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Friday, November 13, 1998     Friday the 13th -- Exactly 6 months until E3 1999

Prey Designers' Journal  [10:48 PM EST]
GameCenter's Prey Designers' Journal #6 is online, apparently not hot off the presses, as it is written in part by Paul Schuytema, who has been gone from 3D Realms for a while now (I guess ex-designers' journal doesn't have the same flair). Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

LinuxLithTech, LithTech Mailing Lists  [10:48 PM EST]
Monolith programmer Jeremy "Loki" Blackman updated his .plan with the news that a Linux port of the LithTech engine is underway:

I finally got the ok to go ahead with putting together a Linux version of Lithtech and the LT games, beginning first with creating a server. Sometime in the near future, I'll be trying to put together a team to handle the Linux port - stay tuned for more info! I'm also open to porting to Solaris and other UNIX boxen; the port will be as clean as possible so as to work on as many architectures as possible. :)

This follows his earlier update that announces he's off the Blood2 team and back on the LithTech team. One of his current duties is as point of contact for the yet-to-be-released LithTech code for mod authors, for which he's created some mailing lists:

I'm now the point of contact for people wanting to do mods for the Lithtech games (Blood 2 and Shogo). Of course, the source code to neither has been released yet, but Shogo's source and tools are impending pretty soon! If you'd spoken to me before about doing a large mod for Shogo or Blood 2, now might be a good time to re-establish contact. :)

And as a little 'starter' for this, I've created two mailing lists for Lithtech game mod authors! One is for Shogo mods, the other for Blood 2 mods.

To subscribe to either list, send e-mail to:

With 'subscribe ' as the subject (minus the quotes, of course) where is either shogo-mod (for the Shogo mod list) or b2-mod (for the Blood 2 mod list). If you have problems subscribing or generally need help with the mailing list software, contact me at either my normal work address ( or my mailing list address (

Questions about anything in this .plan file? About LT mod authoring? Contact me! :)

Sin, Quake II, and Half-Life Editing Lists  [10:48 PM EST]
Speaking of editing mailing lists, Rust ("The king is gone, but he's not forgotten") has started up three new lists dedicated to editing Quake II, Sin, and Half-Life. Here are the instructions:

To subscribe just send an email to

In the body of the message put either:

Subscribe halflife_editing
subscribe quake2_editing
subscribe sin_editing

Banshee 16 Bit OpenGL  [10:48 PM EST]
3Fingers has been working overtime, and has now sent along a 3Dfx Banshee OpenGL minidriver converted to 16-bit color. As stated in the story earlier about the 3DNow! version, it's unclear whether this actually has a real impact on visual quality, but some swear by it. Here's a local copy of the 16 bit Banshee OpenGL minidriver (169 KB) on GamesNET FTP.

PGL Finals - Thresh Challenge  [10:48 PM EST]
The PGL Quake II one-on-one finals tomorrow will be Thresh versus Immortal, after Thresh survived his loss to Immortal to win the loser's bracket (here's PQ's nifty page with the brackets). Thanks Lawgiver. Speaking of Thresh, Diamond Multimedia sends word of a Thresh challenge at this year's Comdex. Sixteen players who register on Wednesday, November 18 at 3Dfx's booth, #3650, at the Sands Convention Center will play one-on-one deathmatches against Thresh. All death match participants will receive a t-shirt, and the challenger with the highest score wins a MEGAMonster gaming product (2 Monster 3D II boards). Diamond will hold a separate drawing for another 12 additional MEGAMonster rigs for those not taking part in the challenge.

Linux QuakeWorld Master  [10:48 PM EST]
A new version of the Master Browser for Linux is available, which is actually a master server that you can use to allow GameSpy browsing of games on your LAN.

Sin Review  [10:48 PM EST]
AGN3D's Sin Review is online giving Ritual's new release six out of ten stars.

KHG Version 1.1 - Demo Soon  [5:15 PM EST]
MicroProse sends along a version 1.1 patch for Klingon Honor Guard which adds all the engine tweaks and enhancements present in the Unreal 219 beta patch, and should resolve most of the game's remaining compatibility issues. Here's the Klingon Honor Guard 1.1 patch (2.4 MB) on GamesNET FTP. Word is that a one level playable demo of KHG should be available quite soon.

Unreal Navy Seals  [5:15 PM EST]
Billy at Voodoo Extreme got his hands on a press release from Sierra's Yosemite Entertainment confirming the Unreal-engine Navy Seals game:

Yosemite Entertainment announced today that it will use the Unreal engine in upcoming 3D titles, beginning with the recently announced Navy SEALS tactical simulation game based on the exploits of former SEAL Richard Marcinko, author of the Rogue Warrior series of bestselling books. Craig Alexander, General Manager, made the announcement jointly with Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic MegaGames. Terms of the license were not disclosed.

Navy SEALS will be a squad-based 3D tactical simulation, not merely a first-person shooter game as have been many titles using Unreal. Navy SEALS will allow the player to take on the role of team commander, and in so doing have a wide range of realistic combat experiences that a member of the elite fighting group might face in the line of duty. Choosing the team, equipping each member, selecting gear appropriate to each mission, and issuing strategically sound orders all become crucial aspects of gameplay, over and above merely the ability to "point and shoot," Alexander pointed out.

GDC Speakers  [5:15 PM EST]
Some speakers that have been announced at this spring Game Developers' Conference are id Software's Brian Hook (thanks Prophet), Nihilistic's Steve Tietze, and Rogue's Jim Molinets. Here's the agenda for Hook's session:

This session explores the architecture of id software's latest first person shooter, Quake 3: Arena. Among the topics discussed:

Thief Gold  [5:15 PM EST]
Word comes from Eidos that Thief went gold today, and is off to manufacturing for duplication. They also confirm that Tomb Raider 3 is gold as of today as well, which was reported earlier (story). Both titles should be available in stores soon.

Delta Force Review  [5:15 PM EST]
Sharky Extreme's Delta Force Review looks at this combat sim/action game, saying you've never quite played a game like it (and calling that a good thing).

ICQ's Future  [5:15 PM EST]
AOL: ICQ instant-messenger upgrade not a portal killer is an article that outlines some of the future plans for ICQ. Thanks Joe Siegler at 3D Realms.

Dank & Scud Mirror  [4:33 PM EST]
The popularity of Dank & Scud combined with even beefier graphics have left the original Adventures of Dank and Scud site fairly hosed (to use a technical Internet term) with the new issue's release (story), but there is a mirror on PC Gamer Online to help share the load.

Sin Demo Correction  [4:33 PM EST]
In this story about the Sin benchmark demo I originally wrote timerefresh where I meant timedemo. The story has been corrected now, but if you had a problem, that's the deal.

New SoundBlaster Drivers  [4:33 PM EST]
The Creative Labs FTP site has new full duplex Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE drivers for Windows 95/98.

CL Banshee Drivers  [4:33 PM EST]
The Creative Labs FTP site also has new Windows NT 4.0 drivers for the 3D Blaster Banshee as well as a new OpenGL minidriver for the Banshee running under Windows NT or Windows 95/98 for Quake, Quake II and Hexen II. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

3DNow! 3Dfx Minidriver  [1:57 PM EST]
3Fingers sends along a 3DNow! optimized version of the 3Dfx OpenGL minidriver which has been converted to 16-bit color. Whether this actually has a real impact on visual quality has been the subject of a debate, but at least this will give AMD K6-2 owners a chance to judge the issue for themselves. Here's a local copy of the 16 bit 3DNow! 3Dfx OpenGL minidriver (169 KB) on GamesNET FTP.

Sin Benchmark Demo  [1:57 PM EST]
Randy Perry recorded a demo to offer a standard to benchmark registered Sin performance in a stressed environment, taking on a bunch of grunts in a bit of small-match Behind Zee Bookcase. Here's (95 KB) which you can place in your /sin/base/demos directory, then benchmark just like Quake II (from the console type "timedemo 1" then "map demo4.dm2" - don't forget to set timedemo back to "0" before you play). This also has a bit of entertainment value: watching the sped up demo with the normal speed sounds and music is pretty damn funny. Hey Randy -- Don't jump on the couch!

New RAGE PRO OpenGL ICD  [12:03 PM EST]
The ATI Beta Driver Release page has a new OpenGL installable client driver for ATI RAGE PRO accelerators. The ICD is part of a full beta set of Windows 95/98 drivers that also includes 3DNow! support and DirectX 6 optimizations. Thanks Lass.

Shogo Interview  [12:03 PM EST]
PlanetShogo interviews Craig Hubbard, Nathan Hendrickson and Wes Saulsberry talking to the three level designers from Shogo: Mobile armor division about their work on the game.

PGL Year Two  [12:03 PM EST]
In the midst of the PGL finals, the AMD Pro Gamers League has announced their plans for the upcoming year, including details on the Spring '99 season which kicks off their two season a year format. In the Spring '99 season, StarCraft will again be featured, this time in the new "Strategy Teamplay" category, which will involve two player teams. Quake II will again be featured in the "Action 1-on-1" category, and a third game/game category will be announced shortly. Registration for the two announced categories is open now at the PGL website. On the subject of the PGL, as mentioned yesterday, they were featured on Good Morning America this morning. I'm told watching the hosts shooting the walls and stuff as they practiced their mad keyboard skillz. Here's the schedule for the Spring '99 PGL season:

Shogo Review  [12:03 PM EST]
Games.Net Reviews Shogo: Mobile Armor Division in an interesting group review format.

More on the New RA2  [12:03 PM EST]
In response to the response to the announcement of tomorrow evening's release of the new Rocket Arena 2 (story), crt passes along a bit more info on the new version to clarify a few questions:

1. Yes, this version will have ZBot Protection!

2. There was a last-minute NEW map! That means there are now 17 maps and 99 TOTAL ARENAS! The upgrade to the new version will be about 14MB zipped

3. RA2 Server ops who would like to get the new version a few hours, early e-mail me with your server name and server type, and I'll send you the details.

