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Friday, October 24, 1997

PGL Registration Opens
Registration is underway for the Professional Gamer's League as detailed in this announcement from TEN:

The PGL registration process, and PGL practice arenas, are up and running!

Let's get ready to Rummmmmbbbbblllllle !!! The new Professional Gamers' League is now accepting sign-ups; do you have what it takes to compete with Thresh, CnC_God, and the rest of the gaming elite? Go to the PGL web site at and hit the SIGN UP NOW button to register for the Professional Gamers' League. Existing TEN subscribers can then simply type their screen name and password in the PGL registration form to register. All TEN members MUST register for the PGL to participate in the month-long qualification period, but they do not have to pay the $9.95 PGL Entry Fee that non-subscribers pay. (Non-subscribers: the $9.95 entry fee provides access to PGL-specific games and game arenas for three months: 10/23/97 through 1/23/98)

Aspiring pro gamers who are not TEN subscribers will need to create a special TEN/PGL account via the web site and pay the PGL Entry Fee of $9.95 for the Fall (Inaugural) Season. Following the on-screen instructions will create a TEN/PGL account in no time. After creating an account, players can download and install the TEN software and the appropriate game enablers (Quake and C&C: Red Alert). Then get ready to compete in the PGL!

PGL Practice arenas for Quake C&C: Red Alert also opened today. All PGL and TEN players wishing to practice in the PGL arenas can now do so before PHASE I: Online Qualification begins on November 3rd. Players will still be able to practice during PHASE: I Online Qualification without affecting their rankings. Currently all PGL arenas on TEN are unranked  "PGL practice" arenas. Once PHASE I: Online Qualification begins on November 3rd, ranked "PGL Competition" arenas will be available. All players will have the option of playing in practice or competition arenas.
NOTE: All games played in ranked "PGL Competition" arenas will be tracked by the new PGL ranking system. The exact number of "logged encounters" that players must generate in order to have their ranking recognized will be announced by Nov. 3.

New Video Drivers

Today's Daikatana Screenshot
OGR has posted a new Daikatana screenshot of the day.

PlanetQuake Ache
Bastard let me know that it isn't typical 'net difficulties keeping PlanetQuake off-line, it's extra special difficulties. A major crash to their web host has had them working through the night (the Red Cross is now serving coffee and doughnuts). No data was lost, and service could resume as early as this afternoon.

Beast of the Week (Updated)
The new OGR Exclusive Half-Life Monster of the Week has been posted. The new edition profiles the Alien Grunt [Xenotherium myrmex]. Thanks [DoS]Tiger. An update to the reference to the Grunt's preferred diet, where it said Chub-Toad in the article was a typo. Valve's Marc Laidlaw wrote to point out that it was supposed to be Chum-Toad, chum as in bait. That certainly makes more sense, though I still like Chub-Toad better.

New Jedi Maps
Well, not technically new, the Dark Jedi Level Patch (303 KB) is a collection of five maps for deathmatch pulled from the single player game by Mike (Molunar) Nelson. The maps are set up for battle with Force Powers and light sabers only (even the Bryar is removed), and will not allow you to disregard the "rules" for picking Force Powers. BTW, the name is from where the levels originated, and has nothing to do with which side of the Force you must use. Thanks JediKnight.Net.

New Rocket Arena
Version 1.13 of the Rocket Arena server code has been released on the Rocket Arena page. The new version addresses a few bugs including the water jump bug among other things. A new service has also been set up to at to allow Net Quake server ops to set up a custom map rotation.

Sorry about confusing anyone yesterday, the Requiem Quake 2.0 beta may be released this week, but it's not out yet.


Jedi Knight Tournaments




The newest Dear Mynx is up, and is always worth a read ... PC Gamer has a preview of the i76 Nitro Pack, a sequel to Interstate '76 (loved that game) due out next Spring. Thanks Prophet ... Some hardcore anti-Quake ranting, in living stereo (through the magic of RealAudio), can be heard on SnarfAudio, found on  Snarf's Unreal Emporium. Thanks Prophet ... Image of the Day is this new Prey logo (24 KB), passed along by my pal Lithium of the fine ole PreyStation ...

