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Friday, May 16, 1997

Wheel of Time
Wheel of Time Quake has been shut down by Tor Books for legal reasons ("Foxed" is the way they describe it). Details are up on the Website formerly known as...

qME (Quake Model Editor) version 3.0 Beta 6 is now available on the qME page (thanks Dave).

The brand new Requiem, Requiem SPECIAL EDITION is now available from the Requiem Home Page. This version now includes skins, demos, new monsters and AI, recoded bots, Sudden-Death and Mortal-Countdown modes, and a new multi-mode server capability.

Matt Tagliaferri's qED level editor is now out of beta and the lite version is now available at 3D Matrix. The retail package should be out in stores by June 2.

Game AI Page
Prolific Prophet (yes, he's on a righteous roll) found the Game AI Page, dedicated to the art of Artificial Intelligence. There is a description there of the authors experience attending the recent CGDC.

There are cool screenshots of ^Dragon^'s upcomng level (made with art from some top-notch talents) on QuakeWorld Central.

Find the Secret Shrak Level Contest
Find the hidden level in Shrak and shoot a PCX of how you found the level, and you could win an NEC PowerPlayer PC system with a 17" Monitor. Other prizes include Diamond Monster 3D Video Cards, Diamond 3D Sound Cards, Assassin 3D game controllers, registered copies of QSpy, and more. Not to leave anyone out, there is also a second contest being held for those who don't own a registered copy of Shrak, where you can win a Diamond 3D Sound Card, Shrak or an Assassin 3D. For complete rules check PlanetQuake.

QSpy 5.2
QSpy 5.2 was released to registered users today, and goes into general release on Monday (it was promised that registered users would get first crack at the new version).

Thred Manual
The Thred Manual is now up on the Thred Page thanks O Dog.

John Romero Interview
Thanks Diazo for word that there is a interview with John Romero in the June print edition of Next-Generation magazine.

Dragging Quake into the MUD
Quagmire is a project is to combine QuakeWorld with a MUD server.

Head Games
There is an update to the Dealing CD-ROM Publisher's page with a report that Head Games (publishers of the Tremors CD that makes unauthorized use of map authors' work), has already had to pull one CD from the market, DEFCON3, an disk of add-on levels for RED ALERT.

Qoole FAQ
Got questions about Qoole? Here's The inoficial (sic) Qoole FAQ. Thanks Prophet.

Deaux is a two-on-two QuakeWorld Tournament.

Thaks to old tipster pal [Moogle] for pointing out this cool image on the unofficial squaresoft homepage.

Doom Music CD
Thanks Shawn Crain for word that the Doom Music CD has been released.

Quake Editing
Absolute Quake is devoted to being a resource for both new and experienced map authors. A site with a similar bent it the Quake Place. Also the UKOOL Levelab has moved, and is still looking for an even better (faster) home.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

Beyond Belief
I've been fooling around with a new single player pack called Beyond Belief (7 MB) by Matthias Worch. Six months in the making, Beyond Belief is a complete single player episode with nine new levels (including a start map), some new textures, and support for GLQuake's transparent water feature. I have to say this is a really professional job, I was very impressed. Also available at and the BB homepage.

I failed to mention that with Cal on vacation there was no QuakeCast this week, and, apparently the Pseudo pages didn't reflect this either. Sorry for any confusion that this caused.

More International Quake
Denmark has also formed a National Team losing their first match against Sweden on Sunday 1331-972.

Tom Hall Slams Ion Storm
Mostly a bunch of inside jokes (I guess, at least too inside for me to understand), Tom Slams Ion Storm follows the age-old principle that other's are not allowed to mock your family and friends, but you are. Thanks Prophet.

Chris "Oskilla" Little has made a QuakeWorld conversion of Rogue's Dissolution of Eternity consisting of a server pack (108k) and a client pack with a few pieces of artwork (39k). Available at Oskilla's Bleat, the setup (made with Rogue's approval) prevents the client pack from being dynamically downloaded. Oskilla is also running a RogueQW server at

New Skins
Thanks Prophet for word that there are a bunch of new skins up on the SkinForge.