4. Web/FTP/Server admins interested in mirroring the files for the, release e-mail me and I'll get you the info as well.

That's all for now! I hope to see everyone tomorrow at 7:00PM PST on #arena.

Transmeta Follow-up  [12:03 PM EST]
I mentioned Transmeta's secret chip project when announcing Dave Taylor was going to be working there. As a follow-up, this CNET/ article reveals some new details on the microprocessor that Linux author Linus Torvalds' is working on for this start-up company (in part funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen), now that parts of it have been patented. Thanks Iman L. Crawford. Though the project doesn't use alien technology as some had joked, it will be able to "deftly handle Intel computer code," so this is a project to keep an eye on.

New Dank & Scud  [4:14 AM EST]
Episode six of The New Adventures of Dank and Scud is finally on-line. As the redesigned homepage explains, the new D&S was delayed to incorporate them into a new game universe, but it turns out not to be Quake II that the dynamic duo are invading, but rather Half-Life. This issue is another terrific job, and I want to recommend that if you haven't read the previous issues of this Quake (and now H-L) comic, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. And if you have done so already, you may want to re-read the older ones, as the are chock full of references you may not catch the first time around.

Descent 3 & Half-Life BeatDown  [4:14 AM EST]
The Thanksgiving edition of Bastard's BeatDown (November 20-22 in Costa Mesa, California) will offer a hands-on sneak preview of Interplay's upcoming Descent 3, as well as "the first ever Half-Life tournament," in addition to the usual QuakeWorld & Quake II competitions, junk food, etc.

Tomb Raider 3 Gold  [4:14 AM EST]
Tomb Raider 3 Goes Gold announces Next-Generation Online. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Sin Review  [4:14 AM EST]
The Adrenaline Vault Reviews Sin with many nice things to say about the game, but also focusing a lot on its attention on vexing bugs:

At some point our industry is going to have to face the hard reality that the "release now, patch later" philosophy is self-defeating. SiN's initial release is virtually unplayable, with numerous gameplay and technical bugs that most players won't have the patience for.

Zaero Reviews  [4:14 AM EST]
PlanetQuake Reviews Zaero, the new Quake II add-on from Team Evolve, rating it 8/10. Also there's a German-language review of Zaero on MagixX.

Requiem Preview  [4:14 AM EST]
There's a Requiem Preview featuring new screenshots up on GameSpot UK.  Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

LM-CTF  [4:14 AM EST]
Version 4.2 of Loki's Minions Capture the Flag is out as a server-only upgrade for Win95/NT, Linux, SolariSparc, and SolarisX86. The new release of this Quake II CTF mod offers new options for low-lag hyperblaster/blaster, new optimized HUD calculations, Lithium's variable use_zbot detection module, reduced power armor neutralization, as well as more new features and a bunch of bug-fixes.

Quake II BattleGround  [4:14 AM EST]
Version 1.30 of Quake II Battleground is out of beta and available for download. This Quake II competition mod offers a bunch of features to make it easier to conduct organized competitive matches, including a ghost code provided to each player that allows them to reconnect to the proper team and restore their score should they become disconnected during the match. The new release offers "individual mode" for FFA-style matches, an "autocam" to follow the action, optional server auto-pausing when a team disconnects (useful for 1-on-1's), improved bot detection, bugfixes, and the proverbial more. Thanks X-racer.

Weapons of Fury  [4:14 AM EST]
Weapons of Fury is a new Quake II mod with a simple twist. Players start with the Railgun and infinite ammo. After killing an opponent with the rail, you change to the hyperblaster, then the rocket launcher and so on. If you get all the way to the shotgun you get a BFG, with the first player to get a BFG kill winning. If you get killed, you restart the process with the Railgun.

PainKeep Pack  [4:14 AM EST]
The German Quake site MagixX continues to keep the pain of PainKeep alive with their fifth map pack of maps converted for use with this classic Quake modification.

Quake Front-End  [4:14 AM EST]
The Q-Start & Q2Start page has version 2.00 of the Q-Start front-end for Quake offering the ability to choose a map to play on from a pull-down menu (automagically created by Q-Start).

For Developers - Universal Save  [4:14 AM EST]
This Press Release announced a project called "Universal Save" from Game Logic which allows game developers to use non-proprietary technology for the storage and manipulation of game data (save games).   SDK is now available for download.

Competition - PGL Update  [4:14 AM EST]
In an early high-profile match (the cover story on The Gate - thanks Deadmeat) from the PGL finals, Immortal beat Thresh 10-1. An account (with demos) of the match is here, which describes the match as closer than the score would indicate. Thanks HiOnBananz.

etc.  [4:14 AM EST]
ReV Central has posted a ShockWave game called Quake II Frag'N'Match ... The new PlanetQuake Dear Mynx is up featuring the usual assortment of Sex Ed for geeks, along with Mynx herself in the embarrassment spotlight for flashing the gardeners ... Man! The Blue's News t-shirt poll being run by Sean Malone had 345 of 380 respondents saying they were interested (okay, I'll push it up on the todo list) ...

Out of the Blue  [4:14 AM EST]
Thanks John "Dirty Harry" Callaham for pointing out that E3 is just six months off (May 13, 1999). Quote game scoring for yesterday: Casablanca and Thick as a Brick (like many who wrote in on the Tull album, I had to bust it out for a listen after the reference yesterday). Call them a point and a half each, and a point bonus for getting both (give yourself an extra point on the Tull if you're under 30). Oh yeah, the reference to ultra-violence was just a reference to, well, ultra-violence.  ;)   Pimpage of the week: I keep meaning to do a once a week plea for Votes in the Websites Top 100. Help out a hard working webmaster with a little free ego food?

Thursday, November 12, 1998           Carmack at the FRAG2 (Part 2) on Shooters

Kingpin Preview  [5:13 PM EST]
There is a preview of Kingpin on PC.IGN.COM that looks at this upcoming Quake II-engine game from Xatrix Entertainment that puts you in a futuristic gangster scenario where you struggle to become a top crimelord. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme. Speaking of Xatrix, I got word from Alex "Aldawg" Mayberry that he's resigned as lead level designer at Xatrix:

After nearly three years with Xatrix Entertainment, I've decided to resign as Lead Level Designer. The reasons behind my departure are personal, and should in no way reflect negatively upon Xatrix or any of its team members. My work there was very rewarding, and I leave some great friends behind, but it's time for me to move on. I wish everyone at Xatrix the best of luck, and I'm confident that KINGPIN will be a huge success. If anyone needs to contact me, I can be reached at

Anachronox Feature  [5:13 PM EST]
There is an Anachronox feature on MeccaWorld offering information on ION Storm's upcoming Quake II-engine RPG based primarily on a recent appearance by Tom Hall on the Daily Dementia (currently on hiatus).

Scrim OnDemand  [5:13 PM EST]
Scrim OnDemand is an innovative new program from Clan TULL ("Really don't mind if you sit this one out...") that allows clans to quickly and easily find other clans interested in a little of the old ultra-violence. You can submit "scrims" as open challenges, or accept one that's been posted by another clan.

Digital Anvil  [5:13 PM EST]
Microsoft has launched its Digital Anvil site offering a home for some upcoming games they are developing all due in the summer of next year, including Loose Cannon a mercenaries in combat cars (as well as foot) game that tries to outdo Interstate'76, at least forty years worth, by setting the action in the year 2016.

More on the PGL  [2:53 PM EST]
Word from the PGL is that Good Morning America will air a piece on the PGL and some of its top players tomorrow morning. Also, KMEL-FM (San Francisco Bay Area) will broadcast live from the PGL event during the championship matches on Saturday. Here's the page with PlanetQuake's coverage of the event. Finally, there's also an article on a couple of the competitors in today's Globe and Mail (thanks Keith Soltys) called Digital warriors shoot for the top.

L-Fire CTF  [2:53 PM EST]
Version 1.01 of L-Fire CTF is now available, primarily addressing a bug that could cause Linux servers to crash, and adding a Solaris port to the package. L-Fire CTF is a Quake II CTF mod that adds a bunch of features to the traditional game, including Rocket Arena overtime, Sudden Death overtime, Bot detection, Level start countdown, Reduced hyperblaster lag, Powerup banning, Capture blowout limit (mercy rule), Team colored quad glow, Enhanced HUD with optional time remaining display and flag carrier names, Anti-spam, Anti-team change flooding, Anti-name change flooding, Weapons banning, Team balancing, Anti-camper respawn protection, Quick weapon switching and more.

Webdog  [2:53 PM EST]
Version 0.51 of Webdog the gaming website watchdog program is now available, offering bug-fixes and alternate sources to download the program's datafiles so that you can always get them from somewhere. The patch will update Webdog only, there is no patch to update its predecessor QBS2.

KillCreek Interview  [2:53 PM EST]
Stevie "KillCreek" Case is interviewed on Pels Interactive in their nifty finish the sentence format.

PGL Finals  [10:29 AM EST]
Today kicks off the PGL finals tournament in San Francisco which will run through Saturday. The All Games Network (featuring the work of none other than loonyboi) should be offering complete coverage of the event, as the following press release attests (though calling themselves "The only pro sports league for computer game enthusiasts" doesn't seem accurate in light of the existence of the CPL):

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- With the richest computer gaming competition in history set to begin here today, the top 32 players in North America are enjoying all-expenses paid trips to San Francisco, courtesy of the AMD(R) Professional Gamers' League(TM) (PGL(TM)). $70,000 in cash and nearly $50,000 in prizes will be divided among the finalists in the Diamond Multimedia Championships of the AMD PGL, being held at Club-i today through Saturday, November 14. The only pro sports league for computer game enthusiasts, the PGL is also celebrating its one-year anniversary, and will be giving out PGL trading cards and other merchandise to fans who attend the event. Interested fans can also follow the action via live Webcast, being provided by Pseudo Networks' All Games Network.

