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March 28, 1997 Tip of the Day: Demos galore at Quake Demo Land

NEW GL QUAKE | Man Bites Dog. Blue Takes Over PlanetQuake

Shadow's Winners
The winner of Shadow's E1M5 Challenge are up on the Ion Storm page (thanks Ryan from terraFORMA).

Threewave Update
There is a large update on Threewave on the state of the CTF 4.0 Beta testing, and comments on problems with the Unix ports (thanks Chris).

QTeam Map Making Errata
The following is from Quake Innovations' Gary Griggs:

I implemented a really cool feature during the 11th hour for QTeam 2.0 having to do with the 1 flag CTF mode, and it's in our 1 flag CTF map, but alas I forgot to document it for potential map authors. QTeam has event triggers that allow map designers to put "Which team has the flag" status indicators in their maps! This documentation update fits in with the map design documentation provided in the QTeam 2.0 package. Both items can be found at the Quake Innovations website (

Candy Rescued
American McGee responded to Janitor Bob's demands and rescued Candy the Llama (who updated to express her releif -- thanks ) in the process. BTW, anyone who want to hear some of Tokay's and my Sinatra renditions, we have a CD due out for Christmas.

Dr Sleep, and ParadoX, updated.

So did John Romero, who's sorry:

Whoa. I didn't feel *too* sorry for Carmack after hearing that his F40 got tapped by a truck since he left a massively expensive Ferrari parked outside all day. But after i found out the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to fix, i now feel pretty bad. I would hate to have to pay for that amount of random damage. That does suck.

Rogue Moves
The new home of those cool dudes over at Rogue Software is

New GL Quake
Here's the new GL Quake just released on id's FTP site.

QuakeCon Site Down
The QuakeCon site is down for a couple of days. I'll pass along word when it's back online. Contact Polish with any questions about the site or event.

On the ED3D Homepage is Alpha test version #19 of this new 3Dfx-enhanced Quake map editor from Quest co-author Trey Harrison.

FvF 1.99e
Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.99e (only 21 letters to go before version 2.0) has been released on the FvF page. Thanks Tom@s H YD7.

Sony Quake
At there is news of Sony pictures and id making a Quake level to promote Sony's new snake movie Anaconda. Thanks Magik Monkey.

Llama Results
The winners of Tokay's contest were announced last night on QuakeCast. My buddy the good Docor Zith (I think he's stuck with that now) has the winning pictures posted on Zith's Quakew00d. (Zith wants to apologize to CrazyBill from the Rangers for originally posting the wrong picture, its fixed now.)

Rocket Results
Here are the results of the The Rocket Jumpers Guide's Bait the Reaper contest.

Requiem Request
Requiem sends along a request to operators of servers running his patch to mail him at so he can put that information on the Requiem website.

Mission Secrets
Here is HERESY.[HSM]'s Scourge secrets page, which is completed, and his Dissolution secrets page, still in the works.

Thanks to Lorne Torres for the Tip of the day. Thanks also to the very many of you who wrote in to express your enthusiasm for the upcoming invasion of PlanetQuake, it's going to be fun.

Invading the Planet
I have a remarkable announcement. I am taking over PlanetQuake (that is the big news I revealed on the QuakeCast last night). You heard me right, not absorbed; taking over. Basty is going to run the hardware, and administer the back-end stuff (and I plan on having him write his own column), but I will be running the show.

Blue's News is not going anywhere or changing form. This site will continue to relentlessly pursue the relentless pursuit of Quake news. In the past, taking on PQ and continuing to run Blue's would have overloaded me, but my new life as a web guru is making my Quake work a lot easier to accomplish (you may have noticed the frequency and size of recent updates). I would not have taken on an added responsibility (much less such a huge one) if I thought it would cause this site to suffer.

