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Friday, November 7, 1997

Riot IRC Log
Here's a log of the IRC session with Monolith's Riot team this evening. Thanks Thrax.

IRC Events: Riot & All-Star/ThunderWalker CTF

I finally finished off my rambling FRAG diary describing the event from my unique (if not tedious) perspective. Special thanks to A Shagadellic Journey for letting me snag some of their photos for illustration. BTW, Dale Graves passes along word that you can email him for information on pre-ordering the Quake II mousepads mentioned in the story.

Quake II Demo Doohicky Support
BuzzKill's Quake page has cooked up another Intellimouse patch, this one allowing you to use the doohicky (wheel) to switch weapons in the Quake II demo (see Brian Hook's .plan for more doohicky news).

New NT SoundBlaster Drivers
New SoundBlaster 16/SB32/AWE32/AWE64 drivers for Windows NT users have been released on the Creative Labs' FTP site. Thanks Thomas N. Ward.

Mac Name Maker, New Mac Site

Monster of the Week
OGR's Half-Life Monster of the Week has been posted. This week in the zoo is the Alien Slave [Xenotherium subservilia]. Thanks The UnderWorld.

Revised Hexen II Utilities
BSP Headquarters has a new version of HexVis posted which fixes a bug, and HexBSP has now been split into two programs, HexCSG and HexBSP. Thanks Prophet.

Quake C Releases

Ridah, the pops (remember  Speed Racer?) of QuakeRally is interviewed on the PitStop, your QuakeRally service station.

Hardware Reviews
GameSpot has posted a review of seven high-end, off-the-shelf computer systems, featuring results from a battery of benchmark tests that include DOS Quake, WinQuake, and GLQuake. Thanks Hanif.



There is a VisPatch for the Killer Quake Pack (to allow transparent water in GLQuake), and the KQP online documentation on the Stormtroopers Of Death page ... What's a third of a year between updates among friends? After a four month hiatus, Impulse 1 is back online. Thanks TRAVIS ... Image of the Day is a way cool Quake II logo sent along by Jim McArthur ...

Logo-copys.jpg (3566 bytes)

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Daikatana Screenshot of the Day
The Daikatana screenshot of the up on OGR.

QuakeWorld Patch Statistics
There is a page QuakeWorld Patch Statistics page up on the TeamFortress Software Site. The statistics they've gathered show more TeamFortress players than any other variety, including CTF and deathmatch. Due to several factors that prevent true comprehensive polling, the page freely says: "This does not mean TeamFortress is The Most Popular Quake Patch." However, their stated goal was to "to be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that TF was popular", which if it wasn't obvious before (I thought it was), should be now. Thanks Someone's Team Fortress.

Half-Life Movies
I spoke with Wedge asking if it was okay to post the MPEG movies from the Half-Life Preliminary Findings CD (I see sCary has posted one already), and he downright insisted that I do so. Here they are, for those of you with fast connections:

Somberfire's Quake II Impressions
ELM-Somberfire made it over to id for a Quake II preview, and has posted his impressions on the WorldCraft page.

Messiah Movie
Yes, a Messiah movie, no, it's not King of Kings. There is a sneak peek at Messiah on GameCenter that features a preview movie in .avi (1.1 MB) and QuickTime (1.0 MB) formats (a re-edit of the old Messiah movie, loonyboi tells me). Thanks Prophet.

More on the Unreal Delay
There is an article on PCGamer Online that has GT Interactive confirming reports that Unreal will be delayed until "first-half 1998". The blurb also mentions Epic's plans on showing a PowerVR enhanced demo of Unreal at Comdex, November 17-19, in Las Vegas.

CTF Strategies
There is a new configuration strategy guide on Paco & Cromwell's CTF Page that features configs from some CTF luminaries such as Zoid, Coder, and Dakota.

Quake Honor Alliance
An interesting new site has emerged in wake of instances of poor sportsmanship and online cheating: The Quake Honor Alliance, which has a code of honor, and an emblem for complying clans to display on their websites. Thanks Quake Mountain.

Jedi Knight Mat Editor
Ed Weese's new .mat file editor for Jedi Knight (110 KB) has been released on JediKnight.Net which should allow for advanced skin editing (for those with the appropriate knowledge).

