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November 8th

"playing on our server here using the new "SpaceOrb 360" controller. This thing is fucking cool. We had one of the older models about a year ago that we decided we liked so much we smashed it into a wall. :) I have never liked playing DM with anything but a three button mouse... until now. This is as good as a mouse (not saying it's better). I sound like a commercial."

Now I'll get my chance, since SpaceTec has sent me one of these things to review. I'll check it out, and when I've gotten the feel for it, I'll give you my impressions. They've also sent along a couple for me to give away, so I guess it's time to concoct my first ever contest! I'm pretty sure I know how I'm going to handle this, but I'm gonna sleep on it, and announce it tomorrow. If you have bought a SpaceOrb or plan to, you can get a $20 mail in rebate by printing and remitting this web coupon before the end of the year. (You also need a receipt, so you can't pick up $20 if you win one from me.)

November 7th

Well, it's true. Judgment Day is cancelled, and so is the on-site ClanCup event. None of you are more sorry than me. We should have known better than to count on someone else to pull this off. Oh, well. I suppose id will have to plan its own event. But for now, it's off.

And more recently, followed it up with a clarification (lest we think he was accusing the ClanRing of screwing up):

lest anyone misunderstand, i was referring to MS in the below statement, not the clanring. the clancup never would have stood a chance without will and the clanring guys, even if MS would have had their shit together. the WHOLE JUDGMENT DAY EVENT is cancelled... or postponed, as they say. there you have it.

Working working working...

Since Blue gets his rants and Scary
gets his stories I would just like to
say one thing:
-Best Buy customer service SUCKS-
If I go into a store to purchase
something I usually expect people to
come *towards* me and *help* me. Not
to run away and hide... and once I actually
have the thing I wish to purchase, it seems
only logical that I not be forced to wait in
line with the cast from "Deliverance" *30 minutes*
just to buy the stupid thing.
It shouldn't be called "Best Buy" it should
be called "Slow, Shitty Buy". There... I
feel better now.

Boy, this is now the fourth story on this page today that mention sCary (pretty scary, huh kids?). Since I'm sending you over to his 'leet site so much, I'll give you something to do when you're done reading all the good stuff there. Click on the frames button on the top of his page. Now do it again. Keep on doing it... nutty, huh? The cool thing is that the bottom frame gets smaller every time, so you should be able to crash your browser before you run out of screen (warning do not attempt this unless really bored).

I'd like to make a public apology for talking smack about Hexen II. The source that informed me of the games' speed problems was unreliable, and I'm sorry if I caused any confusion. Next time I'll double check my sources before talking trash.

The Raven guys are cool and they do good games. :-)


November 6th

This is not the release of the custom stuff I'm working on. It's the last release (hoping there's no bugs) of the source before then. The custom stuff should be ready sometime next week. This should hold you over until then. :)

Server operators should upgrade to 2.5 as it fixes ways of cheating and serveral bugs.

Players, bug your server operator to upgrade now!

Thanks for the overwhelming support, thank yous, and general enthusiasm for this patch. It's going to be even more exciting when I get the custom CTF release done.

For tips and info on how to play, check out these quality strategy guides: Starks CTF Tips/News and Vader's Capture Guide, and of course the home of CTF, Threewave.

For the record, I now see that QuakeX had this up yesterday. (D'oh!)

id Software Appoints Todd Hollenshead CEO
id Software's Jay Wilbur Trades in QUAKE for Quality Time

Mesquite, TX, November 6, 1996 -- id Software today announced the appointment of Todd Hollenshead as the company's new chief executive officer. Hollenshead, along with Mike Wilson, id's "biz guy" and director of marketing and distribution, will oversee the management of the company. id Software, creator of computer game phenomenons DOOM and QUAKE, is one of the most successful and well-known developers in the interactive entertainment industry.

Jay Wilbur, id's former CEO, recently announced that he will be transitioning into the role of full time dad. According to Jay, "I truly believe I have had one of the coolest jobs available to mankind and I want thank all of you for making my work here a fun-filled adventure. But the time has come for me to retire my laptop, v-mail, fax, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., in order to devote more of my time to a different, fun-filled adventure--father of two."

