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Friday, May 30, 1997

Red Annihilation News
Lindril has a Red Annihilation News page up on MPlayer (thanks DuKe).

Cool addition to Disruptor's .plan:

And from his previous update:

John Cash is my hero!

If anyone feels like playing some QW, hop on Underworld ( Cash hacked out some code to make it such that QW no longer cycles through spawn spots sequentially, but every time you get placed in the map, it checks all spawn spots against all players in the world for the furthest distance available (I hope that made sense) and plops you into the least populated area.

Zoid is finishing up with his QuakeWorld mods and I think he's looking to release soon, so we'd like to release both the new client and server, as well as the progs mods we've been working on.

As usual, if you have any bug reports with the progs changes, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

I'll just toss in my $0.02: picking the furthest spawn spot is preferable to using the sequenced ones, but truly randomizing them would be better (the best players can always take advantage of knowing where you are, and I'm sure they will soon get the hang of where the "furthest" spots from any given location, and resume their tactical advantage).

32 Player Beta
The QuakeWorld 32 Player Project is looking for beta testers to test out some of their maps.

Quantum Axcess Roundup
Embrionic Pete sent along reminders about the PlanetQuake/QA promotion the Find the Secret Shrak Level contest, the Quantum Axcess' collection of m3 pictures, and Pete's m3 "reflections."

With only 10 days left, run over to our friends at PlanetQuake and enter the "Find the Secret Shrak Level" contest. Prizes include an NEC p200 with 17" monitor, 4 Diamond Monster3d cards, along with 39 other fantastic prizes. Even if you don't own Shrak yet, you can still enter the 2nd drawing for some great prizes.

m3 pics are posted at

Embrionic's 3 part "m3 reflection" is at

As for the m3 Pictures, they've apparently decided there is some sort of resemblance between these two dangerous looking individuals:

Speaking of m3, loonyboi has posted his own m3 recap on QL: Multimedia (BTW, I really wasn't drunk for the QuakeCast--just fried to a crisp). Oh, Happy Birthday loonyboi (if he feels old, how should I feel?).

Expert Quake
Expert Quake, a variant on JTeam, which is the basis for many of the teamplay options in Threewave CTF has been released. Here's the info:

Expert Quake 1.0 has been released. Expert Quake is based on JTeam 0.95, and can do normal deathmatch, teamplay and CTF. Expert Quake is not a big "combo-patch", rather a reworking of several popular modes of Quake with balance and flexibility in mind. Key features include:

.. and many more features, all optional.

The patch can be downloaded from

New Q-Ped
There is a version 1.61 of QPed (the Quake Pack Editor) available at the Q-Ped Homepage. The new version fixes problems some users had creating directories and renaming files in a .pak.

South-East Asian Quake Tournament
The South-East Asian Quake Tournament page is now online at The Press. The tournament is to celebrate the 1997 hand off of British colonial rule to China. The participating regions so far include: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Players from any other SE-Asian countries (namely Thailand and Taiwan), are requested to please e-mail Fluroclown, so he can get them registered.

The UK Clan League is nearing completion of its first season, expected to be around the beginning of July. The new season and new UKCL structure should be starting up at the end of July/beginning of August. Clans interested in joining season 2 can find a form to join at the UKCL site.

Pre-season registration has begun for Kings of the Hill, a three two-player team QuakeWorld tournament with both POTS and OPEN divisions. The tournament will start June 2nd.

EntEd 2-Beta 2a
Beta 2a of EntEd 2 is available on the EntEd Page. This program was originally written for TeamFortress to allow map authors a simple way to work with TeamFortress' complicated entities. Raistlan has said that 2.0 will eventually support most or all of the standard Quake entities. Thanks Ritalin-Boy[Clandestine]

MechQuake has moved to Talon's strike, devoted to the best Quake levels is now at Quake 2 Cheese has moved to its own domain (I don't understand what "area 255" means, but I'm sure I'll feel dumb when it's explained to me). The Quake Mod Fraternity page has moved to The QMF is currently working on QmIRC, a mIRC script with features suited to Quake players. Gamer's Alliance Quake has moved to

Quake II Distribution
Activision will, in fact, distribute Quake II (not a big surprise) according to this Yahoo article (thanks Skoonen).

