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Friday, November 27, 1998

Descent 3 Demo  [6:59 PM EST]
Descentia has posted the playable demo from Descent III that just appeared in the UK gaming magazine PC Format. The demo is about 29 MB, and is available as a single file or in several five MB chunks.

New Registered GameSpy  [6:44 PM EST]
Version 2.06 of GameSpy has been released, for registered users only. The new version offers support for finding Half-Life servers.

More Turok2  [6:44 PM EST]
The Turok2: Seeds of Evil Level 06 primagen's lightship preview is up, giving a preview of level six from this upcoming game devoted to the renewed extinction of the dinosaur. Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance.

Todd Porter Interview  [6:44 PM EST]
ION Storm In Our Face is an interview on GameSpot that talks to ION Storm's Todd Porter about the state of the company after the recent departures. Thanks CiDcO at StormTroopers.

Amen Interview  [6:44 PM EST]
There's an interview with Greg MacMartin the Lead Designer of Amen, an upcoming shooter from CaveDog, posted on 3DNews.Net.

New GibStats II  [6:44 PM EST]
Version 2.6 of GibStats II is now available. The new release of this program that can supply statistical analysis of Quake II logs can also offer stat output from demos, as well as several new options governing HTML output.

TombRaider III Mania  [6:44 PM EST]
Lara Week on GameSpot UK offers a bunch of TR3 stuff, including two reviews of the game, a TR III Guide, and an interview with the development team.   

Blood2 Patch  [11:04 AM EST]
The folks at Monolith have released the Blood2 version 1.01 patch, here's a local copy of the Blood2 patch (3,150 KB) on GamesNET FTP. The patch deals almost entirely with issues from the single player version of the game, and an extensive multiplayer patch is planned for release in December. You are warned that your saved games will no longer work after installing the patch. Finally, there's word on of a page to report any bugs or problems with the patched version of the game.

Heretic II Balance of Power  [11:04 AM EST]
There is a new version of the Balance of Power Mod, originally designed for Quake II, and now a Heretic II mod as well. BoP is designed to help reduce lag in deathmatch to make life easier for players on slow connections.

Heretic II Message Board  [11:04 AM EST]
Raven's Ken Hoekstra updated his .plan with news of a new Heretic II messageboard that he says the Raven employees will be reading regularly.

Shogo, Blood2 Doohickey Support  [11:04 AM EST]
Buzzkill, master of the mousing arts has learned the command line to enable mouse wheel doohickey support in LithTech engine games (Blood2 and Shogo). Here's the command, as found on Buzzkill's Mouse-Wheel World, which Buzz says is best to use as a line in your autoexec.cfg so that it will be active in every game:

rangebind "##mouse" "wheel" 10 120 "NextWeapon" -120 -10 "PrevWeapon"

3D Card Round-up  [11:04 AM EST]
Graphics Card Roundup on Fast Graphics looks at the following staggering list of accelerators (thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme): Asus V3400 TNT, Creative Labs Graphics Blaster TNT, Creative Labs 3D Blaster Banshee, Diamond Monster Fusion Z100, Diamond Viper V550, Diamond Monster 3D, Diamond Monster 3D II, Diamond Monster 3D II SLI, Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix PCI, Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix AGP, Hercules Terminator 2X/i, Hercules Terminator Beast, Hercules Dyamite TNT, Leadtek WinFast 3D S350ZX, Leadtek WinFast 3D S900, Leadtek Winfast S800, Leadtek Winfast S320TNT, Matrox Mystique G200, Matrox Millennium G200 Megabyte, Wicked3D Vengeance, Number Nine Revolution IV, Real 3D StarFighter AGP, Hercules Terminator 2X/i, and the STB Velocity V4400.

Quake III Arena FAQ  [11:04 AM EST]
The Unofficial Quake 3 FAQ has been updated to version 0.2, trying to amass all the known tidbits on Q3A into Q&A format.

Sound Tweaks  [11:04 AM EST]
Tweak3D's sound tweaking section is up, offering tuning suggestions for the oft-ignored area of sound card and driver configuration. Also, on a similar track, a new edition of Sound Off at HARDgame.Com offers a summary of some of the latest buzz on sound cards from the hardware newsgroups.

Saxs Interview  [11:04 AM EST]
There's an interview with Messiah lead programmer Michael "Saxs" Persson talking about Messiah. Some of the questions for the interview were supplied by Epic's Tim Sweeney.

Mike Gummelt Interview  [11:04 AM EST]
There's an interview with Raven's Mike Gummelt on 5 Years of Doom talking about his days as the guru of the DeHackED Doom patching program (I can remember volumes of mail from Mike in those days on the Doom Editing mailing list that I helped (still help?!?) maintain).

QSB w/Sin Support  [11:04 AM EST]
A new version 1.8a of the Quake 2 Scene Builder (QSB) is available, now offering the ability to construct scenes with Sin models and characters (SSB?), offering some frightening implications for some Elexis imagery.

etc.  [11:04 AM EST]
Looks like Half-Life is busting out all over as I'm getting more and more mail from international readers saying they've found it in places like the UK, Norway, and Australia ... Stayne's house of demos looks like a great new demo resource ... Tom's Hardware Guide has posted some holiday computer buying recommendations, offering suggestions for complete systems, as well as individual components. Thanks taxi_driver ... AnandTech reviews the new AMD K6-2 400CXT. Thanks Caskanette.

Out of the Blue  [11:04 AM EST]
I kind of figured this would go without saying, but since I'm on the road, if you have some lengthy question, or have some in-depth discussion to engage in, this is not a great time to send it along. I'm spending a majority of the time I have at the computer trying to keep the site up to date, and don't really have time for meaningful correspondence. So if you sent an essay along, you might want to consider re-sending it after the weekend (since it's going to be buried several hundred messages deep by the time I'm back in the BlueTower). Thanks.

Thursday, November 26, 1998     Thanksgiving Day (US) ThanksGibbing Day (everywhere)

More 3Fingers' MiniGL  [5:46 PM EST]
3Fingers keeps tweaking all three of his fingers to the bone experimenting with the mini OpenGL driver for 3Dfx cards. Here's what he sent along about his latest experiments, which, as morbid will point out, may cause unexpected results (you have been warned):

This version is a good bit faster than the earlier 16 bit driver I released about 2 weeks ago. The first 16 Bit mini gl was based on the 3/23/98 mini gl and this one is based on the 3Dfx 11/25/98 mini gl. I only saw a decrease of 1fps on my PII400/Voodoo2 SLI(220fps down to 219fps) running GL Quake with this 16 bit mini gl, compared to about a 20% reduction in frame rate with the 16 bit mini gl based on the old 3/23/98 mini gl.

