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October 11th

id Software is one of the coolest and most open companies I have ever heard of. Their shareware model is remarkable... how many companies do you think would implement Quake's net code in a shareware game? Not many. How many companies would include the server software with the shareware? Right again. Not many. They have always gone out of their way to be as open as practically possible, almost invariable avoiding the "stick it to the customer" mentality that pervades the world today. I am a huge fan of the product these guys make, and the way they go about things (which is one of the main reasons I do what I do with this site...). Please do not support the behavior of those who are doing wrong by our friends at id.

As Mike Wilson said when I wrote asking how best to proceed with this story, he replied:

"We think it's wrong, and we would like to ask all those on the net who consider us to be friends and would like us to keep doing what we do to hinder it's spreading wherever possible."

Which is the point, really. Supporting this kind of behavior puts id's ability to continue to try and serve our needs at risk. We shouldn't allow this to happen.

If someone tries to give me some pirate's rationale for this behavior, I'll go medieval on their ass... if you are going to write defending this "crack," save us both a step and write yourself a response telling yourself to screw off and sign my name... then you won't have to bother sending it.

OTOH, if you have any information that can help find the identity of the author of this program, or are aware of any FTP web sites (I guess that should be sitez, right d00dz?) that carry it, please pass that information along. I have some friends who would be interested (id, the SPA, my posse...). Thanks.

The modem play will get somewhat better with some of the QuakeWorld techniques (not as much better as the 'net play will get, though, because one of the big improvements relies on having a dedicated server).

I am probably also going to add a "fair lag" feature that will buffer the server's input to make the lag even for both parties.
John Carmack

I'm psyched about the "fair lag" modem mode. When he said he might, I stressed what a good idea I felt it was.

"The increased frame rate/resolution with a 3D Blaster has given me a significant advantage and I have zoomed up the QUAKE rankings. Ha! Now my opponents can’t keep up with me and I even run rings around them before taking them out with my trusty axe! QUAKE will never be the same without my 3D Blaster!"

A killing machine thanks to the 3D Blaster. With the axe, no less.

"All I can say right now, on advice of our attorneys, is that nobody can legally move our copyrighted material (i.e. textures) in a commercial environment. Period. Nobody."

Second from Jay Wilbur confirming that Walnut Creek has not acquired permission to do this:

"I have not had any significant discussions with the folks at Walnut Creek and really should not comment about any possible legal action we may or may not take regarding these situations."

I'm pretty sure this is an oversight on Walnut Creek's part. My guess is they assumed these maps were like Doom wads as far as legality of distribution (but I'm just ignorantly speculating). I'd also really hate bad blood emerge between these two companies because of the service provides Quake players. Especially looking forward, knowing how large Quake map files are, and knowing there's over a gig of Doom stuff on (and Doom wads are comparatively tiny).

October 10th

You can't make this stuff up.

I saw the CD in a CompUSA today... they go to great pains to stress that you're not paying for the levels, but for the effort they went to, and that they are in no way affiliated with id Software. There is also no trace of their origination. More as it comes...

Also, I am a HUGE Giant's fan, the punter reference was a joke.

Doug McCreary wrote to tell me my .plan file was out of date and I should update it. Now it's updated :)

Thanks for the heads-up to Shawn "mooD doG" Crain.

If I had something interesting to
say I would put it here for you
to see.

KC :)

Oh, I know someone who can make custom
skins for people. If anyone out there is
interested let me know. He charges $10
and hour for this service... and he is
*really* good. (normal skin is about 4~5

Do you think he wraps his updates at half a screen to make up for the fact that Carmack's updates contain no carriage returns at all?

i thought i should clear something up about the walnut creek quake toolkit cd. i believe you're judging some of the manufacturers of cdrom's too harsh. consider the size of (150 megs already) and how long it would take some people to download everything.

i recently spoke with someone at walnut creek about their cdrom policy and they assured me that all files are checked by hand for permission by the author to include them on such cds. the quake toolkit cd is not a mere 'mirror dump' of /pub/idgames2. i can only urge everyone not to hesitate in uploading your quake related files to you are not being ripped of. think of the huge exposure your works get. tens of thousands of files are downloaded every single day from /pub/idgames2 alone.

walnut creek doesn't commercially exploit people. they're a professional and honest company, but also have costs to pay for their huge network bandwidth and equipment. consider the situation if there was no central idgames2 archive. they offer practically unlimited bandwidth and huge amounts of drive space, something no other quake web site can offer (even stomped and canvasnet). i like to think i run a damn fine archive there and do this so that avid gamers all over can find all the quake files they've been looking for in one central spot. i neither get paid for this, nor do i work for walnut creek myself btw.