Wilbur continued, "We handpicked Todd because of his awesome background, his experience at some of the best financial institutions and his history working with id. And, id already has someone in place with awesome business savvy and creative vision and his name is Mike Wilson."

"I have been working with id for years at Arthur Anderson and understand their industry and corporate style," said Todd Hollenshead. "id is a dynamic and industry-leading company and I look forward to fostering the company's growth."

Hollenshead comes to id from Deloitte & Touche where he was an international tax manager. Prior to Deloitte & Touche, he spent 5 years as a tax manager in the Manufacturing Industry Group of Arthur Anderson where he worked with id Software and other high-tech manufacturing and software companies. Hollenshead received a BS in accounting and an MS in Tax from The University of North Texas in 1991 where he graduated Magna Cum Laude

id Software, founded in 1991, is a software development company located in Mesquite, Texas. id's team of talented developers continue to make gaming history by creating and publishing one sensational action game after another. Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, HEXEN and QUAKE have created a frenzied demand worldwide and have managed to consistently break shareware and retail sales records at home and abroad.

I really can't believe they did this, but they did, CNET is having a Quake versus Duke "vote," so I guess (as they used to say in Chicago elections), "Vote early and vote often." Mail your vote (one vote per day per email address) to this address with the subject line Quake Wins (clicking that link will fill in the subject for you, thanks to Oskar Sandberg for teaching me a new "mailto:" trick) to vote for Quake (if you want to vote for Duke, you're not allowed to read my page anymore, please hit the back button on your browser now, and go figure out how to vote on your own). The results (next Monday) will "also be featuring the best comments and canniest observations from the election mail" so try and be pithy. I plan on pithing all over GamerX, myself for stirring this up again (as reader Yoz Grahame points out "I think Quake vs. Quicken is probably a better debate than Quake vs. Duke")... Is November a sweeps month on the web too?

Over the weekend, I ported Quake to open-gl / win32. It is a complete port with all features supported. Its not really practical right now on most consumer level equipment, but it runs ok on my intergraph glz-13t. It will work on the 3dlabs cards with their next driver release, but it really isn't very optimized yet, so don't expect anything really fast.

If you have high end hardware (intergraph realizm or dec powerstorm), it is pretty cool.

It is interesting to look at quake with hires 24 bit trilinear texture mapping. Sometimes you just don't even notice anything is different, but sometimes you can just stare at a scene for quite a while apreciating it.

Throwing bits and pixels at a static design certainly doesn't hurt, but it really doesn't bring it to a new level. I think I know where the next level is, but I'm just at the very beginning of the work on the next game architecture.

We have three mostly-done things to release: winquake, glquake, and quakeworld. No, I don't know when any of them are actually going to be released. Sorry.

QuakeWorld will actually download a new level for you now if you want to wait for it. Little models and sounds are a lot more practical to customize a server with, though.

Today I got cornered by the three level designers and an artist and they jumped all over me for working on new research instead of polishing the quake 2 tools. I guess the rest of my week is spoken for...

November 5th

"None of the above" wasn't on the ballot
Wonder if anyone else wrote in Carmack?

Here are the things that kept me so busy I just didn't have time to update my .plan for so long.

Things I've been doing.....

-Manually inputting all 100 CD names into my CD player.
-Setting up my new Intergraph mac-daddy machine.
-Rearranging the desktop on my new machine.
-Deciding what theme to put on the newly arranged desktop.
-Playing internet Deathmatch (You all are getting so good that I think I'm going to stop playing until Quake 2 comes out so I know where everything is and you don't!)
-Listening to American and John Cash fight about who's better at DeathMatch.
-Listening to everyone else laugh at them.
-Rollarblading with Lona and John.
-Playing Super Mario 64---like everyone else-----
-Playing my new Mortal Kombat II video arcade machine.
-Wondering how much more great our games are going to be with one more artist at id.
-Probing into Paul Steed's life---He's the new artist, send him mail and say hello.
-Moving from my little apartment into a house.
-Changing the theme on my newly arranged desktop.