Matrox Half-Life Fix  [5:46 PM EST]
The Matrox Latest Drivers page has new version 4.50 beta 2 drivers for the Matrox G200 family of accelerators. The sole difference between the new release and the beta 1 drivers are a fix for a problem with Half-Life. These drivers are not recommended for socket 7 systems.

Extremities in Stores  [9:16 AM EST]
I've received a few store shelf sightings of Extremities, the Quake II expansion pack, so it's possible it's available at your local retailer. Also, word on Dataflow is that Half-Life is now available in Australia (thanks Switched).

Thief Media  [9:16 AM EST]
Through the Looking Glass has posted three new pieces of Thief media to give more of the flavor of this upcoming action/RPG. There are two movies in QuickTime format, and an .mp3 of game music. Thanks Ducky and Digital Nightmare. There are also some new Thief shots on Voodoo Extreme.

Sin Add-on Interview  [9:16 AM EST]
Gamer's Alliance interviews Tom Kudirka, President of 2015 Inc., the folks working on the official add-on pack for Sin.

Shooters  [9:16 AM EST]
There will be no new Shooters tonight, since all of us turkeys will be doing Thanksgiving stuff today, but we will return next week at the usual time with our in-studio conversation with the Levelord.

GameHost  [9:16 AM EST]
An alpha version 1.0 of GameHost is now available on the Xoanan Industries page. GameHost is the follow-up to QHost, the useful program to help administer a Quake server, now evolved into a support product for multiple games, the list of which currently includes: Quake (WinQuake.exe), QuakeWorld (QWSV.exe), Quake II, Hexen II, Sin, and Half-Life.

More Tribes Skins  [9:16 AM EST]
More materials to modify custom skins for Dynamix's upcoming Starsiege Tribes are now available on the Starsiege Tribes Players page. Here's the deal, as passed along by Datumplane:Starsiege:

Barry D has decided to post the remaining base skins. These skins lack any tribal markings. Today we are releasing the light and medium female armor and the medium and heavy male armor. We have already released the light male armor, so these four complete the Base Armor set. You'll need a zip utility to unzip the files and each file has .bmp and .psd formats. All four files are around 800k.

Light Female Armor
Medium Female Armor
Medium Male Armor
Heavy Male Armor

On the Shogo Tools  [9:16 AM EST]
Monolith's Jeremy Blackman updated his .plan with more on the Shogo tools released yesterday (story). Here's the scoop:

A couple things about the tools release:

On the PVRS2  [9:16 AM EST]
Sharky Extreme's PowerVR Series 2 report offers Mango Grits' Joan Wood's insights into the current state of PowerVR's next-generation processor, and why it is still nowhere to be found, based on a conversation with Trevor Wing of VideoLogic at Comdex.

Half-Life, Sin, & Heretic II Reviews  [9:16 AM EST]
PC.IGN.COM reviews Half-Life, saying there's "Nothing half-assed about it--this has to be the finest shooter ever crafted." They also take looks at Heretic II and Sin. Thanks Rambar. The Adrenaline Vault Reviews Heretic II, and also, Gamer's Alliance reviews Half-Life in a write-up by crash.

Intel740 Drivers  [9:16 AM EST]
The Intel740 Driver Download page has posted the version 3.1 reference drivers for Windows 95/98. Thanks Jaysin at 740.

Funny Papers  [9:16 AM EST]
User Friendly does Half-Life. Time to ROCK! Thanks Ant.

etc.  [9:16 AM EST]
There's a Worldcraft 2.0 setup FAQ on Wavelength if you're having trouble getting Valve's Half-Life editor to work. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme ... A new PainKeep map pack is up on MagixX, the sixth such compilation posted there .. 5 Years of Doom is a website devoted to the upcoming anniversary of the grand old game, offering interviews and articles on the subject ... Glide Shots is a site devoted to Glide screenshots, with a bunch of Half-Life shots up there now ...

Out of the Blue  [9:16 AM EST]
Off in the BlueJet for some family fun for the Thanksgiving weekend. It'll probably be just an update or two per day until I return on Sunday. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, here's hoping everyone has something for which to be thankful.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Half-Life Model & SDK  [11:12 PM EST]
As promised yesterday (story), Valve's Harry Teasley has released a multiplayer model of Barney the Security Guard as an executable installer, as well as a mini SDK for those looking to get started modifying the game. Here's a local copy of the Barney model (278 KB), and a local copy of the mini-SDK (11.9 MB) on GamesNET FTP. There's more of this stuff to come, as Harry's message indicates:

Howdy. Gabe mentioned in his letter yesterday that I'm the the Valve contact for folks who wish to do mods... Since that letter was posted, there's been a huge response that I've been sorting through, asking about source code availability and such, so I thought it would be a good idea to send you guys a quick note about what's going on.

We're putting together resources for the Half-Life Software Developer's Kit. It will have resources for modellers to learn how to build new characters and weapons for Half-Life, for mappers who want to learn how to use the more sophisticated Half-Life entities (that aren't covered in autolycus' excellent WorldCraft tutorial), for texture artists who wish to make new wads for the game, and for coders who wish to create new game DLLs for TCs and mods that require them.

Right now, there's a fair amount to do to get the entire SDK in shape for release. In the meantime, here are some resources that will allow modellers and mappers to start creating new content as soon as possible (sort of an SDK, Jr.) I will keep the news sites posted on future updates to the SDK when they become available.

Also attached is the Security Guard Deathmatch Model, in an installable .exe. Now you can play against your friends as Barney, the helpful Half-Life security guard.

New A3D Drivers  [11:12 PM EST]
There are new version 2.02 A3D drivers dated today on the A3D Downloads page. Thanks BOMBMAN, who says they work well with Half-Life.

Half-Life Article  [11:12 PM EST]
GameSpot's The Final Hours of Half-Life is a feature on the making of the game, focusing on the end of crunch time. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

LithTech Tools and Shogo Source  [10:59 PM EST]
The tools and source code to modify LithTech games Shogo: Mobile Armor Division and Blood2: The Chosen have been released by Monolith. The tools can be found on Monolith's site, PlanetShogo (where many of the accompanying documents have been posted in HTML), and here's a local copy of the Shogo source (1.6 MB), and a local copy of the LithTech tools (5.5 MB) on GamesNET FTP. Here's the deal on these files from Paul Butterfield:

Armed with these resources, gamers can design their own level maps, edit in-game models, and more. In addition, users can swap models, levels and textures between Shogo, and Blood 2 : The Chosen, the recently released supernatural first-person shooter developed by Monolith using the LithTech engine and published by GT Interactive. However, Blood 2 source code will not be released until later.

