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Friday, November 21, 1997

DC-Con Registration
The registration for DC-Con 97, is underway on the DC-Con page. DC-Con will take place January 16-18 in the Washington DC area, and there is room for 500 attendees, 450 with computers.

Jedi Knight: First Level Editor, New Patch Launcher

Linux QW Server Browser
There is a new program for Linux users to find QuakeWorld servers called LQWSpy, which, as far as I know has no affiliation with QuakeSpy (GameSpy). More information, and the download can be found on the official LQWSpy homepage.

Voodoo 2 FAQ
There is now a Voodoo 2 FAQ being maintained on Operation 3Dfx (though they omit the most frequently asked: "when can I get one?"). Thanks Anaxagoras.

Java TEN
According to this article in the AVault, TEN has announced version 2.0 of their interface which will be Java based. Thanks Hanif.

Cal Jones, Reviews Editor at PC Gaming World, and winner of Siren's Sexiest female player poll is interviewed on Focus on Quake.

AVault is giving away a whole boatload of stuff in their 12 days of Christmas giveaway. Thanks Hanif.



Deathmatch32 (DM2 through DM6)
Episodes32 (The episode levels)

I think some people got the wrong idea about my finger from the two previous days. I wasn't clear enough in expressing my thoughts. I took for granted that people knew how dedicated I am to Raven and how great I thought Hexen2 was. My .plan made it seem like there is dissention at Raven, when this just isn't the case. I also made it sound like I was unhappy with Hexen2 and with the people I work with at Raven. This is also, most emphatically, not the  case! I take full responsibility for any misunderstandings there might have been.

For the record, I love working at Raven, and we did a fantastic job with Hexen2. I just thought that by talking about our shortcomings, we could learn, and perhaps grow as a developer.


There's a look at the concept of the force-feedback mouse in this bootNET blurb. Thanks [DK]Assman ... There's a game project underway called BlackOps that currently is using the Quake engine, with plans to segue to Microsoft & Monolith's DirectEngine ... MacQuake Universe is open for business: the site's purpose clearly enough stated in its name ... Happy Birthday to, um, me (please, no need to send email: though money, etc., are always appreciated) ...

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Passed QuakeCast
Oops, meant to post this earlier. In case you were wondering, there's some sort of posh party at the Pseudo studios tonight, causing QuakeCast to be canceled.

There's an article called CD-TRON on ZDNet that takes a look at three dozen 3D games from the recent past or near future. The 3D Shooter category includes Quake II, Daikatana, Hexen II, and Half-Life, as well as games that skirt the genre like MDK and Postal, though omitting Sin, Duke Forever, Jedi Knight, Prey, and Unreal. Thanks Frans P. de Vries (3D Action Gamers').

Jedi Knight Strategy Guides
There is a helpful Jedi Knight strategy guide on PC Games covering both single player and deathmatch. Thanks Prophet. There is also a JK Strategy Guide on GameSpot that is even more comprehensive, giving a walkthough for each level including all the secrets.

3D Card Roundup
PC Magazine Online has posted a look at 32 affordable 3D cards. Thanks CoDeGoD.

Doom Movie
The long-rumored Doom movie is not dead according to Ain't It Cool News who are reporting that Tri-Star has just acquired the Doom film rights. Thanks loonyboi.

TeamFortress Sniper Doohicky
Buzzkill's Quake Page, home of Quake for the Microsoft Intellimouse (the one with the wheel doohicky), now has perhaps the ultimate application of the Intellimouse: a config for TeamFortress Snipers to allow variable zooming with the doohicky.

Requiem Servers
The Server page on the Requiem page has been updated with a bunch of Requiem servers.

There is an interview with Patrick "Void" Cupka, ex-Void webmaster, and current PlanetQuake news dude on Profile.



It is with sadness that I report that crash's Single Player Quake has been updated with the news that crash will no longer have time to update his site. I know I'm not alone in thanking him for all his effort running one of the best level review sites around. Thanks Tolwyn ... On the SPQ scene, Level Island has opened up. planning on being a level review site in its own right (you can send your levels for review: he has none posted yet) ... You can vote for your choice for 1997 game of the year at the Games Domain Review. Thanks Prophet ... PC Magazine has posted their Technical Excellence: Components award winner for 1997: Intel's MMX Technology. As of now there are 18 reader responses at the bottom that are all negative. Thanks Scott Wasson ...