The Gathering
The Gathering is a Quake get-together planned for Saturday June 28 from 4:00 PM till Midnight at Reality-X in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over 50 people are expected to turn up, including four members of the infamous Quake Lords! (?, Ettu, CeNoBiTe and Rorshach). They are promising: Tourneys, Prizes, Pizza, and Quake. Interested parties should mail RefuX.

Thanks EarChezze for this set of Windows icons (45 KB) for various Quake things.

Thursday, May 29, 1997

It's very large (10.8 MB), but I suggest you take the time to check out PainKeep, the new deathmatch "mission pak" from the Evolve team. Here's the PainKeep Patch, also available on the Painkeep page. From the IntallShield setup program to the extensive demos to show the new weapons in action, no effort has been spared in this free partial conversion, which looks like a real winner.

Evolve Team presents: PainKeep

PainKeep is a DeathMatch-only "mission-pack" for id software's Quake.

15 incredible deathmatch maps

7 new weapons and 1 new ammo type! Each with never-before seen features, new pickup and user models, new sounds and artwork!

Unique effects like lightning, sparking torches and lava, dripping ceilings, directional bloodspray, new gibs, and splashing water and lava. Also see damage as you inflict injury to your opponents!

Over 150 new sounds!

Over 60 brand new models! Including candles, tortured corpses, new gibs, and weapons!

Tons of new artwork. New map textures, console and weapon artwork.

Inventory system that allows you to decide when best to deploy or use an object in your inventory.

Voting hub mode: between levels race to enter your favorite map, or die trying. A democratic (or would that be Darwinian) way to determine which level comes next.

Random Respawns!
John Cash updated his .plan mentioning that he wished he could have attended m3 (come next time, okay?), and mentioning the happy possibility that the way Quake sequentially assigns deathmatch respawn points would be changing:

I observed a game with a guy from the UK who plays as Ettu the other night. That guy was evil. Don't know how he is in a FFA, but he was damn good in a 1v1 and a 2v2. Those sequenced respawn points have *got* to go. Disruptor, Tokay, and I came up with a few ideas we'll probably test out on Underworld.

Condolences to John who also mentions that he attended the funeral of his Grandmother over the weekend.

Most everything seems back in its proper place. There are about 200,000 visits missing from the counter, they'll get thrown back on there eventually.

"Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! That's not my finger!" -- Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The finger graphic that appeared atop this page today was the result of my stupidity in carelessly leaving a graphic online that was open for write-access, which allowed someone to insert a life-size photo of themself.

Manhattan Memorial Marathon Wrap-Up
Fargo has finished up his grand recounting of the events at m3, in his Manhattan Memorial Marathon Wrap-Up. This is probably the definitive account of the event which includes the eagerly awaited release of Fargo's carefully collected Quotes from the event. Also, thanks Lagos for sending along word on his m3 Picture wrap-up page (btw, that is not Levelord in the picture that's captioned as such). Also Tony Fabris has his account of the event online, here are Phoebus' photos from the Cult of Phoebus, and here the account of QuakeCast's #1 fan Wanker. Speaking of m3 and QuakeCast, tonight's show (8:30 PM Eastern) will be a recap of the whole event with Joost, Fargo, and loonyoi in the studio to discuss the madness.

Hexen 2 Contest
Activision and 3Dfx are having a Hexen 2 contest (thanks Prophet).

GL Hexen 2 Screenshots
Phoebus has got 16 more GL Hexen 2 shots up on Raven's Hexen 2 page.

Sega Quake
There are screenshots of SegaQuake at Dave's Sega Saturn Page (thanks Cuda).

Java Quake Decaffeinated
Java Quake, the remarkable web-based Quake emulator has been closed down because of all the copyright problems involved using all of id's maps, textures, and models. They are interested in hearing from those who can design original replacements for all those things to allow them to put their project back online.

CTF+ Version 1.1 contains bug fixes and enhancements to CTF4.1 (and includes all source), adding new functionality for admins and options to setup and control clan matches. here's what's new:

MidnightCTF has moved to

ThunderWalker Turmoil
There's an update on the ThunderWalker news page regarding their difficulties keeping their server online (thanks Prophet).

Skillz Test #3, which ends June 20th is up on the Skillz Page:

4 Reaper Bots
Map: DM4
Skill: 0
Timelimit: 3
sv_gravity: 150
Get as many kills as ya can in the 3 minutes...


1st: Intergraph Intense 3D 100
2nd: Choice of a Spaceorb or an Assassin 3D controller
3rd: Whatever the 2nd place guy didn't pick
..and a randomly selected entrant gets a Methods of Destruction Quake Music CD...

