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Friday, June 6, 1997

ThunderWalker CTF
Version 3.0 of ThunderWalker CTF was released last night on the Valley of the ThunderWalkers. New features in the new version are:

ACME Teleportation Beacon
Several new New Models and sounds
New scoring opportunities to create additional tactics.
Five New maps, including four customized by their authors for
ThunderWalker play.
Installer for W95/NT systems.
Several bugfixes.

There are a "couple of tiny non-catastrophic bugs" in the new release, so a 3.01 is promised soon, but may be delayed to incorporate Zoid's fixes when Threewave CTF 4.2 is released.

QuakeWorld PainKeep
One of the cool things we talked about with Chris Bolin last night on QuakeCast was that the The Evolve Team was ready to release a beta QuakeWorld version of PainKeep (216 KB). Also available on the PainKeep page.

Sin Logo
The logo for Hipnotic's upcoming Sin has been revealed on sCary's. Just as sCary told me, the SiN thing was just temporary (actually this logo looks all lowercase: maybe it's sin).

Hexen II Interview
There is an interview with Mike Gummelt of Raven Software talking about Hexen II up on BattleZone. Thanks Triolove.

Unreal Interview
There is an interview with Unreal animator/modeler Dave Carter up on Stonage's brand-new Unreal site the Unreal Infobahn. The story includes a cool animated gif of a wireframe model of one of the game's monsters walking.

Broken Silence
Paul Steed speaks! Oneof id Software's newest additions has made his first .plan file update.

The Race to Oblivion.
Time2Quake is running a contest called The Race to Oblivion. Go through the map hipdm1 from The Scourge Of Armagon on skill 3 as quickly as you can, while collecting a minimum of 30 frags along the way. More details are on the Contest Page. First Prize is $106.66 and a Scourge of Armagon CD donated and signed by the Levelord, (the CD, not the $$$, beerfook designed hipdm1). There is also a Raffle Prize with a greater chance of winning the more often you enter. The contest runs through Friday June 27th.

The Art of CTF
Gash's CTF Page attempts to teach CTF strategy by emulating Sun Tzu's Art of War. Always remember:

Man Who Leaves Base Unattended Comes Home to Find Flag Gone
- Ancient CTF Proverb

Aussie National Team
The Australian Quake Team is now having sign-ups.

King of the Hill Map Redux
the final version of StaticX's King of the Hill map for QTeam is up on the QTeam page. Apparently, the beta version of this map was not meant for public release.

The Quake Files TC has found a new home at The Carnage deathmatch Mod/PC has moved to The Quake RC Archives has moved to and received an update.

Thanks Prophet for the word that there is an update on the Quess Page that includes the ability to properly detect checkmate (which a previous version claimed to fix). There are also a couple of batch files up there to assist in setting up Internet Quess games.

The GamesNET website is going through a re-design, with more games on tap. Anyone with suggestions of what other games they'd like to see covered should email Red Knight.

Holy Wars
In case you had trouble reaching it, The Holy Wars site is back online after dying right around the time of the release of the new version 1.2.

LAN Parties
Armageddon is a 30+ computer LAN party in Concord, CA on June 29th. Quaker's Convention is an event in Seattle on July 12th. is a network gaming group that meets every other Saturday to play Quake and other games (but mostly Quake), in Mill Valley in the San Francisco Bay area.

Thursday, June 5, 1997

E3 on StormFront & Tokay on QuakeCast
Tonight at 8:00 PM (Eastern) there is a new edition of StormFront with a look ahead at what he Ion Storm guys have up their sleeves for E3, Followed by QuakeCast at 8:30 PM (Eastern) with our special guests: Chris Bolin of The Evolve Team (PainKeep), Alaska, author of QFig, and none other than id Software's American McGee himself.

Top of the Pops
Thank heaven there's someone out there who can look at the maelstrom of the swirling soft drink debate and still speak with a voice of reason. My bro Levelord updated his .plan to proclaim the true king of all sodas:

I'm sorry, and I'm not even sure why I care other than I believe everyone should have a little respect for their home, but you can take both Pepsi and Coke and let them evaporate in the summer's sun! This is Dallas and, by god, the drink is Dr. Pepper!

Jay Wilbur Interview
There is a Jay Wilbur interview on sCary's (actually, I think it's sCary's descriptions of Jay's answers about things, rather than a true verbatim interview, unless Jay's taken to talking in the third person more than Bob Dole).