PlanetQuake is a remarkable place, host to much of the finest Quake content on the net, and while I've been able to create a site that I'm really proud of from few physical resources here (I don't mean to get the gerbils that are running my server angry), the opportunity to have the kind of toys PlanetQuake represents (Quake Servers, Web Servers, IRC Servers, message boards, mailing lists, and on, and on) makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. The goal here is to take this terrific resource, and try and push it to the next level. There's a chance here to form the homebase the Quake community needs that doesn't yet exist, and I couldn't be more excited about the prospect of tackling the challenge of trying to help create it.

It has been quite a bit of work getting to this point, and things are just getting cooking. As of Monday I will be updating the main page on PlanetQuake, and you will start to see some (cool) design changes at that point. There also will be an announcement or two as a favorite site or two of mine joins in on the fun. Soon thereafter will see the implementation of QuakeNET, the long-planned IRC network we're creating along with our friends at Pseudo (I'll make an announcement later to help define what's involved if you'd like to participate in that), and it's onward from there. There's so much to talk about, but I think that's enough to digest in one sitting. There will be quite a number of announcements, news flashes and calls for volunteers to come, all starting Monday. I can't tell you how excited I am by all this, and I hope you are too.

As you can imagine, I'm very interested in reactions to this news. Please feel free to write me with your questions and comments, and I'll share anything significant that comes up.


March 27, 1997 Tip of the Day: Today is the official Release date for Dissolution of Eternity

I promise a pretty big announcement on the QuakeCast tonight (not like you won't read it here eventually too). So there... just engaging in a little promotion (it really is cool news). Also, at 8:00 PM EST preceding the QuakeCast (which is, as usual at 8:30 PM EST), check out Stormfront, all about the inside happenings at Ion Storm.

New Unix Ports
The following announcement was just sent along by Zoid, which is also posted on ThreeWave:

Unix Ports - New Release

Here is the long awaited release of several Unix Quake ports. These got delayed a bit from all the CTF4 work I've been doing.

The ports all have support for Quake Mission Packs #1 and #2 from Hipnotic Interactive and Rogue Entertainment, respectively. There are four new dedicated Quake server ports as well as a new SVGALib Linux Quake for playing on. The new SQuake for Linux fixes up the middle mouse button problem and some random crashes. It's at version 0.991 off the Quake 1.07 source.

Please see the Files Section for the ports and to the download them. The quick list is dedicated servers for Linux2.0, BSDI3.0, Solaris2.5 and SCO ODT5. The dedicated servers are all based on the Quake1.07 source and are version numbered at 0.99 for now.

Plans II
Plans Part II: Jim Dosť updated, and of course Lone Wolf updates about every day. Also, seems Candy the Llama's finger was updated by Janitor Bob, who seems to have kidnapped her and updated his own plan with his ransom demands and American McGee updated with a response (I'd say "the plot thickens," but this one is pretty damn thick already...). Plans Part I: Some recently added .plan files: My buddies Gateway over at Rogue and OneThumb added .plan files. And American's buddy Candy the Llama also has a .plan of her own (thanks R.B.W.).

Hipnotic Site
Hipnotic's website is getting a bit of a makeover. Thanks PsyKotyk.

Happy Birthday
He's probably sticking pins in his Blue-doo doll right now because I'm spilling the beans, but today is the birthday of none other than the master of the Master Cylinder, Christian Antkow. Happy Birthday Disruptor!

Impact Team Moves
The new home of the Impact Team is Thanks kolinahr.

American's .plan
Tokay updated to point out how sick we were cause his llama is getting more mail than him. Also, seems the way I put together a couple of .plan updates yesterday caused a lot of readers to thing that American was the one with the question about weapon switching. The person to send your weapon switch suggestions to is John Cash. Please read his request first, since I've already been cc'ed on a couple of weapon switch suggestions that don't follow the requirement of being usable by llamas (err, new players). If you do not trust your own discretion, feel free to send them to me for filtering and forwarding.

Head Hunters
Originally called "Capture the Head," HeadHunters 0.99 is available on the HeadHunters page.