Quetiquette is an attempt to create a guideline to good manners in Quake. Additional reading on the subject of etiquette can be found in the PQ Newbie Guide.

Romero In Next-Generation
There is a lengthy interview with John Romero in the June issue of Next-Generation (print). Thanks [R2]Razo (hooah!).

Cleaned-up Demo
Thanks Kris Nosack for sending along this cleaned-up version of the Honus vs. Kurtz demo from m3. The new version is smaller (724 KB zipped) as it skips over the first couple of minutes before the match begins.

Quake is a Sport -- Drink It Up
Thanks Ion artist Vertigo (and his informant the mad Samoan) for word on the still under construction Computer Gaming Association. The CGA looks like it will pursue the thought that so many of us discusses while watching the world-class deathmatchers play this weekend: Quake as a spectator sport.

Doom Tunes
There are RealAudio samples of Bobby Prince's CD of Doom music up at this website (listen to the RA3 versions, they're awesome. Thanks Ken Alverson.

Euro Skins
The first Quake Perfect European Skins Pack has been released on the UK supersite QuakePerfect (now host to UK-oriented sites; News From the Front, Clan TFS, Impulse 1, King of Skins, BoyWonder's Fragbook, and more). The skin pack contains many European clan (and national team) skins which are not available elsewhere.

QuakeCLASS the IRC Quake C classes has found a permanent home at, channel #QuakeCLASS.

Qoole Contest Change
The Qoole level design contest rules have changed. Details are on the Qoole contest page.

Giana Quake
There are cool new screenshots of a turtle up at Giana Quake.

Quake Football
There is a Quake Football page up with screenshots of the project (this is the European interpretation of of the term football, to American's this is soccer--Quake isn't suitable for an American Football TC, because the game can't really support that level of violence).

Quakematch HeadQuarters
Quakematch HeadQuarters (QHQ) is closing down, because of too many projects going on at once at King Link & Games, though The Skin Shop will continue to to operate in all its glory.

Tomb Raider 2
Next-Generation has a preview of Tomb Raider 2 and and this one on UGP Online (thanks Prophet).

TeamFortress Strategy Guide
Anyone with ideas they feel should be included in a TeamFortress strategy guide should email them to [DK]Thunder.

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

Artifact is a new movie by Clan Phantasm. I saw the good things loonyboi had to say about it yesterday on QL: Multimedia, but wanted to check it out before posting it. This is a really well done production, with a funny script good production values. The sound quality varies at times, but it's a top-notch effort. Even the endless Clan promotion credits have a strong humor payoff, and I'm really looking forward to the next production from these guys. Here's Clan Phantasm's new film, Artifact (4.9 MB).

More m3
RadPipe, m3's magnificent tournament coordinator, has posted his Top 10 things I did at m3 List, which includes a neat rundown of the attendees.

Quake Newbie Guide
I am proud to say that after a lengthy development and beta testing process, the Quake Newbie Guide has been launched on PlanetQuake. Thanks to the hard work of the QNG Team, DaKoTa and Kolinahr, this will serve as the perfect place to turn with those basic questions that can be so hard to answer.

Clan Match Guidelines
DeathTongue_QPF has written up a primer to smooth out the process of starting a clan match called DeathTongue's Clan Match Guidelines.

CTF Expansion Project Deadline
The deadline for map submissions to the upcoming CTF Expansion Project is Friday, July 11th.

HeadHunters for QuakeWorld
There is another release of Head Hunters for Quake World at the Headhunters' Page. The new version fixes a teamplay bug as well as problems with the deathmatch 1 and 2 settings. There is also information there for authors who wish to submit levels for the pak.

Freeform Contest
Freeform Interactive is holding a Future vs. Fantasy Short Story Contest. 1st prize is getting three page web pages designed by Freeform. More details are on the Freeform Interactive page.

Literature Corner
This page on Gamecenter has a story about planned novels from Pocket Books on Shadow Warrior, Unreal, and Duke Nukem 3D (is it just me, or does Duke come across as someone who's never read a book himself?). Thanks Prophet.

AOL Quake? sends word that AOL now has a Quake forum (type the keyword "Quake" for more info). Watch for Clan AOL (all named Player, all dressed in white) coming to a server near you.