"I'm proud to be the first overseas player to make the finals," said Iain "TillerMan" Girdwood, 23, of London, England. "The competition was rabid throughout the regular season, so I'm expecting the other finalists to be truly superior players. We're just starting to see high-stakes gaming events here in the United Kingdom, so I feel like my role is part pioneer, part ambassador to the American gaming community. I just hope to make a good go of it for Queen and country!"

The champions in the PGL "singles" (1-on-1) categories (featuring Quake(R) II and Starcraft(TM)) will each receive $8,500 in cash and more than $4,500 in prizes, including a fully-loaded 350mhz CyberMax PC featuring the new AMD-K6(R)-2 processor with 3DNow!(TM) Technology. In the Action Teamplay (4-on-4 Quake) competition, the winning Quake clan will receive $14,000 in cash, with an additional $16,000 being shared among the three other participating teams.

Rob The Strogg  [10:29 AM EST]
The Twisted Matrix page has the first beta release of Rob the Strogg, a Quake II modification that requires that players collect gems to pay a ship to get you off the planet ("No matter how clever he is, he still needs an exit visa ... or should I say two?"). This mod offers single-player play and deathmatch featuring a three team mode. The mod offers new graphics, four maps, new models, weapons, radio communications system, the whole shebang, as they say (and you know who they are).

White House Rampage  [10:29 AM EST]
As I mentioned in the etc. section earlier, Late Show with David Letterman last night featured a sketch with a first person shooter (or clanger rather than shooter as the weapon is a frying pan) called White House Rampage featuring a box with the id logo. Here's a link to the clip in Real format on the CBS Late Show with David Letterman page sent along by Dr. Bunsen of The Muppet Clan, who points out that the link will probably only be active for today.

Shooters  [7:32 AM EST]
Tonight's Shooters will feature part two of the John Carmack talk on Quake III Arena from the FRAG2. The show will go online at 7:00 PM Eastern time, RealPlayer, or equivalent, required.

Requiem Demo Today?  [7:32 AM EST]
Hell on Earth has posted a bit on the status of the imminent playable demo for Requiem: Avenging Angel, Cyclone Studios' upcoming first-person shooter. Here's the poop from Cyclone's Phil Co (tonight refers to last night, so a demo is certainly possible today):

The Demo is a Boss Level - a fight between Malachi and Lilith in a one-room arena. You'll be able to see Malachi, Lilith (one of the leaders of the Fallen), Demon Rats, and Zaebos. You'll be able to use Pentecost, Brimstone, and Lightning. And you can use the Assault "Azazel" Rifle and the Grenade "Beelzebomb" Launcher. The demo is done, but there're a couple of Installation Bugs that have been a pain for Ron Little for the past couple of days. We're hoping to get out tonight.

Shogo MP Patch, MP Demo  [7:32 AM EST]
Jason Hall's .plan file has word on the Shogo multiplayer point release, due on the 15th. Here's the update which also mentions a planned version of the Shogo demo that includes multiplayer:

4 more days until the Shogo Multiplayer Point Release!!

I saw them testing it today with the NEW deathmatch god...the FUN!

Man, they have added a TON of new options to the server!

The client-side Weapon stuff is awesome...

You gotta get this patch!

Guess what?...


I'll keep you posted...Whoo hoo!

Seed Shots  [7:32 AM EST]
Billy at Voodoo Extreme has posted some new screenshots of Seed, an upcoming shooter from Human Soft.

Gary Tarolli Interview  [7:32 AM EST]
Sharky Extreme interviews Gary Tarolli talking to 3Dfx's CTO about 3Dfx's plans for the future, including some probing about the big announcement 3Dfx is rumored to be saving up for Comdex next week.

Heretic II Chat  [7:32 AM EST]
The Adrenaline Vault's Heretic II Development Team Chat is scheduled for next Wednesday November 18 at 8:00 PM Eastern in in #chatroom. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

Sin Review  [7:32 AM EST]
Next Generation Online's Sin Review asks "With two weeks until Half-Life, can SiN make this holiday game season a two horse race?" The review calls Sin an excellent game, but discusses the game's many aggravating bugs saying "it seems to have never gone through any QA" speculating that the game was rushed to beat Half-Life to market. Thanks Wario64.

Rocket Arena 2 Release Party  [7:32 AM EST]
What will be only the second official Rocket Arena 2 release is scheduled as part of a release party this Saturday November 14 at 10:00 PM Eastern (7:00 Pacific) in 3DNet IRC in the channel #arena. The new release will be available as soon as the party kicks off, so the IRC is something to do while downloading, not while waiting for a release, so you'll be spared messages like "DemonGodZ has changed his name to CMONALREADY." The new version will offer eight new maps for a total of 48 new arenas, which will more than double the number of arenas available in RA2, and adds all the enhancements that have been running on the beta server like off-center countdowns, players remaining on the HUD, and other helpful new details.

Gamer's Keyboard Guide  [7:32 AM EST]
Can your keyboard make a difference? The FiringSquad Keyboard Guide is up on Thresh's new site offering insights into the piece of hardware on your system you are most likely to take for granted.

MadCatz Drivers  [7:32 AM EST]
The Mad Catz page has updated version 4.11 Mad Catz Panther XL drivers for download that fix many issues with PCI sound cards.

Competitions  [7:32 AM EST]
Challenge-au has word on an international New Zealand versus Australia challenge coming up Sunday November 29 where several clans will be flown to Sydney to compete on a LAN. The competition will be four-on-four and one-on-one action in classic Quake. DirtyLikaRat's Wicked Harpoon Classic is a one-on-one Rocket Arena tourney.

Worldcraft 2.0  [7:32 AM EST]
There's a screenshot of the upcoming Worldcraft 2.0 on The Dark Portal Map Database. Thanks Twisted Half-Life.

etc.  [7:32 AM EST]
Are you wacky enough to want a .plan file, but not wacky enough to have someone offer you one of your own? Wplan has free web based pseudo.plan files for all ... A few readers dropped emails to mention that on Late Show with David Letterman last night there was a sketch that involved a first-person computer game that involved Hillary versus Bill Clinton (with a frying pan) called White House Rampage. The mocked-up box art apparently featured the id Software logo ... Perhaps I should take this as a sign of a the people's mandate, but a poll asking if you are interested in Blue's News t-shirts is online, as an independent project, completely unaffiliated with this site ... OpenQuake looks like it's back online ...

Out of the Blue  [7:32 AM EST]
If you have noticed a (dramatic) slowdown in accessing this site over the last few weeks, you are not imagining things (though this is only occuring for some). It's not a problem with GamesNET's copious bandwidth (there isn't enough pr0n in the world to overwhelm that pipe), nor is it the Blue's News server (which was recently upgraded to the coveted HAL 9000 in anticipation of the coming millenium), but rather a problem with the connectivity between our host, Exodus.Net and something like a third of the Internet. This is being addressed, and Blue's News' access to its former StupidFast(TM) status should return for all within the next couple of weeks. Your patience with what I understand can be intolerably long load times is appreciated. If you are wondering what this is all about, it is likely you are unaffected by this problem. An update to Ridah's .plan says I'm in User Friendly but obviously that guy isn't me (he's typing with more than two fingers). A correction to yesterday's Out of the Blue mention of the world's fastest computer comes from my friends at IBM who send this article as proof, but since this one also has "blue" in the name, it's all good. It's Girl Scout cookie season again, and I don't care what John Cash says, the thin mints are still the best (I ate a whole box last night as research for this blurb).

Wednesday, November 11, 1998           Veterans Day (US), Remembrance Day (Canada)

New SinView  [9:55 PM EST]
Trey Harrison updated his .plan with word that he's uploaded an updated version of SinView to Trey's Fantastic Home Page. SinView is a pak viewer that allows you to view and extract the graphics in the Sin pak files, now updated to work on the registered game. Here's a local copy (107 KB) on GamesNET FTP.

Total3D 128V Drivers  [4:53 PM EST]
The Total3D 128V Software Updates page has new drivers for Canopus' RIVA 128-based accelerator. The new drivers offer support for Windows 98 and 3DNow!. Thanks 3DFiles.Com.

Unreal Update Details  [4:53 PM EST]
Epic's T. Elliot "Myscha the sled dog" Cannon updated his .plan with a clarification of his previous update (story) where he mentions an upcoming free Unreal project that some news pages confused with Unreal Tournament, but is actually describing improvements in the upcoming version 220, which will address weapon "feel" among other things. Here's the deal:

Mark Rein ask me to take a moment and clarify a note I put in my previous update regarding our "upcoming merge" and the concept of "free" :)

Here's the detailed explanation:

Tim Sweeney, as you all know has been spending months working hard as hell to improve Unreal's networking architecture in an attempt to increase internet perfromance for all users of varying bandwidth. This to date, has included many "BETA" style patches where gamers can test for themselves and send their feedback to Tim, who can then address more specific issues coming from the horses mouthes (the gamers)

His last multiplayer BETA patch has shown tremendous improvement and I feel it's smoothe as silk. He is finalizing this now for an upcoming OFFICIAL patch-to be caled Version 220-whereas the out of the box version was 200.

We will be testing this in deathmatch and Cooperative in the next week in an effort to finally fix and improve and stamp with a MegaSeal of coolness.

This upcoming "merge" is also to include many enhancements and improvements that were originally slated to be included in next year's Unreal Tournament Product, but the team felt that portions of this content should be released along with and integrated with the upcoming 220 version as a reward for;

1. Gamers being patient while Tim improved the networking architecture and code for the long haul

2. Response to many criticisms regarding weapon "power" and "feel"

etc. etc. I will not and cannot reveal EXACTLY what additional Goodies are to be included with Version 220-but I know that the consensus here in Raleigh has been give out as much "cool whip ass enhancements for free" as possible. Mostly geared towards giving folks a brand new bloody way to get online and start maiming each other.