The LithTech engine, Monolith's proprietary game-creation software, was used in the development of both Shogo and Blood 2. All games using the LithTech engine can be modified using these tools. Further projects utilizing LithTech will be announced shortly. In addition to the source code and development tools, users will need a full retail version of the game Shogo in order to modify the game

The Monolith LithTech engine tools released over the Internet today are:

Monolith's Shogo source code release today includes:

New MiniGL  [10:59 PM EST]
There's a new MiniGL driver for 3Dfx cards on the 3Dfx site. Thanks Tim from 3DFiles.Com. Here's a local copy (210 KB) on GamesNET FTP, and here's the lowdown from the 3Dfx site:

For end users we recommend MiniGL. This driver implements only that functionality necessary to run the latest OpenGL based games. This is the final release of MiniGL from 3Dfx. This release features full support for: Voodoo Banshee, Voodoo2, VoodooGraphics, and VoodooRush, including support for 3D resoutions up to 1600x1200 (Voodoo Banshee only).

Requiem Demo  [5:29 PM EST]
The Requiem Demo Premiere is online at GameCenter (thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme). Here's the lowdown on the playable demo, which is about 25 MB:

Requiem: Avenging Angel is 3DO's upcoming 3D first-person shooter of "biblical proportions." The plot is loosely based on John Milton's Paradise Lost. The Fallen, a group of rebellious angels, are seeking to conquer the world. You play as the angel Malachi, one of the Chosen angels tasked to stop the Fallen.

In addition to sporting a brand-new 3D engine, Requiem also includes some interesting new features never before seen in first-person action games. As an angel, you'll be able to "jump" into different characters' bodies and take control of them. Furthermore, you'll have an arsenal of mystical powers, such as turning your enemies into salt.

Descent Freespace Mission  [5:29 PM EST]
The Awakenings download page has the release of Awakenings, a complete add-on mission for Descent Freespace. Thanks Phil "Cain" Hall.

Mechwarrior 3 Preview  [5:29 PM EST]
GameSpot's Mechwarrior 3 Preview is online looking at this upcoming robot combat game, also offering some new screenshots. I thought this part about deformable terrain sounds especially cool:

MechWarrior 3 should really be called MechWarrior 3.5. It isn't a giant robot step up in quality from the other successful MechWarrior games ­ it's a soaring jump-jet leap. The leap includes deformable terrain: the buildings have destructible geometry, incoming artillery rounds pockmark the ground with craters, and even the Mechs leave distinctive footprints.

Half-Life, Sin Reviews  [5:29 PM EST]
Sharky Extreme's Half-Life review is online calling Valve's shooter the game of the year. Also, Billy at Voodoo Extreme points out that GameCenter's Sin review is up, giving the pre-patched version of the game three out of five "X"s.

Blood2 Server List  [2:31 PM EST]
Gameaholic's Active Blood 2 Servers list is online. Server admins can add their servers through the form on this page.

SBLive! Drivers  [2:31 PM EST]
An update on the Live!Ware Downloads page offers new drivers that feature a Frequency Shifter Effect, and now the number of software voices can be adjusted. Thanks CiKoTiC.

Half-Life Timedemo  [2:31 PM EST]
3Fingers' Tid-Bits page has a new demo he's recorded to stress test Half-Life called Blowout.

New Battlefield Communicator  [8:53 AM EST]
Beta 1.1 of the Battlefield Communicator program is now available. B.C. allows real-time voice communication in any computer game, and the new version eliminates the 15 minute timeout feature in the shareware, instead now offering a 30 day limit to a fully functional product. There's also a mention that there was a problem with the first copy of version 1.1 they uploaded, so the earliest downloaders got the wrong one (you should have build 41). The new version also offers new features, and performance improvements with reduced latency.

IAS Update, BZ Patch  [8:53 AM EST]
Extreme Audio Reality (E.A.R.) has released version 1.50 of their Interactive Around-Sound (IAS) audio engine. IAS channels all existing 3D audio solutions (i.e., A3D, DirectSound3D) through a single interface, allowing any system to hear true 3D positional effects regardless of the audio hardware/software (even if a system does not have accelerated 3D audio hardware). Also, the folks at E.A.R. have released version 1.4 of their IAS patch for BattleZone, which is now compatible with non-IAS versions of the game, so all players in the game are no longer required to use the patch to play.

Voodoo3 Debriefing  [8:53 AM EST]
Sharky Extreme's Voodoo3 preview aftermath discusses some of the questions that have followed the Voodoo3 announcement with 3Dfx CTO Gary Tarolli, asking questions about RAM quantity, no SLI support, the 16-bit color issue, etc.

Blood2 in Stores  [8:53 AM EST]
I've gotten a few reports from folks who've seen Blood2 on store shelves, so it's possibly in a store near you already.

Blood2 Updates  [8:53 AM EST]
Monolith's Brian Goble updated his .plan with a lengthy update, which includes some news about plans for a "small" single-player patch for Blood2, which will be followed by a larger patch. like the Shogo patch. Here's some of Brian's update:

We are also finishing up a small single-player patch for Blood2 that contains some minor fixes, features and optimizations. Rumor has it that some stores already have we're hoping to have this small (but useful) patch available very soon (possibly even on Wednesday). Oh yeah, this new patch also makes the game even more bloody. :)

With the small single-player patch basically out of the way, we can now start on the big multiplayer patch for Blood2. This will greatly improve multiplayer over the internet, just like it did for Shogo. We also have a few other multiplayer surprises up our sleeves...more info soon... :)

Blood2, Sin 3DNow! Support  [8:53 AM EST]
Word from Tom of the AMD Zone is that 3Dnow! support for Blood2 will likely come as a small (separate) update in-between the small patch and the larger patch mentioned in the previous story. Also, Tom has news from Ritual's Mark Dochtermann that 3DNow! support for Sin is more or less completed, and Mark is waiting for some responses from AMD before proceeding, saying "We should have it cleared up within a week."