Rolling Right Along
The Intellimouse Extended Driver is a program you run in the background which allows support for the Wheel on the MS-Intellimouse in WinQuake and QuakeWorld, among other programs (Navigator, too).

Alien Caveat
Gustav Taxén of the former Alien Quake team writes to warn all those that write the AQ Team on a daily basis asking where they can download AQ, that the team is under obligation to report any distributors of AQ to 20th Century Fox, and does not support any "underground" AQ distribution.

RGB Plot, Screenshots
The RangerWeb has been updated with a preview of the storyline for Ranger Gone Bad 3: The Fist of Set, as well as some screenshots of this upcoming blockbuster.

m3 Demos
There are some demos of the m3 action on the KeyGrip page (thanks Freak). I am also proud to present here the demo of the one-on-one finals between Honus and Kurtz (821 KB), Clan Gib teammates, and two truly amazing players. The demo is from Honus' point of view, and is sure to impress.

Unreal Preview
There's a new Unreal Preview at Next Generation. (thanks Prophet).

Version 2.83 of jaw3d (the 3d model viewer), up on the jaw3d page.

Wampey's Census
Wampey's Census has been updated with last week's results and this week's questions.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

SiN Screenshots
sCary has posted the SiN screenshots (apparently Valve has gotten Hip's juices flowing) that are even cooler looking that the one's that they showed us at m3:

You can see the full-sized images at the Shuga' Shack.

New GLQuake Drivers
Thanks Ken Alverson for word on the New GLQuake Drivers (73 KB) from 3Dfx.

Impulse 1
Impulse 1 is back online at Toby's excellent news site has been redesigned and has become part of the UK supersite Quake Perfect.

The GameSlice Half-Life preview is now online.

Half-Life Screenshots
Here are a pair of screenshots for Valve's newly announced (see the release in the next story) game Half-Life:

Choryoth tells me that these are not GL shots, but 16 bit color in Software.

It can finally be revealed where a few of our buddies have been working all this time. Valve Software has emerged from the veil of privacy that has shrouded them with the following press release from Sierra for Valve's amazing sounding upcoming game, Half-Life. In the release they finally reveal that this is where our pals Wedge & Choryoth of Quake Command and Worldcraft Author Ben Morris ended up working. Here's the release:

Revolutionary first-person action game features unique mix of action and adventure elements and stunning technological enhancements to licensed Quake engine

BELLEVUE, Wash. - Sierra On-Line announced today an agreement with Valve to publish and distribute the game developer's debut release, Half-Life. Half-Life combines id Software's renowned QUAKE (r) technology, Valve's proprietary technological advances and sophisticated, innovative gameplay. The result promises to be the most exciting first-person action game available this holiday season.

Half-Life introduces a revolutionary leap in 3D first-person games by combining stunning technology enhancements with genre-breaking gameplay elements. Gamers are given opportunities to wreak havoc--in true action-game fashion--but they are also challenged to explore and strategize; for instance, telling friend from foe is no longer a simple matter of humans vs. monsters. Half-Life's strong story elements, advanced inventory system and story-integrated challenges create an experience never-before-seen in traditional "run-and-gun" action games.

The game features many technological advances, including 16-bit color, sophisticated colored lighting, and environmental effects such as translucency, dynamic textures, and metallic surfaces. A proprietary character animation system gives creatures the highest polygon counts and most fluid character motions seen in a first-person action game. In addition, an advanced artificial intelligence system lets non-player characters demonstrate remarkable cunning, including group behaviors and progressive strategic movement and ambush skills. The result is an entirely immersive playing environment with intensely realistic life forms. Half-Life contains support for Open-GL and Direct 3D and MMX hardware acceleration. Internet multiplayer support for up to 32 players is also included.

Assigned to a top-secret experiment at a decommissioned missile base, you've made an amazing breakthrough, an alarming discovery, and a stupid decision. Now, with the pieces of your colleagues scattered around the lab, you must fight your way past crafty alien monsters to the surface, where a full-scale battle has erupted between the invaders and government troops. Safe at last? No! The military is just as interested in silencing you as they are in eradicating the alien menace. You must make a last ditch attempt to reach the alien world, foil their monstrous schemes, and figure out how to make peace with your own murderous kind.

Along the way you'll discover fantastic experimental weapons, diabolically cunning death squads, and grotesquely beautiful worlds. It will take a fast trigger finger and a faster mind to survive, as not every monster is your enemy and not everything is as it seems.