Halcyon Days in Wired
There is a story about Halcyon Days (the video game history that John Romero wrote the introduction for) on Wired News (thanks loonyboi of QuakeLab:MultiMedia).

QuakeWorld Rankings
QuEbEc BaRf has updated his Definitive QuakeWorld Rankings (thanks RawMeat).

Quake Creativity
There is some original Quake Art on The Tormented Souls website. Also, QuakePsycho will hurt me or something, if I don't mention his Quake story.

A beta of TerrorForm (formerly QuakeScape) has been released on the TerrorForm page (thanks Reverb). This is a utility that can create landscapes you can import into a Quake map editor.

FvF 1.99d
Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.99d (Version 2.0 countdown: 22 letters) has been released on the FvF page. Thanks Rick.

Monster 3D Drivers
Thanks MonkeySpanQ for pointing out the new Monster 3D Drivers for DOS and Windows (here's the read me) have been posted to Diamond's site.

March 26, 1997 Tip of the Day: There are tips for lefty players on the ALQ

MacQuake Update
The latest on Lion Sofware's port of Quake for the Mac, according to an article in Next-Generation Online (thanks Diazo) called MacQuake Happenings:

"...a demo will be released later in April and the full product will hit shelves in July."

In Stores...
It wasn't supposed to be out until tomorrow, but I've gotten a bunch of mail from people who have seen Rogue's Quake Mission Pack No. 2, Dissolution of Eternity, on store shelves today.

There is an interview with Disruptor on the New Vore Times conducted by the psycho of sweep, Janitor Bob.

American McGee updated, linking this funny site. ParadoX and Janitor Bob updated.

Also, John Cash is looking for feedback on weapon switching:

I'd like to know how people feel about automatic weapon switching. There are three events that can cause Quake to switch weapons on your behalf: picking up a weapon, ammo, or backpack (which may have ammo and/or a weapon). I have ideas/opinions, but I want to hear what you guys (and gals) think. Should we ever switch weapons automatically? If so, when and how should the new weapon be chosen? Should it work the same in single player, cooperative, and deathmatch? Remember, there are llamas (oops, I mean "new players") out there so we can not have a system that works well for only leet ass mofos like sCary ;-) Please talk it over and let me know. I'd appreciate it if I could get a small number of emails representing group opinions instead of a gazillion individual respones.

Fear Challenge
Fear: A Quaker's Companion has a ongoing reaper competition called Reaper Challenge that involves rankings.

Ferarri Signup Form
The signup page for the Ferrari competion is up (thanks Lithium). Just 1,659 quick questions and you're on your way.

Polish sends along word of his new ED3D Homepage. ED3D is a new 3Dfx-enhanced Quake map editor from Trey Harrison, co-author of Quest. Currently available is Alpha test version #18.

QHunter Update
There is an update on the QHunter Page stating that QHunter does not appear to work with WinQuake 1.0. Looking forward, real life has slowed development on QHunter, and we can expect one more Alpha release before Beta testing. Speaking of real life, Skylord also put up a personal note of his own; let me express my sympathies.

Since all UKCL matches this weekend will be played on UKCLDM1, BoyWonder has created BoyWonder's rougth guide to UKCLDM1 (that's the way they spell it, rougth) on Quake Perfect.

Respawn Redux
I was a little confused about what Respawn was all about when it premiered, but I have received a clarification. Respawn is a level-editing group striving to release a new free partial conversion pack per month If you are interested in contributing, check their site for further information.

Wampey's Census is home to Quake-oriented opinion polls. That isn't actually a census, but who's counting (hehe).

Quake Humor
For a laugh, check out the Quarodies (why, Quake parodies, of course) of the Totally SWAC Quake Zone.

Xenocide Academy Boneheads
You'll probably recognize some players you've run across in Xenocide Academy's update about CTF Boneheads. (Thanks DaKoTa of Capture.)

Steve Towle updated with a clarification about the rules of speed demos uploaded to, and a heads up about a gaming company.

