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April 4, 1997 Tip of the Day: QSpy page faults? Delete the Quake Spy Data file from your Quake Folder

Transparent Water
The hot story of the day is the Transparent Water utility on DeathDealer's QuakeDeck (thanks to VorpalKreep for pointing it out). Now GL Quake users can re-compile maps to be able to see into and out of the water. There is also now a FAQ posted there on the subject, but the question they don't answer is "Don't you consider this cheating?" I might. It's my understanding that you can't see the players in the water, but it seems there are clearly (no pun intended) advantages to be had. I know it's fun to play with new technologies, but I'm disappointed if John Carmack included the opportunity for players to get an advantage in a deathmatch by using specific hardware.

The QSports page has been updated (thanks Reverb) after a long period of inactivity. There's a promise there that they are working on QSoccer 4.

There are new screenshots up on the QRally site. Thanks Reverb.

Steve Towle updated his finger, he might be getting a gaming job (good luck Dipstick), he's also ranting about E3's age restrictions.

There's a combined Mission Pack 1 & 2 review up on Versus' Quake Level Reviews that compares the two.

The results of the Quake Combat School Challenge posted have been posted on crash's Quake page. Thanks Teach.

Quake Art
I mentioned a couple of Quake Art sites yesterday, and forgot to mention Modesy's Website, which has some beautiful Quake art which is a little different. But that would be a good description for this site , which features some innovative navigational touches, including this side to side, rather than up and down

The new version of qPED (Quake Pak Editor), is up on the qPED Homepage. The new version fixes a show-stopping bug.

QuakeWorld TF II
I've received a lot of mail from people who have played TF on QuakeWorld, but that is an unofficial hack. There's word on the TeamFortress page that TF QuakeWorld is in the works (Thanks [UN]Falc[MOB]):

The current version of TF doesn't work with the new QuakeWorld - we'll be releasing the QW v1.5 version of TF v2.14 within the next few days.

Disruptor's QuakeWorld Tips II
Disruptor Update twice today putting these QW tips in his .plan (thanks for both to moogle):

QuakeWorld Tip: ServerOps: If you want to disable auto-aiming for everyone on your server, set /sv_aim 1 in the console.

QuakeWorld Tip: If you want to turn off autoaiming, try setting /noaim 1

QuakeWorld CTF
There is an update on Threewave (thanks moogle) describing the status of Threewave Capture the Flag for QuakeWorld. Hot on the heals of his release of the Linux QW Client and Server, Zoid, clearly one of the most diligent workers in our community, shares the news that, although the Current QuakeWorld CTF was incompatible with the new Client and Server, there will be a CTF for QW available "shortly (maybe timed with the CTF4 release)" and that he:

"will have ports of the QuakeWorld Server for BSDI3.0, Solaris 2.5.1, SCO Unix 3.2v5.0.2 and DEC Alpha OSF (Digital Unix) up shortly. I want to see how stable the Linux version is before I get all the ports done."

MPOG ClanRing Re-Launch/NAWC
The ClanRing is getting back into gear at ClanRing is now home to the Official Clan List as well as the ring. They are also trying out a new rankings-based ladder, called Field of Battle. In addition, The North American War Council has moved to

New 3d Blaster Drivers
New 3d Blaster PCI drivers (actually it seems to just contain a new 3DBlaster "BlasterControl" applet) are available on the Creative Labs website. Thanks NineInchNed.

Assassin 3D in QuakeWorld
Aconite sends along the following news about a limitation in Joystick support in QuakeWorld:

Quakeworld 1.50 does not recognize hat switches on joysticks plugged into the Assassin 3D. This is not a configuration error, nor is it a problem with joystick ports. Confirmed by FP Gaming, Quakeworld simply will not recognize AUX29, AUX30, AUX31, and AUX32 -- the bindings for HAT #1 (out of 2) on a CH Products stick, or the only HAT switch on a Wingman Extreme from Logitech... Other than that, the A3D and joystick -do- work quite well within Quakeworld.

Quake Central Station
Quake Central Station features a Clan Site of the Day, a Clan Site of the Week (chosen by the QCS judging panel) and a Clan Site of the Month (voted on by visitors). The first Site of the Week will be featured Sunday.

April 3, 1997

John Carmack's .plan
John Carmack update his .plan (thanks moogle):

Ok, the current OpenGL code no longer scales the status bar and console. You can stop complainng now. The next release will be the consolidated rendering code for quakeworld. I'm not sure when I will be able to make a standalone version.