Net Vis
Robert Morgan sends along his new utility NetVis (24 KB) that will allow Quake map authors to vis their maps over multiple machines over a network. This utility was created as part of the Manhattan Project to create "DaBomb" a new Quake mod that's running exclusively on Heat.Net (described as like CTF, where you destroy the flag).

Prey project Leader Paul Schuytema is the latest interview victim over at Voodoo Extreme.

There is an early look at Quantum 3D's new Obsidian-based Voodoo board on GameSpot describing it as the "ultimate Voodoo card for gaming" Thanks Prophet.




There is a Requiem 2.0 bug report up on the Requiem page if you are trying to figure out if your problem is your own fault, or Requiem's ... The newest edition of the Sniper is up on PCGames, describing Snipes' fascination with the Malice weapons, and touching on a topic that ran hot around here recently, the fact that he uses an Assassin 3D for Quake. Thanks Prophet ... In a disturbing development, the Ultima Online protest mentioned here yesterday was to have been canceled when its organizer was apparently physically threatened by another  player, according to this PCGamer article. Thanks g1zm0. The protest seems to have taken  place anyway, as there are reports and screenshots on Scorched ... Please allow me to take some more time here to throw out some more personal congratulations: from John Cash's latest .plan update, a Happy 13th Anniversary to him and his wife, and a Happy Birthday to little Joey Cash, who at three, is probably now ready to whip up on esses like John Jr. did at QuakeCon (hehe). The Romero's passing into old age (also noted in Cash's .plan) has already been noted here. I also receive word from Billy "Voodoo Extreme" Wilson that he is now a proud papa of Dax Sean Wilson, who with his papa's influence will likely grow up to star in South Park ...

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

More Voodoo Two Doodoo
Another Voodoo 2 article has gone up, this one on GameCenter skeptically titled Press Overhypes Voodoo 2 Benchmarks. Thanks PeelBoy. This article sparked a .plan update from morbid, who has long complained of ant-3Dfx prejudice from GameCenter. As reported earlier: Next-Generation Online has posted their impressions of the Voodoo 2. Thanks Sharky "that's already my nickname" Sharky of Voodoo Extreme. Also, GameSpot's Voodoo 2 article is up. Thanks loonyboi. There is also a PCME article on the Voodoo 2 announcement. Thanks Prophet.

Congratulations to Fargo and Phoebus. Phoebus, famed for the Cult of Himself, HexenWorld, and the Raven website, has become the new Online Production Coordinator for Activision, Inc. Fargo, famed for his eloquence writing them word thingies as a columnist for PlanetQuake has taken a full-time post with Critical Mass and will be contributing to the GameSpy website among other things.

Page Error
Sorry about the error that kept the site offline for a while today (damn script again). I was out to dinner with Mrs. Blue and I had the nagging feeling I needed to rush home to fix something. No joke... psychic web phenomenon!

Daikatana Screenshot
OGR has posted a new Daikatana screenshot of the day.

Pro (and Amateur) Gaming League News
There is an article on ZDNet about the AMD Pro Gamer's League debut (thanks Ragnarok), and I received a press release from The Cyberathlete Organization announcing they are now also running a new amateur league:

The Cyberathlete Organization, the first professional computer gamers organization in the world, announced today the formation of a new amateur league called the Cyberathletic Amateur League or CAL (tm) (pronounced - kal). CAL will provide an opportunity for the enthusiast player to participate in Cyberathletic sponsored tournaments and compete with other enthusiasts from all over the world. The first CAL tournament will be announced soon.

Angel Muñoz, president of the Cyberathlete Organization, said "The formation of the official amateur league is a big step in achieving true athletic status. We want to offer a fair ranking system at the amateur level and opportunities for the top amateurs to turn pro. Being an amateur player does not mean being inept, on the contrary, an amateur is a person that excels in the sport but does it mostly for personal satisfaction and not necessarily for financial reward".

The new CAL tournaments will conform to the regulations and standards set forth by the Cyberathletic Professional League and its Board of Directors. The members of the CPL(tm) Board of Directors are:

John Romero, Founder - ION Storm
Mike Wilson, CEO - ION Storm
American McGee - Designer - id Software
Harry Miller, CEO - Ritual Entertainment
Mike Wardwell, Athletic Director - Cyberathlete Organization and Level Designer - Ritual Entertainment
Frank Cabanski, Director - Quake ClanRing

Sin Screenshots
A couple more Sin screenshots have surfaced, these on Voodoo Power. Thanks Prophet.