Half-Life Hoax  [8:53 AM EST]
Extream passes along a warning that he received an email that claimed it was from WON tech support offering a new CD key within minutes for any user having CD problems, asking you mail your original key to an address at This sounds like someone just collecting registered CD keys, probably in their spare time from posing as AOL staff to troll for passwords.

Finger-ama  [8:53 AM EST]
A couple of new places to play pull the finger to see someone's .plan file: 3D Finger from TeleFragged, and WarZone's WarFinger.

Updated Kick Engine Demo  [8:53 AM EST]
This Developers page has an updated version 1.00 of the Kick engine demo. According to Billy at Voodoo Extreme, who sent this along, the new version has improved output, new textures, is the final DX6 code and more 3DNow! optimizations.

QERadiant Update  [8:53 AM EST]
The QERadiant page has an update about what's upcoming from this level editor based on the id QE4 editor, as well as word that Jason "WolfeN" Spencer, long supporter of the program on Ravages of Radiant is off to work for Monolith (he's looking for someone to take over the site, by the way). Here's a bit of the update:

A new version of the editor will be out within a couple of weeks. It has a ton of bug fixes, plugins are more stable and Peter Mack (Rogue) added a super nifty feature; full blown Q2 entity animation. This allows you to preview trains, doors, buttons, plats, and rotations. Dont try this with software GL but if you have any kind of decent hardware support it runs really well.

In other areas, I have been bombarded with requests for Half-life support. I am working with someone intent on writing a Half-life plugin so look for this functionality in the near future.

Competitions  [8:53 AM EST]
Action Xtreme's events page has word on a best of the best competition on December 19 between the four top dogs in their Saturday night Quake II free-for-all.

etc.  [8:53 AM EST]
Action Xtreme Interviews Kornelia Takacs, about life as a pro gamer ... Joe Manio's Config Page has an updated uber-cfg with a few new twists picked up from all the configs Joe's gotten his hands on ... I just have one thing to say to Tom Chick of Next-Gen: those "silly goatees," are actually Van Dykes  =P

Out of the Blue  [8:53 AM EST]
I didn't realize this week would be as hectic as it has turned out, but getting ready to travel for the Thanksgiving weekend has kept me hopping, so in grand tradition, even a couple of simple items from my todo list are taking longer to accomplish than anticipated, which makes me regret mentioning them. Since Levelord is in town, but will be gone by next Thursday, I'm going in to Pseudo this morning to tape a show with him (as he's one of our favorite/only all-time live in-studio guests, so we don't want to miss the opportunity). The Raven cooked up some Blue Sun Backgrounds based on yesterday's image of the day, sized more properly for desktop background use.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Half-Life Map, Crazy Big Update  [10:38 PM EST]
Valve's Gabe Newell sent along a whopping big update on the state of Half-Life covering many bases. The mail also included a new Half-Life map called frenzy, made by Dario Casali suited for small one-on-one or two-on-two matches, here's a local copy (265 KB) on GamesNET FTP. Also expect the online release of a security guard multiplayer model by Doug Wood in the near future, as well as a multiplayer level called The Hill, which will be distributed with an upcoming issue of PC Gamer. They've also been working with comic artist Shannon Wheeler to produce a multiplayer model of Too Much Coffee Man that PC Gamer will also be distributing. Harry Teasley is working with people who are interested in building maps, models, add-ons, expansion products, etc... Two other resources are Wavelength and Chris Bokitch's new page. People interested in commercial publication should contact Scott Lynch, Sr. VP of Sierra Studios. The update covers a number of other issues including CD problems, key problems, what's in store in the future, and much more. It's informative, but huge, so I posted the whole shebang on a separate page.

Descent 3 Interview  [10:38 PM EST]
Game-Interviews .com has posted their conversation with Matt Toschlog, founder and president of Outrage, as well as project leader on Descent 3.

Saving Sin Saved Games  [6:31 PM EST]
Don "onethumb" MacAskill updated his .plan saying he has posted a page with workarounds to try and get back to your saved game position in Sin if you applied the patch and do not want to play through from the beginning.

Kali95  [6:31 PM EST]
Version 1.58 of Kali95 is out on Kali's FTP Site. Among the features of the new version are TCP Launch support for Shogo, Half-Life, and Heretic II.

Heretic II In Stores  [6:01 PM EST]
As Raven programmer Mike Gummelt's .plan announces, Heretic II is in stores: Rick Johnson's .plan mentions a preliminary Heretic II support page. Raven programmer Jake Simpson's .plan has a rundown on what's on the game CD, as well as word on a planned add-on:

Some notes on what is actually on the CD.
The game, obviously. There are 23 in game levels, 6 (or is it 7 ?) deathmatch levels, and 2 tutorial levels. We include coop game playing, with loading and saving supported. There are a ton of little
things, like the show leader deathmatch flag in there, that shows how's the king of the hill currently - in fact, too many to mention individually right now. We included a complete developers toolkit on the CD, which includes the modified level editor we use, QE4, as well a complete manual on how to use it - from the fingers of level master John Zuk. Also included are the tools to create and view the .m8 and .m32 graphic files, the BSPer we use and other assorted goodies. The compiler for our new ingame cinematic scripting system that Rick Johnson developed is there, so you can create your own cinematics to your hearts content. There are other goodies that escape my memory right now. We also include the complete compilable source code for the client effects system - so you can create your own -, and the source code for the game side stuff, all the code for the monsters, weapons etc. This should prove a boon for mod makers. We are in the process of seperating out the player code from the engine code and will release that at a later date.

Which neatly brings me onto the next subject - the enhancement pack. Currently we are working on adding functionality to Heretic II that we would have liked to have seen in anyway. Deadlines being what they are though, we had to sacrifice some stuff. We are planning on incorporating Team DeathMatching, skin, map, object and sound downloading - ala Quake II -, a new shrine, possibly a new weapon & a new defensive weapon, (hopefully) a new player model - complete with all 1700 frames of animation -, SB Live ! support, and lastly - though this is the bottom of the pile, a auto combat camera. There should also be some new deathmatch levels along with this enhancement pack too.

More Turok 2  [6:01 PM EST]
The preview of level five from Acclaim's upcoming Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is now online offering more new screenshots. Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance.

FleetSpy  [6:01 PM EST]
Nachos.Net has the first release of FleetSpy, an interesting new approach to viewing demos, as well as matches in progress. Here's the description:

The FleetSpy/FleetCaster programs are a system that allow a q2 demo to be posted to a public server. It just happens to have the property that the demo need not be finished recording, nor does the client need to have downloaded the entire demo in order to view it.