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Double Speed GL Quake? Not So Fast
Brian Hook made a .plan update to clarify that the SGIS_multitexture extension and its impact on Quake II he referred to earlier would have no impact for existing Voodoo owners:

To clarify -- the multitexture stuff only helps on 3Dfx Voodoo boards with more than one TMU chip. This means that it won't help Flash3D, Monster3D, Righteous3D, etc. and will likely only benefit people with Obsidian boards.

Sorry, didn't mean to be a tease like that.

Oh, and the performance increase likely will NOT be 2x in overall gameplay, since the early numbers I'm generating are with TIMEREFRESH in a room with no Alias models.

On QuakeCast tonight, TeamGameSpy's Jack Mathews (as referenced in his .plan) and his 3Dfx cohort Scott Alden will join us to give us the poop on what's up with them, (the Voodoo doo-doo?). Speaking of Voodoo,  we also welcome "Wholesome" Billy Wilson of Voodoo Extreme as our guest. The action begins as usual at 8:30 PM Eastern time. BTW, while on the subject, Voodoo Extreme's Matrox m3 review is up.

Valve-job for Game Gimps
Tonight on GameGimps, at 10:00 PM Eastern, immediately following QuakeCast on Pseudo, Gabe Newell, Dario Casali, Marc Laidlaw, Jay Stelly and Steve Bond (Wedge) of Valve are the guests of the Gimps to discuss the latest on Half-Life.

Daily Dose of Daikatana
OGR's new Daikatana screenshot of the day is up.

Half-Live/Worldcraft 2.0 Preview
There is a preview up on the PlanetQuake Game Designer's Corner called Half-Life and Worldcraft The New Dynamic Duo that looks at what to expect from the upcoming integrated game and toolset from Valve.

More .planning

Avoiding the Dark Side
Darth won't be interested, but there is a review of Jedi Knight on PC Games focusing on using the light side of the Force. Thanks Prophet.


Hexen Skins
Hexen II skin specifications have been added to the Shotgun Messiah's Skin Tutorial. Thanks Prophet.

New Drivers


Billy Wilson of Voodoo Extreme has posted a Malice Review.


Finally got to see Robin Williams do his bit about Quake on Letterman, as they re-ran that appearance on last night's Late Show ...

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

No CTF in Initial Quake II Release
Speaking of interviews (actually, that's next, I just love a good segue), I didn't notice on first read, but Zoid's recent interview on the Quake Workshop brought to light a bit of news (thanks Tom Sorensen): The integrated Quake II CTF support that is one of Zoid's Quake II projects for id is not going to make it into the initial release:

CTF won't be in the initial commercial release. It will come out a little later as an upgrade/addon. Time constraints of development. The CTF will not be significantly different--the essential gameplay elements will remain intact. I don't want to change something that works. Lots of small issues, such as grapple redesign, the runes (or possible lack thereof), etc. actually still need to be worked out. I'm hoping it will be an evolution of CTF into a more refined game. Many people know my dislike for adding stuff for the sake of just having new gadgets to play with. ThreeWave CTF has always been basic, simple and complete.


Daikatana Shot o' the Day
OGR's Daikatana screenshot of the day has been posted.

The Ultimate Quake Board?
Next Generation has an article up titled The Ultimate Quake Board Cometh that goes into the most detail yet about Quantum 3D's (Zanshin's company) upcoming 3Dfx-based SB100 line of accelerators (the least expensive of which is expected to retail for $795.00), said to offer twice the performance of current Voodoo Graphics cards in GLQuake. Thanks "Woolly" Billy Wilson (Voodoo Extreme). Billy also passes along word that Zanshin has updated his 3D Cards Quick and Dirty Chart.

Minion Arena
I still haven't been able to check this out, but it sounds way cool, Minion Arena is a variation on Rocket Arena where the combatants take on the form of monsters not players. More details can be found on Minion's Lair.

