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September 13th

 Quake 1.05 Beta Out

QSpy 3.1 Released | Fast Modems | More Legions of Quake

There is a BETA distribution of 1.05 up on our ftp site.
It includes quake.exe winded.exe progs.dat, and a zip of the latest .qc files.
Back up your current version before messing with this, in case something
is broken.

"don't get too excited... that press release was written by tsi... i can't guarantee an actual "id clash" with the clans. sounds silly to me, since all the id guys are in clans anyway. :)"



September 12th

# 1?

...Who'da thunk it?

Survey Results In | Domain Names | ClanRing Tourney | American Replies | Forge Renamed | Intergraph Retraction

While you're there, read the press release describing Thursday's QuakeWorld launch event, including this tidbit:

"'s QUAKE development team will take on QUAKE clan members in the ultimate battle to the death. id will also showcase QUAKE for Rendition/3D Blaster."

Whap! Well hit me in the head with a fish! I thought me and my boys the Brothers Gib were going to have enough on our hands with RevCo and those guys, but wow! Apparently everyone from id will be there: Jay Wilbur and Mike Wilson, John Carmack, Michael Abrash, John Cash, American McGee and yes, even John Romero. They're promising the "best night of bloodshed ever." I Can't wait! It also mean's that I'll be able to give a first hand account of the Rendition enhanced Quake. Spooge. Or as sCary might say: w00p!

"Intergraph has signed a deal with this week id Software for the exclusive rights to the accelerated full-version of Quake."

Apparently they're only getting the shareware to bundle just like the 3D Blaster. This makes sense. You rarely see registered versions of current games with hardware.

"Microsoft's new Direct X, version 3.0, will not support force feedback joysticks or VR products despite the fact that third-party developers of such products, such as Immersion and CH Products, were promised support by Microsoft at the Computer Game Developers Conference just last spring."

"An anonymous source told boot that Microsoft's Direct Input group made promises to the companies with no intention of keeping them."

Ben also promised:

"There will be something new & exciting about the editor in the next week."


Anyway, thought I should point out that the ideas I got from the net WILL be in QuakeWorld... just don't expect them in the first release. You know how it goes... test the simple version first, then release all the good stuff. So fear not.

I would try to help you with your little contest... maybe allow someone to come up here for a day. But Carmack is totally opposed to visitors. So, no dice.

btw: updated my plan for you ;)

-American McGee (
id Software

And here's what he put in his plan:

Yes, that is the name I bought for myself just to impress people who did not know you could by yourself a new name.

Ran over some poor people in my fancy car this morning. Think I will go rape and pillage in the village today. After that I will probably come back and make my poor slave who I keep tied in my office do some work for me. Damn! He's dead... well, I guess that is what happens when you don't feed them. Well, I'm getting my solid gold keyboard dirty with all this typing. And my neck always gets sore from trying to stare at my 300" monitor.

Are these radiation burns?

I love you Blue. You're the man.



"P.S. The bart guys still own I'll be *really* surprised if it gets transferred. It only takes an hour or two to have a transfer happen these days."

I received an email from Patrick (the Bart guys) refuting this

"We have mailed id software and asked them NIC-handles for their Tech-C and Admin-C plus the primary and secondary for the domain. They did not respond yet, so I guess they're not in a hurry to transfer the domain."

"All of the pages in these categories have their own strengths and weaknesses but all in all Blue's Quake Rag is the BEST OVERALL QUAKE PAGE AS VOTED BY YOU THE GENERAL QUAKE FANS."

I want to thank all of you that voted for the Quake Rag in the survey. It's nice to know folks appreciate the hard work that goes into this.

September 11th

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...

...Well, except for the trains.

3D Blaster Rival | Airplane | Jeep | Arrrgh | THRED Review Coming

And don't worry about me being objective (are you worried?), all joking about my firstborn aside, the condition Jim made me agree to was that I be brutally honest. I told him he obviously wasn't reading my page enough =D

Tires will spew mud on sharp turns, Ramps can be jumped, the Jeep can carry more than one buddy in the back (they hope), beer cans fly out the back on REALLY sharp turns (ROFL), large automatic weapon will be mounted in the back (operated by player in back), driver can squish opponents (they plan on making a player.mdl with tire treads on him!)