Rhapsody for Intel
In light of the Quake for Apple's Rhapsody news, this Yahoo news article on Apple's upcoming OS, discussing future plans for Rhapsody running on Intel platforms. Thanks Tark.

Eye on John
John Romero has an on-line fan club called Eye On John (thanks Prophet).

Thunder Shots
There are screenshots of the next version of the Thunder level editor on the Thunder page (thanks Prophet).

Telefragged has had a redesign with some new graphics. The site now supports 800x600 resolution.

Quess Peace
Impact Team has received an apology from PC Zone for the unauthorized inclusion of Quess on one of their CD's.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Quake DNS
If you have a Quake server with no DNS, Dragos, who runs the Quakescape page is willing to provide a listing free of charge provided you have a static IP address and are not going to get into any trouble for running a Quake server.

Requiem-Special Edition
Requiem-Special Edition will be released tomorrow on the Requiem page. This is the first new release in a while from the author of the popular Requiem patch.

QSpy 5.2
QSpy 5.2 (still in closed beta) sports a bunch of new features, and is looking solid for a release "real soon now." Among the new features for registered users are the frequently requested buddy lists and the innovative integrated IRC Client.

Midnight CTF
Midnight CTF version 0.7 has been released on the Midnight CTF page. The source is now included, and there's a promise of a QuakeWorld version, possibly as early as this weekend.

I mentioned earlier that is online, dedicated to the latest and greatest on Hexen 2. It also came to pass today that the Chaos Sphere will be merging into the new site, and will no longer exist at its old location.

John Carmack's Rhapsody
John Carmack updated his .plan (no, not about U2), discussing Quake/QuakeWorld/Quake II for Apple's Rhapsody:

As some of you may know, a port of Quake was demod at apple's WWDC. Here is the full info:

A couple weeks ago, I got an email saying: "Hey! We heard you are porting quake for WWDC!". I replied: "Uh, first I've heard of it... I was planning on supporting Quake 2 on it late this year..."

Well, I stole some time and went ahead and did it (mostly last weekend -- running tight!). I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and I'm glad it made it for the demos.

It is actually a port of the current research QuakeWorld-merging-into-Quake2 codebase, so it only plays network games at the moment.

It is running through 24 bit display postscript, and doesn't have the assembly language compiled in, so don't believe anyone that says it was running faster than under windows. It was a fast demo system. There is a good chance that it will be a bit faster then win32 when I am done with it, because the direct-to-screen API doesn't require all the locks and unlocks of Direct Draw, and the sound access will avoid the DirectSound penalties, but basically they should be the same.

98% of the support I need for games is present in rhapsody, and now that there is an existing game for it, the remaining decisions can be rationally guided.

I am still going to press the OpenGL issue, which is going to be crucial for future generations of games.

I am definately going to support Quake 2 on rhapsody. I may make a public release of the QuakeWorld demo, but I will probably wait until we get the full screen api working. Omnigroup has a little qspy-like openstep program that we can use with it.

SGI Quake 1.09
SGI Quake 1.09 has been released by Philip Nemec. The new version includes support for Wingman Warrior joysticks, among other things. Available on Quake Utils for SGI Irix. Thanks Thomas Winzig.

NT OpenGL Miniport
Thanks GoosE_ for the word that the NT OpenGL Miniport (78 KB) has been released by 3Dfx, making GLQuake a reality for owners of 3Dfx cards. Also available at 3Dfx by HTTP, or FTP.

Deathmatch Maker
Thanks Guardian, for word that the full retail version of Virtus' Deathmatch Maker level editor has been released.

