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November 29th

Hi I'm Back...
...and stuffed. Hope everyone had a happy & a healthy...

Level Packers Attacked
Thanks to Adam Tuggle for pointing the way to this article in Next-Generation about attempts by the IDSA to fight those who package add-on levels against the wishes of the game's manufacturers.

Quake Skin FAQ
Dan Bickell, skin artist extrodinaire (as well as the guy who supplied American with the foul, err, Cool German Word of the Day), has put together a Quake Skin FAQ to help answer the many questions this subject raises. This is your chance to get advice on this subject from a guy who's been paid for his skins, so jump at it.

QView/QHost Updated
Qview/Qhost have been updated to version 2.2/1.2. The change is a security fix, and Larry Sanders (played by Gary Shandling) of Wasatchfault (where the files can be found) says server admins should upgrade ASAP.

DQL 1.0
Dan Finkelstein of Dan's Quake Page says that he's ready to release his baby, Version 1.0 of Dan's Quake Launcher which, in addition to tweaks and bug fixes, adds the ability to connect to Net Quake servers. Available at Dan's.

Quake MUD
Reb sends along word of a MUD where players can go to organize Quakematches, etc., and clans get locked rooms for meetings. It's called QuakeMUD, at on port 3000.

Quake Add-ons
Thanks to Jester for the news that the January issue of PC Gamer features a large article about Quake add-ons, a sneek preview of Hexen 2 and a little article about the additions Raven has made to the Quake engine.

GameGirl Digs The Reactor
There's an article on CNET's Gamecenter by GameGirl(?) that talks about 3D Acceleration, and touts the Intergraph Reactor. Thanks to J.T. Barnes (Ratboy) for the tip. If you read that story, be wary of this line:

"Early tests have shown that the Reactor outperforms most popular 2D boards, so you're guaranteed a smooth double life, until the DOS/Windows mess is sorted out in the gaming world."

That's true as long as your DOS games support SVGA modes, but certain DOS games (like Doom), are hopeless. I love my Reactor, but you need to be aware of that before you buy.

QCHQ Moves
The QuakeC HeadQuarters has moved to a spiffy new domain. Mark your records accordingly.

Thanks to Patrick Cupka of the Void for pointing me to this intersting Tomb Raider Site (interesting because of who's running it... you might want to stop by and say hi!

November 28th

Happy Thanksgibbing
And to those who don't celebrate this holiday, I hope you have reason to be thankful nonetheless. Yeah this is really just posted Wednesday night, but what can you do. I try... ...I'll be back Friday. Bye.

November 27th

ISP Data
John Krutke's excellent Lag City has been updated with the first wave of results from their ISP Survey. It's a bit disorganized still, but I have high hopes that as this moves forward it can become a true searchable database.

Local Stuff
Yeah I'm gonna start a local events calendar... but for now:

There's a tourney being set up in the NY area. I might be able to attend this myself. Check out this (no-frills) page for info.

For those in the Honolulu area (or willing to travel), check out Lan-a-palooza IV, hosted, as always by the Volcano Gods. This time around they're playing Capture the Flag.

More tournament news is The Battle for Rage, a 64-man tournament being proposed by DQ's Rants and Raves. Every man for himself, and to keep the connections fast, the games will be 4 players playing each other, go there for more details.

To Dnormlguy for helping me fix my HTML to close the gaps on the blue date bar.

Quake RC Archive Lives!
The long dormant Quake RC Archive, dedicated to config files has been revived by David G. Miller (Wino).

Quake Command Reveals All
For those who were feeling bad for Choryoth with Wedge abandoning him for the soggy shores of Seattle, fear not. Choryoth has updated Quake Command (perhaps for the last time...*sniff*), posting the Quake Command FAQ, which reveals that he has been hired by the same company that hired Wedge. Way to go! (Oh, okay, just this once): w00p!

PC Home's New Home
Nick Rigby
sent along the following:

About two months ago PC Home (in the UK) decided it would be a great idea to post a challenge in there magazine to all UK quakers. They posted an ip of a server on there network, which has a 128k leased line, at that time they were none the wiser about its ability to handle more than 4 users, until i pointed this out to them, so they have now move this to Minos ( who have kindly offered to assist in this matter the ip and port of this server is 26999.

