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October 25th

October 24th

"Oh, and before you ask, it won't be a news site or any kind of replacement for what Aftershock was. It'll be highly specialized, just you wait and see."

October 23rd

There is a tutorial on GMT on the QuakeBots' webpage.

si, es mi nombre

Mexico here I come!!
I will be back next Tuesday...

Just in case the plane I am on blows up and falls into the ocean, I just want to say: "I love you guys"

October 22nd

Ok, ok. I have been ignoring my .plan file I know. Just got back from Austin where I got to see Dave Taylor (ddt to those of you who knew him
from #doom) married away. The wedding was cool, and everyone had fun.

I am still planning to beat the crap out of John Cash sometime soon here. And since I will be going on vacation Thursday, I guess I should either whack him out today or tomorrow. I will be sure to forward the demo to the proper authorities after I am finished with him.

A week ago I had a note about a guy who would do skins for a reasonable price. Well, that guy is Rich Fleider, who works at Rogue Software, right down the hall from id. He did the skin for RevCo, and has started on some new ones for interested parties. He is going to do these in his spare time, but if you can be patient he can do a great skin for you or your clan. If you are interested, send him your request:

October 21st

October 20th

A No Camping Clan

"This patch is not fun or otherwise useful. I promise. If you aren't going to make a track for QKart, don't bother DL'ing the patch."

October 19th

This will all be capped off with the first semi-annual ClanRing World Cup, where the top clans from each league (North America and Europe) will face off against one another for global supremacy.

To keep you up to date, Will also points out that, unfortunately, WebRing is still having trouble with RING!OnLine SuperStations over the use of the word "ring" (really). Check the ClanRing's News page for details, if you're not familiar with this story.

I wrote a story this morning about a CD being prepared by a company called Quantum Axcess. Dale B. (midiguy) got me started when he wrote because he received the following:

"I have downloaded your cool BSP file, 5150, and am requesting permission to distribute that file as a "free" bonus on a compilation CD ROM we are making for Quake add-ons."

"My company is Quantum Axcess and we are developing a new episode of Quake levels that will be licensed through id Software. In our new episode we have developed all new textures, models, weapons and special effects. We are adding to the CD ROM only a handful of levels, patches and editors from the Internet that we feel have the highest quality as a "free" bonus."

However, since he was one of those burned by Actura, midiguy wrote id's Mike Wilson to ask about it. Mike's response?:

"we have nothing to do with them. quantum has no such license."

I put up a story questioning the legitimacy of this project (based on Mike's response). Shortly thereafter I received a message from Stephan Smith of Quantum Axcess suggesting I phone him for a clarification. When I called, he told me that Mike Wilson was mistaken, and that they were working directly with Jay Wilbur and Shawn Green on this. I felt approprately stupid and printed a retraction. I also dashed off a note to Jay and Shawn asking for confirmation that they were indeed working with Quantum on the development of the add-on pack. This is what Jay Wilbur wrote back:

"Actually Steve contacted us about doing levels for id to distribute. We told him to do some levels, send them in for our review and we would see. No promises were fact I recall going to great lengths to caution him that the chances of our participation were remote at best. There was no discussion of a "licensee" that I am aware of."

BTW: It is unlikely that we will get behind anyone who shovels net levels onto a CD for retail distribution.

Mr. Smith has promised a full response tomorrow, and also predicts a "follow-up response from id wihich will clarify everything."

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