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Friday, May 23, 1997

Off to Pseudo for m3... Check the What's New at m3 page for an update, if you're invited. Stay tuned for coverage all weekend. I'm afraid coverage of the outside world may be limited or nonexistent over the weekend.

Carmack on QuakeWorld/GLQuake's Future
John Carmack updated his .plan with the disappointing (but inevitable) news that the unsupported aspects of some of id's unsupported releases has become a reality:

Bad news.

It looks like this is when "unsupported" really becomes unsupported

Glquake and QuakeWorld were fun to do, but keeping the datasets compatable with quake 1 really has held me back a lot. I badly wanted to get one more release out, but circumstances have forced me to finally ireversibly break with compatability, and I just don't have the time to devote any effort to a stagnant codebase. You probably wont see any more releases from Id until hexen 2 ships. Sorry.

I have given Zoid and Jack Mathews free license to extend and upgrade the QuakeWorld codebase from the last released revision, so this may actually mean that QW receives more attention than I was able to give it.

On the bright side, the new bsp format will offer some great new capabilities that will be apreciated by all:

Greater robustness. Only one bsp tree is built, and no surfaces are generated that weren't part of the map brushes.

No fixed clipping hull restrictions. You can now set any mins/maxs you like.

You can tell the texture that a trace clips on in the game, so different surface attributes are now possible.

Textures are no longer stored in the bsp file.

Full color lightmaps for glquake. The "surprise" that I mentioned before was colored lighting hacked into glquake in a way that didn't require a change in the format, but this is better.

If any hard-core add on hackers can present a serious case for additional modifications to the bsp file, now is the time to let me know.

QuakeWorld Query
Disruptor updated asking for feedback on the changes to the QuakeWorld progs he's worked on:

If anyone has any other outstanding issues with QuakeWorld progs fixes (not EXE changes), please drop me an e-mail with the report. The fixes I made a few days ago seem to be working very well, and I'd like to release them to the comminity as soon as possible.

QPed News
There's news on the QPed page about the upcoming new release, as well as more info about the registered version, and WorldCraft bundle.

Bay Area LAN Party
There is a free Bay Area LAN party tomorrow from around Noon to Midnight. Check here for information

FvF 2.1
Future vs Fantasy v2.1 has been released on Freeform's FvF page. The new release features more distinctive weapons and 24 new models since FvF 2.0x:

Open GL Hexen 2 Screenshots
Next-Generation has a new preview of Hexen 2 up with 25 screen shots (including hi-resolution OpenGL images). Thanks Stephen Machan. The shots are also up on the new Hexen2 screenshot page on PCGames.

UK Clanmeet
Spike and RawMeat passed along word of the upcoming UK Clanmeet:

we meet at the moon under water, on leceister square on the 5th of july 1997, at 11.30. We then chat, meet, talk about quake, clans and drink lots, then we are all going for a sit down meal, which is why we need to find out how many people are going to book tables for. Following that we either hit an arcade or more alchohol is in order, followed by a long night of quake in Shoot n surf from 6pm.

Thursday, May 22, 1997

StormFront & QuakeCast
There will be a StormFront at 8:00 PM Eastern tonight as scheduled, but QuakeCast has been rescheduled to be part of the festivities at m3 tomorrow.

SGI Quake 1.10
Thanks Thomas Winzig for word that Philip Nemec has released SGI Quake 1.10, fixing the bug with lookspring, which didn't work. Available from Quake Utils for SGI Irix.

Hexen 2 Preview
There's a Hexen 2 Preview at Gamespot. Thanks Prophet. Also, Hexen 2 designer Rick Johnson has posted a bunch of answers on the Friends of Phoebus message board, and RETRIBUTION has a Hexen 2 poll to vote for your favorite character class (thanks Phoebus). Also, is temporarily off-line for busting their bandwidth allowance.

SiN Preview
There's a small SiN Preview on Next-Generation. Thanks Digital Savior.

Daikatana Preview
There's a Daikatana preview on Thanks matt.

sCary Interview
There's an interview with sCaryname on the pandemonium! (in the SiN news section).

Ranger Movie Voices
There is an update on the RangerWeb putting out the casting call for voice actors in Ranger Gone Bad 3. Here's your chance for fame and fortune (well, at least fame).

Euro Demos
Demolition is a new site in Sweden dedicating to being a home for demos, European ones in particular.

Doom in the Comics
Thanks liger for pointing out this cartoon that, for the fanatic, is as true as it is funny.

Quake II Mailing List
If you are interested in joining a Quake II Mailing List, email and request to be added.