New MedDLe2p
The new version of MedDLe2p is out on the MedDLe Page (thanks Prophet).

New QuArK
QuArK (Quake Army Knife) version 3.21 has been posted on the QuArK Page (thanks Prophet).

European Clan and Player List
There's a new site Listing European players and clans called European Quake, thanks MNK.

A lot of people have been inquiring about the sequel to m3, and with all the lessons of that event learned, planning for the next one is now well underway. To whet your appetite, there's a little teaser up for The Fray, the four day Labor Day blowout in the works that should redefine the LAN party. There aren't many details on the site yet, but the plan is to bring 500(!) machines together in the ultimate gaming orgy, with more food, more parties, and more coolness than has ever been brought together in one place. Due to the cost of renting a venue, and the phenomenal goodies being planned this time around will probably necessitate a small registration fee, details on that will be available when registration begins (in about two weeks).

Ion Storm Party
How cool is this? If you're in the Dallas area, Ion Storm biz dude Mike Wilson is sharing an invitation to a party with the Dallas 3D gaming community this evening:

You are cordially invited to the first-ever ION Storm/ Society of the Damned Pre-Mosh Party to be held this Thursday, June 5 from 8pm until 10:30 pm. The party will be held at the Storm Dorm, just around the corner from Boozer’s, where Society of the Damned will perform at 11 pm.

The pre-party will start the night off with lotsa Barbeque, lotsa beer, lotsa magaritas, and lotsa good, clean fellowship, all courtesy of ION Storm. Afterwards, we’ll march over to Boozer’s and continue the fun with lotsa loud music compliments of Society of the Damned!

If you plan to attend the party, please contact Fresh at or at (214) 953-0101 ext.128.

Zoid on QuakeWorld and CTF 4.2
Zoid has posted word on Threewave that he's planning a bug-fixed Threewave CTF 4.2 "soon". He also posted some new information about enhancements he and Jack 'Morbid' Mathews are working on for the next release of QuakeWorld:

Thanks DaKoTa (of the Quake Newbie Guide and Xenocide Flag Academy.

A .plan update by Disruptor that I should have mentioned earlier is that he's given up trying to get QuakeWorld server administrators to answer the cluephone about what port to use to correctly identify the type of game they are using. As a result, he's created a new port for deathmatch servers,, and is relegating the port, to limbo.

Well, seems like my request for serveradmins to use the correct port went largely unheard. Here's the new structure. Limbo (Big, unorganized mess) Deathmatch CTF Team Fortress Modified Progs

I would immagine that most serverops running Deathmatch only servers with the standard QuakeWorld progs would want to use the port 27006 master.

Aussie QW Master
Stuart 'Zen' Bishop sends word on the Australian QW Master Games Online has setup Australia's first QuakeWorld 1.5 Master Server at Port: 27000.

Quake Women's Forum has made their June update with new comics in the "Not for Llamas Comics" section, and they have added to their growing collection of profiles of Women who play Quake.

YCam Source
Yevs has posted the YCam v1.0 Source Code on Yevs' QuakeC Mods.

QPU for Windows
Quake Pack Utility for Windows is now in public beta. Available on the QPU Homepage. This utility allows you to view and edit Quake's .pak files under Win95/NT and Windows 3.x.

Tom Hall Interview
There is a Tom Hall interview up at (thanks morn).

Wheel of Time Preview
There's a preview of Wheel of Time (Unreal engine) up on Next-Generation (thanks Prophet).

ClanRing Mod Weapons Cycling
Sorry, I've been informed (by a few, NB-Disciple being the first) that I spread false information when I stated that the ClanRing Mod did not support reverse weapon cycling, which apparently works just as you would expect (impulse 12). I don't know where I got the idea that this wasn't the case (/me glares at Robs).

E3 Plans
John Carmack is quoted on Dyno's Quake2 News saying there will be playable levels of Quake2 displayed publicly at E3. There's a story about epics plans at E3 on Next-Generation, has a feature about the top games appearing at E3, and E3: Gamespot has E3: all you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask (thanks Prophet for each of the last three).

New Orchid Drivers
New Windows 95 drivers (2.2 MB) for Orchid's Righteous 3D, based on the 2.08 drivers from 3Dfx and the Glide 2.3 runtime library, are up on the Orchid page. Thanks Jon Kean.