The consolidated quake will also be available on NT-alpha as well as x86. If you have a powerstorm-T card, glquake works pretty good. Glint and oxygen cards don't work well enough, but the normal quake software version should work fine. We may get a little bit of asm code written for the software version.

Linux QuakeWorld
Well that was Quick... I mentioned that Zoid said soon for the Linux QuakeWorld files, but I didn't realize that meant hours. While I was at the QuakeCast, Zoid released the Linux Server, and the Linux Client (shift-click on the links), thanks moogle.

Zoid was talking a bit on IRC about Linux QuakeWorld ports, and was nice enough to allow me to quote him. The first thing he said was:

"I got a linux qwsv and qwcl. Initial testing seems to see they work well."

And when I asked for further comment, he added

"I have the ports initially done, just doing some testing now. Should be out soon."

sCary just forwarded this to me, which he received from Ion Storm's John Romero:

Brian ("Whaleboy") Cozzens is no longer associated with Ion Storm. We wish him the best.

Anaconda Quake
You can download that new Quake map Sony has developed to promote their new film Anaconda from here, provided you register by giving them your email address. Thanks Doug Wright

New QStat II
As always, a change in the Quake networking protocol (in this case the new QuakeWorld) means an update to QStat, the utility that helps create so many of the web's server lists. Beta2, released this morning had a bug, so QStat 1.6 beta3 is now available on the QStat page.

Trey Harrison Hired
Trey Harrison, co-author of discontinued Quake editor, Quest, and author of the promising new ED3D, has been hired hired by Crack dot Com. According to the ED3D page, Trey has said "probably, I wont continue MUCH work on [ED3D]." Best of luck to Trey in his new gig. This news comes hot on the heals of the announcement of the hiring of the other half of the Quest team, Chris Carollo by Looking Glass.

Joy in QuakeWorld
^Drag0n^ is getting flooded with mail with questions about joystick support (it's right there in the documentation), so to clarify, typing joystick 1 at the console enables joystick support for all your quake sessions until you type joystick 0 at the console. There are also configuration files for the SpaceOrb, Wingman Warrior, and FP Gaming Assassin are on QuakeWorld Central. I was also sent this config, for using a SpaceOrb under QuakeWorld by Byte me, who was dissatisfied with the existing config, so wrote his own, designed for holding the orb vertically.

CTF Level Contest
The CTF News is holding a CTF Level Design Contest. The deadline is May 1, 1997. Mail entries to Further details are on CTF News. The winner will receive "something over 35 dollars in value."

QFront version 2.95 is out of beta, You can get this full featured Quake front-end at the QFront page.

The Quake Server Browser Review page has been updated with the release of the new QuakeSpy.

College Players Listing
The Quake College Players Listing is up to 400 players. Impressive, considering the rate at which Quake addicts flunk out of school.

Finnish Clans
The Finnish CTF league for ONLY Finnish Quake Clans is now officially open.

Lego Quake?
Who knows what will come of it, perhaps nothing, since there is nothing more than a teaser, but hmmm. Lego Quake. Wow.

FvF 199y
Well there goes that running gag, Future versus Fantasy Quake is now up to version 1.99y (1.8 MB), thanks Tom@s H. The jump to version "y" does, in fact, represent an intent to have just one more pre-release version before 2.0 (which, of course, provides a fresh set of 99 digits and 26 letters to play with).

Clan The's Secrets Page, which has all the secrets from both Mission Packs, has been updated with all known CTF 3.5 secrets and a promise of the CTF 4.0 secrets shortly after the 4.0 release.

Disruptor updated his .plan again with a bug notification (thanks moogle, ya made it buddy!):

We've recently discovered a problem where QuakeWorld does not free up edicts from death bubbles. We're working on a fix for this, but in the mean time, if you are running levels for a very long time (like death32 or base32 for example), you may wish to set "timelimit 30" and "samelevel 1" in order to restart the level once in a while. This will clear out all the edicts.

The result of this bug is that your server may crash after a long period of playing on a single level.

QW Installer
Here is the new installer (1.1 MB) for the QuakeWorld client that has the lean, DLL-less install of QSpy 5.1b. morbid says that if you haven't already gotten the new smaller QSpy, you really ought to do so, among other things it apparently operates faster.