Jedi Knight Mod Breakthrough
On JediKnight.Net is word from DJ Scary that there's an easy way to use Jedi Knight modifications, very similar to Quake's -game <gamedir> format, that even allows multiple patches at once (provided there's no file conflict). The lowdown how to do so is on JediKnight.Net.

Jedi Knight Save Game Converter
Jedi Knight saves your game whenever you start a new level, but it's not a "normal" saved game that you can load at anytime (you revert to it if you die on that level). BrianX Veenker has created a utility to convert these automatic saved games (82 KB) so that they behave the same as "manual" ones. Thanks JediKnight.Net.

New(ish) Defusion
There is an updated archive for Defusion 1.02, called 1.02a on the Defusion page. Thanks SeveredHead

Final Kas-Cam
The Kas-Cam project has ended. The last version of this chase-cam, QParty-Kas-Cam 1.8d is available on the Kas-Cam page.

Worldcraft Hexen II Support
autolycus has posted files and instructions on the Forge detailing how you can use Worldcraft to create levels for Hexen II.



Riders on the Storm
The November issue of the Eye on Storm Newsletter is online. Thanks Michael "Hudd" Huthman of Hudd's Daikatana News.

The Best Laid .plans

Feedback Requests
Some major projects are asking for feedback:


The Quake Script Site has moved to

This week's Riot screenshot is up on Monolith's Riot:Mobile Armor page ... The Dank & Scud newspage has been updated a couple of times recently with a progress report on issue #5. Thanks Slipgate ... There's a huge Ultima Online protest in the works, you can read details about the plans for a drunken naked protest (really!) in this letter to PC Gamer ...

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Daikatana Screen
OGR's new Daikatana screenshot of the day has been posted.

New Vérité Hexen II
Stefan Podell sent along beta 4 of Vérité Hexen II (356 KB) the new version is a fix for the boneshard bug and adds "VH2" to the console background, but does not offer any speed improvements.

Sin Screens
There are five exclusive Sin screenshots on The Ultimate SiN showing the blood spattering effect.


Tomb Raider 2 Demo
As promised, the Tomb Raider 2 Demo is up on PC Gamer Online, Direct X 5.0 required. Thanks Prophet.

Unreal Delayed?
OGR is reporting that Unreal's release has been delayed until "first-half" of 1998. Thanks Bill Gizzo. This goes along with this piece of mail that was sent here by David Parke that claims to know the scoop:

GT Interactive's press release today didn't include Unreal in its list of Holiday 1997 offerings. According to somebody who listened into their conference call to discuss results, management is saying that it will be released in the first half of 1998.

Voodoo 2 Benchmarks
Saw on Redwood's that there's a bootNET article taking a first look at the Voodoo 2 which includes some benchmarks for GLQuake showing awesome performance, even before multi-texture support:

CPU: Intel Pentium II 266MHz
Motherboard: Intel 440FX-based ATX motherboard
O/S: Windows NT 4.0
board: 3Dfx Voodoo 2 Reference board with 4MB texture (2MB per texture
processor) and 4MB of frame buffer. Single board configuration.

glQuake 640x480/16-bit (timedemo demo1 no_sync): 94.8fps
qlQuake 800x600/16-bit (timedemo demo1 no_sync): 70.9fps
Q2 Test 640x480/16-bit (timerefresh): 72.0fps

Quake II Impressions
PMS Aurora and PMS Lady Hawk have posted their impressions of Quake II from their visit to id. Subjects touched upon include, deathmatch, single player, the female model, and the ("orgasmic") cinematic intro.

New Intense 3D Voodoo Drivers
Kk Lizard passes along word that there are new Intense 3D Voodoo Drivers up on the Intense 3D Voodoo Support page. They are undated, so apologies if they are not, in fact, new.

Cyber Sports
On the heels of The FRAG, and the PGL's debut, is an article on Wired called Gamers, Choose Your League. Thanks Paul Steffens. This subject is also touched upon in a Brian Hook .plan update.