Multi-Player Quake
MPQ (Multi-Player Quake) is a new page dedicated to reviewing Deathmatch levels.

ThunderWalker Interviews
DaKoTa has posted an interview on the news page of the Flag Academy with Panda and Fezzik from Valley of the ThunderWalkers, creators of the increasingly popular CTF variant ThunderWalker CTF. There is also an interview with the ThunderWalker guys over at Time 2 Quake.

QuakeWorld Kill the Llama
KTL for QuakeWorld is now in beta. Available at the Kill the Llama.

Speaking of Llamas
Where the "llama update department" meets the "you can't make this stuff up department." Thanks to Gump|SG for sending along the following picture of an actual roadsign (the only roadsign that can get the brake lights on an id Ferrari going, no doubt):

Wampey's Censuses Correction
Okay, I miss read Wampey's Censuses: The leggy supermodel did win out over the Quake machine as what most Quake players would choose to be stranded with on a deserted island. Also, Fishman points out that the questions on the current survey, about sound effects in Quake 2, were asked by American McGee, so you are actually probably influencing the direction of Quake 2 by responding.

Wednesday, May 21, 1997

TeamFortress 2.5 Beta G
TeamFortress 2.5 Beta G is available on the TeamFortress page. Thanks Klerck.

Thanks to Q Arkhan for pointing out the ironic choice of font on that page of new Unreal screenshots.

QuickSpy is a QSpy-like program for Linux users. Thanks RawMeat.

New Quake C
Disruptor updated his .plan describing some welcome changes being implemented into QuakeWorld:

I was working on the QuakeWorld progs for a bit and fixed a few issues. The updated progs are running on our QuakeWorld server at; (

The fixes are;

- Double, tripple, and in some cases, quadruple damage bug fixed
- Player velocity is no longer carried over on respawn
- Respawn telefrags are now a thing of the past

I would like to "stress-test" them for a while before I release them. Please e-mail me should any of the aforementioned bugs crop up again.

More Bubbah Updates
A FAQ has also been added to Bubbah's Modeling Page.

Skin Tutorial Update
Slaine has updated his Skin Tutorial on the Shotgun Messiahs' Page with 2 new pages of examples featuring his new "Beavis" skin.

Quake to VRML
I don't think I've ever mentioned BSP2WRL which claims it will convert any Quake BSP map into OpenInventor, VRML 1.0, or VRML 2.0 including lights, viewpoints, and full texturing with proper texturemapping coordinates.

Fragga Sujoy Rematch
A while back I reported the original Fragga-Sujoy battle (arguably the UK's two best players) which Fragga won, but was not aware that a rematch had occurred until James mailed me with the word. News From the Front (the May 12 entry) has Sujoy's account of the epic UKOOL battle that saw him win 9-8 in a buzzer beater. You can read Fragga's account on his page under the May 10 entry. This is one of the wildest sounding one on one matches I've heard of.

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses has been updated with lots of new questions (mostly about sound effects) and the results from last week. Yes, Quake players actually voted they'd rather be stranded on a deserted island with a Quake machine with a 250 ms or lower Internet connection, than with a leggy Supermodel by a two to one margin! Read the responses for examples of why.

From the Ashes
Thanks to Drywall for pointing out this new TC rising like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Quake C Lessons
A new site presenting Quake C lessons is Quake C revealed.

Man, I was just reading QuakeWeek, and I'm still laughing. Remember, this is satire, and can be a little mean (the way we like it) a lot of humorists claim to pull no punches, but this site definitely lives up to that term...

Scarecrow Moves
Scarecrow has moved his Button Page temporarily to until he gets a new domain.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM or on the PCTM
Duke Nukem 3D for the Mac is out. It can be found at Next-Generation. (Thanks Prophet).

Tuesday, May 20, 1997 New QuakeSpy Released

KeyGrip Beta Released
KeyGrip (437 KB), the much anticipated demo editor has been released on the KeyGrip for Quake site. This program promises to combine comparative ease of use and powerful movie making capabilities.

New QuakeWorld Skins
I saw on Redwood's that ^DragOn^ has released the fourth QuakeWorld Skinpack (1.6 MB) over on QuakeWorld Central.

GLHexen2 Screen Shots
There are a dozen 640X480 GLHexen2 screen shots up at

DaBug Interview
There is an interview with Ion Storm level wiz DaBug up on Eye on Ion.

