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After much consideration and rumination I've decided to discontinue using my plan file and have deleted it. This is simply because I feel it would be in the best interest of id Software if I did so. I regret nothing I've said in the past to anyone or any corporate entity except for the things that have turned people off not only on me but on id as well. I've come to the conclusion that losing even one fan because of something I've said is unacceptable. To me.

It should be apparent by now that I really dig my job and id as a company and the Avalon/Valhalla/Mt. Olympus that it is. Restraint and temerity aren't really in my nature so rather than risk any further dishonor or bad press to this company due to yet another outburst from me, I want to go ahead and call it quits with the plannage. Some of you will probably applaud this action and some of you will probably bitch me out for being weak. I'm not doing this because I'm a baby or for the attention. It just seems the appropriate thing to do (especially in the wake of an entire company having to make a formal statement in regards to a problem they perceive with yours truly.)

Regardless what you think of me and my personality, my work on Quake2 and the rest of the games I work on while here at id will speak volumes. I'm firmly part of this company now. Go ahead and feel free to write me if you'd like. We can shoot the shit or bust on some lame-ass or just discuss the meaning of life. But please respect my decision.

I guess I'm not ready for the internet just yet and it probably isn't quite ready for me either.

Take care and to all you makes and models of humans from age 1 thru 17 please allow me to indulge those socially superior individuals who feel I'm a role model in some way. Please read. Working out and eating better would be nice too, but I want you to read. Everything and anything you can get a hold of: books, magazines, comics, backs of food boxes, doesn't matter. And one day when all that fiction and nutritional facts gets boring and predictable, read non-fiction. Animals, and oceans and outer space are pretty damn cool as is. And lastly if you ever feel that no one cares about you and life is in the toilet, drop me a line. Because as corny as it sounds I really do care about children a great deal. Learn and persevere. Knowledge is the only weapon that will ensure your happiness and success.

To quote a song from Aerosmith: Life is a journey, not a destination.

Go for it and have a kickass trip. I'll be somewhere up ahead waiting for you.

paul steed