There is an 11 MB demo of Terracide, a new 3D shooter from Eidos on Next-Generation (thanks Prophet).

Ridah Interview
In case you missed it while was down, Flood Anxiety has an interview up on TC Magazine with Ridah, of QuakeRally. There is also a new screenshot up on the QuakeRally Page.

The Special Forces Quake TC has moved to NakedMan's TC List has moved

In case you missed where I kind of buried this linked to another story, Version 1.1 of QFig (445 KB), The Quake Configuration Editor has been released, with added support for CTF commands. Available on the QFig page.

Trespasser -- Keep Out!
There is a mention on Gamesmania (thanks Prophet) of loonyboi's new site Keep Out, which is devoted to Trespasser, the upcoming game that's a sequel to Jurassic Park and the Lost World.

Daily Frag
The Daily Frag does Quake news on a monthly basis (I guess the Monthly Frag will handle daily news).

The CTF Resource Library
The CTF Resource Library is intended as a one-stop destination for files and resources related to Threewave's Capture the Flag.

PainKeep FAQ
You've got questions? They've got answers! The Evolve Team has created a PainKeep FAQ to share information about PainKeep, their popular deathmatch mod.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

SiN Sketch
sCary posted another SiN character sketch on the Shuga Shack.

ParadoX Interview
There is an interview with one of the high priests of SiN, ParadoX, up on SiN City. Tom discusses how he got his start being the BSP p1mp.

Deathmatch Maker Contest
Virtus is holding a contest with Happy Puppy for the best level built using Virtus Deathmatch Maker. First Prize is a new game computer (with the New Cyberman II Game Controller from Logitech), Second Prize is a 3D Accelerator Board, and Third Prize is a Logitech Game Controller.

King of the Hill Map
There is a new King of the Hill map for QTeam's King of the Hill on the QTeam page. This KoH is not to be confused with the new KOTH Teamplay Mod, which not to be confused with the Kings of the Hill Tournament.

Carmack on Quake II
There are some comments from John Carmack on Quake II, particularly on colors and lighting effects, on the Quake II Faultline (thanks Fishman).

History of the 3D Shooter
There is an article up chronicling the History of the 3D Shooter on Gamespot (thanks Sknny). The piece discusses both the seminal favorites (Wolf3D, Doom) and the roadkill (Blake Stone, Rise of the Triad), all the way through today with Quake, and into the future looking forward at what's to come.

Zeus Bug
Nelno the (very large) Amoeba updated his .plan to point out a bug (feature) in the Zeus bot that can crash very large levels or games with multiple bots, and how to correct it.

qED Entities
The Rogue and Hipnotic entity sets for Matt Tag's editor qED have been posted on the qED Page (thanks David Rios).

ToeTag Fragments
ToeTag Fragment Pack #1, a collection of basic rooms and hallways that can be inserted into ToeTag to aid in quick level construction is up on ToeTag HQ.

ClanRing Mod
The ClanRing mod has been in the news a bit lately, with discussions of random respawn points, etc. The most recent version of the mod is Beta 2.57 (331 KB), and is also available at the ClanRing page. This patch is very useful for keeping a handle on competitions, as it allows matches to be started clean (even if players have run around getting items when entering the level), as well as including options to control the aforementioned respawns, auto-weapon switching, observer modes, scorekeeping options, etc. (though as my pal Robs would be quick to point out, the Mod desperately needs to support backwards cycling through weapons, or it screws up some players' playing styles).

Ranger Cast
I keep forgetting to mention that the results of the voice tryouts for RGB3 have been posted on the Ranger's news page.

Wampey's Censuses Updated (Really)
As opposed to the false alarm the other day (sorry), Wampey's Censuses have been updated (for real this time) with new questions and the responses to last week's poll.

All Female Quake Tourney
The All Female Quake Tourney is an effort to organize a competition of the finest women Quake players available.

Any Which Way But Lose
Any Which Way But Lose (yes not loose), is a new 32 player deathmatch level designed to be "lag friendly" (no blinking lights, etc.). Screenshots, more information and the map itself are available on the Any Which Way But Lose page. is back online after some technical difficulties.

Lock and Load is a new site that is hosting TeamFortress-oriented sites.

Config Central
Config Central is devoted to helping create a good Quake config file.

QFront Moves
The homepage of QFront, the Quake front-end has moved to There is a promise there of a new version within a few days.