This means that a 28.8 user can start viewing a 4 MB demo immediately without having to dl the whole thing. It also means that an observer could start recording a match, and many clients can connect to the FleetCaster to view a game as it happens, with about a minute or so latency.

Grab the client here:

Follow the directions in the readme, and connect to the default server. We have posted 2 demos for your viewing pleasure, one shows a near perfect flag grab on meltdown, the other is a demo of the recent NR vs. HD rag match.

We will keep you posted about upcoming live matches. We hoping that we can broadcast some of the top five OGL matches this week or next.

At this time, we will not be distributing the software that allows you to record a demo the the Caster, as our beta server could become overloaded. But, if you are playing a closely followed match, then by all means email me and I'll try to set you up.

You can also send bug reports and comments to the above address, or just leave them on the Nachos BBS.

Sin, Half-Life Reviews  [6:01 PM EST]
ESC Magazine reviews Sin giving it seven out of ten escape keys. Also, WarZone reviews Half-Life and User Friendly's Half-Life review (no, it's not a cartoon). Thanks Morpheus.

H3D DOA  [6:01 PM EST]
ClassyGlasses is reporting that H3D is now out of business. Here's a quote from the story from this site dedicated to 3D eyewear (who say they'll continue the site), that gives an idea of what current H3D owners can expect (thanks Cash):

Metabyte Products: Metabyte will continue selling the glasses. They may need to accommodate to the new situation as well, but they will continue selling and supporting the complete WickedVision line of products plus more, still to be announced products. So your Eyewear is not worthless. "We are in the eyewear business BIG TIME and you don't need to worry" is one of the things we were told.

H3D-Only Owners/Metabyte Support: Without going into details, Metabyte will take care of all of you who have the glasses only but no Metabyte board (how could you anyway?<g>). They are working right now at a solution. Obviously, the most logical step is to make their drivers available to you. There are still things to be sorted out, but stay tuned to Classy Glasses and their own site about news. What you can do immediately to help them determine their next steps is checking our current Metabyte driver poll right now. To repeat that, we have word by Metabyte that they will embrace also those who didn't purchase a wicked product.

OGR Half-Life Review  [1:10 PM EST]
OGR's full Half-Life review is online giving the game a 9.7 saying it has "Some of the best qualities of all the best first-person games ever." Thanks Chris.

AOL + Netscape = Official  [12:04 PM EST]
AOL Netscape shake on it is the headline on the story confirming the deal, worth $4.2 billion in AOL stock. Thanks loonyboi.

LithTech Engine Part II  [11:14 AM EST]
Installment two of PlanetShogo's The LithTech Engine feature is online offering more insights into customizing the client side of Monolith's 3D engine. The promise for the next installment is that it will offer working code that can be used to modify Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

Half-Life Authentication Fix  [6:47 AM EST]
Valve's Gabe Newell passed along word it turns out that some who have had trouble authenticating Half-Life are experiencing problems because they had a virus on their system when they tried to install the game:

We've had a couple of reports that Half-Life wouldn't authenticate on people's systems because they had an out of date or corrupt version of the game that have turned out to be viruses (see below). It didn't occur to us that Half-Life would be a virus checker (we did the hash to make sure people had the latest version of the game, not detect viruses), but it's a nice side effect. This isn't the only reason people might get this error, but it's happening often enough that we thought it would help to spread the word.

Oh, to be clear, the virus isn't on the CD, it's on users systems already, and hl.exe gets infected the way any other binary would.

MacUnreal 219  [6:47 AM EST]
A new beta 1.0 2b1 of Unreal for the Macintosh is available on the Westlake Interactive website offering the full version 219 code from the PC version. Thanks Greghis Khan. This is described as a pre-release version, and not fully tested, so users are warned to back up their original Unreal applications, and Unreal "system" folder before installing this patch.

More on Half-Life and 3DNow!  [6:47 AM EST]
Atomic Half-Life has posted the files and instructions on how to get 3Dnow! support working n Half-Life. Also, Billy at VE learned that many 3DNow! users need to run the command "gl_flipmatrix 1" at the console or in a .cfg file to make the crosshair work properly with this fix.

Gloom Fix  [6:47 AM EST]
Version 0.5 of Gloom is available. The new release of this Quake II mod is said to be more stable for servers, and resolves several bugs and eliminates some opportunities to cheat. This version also features an Ident function and the ability for the engineer to control the turrets.

New Cheapo  [6:47 AM EST]
A new version of 2.5 of Cheapo, the freeware QuakeWorld 2.1-2.3 proxy is now available. The latest version of Cheapo, like the most recent release of its big (shareware) brother Qizmo, has removed the controversial power-up timers that many consider cheating. The new release also offers cheating/hacking protection of its own, as well as some neat features like the ability to tweak the team colors as they appear on your end to make it easier to distinguish teammates (a nice feature if you are color-impaired, like myself, and before you ask, no I have no problems distinguishing shades of blue smiley3.gif (948 bytes)).

Half-Life Entity List  [6:47 AM EST]
HellBringer has compiled a pretty complete Half-Life Entity List on Wavelength (dedicated to Half-Life editing), providing comments on potential uses. The site contains a spoiler warning, since the list contains screenshots of various weapons, monsters, and entities. Harbinger does however say, ""I will be sticking mostly to shots of entities that have pictures in the Worldcraft .hlp file until a week or two down the road."

MailBag  [6:47 AM EST]
Posting the MailBag late last week may have been a good idea, as the responses this week seem a little livelier than when the mail is posted on the weekend. I like the weekend for it, since the news tends to slow down on the weekends, but I think the benefit of people's willingness to take the time to send out an email increases during the week which is a good thing (I won't tell your boss/teachers if you don't). Anyway, in this week's crop o' correspondence comes a question about ION's credibility, a question about Blue's News credibility, a question about Quake II physics (we've got enough questions for a game show here), a (deserved) plug for the Lithium mod, a (pre-patch) defense of the virtues of Sin, the author of a previous letter recanting, and the recipe for a most intriguing elixir I've ever heard of: Magic Coffee (I wonder if the recipe can be adapted to use Bawls?).