Quake Movies
Quake is the front page of today's Pathfinder! There is an article on Netly News about Quake Movies that concentrates for the most part on a certain cinematic clan. It also discusses the future of demo technology, quoting both John Romero and John Carmack.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
There are some sweet new Unreal screenshots up on PCGames' Website. I wonder if the windmill is part of a Don Quixote TC...

m3 Update
The m3 page has been updated to explain how selecting registrants from the overwhelming crush of entries will be handled. If you signed up, look for an email notification today at about Noon, Pacific Time. If you are invited, please RSVP immediately with word on whether you are still planning to attend or not, so we can make sure that as many people who can make it can be invited. There is consideration being made for distance traveled in an effort to avoid screwing those with complicated travel arrangements. We are also trying not to separate people who were traveling together, so please let us know if we've done so. Obviously, we did not think that an event on a holiday weekend announced with three week's notice would receive over 200 entries in the first hour. Our apologies in advance to those who will be left out, we are very unhappy to have to disappoint a single person, much less so many.

Upload to CD-ROM.COM
Joost Schuur updated his .plan with helpful advice to Quake add-on authors:

I have a plea to everyone creating addons for Quake today. If you've released something, please remember to upload them to in the /pub/idgames2/incoming directory. Releasing them on your web page and announcing them to the news sites, hoping to increase your hits, is _not_ the same. You get a much better coverage. Your files will be carried by dozens of mirror sites world wide.

This applies to utilities and levels/Quake C/whatnot. If anyone has any particular reason why they do not want to upload their works to (aside from limited beta releases of course) contact me, I'd be interested in finding those out.

Bubbah's Model Page Updated
The step-by-step model making tutorial is up on Bubbah's Modeling Page.

CTF Ring Revived
The CTF Ring has been revived by Lord_Soth, who's looking for additional help to get the page back on track. Thanks Cyber.

Spanish LAN Party Wrap-Up
There is a reviews up of the huge LAN party in Spain on May 3. Actually there are two versions, one in Spanish, and another in English. There are photos, comments, results, rankings, links, and a demo.

Local Contest
There's a 32 person, single elimination, one-on-one tournament for Quake players in in the 904 area code. Details are on this web page.

QuakeFinger has had a redesign, and is now even cooler looking. Also you can keep up with what the QuakeFinger guys are up to on the dweomer and hank production's site.

Steve Funkadooda updated the QuakeLab, and posted a pair of new screenshots from The Apocalypse project on the .plan A page.

There is a new, bug-fixed version of Duel up on the Mod Squad's Duel page.

Deathmatch Tips
There's a set of Deathmatch Tips at Banjk's Alter that cover all the essentials for a beginner from Jump, to Be Nice (actually, beginner and expert alike can benefit from the "Be Nice" tip).

QuakeSpy 5.21
QuakeSpy 5.21 is available for download from the QuakeSpy homepage. The new release has bug fixes for version 5.2. New features from version 5.1x are the Integrated Chat Client and Buddy Lists, which are available to registered users. There have also been a few(!) new speed improvements. QSBN (Quake Server Browser News) has been updated with a revised review of QuakeSpy covering the new version.

Voodoo Rush Drivers
Drivers to allow GLQuake on the new Voodoo Rush chipset are available from 3Dfx. Thanks Zanshin, of Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo. Here is a Gamecenter review of the Hercules Stingray 128/3d card that uses this chipset (thanks Prophet), obviously, the part about the unavailability of the GLQuake driver was written before the new 3Dfx release.

George Broussard Interview did an interview with George Broussard (thanks Prophet).

The ThunderWalker CTF team is looking for 4 to 5 maps to release with version 3.0. Details on the Valley of the ThunderWalkers, or by contacting The almost completed Swat Team mod is stuck because their Lead Programmer had to withdraw, so they're requesting that experienced coders drop by The Swat Team website.

UKOOL Levelab Moves
As promised, the UK One-on-One League has found a new home at (Prophet).

If anyone heading to m3 has the opportunity to give a lift to three attendees from near Worcester, Mass, email Witzbold.

Monday, May 19, 1997

Tokay Interview
There is an interview with American McGee up on PlanetQuake.

There are three new screenshots of KeyGrip, the Quake .dem editor, at the KeyGrip for Quake site. The page gives tomorrow as a tentative release date for the program. Thanks Rotwang.

Thanks Joost
Thanks to Joost Schuur for posting my page yesterday (the server was down when I tried, and I mailed Joost in distress, who posted it when the server came back up). Sorry so delayed today. I've been a little under the weather.