Dungeon Keeper Lives?!
The long awaited (missing resumed dead, is more like it) 3D RPG Dungeon Keeper, is apparently nearing release as this Next-Generation article (including screenshots) details (thanks Hexadecimal).

ParadoX Speaks
Wanker has a wave file up on his QuakeCafe he extracted from one of the video interviews he did at m3. This voice clip is ParadoX talking about beating Romero at deathmatch.

Yevs the author of QBall has publicly apologized to the QSoccer team for unfounded statements about QSoccer that he had posted on his web page.

Mopfo Maps?
Janitor Bob updated his .plan to show the screenshots of his SiN level. I think BeerFook's, err, Levelord's job is safe for the moment, though Jeff Wand seems to be intent on legal action.

Quake C Secrets Revealed
There is a new Quake C "manual" on Quakemania by NiKoDeMoS.

Unreal screenshots
There is an Unreal screenshots page up at (thanks Dave Biggs). There is also a new Unreal area on the AllGames network called Unreal Dimension (thanks Prophet).

Holy Wars
Sanctify yourself: Version 1.2 of the Holy Wars teamplay mod has been released on the Holy Wars page.

Site Seeing
Sites from two twisted individuals: Mangled is Quake News Satire from the mind that brought you Putz, and Worst of the Web is from the mind that brought you... um, Lone Wolf.

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

New Stingray Drivers
Thanks Ken Alverson for word that Hercules had posted the new Stingray 128/3D drivers to replace the corrupted versions that were originally uploaded. The new Glide drivers (below), are also fixed from an original corrupted file.

King of the Hill
Version 1.0 of King of the Hill, a new teamplay modification, has been released on the KOTH Homepage. There is also information there on the KOTH server already online.

New TeamFortress
Beta I of TeamFortress 2.5 is now available on the TeamFortress Page (thanks SirLiam).

New Glide Drivers
I saw on Redwood's that version 2.31 of the Glide runtime drivers (1.3 MB) for Voodoo graphics have been posted on the 3Dfx Downloads page.

Zeus Lives
Nelno the Amoeba passed along word that contrary to his previous statements, he has updated his famed Zeus bot with some cool new features, including a "reaperesque" ability to map the levels as they go along. He also updated his .plan to announce the event:

Okay, so after telling everyone that Zeus was dead, I got tired of hearing all the sad pleas for another version of Zeus and went ahead and fixed up the 2.05 beta a bit. Now Zeus bots map out levels as they go and can find paths to items they have seen. They also do nifty things like avoid the hell out of grenades and rockets that you throw at them, have reaction times based on skill levels, limited vision and a number of other enhancements. Go to my Planet Quake page to read the specifics and get the latest zip files. One last enhancement worth noting: there is a server version available which doesn't use any new models or sounds and will allow anyone to log on to a server that is running the Zeus mod. I expect those of you who use it to at least tell me about it so that I can visit your server and spank you and Zeus down hard.

Version 1.0 of the YCam, a chasecam that will work underwater, and will "also work with KeyGrip" has been released on Yev's QuakeC Mods.

Concise Unreal Log
There's work up on that Sickman went through the entire log of Mark Rein's (Epic) conversation yesterday, editing out everything that wasn't a question to Mark or an answer. Thanks Prophet. Among the revelations of this conversation, is the news that Epic will not be showing off any multi-player Unreal at E3.

The Computer Gaming World site has been redesigned, as it is now part of Gamespot. There is an article up there about Scourge of Armagon. Thanks Prophet.

Even More m3 Photos
Curemode of Clan of the Cave Men (who was nice enough to give me one of their Clan t-shirts), has posted his own photos of m3, including some cool panoramic shots.

Use the Force
Star Wars Quake has moved to

Professor Carmack
An opportunity to learn at the feet of the master (or if you're like me, an opportunity be confused by terms that are way over your head), will be SIGGRAPH '97 Course 21 Designing Real-Time Graphics for Entertainment, featuring a lecture by John Carmack. Thanks devilbunny.

TeamFortress How To
Trying to figure out how to play TeamFortress? Here's a TeamFortress Strategy Guide. Thanks Fang.