Competitions  [6:47 AM EST]
Paintball Massacre is a an ongoing two-on-two tourney using Paintball 2 by Digital Paint that hopes to convene at least monthly.

etc.  [6:47 AM EST]
An updated version of the Banshee FAQ at Bill's Workshop offers even more help for Banshee owners with specific games, hardware setups, etc. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme ... A special edition of Hardware Group Therapy, looks at the buzz from the newsgroups on the Voodoo3 announcement ... This ZDNN article looks at some of the more frightening implications of the attempts by AOL to acquire Netscape ... There's an in-studio interview with Hoby Buppart, the President (and Spiritual Leader) of Bawls Guarana, the unofficial official soft drink of the Blue Tower, from Washington D.C.'s Tech Radio for download in RealPlayer format from the Tech Radio Archives in either 28.8 quality (2.4 MB) or ISDN quality (4.8 MB) ...

Out of the Blue  [6:47 AM EST]
For Yesterday's Quote: If you said Crocodile Dundee: a half-point, if you said Crocodile Dundee 2: two points. Extra credit for the three who offered the brilliant Simpson's parody in reply "I see that you've played 'Knifey-Spooney' before." For the Image of the Day, BlackWind sends the following: "thought you might be interested to see what the sun should look like in YOUR universe" (the original is from The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, AKA, SOHO).

Monday, November 23, 1998

Descent 3, Requiem Demo Dates  [9:48 PM EST]
Billy at Voodoo Extreme sends word that the playable demo of Cyclone Studios' upcoming Requiem: Avenging Angel should be on GameCenter by Thursday according to what the folks at G.C. told him. Also, something Billy saw on reminded me of word that was sent to me by Desvon, that the Descent 3 playable demo will be available on the CD with comes with the January issue of PC Gamer, to be on newsstands around December 7-10.

Sin Saved Games  [9:48 PM EST]
Don "onethumb" MacAskill updated his .plan with word on something that some have already discovered, that Sin saved games do not translate from version 1.0 to 1.01:

-[ Sin Patch and Saved Games ]-

I'm not sure if it was mentioned anywhere, but I just mentioned it on the Ritual site and am telling everyone now:

We're very sorry, but saved games from v1.00 will not work in the new v1.01 patch. Too many variables and settings had to be changed to get the game up to par to preserve saved games.

ION Article  [9:48 PM EST]
ION Storm Unfulfilled Promise is a GameCenter article that tries to analyze the recent departures from ION.

Daikatana Deal  [7:39 PM EST]
The ION Storm Daily Informant has word on what's up with the Daikatana team after all the recent ION Storm departures. Andrew Welch, who has been working on Daikatana for the past several months, has been promoted to Lead Programmer, and Dustin Nulf and Justin Randall are now also on the Daikatana project.

Sin Codes  [7:39 PM EST]
There's now a variable list posted on Ritualistic that gives all the known commands and variables for the Sin client.

Shogo Tools Update  [7:39 PM EST]
Monolith programmer Jeremy Blackman updated his .plan, the update includes news on the status of the tools to modify Shogo:

The Shogo source code and editing tools will be released on Wednesday, November 25th. :) Cool, huh? Marketing swore me to secrecy on what the contents are, other than that it's everything we promised to include AND a couple extras we hadn't promised before.

Half-Life 3DNow! Fix  [7:39 PM EST]
Ruiner from AMD Zone passes along the following from AMD's Keith Galocy to add 3DNow! support to the video menu options in Half-Life:

Copy the 3dfxglam.dll (from the AMD Quake2 patch files) to the\Half-Life\gldrv directory. Then add the following line to the bottom of drvmap.txt (without quotes) "3dfxglam.dll 3DNow!/Voodoo2 MiniGL". This will add the "3DNow!/Voodoo2 MiniGL" line to the video option menu and add 10-15% performance on AMD-K6-2 systems (based on the 'cheat' timedemo). It's not great but it's a start.

On Half-Life CD Glitches  [7:39 PM EST]
A post on Sharky Extreme gives the reaction from Sierra to problems legitimate Half-Life users are having due to problems with CD key piracy:

We're very aware of the pirated registration key situation. It is a top priority for Valve [Software] and Sierra. [Valve Software's] Gabe Newell will officially address the situation in a statement issued by Sierra within 24 hours.

Sin Launcher  [7:39 PM EST]
SinStart is a program from FearTech Unlimited Productions that serves as a front-end for the registered version of Sin.

Voodoo 3 Preview  [7:39 PM EST]
Sharky Extreme's Voodoo3 preview is up already with a bunch of info gleaned from Comdex.

Sound Showdown  [7:39 PM EST] pits the Sound Blaster Live! vs. the Monster Sound MX300 in the showdown between Creative's high-end soundcard offering, and the upcoming Diamond card based on A3D's new Vortex2 technology, in the first (that I've seen) in what will likely be many such comparisons.

Unreal Update  [7:39 PM EST]
The Unreal Technology page has been updated with word on what's up with UnrealED and the latest on the next version. Thanks Entropy. Here's the lowdown on the progress of version 220:

I'm now down in Raleigh, North Carolina with the rest of the Unreal team. Things are really coming together for the top-secret project we're working on, and Unreal 220 is starting to solidify. We don't have a release date yet, but it could be as early as next week.

The Internet play improvements in 220 are quite noticeable. Steve and I are using a new physics prediction scheme based on motion compensation. This improves the smoothness of other players' movement in deathmatch games, especially in large, open levels like DmDeck16, where lots of players are visible.

Steve has redesigned the moving brush code so that moving brushes now are now handled client-side. Platforms and doors are very smooth now. Finally, I've created a new scheme for managing temporary actors like projectiles, which reduces their bandwidth by about 30%.

Steve and Brandon have also added a lot of other improvements, such as showing ping times, server name, and level name in the player list, showing the name of opponents when you point the crosshair at them in a network game, a beep when chat messages come in, and color coding of messages.

Xtreme Quake II  [7:39 PM EST]
Xtreme Quake II version 1.05 is now available, offering several new features in addition to some bug fixes.

NVIDIA Interview  [7:39 PM EST]
Tweak3D interviews David Kirk talking to the Chief Scientist at NVIDIA Corporation about video cards and what makes 'em cook.

G200 Drivers  [7:39 PM EST]
New Win95/98 Matrox G200 drivers are available, for both the Millennium G200, and the Mystique G200. Thanks eVaSIVE.

FreeSpy  [12:11 PM EST]
Quake FreeSpy is a server browser that's been out for a few weeks (though I don't recall seeing it before) that, as the name implies, is a freeware browser to find Quake games (Quake II support is planned for the future). Thanks Mik D ("now THAT'S a knife.").