Duke 4 Interviews
There are two interviews about Duke Nukem Forever, one with both Scott Miller and the other with George Broussard, up at The Kore. I lost my mind and wrote Duke 2 at first, thanks Chris Dunphy for straightening me out.

Zoid's DM Map
Zoid has released his first deathmatch level on Threewave and it is running on his QuakeWorld Server at

European Clan Council Moves
The European Clan has moved to

Quake Rally
Ridah updated the Quake Rally page. Thanks DrSbaitso.

Quake on Cartridge
Quake 64 is briefly mentioned on Thanks Dalant. Also, Third Generation news reports that earlier this week Saturn distributed a development kit so that games can support net link (thanks Prophet).

SGI Quake Survey
There is an SGI Quake survey to collect information to improve the SGI port of Quake.

Holy Wars
Holy Wars is a new server-side DM and teamplay mod The object is to pick up a Halo and be sanctified while the other players try to kill you and get the Halo. Available, along with more details, on The Holy Wars Page.

CTF Variants
In coincidental separate releases, the new Destroy the Flag, and a beta the QuakeWorld version of Midnight CTF are out.

QBall 2.1
The new version of QBall has been released on the QBall Page.

PoohQuake. You can't make this stuff up.

Front Ends
QuakeManager 1.75 has been released (Thanks Prophet). Handi-Quake another new Quake front-end (I'm not sure that logo/motif is politically correct) has been released, also QuakeLauncher version 1.0 is out on the QuakeLauncher page.

That's So Boring
The inoffical Qoole FAQ is now the Unofficial Qoole FAQ (Thanks Prophet).

There's a Dalek model on the Killzone.

Multiplayer Quake Foundation
The Multiplayer Quake Foundation is running a quake news page.

RoM's Quake Page has been shut down. RoM would like to pass along his apologies to all that submitted levels to his contest. The Focus Of Quake has also shut down.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
There a Jedi Knight preview with a bunch of nice screenshots at Game Over! (Yup, Prophet again). There's a description of what's know about SiN On SiN City. There's a front-end for multiple shooter games called GameMenu95.

YnrohKeeg's Guide for Llamas
Prophet sends word on YnrohKeeg's Guide for Llamas, another set of definitions in the genre of the QuakEncyclypedia.

Quake Art
By David Evan (who's interested in a career in the gaming industry as a concept/storyboard artist):

Quake Dude Drawing -- by David Evan (

Sunday, May 18, 1997

Out of town for the day. Back late tonight.

New Stoneless
David Jewsbury sends along word on the (actual) release of the new version of his level editor, Stoneless. I think the false start earlier this week he refers to was me accidentally spreading misinformation about the release (sorry David). Here's the word on the new release:

I'm proud to announce the release of Stoneless version 1! Stoneless is a powerful map builder for Quake, and now, after 5 or so months of development, it's finally hit version 1.

To celebrate, the web site has been completely done over, see:

Some of the features of the new version are:

BTW, this is an offical release, unlike the false start earlier in the week which was due to circumstance outside of my control.

Interview with Paul Schuytema
Thanks Profit for word on exclusive interview with Paul Schuytema on Preystation (Prophet wanted to say to Lithium, the site's maintainer: "See quakers DO read prey pages").

Joost Schuur updated his .plan to point out that Yahoo had deemed Slipgate Central worthy of the sunglasses denoting a cool site, and when I looked through the Yahoo Quake listing to see, much to my surprise, I see Blue's News has also been so honored (surprise, because last time I checked Yahoo, Blue's didn't even have the current URL, much less sunglasses). Pretty cool stuff (thanks Yahooians!).

Vigil Contest
I haven't had a chance to check out TerraFORMA's new map Vigil yet, but I am told there are some very cute thematic elements, including some amusing headstones, including mine (to Bastard's endless delight). Meanwhile, Wright Bagwell, author of the Vigil, wants to see "how people approach playing [his] maps, and just how good some players are," so he's holding a contest. A copy of Scourge or DOE (or an alternate if the winner owns both already) for a winner who can finish the level on skill 3 without cheating. (Zipped) Demos can be email to Wright Bagwell. Contest ends June 29th.

ICQ Player Listing
Siren has created the Quake Player's ICQ Listing, a collection of ICQ UIN's from Quakers that can be used to get in help people get in contact with others in the Quake Community. The listing is part of Siren's Picpage. There are also details on Redwood's on how to set up ICQ to launch a Quake game (one person is the listen server in that scenario, so QSpy is probably safe, but it's an interesting use of the technology).