"we're already going after them... we'll keep you posted"

Also, Redwood's is down for the moment (as is Tamu's Quake Server, since they're the same machine). Why do I include hyper-links in a story about down sites? I don't know, I'm an idiot I figure...

October 9th

Welcome to Blue's News

Also, you don't need to reinstall Quake 1.01 from the CD "In order to get the full benefit of the patch..." as the article asserts. They've misinterpreted the instruction that since there is no patch to upgrade from version 1.05 (because it was an unsupported beta), you need to reinstall 1.01 to upgrade to 1.06 only if you've installed version 1.05.

They also have proof of Quake II's progress. As they point out: "In fact, gamecenter even has a screen shot of one of the game's levels for proof." I just dug through the archives (woke up the newsroom librarian and everything) to see that it was September 29th when that screenshot was first released... *sigh*

Anybody who buys one of these things, please contact me about paying for your Blue's News subscription...

Rest assured there are a lot of people trying to dig up an address for all you eager would-be mailbombers to target...

Joost Schuur of the late lamented Aftershock, and maintainer of the id archives at (which makes him savvy to Copyright issues) points out that what these guys are doing is completely illegal on another front:

something neither you nor the stomped article mentioned is that it's actually illegal to publish any levels using id's textures, since they do not come with a license to redistribute them. the license texts that come with the game clearly state that you cannot commercially exploit id's graphics (and each level comes with it's own set of textures, unlike doom levels did). the only levels you could redistribute are those that use none of id's textures whatsoever.

Things should be familiar for now, but changes are coming. For instance, I finally have room for large files locally, so look for the files area, formerly neglected, to come to life. Also, please make use of the following new email address:

October 8th  

In case you haven't seen it yet, Quake made this week's Time magazine. In the technology section was a two page article entitled "Fun and Games in Cyberspace." All the pictures are from Quake and the beginning is a description of Quake. There's not much real info though, and it mistates things like "last month's roll-out of Quake World" (I wish) and "Up to eight people can play at once." Oh well, the article looks nice anyway.

BTW, that RealAudio broadcast on RockwestHQ starts at 10 PM EDT.

"I just uploaded a new winded (still version 1.06, but a new exe) to our ftp site. The only change is that it does a Sleep(1) instead of sleeping half the remaining time until the next server slot, which causes the new winded to suck up a lot less CPU time than the old one on NT 3.51. It shouldn't make any difference on any other platform."

Normally I would allow anyone dumb enough to pay $30 for a disk of levels they could download for free, the freedom to be so stupid. But considering the devious nature of the way these guys are doing business, I really urge everyone to avoid this product (and this company, for that matter) like the plague. Besides, it's been a while since we've had a good boycott around here...

So in an effort to get QuakeWorld released (in the same way lighting a cigarette makes the bus arrive), here's blue's QuakeWorld in a nutshell.

October 7th  

Additionally I was cc'ed on an email from Prince Mystery to Oatmeal, addressing whether his report on Hexen 2 represented misinformation, or misunderstandings. I have to say I agree with Myst, that discrepancies between what they both were told are reconcilable, and additionally, Oatmeal's tone and approach to this is unnecessarily adversarial (and to some degree, a bit nasty).

Click an image to see it full size

Now that's a map I want to see. Now we've gotta talk to the Quake Command boys about getting it off the ground.

October 6th  

Also if you are running a public server with Capture the Flag on it, or know of one, please send the server's address to patch author Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch, so he can put a list of CTF servers up on the home page.

"The Prey engine wasn't done when I left, but it was turning out pretty cool. Quake is a little prettier. Our editor was a lot faster. Their engine was a lot faster. Our paradigm allowed a much more dynamic environment. We'll see what happens. We're looking at all possibilities for licensing engines, not just Quake."

Okay, Quake is faster and prettier, but Prey's editor is faster, and you can shoot the toilets. (I'm just playing... it's not fair to compare with an unfinished game.)

October 5th

Oct 5:

Developing for windows is not fun. We are having a lot of trouble getting good solid compatability across all the systems we are testing on.

When it works right, it just pops right into full screen mode with sound and network just like the dos version, but we are still chasing problems on several systems. Sigh.

In case you don't know (*sigh*) QuakeBBS is a Quake server front end for linux (working on a port to NT, but not available yet). It allows server admins to control who connects to their servers and it provides a server front-end for users where they can meet before playing and chat or set up teams or whatever. If the server is full, they are automatically added to the waiting queue and notified when a spot comes available.

You can get more information from the QuakeBBS homepage.

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