Turok 2 Mission Four  [12:11 PM EST]
Acclaim continues its previews of the missions in their upcoming Turok2: Seeds of Evil with a preview of the fourth mission with more screenshots, etc. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

New DirectControl  [12:11 PM EST]
Version 2.0.8 of DirectControl for DirectX is now up on the BGR Software page. Thanks Bogdan.

looniness  [4:34 AM EST]
Issue 14 of loonygames is off and running, with the following schedule for this week's articles, including a feature article that takes a look at what gamers can expect from the planned future convergence of Windows 98 and Windows NT into Windows 2000:

Shogo TCP/IP Bug  [4:34 AM EST]
PlanetShogo has a Q&A posted with Monolith programmer Mike Dussault that mentions a TCP/IP bug in Shogo after installing the Point Release, and also mentions the work on a fix:

Q: It seems that a few people are having problems with their pings soaring up to the 1000s after installing the Point Release. Is there some sort of problem causing this?

A: There is a bug in our TCP/IP code causing the lag, we're working on a fix. :)

[note: Jeremy Blackman has stated that fixing this is their #1 priority over at the forums --Surat]

Half-Life Server Admin FAQ  [4:34 AM EST]
WON has posted a Half-Life Server Admin FAQ. Thanks Redwood's.

BotS Maps  [4:34 AM EST]
Three new maps for Battle of the Sexes, the Quake II mod that brings guns to the war of the sexes, is out on Spinoza's Quake 2 Mods Page. The new maps incorporate some features from the upcoming BotS 3.0 release.

Half-Life Space Orb  [4:34 AM EST]
3dAddiction has a "new and improved" version of a config to use a SpaceOrb 360 with Half-Life.

UNLoaded Unreal Mod  [4:34 AM EST]
Beta 2 of UNLoaded, the Unreal add-on is now available, adding new weapons, levels, and even cars to the game. There is also a file available to fix one of the problems that's appeared since the release. Thanks Beta Bites.

Sin on the TNT  [4:34 AM EST]
Tweak3D has a Sin autoexec.cfg for RIVA TNT users that helps brighten up the game's appearance.

Comdex CPU Wrap-up  [4:34 AM EST]
Sharky Extreme's Comdex98 CPU wrap up takes a look at all the processor offerings from Comdex, basically AMD's upcoming line, including the K6-2 400, the K6-3 400, and the K7 500.

etc.  [4:34 AM EST]
East Coast Scene is devoted to local gaming in the East Coast USA area ... AOL may buy Netscape in $4 billion deal. Thanks Maverick ... A victory in the struggle between the US Attorney General and the US Constitution. Thanks Dark Mage ...

Out of the Blue  [4:34 AM EST]
It was a nice quiet news weekend which allowed for a nice quiet birthday weekend, which was perfect. Had a nice deal with Mama Blue and the BlueClan, and am feeling all warm and fuzzy. Thanks again for all the kind wishes.

Sunday, November 22, 1998

Delta Force Patch  [1:03 PM EST]
NovaLogic has released a Delta Force patch that addresses some multiplayer issues, combats lag, and allows the use of pre-recorded audio for communications. The game can update itself if you hit the "Update" button on the main menu, or there's a list of download sites for the patch on this page. Thanks 357MaG. Because of the multiplayer enhancements, this version is not compatible with the previous versions. Here's a local copy of the Delta Force patch (2.2 MB) on GamesNET FTP.

Sin Patch Updates  [1:03 PM EST]
Sin Project Manager Joe Selinske updated his .plan, talking about what's changed in the Sin version 1.01, mostly stuff in the read me, and then followed with a further update mentioning that problems with the Oil Rig have also been solved. I'll continue to add mirrors to the Sin Patch download page.

Jay Wilson Interview  [1:03 PM EST]
BoMB.NeT interviews Jay Wilson is a short conversation with Shade about Blood 2.

ClanOrg  [1:03 PM EST]
ClanOrg is a program based on the idea behind Clan TULL's Scrim OnDemand that allows you to add a request for a match to a central ClanOrg server where clans from around the world can see it and decide whether or not to accept. ClanOrg also features a clan database, which allows the retrieval of background information on clans.

LMCTF  [1:03 PM EST]
The Loki's Minions Capture the Flag page has an updated version 4.21 of LMCTF that removes the ZBot detection code after many reports of it crashing servers, recommending that servers try the working ZBot plug-in on Zarjazz's site until it is replaced. There are several other fixes and enhancements in place, and updates are available for Win32, Linux, SolarisSparc, and SolarisX86. Also, there's a tutorial on running an LMCTF server at The Rainbow Bridge.

King of the Hill  [1:03 PM EST]
The Orange Smoothie Productions page has version 2.0 of their King of the Hill mod for Quake II. The new release offers four new maps, and enhancements, like a new HUD, the removal of all blasters and BFGs, and now, if a female player wins, she's declared "Queen of the Hill."

Linux LavaCam  [1:03 PM EST]
A Linux version of the LavaCam for Quake 2 is now available, tested on RedHat 5.1. There's a version with and a version without CTF, and while the Linux version does not include ZBot detection (like the Win32 version), it will be added in the future, if possible.

SS2 FAQ  [1:03 PM EST]
The System Shock 2 FAQ has been updated with more news about the upcoming action/RPG sequel, as well as word that the FAQ needs a new maintainer in the future. Anyone interested should contact the Through the Looking Glass webmaster, Dan Todd.

Video Card Wrap-up  [1:03 PM EST]
Sharky Extreme's Comdex98 Wrap-up looks at all the video cards the Sharky posse checked out in Vegas.

etc.  [1:03 PM EST]
The BGR Software page has a newer version of their Matrox Overclocking Utility. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme ... Cinner Designs is described as a new graphic/Site Design page, dedicated to helping out the unfortunate ... Cain's Pipeline 75 Setup Page looks like a serious resource for users of this serious hardware ... PlanetHardware Reviews the Intelogis PassPort Kit a kit to allow that somewhat frightening sounding prospect of a LAN through your home's power outlets ...

Out of the Blue  [1:03 PM EST]
Thanks for all the kind birthday wishes. The freakiest one is definitely the one from that damn doggie (thanks Jason Sewall). Here's the Gamer's Alliance Weekly Comic Strip.