QuakeWorld Local Source
Nick Maher has released the source code to his QuakeWorld Local master server. He's no longer working on it, and it doesn't work with the new version of QW (the new master servers don't support users or stats). But since he's had requests for the source code, he's released it in case it's useful to anyone. It's available at The QW Local Page.

Free Web Design
Ron "cORpse" Andrews is giving away an almost complete design for a web page about next generation 3D games. For an explanation, read here.

Hookage, Inc.
Odd clan concept of the day. Hookage, Incorporated is a CTF Clan that uses only the Grappling Hook and Shotgun when they play. the sight features demos and tips for players to follow this unusual code.

Saturday, May 17, 1997

The team over at TerraFORMA has released their first project. The following is from project coordinator Ryan N. Freebern:

Yesterday, terraFORMA released its first project, a new gaming experience from level designer / QC coder / texture maker Wright Bagwell. The Vigil creates new levels of depth for single player gaming, bringing a new type of blood-pounding, adrenaline-rushing, sweat-dripping feverish save-your-skin feeling to Quake. After over a full month in production, The Vigil features new QuakeC, new textures, and a totally new style of Quaking. Not only is is an incredible experience, but it follows a storyline, and has both intro and outro sequences to give more realism to the adventure.

The storyline for The Vigil can be read at

The pakfile can be downloaded at

The Vigil isn't just another level - it's a whole new way of playing Quake!

In celebration of his 18th birthday, Jawed Karim has released version 2.821 of his jaw3d Model Viewer. The new version features the ability to read MDL directly and view all frames with no manual conversion. On the jaw3d page.

Happy Birthday Trent
Speaking of Birthdays (see previous story), today is also Quake soundtrack composer Trent Reznor's Birthday (thanks Lars).

Day of Week
I added the days of the week to the date at the suggestion of iODiNE. I have no idea why this fine idea never occurred to me before.

There's a blurb on the Ranger page noting that filming (85 MB of .dem files worth) for Ranger Gone Bad 3, the upcoming epic from United Ranger Films is complete, and it is now on to post-production. I should mention that though I only managed to attend more than a handful of film sessions, I can tell you in that time I learned that more dedication than you would ever imagine is required to coordinate a production like this, for all parties involved (including the actors).

There's an article on Gamespot called MMX: The First MMX Games, discussing a topic that's flying around a bit lately, the games worthiness of MMX technology, that confirms what John Carmack has been saying all along, that the performance boost for 3D graphics in games provided by MMX is insignificant compared to the results of adding a dedicated 3D accelerated video card. Thanks Prophet.

X-Men Quake
X-Men Quake has not been "foxed" (a term that's been added to the Quake Encyclopedia), at least not yet. The page is on hold as they work through the legalities, but as the following from X-Men "biz-guy" rumble indicates, the project is moving forward, and, in fact, is actively seeking map authors:

While X-men Quake goes through the motions of getting Licensing out of the way the Home Page has been suspended. However, we are in desperate need of X-Men fan Mappers. We will be creating 2 all new episodes, details will be released to mappers who are brought on the project only. If you are interested in becoming a mapper on X-Men Quake send a map sample to X-Men Quake also needs a Texture Artist. This TC needs all new textures, so submit an original texture sample and we will evaluate it immediately. Time is a major factor for us now and we need these submissions as soon as possible.

TeamFortress 2.5 Beta F
Thanks to my pal SirLiam for the word that TeamFortress 2.5 Beta F has been released on the TeamFortress Page (and very easy to find on the page this time around, I might add).

Requiem Bug Fix
Thanks poor for word on the bug fix on the Requiem page to solve problems server operators have experienced with a "progs/null.spr not found" error.

NT Worldcraft
I received the following email from ELM-Somberfire which alerted me to an added degree of Quake relevance to the news that NT Service Pack 3 has been released:

I work for ACD Systems the distributer of Worldcraft. For a while people been emailing me asking about NT support in Worldcraft, the answer I have always been giving is that we are waiting on Microsoft to support DirectX in NT. Well they have caught up. It would be really great that you could mention it to the quake masses that Service Pack 3 is now available! The service pack is available on both the Microsoft homepage and The Forge . This being a new operating platform for Worldcraft, I do expect problems, and I encourage people to email me at with bug reports and the like.

UKOOL Levels
The UKOOL (UK One-on-One League) has released UKOOLDM2 and UKOOLDM4, their latest DM levels at the (temporary) Home of the UKOOL.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
As promised earlier this week, Gameslice posted part one of their interview with the Jedi Knight Team. Part 2 will be posted next Friday. Thanks Prophet.

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