November 26th

[Old Contest Results] [New Contest Announced

Unofficial Quake FAQ
There's a hint at why the unofficial Quake FAQ has gone awhile between updates (besides the demands of running a news site), on Impulse1 (Toby Goldstone the FAQ's author's site). Go check it out, it looks like this is going to become an even more comprehensive Enquakelopedia, with a few new sections, including how to make 3D models by Steve Tietze of Rogue.

Reactor Price Break--Oh Well...
Earlier I reported that if you order Intergraph's Vérité-based Reactor video card directly from Intergraph (1-800-692-8069), and mention the "Comdex $129 Special," that you could get it for that price, down from their normal price of $149. (I called Intergraph and they confirmed this). Unfortunately, they are now asking for a faxed copy of your Comdex Badge as proof of attendance, so apparently this will no longer work. (Not so subtle editorial to follow) Though if any of my pals at Intergraph are reading, I want to go on record as unhappy that they're offering such a discount, and leaving most customers out... if they can afford that price for the movers and shakers <g> at Comdex, then they can affford it for Joe Sixpack (though, of course, at $149, they're still making all the other $199 Vérité cards look expensive).

Billy Zelsnack Interview
There is an interview on the Quake Newsstand (formerly Q.L.E.N.) with Geo author Billy Zelsnack who talks about his company, Rebel Boat Rocker, and their upcoming 3D shooter which he alleges has a plot (gasp). He also reveals that the new name for Geo2 is going to be The Level Pimp (I like it!).

Quake Shakes
Thanks to friend o' Blue Jason for pointing out this article from Wired on a Hong Kong ISP's efforts to protect itself from liability for Quake-related disorders. A few that wrote in on this one said they thought they'd seen this somewhere before. That would be right here.

Contest Ends/Begins
We have a winner in the make a contest contest: Steve Fennell who was the first entry with this idea:

A guessing contest of the final score between American McGee and John Cash in their deathmatch showdown. You have to guess the exact score, and a run-off could be handled by lottery.

Here are the complete rules to the new contest. Congratulations Steve, your brand new SpaceOrb 360 Controller is on its way. This entry is perfect, because it's cool, worth the prize, and easy to judge. It is amazing some of the complicated schemes people came up with considering I specifically said it had to be easy to judge. Some of the entries were also quite funny. Here's a brief sampling of some that made me smile:

And of course the brown-nose award:

Thanks to all of you who entered, and congratulationas, again, Steve.

November 25th

[Romero's Deathmatch Tips]

Tokay Talks
Go check out Sujoy's Quake Pages for another interview, this time with the Elvis of Quake, American "Tokay" McGee. Thanks to "someone named jcampbll" for passing that along.

Now Him I'll listen To!
GameSpot has updated its Quake Strategy guide to include deathmatch tips from John Romero! How cool is that? Thanks to Alex Dimson.

American .plan
Thanks to one of my favorite newshounds Jason Keddie (XP-Fiend) for passing along the news that American updated his .plan:

Thanks to Dan Bickell for *my* cool German word
of the day:

You figure it out... too gross for me to actually
tell you here. This is a family show you know.

One-on-One Ladder
The QuakeC Headquarters is hosting a ladder of one-on-one battles between clan representatives. Go there for details.

I got a note from Derrick of Derrick's QuakeMap Page pointing out that Armin Rigo, (QuakeMap author) has started releasing "custom" brushes/entities/QuakeC, etc. for QuakeMap in the proprietary QME format, and the second release was the QuakeLab pack. Most of the cool stuff from the QuakeLab has been put into one QME file, and any QuakeMap user can easily use these items just by adding the QME file to their level. All this can be found exclusively on Derrick's QuakeMap Page, along with a QuakeMap tutorial and general good stuff.

Rotating Brushes
Speaking of the QuakeLab, Steve Fukuda (head Scientist over at the Lab) points out that the Cold Fusion project of Quake, the search for "rotating brushes," has produced results, so all you editor types run on over there.

Doom TC
Eeek. I've gotten a lot of mail about the Doom TC, but it's already listed in my TC section... like sCary says, there are so many of them out there (many of which will not be completed) that they're tough to keep track of... So a while back I decided to keep track of them separately (I know people only read the news page, but I try...).

November 24th

CTF 3.1
There's news about the upcoming Capture the Flag 3.1 on Threewave. Planned enhancements include the guy with the flag no longer glowing (instead he'll have a visible flag, and will trail "green particles"), and a scoring system that will reward players for "assists."