Saturday, November 21, 1998

Sin Patch Released  [9:33 PM EST]
Here's a Blue's News scoop, the version 1.01 patch for Ritual's Sin, making its debut right here on GamesNET FTP. Here's a local copy of the full patch installer (18.6 MB), and the patch split into two 9.3 MB files. A new deathmatch map "paradox" is included in the update. This map is in the scrolling list in the default.cfg (but may not be included in your existing server map list on your present config.cfg). Here's a rundown on some of what the patch addresses straight from the read me:

  1. Long load times are improved.
  2. Long reloads after dying are fixed.
  3. Sound compatibility issues fixed..
  4. Save game from a compact install now works properly.
  5. Multiplayer skin showing up in red is fixed.
  6. Autoplay from the CD splash screen is fixed.
  7. Manumit, the subway mutant now works correctly.
  8. Monster AI has been adjusted.
  9. Area 57 crash bug has been fixed.
  10. An animation issue with Assault Rifle and HV Chain Gun in Multiplayer has been fixed.
  11. Fixed Quantum Destabilizer bug where you could vaporize a character that had an idcard.
  12. Case sensitivity for Missile Silo password entry is fixed.
  13. A few "wait for player" issues which could effect vehicles and some cinematics have been fixed.
  14. A memory leak has been fixed.

Jay Wilson Interview  [9:33 PM EST]
LithTimes' Jay Wilson Interview is up talking to the BloodMeister about Blood 2.

More on the Blood 2 Apology  [9:33 PM EST]
Monolith CEO Jason Hall sends along a clarification about the "debits" section in Blood 2 that spurred an apology from GT Interactive (story), pointing out that Monolith had nothing to do with it:

No one who is employed by Monolith (or has EVER been employed by Monolith) wrote ANY of the text you see in the "Credits" section of Blood 2. I personally had no idea that the text was even in the final game until after Geoff contacted me about it (via e-mail) Heck, I barely had any idea as to who that Geoff person was... I have no idea what the interaction has been between Geoff and GT since then. I'm sure that they are working it out. We have already made a version of Blood 2 that doesn't have that text in there and sent it off to GT - so the original Blood 2 disc may be considered a "collectors item" to some people.

Kingpin Story  [1:05 PM EST]
Kingpin's Use Of The Quake II Engine is a Next-Generation Online article that discusses the use of Q2 technology in Xatrix's upcoming futuristic gangster game. Thanks Dave at Voodoo Unlimited Power. Here's a quote describing the game's advanced locational damage:

The game will feature actual body damage as seen in Rare's Goldeneye. "We have broken up all the characters in the game into 15 discrete pieces, feet, lower and upper legs, pelvis, torso, upper and lower arms, hands and head. The player can target and cause damage to those individual pieces, which makes for some interesting battles. Now you can shoot an enemy in the legs and watch him limp away, and head shots are deadly. We also have a very cool weapon physics and body armor system that will keep the player guessing as to which weapons to use in different situations."

Half-Life Cheat Codes  [1:05 PM EST]
Half-Life Cheat Codes on Gameaholic. Thanks Matthew Rorie.

Half-Life Tips & Tricks, CD Fix  [1:05 PM EST]
World Opponent Network's Half-Life Tips page is up with some thoughts on how to optimize game performance. Thanks Bakshra from, who also passes along word of a fix for the "CD key in use" error message on WON's Half-Life page.

More Half-Life CD Key SNAFUs  [1:05 PM EST]
I've received a couple of reports from unlucky consumers who bought the Half-Life CD only to find the CD key was not printed on the case where it belonged, necessitating a return to the store, so you may want to check that before you leave the store to save a trip. Also, the following comes from VE][Dire Wolf that may help those having problems with their authentication with WON (this information is also in WON's FAQ):

Recently WON had a program on called primaryserver. When downloading primaryserver you receive a registration key. Entering this key stores a number in the Half-Life section of the Windows 95 registry.

I went out and purchased Half-Life today from EB and installed it. I went to play multiplayer right away and was frustrated when the game told me it could not validate my key with the WON authentification server...therefore no multiplayer

So I looked in the registry and noticed it was using the dedicated server CDKey...I deleted it and ran the game prompted me for the CDKey (lower left hand corner written vertically) I entered it and BAM it works.

Half-Life A3D Fix  [1:05 PM EST]
There is a Half Life Aureal A3D Fix on Aureal A3D Central that is supposed to get A3D support working properly in Half-Life. Thanks 3DsoundSurge.

More System Shock 2 Interviews  [1:05 PM EST]
Through the Looking Glass has posted an interview with three more of the members of the development team working on System Shock 2.

Thief In-Store and Demo Dates  [1:05 PM EST]
Also on Through the Looking Glass is a report that Thief: the Dark Project will hit store shelves around December 1, and that a playable demo is expected November 30.

Q2Config  [1:05 PM EST]
Version 1.0.3 of the Q2Config Quake II front-end is available as both a full installer, and as a patch for existing installations.

GibStats Fix  [1:05 PM EST]
A fix for the new GibStats II 2.5 released yesterday (story) is now available. Version 2.5a hopefully solves the problem some had running the update when starting GibStats.

Heretic II Benchmarks  [1:05 PM EST]
Raven's John Scott mentions a Heretic 2 timings page in his .plan with a bunch of benchmarks of heretic II running at different resolutions on different video cards.

RRedline Lives?  [1:05 PM EST]
Björn's 3D World has word that the Rendition RRedline chipset may live on, in spite of recent reports of its cancellation. The story is lengthy and some of the details are sketchy, so if you're interested you should just head over and read it all to try and figure out what's going on with that.

PVRS2 (PVRSG) Article  [1:05 PM EST]
There's an article on PVR-NET that talks of the prospects of the PowerVR PVRS2 chipset in the ever more competitive 3D accelerator marketplace. There is also a review there of Shogo running on a PCX2.

etc.  [1:05 PM EST]
Bot A.I.D. is a new site devoted to AI in bot development ... Entech has a new beta of PowerStip 2.3, the video tweaker's program. Thanks Voodoo Extreme ... There's an updated MotoRacer2 Demo on the PC Release List. Thanks Ant.

Out of the Blue  [1:05 PM EST]
Sorry for the slow start, but it's the old Bluester's birthday today (I had been older than dirt, so now add a year to that), and I'm taking it a bit easy (even by a Saturday's standards). Here's one that startled me, [deicide] points out that someone has a bunch of banner ads at the misspelled URL of (without the first period) looking to get traffic from typos. Wild stuff, eh? I'm knocking out some of those impressions to post that I mentioned yesterday, but I've gotten sidetracked with an even more pertinent project that I may even get posted today amid my birthday sloth.

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