What words can I use to describe how cool these guys are? I'm at a loss (can you imagine blue at a loss for words??)! They're the coolest! Beer cans flying out the back. That Bush's Abode Quake Page survey ends today, if you haven't yet, go vote for Quake Command as best Quake C Page.

Oh, and remember:

Always wear your safety belt. Does not include taxes, transport or dealer prep. Your mileage may vary. Jeep is a registered trademark of the Chrysler Corporation.

"Intergraph has signed a deal with this week id Software for the exclusive rights to the accelerated full-version of Quake."

According to the article, the deal was "largely based on Carmack’s desire to own a few of Intergraph’s workstations..."

The $199 Reactor 3D card is slated to ship in October, and in addition to the accelerated version of Quake, it will also be bundled with an accelerated version of Indy Car II.

Hacker Update: It's morning and the attacks seem to have subsided again. I am informed that these attacks are also striking The Voters Telecommunications Watch. To quote the Panix MOTD:

"What can the attacker possibly be thinking??? VTW is a friend to *all* net users, and one of the best we'll ever have.."

This kind of stuff really gets me down... 

"Spent the last few days working with my new NT machine. Soon we will all be using machines like this one to program, create maps, etc... Intergraph TDZ410 with 128mb ram, 16mb video ram, 16mb texture cache, OpenGL accelerator card, etc... etc..."

I think it is probably a good thing being American McGee. I'd like to try it sometime. In fact that finally got me going add the often planned rants section. Before you check it out, let me tell you, it's a little different. You've been warned...

September 10th Quake Wars | QuakeWorld Update | Mike W on IRC | Friction Nightmare Over? | QSpy 3.02 Okay | Legions of Quake

"GT Interactive gains the exclusive right to publish Unreal and a sequel for the PC, with options for console versions. They also obtain rights to UnrealEd, the powerful 3D level editor developed by the game's creator, Tim Sweeney. Furthermore, GT can also publish up to five more titles with the Unreal engine."

Thanks for alerting me to David, who humorously points out:

"This gives them Quake-International, Quake 2, all the Dooms, Duke Nukem and other build games, and Prey (if it ever comes out)."

"And everybody thought Microsoft wrote the book on monopolies."

"the rendition port is 99% tested... just making minor tweaks"

"that nt4 direct x port is already underway"

He also points out that the Direct-X port is for Win95 as well. BTW, the guy in the log who claims to be one of the QSpy authors wasn't some llama, it was Jack Mathews, the real McCoy.

Ok, I'm back on QuakeWorld.

While working on the new chat console, I fixed up a few little things with the regular console:
The pgup/pgdn keys now autorepeat.
The display does not pop down to the bottom when a new line is printed.
If you aren't at the bottom, a few ^ ^ ^ are printed on the last line.

There is now a message level you can set to cut down on the number of messages you get from the server (it saves a bit of bandwidth, too).
Level 0 gives everything.
Level 1 does not print item pickup messages.
Level 2 does not print player obituaries.
Level 3 does not print any messages from the server.
Level 4 does not print chat messages.

Player skin support is much nicer in QuakeWorld. There is a qw\skins directory, where you can just put a .pcx files for each skin. This will scale properly to hundreds of skins if you want to download them all.

I am still unsure of how much freedom I want to give with the skins.

One school of thought is that you just set the "skin" value to any name you want. If the other players don't have it, they fall back to the default.

The other school of thought is that skins are the restricted property of a specific clan, and only clan members get custom skins.

We have the ability to delegate specific information setting abilities to clan leaders. To join a clan, you have to get the leader to add the clan field to your user account. It is in the protected masterdata, so you can't edit it yourself.


September 9th Downtime Update | More Servers | Quake Killer?
QSpy 3.02 | ][ronman Found | QuakeWorld LA?

"things are looking MIGHTY good for a rough-edged, but fully functional Aircraft (it WILL be named) Public Beta type deal within 3 days"

Have I mentioned how much I love their site, BTW? (I guess I just did).

Or is he...