"Sierra On-Line is thrilled to have the opportunity to publish Half-Life," remarked Ken Williams, CEO of Sierra On-Line. "Valve's enhancements to the Quake engine technology introduce gameplay and design elements that will thrust Half-Life to the forefront of first-person gaming. Gamers will agree that the results are nothing less than mind-boggling."

"Our goal with Half-Life was to build the most exciting and technologically advanced game possible," said Gabe Newell, co-founder and Managing Director of Valve. "When it came to selecting a publisher, it was very clear that Sierra was the most committed to leap-frogging the current generation of games and giving gamers a product that will be head and shoulders above anything else shipping this year."

Valve's prestigious development team is comprised of many well-respected names within the gaming community, including: 3D artist Chuck Jones, formerly with Apogee/3D Realms, where he was an artist and animator for Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior and the Duke Nukem Plutonium Pack; game and level designer Harry E. Teasley III, former art director of Williams' Doom for Sony Playstation; Tools Architect Ben Morris, creator of DCK (Doom Construction Kit) and WorldCraft; game designers Steve Bond and John Guthrie, creators of the Quake Airplane and Quake Kart; and level designer Dario Casali, one of the world's best-known deathmatch level designers, including those found on id Software's Final Doom.

Yes, this is the announcement that was to appear on GameSlice.

In my thank yous for m3, I forgot to mention the efforts of Sassy of critical Mass, and the Critical Mass/PQ staff, in general, for service above and beyond the call of duty. Sorry about that (thanks again Sassy). I'm sure this isn't the only one I've forgotten, so I may have to repeat this correction for someone else.

Over the weekend, Fragmaster officially closed the NVT for good. The site will be missed.

m3 Recap
Sorry for the late update, I figured I had to go through my entire mailbox before starting, which, for the record took seven hours. Everybody I've heard from about m3 except one (who left) said they though it was a great success in spite of the power problems that occurred at times. A newfound understanding of power requirements was only one of the lessons we learned over the weekend (though perhaps the most valuable). I want to take this opportunity to thank all the attendees for their good behavior, as well as some special individuals who really helped out with their extraordinary efforts, including Wanker for network help, as well as hank and dweomer who became the Network Administrators, Radpipe for coordinating the tournaments, JUDGECAL who tirelessly did anything required to make the event a success. Huge thanks to the CyberWeb Cafe for their unbelievable support for the whole shebang. Mute and Ikkarus were terrific, and no effort was spared. All attendees owe them a debt of gratitude. Also, thanks to SpaceTec, Quantum Axcess, Rogue, and Hipnotic for generously providing prizes for all the tournaments. As for the aftermath, I haven't seen Fargo's final report yet, but here's his (drunken) Friday night account (aided by Joost and Ikkarus' camera), and his Saturday update. Anyone with demos they recorded at m3 should check the KeyGrip Page for info on where to mail them. Wendigo (who proved over the weekend that he, along with Avatar, would play any head-to-head PC game ever made) posted a whole load of great m3 pictures here. Wired online had a feature story on M3 (thanks Prophet). Speaking of Prophet, check out the great preview of m3 he wrote in Gamesmania. How cool is that? There is also a great review of the event by Manu "Spuds" Smith on AllGames.

Hipnotic on Entermedia
I received the following on an upcoming appearance by the ever-entertaining Hipnotic guys on Entermedia:

On June 4th at 7PM CST (5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern), all are welcome to visit the EnterMedia Network Web site at "" and chat live with several members from the SiN development Crew @ Hipnotic Interactive. We'll be hosting a moderated chat session to discuss Hipnotic's first original project and their plans for E3 Atlanta!

Space is limited, so arrive early and come prepared to pose questions to our guests. During the chat session we will be randomly awarding prizes in the form of Quake Mission Packs!

ALL attendees must be using Netscape Navigator, as our Chat section is designed under i-Chat (, the most popular Internet chat plug-in available!

A Secret Tremor...
Thanks ZenMaster[rK] for word that Gameslice is promising to announce a new 3D game using the Quake engine sometime today on this page.

TeamFortress Beta H
Thanks Bethune for word that TeamFortress Beta H is out. Speaking of TeamFortress, Falconeer's Sniper Tactics can teach budding Lee Harveys what's up with "that darn sniper rifle".

Multiplayer N64 Quake
There is a blurb on discussing the dubious possibilities of multiplayer play in N64 Quake (thanks Dalant).