AirQuake Fix
There is a fixed progs.dat (151 KB) for AirQuake test 24 that repairs a teamplay bug (deja vu from test 23) on the AirQuake TC homepage.

Jedi Strategy
Gamesmania has posted their Jedi Knight strategy guide, detailing the Force powers and level secrets. Thanks Prophet.

eman has released HexUtils (165 KB), Hexen II compatible versions of qbsp/vis/ and light to hold eager authors over until Raven releases their own. Thanks HexenWorld.

HeadHunter Release Party
GreyBear passes along word of an IRC party to celebrate the release of version 3.0 of the HeadHunters conversion on Friday:

There's a Headhunters V3.0 Release party schedule for Friday night, 10/24, 9:30PM EST on, channel #headhunters. Charlie Zimmerman and Jamis Eichenauer will be on hand to tell Headhunter 'remember when' stories.

Afteerwards, Charlie and Jamis will visit our own Digital HeadHunters Deathmatch server ( for a game of 'Kill the Creators'.

RBR Out of the Closet
Rebel Boat Rocker has been somewhat tight-lipped about their plans since forming earlier this year to create games in the 3D shooter genre, but are now showing signs that they may be ready to start talking a bit more about what they are up to, as evidenced by this press release they recently released.



Turmoil's Quake2 Console Commands page has moved to


Monlith's Riot site has been updated with this week's new Riot: Mobile Armor screenshots. Thanks Flame ... OGR has posted yesterday's Diakatana screenshot of the day (a much cooler shot than its predecessor) ... DaKiller wanted me to pass along the word that there are a couple of rants on and a small response on UnrealNation debating Unreal versus Quake II kinda stuff ... Crack's Golgotha page has a fix for a problem Voodoo Rush users have with the Golgotha demo ... PreyStation is having a logo contest where the winner receives a Prey T-shirt autographed by the Prey development team ... Iconmania: Here are some more Icons for 3D games (39 KB) sent along by John Green ... Image of the Day is this easter egg that o_dog claims to have found in the Quake II Demo of a bit of graffiti found in an explosion ...

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

John Carmack on the Quake II Demo
John Carmack updated his .plan with a response to some of the reactions to the Quake II Demo:

Many of the comments about the Quake 2 test are already being addressed. We expected quite a few of them, but the test has served its purpose of bringing in some good feedback that we couldn't have predicted.

The final game will definately be better as a result of the test.

However, it certainly won't please everyone. I am confidant that the majority will think that Quake 2 is significantly better than anything we have ever done before, but even if we please 80% of our potential customers, that will still leave a couple hundred thousand people thinking that we let them down.

I suppose that I have it the easiest there -- I can always defend my technical decisions with specific discussions of my evaluations of the tradeofs that led me to the paths I chose. In fact, in a large number of cases when someone suggests something, I can actually say "Tried it. Didn't work as well."

Defending level design, artwork, or sounds is a lot harder. We can't even always agree here at id on many of these issues, so we know for sure that we can't please all the users simultaniously. All we can do is put talented people on the job and have confidence in their abilities.

Note: Q2TEST DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY HIGH QUALITY SOUNDS! That would have added another 15 megs to the demo size. Selecting high quality sounds just upsamples the existing 11khz / 8 bit sounds. There is a significant quality increase (at a slight speed and memory cost) with the full production sounds.

Quake 2's goal is to be the best first person shooter ever. We are trying to evolve a genre, not move to a different one. If you don't want a game that mostly consists of running around and killing things, you will be dissapointed. We are trying to be cohesive, but not deep. I have high hopes for the games that are atempting to aply our technology to other genres, but don't look for it in Quake 2.

A quick plug:

if you have any interest in programming, you should look at Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition. It has just about everything he has written, from the ancient work on optimizing for the 8086 (still interesting to read) to the articles written during quake's development.

I personally learned a lot from Michael's early articles, and I was proud to contribute to the later ones.

