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November 22nd

[Quake in Stores]

sCary Interview
There's an interview by Jo Nat Han Roving Interviewer with sCary on Sujoy's Quake Pages. Find out the answers to burning questions like what's the significance of the capital "C." Thanks to "someone named jcampbll" (that's how he signed it) for passing that along.

QTeam 2.0
Got this from Gary Griggs:

The new CTF, Capture the Shambler, Paintball support, and associated maps in QTeam 2.0 is ready for a wide beta test this weekend. Quake Innovations, the developers of the QTeam patch, is looking for server owners to run this beta test, and to help distribute the associated client packages and map designing packages to end users. Interested server adminstrators should contact cyberdog at, or on Efnet IRC in the #qteam channel. Interested users should check starting at 8pm for the latest information on what servers are running QTeam and where the client side packages can be obtained.

Quake v. Marathon2
Trying to further promote constructive dicussion of burning issues, CNET is following up their Quake v. Duke debate with Quake v. Marathon2. No word on the scheduling of Quake v. Rise of the Triad (the May sweeps perhaps?). Thanks Mike Hughes.

There is a bug in the Capture the Flag 3.0 release that causes vertigo (ctf6) to crash the server. There's a 3.01 patch for server operators on Threewave, or you can download it from here (4M). The pak0.pak in this file fixes the bug on the map, but it's only required on the server. If you are connecting as a client with 3.0, you don't need to download the new file, 3.0 or 3.01 will work equally well.

Cache Update Plan
If you're still getting the forwarding page from the URL you might want to try it again after clearing your browser's cache. This has solved this "problem" for a significant number of readers.

Open GL Quake
There's an email from John Carmack on dakiller's site, that reveals that OpenGL Quake is going to be here before Direct3D Quake, and that it will probably provide better performance on 3Dfx-based cards (they're "working on enough of an OpenGL driver to let glquake run on their hardware").

I also see that dakiller and I share the same birthday (yesterday). Funny, eh? Don't feel bad for not knowing, you weren't suppposed to.

Quake Command Update
Well, the reason Quake Command has suffered from infrequent updates lately can finally be revealed. An opportunity to put those programming and design skills to use on a large project. Wedge and Choryoth are a pair of terrific guys, and their talents are starting to get them some justly deserved attention, so if this means that one of my favorite all-time Quake pages fades away then so be it (*sniff*). Maybe QC won't have to die... I'll be grateful if they just can post the occasional Forrest Gump picture. I hope you'll all join me in wishing them the best of luck...

Quake In Stores Today
Headline says it all. The full registered Quake should be available in stores today.

Launch Quake From Your Browser
Check out [deicide]'s Quake Domain's new and improved server list, with more player search functions, and an ingenious new touch... the ability to launch quake from your browser(!) Cool stuff.

Quake Player Head DM Fortune Teller
Kinda like that machine in the William Shatner Twilight Zone episode, the Quake Player Head will tell you the future, in the form of how you're going to do playing Quake that day. Exclusively at Quake Java.

CTF Ring
A CTF Ring has formed to provide an easy means to CTF strategy, hints, and resources. Thanks to my pal SamHell for letting me know.

There's a print magazine called The Net, that apparently has a mention (or something) about the Amish Clan (so they tell me) ... If you like to share your opinions, check out this deathmatch survey, being run by a grad student (trying to get a degree in fragging, or something) ... Plucky wants to let everyone know he is back on the job updating the Gulf Breeze Quake Site ... Ideas for Quake-related cartoons would be appreciated over at Totally Quake ... If you ever wondered what the URL of this site is if you accidentally put your hands on the keyboard offset one key off to the left, it's grroL..qqq,vkywabwqa,xin. - Smile  :-)

November 21st

 [Capture the Flag 3.0 Released]

QuakeWorld Master Server Part II
There's more on QuakeWorld on the RevCo Homepage, tonights topic, nick registration, go read all about it (thanks sCary). Earlier today RevCo's QuakeWorld Master Server port update (this page is the prime source for info on his subject, since Disruptor is the master of the Master Server, i.e., doing the port) makes the prospect of finishing the project off soon sound quite promising (thanks Marshall Parker).

CTF 3.0 Released
The eagerly awaited full release of Capture the Flag 3.0 has been released on Threewave. There is a list of servers and mirror sites there. Here is the Client patch (4M) and the Server patch (400K).