IRC Quake C Classes
I received the following word from WaR-X on Quake C lessons:

For four days DA|DeD97| and recently DemonLord[OOK] have been giving FREE QUAKE-C CLASSES. Classes are on in channel #QuakeCLASS and usually start at 9:00 PM CST. All the lessons have been logged if someone needs to catch up. The class gains more students EVERY DAY ...

Quake Front Ends
QSpawn is a new Quake front-end just entering public beta is out on CrushBug's QuakeSpot (thanks Prophet). Also, version 0.90 of QuakeOn, a cool Quake front-end has been released on the QuakeOn page.

Who's Who in UK Quake
News From The Front now has a Who's Who in UK Quake, a guide to some of the most famous names in UK Quake, including pictures, and biographies.

Inside.QC has moved to, and merged with Quake C Revealed. A TC formerly known by a name it can no longer use (subtle, ain't I?) has moved to Thanks Stragen. The Quake Editor's Reference Guide has moved to The QuakeC HQ has reappeared at (I got that wrong earlier, sorry). The ever changing URL for the UKOOL Levelab is now QTick, the Tick TC has moved to, and in honor of the move, the first 15 people who email QTick Lead Programmer Drywall will receive the private beta release. The Trench of Mental Warfare has moved to QMovie Team has moved to DeadMeat's BSP Tutorial has a new URL: Then there's the Hexen 2 movements: The Guild submission page for Hexen 2 has moved to, Filth's Hexen 2 page has moved to, the Serpent's Realm, the "Slipgate of Hexen 2", has moved to is back online at their new ISP.

End Monsters
Steve Funkadooda updated the .plan A section of the QuakeLab:Editing to discuss issues related to boss monsters (thanks DrSbaitso).

Special Forces Quake
Special Forces Quake has been released. If you downloaded this already, the version up now (0.99B) fixes a few bugs in the first version.

Fight Lag
This "interesting looking" page has step-by-step instructions on how to make sure your dial-up networking is optimally set to give you the best Quake performance (thanks Prophet).

Quake Art
Thanks Chris Cason, a sponsor of the Internet Raytracing Competition, for sending along word on EuroQuake High after closing time, Johan Stribeck's entry in the March-April competition (which required images on the subject of school). Here's the accompanying text file.

Clan PMS T-Shirt Contest
Check out the PMS website for info on the rules and prizes for the design the Clan PMS T-shirt contest.

Danish Quake Forum
Here's a Danish Quake Forum hosting clans, pages and other Danish Quake-related things that is currently in beta.

E3 Previews
There will be a Daikatana preview at E3, says this GameCenter article (thanks Jeff Reitman). Talking to the Hipnotic guys over the weekend made it clear that SiN would be previewed there as well. I've also heard rumors of Hexen 2 and, yes Quake 2 previews too (remember how wrong rumors can be, though).

Here is a GameSpot story on Sin (thanks Prophet). There is also a small SiN preview on the Electric Playground.

Requiem Bug
The last bugfix for Requiem-SE has been released on the Requiem Page. The update also has a new MAXIMUM ENERGY deathmatch mode, A new weapon, Bots now use the TORCH in Lights-Out mode and have an improved AI, and more.

ThunderWalker CTF 2.12 Bug, 3.0 Beta
Due to a bug in one map, version 2.13 of the ThunderWalker server has been released on the ThunderWalker web site. This small patch is required on the server end only, and simply skips the problem map. I also received the following notice of a closed beta:

A closed beta test of the impending release of the ThunderWalker CTF v3.0 server will take place on Saturday, May 31, from noon CDT until about 6pm. If you wish to participate, please read the information found at and follow the instructions.

Openings are limited to the first 40 applicants or so.

Further information about ThunderWalker CTF can be found at

Quake on Next-Gen
There's a Next-Generation Blurb about Activision's likelihood of distributing Quake II, and a story about space orb winning an award (thanks Prophet).

Talsiman Doubts
There is an article on the skepticism that awaits Talisman (thanks Liger), Microsoft's planned DirectX successor on PC Week that Quotes future id programmer Brian Hook:

"We will be doing [things in 1999] that Microsoft cannot even imagine," said Brian Hook, a games designer who will be joining the exclusive id Software Inc. team in June. "Talisman will not be the answer."

Omega Beta
Omega has released a 5 level beta of their upcoming seven level map pak for DeathX on the Omega page.