There is an article on Bootnet about Piracy called Yo Ho Ho and a Copy of Quake, that doesn't mention Quake except in the title (thanks Prophet). Let me take a moment to say that I think that this last line from the blurb is so idiotic that it should not pass without note:

The industry estimates that $11.2 billion in revenues were lost last year to piracy, but no mention was made of the value of the free publicity and enhanced sales volume that piracy generates.

What a ridiculous "point" to try and make, especially since the blurb is so small that the quote above comprises a third of the whole story. I wonder how much whoever wrote that would appreciate the publicity value of things stolen from him.

Custents Entities for Qoole
Busy Matt Lee has released the first beta of his Custents Entities for Qoole on his Qoole Entities Page. Use of the set will allow the implementation of rotating (Hipnotic-type) entities. Information on the set is on his Projects Page, the set is here, and you will also need to get Custents from the Trench of Mental WarFare (thanks Prophet). Also, the bug-fixed version of Matt's Qoole Hipnotic Entity Pack is now available.

Quake the Universe and Everything
The Quake Haiku page has been expanded into a site celebrating all forms of Quake creative writing called Quake, the Universe, and Everything (with a slightly new URL, if you've got a bookmark). The site now has four sections: haiku, limericks, prose, and free-form poetry.

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses has been updated with three new questions and the answers to last weeks queries. Stop by and share your opinions with the Quake community on vital issues.

The QPIP, Quake Players Input Pages, are now up at Quake 666, allowing Quake players post ideas on what maps or Quake C mods they would like to see. The idea is to inspire Quake C programmers, and map authors to pursue these projects.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
There are screenshots of TombRadier2 on PCGamer (thanks again Prophet): A shot of Lara Croft in Venice (oooh, look at her butt on location now), and the The Core Design Editor, used to make TR Levels.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

New jaw3d
Version 2.82 of the jaw3d Model Viewer (which supports Quake's MDL file format) has been released on the jaw3d page. The new version features 25% faster texture mapping, and many bug fixes.

Not New Stoneless
Version 0.99 of the Stoneless level editor is not new, as was reported here earlier, but was actually released on April 12. Sorry about the confusion, and thanks to Martin Fuchs for straightening me out. Martin says that Stoneless author David Jewsbury told him to expect a new version with new features maybe this weekend ("aussie time" in David's own words).

Quake Movie Team
The Quake Movie Team website has been redesigned.

Shadow Warrior
As promised, Shadow Warrior shareware (12 MB) has been released by 3D Realms. Shadow Warrior is said to be the last 3DR game using the Build (Duke Nukem 3D) engine. Thanks Jason Spears.

RangerWeb, RGB3
The RangerWeb, already one of the spiffiest Quake sites going, has had a cool redesign. Also, there is word on the progress of Ranger Gone Bad 3, and the coming attractions area of the movies section has been updated with an RGB3 poster.

The Not for Llama's comics section of the Quake Women's Forum has been updated. They are also collecting profiles of women who play Quake.

QLEN DMM Review, Hiatus
Quake Level Editing News will be going on a month, or more hiatus, for reasons detailed on the site. To leave in style, Plucky's posted a large review of Virtus' Deathmatch Maker level editor. Plucky is actually currently employed by Virtus, and makes that clear in the review.

CTF Variants
SuckMods are not bad mods, they're just made by Suck (a contributor of some small stuff to Threewave CTF 4.0), okay? SuckMods is a large CTF update with a bunch of new features and about a baziilion runes. In an unrelated project, level designers who wish to submit a map to the The CTF Expansion Project, should email Hanzo.

Rogue Qoole Entity Bug Fix
Matt Lee has posted a bug-fixed version of his Rogue Qoole Entity set on his Qoole page (thanks Prophet).

Quake International
Quake en Mexico is now the home (along with Quake Argentina) of the Ring de Paginas de Quake en Latinoamerica, a web ring dedicated to Spanish-language Quake pages. Deutsches Quakeforum, is a German site that plays host to several German language Quake sites, and on a related note, the German Team site has moved to Giblet Resources is about Quake in Singapore. Finally, if you are interested in attending a Quake Gathering in Scotland, email RefuX (remember, there can be only one!).