Redwood has done some interesting comparisons between the speed of DOS Quake and the beta of WinQuake (both on Win95 and WinNT), and posted the results. As he points out, WinQuake (thankfully) will not be the dog that WinDoom was.

Were you curious when you first read about that Quake audio CD project? Well I sure was, and now that Methods of Destruction, the CD of music to kill by created by Cyber-Age Studios, has been released, I've had the chance to check it out. I give it a thumbs up! Here's my review of Methods of Destruction. Look for my SpaceOrb review, as well as the winner of the make a contest contest in the next couple of days.

That's Right QSoccer!
A Quake project you're sure to get a kick out of (you knew I had to do that, didn't you?) is Quake Soccer, so head (groan) on over and check it out

QuakeWorld Master Server
More on the state of the Master Server on the RevCo Page (and they're not wearing any pants), go and check it out. Thanks Brandon Norlie (Wolfc).

Master Server always makes me think of the Master Cylinder from that old cartoon (just further proof we watch too much TV as kids). Thank you to Scot Beidelman for being the first of several (I love that so many of you live in my bizarre dimension... or is that demention) to point out I was wrong about that being from Underdog (further proof we shouldn't try and think at 3 am)... it was actually Felix the Cat.


Quest Source Released
The source code for the defunct Quake editor Quest is now available on the Quest homepage. Thank you Sam Harrison for lettting me know.

November 23rd

[Large Carmack .plan Update]

Rogue Screenshots
Thanks to Midiguy for sending along the URL of screenshots of Rogue's Expansion pack.

WCU Status
A few people have asked about the WorldCraft University page, which has dissapeared off the radar. I wrote USteppin, who tells me to expect the page to return soon at a new URL. (BTW, there's no class tonight).

Quad Cities
You can find information on Internet play, setting up a LAN for multiplayer DM, information about the upcoming Quakecon 97, and a Real Audio "Clan Ring Sportscast" on Quad Cities.

Mod Ring
The latest in the craze that's sweeping the nation (ringmania), check out the Mod Ring, a ring dedicated to editing and Quake modifications.

Large Carmack .plan Update
Thanks to Ken Faulkner for letting me know that John Carmack made a huge update to his .plan which covers just about every current port and project they're working on.

Canadian Club
If you're from the Great White North, and feel a little left out of the clan scene, email Kevin Hansen (ToyMan) who wants to form The Canadian Connection:

"an alliance (for lack of a better term) between Canadian Clans...for the purposes of exchanging information and fostering the ever-fragile, Canadian Quake Identity. <grin> Possibilties of Quake Events and Tournaments will also be in the works..."

Quake at Comdex
Thanks to Jef Sewell for pointing the way to this New York Times Online article that talks about Quake at Comdex.

Models Everywhere
You can get a beta of the dragon from QTest, brought to life by the Lone Gunmen from their page or right here (225k).

There's a screenshot of the dragon and all the other models that have been cooked up for Quake on Bubba's Models for Quake, which I found thanks to Der fette Felix, where you can find Bubba's Bazooka Babe(!)

QHT'sTemporarily Canned
Steve Towle (the Dipmeister) webmaster of Putz informs me that due to the discovery of cheating in demos (ooops my llamometer just went nuts), the QHT project is temporarily on hold. QHT or Quake Honorific Titles is a system to award titles to those who can complete preassigned tasks, and demos are used for proof. The program will likely start up when it is figured out how to detect cheating in demos (which John Cash apparently has some ideas on).

Kinda weird, turns out Steve's birthday is the 21st too...

WorldCraft Help
There is a beta version of the WorldCraft help file by Mark Kusec on the WorldCraft Homepage, or right here (128k). Thanks Mike Daugherty.

The Final Quest
Version 1.1, the last update to the now-discontinued Quest is on the Quest Homepage. This version remains essentially unchanged from version 1.093 other than the new SVGA routines, and, of course, the lack of virii (he says he checked his hard drive first). The decision on the source code was to release it, and pick the "official" ports and continuation of the project from the best resulting efforts. The source is due to be released "sometime this weekend." Thanks Keith Jaskot (aka TheUnforgiven).

The QuakeC HeadQuarters is starting an editing team. If you're interested, check out QCHQ or mail erebus.

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