Death 32
Disruptor has combined American McGee's DM2, DM4, and Tim Willits' DM6 (three of my favorites) into Death32 (785 KB), the second 32 Player QuakeWorld Map. This is a beta version of the map, so it's possible a revision will follow. Disruptor also updated his .plan to commemorate the occasion.

April 2, 1997

QSpy 5.1b
The new smaller version of the QSpy installer that morbid promised has been released. Here's QSpy 5.1b (735 KB, about half the size of the original), also available on the QSpy Homepage.

I just posted word on PlanetQuake about the new news format that kicks of there this evening, as well as a really terrific level review by Crash of Crash's Single Player Quake. things are moving along nicely, I am quite pleased.

Quake Art II
My earlier article on Quake Art brought newbraindead's amazing art site to my attention, it's very nicely done, and seems comprehensive. At its new location: There is also art on Someone's art gallery. From earlier today: Rorshach's Quake Page (maintained by the winner of the Dress up the CrackWhores contest), has more of his great skins as well as an extremely well-done Quake comic. The page is a little broken, and very slow to load, and isn't even finished, but it is still worth checking out -- the comic is hand drawn in comic book style... I love stuff like that.

Plans II
John Romero updated his .plan (thanks Apocalypse) seemingly making OneThumb the butt of his April Fool too. Joost Schuur has added a .plan file. Earlier today, morbid updated his .plan with good news that future QSpy installs will be leaner and less DLL heavy, and an offer of help for QHost users. Bear updated bragging on his new wheels (thanks Sean Baker). Okay, I admit it, I did fall for one April Fools joke yesterday. OneThumb did not go to work for Ion Storm, as his .plan update (thanks RENster[HW]) reveals.

Intense 3D Stuff II
In the updates from Intergraph, I missed the new Bios (thanks Toni Lindroos). From earlier, there are also beta Win NT Drivers (thanks paranrml), and new (beta) Windows Drivers for the Intense 3D (thanks Kaman).

King of the Fort
There is a release of a mod called King of Fort on Epicenter, along with a request for map authors for the project.

JailBreak Winners
The winners of NAWC's JailBreak Contest have been posted.

Return of the Shambler
The Internet Shambler, a Quake-customized version of MSIE, has returned complete with the latest security fixes (hmm insecurity fixes?) is available at Twitch.

Help Wanted
With over 3000 (!) clans, I can't post all the help wanteds out there, but there are a lot of players that will probably be intrigued to hear that Dark Requiem is looking to add members to their LPB division. Interested parties should go to #random on undernet IRC Thursday eve at 10pm EST to arrange a tryout.

Carmack's .plan
John Carmack made a large .plan update covering a lot of the recent QuakeWorld release (thanks DaKoTa of Capture):

The second generation QuakeWorld is out and live now. We will probably release a couple bug fix versions over the next week or so as problems are reported.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results -- I think I have delivered very solid improvements in game play. I certainly learned a lot along the way. If you have anything resembling a decent connection, you should be able to play a good game. A server with a 400+ ms ping and 10% packet loss is still not going to play all that great, but you should just avoid those.

The packet size is about as small as it is going to get for the general cases. Any more shrinkage will have to be game-specific compression, like the specialized nail update.

I can make doors and plats move smoothly, but it will take a good chunk more development. This will probably be done for quake 2.

I have it all set up to clip movement against other players during prediction, but I probably need a day or two to finish it. I'm not confidant that I'll get to that anytime soon, though.

I really want to get client side demo recording and more spectator mode options (see through player's eyes, chase cam, etc), but I just don't have the time right now.

The next major upgrade will be a quakeworld that can run in software and OpenGL modes. A verite module will come later.

This combination (QW networking and switchable rendering) will be the base that we move all of our Quake 2 work over to.

Dissolution Server
Gateway updated his .plan (thanks again DaKoTa of Capture):

The new Rogue server, hosted by One Thumb, can be found at

BSP version .74b is out on the Elite Quake Editors Corner. Thanks Plucky (QLEN). I had the version listed incorrectly at .72 (thanks NanooK for the heads-up).

Spike Interview
There is an interview with Impulse 1's Toby Goldstone (also the author of the Unofficial Quake FAQ) on the NAWC.

Alien Quake TC
Another triumph over naysayers like myself who are skeptical about the completion of so many TC's, the Alien Quake TC has been released on the Alien Quake TC Homepage. In the tradition of OJ Simpson books that appear during the trial, the NAWC says:

After noticing the Alien Tc release was posted on Blue's ealier this morning. Dru went through the levels and wrote up a good size review of it

QuakeWorld Server Pages
For those across the pond, here is the UK QW Server list. Also, Quake Domain's [deicide], always on the cutting edge of these things, has got his QuakeWorld server list page online.

