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Friday, October 10, 1997

Return of John Carmack's Workplan
id Software's John Carmack updated his .plan with what started .plan mania way back when: his daily workplan, showing what he's working on and knocking off on a daily basis.

The Return of the New Worldcraft
Worldcraft 1.5b has resurfaced on the Worldcraft page (which has a cool new logo by none other than |2|). Here's the shareware 1.5b (1.1 MB), and the patch to upgrade registered 1.3 to 1.5b (560 KB).

GL ChaseCam II
There are updated versions of all three versions of the ChaseCam II on the ChaseCam II page, for standard Quake (355 KB), Scourge of Armagon (467 KB), and Dissolution of Eternity (553 KB). Each version now contains a separate progs.dat for GLQuake that correctly chases through transparent water.

Interviews (Updated)

EGCon Openings
Due to late cancellations, there are 5 spots left in the double elimination 64 player Deathmatch tournament at this weekend's EGCon.

Calling All Clans
Paul Mallinson of PC Zone UK sends along the following request to be inundated with Clan information (I wonder if he knows what he's getting into):

PC Zone clan appeal

PC Zone is currently looking to source a worldwide clan directory for inclusion in a forthcoming media project. To achieve this we are going to need your help.

If you - or others you know - have a clan, fill out the information below and mail it to the e-mail address (with a subject line of Quake Clan) at the bottom of this message and we'll include it.

Feel free to pass this message on to other like-minded Quake heads - we are looking for a massive response.

Your Clan

Name: [clan name here]
Leader: [leader’s name here]
Contact: [e-mail address here]
URL: [web address here]
Country: [clan country of origin here]
Sponsor: [clan sponsor here]

Mail all replies to:

Oh, and can you also attach ONE screenshot of your clan in action. Just for the record.

Many thanks,

PC Zone.

Hexen II Classes
Hexen II Classes is a new section on Hexenworld, that provides information essential to playing each of Hexen II's four character classes.

Expert Quake Bug Fix
A new progs.dat for Expert Quake 1.2 has been released, squashing the only known bug in the patch, a problem that would occasionally cause servers to lock up. The patch, available on the Expert Quake homepage, is referred to as Expert 1.2 Service Pack 1 (126 KB), and is actually the current build of Expert Quake 1.3, so it is described as "a bit of a preview".

New QPed
Version 1.62 of QPed, the Quake .pak Editor is out on the QPed page. Thanks Hanif.

The specs for Multi-Arena maps (maps for RocketArena that have two to four arenas in a single level), have been posted on the RocketArena homepage, so authors can make maps for the new variant. There is also a sample progs.dat to allow you to test your levels.

OGR Print
Congrats to my buds at OGR, as they have announced the launch of the print version of OGR.

.plan Scan



What's with all those damn buttons? If you find yourself asking questions like this, you will want to read the button FAQ, that's been posted on Scarecrow's Button Page ... Congrats to |2| (the logomeister) for winning the logo contest over at ...

Thursday, October 9, 1997

New Worldcraft Pulled
Thanks Rotwang for pointing out that Worldcraft 1.5b had been released earlier on the Worldcraft page. Had, because right after it was posted here, the WC page was updated:

ACK! Pardon This :) There is a problem with 1.5b :) Ben has already fixed it, but it is late here and we have all gone home from work! Sorry everyone. There will be a fix tomorrow morning!

Tonight on QuakeCast, we speak with Ritual level designer, and QuakeCast favorite, Levelord (aka BeerF**k), another couple of favored regulars, morbid and onethumb (from their new shack), and Slipgate of Speaking of onethumb, I have to agree with the sentiment in his .plan that the Purity Test (mentioned below) would have been just as funny without taking shots at individuals, and more in line with the sentiments of the community as a whole (though not necessarily those of those who made the test, I suppose ... anyway sorry if I was unfair with the generalization I originally posted here).

The Quake Community on IE4
Both Disruptor and Bastard are quoted in a TechWeb article (written by our pal Liger) titled IE 4 Glitches Surface talking about their headached with Microsoft's newest browser.

New QuakeOn
QuakeOn 1.0 has been released on the newly redesigned QuakeOn Website. This is the full, final, non-beta version, which includes  full Helping Head support, and more support for programs that aren't Quake. A new version of QTray is included.

Rocket Arena Archive / Transparent Water (Updated)
This story originally had the wrong link for the patch, sorry about that. The Rocket Arena Map Archive is a new site dedicated to being a repository of maps for Rocket Arena (all right, there's only one there so far, but it's a start). Also, Josh Straub has made a transparent water patch for Rocket Arena 1.1 (116 KB) has been released. GLQuake is required for transparent water support in hardware, or the WaterHack utility (20 KB) from the Waterhack page for transparent water in software (more like invisible in this case), at a performance hit. As always, unless the server is running maps re-vised for transparent water, you will not be able to see players or objects through the water.