Jedi Knight Editing

Clan Arena for Net Quake
A net Quake (non-QuakeWorld) version of Clan Arena, the teamplay version of Rocket Arena has been released. More details are on the Rocket Arena page.



Quake Mountain, dedicated to Clan news and happenings, has relocated to

There is a review of Malice up on PC Games. Thanks Prophet.


You can find Hexen II technical support on Hexen II Tech Central, a new site up on HexenWorld ... There was a picture of Thresh and an article about the PGL in yesterday's LA Times yesterday. Thanks Joey Lam. There's a similar article in the San Francisco Examiner. Thanks Piemel ... Quake Name Maker version 0.90 has been released on the QNM page ... PreyStation has a neat new look ... A new page Mod Damage lives up to its punny name with a couple of mods: Get Rich Quake, and the Monster Match ... On the subject of Get Rich Quake, comes the Image of the Day: is the Quake II symbol also a new form of European currency (52 KB)? Thanks HawkWind ...

Monday, November 3, 1997

Daikatana Screenshot
The Daikatana Screenshot of the Day has been posted on OGR.

Pro Gamer's League
The Professional Gamer's League is kicking of its own foray into computer gaming as a sport with a press conference in San Francisco's 3COM Park (the stadium formerly known as Candlestick). This TEN-based league which boasts Thresh amongst its participants, begins ranked play today. Thanks Prophet for pointing out that according to CGN (Cali Girl News) it is possible (but not certain) that the press event today will garner ESPN2 coverage from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific time.

Congrats to Gollum for winning The Frag Tournament, defeating Lord Vader 9-3 earning the trophy and the Typhoon super-computer. The AVault, part of the organization of the CyberAthletes, has extensive coverage of The FRAG, including a demo of the Rix versus Gollum match (1.1 MB). Thanks Prophet. Also covering the event in detail is sCary's Shuga Shack (sCary is the CyberAthlete PR dude, and has some play-by-play of the matches), and of course, Polish's site, Brutality.

Director McGee
Speaking of The FRAG, there is an announcement on the AVault the id Software's American McGee has joined the CyberAthlete Board of Directors.

Daikatana Video
There is a version of the Daikatana music video shown at The FRAG that's been floating around, but it is incomplete, and, having been simply videotaped off a projection, does not do the original (which simply rocks) any justice. I suggest waiting the short time until the real AVI is released by ION before bothering with it (which I see Joey Liaw also mentions in his .plan).

Jedi Knight Maps & Patches

New Defusion
Version 1.02 of Defusion for Quake (1.2 MB), and Defusion for QuakeWorld (1.2 MB), the stop the bomber patch, have been released on the Defusion Homepage. Thanks DeathMonger[MD].

Escape from Quake
The Halloween beta of the Escape from Quake TC has been released on the EFQ Homepage.

LAN ThunderWalker
The "last known" LAN version of ThunderWalker CTF has been posted on the Valley of the ThunderWalkers, since progress on version 4.0 has been slow. Thanks Prophet.

New D3D Wrapper
Sorry about forgetting to upload the Direct 3D wrapper mentioned yesterday, but in the meantime, version 1.1 of the D3D GLQuake wrapper (75 KB) written by David Springer has been posted. Thanks Page Fault.

Voodoo 2
Gamecenter has a huge article with all the latest poop on the highly anticipated, just announced Voodoo 2 (the Voodoo two doodoo, to recycle a pun). Thanks Billy "Wicked" Wilson of  Voodoo Extreme. There are also a couple of new Voodoo 2 Press releases, one from 3Dfx and one from Diamond. Thanks Tony.

The GLUnderground has been updated with the latest word on their 3Dfx OpenGL port. Thanks FireFly [ENZ], and Voodoo Extreme. Here is the hot word on what's up:

Feedback from the initial release (BETA 1) showed a nominal gain of 8-9 FPS in most implementations - when it functioned long enough to support analysis. General consensus was that the port (BETA 1) remained largely unusable due to poor stability. Pariah, Black Dog and the rest of the team have reported much improved stability and a nominal increase closer to 10-11 FPS in the current revision....