Fargo Lives!!
If you're like me, you're a fan of Fargo's fine writing as he reports on the clan scene. Well, good news, the technical difficulties that have prevented Fargo's regular updates have been cleared up, thus Fargo's Frontpage, part of the PlanetQuake empire will resume it's regular daily updates.

War Council Change of Address
On the subject of clan news, I got word from Embrionic Pete that since they've been picked up by Games Domain, the North American War Council page (essential NA Clan news) has a new address. Congrats guys, keep up the good work.

Quest Ends
Chris Carollo and Trey Harrison, the authors of Quest, the popular DOS-based Quake editor, have decided not to continue development of their program. A short explanation, as well as info about the potential availability of the program's source is on the Quest Homepage. Additionally Jesse Glen of Unnatural Disasters did an interview on IRC last night with the authors, so check that out for the full story.

TeamFortress Map Makers Needed
I got word from Robin, one of the creators of the TeamFortress patch, who would like experienced map authors who are interested in creating maps for use with the add-on to contact him. More info on what is involved in adding TF entities to a map are available on the TeamFortress Page.

Check out the The Chaos Sphere for info about this upcoming Hexen2 related event. Also, there's another interview with the Raven guys about Hexen2 on GameSlice (which has been there about a week--thanks Chris Hayden).

November 20th

Battle of the What?
Yep the battle of the bands (how do you shoot someone with a tuba?). Okay, it's not at all Quake-related, but our old friend Redwood is asking for our help. Go to his site, and see how you can help return some treachery (ah, I knew that'd get your attention) in the aforementioned battle. Red has always been there for us, so I think a little ballot box stuffing is the least we can do.

MedDLe 1.7
I keep forgetting to mention that the new MedDLe, version 1.7, is out. Get it here (188k) or on the Meddle Homepage. New in this version are bug fixes, an easier to use flag setter, and now MedDLe can group frames and skins for client side animation. Saw that on sCary's Quakeholio.

Site Sights
Messing around with the look of the site, as you may have noticed. Popped up another new logo (thanks ColdSun), and there are still a few more new ones that people have been nice enough to send in that'll put up here and there. I got a lot of complaints about the other blue headers being too dark and I finally relented (I still like the dark blue better).

Well That is Easier to Pronounce
James Lazarus figured out an easy way to answer the question of how do you pronounce Q.L.E.N. (Quake Level Editing News)... change the name! The site is becoming more of an all-purpose news site, and has been re-christened The Quake Newstand.

Club Med Watch Out
If you're the social type of sociopath, check out the Quake Club, which features a roster of member's web pages, a chat applet, and a digest of the samurai mailing list (kind of the ascii .sig Hall-of-Fame).

Ca$h's .plan
Thanks to Doug Stinson (Evilkiller-FLAG) for the word:

just got back from La$ Vega$
went to PC Magazine's 13th Annual Awards for Technical Excellence
we got the award for the "After Hours" catagory
I guess nobody plays Quake during working hours ;-)

QuakeWorld Update
The RevCo Homepage describes Disruptor's feeling that QuakeWorld's release might be affected by delays in porting the QuakeWorld Master Server code to WindowsNT (which is being done by Christian). There's also word of the first planned clan match on QuakeWorld, between the Revolting Cocks and (appropriately enough) the Crack Whores (RevCo v. CrackHo?).

NeoTECH Magic
This Saturday (11/23/96) at 7:00 pm EST, NeoTech Online's new Quake Patch, MAGIC, will emerge from private beta testing, and start running on several servers. According to the NeoTECHies, the patch has already become quite popular during testing. The patch features six Character Classes, all new custom weapons, and spells.

Ranger Update
It's my understanding that the newest installment in the Ranger's movie series (Ranger Gone Bad) is finally nearing completion (I don't mind the wait, as long as something dies in this one...). Also Zoid's clan hunt has ended, as he has joined the Rangers. Oh, gee, and thanks a lot for the boot in the head Zoid (teach me to try and help).

sCary Honored by AOL
Well not really, I just like the way that sounds. Actually sCary's explanation of how he became an Internet Sysop has been added to David Cassel's AOL Watch page (thanks Smythe). Also check sCary's for his impressions on the beta of the tentatively-titled Rift beta and his Texas trip (looks like sCary is your official Hipnotic sysop as well...).

Wasatch Watch
The faults in the Wasatchfault website have been cleared up enough that you can once again get the new versions of QHost and QView.

