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May 9, 1997

M3 Update
I've just had a confirmation that all of the details on the M3 page that were still up in the air (parties, etc.) have been confirmed. Huge thanks to The CyberWeb Cafe who have stepped up to the plate in a major way. They are going to be supplying a load of food and drink for the occasion as well as networking equipment and other coolness. Thanks guys! In the words of Joost Schuur (from his .plan):

m3. be there, or be a rectangular thing.

BTW, anything I've said about this being the best LAN party ever, were not really meant the way that sounds. That just represents my excitement about the scope of what we've got planned, rather than a statement about the quality of any events, past present or future. Anywhere good people and good computers come together to play Quake is a great place to be, y'know?

Quake in EE Times
Electronic Engineering Times has posted the John Carmack quote about Quake being unaffected by the Pentium II bug (thanks Tim Behrendsen). And thanks Neal White III for word that there's an article on game development in the WintelWatch column in the discussing Quake and other first-person action game development. The intro describes the current situation:

"Intel and Microsoft making moves into the PC-games market, the once garage-band nature of this business is giving way to the arena event."

NT4.0 Beta Drivers for 3D Blaster
Thanks Embrionic Pete (I'm to sexy for this armor, too sexy...) for word that Creative Labs has released new Windows NT 4.0 BETA drivers for the 3D Blaster PCI. Get them from the Creative Beta page so you can read all the caveats and disclaimers.

Hexen 2 Pictures
There are five new Hexen II pictures at Gamesmania. Thanks Prophet.

Activision H2 Site
Activision (the Hexen II distributors) have put up their own Hexen II site (really nice looking, too). Thanks upaboveit.

The MedDLe2 Preview update is available on the MedX page. MedDLe2p can now save, and a number of huge bugs have been fixed.

Giggler Interview
There's an IRC interview with Giggler up on SiN City.

Matt Tag Editing Book
Matt Tagliaferri's new book on Quake Editing will appear in stores soon. The following is from the press release:

I thought you might want to know that Matt Tagliaferri's Quake Level Construction Handbook by Sybex Game Books shipped on Monday and will be in stores by May 28. This 368 page book will have 11 chapters on using qED and building Quake levels written by Matt T. himself, and 7 chapters
written by professional level designers in the Quake sub-universe, including:

Richard Gray (Levelord),
Michael Wardwell (Giggler),
Steve Tietze (Gateway)
Jim Lowell (pioneer Quake level designer)
Steffen Itterheim (creator of Telecross)

The book also includes qED-Lite on CD-ROM, the complete qED product that will be distributed by WizardWorks/GT Value Products. The only limiting factor for this "Lite" version is the number of brushes you can use in a level. You can still use the Lite version to build complete, fun deathmatch and single player levels that display your level design prowess.

Wheel Of Time v.69
A new version of Wheel of Time Quake is out at the WoT Page.

EnterMedia Mods Article
There is a feature up on EnterMedia talking about Quake modifications. The article focuses (coincidentally, AFAIK) on four Mods hosted by PlanetQuake.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
There's a preview of Esoteria3 on OGR. It's a 3D game with that TombRaider style third-person perspective that will support deathmatch (thanks again to Prophet).

RavenBot Clarification
In case I was unclear in the story yesterday about the new bot being cooked up by the guys at Raven, there will be an initial Quake version released, it will not be a Hexen 2 only bot.

New DeathX
The Omega team has released version .84 of their Partial Conversion, DeathX.

Skillz Test #2
Skillz Test #2 (DM6 versus four Reaper bots) ends Sunday. Prizes are a Monster 3D Card, a SpaceOrb, and a Hipnotic CD. Next contest will begin in about a week.

Quake 2 Cheese? Quake Cheese 2?
Quake Cheese has reopened as Quake 2 Cheese, with a new look and new cheese.

TEN 1.2
Either the president of TEN is writing me from a bunch of different email accounts, or users really are excited about the features of TEN 1.2, because I've gotten an unusual amount of responses about it.

Oak Goof
I had a corrupt zip in my Oak .03 story yesterday, so if you had a bad download, my apologies, here we go, once more with feeling: Version 0.83 of the Oak Bot is up on the Oak Homepage, featuring improved Roaming AI, Chasing AI, nailgun firing, and the option to disable the sounds. The upgrade is just a new Progs.dat (133 KB), which is all you need if you already have the May 4, 1997 Public Beta (1 MB).