"Just to avoid confusion... I wanted to address the messages that are flying around the net regarding our "NY vs. LA" event."

"First of all, as far as we're concerned, it's still just a New York event. We will not have anything to do with the simultaneous event in LA, unless something changes. The event in LA is at a place called "SlamSite" that wants to have a quake party at the same time we do. We told them that it might be cool to do this if they can figure out and implement a way for our press in NY to be able to see their event live-via-satellite or something. If that doesn't happen, then our NY event will not be tied into that other event in any way. (Why would the press care that a bunch of guys from LA with crappy ping times want to log in if they couldn't see the event happening)"

"Actually, the Slamsite guys are investigating setting up a frame relay straight to NY to avoid potential ping time probs."

"Regardless, make no mistake... we have nothing to do with that event in any official way yet, and the only "real" id event is in New York City on September 19 from 6-9 pm."

I won't waste my words condemning the hackers responsible. I will say however, that I have nothing but compliments for the way the Panix staff has handled the situation, as usual, with diligence and professionalism.

That having been said, I'll also slip in here that I am starting to move on trying to find another way to host this site. This really has nothing to do with this hacking stuff (which could just as easily affect another host), as with the fact that I'm paying for a PPP account, and the popularity of this site has gone way beyond that of a personal homepage. If Panix starts charging me for how much I go over my allowed throughput (something like 500 MB--eeek!) I'll want to make a move fast. If anyone has any ideas or resources to share, I'm interested in hearing from you. I'm most interested in talking to a host who will be able to alias a Domain Name.

I'll put this note down here to start and we'll see what happens. The last thing I want to do is pull a quick shutdown, as many before me have (not that it's come to that by any stretch). I just want to prepare.
Get it? Got it? Good!

September 8th QSpy 3.01 Out | id Asks Clan Input | Quakeworld Web Truce | Miss ][ronman?

"Just thought id mail you and tell you that at the European Computer Trade Show here in the Uk Creative Labs had a stand showing off the new Blaster Card---It was running Quake on a p133 at 17 fps in 640x480 close to full screen this was up against another p133 but without any acceleration that ran at 11 fps The Graphics were much clearer than on unaccelerated version with Hardly any block graphics when close to a wall or Enemies. All in all i was Quite impressed by it..."

Thanks Byron.

The 3D Blaster is scheduled to ship bundled with the accelerated Quake on October 4.

"will be on-line by Sunday evening at the latest."

Those who miss the features if ][ronman's list should be happy. The list will be updated every 10 minutes, display Hostname *and* geographical location (if available), and will include the basics: Map, Rules (e.g., teamplay, gravity, et.), Number of players, Max. number of players, Average uptime.

Plus: Player search - find your friends (or enemies)!, Server Operator comments, and Current players.

Sounds great! I'll post the URL as soon as it's announced.

Fixed the qlist alias corruption problem (JP).
Fixed the first user defined http slot (it was still trying to connect to IronMan's list) (JP).
Fixed threads not terminating properly (JM).
Fixed case where refresh was attempted with no anchor (JM).
Fixed problem where QSpy was referring to wrong sound clip (JP).

ATTN Clan People:
John and I are working on Clan Rules for Quakeworld.
Please email me a list of rules that need to be in QuakeWorld when it goes online.
Maybe you should all get together and decide on some official rules and then send those to me...
If any of you come up with some basic ideas that would make clan play more interesting etc... send those to me also.
This only pertains to Clan play. Please do not send me anything not relating to this.

-American McGee (
id Software

"One of the other guys who designed the site was on a holdiday this week, so we could not discuss it with him."

"The transfer of the domain WILL take place though."

"We will mail you the details monday."

As long as this is the case, I have no problem with these guys and promise to stop the derision. If you've been hate mailing them (which I never suggested), it's just as up to you to decide to stop as it was to start. I will point out, however, that Christopher Dickens did write in to warn that those guys might end up selling the names of all who write in as a mailing list.

Now that the petty stuff has been overcome, I'm interested to see how their site shapes up, cause they've talked of how great it will be, and content is obviously the key to that, not the name. Except for here of course, I kinda suspect no on reads this stuff, they just come here to be on the rag. =D

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