Jedi Out
A couple of confirmed reports have rolled in of Jedi Knight in stores now. Use the Force! Thanks tomorrow's Birthday boy MonkeyBoy (cheers!).

Quake Purity Test
Wanna test your Quake Purity? There's now a funny online Quake Purity Test put together by Martin "DemonEater" Cox and some other regulars on EFnet #quake. Here was my outcome (I am frightened to know that it probably isn't remarkable compared to some):

You answered "yes" to 67 of 119 questions, with a total value of 67 points out of 124, making you 46.0% quake pure (54.0% quake corrupt).

Egyptology in Hexen II
The newest feature article up on HexenWorld is by loonyboi, discussing Egyptology in Hexen II commending Raven for actually using authentic symbols in an appropriate manner.

.plan Watch (Updated)

New Stingray 128/3D Drivers (Updated)
New drivers for the Stingray 128/3D (2.6 MB) have been released on the Hercules page. It is not clear yet whether or not these are the drivers that are supposed to significantly improve GLQuake performance. If the date on the site is correct then these VESA 2.0 BIOS Extensions (35 KB), are also new as of yesterday. Thanks Traci.

Half-Life Goon o' the Week
OGR has posted their Half-Life monster of the week, featuring the Houndeye (Sonicanis myriops) with screenshots and video footage of this doggie of death. I don't think I'll feel as guilty shooting these guys as I did the Rottweillers (Dobermans?) in Quake.

Macintosh & Linux Server Finders

Da Pak
Da Pak, a collection of deathmatch levels by the winners of the QuakeCon map competition has been released on the Da Pak Page.

Reviews and Previews



Are you a game addict? This is the question asked in this Quiz, posted on PC World Online (I don't think most of us need the quiz to know the answer). Thanks Reverb ... A Jedi Knight FAQ, covering how the Force powers work, and other Jedi Knight gameplay tips has been posted on Logic Quest. Thanks Chris ...

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

Quake II Demo Not Q2Test
id Software's Barrett "Bear" Alexander updated his .plan clarifying the nature of the upcoming Quake II demo, and how it will not be the Quake II equivalent of QTest:

Someone wrote me today and said that there were rumors flying about that QTest2 was coming out soon.

I wrote back and said that there won't be a QTest2. Now there's more concerns from that statement, so let me clarify:

We all along have said there will be a Demo released for Quake. This is a bit different from a 'QTest2', in that QTest2 would lead you to believe it would be the same type ofthing as QTest was. QTest was a non-monster-populated, internet playability test. The Demo will not be like this.

The Demo will be released when we are finished with it, and at that time you will get to see exactly what's in it :) And, I promise you will flip over it!

Vérité Hexen II
The second beta Vérité patch for Hexen II (274 KB) has been released on Björn's 3D-World. The filename and read me are the same as the first beta, but it is a different file. Thanks Frans P. de Vries.

There is an update on the Maverick software page (AOL?) talking about the progress on the Macintosh version of Unreal. Thanks Prophet:

Unreal is coming along great. I just finished native 3dfx support last week, and all I can say is WOW! This game will blow you away on a 3dfx card. I'm beginning work on the RAVE version next, to support the ATI Rage Pro card. For more Unreal info and screenshots, check out

Poll: Quake II Will Kick Ass
GameSpot has posted the results of their poll about Quake II in a blurb titled Quake II Is Gonna Kick Ass! Thanks (and Happy Birthday) [R2]razo.

Voodoo Rush Trade-In Backlash
Hercules, manufacturers of the Voodoo Rush based Stingray 128/3D have issued a statement strongly discouraging owners of their card from participating in 3Dfx's trade-in program, stressing the advantages of Voodoo Rush, and stating that "The 3Dfx trade-in offer was misunderstood by many Hercules Stingray 128/3D owners as a product recall of Voodoo Rush chips." Their statement also contends: that "In addition, one of Hercules' competitors has taken advantage of the 3Dfx program to unfairly attack Hercules' product design." The complete body of Hercules' statement can be found in this Next Generation Online article. Thanks loonyboi.

Dear Mynx Returns
Mynx is back on the beat after her trying maternity leave, meaning this week will mark the return of her cool Dear Mynx column. If you have questions on Quake, life and love, and/or how the three interact, be sure to send them to

Character Balance
One of the difficulties of creating a game with different character classes is the added difficulty in creating game balance. This is the subject of this featured article on HexenWorld.