Where's Eddie?
Hardcore QuakeCast fans only need apply (and even then...): QuakePsycho has started the Eddie Jones Search page.

May 8, 1997

Manhattan, Memorial Day Marathon
As previously described, the Manhattan, Memorial Day Marathon, or M3, is going to be the coolest LAN party ever. Brought to you by PlanetQuake, QuakeCast and yours truly, it looks like we're lining up some amazing support from a couple of sponsors. Sign-ups (to ensure a spot) will begin Monday, but a lot of the details are up to whet your appetite now on the M3 Homepage. It boils down to a non-stop four day LAN fest featuring free parties every night. Food, Drink, and Quake. w00000p!

Cool looking (see screenshot, below) Project Apocalypse, part of QuakeLab:Editing is now opening voice acting auditions for parts in their movies. Previous experience of some kind in this field is preferred, but everyone is welcome to try out. The A-Team is currently: Jason 'loonyboi' Bergman, Dan Bickell, Graham Ferris, Steve Fukuda, Carl 'General WarT' Glave, Ethan 'salem' Leon, and Andrew Vogel.

John Romero Chat
John Romero will be on the IGN super Palace conference on Friday discussing Daikatana, as detailed in PCGamer's "Chat Palace" article and in this Next-Gen article. More details are on PCGamer's chat page. Thanks Prophet.

New Oak
Version 0.83 of the Oak Bot is up on the Oak Homepage, featuring improved Roaming AI, Chasing AI, nailgun firing, and the option to disable the sounds. The upgrade is just a new Progs.dat (133 KB), which is all you need if you already have the May 4, 1997 Public Beta (1 MB).

Academy and Capture Merge, Move
Two of the 'net's finest Quake sites have merged and moved to PlanetQuake. Here is an excerpt from Xenocide Flag Academy's release:

The Xenocide Flag Academy has undergone some major changes and has now re-opened on PlanetQuake. The Flag Academy1 can now be found at The changes in style and content reflect our continuing efforts to create the definitive site on Capture the Flag...

...DaKoTa from Capture has become the latest member of the Xenocide Trinity, replacing Gentle Nova. DaKoTa has begun merging the information and files from Capture into the Academy ... CTF news junkies will be happy to find that Frontline now a part of the Academy, and the collection of CTF levels, patches, and files from Capture's Armory is now contained in the Supply Depot.

Clan Xenocide is also proud to announce the grand opening of the Officers Training School. OTS will contain advanced theories of offensive and defensive strategies, as well as extremely detailed summaries of every level of Threewave's CTF...

Several other sections have been added or updated... Additionally, the Academy has been streamlined to reduce load times...

Clan Xenocide is also unveiling our first server for QuakeWorld. The server can be found at, and is currently running ThunderWalker CTF version 2.11. This server is in addition to our public server for regular Quake, The Arena at

QTeam Qoole Entities
Today's edition of Matt Lee's daily Qoole entity set is QTeam on Matt's Qoole page (yep Prophet again). Also, I see on the Qoole page that they are offering prizes for a Get Qoole contest.

Games that Aren't QuakeTM
Prophet also points out a bunch of previews on PCGames: Unreal: "the untold story", Jedi Knight, as well as further shots of Jedi Knight, and a Shadow Warrior tour. There is also a Shadow Warrior Preview on the AVault.

MPlayer Rants Part II
Earlier I missed including sCary's MPlayer rant in the mix, he actually spoke with the MPlayer people about what's up with the Ferrari Tournament. QSBN has an updated MPlayer "review" in light of the current situation. A number of rants about the Ferrari tournament were posted yesterday, Redwood, OneThumb, Rick Brewer (^Drag0n^) (.plan update) all lashed out at MPlayer (as opposed to id or John Carmack who are not being blamed for problems with the technology used in the tournament).

GLQuake II
I also saw on sCary's that there are some details on the GLQuake II origination of the cool Quake II screenshots just released by id on the Quake and 3D Card FAQ (then I found the mail from Christian Wagner, the maintainer way later... my mailserver stinks sometimes).

I'll mark the occasion of the three-millionth visitor to this site to say thanks to all who participate in this daily celebration of Quakeosity, visitors and tipsters alike. For those keeping score at home, number 3,000,000 was Dr.DooM. Thanks to him, and and to all of you as well.