I can tell you that unreal deathmatch feels VERY STRONG now. If you grab Tim's upcoming 220 patch, my understanding is that you'll get tons of improvements and an evil lurid smile should creep across your face as you realize the degree of destruction you can attain.

Unreal Tournament-is a completely different product that using hardly ANY existing content whatsoever. It's completely different. Don't ask me about it-I'm not in charge or at liberty to discuss that. :)

So, for a gamer-look out for Tim's final 220 merged Official Patch to be released-which will include lots of free content previously not intended for release.

Hopefully that will help clarify what I was talking about this past Monday.

TR III Demo Hack  [3:47 PM EST]
The Croft Times has a patch to allow access to the entire India level when playing the Tomb Raider III Demo. Thanks AGN3D.

Creative Introduces EAX 2.0  [2:34 PM EST]
Creative Labs has announced Environmental Audio Extensions 2.0, the next-generation of their 3D sound API. Thanks Prophet. Here's the poop on EAX 2.0 (which, according to previous announcements, should be available as an upgrade for current SBLive! cards):

SINGAPORE - November 11, 1998 - Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF) the world's leading provider of multimedia products for the PC, today introduced EAX 2.0, a new version of its Environmental Audio Extensions (EAX) application programmer's interface (API) for game developers. EAX 2.0 allows developers to add new dimensions of realism through Microsoft® DirectSound property sets. The new tools in EAX 2.0 build on Creative's Environmental Audio Extensions 1.0 - an API that is being used by top developers to add environmental effects to 3D games. With EAX 2.0, developers can add new features such as occlusion and obstruction for a new degree of realism that can be experienced with games supporting DirectSound 3D and Creative's Environmental Audio Extensions.

Environmental Audio goes beyond 3D positional audio - sounds will appear to come from all corners of a room or space adding reverb, echo, and other effects consistent with the room acoustics, position of the player, source of the sound, and many other cues. The additional features in EAX 2.0 include occlusion and obstruction, making audio sources sound as if they are coming from another room or are in the same room being heard from behind an object. For example, with occlusion, the villain in a game can be heard in an adjacent room, or approaching from around a corner. Occlusion and obstruction in EAX 2.0 allows developers to add filters that muffle the sound according to the type of object that is in the way.

More Heavy Gear II Demo Info  [1:49 PM EST]
Here's a follow-up on the bit mentioned earlier (story) about re-configuring your keys and screen resolution in the Heavy Gear II demo: There's a page up on the Activision site for HG2 demo support that offers loads of information on those and similar topics.

Nocturne Interview, Shots  [1:31 PM EST]
Sharky Extreme has posted an interview with Mark Randel, President of Terminal Reality, talking about their upcoming Nocturne, since Mark is also lead programmer on this dark looking 3D adventure game. The piece also offers a bunch of new Nocturne screenshots.

MX300 Review  [1:31 PM EST]
AGN3D reviews the Diamond MX300, a new Vortex 2-based sound card offering, taking up the cause of the interview mentioned in the next story by comparing the card and the A3D 2.0 specification to Creative's new EAX-based Live! line.

Aureal Interview  [1:07 PM EST]
3DNews.Net's interview with Aureal's Skip McIlvaine talks about the competition between A3D 2.0 and Creative's new EAX environmental audio extensions to become common new standards.

Edited Romero Chat Log  [1:07 PM EST]
Gamer's Alliance has posted an edited log of last night's chat with John Romero to accompany the unedited ones (story) already online.

Shogo in Newsweek  [1:07 PM EST]
There's a blurb about Shogo: Mobile Armor Division in Newsweek of all places, Monolith's new action game having drawn the focus of Newsweek's CyberScope. Thanks Tungsten from Captured.

PowerStrip  [1:07 PM EST]
The Entech Taiwan site has a new beta of their PowerStrip utility (offers complete control over your video display) that fixes a problem with the Intel740 refresh rate control. Thanks BetaNews.

Beta NT Permedia2 Drivers  [1:07 PM EST]
The Permedia Driver Download Page has new (as of a couple of days ago) Windows NT 4.0 drivers for the Permedia2. Thanks BetaNews and wEDGE.

NVIDIA Joins PGL  [1:07 PM EST]
The AMD Professional Gamers' League has announced that graphics chipset manufacturer NVIDIA is now a sponsor, and will be providing graphics accelerators (as well as cash) to the league for future events.

Beyond MMX  [1:07 PM EST]
There's a techie article called Beyond MMX up on Adrian's Rojak Pot that discusses the principles behind MMX as well as current and future alternatives.

ION Engine  [1:07 PM EST]
Nah, just a head-fake article, as this CNN piece called Deep Space 1 soars that describes the new Ion engine, but it's Ion propulsion, not ION Storm that's at work here. Thanks Skyman.

New ICQ Alpha  [1:07 PM EST]
ZDNet Software Library has the version .99a alpha of ICQ that was recently leaked. The only word on Mirabilis' site says it's still a private download (thanks Joe Siegler at 3D Realms), but if this is a leaked copy, I guess it's ZDNet's problem at this point. Remember, though, it is an alpha..

Romero Log  [4:00 AM EST]
A raw log of last night's Gamer's Alliance Chat with John Romero is up on StormTroopers, and there's also a summary up on sCary's Shack.

Charlie Wiederhold Interview  [4:00 AM EST]
There's a Charlie Wiederhold Interview on DukeWorld.Com talking to 3D Realms' new Duke Nukem Forever level designer about the events that lead him to be working on the sequel to his all-time favorite game, how he got his history in gaming and more, in a good-sized (and well done) interview.

sCary Part Two  [4:00 AM EST]
Part two of Action Xtreme's interview with Steve "sCary" Gibson is now online. sCary and Charlie (above) are former roommates. Coincidence? Well, yeah, probably.

Eraser Bot Shell  [4:00 AM EST]
Version 3.2a of the Eraser Bot Shell is up on PlanetEBS, offering an "easy-to-use" demo starter, a "Skin Doctor" (Dermatologist?), a Log Analyzer among the new features, and overall the Quake II Eraser bot front-end is more stable, with fewer bugs.

Heavy Gear II Demo Workarounds  [4:00 AM EST]
I meant to post this yesterday when Hearth sent it along. To change the key configuration in the Heavy Gear II demo, edit the file called MOUSE_N_KEYBOARD.DEF with a text editor to use the keys you want. You can also change the resolution and some other options (distance you see, etc.) in a file called HG2.CFG. More light is shed on this by rrRYAN, who's been rrR'ing t F'ing M, and points out the file CONTROL CONFIGS.TXT has more information on how to change your settings.

New GameSpy  [1:19 AM EST]
Version 2.05 of GameSpy 3D has been released for both registered and un-registered users. In addition to the updated GameSpy, version 1.0 of GameLaunch 3D, the game front-end dealie, is available as well. The new release fixes Sin support (I'll stop crabbing about that now, thank you) and offers Shogo, Heretic II, and Blood 2 support now, in addition to its previously supported catalog of games: Quake, QuakeWorld, Unreal, Hexen II, and Quake II. There's also a new time-saving feature for registered users called Smart Spy that allows you to enter filter criteria, and only ping the servers that pass, rather than pinging everything and then applying the filters. Here's a local copy (1.4 MB) on GamesNET FTP.

ParseIt  [1:19 AM EST]
Version 1.4 of ParseIt, "the stat program," is out, offering a couple of new command line options and versions for Windows/Linux/Solaris of this program that can parse stats from deathmatch logs from Quake, Quake II, and Sin.

ServerConfigMOD  [1:19 AM EST]
Version 2.6 of ServerConfigMOD is out adding off-hand grapple support to the many configurable features of this server-only Quake II mod.

Competition  [1:19 AM EST]
Shrubfest '98 is a Quake II CTF tourney being held by the Knights of Ni (who are playing their own pop culture game). The details are squirreled away on the site somewhere, and as far as I know it's bring your own Holy Hand Grenades.

etc.  [1:19 AM EST]
As was hashed out here some time back, I don't tend to link to demo reviews, feeling they betray the concept of the demo, but I recently got word of a site that  gets a plug just for the name: Pingala's Pointlessly Pedantic Demo Reviews. That having been said, the guys at 3DGaming.Net also review the living daylight out of just about every demo that ever gets released, so if you want demo reviews, there are a couple of places to find them ... An HTML virus is something you expect to read about on, but according to a TechWeb article titled HTML Virus Harmless -- So Far, Internet Explorer users are at risk of infection by what they term as a "harmless virus." Thanks Joe Siegler at Apogee/3D Realms ... Mod Installer Service Info Page is a site offering to make InstallShield installers for mod authors ... 3DGN The Pimping Hour p1mps Captain Immy ... SteQve In Defense of the No Frills Label ... The Oracle on the Gathering of Developers site offers a font of wisdom (however much a font is) from g.o.d.'s minions in the gaming industry answering questions posed by seekers of knowledge ...

Out of the Blue  [1:19 AM EST]
Well, we have a winner in the find the Blue's News Easter Egg in Sin mini-contest, as Shadow sent along this screenshot to prove he'd found it (yes the screen is actually accidentally reversed, which I'm told will be fixed when the patch is issued, making this the first Easter egg I can recall hearing of having a bug-fix). Huge thanks to the Levelord for going to the trouble to do that. Yesterday's first ever visual entry in the pop-culture game was indeed A Clockwork Orange (again), if you got that award yourself two points (one point with a 2X multiplier for novelty). Seems a lot of badass supercomputers have blue in the name. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Thanks James.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Half-Life Press Release, Screenshots  [10:11 PM EST]
Greg Coomer from Valve sent along the Half-Life multiplayer screenshots they issued at their press event the other day, so I posted them on this page if you want to check them out (I don't think I've seen a few of these posted anywhere yet). Included are a few shots showing off the multiplayer menus and their ease-of-use. Also, Sierra sent along the official press release announcing the game is gold (story), so for the record here's that:

Bellevue, WA (November 10, 1998) - Sierra Studios announced today that Half-Life, one of the most anticipated games for the holiday season, has gone gold and will be in stores before Thanksgiving weekend. Developed by Valve Software, this first-person 3D action shooter has been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of months since the release of the 250mg OEM demo.