QuakeWorld QC
Disruptor released the new QuakeWorld Quake C files yesterday.

My buddy Jack Mathews (morbid) from TeamQspy has jumped on the .plan wagon, here are his thoughts. There were a bunch of .plan updates along the way yesterday, among them John Romero has hired another good guy from our ranks, OneThumb. So one thumb up for our digitally-challenged friend. Steve Towle updated (can you release the hostages now?).

One of Disruptor's .plan updates yesterday made reference to pseudo-Disruptors, which I also need to comment on after a couple of recent emails. There are obviously a few people out there doing this kind of thing in my name as well. I have recently received follow-ups from someone who began negotiations with "me" about space on PlanetQuake during a deathmatch, and another from someone in U|A who wanted me to follow up on all the taunting "I" did during another deathmatch. These are more serious impersonations, the second described as being a lot of pro-Ranger, anti-U|A BS from [R2]Blue (in QuakeWorld no less, so he's registered my name, clan and all... maybe I should track this guy down). So both episodes were deliberate. Needless to say that I am not happy about this, but the only protection I can offer you and myself is to point out that I do not engage in a lot of trash talk (though I have been known to comment on particularly wimpy campers), so if you see someone with my name hashing out a lot of unfounded verbal abuse, it's not me. And as far as requests for web space or similar things, I spend too much time working on web-related things, and too little playing Quake to start making web arrangements within my rare Quake games. Doesn't happen; that isn't me either.

April 1, 1997

QuakeWorld Client 1.50 / QSpy 5.1 Released

Latest on QuakeWorld
Here's American McGee's eagerly awaited Megabase32 (thank AugustWest), Disruptor updated his .plan to mention it. This the first map designed, or assembled, I should say for 32 player play, supported by the new QuakeWorld. Just to avoid confusion this is the latest QuakeWorld/QSpy installer, here is the QSpy only install. The only master right now is id's. When John Carmack returns id will distribute masters.

April Fools?
Suddenly there are more Quake April fool's jokes floating around than I can keep track of... I probably would have done this from the start, but I can't play along and report them here, there will be too much explaining to do in the long run. There are two stories on this page that may not be 100% serious (they contain clues, and no, the QuakeWorld release isn't one of them), but if I post any more, it'll be because I fell for 'em too. So go check your favorite Quake sites... just be sure to bring a grain or two of salt.

QuakeWorld Errata
If you received an error from the installer that says "can't find WININET.DLL", you should re-download the installer, it has been fixed since then. Also, ^Drag0n^ sent along word of an error in the documentation of QuakeWorld regarding how to set a master for a server. The correct method is described here:

"qwsv +setmaster"

To set multiple masters, use:

setmaster <masteraddress 1> <masteraddress 2> <masteraddress 3>... [s]

UK Superclan
Sujoy Roy, one of the UK's finest Quake players, has left his clan and is on the lookout for UK players to join his new super-clan: The Elite Alliance. Anyone interested should email him directly.

Void Interview
Their is an interview with Patrick Cupka of the Void up on the NAWC. Also, my buddy Pete from NAWC has got his own .plan/finger working, since he is now the Quantum Axcess PR d00d. Congrats Pete.

qME Beta 3 Part II
Yes Beta 3 of qME (448 KB), formerly QuakeMe, is actually available on the qME page (now part of QCHQ), but the file isn't listed on the page, though it is list on the Old qME page.

UK Clan Mailing List
There is a new mailing list covering UK Clan events. To subscribe, send mail to with "subscribe" in the subject line.

New QuakeWorld Client/QSpy Release
Hot off the presses is the new QuakeWorld Client and QuakeSpy (1.6 MB) all rolled into one. The new QuakeWorld is version 1.50, and is only compatible with the new servers (currently version 1.51). The new program is an installer that will install everything for you. Hint of the day: if the installation suggests rebooting, believe it. In honor of the event, Disruptor's .plan and the RevCo page have been updated. My old buddy Moogle wrote in to point out the most recent addition to Dis' .plan to save a little wear and tear in Dis' mailbox:

- U_REMOVE on full update: We know about this. It shouldn't be a serious
error. We'll try to fix it.