...Tentative release date for the next revision: December 3rd 1997 - roughly 100 download / activation keys will be distributed with priority going to developers and a few Quake servers. An address for bug reporting will be provided. Our primary goal is substantive feedback to help us nail this thing down. Beginning November 17th Shannon will start accepting sign up requests - obviously not everyone will be accommodated - not even close. No requests submitted prior to Nov. 17th will be accepted

id Software's Christian "Disruptor" Antkow updated his .plan discussing the articles that have appeared on QuestGate's finger service, Questfinger. The articles, criticizing id for blocking QuestFinger's access to id's finger service, seem to have been taken down, as version 3.31 of their service is back online. Disruptor made a follow up update announcing that QuestFinger will once again be allowed to access id's finger service once version 4.0 goes online as it supports optional filtering, but he also has some final comments on how the whole issue has been handled. There is an editorial on the subject called .plans, Censorship and the Meaning of Life on the MikeBot page.




CORE will be hosting a clan CTF tournament November 7 at 5:00 PM Pacific time on EFNet's #jkctf. Thanks Star Wars Gamers.


Still haven't received those mailbag contributions I accidentally deleted. I hate doing stupid stuff ...

Sunday, November 2, 1997

The final ultra-competitive rounds of The FRAG are being conducted. It's interesting to see how conservative high stakes play becomes, as well as the audiences fascination. These later matches have the competitors surrounded by silent spectators, and the results are met by applause, just like the sport this competition is billed as. I'll do a summary of my whole experience on my return, but that's the latest from the battlefront.

Version 2.2 of the Killer Quake Pack has been released on the KQP homepage. The new features are described as:
Unreal.Com, Epic Megagames' new site, which is the official source of Unreal news has now launched.

D3D Quake Wrapper
David Springer from wrote a Win 95 Direct 3D wrapper for GLQuake (73 KB). Thanks Mathew Binkley.

I screwed up yesterday, and deleted all the mail from my server that I received between Friday Morning and yesterday afternoon's update. I intended to leave it there so I could catch up with some things that I don't have the ability to handle from here in Texas. If you sent me something in that period that wasn't addressed in yesterday's update, you might want to send it along again (in particular, I lost a couple of lengthy, interesting looking MailBag responses. Sorry about that ... Image of the Day is from MonkeyBoy. I am not surprised that the halfway house on this magazine cover (145 KB) is in Texas ...

Saturday, November 1, 1997

Here at The FRAG, the biggest baddest face-to-face Quake competition ever. Polish's promise of a net connection came through (I could get used to a T1), and I have Polish's hospitality to thank, as I am currently using his computer. The tourney is running apace, and the level of competition is understandably high. There are a bunch of hardware and software vendors here (I'll try and get a complete list). KillCreek won the first of the 3Dfx Obsidian Cards that Jack and Scott brought along, by walking through the room in her CrackWhore outfit and declaring her love for 3Dfx. We just saw an amazing Daikatana film, and the ION guys are doing a Q&A session. There a Sin demo and more goodies planned. Much fun (and yes I've made it to Denny's).

Beta Quake II Vérité Driver & New VHexen II
Stefan Podel of Rendition sent along the first beta release of ref_v1k.dll for Quake 2 (172 KB), as well as new VHexen2 plus drivers (155 KB), and a hacked demo1 for VH2 (124 KB), since demo1 was failing because of a version check.

PowerVR Minidriver Fix
Vik Long (who's actually somewhere in this room at The FRAG right now) sent along a corrected PowerVR Quake II Demo Minidriver (82 KB), with a corrected read me.

Daikatana Screenshot of the Day
After I left yesterday's exclusive Daikantana Screenshot of the day went up on OGR.

The Sin FAQ at The Ultimate Sin has been updated. Thanks Prophet.

.plan Wars
Several updates surrounding a back-and-forth between id and ION Storm following Bryan Pritchard's comments on StormFront and Paul Steed's .plan response. Apparently a response (since pulled) appeared first on IONS's website, spurring a more few updates by Paul, culminating in an apology in John Romero's .plan.

id Software's very own contest page is online, starting things off with an opportunity to win a Monster 3D or a Quake II baseball cap. There is also an opportunity get a $20 off coupon for a Monster 3D.

Log Parser of the Day is GibStats, now up to version 1.5 ...

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