John Carmack on the Quake II Editor
Jim Lowell of Trinity: The Site got a response from John Carmack on his question about what kind of video cards are optimal for running id's Quake II editor when it's released (Carmack's responses are in yellow):

At 09:48 AM 10/20/97 -0500, [Jim Lowell] wrote:
>I read that you are releasing the Quake II editor (does it have a name
>yet?) shortly after the release of Quake II. Will the editor run on most
>people's computers, or will you need a high-end OpenGL accelerator to use
>it. Would the 3Dfx work?

3dfx will not work.
RIVA cards can run it at low (800*600) res, but the editor really isn't designed for that.
We run it on intergraph realizm cards with 32mb of memory, but we don't expect normal people to have those...
The best bets are either a rendition v2200 with 8 mb, or a 3dlabs permedia 2 with 8 mb.  You can then run the editor at high res and get good performance.

>Also, will it run under Win95 or require NT?

Anything that has a FULL opengl driver.  Right now, 3dlabs is the only win95 OpenGL ICD, but more are coming early next year.

John Carmack

GL Quake Guide
Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo now has a chart detailing the video cards that support GL Quake. Thanks "Wily" Billy Wilson (Voodoo Extreme).

Quake II Demo Guide
OGR has posted a complete guide to the Quake II Demo in their Quake II Test-Demo Intelligence Compendium.

Version .86 of the BSP level editor (1.4 MB) has been released on BSP Headquarters. The new version features built-in Hexen II and Open GL support, which may require that you install some GL .dll's (349 KB), even if you are not running the GL version. Thanks Stickerboy.

New GLQoole
Version 2.11 of GLQoole (1.3 MB) has been released addressing the bug that causing the Fatal Error, "No more DC's available" (WinQoole is unaffected by this bug). Thanks Prophet.

Texture Repository
TEX.365 is a great idea for a new site: it's dedicated to generating and storing free textures for authors to use when creating levels for Quake, the the upcoming Quake 2, and other games. The idea is to post a new high-quality texture every single day.

The FRAG News

Pro Gaming Article - PGL
There is an article about professional game competitions on Gamespot that focuses on the PGL examining the viability of the concept. Thanks loonyboi. Additionally, TEN has announced that those wishing to participate in the PGL will not be required to become TEN subscribers, but rather can register for the three month season for a one-time fee of $9.95, as detailed in this press release.

Mark Reign Interview
There is an .avi demo of an interview with Epic's Mark Reign talking about Unreal that runs about 44 MB, posted on (inspired, perhaps, by the 50+MB .avi Prey interview recently released). Thanks Prophet.

Mac Unreal Progress
There is an update on the progress of the Mac version of Epic's upcoming Unreal on the Maverick Software page. Thanks Prophet:

Development is going smooth as can be. Sound is now working (good job Ken!), and TCP/IP networking (Mac<->Mac) is up and running. We're still ironing out glitches in 3dfx support and adding more features to the RAVE support. We'll probably be tackling Mac<->PC networking next week after we get another code update from the PC. For more Unreal info and screenshots, check out

New Stingray 128/3D Flash BIOS
There's a new flash BIOS for the Voodoo Rush based New Stingray 128/3D on the Hercules Stingray 128/3D Driver Library. Thanks Page Fault, who also says that, according to Harvey Fong, Technical Support Manager for Hercules, a free BIOS chip upgrade will be announced shortly for the Dual Planar boards that have no Flash BIOS.


Quake II Demo Reviews
A few reviews of Q2Test:

Slide Review
The Slide TC is the subject of the new review at Q-fever.

New Golgotha Demo
Demo 5 of Golgotha (10.1 MB) has been released by Crack dot Com. Also available at the FTP site, the demo features:

Evil Empire Quake
Beta 2 of Evil Empire Quake has been released.