Reviews / Previews



There's an editorial on the Adrenaline Vault that talks about GLQuake as the "ultimate 3D experience". Thanks Hawkwind ... There are a few rumors posted on Zanshin's GL Dojo, the only one that looks like it has a shred of truth is the one about me, though the growth on my face is some sort of fungus, rather than a moss (just shows how inaccurate rumors can be) ...

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

Polyunsaturated  Bat
Noel "The Shadow" Stephens, ION Storm's "God of War" / Webmaster sends along word that he's posted a wireframe image of the animated DoomBat to help end a minor debat, err, debate on whether or not it is a high-poly render animation or a low-poly render animation. The textured DoomBat contains the same 600 polygons as the wireframe.

Power VR GLQuake Drivers
The first public release of the GLQuake/GLHexen II driver for PowerVR cards (94 KB) has been released by NEC. Thanks Prophet.

MacQuake Update
An update for registered MacQuake to version 1.08.3 is up on the MacSoft page. Here are the standard PowerMac version binhexed (445 KB), standard PowerMac version stuffed (305 KB), the 3Dfx version binhexed (378 KB), the 3Dfx version stuffed (255 KB), the Rave version binhexed (409 KB), and the Rave version stuffed (278 KB). Thanks Jean-Pascal (and Luke for the correction on the type of files the .hqx's are).

Daikatana Preview
Next-Generation Online has a large Daikatana preview that includes new screenshots and what claim to be the first-ever Daikatana Quicktime movies (not true, there was that Quicktime movie released on a game magazine CD a while back). Here's Movie 1 (3.3 MB), Movie 2 (3.4 MB), and Movie 3 (2.3 MB). Thanks QuakePsycho (YEAH!).

Hexen II Patch Patch
Rick Johnson made a .plan update describing the self-admittedly Pythonesque patch patch in the works for Hexen II, as well as an update in the works for the beta Vérité patch:

There will be another patch to fix the patch (sounds like the intro credits to the Holy Grail) which will address:
1. The multiplayer crash bug
2. Save games from previous version loading in and giving you funny graphics.

This will probably be available very shortly, and we are sorry for all of the inconviences that this has causes. We will continue to address any future problems that may exist.

Another release of the Rendition beta may be coming out tonight or early tomorrow. This addresses some rendering glitches and problems where the game stops rendering, but continues to function.

Zer Patch / MacZer
There is word up on the Zerstörer - Testament of the Destroyer page on a new progs.dat and qwprogs.dat to use if you are running a Zer deathmatch server. there is also a tutorial on how to get Zerstörer working on a Macintosh. Thanks "Weary" Billy Wilson (Voodoo Extreme).

id Software's John Cash, Quake II's lead programmer is interviewed on PlanetQuake, covering a range of topics from programming questions to the famed John Cash diet to that singer that uses John's name in a shameless attempt a publicity. Thanks Hanif.

The Word
Steve "Gateway" Tietze updated his .plan mentioning his enthusiasm for Age of Empires demo, and propositioning AGP video card manufacturers.

The first of the Quake Foundation League's weekly tournaments begins today with a one on one tournament, open to all (upcoming tournaments are scheduled for high ping players only). To sign up, visit #QFL in efnet on IRC at 7:00 p.m. Eastern: the action is slated to begin by 8:00 p.m. Eastern.



There's a page up on the 3D Action Gamer's Archive where you can add the URL of your 3D Action-oriented site. Thanks Prophet ... PC Games' cowardly columnist (yellow journalist?), the Snipe has a new essay up talking about the joys of sniping in multiplayer Hexen II. Thanks Prophet ... Birdman of Birdman's Lair, and certifiable SpaceOrb nut, says that SpaceTec has released a new version of the SpaceOrb drivers here ... Congrats to Thresh, who's landed a job with PC Gamer, and will be contributing to their print publication ... Another offbeat webpage effort has begun by my buddy Lone^Wolf (who's been pursuing off-beat Quakey web stuff since Sujoy's Quake pages) called Shree-D Buckshot ...

Monday, October 6, 1997

Blade Beta
There's a form up on the Rebel Act Studios website to sign up to be a beta tester when the Blade beta is released. Thanks Prophet.

Final Kombat TC
Because Midway will not allow them to release the final Final Kombat TC, the FKTC team has released Beta II of the Final Kombat TC as an unsupported release. Thanks Embrionic Pete.

New QStat
QStat 1.6 beta 5 has been released on the QStat page. QStat is Steve Jankowski's utility that is essential to many webpage based server lists. The new features of the new release are listed in the release notes.