The game has already won plenty of praise, including "Best PC Game" and "Best Action Game" at this year's Electronic Entertainment Exposition from Unified Gamer's Online, Best of E3 Show Awards. The same group, represented by 30 different gaming Web sites, recently announced the UGO Holiday Games "Best Buy" Awards, where Half-Life scooped up awards in the Best Action category and Best PC game category.

"The buzz has been so fantastic from the press, the sales team, the retailers and the consumers that we are proud to say we are off to market," said Jim Veevaert, director of marketing for Sierra Studios.

Unreal Road Map  [8:24 PM EST]
Tim Sweeney made a big post to his Unreal Technology page. The update from Epic's lead programmer (who I see on Voodoo Extreme is the subject of a very short Q&A on Total Unreal) gives the "Unreal roadmap" through the end of the year and beyond. Here's a portion, with the full update describing a remaining internet bug, what can be done with Unreal .dll's, and remote administration:

The latest PlanetUnreal survey shows a significant gain in gamers' satisfaction with the latest 219 patch, compared to the previous ones. We're now hammering on version 220, which includes significant new Internet play improvements, plus some core game improvements that the rest of the team has been working on. 220 won't be out this week, but should be ready soon after.

The Roadmap

In the remainder of 1998, we will be releasing:

We also have some cool things in the works for 1999. Since Unreal first shipped, I've been working on Internet improvements and bug fixes, while the rest of the team has been working on a top-secret project we are referring to as "Unreal Tournament". There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about what this project will be. Some of the rumors are completely incorrect. For example, we are not using any alien technology recovered from crashed spaceships on Tournament. (We're saving that for our next project).

I'm also working on the new, enhanced UnrealEd, with lots of new features, improved stability, a plug-in interface, and other goodies. We don't have a date for this, but I'm expecting a public beta around new years, with final release early in 1999.

At some point, we'll be publically releasing Unreal's C++ interface so the community can start on .dll plug-ins for Unreal and UnrealEd. This will happen no later than the new UnrealEd public beta. It might be possible to release it sooner, however there are changes in the works which won't be binary compatible, so user-created .dll's would break and need to be recompiled.

Deadlode 2 Server Pack  [8:24 PM EST]
The Coven Website has a server pack for their just-released Deadlode 2 mod. The server pack includes the .dll and other files required to run a public server with the beta. They are soliciting feedback and offering server support at, and there is also a Deadlode Bulletin Board online.

Uprising2 Demo  [8:11 PM EST]
A playable demo of Cyclone Studios' Uprising 2 is available. Thanks Gwags. Here's the lowdown on the 30 MB demo of this action/strategy hybrid sequel to the critically acclaimed Uprising:

The demo offers one training mission and one standard combat mission. The training mission instructs you how to  control the hovertank (the Wraith) and implement the main weapons systems. This mission is a short tutorial on how to play the game at its most basic level.

Turok 2 Screenshots  [8:11 PM EST]
Turok Dot Com has posted some new screenshots from the upcoming Turok 2: Seeds of Evil in a sneak peek at Level 1 The Port of Adia that describes the game's first mission's goals (besides, of course, contributing to the extinction of dinosaurs). Thanks The Gaschamber.

Quickie Brian Hook Interview  [8:11 PM EST]
Tweak3D's Brian Hook Quickie Interview has a short six question conversation with the id programmer covering a few assorted topics.

Blood2 Impressions  [8:11 PM EST]
OGR's Blood2: Initial Impressions are up based on some play with a copy of a final gold master.

Wagging the CaveDog  [8:11 PM EST]
Wagging The Cavedog is a special on GameSpot UK that has looks at several of CaveDog's upcoming projects, including an Amen The Awakening Gallery with screenshots of their upcoming 3D shooter, as well as a Ron Gilbert Interview talking to the company's co-founder.

Sin Load Times  [8:11 PM EST]
Ritual Jedi Master Don "onethumb" MacAskill updated his .plan with word on Sin's long load times, and their cause, which has nothing to do with copy protection, and reiterates that load times will be fixed with the patch (he does say "Don't expect 5 second load times though :)").

Wheel of Time Shots  [8:11 PM EST]
The new development update to The Wheel of Time page offers some new screenshots celebrating Big Ass Trolloc day. Thanks OneNutWonder.

In Defense of the 16 Bit 3Dfx Minidriver  [8:11 PM EST]
3Fingers sent along a summary of some newsgroup postings on the subject of the hacked 3Dfx 16 Bit OpenGL minidriver that earned some criticism from id's Brian Hook in a post on Voodoo Extreme((he said "That driver sounds retarded" saying screwing with your drivers in this way was "asking for trouble"). To help ease fears, 3Fingers got the following response on this subject from 3Dfx's Gary Tarolli:

I hate to admit this, but I hacked our OpenGL driver myself once, and changed the name of the GL extension that said the card supported 8-bit palletized textures. I had to do this, because my son had a dual-TMU Voodoo0 board (pre-production chips with no palettes!). I used MSDEV to actually edit the binary .DLL file! I haven't studied the difference in quality, but the things people posted here all seem reasonable (Gary is referring to all the positive comments on image quality), ie. the palletization process can degrade quality more than the 16-bit case. This kind of hack is a safe hack, it doesn't change any of the code, just makes believe the card is of a different config. Assuming both code paths work, it should be safe.

DirectX 6.0 Overview and 7.0, 8.0 Preview  [8:11 PM EST]
DirectX 6.0 Overview and DirectX 7.0 Preview is an MS article that deals with the present and future of bleeding edge gaming. Thanks BetaNews. The article even touches on DirectX 8.0 in the process:

Kick Engine Patch  [8:11 PM EST]
A performance patch for the KICK Engine is out, offering speed improvements of up to 80% as well as some 3DNow! support, support for all video modes in 16, 24 and 32-bit color, Voodoo (1) support, and a fix for some mouse problems and some problems with TNT chipsets.

Alternative Gaming OSes  [8:11 PM EST]
Gaming and the alternative OS is an AGN3D article that discusses the merits for gamers of alternative OSes like Linux and BeOS, and looks ahead to Windows 2000.

Sharky Extreme reviews the ASUS V3400, a RIVA TNT-based offering from this manufacturer known primarily for motherboards.

SkinView  [11:29 AM EST]
Version 4.0 of the SkinView Mod, which allows modelers and skin artists to view their creations within Quake II, is now available. The new version supports VWep, dynamic model placement, and works with any Quake II map.

DirectX Uninstaller  [11:29 AM EST]
Not for the faint-of-heart: Here's a DirectX Uninstaller for those having problems with a DX6 install (story), or if you're just feeling gutsy. In case my jokes don't make it clear, this is a "try at your own risk" special, untested by the BlueLabs. Thanks TurCon.

Outtie  [11:29 AM EST]
Gonna be at Dr. Drill again for a bit this afternoon. Last visit I thought it was no biggie and I ended up whacked for more than a day, so I figure I'll mention it now in case I come back in a haze later and start posting grade school reminiscences, at least you'll know what's going on.

Quake III Arena System Requirements  [7:20 AM EST]
Billy at Voodoo Extreme has posted an email from id's Brian Hook on Quake III Arena which discusses minimum system requirements as a 32 MB P200MMX with a Voodoo (what you find acceptable as a minimum is relative, I'm not nuts about the way Quake II plays on such a system), going on to describe the variety of systems they are using for testing. Perhaps most interesting is Brian's comment that the TNT is currently king of the hill for Q3A, and one of the Voodoo2's failings is poor OpenGL drivers ("abysmal" is his word). Here's a short quote:

Right now a RivaTNT is King of the Hill for Q3A performance. However I expect to see good things from the 3DLabs Permedia3 and ATI Rage128. I highly doubt that a V2 SLI is going to offer much, if anything, over a TNT, since the 3Dfx OpenGL drivers are abysmal -- the V2 SLI is _easily_ driver limited at this point. The main reason for this is that we're stressing polygon throughput almost as much as fill rate, and a good driver makes a huge difference for throughput.

Blood2 Demo Patch  [6:02 AM EST]
Jason Hall sends along a copy of the patch to update the first Blood2 demo to the second version, which has many optimizations cooked up for the final version of the game. Here's a local copy of the patch (2.7 MB), which is also available on If you downloaded the second Blood2 Demo (posted November 7) you do not need this patch.

On LithTech 2.0  [6:02 AM EST]
Speaking of Jason Hall, a letter from Monolith's CEO is reprinted on PlanetShogo with some talk about the LithTech engine, specifically what its current capabilities are, as well as what's in store for LithTech version 2.0.

3DCard Roundup  [6:02 AM EST]
The online version of PC Magazine's Annual Graphics Accelerators roundup is up, offering reviews of every accelerator available at press time. The ratings provided in this annual roundup are a significant factor for graphics card vendors each year (if it seemed like companies were falling over themselves to get TNT cards on shelves a couple of months ago, it was in part to hit the streets in time to qualify for this issue). Speaking of the TNT, Creative Labs Graphics Blaster RIVA TNT (coincidentally, currently reviewed at AnandTech) was this year's winner in the "enthusiast" category, with the Matrox Millennium G200 taking top honors for business applications.

QHunter Patch  [6:02 AM EST]
A version 1.0 beta 1.1a patch for QHunter is out fixing a bug that sneaked into yesterday's version 1.0 beta 1.1 release of this in-game server browser.