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

Half-Life Playable Demo
There is an update on Sierra's Half-Life page following up their recent announcement that Half-Life's expected release date is currently mid-April with word that we can expect the playable demo some 30-45 days before that:

As previously announced, Half-Life's release date was recently bumped into the first quarter. Expect Half-Life to hit store shelves sometime in April. A downloadable playable demo will be available approximately 30-45 days prior to game release.

Durn I keep forgetting to mention the baby picture of Levelord serenely standing in a pasture in his Profile on Siren's page. Also, a couple of readers questioned the seriousness of my report that Richelieu du Leveliere Fantastique had turned 90 on the occasion of his recent birthday. Of course I was kidding, he's actually only 75. smiley3.gif (1365 bytes)

A press release has been issued announcing the opening of VRGN, or Virtual Reality Games Network, dedicated to providing free gaming on their impressive hardware (and it really is impressive, I got to see it at The FRAG). They are already running four computers with up to 36 multi-player Netserver games with the potential to serve 1152 players simultaneously. Here's an excerpt from the release:

VRGN, or Virtual Reality Games Network, or is the totally FREE broadband Internet gaming site and it is up and online and ready for play.

VRGN is the first completely dedicated, full-pipe, T3 bandwidth, NO USER ACCOUNTS, non-ISP, in your face Internet multi-player game server site on the Internet.

If it ain't games, it ain't on VRGN!

....and if you can't believe me when we say we have the power to run this many servers, take a look at this........

The HexMaker Site is now on line, showcasing the upcoming Hexen II level editor from Virtus, creators of the Deathmatchmaker Quake level editor.

Jedi Knight Patch Launcher, Native PowerVR Support
Couple of Jedi Knight goodies:

H3D Eyewear
Looks like the cool H3D stereo glasses that have been demonstrated at the last couple of LAN events (QuakeCon, The FRAG) are going to be available soon. The H3D website has been updated, and there's a blurb in Next-Generation Online (thanks Hanif) detailing H3D's newly-inked distribution deal with Electronic Arts.

The Quake Done Quick team have released DemTool (30 KB), on this page (thanks Hanif). DemTool, one of the utilities developed to help them with their remarkable project, is described as:

"...little feature-packed utility by Stefan Schwoon that handles most of the processing and tidying jobs we need to do to our demos in the course of a movie production (apart from the refilming, which is handled by ReMaic.)"

New Pure3D Drivers
Version 1.20.02 of the Pure3D Windows drivers (1.5 MB) have been released on the Canopus Pure 3D Support page. The new version adds support for Glide 2.43. Thanks Ken.


There is an interview with Monolith's Craig Hubbard at Revolt, the Riot Information Center.


Please note that I accidently left a little debugging code in Linux Q2Test. When you fire it up and it says, "waiting...", just hit [ENTER].

If you are using GL on a 3DFX, make sure to kill the gpm process or you won't have mouse support (gpm doesn't give it up when the 3DFX goes into operation).

Overall, looks like a good release. Anyone running it with 2.1 Linux Kernels? If so, does sound work? Drop me a note.


The NZ Quake Rally Site is now open for business ... The QuakeEasel is a showcase for R.Patel's artwork. He's willing to to free logos for clans/quakepages/quakeplayers ... The results of the latest international march between the UK and Sweden can be found on the Swedish National Quake Team News, though the UK's crushing can apparently be partially attributed to server problems   ... The Dank and Scud newspage has a little graphic to commeorate Michael's completion of, um, Riven? Huh? Blue pages, what? ... The EnterMedia network has announced a merger with the QuestGate network, with QuestGate sites becoming EnterMedia affiliates ... On the subject of networks, I've received a couple of questions about the implications of my new IGN affiliation. The answer is that this will have no effect on the content of this site, but it has brought the dreaded advertisement in a frame, which has generated some negative comments. I understand the sentiment, as the goal here has always been to present as much information on your browser as possible. The frame is the only way to work this for the next month or so (the good news is that this should eliminate those nasty script errors), but as other options become available, this will be re-examined. I know this will still put some people off, and all I can do is apologize for that, and thank everyone, as always, for their tremendous support ...

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

ION Freebies
Word on ION's Daily Informant is that ION Storm is giving away free shit (their word) for participants in their latest survey. Up for grabs is a lifetime supply of ION Storm games. Thanks Zep (Eye on ION).

New All-Star CTF
Version 0.91 of All-Star CTF has been released on the All-Star CTF page. The new release, in addition to squashing a few bugs, also adds four new levels to the collection, including the release of the Xenocide Flag Academy map by  Jim Molinets of Rogue Entertainment.