Josh Weier, Mike Gummelt, Mark Morgan of Raven Software are developing a bot to rival the ReaperBot (development of this is not officially supported by Raven). The guys were originally going to release a Quake version, but are now aiming for a Hexen2 version, wildly speculating it may end up in the actual H2 CD. The name currently is RavenBot, though it apparently sports the nickname "The Notorious B.O.T." They are very interested soliciting suggestions for the bot (NOT for HEXEN2) so mail comments to Josh Weier.

FvF Texture Request
This is from Future versus Fantasy's Hap:

The upcoming FvF 2.1 [Level Pack], would be delighted to include any map textures from artists or defunct TCs. If you have submitted textures in the past, please resubmit. Also, we are still accepting levels. (Your level must work in both Purge and Quest.)

MacQuake Demo?
Saw on Redwood's there is an article on Next-Gen that contradicts their previous report that there will be no MacQuake demo.

Quake Sports League
3 Gates to Quake is starting a new Quake Sports League and are now taking preseason sign ups for Quake Rally and QSoccer tournaments.

Duke & SiN
A new Duke Nukem Forever page, The Kore has been started by Stagger, who, you may recall ran the original Clan site, Telefrag. Another DNF page is Nuke Zone. Also, SIN Central, is another new SiN site.

May 7, 1997 New Quake II Screenshots from id

QuakeWorld Probe
QuakeWorld Probe is a nice new QuakeWorld Server listing from Wasatchfault (makers of QHost/QView). Just go to their website and hit the QuakeWorld Probe link.

Ion Storm has a couple of cool graphics up for Todd Porter's upcoming Doppelganger at Thanks Zep from Eye on Ion. The Ion finger server is back online, btw.

There's news on Hipnotic's site about their upcoming Quake-engine game SiN, as well as a press release. Of course, there is already a site devoted to the game in progress called SiN City (Frank Miller fans unite!).

Rogue entities for DoE Part II
Magicman has put files and info to use the Rogue entities from DoE with the BSP editor on the BSP Editor Page. As reported earlier, The Forge: The Official Worldcraft Editing Site has also been updated with the files and information needed to use the Rogue entities for DoE with Worldcraft (available in a separate FGD file, or as a compilation of Quake, Rogue, and Hipnotic entities all in one FGD file).

So There!
Disruptor further updated his .plan to ensure that the new screenshot release has the desired effect of having fewer people hassling id, rather than more:

Furthermore, please *DON'T* send us e-mails/call us asking for exclusive Quake 2 screenshots for your webpages or magazines.

These are all we have available at this time.

According to this article on the QOOLE Page, a CD version of QOOLE should be out by the summer. Thanks Prophet.

Dear Mynx
Just a quick reminder to send your Dear Mynx (advice to the Quake-lorn) letters to

Quake Sociology Paper
Here's a well-done Sociology Research Paper on the culture of Quake on the Internet.

SWAT Shots
There are some cool screenshots of SWAT Quake on the SWAT Team Quake Page along with the promise of a May 15 release.

Hexen 2 Refutation
Phoebus sends word that Hexen2: The Beginning of the End, is just the tag line from the advertisement, not the actual subtitle of the game. This has been noted on the Raven H2 website.

The Tick TC page has moved.

Quake II Screenshots
Some beautiful new 1024x768 Quake II screenshots have been released on id's website. Disruptor updated his .plan to commemorate the occasion:

We've release some Quake 2 screenshots at;

These were the batch of screenshots sent to Computer Gaming World for their article in their May issue.

Please don't send us e-mails about Quake 2 as it still is a product in development.

Wampey's Census
Wampey's Census has their new questions/results/responses up.

Oak Update
Version 0.82 of the Oak Bot is now out on John's World of Quake (thanks Mike Kelly).

May 6, 1997

ThunderWalker 2.1
ThunderWalker 2.1 has been released, incorporating Threewave 4.1 fixes, plus other changes including the addition of flares. This version also includes an extended start map to use 4 new ThunderWalker custom levels. The maps and server source are available at The Valley of the ThunderWalkers.

Hexen 2 Title, Pictures
There are some newly scanned Hexen 2 pictures on The Chaos Sphere, along with the news that the full title of the game is now known to be Hexen2: The Beginning of the End.

