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November 15th

The Beta2 will include...

An Entirely New Level by DaBug.
All New Bases and More Health in DySpHoRiA.
No Hallway Struts, and Better Secrets in McKinley Base.
No Rocket Launchers or Crossbeams in the Bases of the Kiln.
As well as Various Fixes and Modifications, custom tailored to enhance your enjoyment.

thanks to Steve Otteson for today's "Cool German word of the day":
Shutzfehlerverletzung - General Protection Fault

With a follow-up from our expert, BiTBUSTER of Die Fette Faust (that's right, long time readers might remember that this isn't the first time a German translation has been argued about here at Blue's):

it's not called "Shutzfehlerverletzung" but "Schutzfehlerverletzung!" ;)

When: November 16 - 10:00 PM - Eastern
Where: Undernet IRC - #Worldcraft

The topic for this week is ENTITY and ENTITY PLACEMENT.

They are no longer distributing the "package," because that info is now available on the WorldCraft University Homepage. Also be sure to read the WorldCraft FAQ.


November 14th


November 13th

Download the beta Client CTF patch (1.5MB).


I'll running a beta test of the new custom ThreeWave stuff tonight at 7PM EST on The new BETA pak will be available here for download. The beta test will be up for at least tonight and possibly tomorrow. The test includes the new skins, models, sounds and three new levels (McKinley Base, The Kiln and DySpHoRiA).

The BETA pak file will be made available here shortly after 6PM EST. The server will be switched to using the new levels at 7PM. The download is expected to be a 1.5MB ZIP file.

I'm looking forward to this people. Custom CTF will rock!

still alive, working on Quake2
if you're using winded for servers, check out qhost/qview at
speaking of cool stuff, check out the Quake Comics at

From earlier today: Check out Descent to Undermountain a first-person fantasy game using the Descent engine (due first Quarter of '97). Also, the interactive demo for SkyNET, the Terminator 3D shooter, is available on the PC Release List. Thanks for those items to Bill Mull (Phoebus) of (Crazed & Quakin) and Buke (of Kwiart's Korner) respectively.

While you're there, check out their player search page... I don't think I mentioned it when it was implemented (so much news, so little time), but in addition to supporting wildcards, their player search function can also find multiple players. Pretty stinkin' cool. Never one to sit on his laurels (or anyone else's for that matter), Sky says to look for a major revamp in the coming weeks.

After long discussion with Microsoft, Hipnotic Beta Party 86'ed, nix'd, flushed, terminated, gibbed etc.

It is true that we announced the party 2 days ago and are now canceling it, but it is for a great reason. We have been working on some new technology for Quake for the past month and were quite unsure whether or not we would be able to pull it off. Well that time has paid off, and the technology works! Now, we have to go back and add it to all the levels. Needless to say, we don't have enough time between now and Saturday to complete that work. Without this feature, our level pack would have been great, but with it, the pack will be awesome. Thank you to everyone who responded and was willing to help our cause. We have your email addresses and will contact you when we are ready ... again.

Yeah, they licensed it. It should have said Thred on the box, but the publisher (in his infinite wisdom) thought that it would be better to call it the Aftershock Quake Editor. It's the v0.6b version of Thred with my tutorial for documentation. The publisher did pay Jon both up-front money and royalties for it, and we used it to make all of the new single-play maps on the CD. The whole deal is completely legit.


November 12th

Changes since version 0.8

Not much, mostly bug fixes. The bug that plagged the Unix/Linux/WindozeNT version seems dead.  You can now customise the name and color of the bot, and in automatic mode, the bot will try to reconnect every minute (in case the server goes down).

Thanks to Joe E. Powell for sending the word (yep he does stuff other than code QSpy... I even played him in QuakeWorld the other day!!).

Attention Quakers,

As many of you know we have been working fast and furiously on our Quake expansion pack tentatively entitled "The Rift." We think the pack kicks ass, but we want to get some unbiased opinions. So here's the deal:

The Rift Beta Party
Hipnotic Interactive Inc. Headquarters, Dallas, TX.
Saturday November 16, 1996.
3:00PM till we throw you out.
Only the 24 most worthy Quakers may attend.

If you are interested in attending this shindig, send us email at We only have room for 24 people (we wish we could invite everyone), so you need to show us why you would be a good beta tester and how you plan to be in Dallas by Saturday (We want to make sure you show up). Please send all requests by Wednesday, November 13.

The Hipnotic guys were also nice enough to extend an invitation to ole Blue here, and I'm busy trying to see if I can make that happen (the fabulous Bluejet is in for repairs at the moment, complicating travel arrangements...). I'll let you know what happens there.


November 11th

No, he will not be doing anything for the Quake II project. He is way too busy working on his new album, not to mention a couple of other projects.

Wow, what a game last night! The Cowboys stomped all over the 49s. Our very own Mike Wilson is a huge Cowboys fan. I know he would love to hear from all his fellow Cowboys fans. Drop him an e-mail ( and congratulate him on his team's huge victory!!

Hell, I'm a Giants fan, and where we come from the kind of mailbombing Cowboys' fans get is the Unabomber special (for the humor-impared, just kidding, I only advocate virtual violence)...


November 10th

Date: November 10
Time: 11:00 PM Eastern Time
Place: #WorldCraft, UnderNet IRC

They're also looking for WC `experts` to help out, so if you're interested and qualified email USteppin. If you are unable to make it to the channel live, but are interested, then email USteppin for "the package" which includes:

.Maps (if any)
.Txt (of something)

Like a correspondence course...

Since my last QuakeWorld report I've received a new beta of the client, as well as a couple of beta releases of the front end. The new front end is just what you'd expect from the people that brought you QSpy; very slick and feature rich, it works like a charm. QuakeWorld will be a snap to use (the front end can also be used to find non-QW servers, it's a QuakeWorld-enabled QSpy). The exciting news is the further improvements to the new client. All of the smoothness of the prior releases remains, but no more of that annoying feeling that objects in the QuakeWorld environment were less tangible (mushy). There are two servers running at the moment, and for the first time, I got into a game on the second one (which I had avoided because it's ping was twice the other one's), and was I really impressed. At no time did my ping get below 400, yet I found the game smooth and playable throughout, better than any normal game of net Quake I've ever played. There seems to be a bit of a problem with dropped frames during hairy firefights (very oddly I found this a bigger problem on the server where I had the lower ping), but I'm told that John Carmack is aware of it, and working on it.

Warning: Since I've raved about QuakeWorld's smoothness here, I have to stress once again, that it has been stated that if you've got a really crappy service provider, then QuakeWorld is not going to help you much. My results are pretty dramatic, but I've always gotten a smoother connection than 90% of the 28.8 users out there. Your milage may vary.


November 9th

Hints for winning:

Here are the rules:

While I'm on the subject of contests, sCary's demo contest ends tomorrow (talk about viewing demos... I don't know how he does it). Also, remember, Redwood is having a logo contest for you artistic types.

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