Ion News
The Ion Storm news page (Eye On Storm Newsletter) is now online (thanks HERESY.[HSM]). John Romero also updated his .plan to plead guilty to intimidation in his Hummer (John Cash was right!).

HPCL Regular Season
Now that the pre-season is over, the regular High Ping Capture League season has begun.

PakExplorer v1.1
PakExplorer v1.1 has been released on QuakeStuff.

Worshipping the Lava... Lamp?
Where else but a site called Quake-N-Bake would be the home of the Quake Lava Lamp?

Searchable Weenie
The Quake Weenie Tips page has added a search engine (the "weenie-rooter").

Yahoo SlipGates
Congrats to Joost Schuur, whose Slipgate Central will be taking over as the Quake directory on Yahoo, according to Slipgate's April 1 news entry.

March 31, 1997

Hey go take a look at PlanetQuake.... what'ya think... pretty cool, huh?

Quake on TEN
There is news up on the QUAKE DataSphere that TEN has announced the winner of their Fragapalooza contest, and has added support for both Mission Packs (thanks kolinahr).

Cash Update
John Cash updated his .plan (thanks VorpalKreep) with the new id car policy, and an update to the w00p/llama list:

That's it. I'm gonna lock my car in the garage for about a month and drives the wife's car instead! It just ain't safe around here.

I was on the North Dallas Tollway yesterday and saw a bright yellow Hummer that was being driven by somebody with long hair. Hmmmm. Was it Ron Jomero or was it Janitor Bob in disguise?

QuakeWorld Update
Disruptor updated his .plan with some QuakeWorld plans (more updates throughout the day are promised):

I've been recieving some e-mails from the QuakeWorld testers, and if they are any indication of the types of e-mails I'll be getting after the client is released, I'd better state a couple things first, just so I'm not bombarded with feature requests.

- Client Side Demos: They are *NOT* implemented in the QuakeWorld 1.50 client. John will try to get to that a bit later.

- Spectator Mode: Currently, the only spectator mode is that you are your own entity and you can freely move around the level. There is no implementation for a "chase cam" or looking through the players eyes yet. Again, possibly in a future revision.

(I'll add more throughout the day as I remember them)

American Motors
American McGee updated his .plan (thanks Sean Baker) describing the "bad luck in threes" that has caught up to his car (definitely time to check Janitor Bob's bumpers for paint chips):

"They" say bad things happen in threes
and I think I believe them. First someone
hits John's F40, then someone hits Tim's
911, and now someone has hit my Lexus.
Well, at least everyone else can relax
now... except those with bad karma.

Siren's Pics
Siren's Pic Page now has over 100 pictures of Quake players you may have heard of or played.

Apocalypse Status
My pal LabMeister Steve Funkadooda of QuakeLab: Editing is keeping hs Plan A file updated pretty frequently, where you can keep up with the status of Project Apocalypse.

Dissolution Secrets
BraFish, noted for inventing a cure to the common cold, sends along word that he's doped out all the secrets on Mission Pack No. 2, Dissolution of Eternity, and posted them on Stomped.

Countdown T Minus...
Watch for me to touch down on PlanetQuake (still trying to think of what to call the Blue Starship) this afternoon. I've already got a lot of changes in the works, so a lot should happen over the next few weeks (weeee!).

Zoid Interview
The log of the Zoid interview from GamesNET has been posted on CTFNews.

Marine Doom/Quake Redux
Part of that Wired article mentioned here recently about the Marines using Doom, and soon Quake to train the troops has been put up on the web, though the full text won't be electronically published until April 20. Thanks long-lost gorilla.

The Quake Combat School Challenge
The Quake Combat School Challenge ends tonight at 12:00 midnight PST.

March 30, 1997 Tip of the Day: The QuakeCon site is back on-line

New QuakeWorld Server Released

QuakeWorld Central Update II
The reference to a new QuakeWorld server on QuakeWorld Central is the second version that was uploaded last night. To make sure you have the right one, simply verify that you have version 1.51. From earlier, thanks kolinahr for pointing out there was an update answering the many frequently asked questions about the new QuakeWorld.

Zoid IRC Interview
With CTF 4.0 nearing, the public is getting a crack at Zoid. The CTF News is sponsoring a public IRC Interview with Zoid. tonight at 8:00PM EST. On ClanNET's (GamesNET?) IRC network in the channel #CTFNews. the session will be moderated, and is scheduled to last for 45 minutes to an hour. (Thanks to DarkVein for the reminder.)