The Valley of the ThunderWalkers, the ThunderWalker CTF Homepage has moved to its own domain at


Perhaps the most frequently asked question about the Quake II Demo is how to cure "Error : UDP_OpenSocket socket" error messages. To get rid of those you must have TCP/IP installed on your computer (even though the demo does not support multiplayer). Thanks loonyboi for reminding me to point that out ... Grey Lady Quake: Quake got mentioned in the New York Times yesterday, being used as a comparison for an article in the Business Section on Ultima Online. Thanks Peter Williams ... Aliens Online: A preview of Aliens Online is up on PC Games. Thanks Prophet ... Quake International: The Swedish National Quake Team scored a 1963-782 victory in a 15 on 15 battle on death32a this weekend. Details and screenshots on the Swedish National Quake Team News ... More candidates for "the program"? Birdman's Lair has a preliminary SpaceOrb config for the Quake II Demo. Thanks Ronin ... Image of the day is this submission of a Quake II Demo "bug" received by PC Games ...

Monday, October 20, 1997

Daikatana Screenshot of the Day
OGR is now planning on having a Daikatana screenshot of the day until the debut of the premier issue of the print version of OGR in December with a big Daikatana cover story. 

Zoid Update
Dave "Zoid" Kirsch updated his .plan describing his current projects: Linux GLQuake using MesaGL with GLIDE for 3Dfx based hardware, Sun Solaris Quake (and QuakeWorld client), Linux Quake2 Test, QuakeWorld 2.1 ("mostly just a maintenance release that addresses some bugs and issues that appeared in 2.0.").

Quake II Brain Bucket
There is an ad up on the Activision Quake II website where you can order a Quake II hat for $14.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.

Cliff Bleszinski Interview
Profile has launched on PlanetQuake as a home for interviews interviews, containing links to over 130 interviews, as well as interviews of their own, kicking off with an interview with Cliff Bleszinski, co-designer/lead level designer on Epic's upcoming Unreal.

New AirQuake
Test 24 of AirQuake (3.3 MB) has been released on the AirQuake TC homepage.

Americans Quake II Demo Caveat (Updated Again)
American McGee updated his .plan again to cancel his request for feedback on the sounds he had added to his earlier request that id failed to include in the Quake II Demo read me:

Wow... Ok, enough sound comments :)
Seems like everyone has pretty much the same to say about the sounds. Thanks guys.

Something that we forget to mention in the readme.txt

We would like to request that you not pull the textures and sounds out of the Quake II Test. If you must yank them out and play with them, please keep it off the net.

I asked for a clarification of whether he was talking about things like the new MedDLe and he said:

", i guess i should have been more specific. we basically don't want people taking the art and using it for add-ons... same goes for the sounds. they will be able to do all that stuff once the game is released... we just dont want it starting right now..."

More Quake II Demo
Paul Steed updated his .plan listing a few of the pieces of feedback he was receiving frequently that will be addressed:

MAN! Thanks for the intelligent, detailed, excited and flattering comments. Due to the number of mails I've been getting please don't trip if I can't send a reply. I need you all to do me a favor, though. At the current rate of comments (again I'm not bitching) its going to be hard for me to make the time to read them all so I'm going to list the most commonly referred to criticisms. This will help you guys find other things and ease your mind that I'm addressing this stuff:

1. Death Anims: I'm going to go back and make them longer and especially go over the baseline grunt.
2. Weapons: I'll try to adjust them so they don't block your view as much
3. Gibs: mentioned to John and Kevin the seemingly small pieces and possibly too fast velocity.
4. These are some of the other things you mentioned that we're going to discuss: explosions (sprites):(, flies (too many, appear too quickly), ejecting shells and other weapons effects.

There's more common critiques, but these are the really common ones. So again thanks for the input and definitely thanks for all the flattery. We're very pleased that you all like the game but are still focused on making this baby the hottest thing out there this year.

We're not just content to win the super bowl. We want to win it by about 90 points!

John Romero Interview
Those nutty guys Sharky and "Witty" Billy Wilson talk to the Romero in a funny and informative interview on Voodoo Extreme.

