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October 18th

If you're like me, and you play Internet Quake over a dial-up connection, you know the frustration of getting repeatedly gibbed by some LPB on a T1 who's running rings around your sorry lagged butt. Well, John Krutke of Lag City (who invented the term LPB) has designed the following logo for Clans (presumably those on modem connections) to display on their pages:

No Low Ping Bastards

I think that about sums it up...

At Quake Command, Wedge is going to be putting out the necessary info (hopefully sometime this weekend) for map builders to design "tracks" for the upcoming Quake Kart mod. Details on their Quake C Page.

Also... over at the QuakeLab, they have a Quake C mod that creates explodable walls. Improved over version 1.0 which used jagged doors and what not, version 2.0 is an actual entity built in Quake C which can be incorporated into any map by designating a brush as the exploding wall entity. On their Tricks 'N Traps Page.

I'm glad to see you like Verite-enhanced Quake. As John Carmack said, VQuake 1.06 is coming together, and I'm betting that you'll like it even more. It will have a performance optimization or two vs. the current version in addition to the general differences between "regular" Quake 1.01 vs. 1.06.

As far as features go, it will be Quake 1.06 plus performance improvements. We (id + Rendition) didn't get to do as much performance optimization as we would have liked the first time around, so this is a chance to do a little more. I hesitate to provide dates, but I would guess by mid-Nov at the latest.

Our plan for updates is to stay reasonably in sync, but that doesn't mean tracking every release that id does. We'll probably tend to batch the changes and do them a little less frequently.

New Windows drivers are available to our OEM customers now, but they need to test and redistribute them, so I can't say when they'll hit the streets.

- multiple sorted views (find a teamplay server fast! ;)
- ping times (for what it's worth to the viewer)
- average uptimes
- server details (comments from serverop, current players, etc)

I had to type the URL from memory. It seems to cap my screw-up day yesterday, the time when I aborted an upload of my page by hitting the "cancel" button, apparently didn't cancel the upload, it cut it off where it was. I seem to have lost the first couple of days new from this week. Sorry. (If anyone, for whatever reason, has some sort of hard, or local copy of this stuff, please contact me.)

October 17th

The Terminator 'bot, the most advanced client-side 'bot to date, has been created by Olivier Montanuy (Thanks to Joost Schuur for letting me know). Client-side means no Quake C is required, it just connects to the game as a player. There are also commands that servers can use to disallow such 'bots. All in all, the kind of terrific effort we expect from Olivier. Here's the text file. You can also play in "proxy mode" where the 'bot connects to the game, and you connect to the 'bot, which allows the 'bot to govern some of your "reflexes." As Whaleboy of QuakeX points out:

"didja know what?? This BOT supports proxies!! In other words, I don't have to disconnect from my LAN and connect via modem on my main machine to play Quake anymore... I just put it on my server and away I go! :)"

Download the Terminator from Blue's FTP site:

Terminator 'bot 0.7 (286 KB) The executable for Win95, SUN O/S and AIX.
Terminator 'bot 0.8 (126 KB) The executable for Win95 only.
Source Ver. 0.8 (129 KB) The source code.

Olivier's comment on the source code:

"You will find it very confusing. It is a temporary release, most comments are missing."

Version 0.5? Used to be you were afraid of version 1.0 of a program, because it was untested. Nowadays programs are over the hill by the time they hit version 1.0...

"We will be releaseing a new 1.06 vquake. Dunno when."

Makes me fell a little better.

October 16th

All I can say is that I have met Dave and a couple of the other guys in RevCo, and I would be shocked if this were true. That's all I will add to this ugly mess. I post this here as equal time for the first post. It would take extreme circumstances for me to add a follow-up to this subject (if you can't play nice together, I'm gonna take away your shotguns).