TeamQSpy Moves
The TeamQSpy Homepage has moved to (server space courtesy of PlanetQuake, so thanks go out to, um, me--hehe, no thanks a lot to Basty for busting his but to make this all happen). Meanwhile, QuakeSpy version 5.1 is only a day or two away, along with the new QuakeWorld client.

Old Timers Day
In honor of Easter(?) the NAWC has lined up an interview that's sure to delight those like me who came to Quake through strong Doom roots. Xoleras, Chunkk, Hellian, Wurzle, Leprachan, and the NAWC's own Embrionic Pete (did you know Pete is a legend from the old Doom days? It's true) all participate in Embrionic P373 Tries To Interview himself! Old School Doomers BS about old times. There's a part two promised next week with Thresh, Merlock, Pvp, and hopefully, NoSkill.

QFL Announcement
The following comes from KiLLiT listed as the Director of Marketing for the Quake Foundation League, or QFL, which will be part of the CLP Site:

We are proud to announcing the convergence between QuakeWorld Ring, High Ping Capture League, Federation of Quake Clans, North American War Council, and DeathDealer's Domain with the QFL. Each organization is slowly in the process of integration, and soon, everything will be streamlined so that each part is accessible from within QFL. Expect some changes to QFL's interface very soon. Now on to the good stuff!

They have already made their first tournament announcement.

What's Next, Q-Golf?
I received a couple of references to this when the story first broke, but thanks to Terran for finding web-based story in the Washington Post called Golf Course Will Use Llamas, describing the latest in combination caddie/lawn care.

FvF 1.99f
Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.99f (only 20 letters to go before version 2.0) has been released on the FvF page. Thanks Monsoon.

New QuakeWorld Server
The new version of the Quake World server, has been released on id's FTP site. A different version, with the same filename was uploaded shortly after the original, so if you downloaded it early on, you should get it again. Once again, in advance of the client to allow servers to be online when the client is released. Also now available is QPlug, the browser plug-in that accompanied the new QW. Unfortunately, the new master is not compatible with the current masters/clients, so this should be kept in mind when switching over. More information can be found on QuakeWorld Central "The Official Home of QuakeWorld" which is now open for business.

QuakeWorld Update
Disruptor updated with some Visual Basic code to show how websites can query master servers and display a lists of available game servers in real-time.

KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide Moves
KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide, the step by step guide for making models for use in Quake has moved to

March 29, 1997 Tip of the Day: The No-Clan Page helps match individual players with clans

Credit for Cash?
John Cash updated his .plan file discussing credit card offers for children.

Dave Taylor Interview
There is an interview with Dave "ddt" Taylor, of (and formerly of id Software), on the New Vore Times talking about id and Doom and Quake, and the source theft, Golgotha and more.

Shrak Update
My pal Embrionic Pete sends along word that a patch to Shrak 2.0 has been released on the Shrak page, featuring fixes for a couple bugs. Says Pete:

In addition, we have free levels (The WarFare WareHouse is my personal fave.) Shrak icons and a screen saver coming in the upcoming week.

KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide
KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide is a step by step guide for making models for use in Quake.

Quake en Español
There is a patch on this page that translates all the messages in Quake. Ideal for Spanish-speaking Quake players (or a fun April fools trick to play on non-Spanish-speaking players.

More Mission Pack Secrets
The The Clan has also got a mission pack secrets page online covering all of Scourge, with Dissolution in the works.

Nelno the Amoeba updated, describing the big Ion Storm custard party (BYOPB?).

The QuakeMobile
Guzz from runs a website called called Guzz's QuakeWorld that lists Australian clans. He also has the most Quake-oriented car I have ever heard of. There are photos of it here. It's not what you think, like a car with Quake Rulez! spray-painted across the side.This is a shot of the license and hood ornament:

Quake License Plate

Rogue Plans
Saw on the Void that Gateway from Rogue Software updated, asking for feedback on the level pack ( and pointing out that the first boxes might be accidental collectors items:

The original box cover is supposed to be greenish but something got messed up at the printers so they made a few of just brownish ones.. the next wave in the stores will be green.

In addition (also from the Void), the following Rogue .plan files were added/updated: Rich Fleider, Peter Mack, Steve Maines, and Jim Molinets.

On the subject of .plans Lone Wolf updated (as usual), and on the subject of the Rangers (nice segues Blue!), shout-outs to the second battalion; oh, and ArchV says "hi to the world..."

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