Quake II Demo Benchmarks (Updated)
Rogue's Steve "Gateway" Tietze updated his .plan with word on his research on Quake II demo performance on different machines. There are some benchmarks of the Quake II Demo running on different machines on this page.

New MedDLe with Quake II Demo Support
On the heels of the new MedDLe with Jedi Knight support comes MedDLe version 2.01a2 (260 KB) which can view models in the Quake II Demo, on the MedDLE Page. Here are the required MFC DLL's (782 KB) if you don't have them.

Quake II Demo Console Commands
Turmoil's Q2 Commands is a list of all known Quake II Demo console commands (adding the couple of new Q2 commands the Quake commands). The plan is to keep this updated with all new developments in this area.

Quake II Icon
Here's an icon (4 KB) from Doc Wilco for the Quake II Demo.

Quake II Demo Joystick Support
David Disney sent along this config file for joystick support in the Quake II Demo (2 KB). It was designed specifically for the Assassin 3D, but should be useful for other joysticks. My (unsolicited) advice? It' s a new game with a chance for joystick users to get with the program and use a mouse. But hey, as long as you have fun, go to town.

Jedi Grenades
A grenade launcher patch for Jedi Knight (14 KB) has been released on The Jedi Knight Outpost that modifies the Thermal Detonator weapon to be more like a Quake grenade launcher. Thanks

Community Movement Ups and Downs
I'm sorry to say that Pat Cupka will no longer be updating the Void, his oft updated news site, but the good news is, he's going to be concentrating his efforts more fully on his duties as newsmaster of PlanetQuake. Also, the MacQuake Nexus will be shutting its doors after a brief run as a premier source of info on the Mac version of Quake. Finally, on a brighter note, congrats to skinmeister Dan Bickell, whose talents have  unsurprisingly landed him a job in the game industry with Screaming Neurons LLC, a new game company based in (eek!) Redmond Washington. From Dan's email, and inspirational message for those who aspire to work in the game industry:

I know how much it encouraged me and kept up my hopes everytime I've seen someone in the gaming community reach their goal of being hired to work in the industry, and now it's finally my turn. To everybody out there with similar dreams, I personally advise you to stick with them. It might take a while, and there might be a few false starts, but in the end, if you have the talent and the will, you will reach your goals. Never ever give up your dreams, because where there's a will... there's a well paying job in the gaming industry.

Quake II Demo Polls
The AVault is running a quickie poll on their main page asking your opinion of the Quake II Demo. Thanks Prophet. There is a similar effort up on 3Dx.

There's a full review of QA's iminent TC Malice up on the Adrenaline Vault.

Q2Test For DEC Alpha
The DEC Alpha Q2Test binaries (799 KB) have been released on on id's FTP site. Brian Hook and Disruptor both made .plan updates announcing the release, with Disruptor stressing "Please send all Alpha specific bugs to Brian directly at" and Brian's update showing the contents of the read me.

Q2Test Mania

New QTracker with Jedi Knight Support
Qtracker 1.1 (2.9 MB) has been released on the Qtracker homepage, the_DM's server finder now features Jedi Knight support, QuakeWorld master server lists, bug fixes, and other enhancements. Also available as an upgrade patch (1.0 MB) for users of version 1.0.

New MedDLe with Jedi Knight Support
According to JediKnight.Net, MedDLe 2.01a (259 KB) has been released on the MedDLe page, which has relocated to (it is not on my DNS, and I can't find it myself). The new version allows you to view Jedi Knight's .3do files.

Jedi Knight Editor
There's a screesnhot of an early version of ForceBuilder, an upcoming Jedi Knight editor on the Official Forcebuilder page. Thanks JKNewsNet.

Blade FAQ
Version 0.50 of the Blade FAQ, covering Q&A for Rebelact's upcoming 3D action game has been posted with information from Rebel Act designer Javier Cortijo.