Eye on Storm
The October edition of the ION Storm newsletter is now online at StormWatch. Thanks Hanif.

There is a review of Special Forces Quake up on Operation 3Dfx. Thanks Prophet.




The Pure3D FAQ on the Pure3D website has been updated with Q&A on the Pure3D card. Thanks Prophet ... Birdman's QuakeLair, home of a bazillion Spaceorb 360 CFG files is first on the block with a SpaceOrb config file for Jedi Knight (though Divide Overflow points out JK comes with a SpaceOrb config included). Thanks Prophet ... Just for fun, thanks to DaFragsta of 3D Gaming Spooge for sending along a few Buckles comics from the Unofficial Buckles Homepage that should amuse most of this community, or at least anyone who's ever been deprived of playing time, their family's sympathies, or (hehe) sleep, by their obsession with gaming ...

Sunday, October 5, 1997

New AirQuake
AirQuake test 22 (2.2 MB) has been released on the AirQuake TC homepage, featuring a new level and the fighter-bomber. Here's the read me.

Vérité Hexen II Patch
Rich Johnson updated his .plan to announce the beta of the Vérité patch (273 KB) for the registered Hexen II:

The BETA version of the rendition port has been released. You can download it from:
You will also probably need new drivers:
Remember though, that both of these are still BETA versions. You will need to upgrade your copy of Hexen 2 to V1.09, and the rendition version requires the original Hexen 2 CD in the drive prior to launching the program.

Also, on the subject of Rick's later update, yes... it was a good day smiley3.gif (1365 bytes)

GameSpy 1.01
Hot on the heels of the new GameSpy comes the updated version 1.01 of GameSpy (971 KB). Thanks Hanif.

Jedi Knight Multiplayer
There are message boards up on JediKnight.Net to announce multiplayer Jedi Knight games to allow multiplayer games without having to go through that somewhat kludgy (my opinion) Gaming Zone to set up games.

eXtreme Tag
Version 1.0 of eXtreme Tag has been posted on the eXtreme Tag page. The first version only supports NetQuake, but all the features in the current version will be in the QuakeWorld version as well.

Special Forces Add-On
There is a new mission for Special Forces Quake called Mountain Depot on the Special Forces Quake Page. Thanks Prophet.

CTF Strategy Guides
Paco & Cromwell's CTF page has added level-by-level CTF tips in the form of a large (5+ MB) zip file as part of their Strategy Guide.

Zer Feature
Zertörer is the featured mod on the new TC Magazine. There is also a "wicked" Zer review up on Voodoo Extreme.



Log parser of the day (actually I should've mentioned this a couple of days ago) is GibStats, now featuring Hexen II support ...

Saturday, October 4, 1997

Gone Fishin'
Back tomorrow night. Be good while I'm gone (btw, since it's come up: no, I don't actually fish).

GameSpy Released
As promised, GameSpy 1.0 (971 KB) has been released. Thanks Hanif.

Quake II Screenshots
PC Gamer Online added four new screenshots to their Quake II Preview.

Hexen II Patch Redux
Sorry for the corrupted Hexen II patch that was posted here. Raven's Rick Johnson tells me the version on Activision's West Coast server (guess which one I used) was whacked. It should be happening now, once again, here's the patch for Hexen II (2.8 MB). Also, Raven Programmer Rick updated his .plan with word on what's happening next with Hexen2World (seemingly none the worse for wear after the abuse described in Chaos' .plan):

With the patch out, I'll be able to start work on H2World on Tuesday (Monday, Steve Stringer is coming here to visit, probably wants to get some additional supplies for his sheep). So with that, let's have a contest for the following areas:
1. Client App Icon
2. Server App Icon
3. Better name than Hexen2World
4. Changes to the background console image to reflect the new name

Winners will receive, ummmm, their contribution included in the release and a hug from Chaos.

New CodeRed Release
CodeRed demo 1.3 has been released on the CodeRed page. I honestly don't know much about this patch other than it features bots.

LoboSoft Valve Chat
The next Lobosoft IRC interview, will be with Wedge, Choryoth, and Driller of Valve Software, and is scheduled for Friday, October 17, 9:00 p.m. Eastern time in Undernet #idsoftware. As usual, all are invited to submit questions at

Doc Holiday, the artist who did the well-received Quake II Posters has his own homepage up. Now dhabih's home page will be the repository for his artwork. Thanks m00 ... Quaked.Com is the newest entry in the world of Quake sites that host Quake sites, check the page for info if you want to get involved, or have a page they can host ... Be afraid: Wanker is now posting screen captures of the QuakeCast, on his QuakeCafe, along with his QuakeCast RealAudio highlights on his QuakeCast highlights page ...

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