Another Sin GameSpy Workaround  [6:02 AM EST]
Kevin Barton sends word of another workaround for finding Sin deathmatch servers with GameSpy:

I got another way that's it working for me, just not so "kludgy". I have the registered version of GameSpy, not sure if this works with unreg'd but I would assume it would.

All I do is update from the current sources, which is via PlanetQuake. That displays a list of servers, those that have names and map info are for the Demo. Those that are un-named, have no map info, etc. are for the full version.

Also, for these: You can really tell by looking at the players. Normally it would show a 12/16 or something like that, but with the registered version servers it shows 6/0 or 9/0 something always out of zero.

Rainbow Six/DirectX 6 Conflict?  [6:02 AM EST]
Word on a problem with DirectX 6.0 and software rendering on Rainbow Six is sent along by Michael Lynn, apparently caused by a conflict between DX6 and MMX (first I'd heard of that):

Some of your readers might want to be told about a problem with Rainbow Six in software rendering mode. If you install a game that installs DirectX 6(SHOGO for example), Rainbow 6 will slow down by about 6 times. According to the tech support at Red Storm, this is because DirectX6 doesn't fully support MMX. And once DirectX6 is installed, it can't be removed without reformatting the hard drive or using a third party and highly risky uninstall program.

If you hear of any fixes for this, I hope they'll be posted soon! Best regards,

Half-Life Multiplayer  [6:02 AM EST]
Another write-up of the recent showing off Half-Life multiplayer action is up on PC.IGN.COM, where they talk enthusiastically about gameplay, including info on the weapons (which include secondary fire modes), location specific damage, and the levels, as well as a few multiplayer screenshots. Thanks Sven Viking at Atomic Half-Life.

sCary Interview  [6:02 AM EST]
Part one of an interview with sCary is up on Action Xtreme. Modern technology only allows us to squeeze ten or so questions onto an HTML page, so part two of this epic will go up tomorrow.

New Quiver  [6:02 AM EST]
Version 1.1.1 of the Quiver Quake level editor for the Macintosh is now available. The new release fixes some bugs from version 1.1, including an intermittent problem with hardware acceleration, and now the number of files the editor can keep open has been increased from 32 to 128.

Terminator BEAST Drivers  [6:02 AM EST]
The Hercules Terminator BEAST Drivers page has new Windows 95/98 drivers for the BEAST. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Monster Fusion .dll  [6:02 AM EST]
The Diamond Multimedia Monster Fusion Drivers page has a replacement ccad.dll file for users of AMD K6 CPUs that allows them to run the bundled Zoran SoftDVD application. Thanks Tron.

etc.  [6:02 AM EST]
Reading Jake Simpson's .plan, it sounds like Heretic II is about to go gold, if the Ravenites don't kill each other first ... Troubles reaching the OpenQuake website, and its hosted JavaQuake website are temporary, the sites should be back soon ... "What makes a good DM map" is the simple question asked by the current poll at ReV Central ... You can win a copy of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division in 3DGN's Weekly Contest ...

Out of the Blue  [6:02 AM EST]
Still no correct entries (other than onethumb's) in the find the Blue's News Easter Egg in Sin mini-contest. Levelord has offered an autographed copy of the PC Zone magazine (featured in zee "Behind Zee Bookcase" level) as a prize, so I won't have to part with any of the bathroom fixtures here at the Blue Tower for the winner or anything. On the subject of Sin Easter eggs, the best captioning I can recall seeing in some time (like the Sahara of dry humor) is on this 3DGN Screenshot reproduced from GameSpot, which also serves as a visual entry in the Pop Culture Reference Game.

Monday, November 9, 1998

More on the Sin Patch  [11:30 PM EST]
Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine updated his .plan with more info on what would be covered by the Sin patch, which Project Manager Joseph "Skeme" Selinske said would be "very soon" in an earlier update (story). Here's ParadoX's update:

[. Sin Patch .]

We will be releasing a patch in the next few days that will address some of the bugs that have filtered their way down.

Here are the major bugs that we addressed:

- Long load times, Fixed. - Broken mutant woes. Fixed. - Major soundcard issues. Fixed. - Levels loading twice, causing major gameplay issues. Fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, if we had known about any of these bugs we would have fixed them right away. We also took the time to iron out the other bugs that cropped up and are in the process of testing everything now.

Also, all future retail copies of Sin will have these bugs fixed.

Blood2 Demo Patch Soon  [11:30 PM EST] has posted word from Monolith's Brian Goble that a patch will be available soon to upgrade the original Blood2 demo to the newer version for those holding out to avoid a second 36 MB download.

N64 Half-Life?  [11:30 PM EST]
This N64.IGN.COM article discusses the possibility of a port of Half-Life to the N64, or another console system. Thanks Derrick Zobell. Here's the bottom line:

According to a spokesperson at Valve, the company is first working to complete the PC version of the game. After that, it will decide whether or not to develop an original version of Half-Life for Nintendo 64 or Sega's upcoming Dreamcast, depending on which console best exploits the game's potential.

Thresh's Firing Squad  [11:30 PM EST]
Thresh's Firing Squad is online, a new site that covers hardware, games, and where the two meet. They have posted a Face Off article with Thresh and Kenn debating the merits of the USB mouse versus a PS/2 mouse using the PS/2 rate change utility, as well as a Half-Life preview.

Brady Bell Interview  [11:30 PM EST]
The Trespasser team's Brady Bell is interviewed on discussing the game and future plans for the Trespasser engine.

Tweak Till You Freak  [11:30 PM EST]
The TweakMonkey has gone tweak crazy. Tweak3d has posted updated versions of the following tweak guides: RIVA 128/ZX tweak guide, RIVA 128 game tweak guide, CD-ROM tweak guide, and the Hard-Drive tweak guide.

Heavy Gear II Demo Revisited  [9:40 PM EST]
One last time to clarify all the previous posts on this from today (which I pulled for clarity). The Heavy Gear II playable demo on GameCenter is now the full, uncorrupted version, The Adrenaline Vault PC Release List has a copy, and 3DFiles.Com has it posted, which is where I got it for a local copy (45.7 MB) on GamesNET FTP.

Half-Life Gold  [7:04 PM EST]
Half-Life is gold, and off to manufacture. Congrats to the crew at Valve. Here's the official word, hot off the presses from Valve's Gabe Newell:

Half-Life has gone gold, and is in manufacturing.

I'd like to say how extraordinarily grateful all of us here at Valve are for the support and enthusiasm you have shown Half-Life over the last two years. We are very proud of the product, and hope it lives up to your expectations.

Sierra will be sending out a media alert tomorrow giving more details on the street date.

Sin Review  [6:14 PM EST]
OGR's Sin review is up, giving Ritual's shooter mixed marks.

Merged Version of Unreal  [1:10 PM EST]
Epic's T. Elliot "Myscha the sled dog" Cannon's .plan file has a few notes on what he's up to, including a mention of an "upcoming merged version of Unreal that's going to be released for free on the net which includes many improvements to weapons and the final Multiplayer pass." That's about the whole thing I'm about to excerpt, but what the heck:

Work? Well since GT slipped the Cat out of the bag-yes I've been working some on "Unreal Tournament" among other things. I'm really excited, however about this upcoming merged version of Unreal that's going to be released for free on the net which includes many improvements to weapons and the final Multiplayer pass.

Sin GameSpy Tip  [1:10 PM EST]
TechnoAllah sends along a kludgy, but effective workaround to use the Sin server list mentioned earlier (story) with GameSpy, with registered servers showing up alongside demo servers, albeit without map names:

A quick fix is to copy/paste the list to a text file...then config GameSpy to refresh off that text file. Since the full version of Sin is not compatible with GameSpy, the full version servers show up without a map name and the demo servers have a map name.

As mentioned earlier, PingTool has registered Sin support.

Rebel Moon Sets  [1:10 PM EST]
I hadn't seen this before: GameSpot News is reporting that seldom discussed shooter Rebel Moon revolution has lost the backing of GT Interactive, and the game's planned retail release this holiday season is now in question.

A3D Wins Support  [1:10 PM EST]
This press release from Aureal Semiconductor announces support for the A3D audio specification in RAD Game Tools' upcoming next version of their Miles Sound System which should provide wider support for A3D in the gaming industry. Thanks WarDog.

Sin Server List  [11:45 AM EST]
On a subject I touched on earlier, Ritualistic's Sin Server List is up offering choices of Sin DM servers. Thanks Bones. This is no ][ronman's list (remember the man of ][ron?), so the pings listed are just the pings from the server to PlanetQuake.

3Dfx Tuner  [11:45 AM EST]
AlecStarr Systems has released a service release for their APK 3DFx Tuning Engine 98++, a program described as a way to improve performance. Thanks Voodoo Extreme. Here's the lowdown on this power-users' tool. Like so many things posted here lately, or like so many things in life in general, use this at your own risk (I haven't checked this one out yet myself). Here's a description of the program:

Diamond Monster or Monster II accelerator board using Gamers, want more speed and performance from your 3dfx based games like Quake II, Hexen II, or GLQuake to name a few? Try this program! It gets you that speed by as much as 10-15 fps more! Get more 3dFx gaming speed with APK 3dFx Tuning Engine 98++! A testimony file is available in the download file itself from users showing MASSIVE increases (up to 35%) in speed!

Crystal Space Engine  [11:45 AM EST]
For programming/techie types, there is a new Crystal Space Beta Release. The new release is the third beta with COM support (only the Linux/Unix and Windows port are currently working), and should be "somewhat easier to get working." Other new things are a new BMP texture loader from Olivier Langlois and some bug fixes. The new beta at the BOTTOM of the beta download page separated from the more stable 0.11r032 version. Thanks Prophet. Here's the lowdown on the engine in general:

Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++. It supports true 6DOF, colored lights, mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflecting surfaces, 3D sprites, scripting, 8-bit and 16-bit display support, Direct3D hardware acceleration on Windows, Glide hardware acceleration on Windows and Linux, ... See the extensive list of features for more details.