Ridah Interview
There's a Ridah (QuakeRally) Interview on TC Magazine.

The High Ping Capture League has opened two new leagues, a DM HPB League and a QuakeWorld CTF HPB League. Check the HPCL page (which has just gotten a face-lift) for details.

Internet Shambler
The Internet Shambler Page has been updated with an amazingly cool new logo, by uber-artist Walter |2| Costinak, and the Internet Shambler (a Quake-enhanced version of MSIE) now has a |2| designed throbber as well.

Axe of Love
The popular Axe of Command patch has become the the Axe of Love, which solves some bugs in the original and adds some features. On the Axe of Love homepage.

Quake at the Mecca
Quake at the Mecca, always a good place to find the latest files and utilities for Quake, has had a nice redesign.

Tourney for Cheaters
The silliest name ever for a tournament that disallows cheating? You bet! The Tourney For CHEATERS is officially open (the name comes from the map the tournament uses).

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
Avault has a preview of unreal that reveals a bit of the story. Also, Unreal Immersion has some unreal screenshots as well as some shots of a Star Trek game that will use the Unreal engine (thanks Prophet). Also, Stonage send along his Unreal Faq.

Monday, May 26, 1997

m3 The End is Near
We're approaching the end of this amazing event. The upshot of the one-on-one tournament was Honus of Clan Gib (yes, again) beating out his clanmate Kurtz to reign supreme. The movie-making experts from the demo editors, KeyGrip and Film@11 have got demos from a lot of matches (including Kurtz versus Honus) and promise a highlight reel of the action, which should be a real treat. It's been a wild weekend, and evidence of that can be found in last night's QuakeCast: there still might be an opportunity to enter the "how many times will Paradox mention SiN contest" (be warned if you enter that: this marathon show went about three hours). You can also listen to find out Levelord's new nickname, which he is quite pleased with. The good nature of all the attendees is remarkable, considering the amount of sleep that is (im)possible in this environment. There are a lot of hoarse voices and bleary eyes but no short tempers, a real tribute to what good folks we've had here. Today will be a mix of playing and clean up, as we see people off. Also, we send our best wishes to GansLick, who apparently had trouble with the Australian authorities over a misunderstanding as he tried to acquire his Passport, which prevented his attendance.

Sunday, May 25, 1997

m3 Madness
The latest from the marathon. We almost browned out lower Manhattan yesterday afternoon, but most everybody has been really understanding about having to power some of the machines down for a while at times to let everything cool off. We had our first tournament, which, due to the number of contestants involved lasted well into last night. Congratulations to Honus (at least that was the nick he started with) for coming out on top, winning a SpaceOrb and an autographed Rogue mission pack, as well as Congrats to the next five contestants, who each won SpaceOrbs. Phoenix, KillCreek, Paradox, Levelord, Giggler, and sCary are all on board: a huge thanks to the Hipnotic guys for letting some of us get a peek at screenshots from SiN. MSNBC guys were running around all afternoon with cameras (if the microphones were on, then it's fortunate that they're on cable).

Right now we're looking forward to the finals of the one-on-one tournament, with Kurtz and Honus (two truly amazing players) getting ready to vie for the crown. I believe I will have a bunch of demos to post later. Then we'll see the effects of sleep-deprivation on our CTF Tournament.

Right now (about 11:00 PM Eastern Time) we're getting ready to fire up the microphones and do a QuakeCast. Levelord promises to get us "banned from the Internet," so be afraid, be very afraid.

Saturday, May 24, 1997

m3 Update
m3 lives! Not only do we have well over 100 participants at over 90 computer workstations all playing Quake, but even the setup process of getting all these machines talking to each other went smoother (relatively speaking) than I'd previously experienced on a LAN party of any size. A huge thanks to Dweomer and Hank of QuakeFinger who graciously went through the effort of troubleshooting the networking problems for anyone with trouble connecting their workstation. Likewise, things would not be going nearly as a smoothly as they are without the hard work of a lot of people. Special kudos of the day to JUDGECAL who has been working his tail off.

Highlights already experienced include: much Quake, much food, much beer, little sleep, lots of zaniness (our roving reporter, Fargo, was three sheets to the wind before he wrote his story last night), and a classic scene of Aragorn sleeping last night, his head resting on a pillow on his keyboard.

Of course thanks again to the CyberWeb cafe guys for making this all happen.

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