UK Demo Archive
News From The Front, the UK Quake news page has opened a UK Demo Archive, containing demos from some of the finest players in the UK or the world, including over 10 MB of never-before-seen demos from the recent UK Quakeathon.

Dank and Scud News
There is a news update by Michael Houston up on the Dank and Scud newspage with a ton of info, including the reason Andrew (the news guy) is not doing the update (impending fatherhood--congrats), the news that D&S Interactive is on the back burner (some intriguing comment about waiting for the release of the Ranger's movie), and that progress continues on issue four (and surprisingly issue five) even as we speak.

Quake Graphic Novel
To The Last is an online Quake graphic novel (ala Dank et Scud) that is currently in the works (thanks Prophet).

HPCL Season 2 Sign-ups
The High Ping Capture League (HPCL), in week seven of their ten week inaugural season, is currently accepting applications for their upcoming second season (to give teams plenty of time to get server and roster info in), and are inviting all high-ping CTF teams join. Look for the playoffs and all-star games for the first season to begin shortly.

SpaceOrb Forum
Spacetec has setup quite a few message boards, including a Quake board, for SpaceOrb users. Thanks Dave Hughes.

Mainstream Quake Spin
The latest Spin Magazine has an article on the I9\RB LAN Party last January.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
George Broussard updated his .plan celebrating 3DR's completion of the Shadow Warrior shareware, which he says will be uploaded sometime today. There's a tease up on GameSlice promising Jedi Knight screenshots on Friday (thanks Prophet). Prophet also sends word on this article that says Diablo will be available for the console soon and a Next-Gen article about Ion Storm's promise to port all their upcoming titles for consoles. One of the most challenging aspects of game development must be trying to predict the expected platform your audience will be using when your game is released. There is an article on Gamesmania in which Scott Miller describes Prey's expected system requirements, which include a 3Dfx or Rendition card (yep, Prophet again), and on that subject, Brian (Squirrel) Eiserloh updated his .plan in an effort to survey whether Ion can safely support only OpenGL in Anachronox, which is planned for a fourth quarter 1998 release. Speaking of Gamesmania, there's also mention there of Monlith's Blood ladder. Finally, rbr Gazette is dedicated to games by Rebel Boat Rocker, as The Kore (Duke Nukem Forever) has moved from that URL.

Monday, May 12, 1997

There are a couple of Quake 2 previews that have been posted, provoked by the screenshots, Gamespot's I Brake for Quake, and PC Games' Quake 2 Preview, which has RealAudio and RealVideo interviews with id's Sandy Peterson. And, thanks to XONE9 for word on PCGames' John Romero RealVideo Interview. There is also an interview with John Romero and some photos snagged from the UK magazine EDGE at the Fragulators home page. (BTW, John Romero's .plan has been updated to celebrate the birth of the Froginator).

Suggestion for QW Mod Authors
Jack (morbid) Mathews updated his .plan with a suggestion for QW mod authors:

Here's a fairly important update. It is directed to *all* QW mod authors. See, it turns out some really bright server ops are setting their *gamedirs to different ones, I.E. CTF40 for CTF 4.0. What this means is that users have to redownload all the models, maps, et cetera. And QSpy can't even override this, either! Yet people send us mail. So I mentioned this to good ol' Zoid (author of CTF) and he gave me this code snippet for you guys to include in the server-side progs.dat:

if (infokey(world, "*gamedir") != "ctf")
objerror(world, "Gamedir must be ctf\n");

This is going to be in CTF 4.2. Obviously, you should change this to better reflect your mod :-)

If this code doesn't work, or if you have questions/comments, PLEASE email me at I'd really like to get this issue resolved ASAP.

New QuakeOn
QuakeOn 0.86 (Quake front-end) was released today. You can get it at The QuakeOn Page.