Log Parser of the Week, (I guess) is WiT Stats which now will output in HTML ... I got in late from visiting Grandma (yes, I'm old as dirt, which makes her, well, really old) and I'm cranking along at reduced speed (a side effect of one hour sleep in the last 40, that, and I'm staring to enjoy the company of the little gremlins dancing in the periphery of my vision), so Sunday Night's update gradually turned into Monday morning's ...

Sunday, October 19, 1997

Off to visit Grandma Blue (she's sure to enjoy my sleep-deprived self). Be back this evening. Enjoy the demo. smiley3.gif (1365 bytes)

Quake II Demo 1 Released
The first Demo of Quake II (10.8 MB) featuring three single player levels has been released by id Software. The link at the top of the page (oh, heck, here it is again) can be used to report bugs, but please be sure to go through the read me first. Here is a list of download locations (not all links will be active right away):

Local (
id Software | CDROM.COM
Activision FTP West | Activision FTP East | Gamecenter
Stomped | Brutality
AVault |
Gamer's Alliance |
3D Action Gamers.1 | 3D Action Gamers.2
sCary's Shuga Shack | Ultra Game Players
QuestGate | PlanetQuake
UnrealNation | OGR

Saturday, October 18, 1997

LavaBall 1.0
Jonathan! Jonathan! Version 1.0 of LavaBall has been released on the LavaBall homepage. This modification turns Quake into a sport, reminiscent of the James Caan classic Rollerball. Here's the Client pack (1.4 MB), and the server pack (75 KB). Remember, Moondoggie, Lavaballers dream of being businessmen, but the businessmen, well, they dream of being... Lavaballers.

Interviews (Updated)

Edited Valve Logs
Thanks to Elly Davis and  Sean McCleese for passing along edited logs of last night's chat session with the guys from Valve. Here's Elly's Log and Sean's.

Version Quake Servers Info (QSI), a server query application, la GameSpy written in Java, has been released on the QSI Page. Developed with Mac users in QSI will run on most Java platforms, and now features filtering and some other enhancements.

Quake on TV (Sorta)
This week's episode of Soldier of Fortune, titled "Alpha Dogs" will feature a plot that involves a sports car driving game programmer (apparently fashioned after either John Carmack, or John Romero, but no clue which), and when snippets of the game (called "Alpha Dogs") are shown, they are actually Quake. SOF is syndicated, so it airs at different times and on different channels, with "Alpha Dogs" slated to air between October 19 through October 25. Check local listings or or Any questions, praise or flames can be directed to and/or

Sin Screenshot
There's an exclusive screenshot from Ritual's upcoming Sin at The Ultimate SiN.

Jedi Patches
There is a decapitation patch for Jedi Knight (2 KB) up on The Valley of the Jedi. Thanks Prophet. Also, Solo's Saber Control patch (8 KB) has been updated to disable the amputation feature until some problems with it are worked out.

New(er) Expert Quake
Version 1.31 of Expert Quake (1.1 MB) has been released on the Expert Quake Page. This fixes minor bugs that afflicted the recent 1.3 release and enhancements to FlagTrack (which is a new teamplay mode).

New Qooles
Version 2.10 of WinQoole (1.3 MB) and GLQoole (1.3 MB) have been released on the Qoole page. For owners of the Qoole CD, the new versions will recognize your CD to register the upgrade. GL Qoole now supports Voodoo Rush (3Dfx Glide runtime drivers required). Thanks [FF]GeNeSiS.

Mailing Lists

New QuAdS
Version 3.0 of the Quake Add-on Starter, or QuAdS was released a couple of days ago on the QuAdS page. Here is some of what's new:

Brian Hook updated his .plan with a detail-filled report on his latest experiences testing GL Quake II features with the current crop of 3D cards.

There is a Daikatana preview up on Redox Portal. Thanks Acid Clown.



There are now over 150 deathmatch level reviews up on MultiPlayer Quake (MPQ) with more added all the time ... Log Parser of the Day is Version 1.4 of GibStats which has been released on the GibStats page, featuring CTF support (the program will now report on DM, CTF, TF, FvF, Hexen II, and PK servers) ...

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