OK, my next posting will be a list of the WORST Quake levels on the internet.
If you know of any really bad levels send me the names.

My anniversary; 12 years today

*fixed the lighning gun ammo bug
in player.qc, functions player_light1 and player_light2
change the line "if (!self.button0)" to
"if ((!self.button0) || (self.currentammo == 0))"
remember to do it both places!
*fixed a bug with CDs with more than 32 tracks
Examples: Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar
Nine Inch Nails Broken
American is back from Mexico
time to finally play our match
now he wants to race too; wonder why ;-)
My productivity won't suffer from having the MKII machine
I'd forgotten how bad I am at that game

11/5: (yeah, I know that's tomorrow)
Joey's 2nd birthday; let the terrible twos begin
Don't forget to vote...
I hope one of the choices is "None of the Above"
Bill "tax cut, retro tax increase, whatever" Clinton
Bob "Put down that pen!" Dole
Ross "Ears" Perot

November 4th

Ok, back from Mexico finally :)
We ended up staying there a little longer
than we had planned to. The weather was
awesome, the water was crystal clear, the
food was great, etc... etc... Anyway, back
to work now.

I hope he meant the water was crytal clear to swim in...

"risks to the user's health, such as diseases resulting from prolonged use of computers and possible epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to computer images or playing certain games".

As Luther Huffman who found the article points out, the next step might be a Surgeon General's warning on Quake...

November 3rd

The Final Monster on every Doom Wad author's first map -- The CyberDemon!!

Go to the QuakeLab's Gameflow section for more info. Steve is also looking for people well versed in Monster making (modeling, QC, etc.) to specialize in making monsters for the Gameflow section. He also invites people knowledgeable in making and implementing custom textures to join the QuakeLab team. This is all part of an expansion/diversification project in response to requests for other information that may not be covered in great detail elsewhere. Finally, map authors should all check out the Authoring Signatures section - you may want to take a second look at it if you haven't within the last 2 to 3 weeks because this idea is past the idea stage, and is actually in progress.

In a related note, I got a message from Satanic Avatar who points out that this info originated on the Force (formerly Quake Fiction), and wanted the record set straight. You can also read the entire interview there.

I read your news on Hexen 2 about how all the detail will be removed before the game releases. Untrue. I've spoken to Raven about this, and the game is constantly being benchmarked against Quake and it is right on target to run just as fast as Quake does with all the level detail you saw in our preview.

Those shots are real, from the game, and when I saw it running it was extremely fast on a P90.

This if for everybody but mostly for Clans on NOV. 8(FRI) night at 8:00pm EST. on IRC *undernet* #quake there will be a big meeting with clan members. I would like at least one member from each clan to show-up and repersent their clan. All members should have their clan letters in their name if they have any. We will talk about the Clan Ring battle and QuakeWorld and give clans an chance to find a clan to battle there and so on. FRI night is clan night on undernet #quake, but this will be bigger so be apart of it and come.

Need to fix: a CD with 99 tracks reports as 0 and won't play.
No Marilyn Manson during Quake until I fix this one :-(

November 2nd

"Here's reaper v0.75. Much smoother strafing, and much better skill control. Skill 0 plays much easier now. With the new aiming, its possible to win shotgun battles with the bot (if you circle and strafe a lot) at most skills. I hope you enjoy..."

Sounds like a big step towards having play more like a human. Cool. I'm gonna wait till after my hardware project to check it out though: I'm replacing my IDE drive with SCSI (so if you never hear from me again, I'll just be another sad victim of an upgrade gone bad...).

Also, Gamesmania has selected the winners of their Quake C contest, and promises to post them soon.

"Hexen2's shots, while gorgeous, were not made with speed in mind. (an inside source who knows them let me in on this) The Quake engine can't handle the level of detail they made and still run well, so most of the detail you see in those shots will be mysteriously axed before the game comes out."

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