The Quake C Headquarters has been off-line recently because all of their files were deleted in some sort of deliberate attack. The site will be back on line shortly at

Sounds Wanted
American McGee updated his .plan looking for sound help (and giving a movie review):

Strange request and the 5th element

This is going to be an odd request but here goes...
If there is anyone out there who does (or knows
someone who does) sound effects for motion pictures
please send me an email. I'm looking for someone to
bounce some ideas off of about the sound effects
in Quake2.

Btw: If you haven't seen "The Fifth Element" yet, go
do it. It came very close to bumping "Blade Runner"
as my all time favorite movie. I'll admit it has it's
flaws, but it has some of the best visuals, sounds, and
music out there.

The QuakeRally page has some new info on a bunch of different topics (thanks August).

QuakeCon 97 Site Moves
The QuakeCon 97 site has moved to, and is now hosted by QuakeMania.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
Fragmaster has opened the first Golgotha site: It's Golgotha, Dammit, and there's a Golgotha preview up at OGR.

Details are up on the Registration page of the M3 site on how to reserve your spot for our huge Memorial Day LAN party.

John Carmack's GLIDE Quake 2 Update Update
Following up further on the rampant rumors about a native GLIDE version of Quake (based in part on Brian Hook's background), John Carmack updated his .plan, denying that a native GLIDE version is in the works:

I have gotten several emails speculating that there will now be a native glide port of quake. Here is the straight answer:

I have considered a glide port many times (especially now that the rendering code is in a dll), but I allways reach the conclusion that it wouldn't be justified.

On the plus side, it could get a 10%-15% speedup over the OpenGL driver without going through too many contortions. Primarily by saving transforms for the lightmap pass and doing tightly packed vertex arrays for the enemy models.

The big drawback is that every codepath that gets added holds back future innovation. Just having software and gl is a lot of work, and I have allready commited to verite support. This is a difficult point for some people to understand, but it is crucially important. The more places I need to rewrite a feature, the less likely I am to put it in. If I only had the opengl version to worry about, Quake 2 would be so much cooler...

Zeus Bot
Nelno the Amoeba updated his .plan to mention the future (or lack thereof), of his feared Zeus Bot. He also has broken new ground in his abuse of .plan files by simultaneously becoming the first .plan author to attempt to embed Midi, and generate one of those Javascript error windows. Here's what he had to day about the Zeus:

Final note: I still get a fair amount of mail asking me when the next Zeus bot will be released... as of right now, never. I have a really enhanced version that uses all the goodies like dynamic mapping and shortest paths laying around here, but I just don't have the time to test it out thoroughly and fix the little here and there problems. Sorry. If I get any free time that isn't spent working or eating, I might get around to it.

LegoQuake has officially become Quego. Here's the scoop:

LegoQuake has officially become Quego. The new URL is As of Tonight the old URL will no longer work. The name change is the result of Lego's decision to not sponsor the project. Lego Corporate informed us that the Quake game was restricted in Germany, and the general perception of Quake in that market was poor. Since Germany was their largest Market, they could not in good conscience sponsor or condone the project. We have also been asked to make the appropriate changes to the models logo's etc. in order to not violate their trademarks.

This TC is still under development and has not been canceled. Quego will be released some time in late Summer, early Fall. We are currently negotiating to have the TC released via a larger marketing entity. Please Contact Rumble at if you have questions.

New Guru Awards
Jamie Wood, author of the Pain Gold Patch, has posted a new Quake Guru Awards competition that challenges you to guide a missile through E1M1 (using a QuakeC patch specifically for the contest). Thanks Prophet.

I1 Downtime
Impulse 1 is closed for some renovations, look for a re-opening soon.

Local Quake pages
Thanks to Fluroclown for pointing out a couple of Hong Kong Quake pages: Amoeba's Express and ThePress. And the Quake Italian site has moved.

Flying Basty?
QuakeLab:Multimedia has a posted the Flying Basty a desktop toy using the Simpletoon plug-in for MSIE . Be afraid... be very afraid.