Monday, June 2, 1997

New QW Progress
I was talking a bit with Zoid about features of the new QuakeWorld client, which is coming along nicely (though it is still only promised "when it's done"). The next release will not have OpenGL support, Zoid says the future of that is uncertain (though he did also mention that he was waiting for a 3dfx card), but will feature client-side demos (already working, though incompatible with regular Quake demos), and an AutoCam mode for spectators that allows you to follow the action with no hands. Here is a look at what the AutoCam view looks like:

New Stingray 128/3D Drivers
Hercules has posted new drivers for the Stingray 128/3D that supposedly fix some problems with GLQuake. Thanks Ken Alverson.

Levelord Interview
There is an interview with BeerF... I mean Levelord up on Living in SIN. My buddy also updated his .plan to recommend that headbangers young and old (he's using me as an example of the latter, hence my interest) check out the Ozzfest.

Giana Interview
There's an interview with leader Of the Giana Quake project on Quakemania. Thanks Prophet.

Hipnotic Chat Postponed
EnterMedia has posted official word that the chat with the Hipnotic guys that was scheduled for June 4 has been postponed so they may continue their feverish work on the SiN demo for E3. Thanks Prophet.

Qoole version 1.50 and WinQoole (featuring fully windowed operation) version 1.50 has been released on the Qoole page. Thanks Fluroclown.

New QuArK
Version 3.2 of Armin Ringo's editor, Quake Army Knife, is out on the QuArK page (thanks Draco).

QuakeLab:Editing Moves
QuakeLab:Editing has moved to PlanetQuake at With the move the, Problems section has been made a bit easier to navigate.

Evil Intentions, Lithium's cool new SiN site has opened on PlanetQuake.

The June "Issue" of StormWatch, Ion Storm's online newsletter. Thanks CountFragula.

PainKeep Server
Clan Phoenyx Clan has a PainKeep server running at

Impact Down
Ridah dropped a line to mention that the Impact Team's website is currently down due to the whole server apparently being dead, but it will be back on-line soon.

Quake College Players Listing
The Quake College Players Listing, or CQPL, has (finally!) been been updated. The QCPL boasts 480 members at 204 schools spread across four continents. There is also a graduate page in the works, so grads should contact Paul Baker.

Eye on John
Eye on John, the homepage of the John Romero Fan Club has opened up a couple of new sections including the Romero HOT Line.

Port of Call
Disruptor updated his .plan to remind QuakeWorld server operators to use the proper port for the proper type of QuakeWorld server:

I was going throught the QuakeWorld serverlists, and noticed that alot of serveradmins aren't using the correct master port for their servers.

Meaning, I'm seeing *ALOT* of CTF and Team Fortress servers on the port 27000 server. Again, here's the breakdown of which port your server should report to if you want it to appear in the server listing. Deathmatch/Standard Progs CTF Team Fortress Modified Progs

Please make sure your server reports to the correct master. The serverlists are becomming a bit of a mess.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

New BSP, BSPBuild
The new BSP, version 0.75 Beta, has been released on To go along with the new BSP, version 0.11 of BspBuild has been released on the BspBuild Homepage.

Q.E.D. (Quake Editor for DOS) is a new DOS-based editor (that will likely need to find a new name, as qED already exists).

Window Security Fix
This page has information on a patch to protect your Win95 or WinNT client or server from being remotely crashed.

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses has been updated with the responses to the last survey and this week's Questions. Thanks Arc Z.

CTF+ 1.2 has been released on the Gunslinger's Page. There's an interview with Ron Mercer (the_DM), creator of CTF+ and QTracker, on the news page of the Xenocide Flag Academy.

TeleFragged Crisis
I received the following request for help from TeleFragged:

We at TeleFragged are at a kind of crisis, we need somebody to host our domain and everyone on it, otherwise we might have to shutdown. We are looking for a FREE, reliable ISP.

If you are interest email Raven,

The Quake Literary Guild
The Quake Literary Guild is a home for rewrites of children's literature in a Quake vein.

Wing Commander Quake
Another new tribute TC: Wing Commander Quake.

The Faultline (Quake 2 News) has moved to

Thank you to all that wished Blue's New a Happy Birthday yesterday (though the site was open for a while before the counter was installed).

Congratulations to Mynx and Mental4 on having officially tied the knot.

Sunday, June 1, 1997

Designer Diaries
Gamespot has a cool new feature, Designer Diaries, with Tom Hall chronicling the formative days of his current project Anachronox. Thanks Prophet.

Descent Quake
The Descent into Quake TC is a combination of two games (I'll let you figure out which two), with a beta deathmatch version of the patch currently available.