Avenger Specs?  [11:45 AM EST]
AGN3D has posted some specs that they claim represent the plan for 3Dfx's yet-to-be-announced (officially) chipset called the Avenger. The blurb goes on to mention that "3Dfx expects to hit 1 billion texels/s in a separate $500+ product due by year's end..." The source of this information is not clear, but here are the specs they list:

TNN Celebrity Outdoors Pro Hunter  [11:45 AM EST]
Not content with just The Nashville Network's name behind their upcoming Unreal-engine game, TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter, ASC Games today announced that they have signed TNN Outdoors hunting personality, Bill Jordan, as the in-game hunting expert for their upcoming hunting sim.

Sin Patch Very Soon  [5:28 AM EST]
Ritual Project Manager Joseph "Skeme" Selinske updated his .plan with word that they were hard at work fixing problems that have been reported about the game, and that a fix would be at hand "very soon." Here's the update:

Just wanted to let everyone out there know that we're working hard on fixing many of the problems that people have commented about. We've got many things fixed and ready, we're just testing to make sure we've caught them all. We'll be getting this into your hands very soon.

Romero Chat  [4:48 AM EST]
Gamer's Alliance is holding a live chat session tomorrow (Tuesday) evening with ION Storm Chairman John Romero. The chat will be at 10:00 PM Eastern time in EFNet #gagames, and in order to start on time, the "doors will be closed" at 9:45 PM EST sharp.

loonygames  [4:48 AM EST]
Issue 12 of loonygames (it's meant to be lowercase dammit!) is underway, as usual, to be posted throughout the week according to this vaguely confusing schedule:

New QHunter  [4:48 AM EST]
Beta 1.1 of QHunter, the server browser that operates from within Quake, is now available. The new beta includes an improved UI and a number of bug fixes. Support for Sin, Heretic II, and Unreal are promised in future releases.

Mini-OpenGL Mini-Warning  [4:48 AM EST]
Jack "morbid" Mathews sent along mail scolding me for linking to the Banshee 3Dfx MiniGL yesterday (story) because of possible odd side effects (ALT-TAB problems and things like that), and he's correct that this is "do at your own risk" stuff, so consider yourself warned. If you are messing with different OpenGL minidrivers, be sure to keep your originals safe to reinstall if you have problems.

Uprising 2/Requiem Site  [4:48 AM EST]
The Uprising 2 Underground is a site started by John Eberhardt, Producer/Director at Cyclone Studios as a personal storehouse of information about their upcoming games, Uprising 2, and Requiem: Avenging Angel (as well as some insights into how close to cracking folks get at the end of these projects).

Deadlode 2  [4:48 AM EST]
Deadlode 2, the latest project from the Coven, has been released for download as an archive with two maps (Well2000 and DeadForts7) or without maps. Deadlode 2 is a class-based TC for Quake II that offers features like new weapons and encumbrance factors, and an ability to customize your class by selecting from choices of different player profiles.

BraZen  [4:48 AM EST]
Version 0.95 of the BraZen Quake mod is out, offering features like location-based damage, new weapons, and up to four team(!) CTF.

Linux Quake II Mods Page  [4:48 AM EST]
A new Linux Quake II mods page is online, trying to fill the gap left by the disappearance of its predecessor. If you have information about a Linux port of a Quake II mod they do not have listed, they request you pass it along.

Rage Pro Tweaker  [4:48 AM EST]
A Rage Pro Tweaker is now available, offering access to low level settings on ATI's accelerators. The Rage Pro is not the most powerful 3D chipset available, but perhaps that's all the more reason for tweaking. As always, this is "at your own risk" material.

Banshee FAQ  [4:48 AM EST]
The Banshee FAQ on Bill's Workshop has been updated again with more workarounds for Voodoo Banshee support in specific games. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Giveaways  [4:48 AM EST]
You can enter RIVA 3D's SLI contest by signing into their guestbook and answering a few questions about STB's BlackMagic Voodoo2 cards. SLI setups will be awarded to a pair of correct entries. Also, The Techs Network is holding a giveaway with a Creative Labs Voodoo Banshee and 64 MB of RAM as the prizes. Similar to the Black Magic contest, this one requires entrants to answer technical questions about the Banshee.

Vanilla CTF Interview  [4:48 AM EST]
This week's Monday Morning Interview on Mod Central is with James Abbetiello, the creator of Vanilla CTF. They have also posted new reviews of Lasermine CTF, NIQ, and the Pro-Rocket mod.

Kill for a Cause  [4:48 AM EST]
Sniper.Net sends word of a frag for charity event they are holding:

On Sunday, November 22 the Sniper Network Gaming Group will be hosting a 25 player BYOC First Person Shooter LAN Party in Vancouver, BC. This time we're doing something special - all money raised at the event is going directly to the Children's Empty Stocking Fund to help those kids who can't afford to gib.

etc.  [4:48 AM EST]
Legend Entertainment's Scott Dalton updated his .plan with an analogy about how making games is like being in a cult ... Trey Harrison sends word that he's still inundated with questions (more than two?) about why his recent SinView project doesn't work with the full release. A full explanation of the situation is in his .plan ... QuakeNet has started an RC5 cracking effort, for all you cryptographers out there ... Bullseye is devoted to nothing but Quake II crosshairs ...

Out of the Blue  [4:48 AM EST]
Seems there was a change in the network protocols between the Sin demo and the full release of Sin, and so now Sin support in GameSpy no longer works. I've gotten a bunch of requests for Sin server lists, and what I can offer is that the latest PingTool is already updated with full Sin support, so check it out and get on those servers so I can hollowpoint a few of you.  ;)  Oh, yeah: Happy Birthday Paul Steed (I see from the archive from this time a year ago that it's right around now).

Sunday, November 8, 1998

Area 57 Sin Bug  [8:32 PM EST]
Ritual Programmer Scott Alden updated his .plan with a warning about not saving your Sin game in Area 57 (it's a semi-spoiler but you really should know it to avoid problems).

3Dfx Avenger  [8:32 PM EST]
According to Forbes Digital Tool (you gotta love that one), 3Dfx is getting set to unveil their next generation accelerator at Comdex, according to the article: "code-named 'Avenger' is three times as powerful as the Voodoo2 graphics chip." Thanks 3 Fingers.

In related developments, 3Dfx is expected to launch its next generation 3-D graphics chip at COMDEX, the computer industry's biggest trade show in Las Vegas, Nev. The Forbes Digital Tool has learned that the chip which is code-named "Avenger" is three times as powerful as the Voodoo2 graphics chip. The product will be available sometime in 1999.

Heretic II Update  [8:32 PM EST]
Raven's Brian Pelletier updated his .plan with a Heretic II update, saying they were still working out some remaining bugs, and giving a feel for what the gameplay in the full game will be like.

Messiah Interview, Screenshots  [8:32 PM EST]
There's an interview with Shiny's Scott Herrington on GameHut discussing Messiah that offers a half-dozen new screenshots from the upcoming game that puts you in the role of Bob, the possessive cherub.

Updated Lady Death Model  [8:32 PM EST]
The winning entry for the best new sounds to use with Paul Steed's Lady Death model are up on the Chaos! Comics Rocks Quake 2 contest page in a new version of the model that includes the winning sounds, produced by Dolomite of Dteam 3d Design Guild.

New Crush Depth  [8:32 PM EST]
Version 1.1a of the submarine-combat Quake II mod, Crush Depth, is up on the 4th Dimension Interactive page.

New QERadiant  [8:32 PM EST]
A new version of QERadiant, the Win95/98-friendly version of the QE4 editor used by id on Quake II is now available, offering several of Rogue's QE4 features implemented with the assistance of Rogue programmer Peter Mack. The new version includes limited plug-in capability, with three plug-ins available for download. Planned for the next version is full plug-in functionality, with a SinEd plug-in in the works.

JailBreak Erasers Cancelled  [8:32 PM EST]
There is an announcement/apology on the Jailbreak page about the cancellation of planned Eraser bot support in the Quake II teamplay mod.

Quake II Front-end  [8:32 PM EST]
Würgihn Gibber Force, a German clan, has their own Quake front-end called Q2Launcher which went into public beta today.

Navigator 4.08  [8:32 PM EST]
Though Netscape 4.5 is out of beta, this navigator FTP directory has version 4.08 of Navigator for download. Thanks Jerry Wayne Agudio.

MultiRes  [8:32 PM EST]
The EnTech Taiwan News page has a new version 1.07 of the MultiRes program which is an enhanced version of QuickRes. Thanks 3DFiles.

Bzzzzzt  [8:32 PM EST]
Oh, it wasn't my provider, it was all of damn UUNET. I'm back online again, and I guess if you're reading this, you are too.

DirectX 6.1 Beta  [12:27 PM EST]
The Microsoft DirectX Premium Area Downloads page has a DirectX 6.1 beta release candidate available for download. Don't know what the story is on this release, but it seems freely distributed. Thanks Matthew Gregan.

Banshee OpenGL Minidriver  [12:27 PM EST]
3 Fingers' and Heron's HotRod shop has posted an OpenGL minidriver (sorry, no Good Will Hunting quotes) for Voodoo Banshee cards that should help if you are experiencing darkness in Quake II, Quake, and QuakeWorld. Here's a local copy (56 KB) on GamesNET FTP, and here's the poop (thanks Voodoo Extreme):

If you are having problems with Quake2 being too dark or other issues that provide unsatisfactory results while running Quake2 with your Banshee, then replace the 3dfxgl.dll in the Quake2 folder with this 3dfxgl.dll file. You can also rename this 3dfxgl.dll to opengl32.dll and use it with GL Quake/QW, this has been reported to solve Banshee user problems running GL Quake/QW.

