I mentioned I got to play with betas of both WorldCraft and THRED. Both of them are quite amazing. Within six months of the release of Quake we'll have better editors than we did for Doom two years after its release. (It's hard to keep up with this fast-paced world.)

Rendition Enhanced Quake...
...was not as cool to look at as I imagined (but still looked nicer than regular Quake, particularly wall textures), but the games were awfully smooth (on hot machines...). There's just not much to give impressions of from what I got to see. Also as Dave Kosak pointed out in the description he mailed me (posted yesterday), there was a machine in the corner set to an incredible resolution (I believe it was actually 1280 X 1024) running at a very acceptable frame rate. Not glass smooth, but maybe 18-20 fps. This resolution runs on my P166 w/80 MB Ram, Dynamite 128 (VESA 2.0 in hardware) video card at 4.5 fps. The 3D Blaster probably helped that happen, though I have no idea what kind of horsepower was under that machine's hood.

John Carmack Said This About Bullet Holes... the walls (one of those oft-complained about missing features):

"We should have put it in there. We have the surface cache, which would make it so easy to do. It'll probably show up in a future release."

My Favorite Quote of the Night...
...was a comment Michael Abrash made to me:

"I like to read your page so I can find out what Carmack is up to ... I'm not kidding"

This has to do with how their jobs interact (I feel compelled to add, in case you think that sounds terrible), and I'm sure he was almost completely kidding anyway, but it was hysterical. John Carmack raved about how well the teamwork between he and Michael works out, so I don't think it's a problem either way.

I'll post anything else that I missed, but I'm not sure there's anything left...

The emphasis of the event was on the press, and in presenting them with the phenomenon of Quake. Period. All the other factors that were represented, the clans, the 3D Blaster, the Internet play, QuakeWorld, were all just things to show to the press to demonstrate how far reaching and diverse the game is. I for one don't think this is a bad thing... in order for Quake to rule the cosmos, the word must be spread. But it is a shame that emphasis was placed on things that created false expectations. Naming it the QuakeWorld launch was a prime example, not only because the program isn't ready yet (at no time did I even see a version of it demoed), but because, as John Carmack reminded me "QuakeWorld is going to be an unsupported project," and that it was more or less "a free gift to everyone." Not really something to gather the world to launch. Because Quakes been out for a while already, it would have sounded dumb to call this the Quake Launch event, but that's what it was.

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