New id Programmer
John Carmack updated his .plan announcing a new programmer at id:

Brian Hook has been hired as our new programmer. Brian wrote the glide API for 3dfx, worked on CosmoGL, and wrote a book on 3d programming that he is now horribly embarrased about.

Congratulations, Brian.

Deathmatch Level June CGW
The Levelord passed along word that he's got a special deathmatch level (also populated for single player) featured on the CD of the June issue of Computer Gaming World magazine. The level is bundled with The Lone Gunmen's "Severed Player" patch.

Quake On Rhapsody?
There's an article in yesterday's Next-Generation confirming there will be no MacQuake shareware (thanks loonyboi). And thanks to an anonymous tipster for this from MacOS Rumors talking about another Apple/Quake rumor:

Quake on Rhapsody--as early as a week from today?! It's true....there's a good chance that as a side project, some cooperation between Id software and Apple has produced a demo-quality Quake for Rhapsody iv7, which will be on display at the World Wide Developers Conference, scheduled to begin in seven days. The demo will not have any of Quake's cool network-play features, but will show the power of Rhapsody's gaming features and graphics/3D power. We were honestly surprised upon hearing this from our sources--apparently one of the main goals for iv7 is enough graphical interface support to handle this port stably! Imagine--an OS designed from infancy to support cutting-edge gaming......

New QOOLE public release in promised a couple of days. The QOOLE 1.43 beta is up right now with many tweaks and bug fixes.

PC Games John Romero Video Interview
PC Games has posted video footage of TEN's Computer Game Developers Conference Quake tournament. Check out Romero vs. Kornelia PC & Games Interviews Romero in PC Games' CGDC Review.

Jeff Wand Interview
There's also an interview on Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana with Ion Storm artist Jeff Wand.

Quakemech version 0.8 (the Quake MechWarrior patch) is out on the Quakemech page. Thanks budman.

Oak Update
Version 0.81 of the Oak Bot has been released on John's World of Quake (thanks GGarf).

RealAudio NPR
Here is a RealAudio version of yesterday's Quake-related report from NPR: John McChesney reports on computer games that are played online (thanks Jeff Miller).

Free Shrak Level
Thanks Prophet for word on the free level on the Shrak download page (it works with regular Quake), called Dark Hell.

Mana Released
Mana, a new teamplay mod is now out on the Mana page. Thanks GReeDO.

Hexen 2 Listings, Guilds
Thanks (again) to Prophet for pointing out a list of Hexen 2 links (similar to Slipgate Central's Quake listings) at the Serpent's Realm, and that Telefragged has started a Hexen 2 guild meeting place at

Braindead's Quake Art is back online at PlanetQuake The QuakEncyclopedia, defining the obscure Quake terminology that some of us take for granted is now part of PQ at, with over 150 definitions. The jaw3d Model Viewer (which supports Quake's MDL format), has moved to Wicked development has moved to (even though it still seems mostly Quake-oriented), and are looking for map-makers for their Shub Niggurath vs. Chthon patch. Finally, the home address of the QuakeCast Page has become

Chasecam II
Chasecam has been updated with some new features:

A parm packing method QC authors can use to get more data into the 16 parms for level changes, which is very useful if any authors are working on patches for DOE (which uses all but 1 of the parms), and a new 'death view' for the cam that remains in 3rd person and doesn't tilt the screen when you die.

Quake Front-Ends
A couple more Quake Front-ends are QuAdS and Quakeon.

WorldCraft Prefabs Wanted
Alex1 is collecting prefabs for Worldcraft to include in a single set for download. If you have made any that you'd like to share, send them along. The Ops from #worldcraft will decide which ones to include in the set.

They Might Be Giants Quake
From the land of the bizarre: They Might Be Giants Quake is up to v0.3 now.

May 5, 1997

TEN Contest; TF Support
Total Entertainment Network (TEN) has announced a design contest sponsored by Intel with four categories: best Quake C mod, best Quake map, and best Duke Nukem 3D solo and deathmatch maps. There's $1,000 in cash for the winning entry in each category, and five Intel Pentium MMX OverDrive processors and other runner-up prizes will also be awarded. Submissions run from May 5 through June 1, 1997 (TEN membership is not required to enter).

TEN has also announced they are implementing TeamFortress support.