Contest on Zor's
There's a contest on Zor's Quake Page, with an Assassin 3D controller from FP Gaming as the prize. Zor's is an ineresting page where he rates all the players he's played against (oddly, this reminds me of the guy in Throw Mama From the Train who wrote the "coffee table book" about all the women he'd like to sleep with). It's pretty funny actually (my favorite: "player: this guy's everywhere!").

I'm sorry I have not been able to announce a winner for my own contest yet, but I'm awaiting word back from someone even busier than me(!), who I won't bug with any more email... Word will come soon, hopefully...

Hexen Fan Club
Thanks to Thomas H Valley III for letting me know that The "Official" Hexen Fan Club is having it's weekly meeting on IRC. This weeks special guest is scheduled to be Chris Rinehart, head programmer for Heretic and Hexen.

Seismic Hooters
How could I resist a story with that headline? (I think Kwiart's invented it.) If you are in the area of Arlington Texas (or willing to travel), and single (or equipped with an excuse for your wife/girlfriend) then check out Seismic Spew's upcoming Hooters extravaganza. Sorry for saying earlier that you needed to be 21, apparently Hooters is a "family" restaurant (if you have a liberal family).

There's a lengthy IRC log with lots of stuff from some of the Hipnotic guys on Phyre's World. Included is further indication that their upcoming Quake project will not retain its tentative title The Rift.

Can't See the Forest for the Trees
I mentioned trees yesterday, so it's equal time for the Dark Forest Project which has some nice looking screenshots of, yup, a dark forest.

Quake in Wired
There's a brief mention of John Romero's departure from id, as well as a reference to clan play that mentions Dark Requiem, RevCo, and Damage, Inc. by name in the latest issue of Wired magazine. Thanks to DR.Unit for letting me know.

Okay, it''s been a while... when you get a chance you might want to check out: A very cool clan site, Gold of the Clan Zealot Wroth, and another is Township Rebellion. Also check out Necromancer's Quake Page, and Banana's Corner (part of the ClanRing site)... 

November 19th

[New Thred] [Trees]

Full version
Update from 0.7 (115k)
Thred DLL's (577k)

Oh, just one more thing:
Mona is my Crack Whore of choice...
She is allowed to "unload" my rocket
launcher anytime she pleases.

LPB's Unite! On the clan front, Ben also points out that U|A, DR, and the "notorious" WU Tang Clan have united to form The Dark Trinity (triple your frags, triple your fun!).

November 18th

[CTF 3 Final Release Info]

Just went to Sujoy's Quake Page for the first
time... thanks to a mention on Blue's page.
Laughed my ass off for a while, and then fell
on the floor.

Intend to experiment with these "riblets" tonight,
maybe put a "riblet gun" in Quake II.

Of course if that experiment consists of eating the riblets, he might not live to complete Quake II, but I'm not a doctor or anything...

CTF3 Final Release!!!
After the supremely successful private beta testing last night, it has been decided that a public beta will not occur. But don't lynch us yet, because The FINAL release should be out in a few days. That's everything, including the client and server side patches, and all the source for the server. It's been a lot of hard work and a long time in coming, but it'll be worth it. Special thanks to the #QuakeEd beta testing team, without whose hard work this wouldn't be released nearly this soon.

Hey NZ!

November 17th

[CTF Beta Postponed] [Updated Vérité Review] [Mail Woes]
[ISP Survey] [ClanRing Prefixes/Suffixes] [Repaired Reaper]

The most significant new features are:

The new features in DQL beta 4 are:

November 16th

[Reaper 0.8] [Goat-o-Rama]

thanks to Steve Otteson for today's "Cool German word of the day"
and to Dominik Volmer for correcting the spelling ;-)
Schutzfehlerverletzung - General Protection Fault

Thanks Micheal Freeth for letting me know.

"I'm busy porting the QuakeWorld Master Server code from Unix to Windows NT. Going to try to add a few commands to it as well, like the "seen" command (from IRC), "connectf" (Connect to the fastest available server to you), and some other stuff... Thanx to Geoff Scully (Tarok) and Ben Morris (savant) for their insight and support"

Thank you to the (da?) ever-vigilant dakiller of for passing that along.

While I'm on the subject of writing in, let me take this opportunity to apologize for being so bad about returning email. I was just gabbing with my buddy Choryoth of Quake Command about this, and I realized I never have really explained this fully here, so I expanded the explanation of my reply woes in my email link.

Goat lovers of the world unite!

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