Greg Hutchenson, CEO of Digital Entertainment -

Digital Entertainment
7400 49th Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55428 USA
Phone: 612-535-8333

The latest windows drivers from rendition fix the lousy GUI performance I had been complaining about to several people. While it may not be state-of-the-art 2d acceleration, it doesn't get in your way anymore. I do not consider windows performance to be a negative for rendition anymore.

John Carmack also wrote DaKiller with a little more on the Voodoo port (or lack thereof). Read it there.

Also Randy Perry (who's review appeared earlier) sent along the following email from Eric T. Busch:

Try changing your mouse cursors to Win95's default b/w cursors. I had the same problems you experienced (slow text scrolling and window dragging), but after this change everything improved. According to Mike Boich of Rendition, using the color cursors for some reason turns off 2D acceleration. Hope this helps.

Randy's reaction:

WOW! Right on the money! I now am back to my old self with moving windows and smooth scrolls.

And, Randy also received the following email from Walt Donovan with Rendition saying:

FYI, the newer drivers, which we will make available on our web site when they are ready, fix the s/w cursor deceleration problem.

Finally, Erick Cid (PrIeSt), whose Reactor I bought (because he also owns a Voodoo Card) wrote up this review comparing the two cards. He is very up on 3D technology, and his objective review is worth reading (bear in mind that his comments about the 2D performance came before today's developments).

"The CDs produced by Actura Software are being distributed by Digital Entertainment in Minneapolis, MN. The person in charge of the Actura Quake product at Digital is Greg Hutchenson. His phone number is (612) 535-8333. I have called this number and verified that he does work there and he is in charge of the product."

This and other info I have received has convinced me that this is them. Sic 'em!

The point is, I don't know if anyone's figured out the link between this company (Digital Entertainment) and Actura. As I wrote at the time, when I called that number, the answering machine referred to the company by some other name, so this all gets a little fuzzy. Seems like we've got a publisher/author/distributor tangle to work through here... I'd hate to send everyone off to harrass the wrong people...

"Bullfrog is rapidly slipping from its pedestal as the darling of the game development industry ... Bullfrog is rapidly becoming a major casualty of the computer gaming industry, and one can only hope that they start turning their act around, before they become the next Epyx (a company some of you may not recognize for very obvious reasons)."

I guess I would trust them on that rumor more if they were up to speed that Romero and Tom Hall announced a while back that they were dropping Dream Design, and were plainning on calling their company ION.

As promised, we got to check out Intergraph Reactor. It's quite impressive. Here are a couple of screenshots. The one on the left is 320x200 (because most people will still play in that). It looks so much better than straight VGA. The right is 640x480, but, contrary to what's said, it's not really playable at that resolution (at least not on our test machine, a P133). Click on either picture to see it full size.

320 X 200 Screenshot 640x480 Screenshot

"I couldn't have known that...rendition would have the problems it does with poor windows performance and dma incompatability."

And a hint about WinQuake:

"The d3d version will be an outgrowth of the regular winquake, which is nearing completion."

October 15th

BTW, id: all lowercase, ION all caps... Coincidence?

Oh well, sounded too good to be true... I think I'm gonna start investigating ISDN again.

October 14th

To make things more confusing about the release date, I received the following from Matthew Lee:

I have seen the comments on your page about a wait for the 3D blaster to hit the shelves. I just wanted to say that the Micro Center down the street from me (I am a student at MIT in Cambridge, MA) has both the PCI and VLB versions of the 3D Blaster in stock. Maybe it's a Boston-area thing, but if Micro Center has it, it's strange that other areas of the country don't have it.

But this is the only report I've heard of them being on the streets anywhere, so I'm skeptical.

Oct 14:

I haven't been able to work on QuakeWorld for a week, and am unlikely to for a couple more days.

I've been working with the utilities and editor most of the time, but there has been a lot of other stuff going on lately that has kept me from being very productive.

October 13th.

I'm sorry due to humanware error, this is all there is of the 13th and the 12th's news... bzzzt bzzzt...

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