No 16 Bit Color
Mark Dochtermann updated his .plan with the news that Hipnotic has decided to forego 16-bit color for their upcoming game:

Well after much consideration, we have decided to go with 8-bit color. We feel that this is the best decision both from a technical as well as from a business standpoint. I assure you the game will look stunning in software and even better in hardware. Thank you very much for your responses, I appreciate the feedback. It turned out to be about a 50-50 split out there, and I am sorry my decision will not please everyone.

Oak Bot
The first public beta of the Oak Bot (one of the cool bots that allow you to simulate multiplayer play on your PC, rather than "evil" proxy bots) has been released.

Gamespot Birthday Level
Gamespot has a special Quake level available here to celebrate their birthday, (thanks Magnus Jansén). No word on whether it includes the RevCo skin (as a Birthday suit).

Qoole TF Entities
Well first Mathew Lee has a new Qoole page to house the neat things he has made available for Qoole. To celebrate he has released his TF Qoole Entity set, and is supplying TF's (required) TF Entity Editor (thanks Prophet).

Rayme's Diablo Weapons Quake Patch
Version 0.82 of Rayme's Diablo Weapons Quake Patch is out on Blaed's Edge.

QHunter News Update
News on the QHunter page is that the NT Query Bug is fixed, so a final alpha release will be sometime this week (with optimized query code). There are details there on how to be part of the closed beta for this promising program that allows you to find Quake games from within Quake, rather than externally.

Quake on NPR
Thanks Ritalin for the word that Quake was mentioned on National Public Radio this morning, another trickle of our world of mayhem into the mainstream...

Handi Quake a new Quake Front-end is out on the bare bones Handi Quake page.

May 4, 1997

Rogue Jobs
Rogue Entertainment has posted some help wanted listings in the members section of their Homepage.

The uncanny looking X-Men Quake TC has touched down in its new home on PQ at, with a new look, a new sound and some new pages.

Inside.QC, the very cool Quake C tutorials on QCHQ has been re-designed, and has become a really nice resource.

Zoid Interview
There is an interview with Zoid up on TCMag.

LegoQuake Update
LegoQuake will be awarding a prize package including Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Worldcraft CD Edition, to the designer of the best Start Map for their conversion (actually, you need to own the Registered Quake to design levels). Deadline for submissions is June 1, 1997. It has also been announced that Quake Cafe will be doing beta testing of LegoQuake (look for more upcoming contests). Finally, anyone who has a copy of the LegoQuake Button that QuakeCafe had on their page a few days ago is asked to remove it ASAP, as negotiations with with Lego are underway, and until licensing is complete, these should not be displayed.

MedDLe2p (Version 2 Preview) is up on the MedX page. This is the preview version of Brian Martin's MedDLe2, though since Brian is moving right now, you should direct inquiries about the program to Npherno.

The QuakeLauncher homepage is now in English, and has moved to

May 3, 1997

Clan PMS has moved to PlanetQuake at, please update your bookmarks (the last thing you want to do is piss these ladies off).

KeyGrip is a soon to be released Quake demo editor that allows you to edit in a visual environment, and it is said that the final version will allow anyone to make full production movies. The program uses a "filmstrip" concept, described as like Adobe Premier, and all editing is done graphically with a simple point-and-click interface.

Threewave CTF 4.1
There's a new version of CTF on Threewave. This is a server patch only, with enhanced status bar code, and the complete elimination of cross-dressing in QuakeWorld CTF with the inclusion of OneThumb's code. Thanks TooooL.

BspBuild is a front-end utility for Qbsp/Light/Vis/Quake with a graphical interface. The beta is also available at the the Elite yada yada.. (BSP Homepage).

QTeam 2.5 Beta
QTeam 2.5 beta has been released, featuring Hot Potato CTF (this sounds cool, you have to pass the flag around; you get gibbed if you hold it past the time limit), as well as other enhancements and some bug fixes.

Qoole v1.42 and Qoole Entity Packs
Thanks to Matt Washer for word that Qoole v 1.42 (no2 4.2 as I orginally mis-wrote) is out. Also thanks to Prophet for the word that there's a fixed version of the CTF Entities for Qoole as well as a set of Rogue Qoole Entities

sCary Quake II
Disruptor mentioned the Quake II pics that sCary posted in his .plan. Couple more Quake II sites e-munch's Quake II Infocenter and M.O.D.'s Quake II Page.

CTF for QW Setup Guide
There's a walkthrough of how to set up Threewave CTF 4 for QuakeWorld including DirectX instructions at Cybercom.

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