Droppable Quad
Disruptor updated his .plan with talk of a cool new optional QW modification in the works where killing a player with a Quad Damage or Ring of Shadows will cause the powerup to drop so it can be picked up again for the remainder of its duration.

Random Shmandom
John Romero added his thoughts to the random respawn discussion (fair enough, sir, though I'd love to see the research behind that 5% figure). I've also received email pointing out that random respawns are part of the new ClanRing mod.

Qtracker BETA v0.62, a Quake server monitor/browser/frontend for Windows 95/NT has been released on the Gunslingers Page. New to this version:

Three sites have announced their moves to PlanetQuake. The KeyGrip Homepage has moved to, the SWAT Team TC is now also on the big planet at, and finally, Matt Sefton has moved his fine single player Quake site to, with a nice redesign and a new name: Single Player Quake Level Heaven.

Also new to PQ is LavaBall, a total conversion by Tony Fabris (of BFG-9000 FAQ fame) and Tod Bouris, where skaters in a rink try to put a steel ball in a goal (motorcycles are promised for version 2.0). "Lavaballers sit around and dream of being powerful businessmen. But the Businessmen dream of being LavaBallers, of being... Jonathan!"
The Elite Quake Editors Corner, never a name that just rolled off the tongue, has been renamed (it hasn't moved though, the real is Blue Sun Productions, who run parties and events in the Dallas area). Thanks Tattoo.

qME News
There is an animated human model on the qME page made completely with qME, as well as word on the upcoming retail version of the program (thanks Prophet).

Tritian & Bubbah Clear Air
I've received word from both Tritian and Bubbah that the legal entanglement that it seemed was engulfing them has been cleared up, and (thankfully) there is no longer a problem there.

Saturday, May 31, 1997

Randomer, At Least
Disruptor updated his .plan further about the new respawn scheme. Even though Dis is glaring at me already (heh), I'll just again throw out my vote for true random respawns, as sCary pointed out, it's cool to respawn and pick up your own backpack sometimes.

Ok, hopefully I won't get too many complaints, but here is how the new spawn in logic works.

It goes through the entire map and finds all spawn spots that don't have any players within a 128 unit radius (derriving n available spots). It then puts you into a random spot between 1 and n.

*RANDOM* is the key word here (/me glares at Blue and Redwood =)

Should there be any further suggestions, please e-mail me, but I think this is the fairest way of determining spawn in spots.

As usual, the mods are being run on Underworld ( for testing.

M.O.D. Hover PC / Legal Battle
Means of Destruction has word on the progress of the Hover Patch/Partial Conversion with two screenshots. Thanks Reverb.

There's also mention of Tritian's legal issues with Bubbah, who has released a commercial QuakeC add-on that Tritian alleges includes some of his work without permission.

id's Website
The id Software website has a nice new facelift going on. Thanks Reverb.

More m3 Photos
Ikkarus and Mute from the CyberWeb Cafe have put up their m3 Photo Gallery.

Saturn Shots Pulled
There's a note where the four SaturnQuake screenshots had been posted on saying they've been removed at the request of id Software (Thanks Cuda).

There is a Half-Life article on GameCenter that has some new info and quotes, rather than a rehash of the press release. Thanks Prophet.

New QSoccer
QSports has released QSoccer 4.0 (645 KB). Due to some technical difficulties, information about the new version is not yet available on the QSports page, but is on the Quake C Archives.

New QuakeLauncher
Version 1.02 of QuakeLauncher is available on the QuakeLauncher Page.

Dank and Scud
There's an update on the news section of the Dank and Scud page describing the progress on the upcoming issue, and giving a screenshot to sample the poses the "actors" use in the new comic, thanks to the new version of the Quake Model Editor being used. Thanks QuakePsycho.

Tomb Raider Flick?
Thanks prodigious Prophet for word on this Next-Generation blurb that says a Tomb Raider movie might be in the works, and asks about casting suggestions (we've got to get them to cast JUDGECAL's girlfriend for this one).

TC News
A bunch of tidbits about a bunch of TC's, I thought I'd group them for easy digestion:

BspBuild Moves
BspBuild has moved to

PainKeep Server Request
If you've got a non-QuakeWorld server and are interested in running the cool new PainKeep deathmatch pack, please contact Christopher Bolin.

Web-Based Demo Launcher
The Quake Demo Launcher is an MSIE only (because it uses ActiveX) website that allows you to download and view Quake demos using your web browser.

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