Freeze Tag  [12:27 PM EST]
Version 1.74e of FreezeTag is available adding several grapple options, including the ability to grapple teammates and ride piggyback. Thanks BadPeon

Dynamic Map Organizer for Quake II  [12:27 PM EST]
SteQve's No Frills Quake Mods Page has released the Dynamic Map Organizer (DynaMO), described as a program that "allows you to add, remove, replace, or switch any live 'entity' in a map, such as weapons, ammo, etc., without recompiling the map or using a map editing tool."

ddt joins Linus  [12:27 PM EST]
Dave "ddt" Taylor has accepted a job with Transmeta, Linus Torvalds, working on their project X (they're doing something secret with processors). I mentioned this yesterday here in the etc. section, but all the emails I have received since posting it make me think no one reads that section (good to know). Again, congrats to ddt.

Departments  [12:27 PM EST]
The Want Ads have been updated, so go get a job or something. I threw this week's MailBag in the burner, because the back and forth on existing threads had degenerated to the point where this edition was just more than a half-dozen letters knocking Unreal (which would be followed by pro-Unreal letters next week, ad nauseum). Hopefully some fresh threads will come in for next week.

Out of the Blue  [12:27 PM EST]
Weekends tend to be a bit slow around here, but even for a Sunday I'm sorry about the later than usual start today, I couldn't get online all morning (looks like it was my provider, all I could access was their website, nothing external). There were a couple of nibbles on the Blue's News Sin Easter egg (story), but no correct responses (no onethumb, you don't count). Jeremy "Terata" Statz from Raven points out there was a Blue's News Easter egg in Malice for Quake as well, which is quite correct, he's the first to ever point this out (I just checked the Malice CD and saw that Jeremy worked on that project, though they misspelled his last name as "Slatz" in the credits). As for yesterday's quote, a few readers pointed out the JFK quote was too easy, but they missed the extra credit, as only Doc Operon, Jeff "Fishstick" Burkholder, Mike "Lamont" Graff, and Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin correctly identified it as a Seinfeld quote as well, as Newmann recounts the "second spitter" theory in the Keith Hernandez incident. Tyrian says it's also been used in the Jon Lovitz cartoon The Critic, but who would know? Happy belated birthday to Billy at Voodoo Extreme, 14 years old yesterday, and never been kissed (not bad for a father).

Saturday, November 7, 1998

Quake III Arena Screenshots  [5:02 PM EST]
GamesZone Preview of Quake III Arena is in German, but non-German speaking readers may still be interested in checking out the Quake III Arena screenshots they've posted, which are the ones from the recent PC Gamer article, but from originals apparently supplied by Activision, rather than unauthorized dealies courtesy of the old scanner.

New QuakeWorld Server Exploit Fix  [5:02 PM EST]
Word of a new temporary server fix to protect against a new exploit that was recently found for QuakeWorld servers running under Win32 can be found on the The Grassy Knoll ("Back and to the left. Back and to the left. Back and to the left."). Here's a local copy of the patch (14 KB) on GamesNET FTP, and here's the update ripped straight from the Knoll:

A new Denial of Service attack on the Win32 version of the QuakeWorld servers was reported on Bugtraq. Yes once again Microsoft proves just how well written winsock really is. Not to go into details but the new exploit will crash a Win32 QW server remotely. DrSplat[GT] of WaterHack patch fame has written a patch for Win32 QW servers that should tide us over until Zoid releases an official fix.

Oh BTW, the Linux version of the QW server is not exploitable. Maybe its time to start thinking about moving that clan QW server to Linux. :-)

Giants Screenshots  [5:02 PM EST]
All the Giants screenshots that have been floating about have been posted on this page on the PlanetMoon site. Thanks Citizen Skarstedt.

Assimilation  [5:02 PM EST]
Version 2.2 of the Assimilation mod for Quake II is now available. The new release adds eleven deathmatch maps, some new icons for the HUD, a new skin for the BFG, as well as many new tools for running a server with custom map cycles (even random map cycling!), toggle-able Assimilation sounds, and many optimizations.

Eraser X  [5:02 PM EST]
Not to be confused with Speed's mysterious older brother, Eraser X is a modification of the Eraser bot found on the Expert Quake page that allows the eraser bot to participate in deathmatches on Expert servers. The program is currently up to version 0.12.

Updated Blood2 Demo  [11:30 AM EST] has the updated Blood2 demo available for download. The new demo is said to incorporate speed optimizations and mouse control improvements that went into the full game after the release of the first demo. Here's a local copy (35.6 MB) on GamesNET FTP. No announcement has been made about a patch to update the first demo. Here's Jason Hall's .plan update on the subject:

The new Blood 2 demo is out. The demo is another hefty 36 mb download, but is well worth it. It features many bug fixes, much improved speed/framerates, and is much more representative of the final product than the original demo.

I strongly suggest that you check it out!

It is not up on our site yet, but you can get it at

Check out how fast it goes now! Wheee!

I've been getting a lot of good ideas from the game community so far, and I hope to receive more! I'm pretty sure that something good will come of this. Thanks go out to all of the people who have sent some of their ideas on how to help the Shogo community grow. I appreciate it! You can bet that they will be put to good use! The Shogo community will prosper!

16-Bit Textures GL For Quake  [11:30 AM EST]
Matthias "Maddes" Buecher of the Quake Info Pool sends word of an update to the bug list on the info pool, as well as a couple of unsupported programs: a 16 bit OpenGL .dll for Quake and QuakeWorld (27 KB), and a BSP Texture renamer (91 KB). Users are strongly urged to read the read me before experimenting with these programs. Here's the lowdown:

The "BSP Texture Renamer" (BSPTxRen) can rename texture names within Classic Quake levels, it's totally customizable through config files. It was created as a workaround for the disturbing "GL_LoadTexture: cache mismatch" error when playing with GLQuake or GLQWClient. The provided config file "GLFIX.INI" has all the necessary data for correcting all currently known problems (e.g. DM4, CTF2, HIP2M3, HIP3M4). The package also includes the "BSP Texture Lister" to list all textures in the BSP file with their size. I (Maddes) recommend that *everybody* (client or server) should use it. Check out the readme for more detailed information about it and QW's map checksumming.

The "16-bit Texture Enabler For 3Dfx's Win32 Quake OpenGL Miniport" (OGL16BIT) will rename the OpenGL extensions for 8-bit paletted textures. So GLQuake has to use 16-bit textures which leads to an improved image quality (less quantization errors). Check out the readme before using this program and don't forget: use at your own risk!

Nocturne Movie  [11:30 AM EST]
Terminal Reality Inc. has released a new AVI of Nocturne (19.1 MB). The movie does not show off the latest technology (the fog is said to be wrong in the film), but it is meant to show off the real time lighting & shadowing in action. The movie was almost impossibly dark on my system, but it might be a gamma adjustment issue.

Half-Life Multiplayer  [11:30 AM EST]
Sierra held an event last night to show off the multiplayer capabilities. Hands On Half-Life Multiplayer is GameSpot's write-up offering their impressions. Thanks Sven Viking at Atomic Half-Life.

Delta Force Review  [11:30 AM EST]
Another good review for Delta Force is up, this one on GameCenter, giving the new commando shooter four out of five X's. Thanks Matthew Rorie.

Stand DM Test  [11:30 AM EST]
Team Stand has released a deathmatch test of their upcoming Quake II mod titled Stand: The Merge of Powers. The test gives folks the opportunity to see what they're up to, and provide feedback on the project as it progresses.

KHG/Unreal Maps Follow-up  [11:30 AM EST]
A follow-up on yesterday's tip on getting Klingon Honor Guard maps working in Unreal (story) is sent along by moonglum (who I called moonglow yesterday, sorry). Here's the update:

Some maps don't work without this file: WinDrv.u. Copy it form the KHG system directory to the Unreal one (won't overright anything.) Also, I figured out that the texture files that are overwritten are the same files, so it's no big deal. So, if you've got the space on your computer, and you wanna try this out, there shouldn't be any problems (mail me if there is.) I'll hopefully talk my team into getting a cross Unreal engine game map/weapon runner under way.

S3 Interview  [11:30 AM EST]
Ask S3 The Answers! is an interview with some of the folks at S3 recently conducted by Game Asylum.

Drakan Interview Part Two  [11:30 AM EST]
The newest web trend since screenshots of the day is multi-part interviews: Part two of the interview with Stephen Patterson, Psygnosis producer, is up on, talking about their upcoming Drakan: Order of the Flame.

FvF Redemption Screenshots  [11:30 AM EST]
Conversions.Net has posted some exclusive Future versus Fantasy Redemption screenshots.

Pentium II Overclocking Article  [11:30 AM EST]
Overclocking Your Pentium II is a new article on GameCenter that describes how to upclock your CPU. The article has enough flashing warnings to make you feel parachuteless skydiving would be safer.

Banshee FAQ  [11:30 AM EST]
The Bill's Workshop Banshee FAQ has been updated with more FAQing questions and answers about 3Dfx's 2D/3D combo. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

etc.  [11:30 AM EST]
Ten Four is getting set to interview noted level author Neil Manke, and are accepting suggestions for questions from interested readers ... There are some photos from the FRAG2 on Maelstrom ... Congrats to Dave Taylor who's landed a new gig at Transmeta, as mentioned in his .plan ...

Out of the Blue  [11:30 AM EST]
As those of you who have played some Sin will attest, the game is filled with little insider tidbits. Funny postings on bulletin boards, etc. (I love the "Employee of the Year" on level one). I don't reveal Easter eggs in the news here to avoid spoiling the fun, but I want to mention that the first person to mail me with a screenshot of the Blue's News Easter egg (yes there's one in there, thanks to a certain Lord of Level design), I will come up with some sort of prize. As I said, it's specifically related to this site, so try to avoid sending unrelated Easter eggs hoping they might be it... you'll know the right one when (if) you spot it.

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