Blue's News is now part of the Imagine Games Network. I'd like to thank them for welcoming me aboard, in addition to thanking OGR for their hard work.

Malice for QuakeWorld has arrived in the form of a (89 KB) and a skin (30 KB). Here's the word from Embrionic Pete:

Here's the official MaliceWold progs version 1.00. Server Admins... just drop this file in your \quake\malice directory..

Then run:
    \quake\qwsv +gamedir malice

We are still tweeking the installer. All it does is allow you to use the Malice palette with QuakeWorld. This will be resolved in the next day or two.  In the meantime, search for those MaliceWorld servers and jump on =)

The first official server is at:

The pcx must go in your quake\malice\skins directory.

If you're running a server (or have a question) contact us at

New QuakeFinder
Version 1.1 of QuakeFinder, the Internet Quake server finder for the Macintosh has been released on Scott's MacQuake Utilities. The new features are listed in this release. Here's the MacBinary (350 KB) and the BinHex (475 KB).

New Ritual level designer Charlie Wiederhold is interviewed in Words Like Violence on UnrealNation. Thanks Maarten Goldstein (The Ultimate SiN).

The date has been finalized for DC-Con 4, which will be at University College at the University of Maryland in College Park, on January 16-18, 1998. There is space for 500 people and registration begins this Friday, November 21 at the DC-Con webpage.
dc4butt.gif (12533 bytes)

QWF Year in Review
You can vote for your choices for things like the year's best levels, TC's, designers, and news sites (hey!), in the Quake Women's Forum's year-in-review. Votes must be cast by December 31.

PGL in Print
The PGL is certainly generating a lot of interest from the mainstream press, here's a Sacramento Bee article on Thresh and the PGL. Thanks Lance Webster. There is also apparently a profile of Thresh and the PGL in the new print edition of Forbes. Thanks CiDcO.

Daikatana FAQ
Missed an update to the Daikatana FAQ which is now up to version 0.2. Thanks Frans P. de Vries of 3D Action Gamers'.


Linux Q2Test
The Linux version of Q2Test (10.9 MB) has been released on id's FTP Site. Thanks Ken "Page Fault" Alverson, and Redwood. Here's the skinny, from Zoid's .plan:

Quake2 Test for Linux is now available at

It supports SVGALib console, X11 and MesaGL w/3DFX VooDoo rendering.
I hope all Linux users will enjoy this test release.

I you find any Linux specific bugs (that are not mentioned in the included readme.linux file), please email me at

Download sites (11,469,812 bytes): Local (Blue's News); id Software; Stomped; Operation 3Dfx; Ritual.


The November "issue" of Darkness Falls, an online magazine for Dark Forces/Jedi Knight fans is out. Thanks Spart of Jedi Nights ... TEN is now available in Australia through MultiPlay ... Okay there are more options for high speed connections in Canada: check here or here for more info (thanks Dennis Gorrie) ... Today marks the one-year anniversary of Abbadon's New Zealand Quake News Page ... Also on the international scene, Utumno covers Quake from the Dutch perspective. Thanks Alchemyst ...

Monday, November 17, 1997

Prey Update - Screenshots
The 3D Realms/Apogee News page has a Prey update from Project Leader Paul Schuytema that includes a couple of new screenshots. Saw that on PreyStation.

Quake II Anticipation
Contrasting id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead's .plan update reiterating that there's no firm way of knowing when Quake II will be appearing on store shelves, Activision's Kevin Kraff sends along word that Electronics Boutique is offering $20.00 off the purchase of a Gamer 3D (3Dfx) graphics card for customers who pre-order Quake II, and Babbages is offering a free, limited edition Quake II poster to the first 15 customers who pre-order Quake II.

QuakeWorld Ports: Malice and Macintosh

Regarding Quakeworld, they are looking to get it out as shareware fairly soon. The Quakeworld licensing is the main hold-up currently.

Sega Quake Chat
Sega is holding a chat session tomorrow night starting at 5:00 PM Pacific time with Steve Hutchins, producer of Quake for the Saturn.

GameCenter's Voodoo 2 First Look
After the minor uproar caused by their recent refusal to do hands-off testing of 3Dfx's under-construction video chipset, GameCenter has posted their first impressions of the Voodoo 2 upon getting a hold of one on the floor at Comdex.

Prey Music
Word on PreyStation is that alternative band KMFDM has been signed by Apogee/3DRealms to provide the original music for Prey.