Deep Blue?
Yes, Deep Blue wins. Just for the record, names notwithstanding, I was rooting for Kasparov.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (belated, it was yesterday) to Joe Powell, leader of TeamQspy.

Sunday, May 11, 1997 Happy Mother's Day

Romero Article
There is a profile of John Romero in the Dallas Morning News. Thanks Jay Dooling.

Lithium CTF
The Lithium CTF Pack, which includes CTF Playing Lithium bots, is out on Quake Argentina.

QFig (368 KB), the Quake Configuration Editor has been released. This is a GUI front-end to create and edit Quake configuration files. More information, screenshots, etc., on the Qfig page.

Sweden versus UK
UK defeated Sweden in this international deathmatch by a score of 1397 to 784 at death32a. Apparently a rematch is in the offing, as Sweden played undermanned. More info is at The Swedish Team's Page and the UK Team's page.

German Quake National Team
The German Quake National Team has been formed, and hopes to play their first match in 3 weeks.

BspBuild Version 0.10
BspBuild Version 0.10 has been released on the BspBuild Page, featuring:

New QuakeLauncher
There's a new QuakeLauncher, version 0.9, at the QuakeLauncher homepage.

I've seen a lot of speculation about the implications of id's addition of Brian Hook to the programming team, and now there's a little of it going on at AllGames, where they're drawing the inference that it may add up to a native GlideQuake in their Quake News (thanks BigDave).

Romero Transcript
There's a transcript of John Romero's chat interview the other day from that Chat Palace event. Thanks Prophet.

QuakeRally Update
There's word on the QuakeRally page describing the weapons in the upcoming mod, as well as a dispute with PC Zone over distribution of Quess. Thanks again Prophet.

Interview on the Well of Wishes
There's an interview with Mike Anzulovic, author of the original grappling hook patch up on the Well of Wishes. The site has also had a make-over.

High Resolution ScreenShots
Christopher Dickens is offering to make free hi-rez screenshots using a Silicon Graphics O2 for Quake developers to post on their websites. He can provide resolutions up to 1280x1024 in 32-bit alpha blended color (he says he actually gets about eight fps in that resolution!). If you are interested in availing yourself of this offer, please just send him a URL to download the pack, rather than any attached files.

Quake II Screenshots Contest
There's an interesting contest on the Runner 1 Homepage that challenges level designers to recreate the appearance of the Quake II Screenshots released recently by id.

The Quake Network
The Quake Network is a general Quake site with a cute TV Theme (though no actual video).

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
There's a Shadow Warrior preview on GameSlice Weekly with video clips and a bunch of screenshots of this upcoming build engine game. There's also a preview up on Stomped called Want Some Wang?.

Saturday, May 10, 1997

Dimensionality Deathmatch Pack
Some time in development, the Dimensionality Deathmatch Pack (5 MB) has been released by the Dimensionality team. The pack fatures 9 new DM levels (eight by the team and one by Myscha) and a new start map. Also available on their downloads page.

Skin Tutorial
There's a very nice new Quake Skin Tutorial up on the Shotgun Messiahs Clan page.

2Fort_32 Beta
There's a public beta of 2Fort_32 (the 32 player TeamFortress map) available on Gibkeeg's Fortress. Thanks novaCaiNe.

I see on sCary's that he's coming to M3... w00p!

Rogue Worldcraft Examples
The Forge: Official Worldcraft Editing Site has new example maps using of some of Rogue's new entities from the DoE pack to create elevators, buzzsaws, pendulums, and lightning. There is also an updated set of Rogue .fgd files fixing some minor bugs.

Quake-C Archives
The Quake-C Archives has undergone a major renovation. New features include:

Swedish National CTF Team
The Swedish National CTF Team has been formed with a separate Low Ping and High Ping divisions each eager to play CTF teams from other countries. Challenges should be mailed to the low ping coach, Jane Fonda (hmmm) or high ping coach, Rooster.

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