New GL Setup Guide
Brett "Three Fingers" Jacobs sent along version 1.12 of his extensive GLQuake/GLQuakeWorld setup guide (40 KB). The 32 page document, in Microsoft Word format, has been updated upon the release of GL Quake 0.97, and now contains more information to aid GLQuake and QW players.

RIVA 128 Alpha Open GL
The eagerly anticipated Alpha Open GL support (1.0 MB) for NVIDIA's RIVA 128 chipset has been released on the R.U.G. (RIVA User's Group), and Zone 128. The file comes with some strong warnings in the read me, which should be carefully pondered before installing. Thanks Reverb. Installing this involves replacing your card's default display driver, and will eliminate some of your card's native functions. I played with this briefly, and it is not Voodoo fast (the read me says "Performance on this driver is decent and expected to improve."), but it was pretty playable on a PPro 200 (~30 FPS). Another note, you can place the Opengl32.dll in your Quake directory, rather than, as the instructions suggest, in your \windows\system\ directory, just be sure to back up your existing Opengl32.dll, if you already have one. Here's a summary of those strong warnings:

1. Drivers are alpha level and provided with no support. By installing these drivers you agree to subject your system to potential system-level corruption and hold NVIDIA harmless in that process.

2. These drivers are provided for RIVA 128 users who wish to evaluate a pre-release version of NVIDIA Win95/Quake ICD driver. Though they will run most applications, this driver is not guaranteed to run Windows, D3D or DirectDraw applications without fault. That means you may experience bugs in applications that you do not see with production drivers released by your  board manufacturer.

3. Installing these drivers WILL DISABLE SOME PRODUCT FEATURES and/or UTILITIES implemented by the board manufacturer. If you cannot live without these features/utilities DO NOT INSTALL THE DRIVERS. You will have to re-install the board manufacturer drivers to re-enable these features. DO NOT INSTALL THESE DRIVERS UNLESS YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES.

4. NVIDIA does not provide technical support; please do not contact us with bug reports on these non-released drivers.

5. Final release of a Quake/OpenGL driver will be performed by NVIDIA's
board manufacturer customers. NVIDIA expects to release final code for these
drivers to our customers before the end of this year.

New Stingray 128/3D VESA Extensions
Version V4.35 Build 13 of the VESA 2.0 BIOS extensions have been released on the Hercules Stingray 128/3D Driver Library. Thanks Ken "Page Fault" Alverson.

QW CTF Server Mod
The QuakeWorld CTF Competition Server mod version 0.10 beta has been released on the New Dogg Order page, providing what's described as a ClanRing Mod-type functionality to QuakeWorld CTF.

There is an interview on with Paul Kallis, Senior Vice President of Marvel Interactive, discussing the X-Men TC. Thanks John Callaham. Too bad all of us that attended the FRAG missed the Quag. smiley3.gif (1365 bytes)

A few more Malice for Quake reviews:

Missed a couple over the weekend, here's a recap:


If you are having trouble reaching GameWire, you can use the IP address ( till the DNS entry is updated ... There is information on this page about how ADSL connections are available in certain areas of Canada. Thanks Rambo[CtF] ... Belated Happy Birthdays to Levelord who turned 90 on Saturday (thanks Dr Sleep), to Whaleboy who turned 21 yesterday (I told him I have shirts older than that), and finally PMS-Ivy's B'day was last Thursday, cheers to all ...

Sunday, November 16, 1997

TF Bot Project (Updated)
This post originally had the TF Bot's contact wrong, sorry about that. Here's the correct info: The following post on the TeamFortress Bot page reveals the author Wolfgang Lehrach is looking to pass along the reigns (thanks Felix Harris):

November 16
Its time for me to stop...

Enough is enough. I'm looking for someone/group to take over this project... someone/group who can give it a semi-fresh start with more enthusiasm and most importantly more free time then I have had recently. Anybody seriously interested just e-mail me. I'll be considering people as they come in. Anybody/group taking over this project will also get this web-space and the homepage. I may still hang around as co-author, but the main responsiblity has to move to someone else. To tell the truth, I've had enough of QuakeC! 8-)

Thanks for all the letters of support from the TF communitee. The reason I'm stopping is that this bot is going nowhere at the moment and I'm doing nobody any favours by hanging on to it.

Newer Turok Demo
A newer version of the Direct3D Turok: Dinossaur Hunter demo (10.7 MB)  has been released by Acclaim. The date and filesize on the archive have changed, but there is no word on what's different from the version released the other day, so it is uncertain if there is any reason to download the new one if you have it already. Thanks Frans P. de Vries of 3D Action Gamers'.

KeyGrip 1.0
Version 1.0 of KeyGrip (888 KB) the first non-beta version of the Quake demo editor has been released on the KeyGrip for Quake page. The new version, which requires WinQuake for proper operation,  has been re-written from scratch and is said to be over 1000% faster than the original.

Hover Released
The first beta of Hover has been released on the Means Of Destruction. Hover is described as a fast paced 3D virtual reality racing shoot-em-up. There is word there on where to find Hover servers, and a list of things that are already slated to be changed in the next release.

New FAQ Proxy
Version 1.0 of the FAQ Proxy for Quake and QuakeWorld has been released on the FAQ Proxy Homepage. Thanks Miccox. The proxy is an intermediate between a client and a Quake server that provides demo recording, an observer mode, packet filtering, and a view offset. The QuakeWorld version features:

More on the Hexen II EULA
There is a feature article on HexenWorld further discussing the Hexen II end-user license agreement. The author, though not a lawyer, has worked in the legal department of a publishing company for over three years, registering copyrights.

Jedi Hook
The first grappling hook patch (2 KB) for Jedi Knight has been released. Patch author James Hollenbeck says he plans to improve the hook's look and action in future versions. Thanks JediKnight.Net.

New (Final?) HeadHunters Server
Version 3.1 of the HeadHunters server has been released on the HeadHunters Quake page. Thanks Lars Hugentobler. Here's the scoop:

"...Many bug fixes and new altar locations for many maps has been included, along with support for the DaPak maps and many others. This will probably be the final version of Headhunters, and is totally bug-free. Enjoy it. And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the new strategy guide for a complete Headhunters strategtic primer."

The AutoCam page has a new camera patch that will automatically output a script for ReMaic (Reshoot Existing Movie, Altering Its Camera) based on suggested camera angles, allowing you to create an automated cameraman to reshoot an existing demo. More information can be found on the homepages of both programs. Thanks Prophet.

There is an interview with Sumaleth from the Impact team on The Pitstop, your dedicated QuakeRally news page.

There is a review of Malice for Quake on QuakeNews '77.

CTF Scoreboard and League of Capture have merged, part of perhaps a growing trend towards a unification of portions of the CTF community ... I've gotten about 50 emails today about Quake being in today's Dilbert, please see yesterday's news ...

Saturday, November 15, 1997

More John Carmack on Mission Pack/Trinity
moth mailed John Carmack suggesting that id have an outside company create mission packs for Quake II (like Rogue and Hipnotic/Ritual did for Quake) to free id up to work on Trinity, and was kind enough to send along Mr. Carmack's response:

We are doing one, and another company is doing another one.

The idea is that Brian and I will not be doing any work on the mission pack, so we can be doing the tools for trinity.

Daikatana Shots
There are new shots of the three heroes of Daikatana: Hiro, Mikiko, and, Superfly, on ION Storm's site. In a related story, ION texture artist Andrew Collins is interviewed on Daikatana Just In Time. Thanks Prophet.

PGL News
A few news bits from the AMD Pro Gamer's League: More than 1,000 players signed up in the league's first week. The league has also disqualified their first player for an undisclosed infraction, and finally, highlights from the PGL launch at 3COM Park are available on the PGL Website in RealVideo format.

New Future versus Fantasy Quake
Version 3.91 of Future versus Fantasy Quake for registered users has been released on the FvF page, featuring a load of user-requested tweaks to the monsters.

New Viper 330 Drivers
New drivers for the Viper 330 (version: for Windows 95 and version 4.00.1381.0223 for NT) have been released on Diamond's website. Thanks Cory.

Bot Review
There is a preview of the soon-to-be-released Omnicron Bot up on Ramshackle.

Riot Screenshots
There are a half-dozen new screenshots up on the freshly redesigned Riot: Mobile Armor site.

IRC Marriage
Blitz passes along word that in a show of unity, has linked up with

Print Stuff



Log parser of the Day is GibStats which now supports the Orange patch (?). They are also eager for beta testers, more details on the GibStats page ... Inside3D has announced their first hosted site: Quadulem Entertainment, and, similarly JKAT - Jedi Knight Addon Team has popped up at JediKnight.Net ... Jagged's Quake Movie Reviews has been redesigned for easier navigation ...

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