March 25, 1997 Tip of the Day: Map authors, there's a list of architecture books on QuakeLab: Editing

Plans V
Plans: V: sCaryname posted a friendly welcome and a little ASCII art. Plans IV: John Romero updated. Ouch! Plans III: Squirrel updated, among other things the death toll is dead. Plans II: American McGee updated requesting that you send email to his llama Candy. Levelord updated with some PC ramblings about cats. I saw on The Void that Shadow updated commenting on Janitor Bob, saying that he added a .plan setup for Ronny Tepoole, ION Storm head janitor, who also updated, talking about, what else? Janitor Bob. I also never mentioned Michael Abrash's final .plan update: "Gone fishing..." (I saw that on Redwood's). Plans I: Michael Hadwin updated his .plan. Disruptor also updated describing his new orifice, courtesy of KillCreek and ParadoX.

John Carmack's .plan
John Carmack updated his .plan (thanks Russell Marrash) to put out an APB on the SOB that dinged his F40. Hmmm. Janitor Bob is tall, and happens to drive a pickup truck that started white, but looks pretty tan now.... um, never mind.

Someone ran into my F40 in the parking lot, then took off. Words cannot do justice to how I feel right now.

If anyone knows a tall white male in the dallas area that now has red paint and carbon fibre on their tan pickup truck, turn the bastard in!

Demo Editor
There's a new demo editor by Eric Stern called Film At 11, (loonyboi of QuakeLab:MultiMedia calls it the "first real demo editor"). Also availible on Eric's page, Eric describes this program's impressive features:

The compression is, IMHO, the coolest part. It can take a demo file (of a 1-on-1 match say) and automatically remove the chunks of time between the action, leaving you with a demo that just contains all the frags.

Mainstream OpenGL
Thanks to Joe Pantuso (who I believe is the author of Doom Editor RG DoomEd), for sending along word of this article titled SGI's 3D goes mainstream about SGI's announcement of the licensing of OpenGL by eight companies, including Intel.

Disc 1.3
Version 1.3 of Disc is out. The new version features an enhanced player model so now the gibbed body parts actually move. Also, you can lop body parts off from Grunts and Enforcers now, so the Disc is more fun in solo play. The disc has also gotten a new skin after research (watching an episode of Xena) revealed the old skin to lack authenticity. Disc author Howard Roy has also released version 2.0 of his Mini-gun, a weapon that shoots through walls with an instant hit shot (ALA the Shotgun, as opposed to a projectile). Both also available on the home of the Killer Quake Patch.

Screenshot of Minigun

FvF 1.99c
Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.99c (only 23 letters to go before version 2.0) has been released on the FvF page. Thanks Tom@s H YD7.

There is a new beta of qED, the Quake editor by DoomCAD author Matt Tagliaferri up on the qED Homepage that extends the evaluation period to May 5. There is also news there of the upcoming qED book, and the retail product.

In Memoriam
I was asked to post a pretty serious message by Daniel Mross. It is not strictly Quake-related, and it's pretty heavy to put up here, but when you read it, I hope you'll understand why I couldn't refuse.

On March 24th at approximately 8:00 am, the body of Douglas Ainey was found next to the Virginia Tech Stadium. Apparently sometime between 5:00-7:00am, Doug walked to the stadium, climbed to the top and jumped. Nobody really knows why he comitted suicide but his friends and family will miss him. Doug was a member of Clan Cack and went by the name [cc]Burton. He was friends with a number of Quake players including members of Nightbreed, Clan Gib, and Clan sEx. In honor of Doug, we want to let other Quake players know about him and we feel it would do him justice to be remembered by those who also engage in Doug's favorite hobby besides snowboarding; Playing Quake. We will miss you Doug.

QTeam 2.0
QTeam 2.0 has been released on Quake Innovations. QTeam features multiple teamplay modes; new custom maps are included for QTeam's CTF, 1 Flag CTF, Bonus Flag CTF, 3 Team CTF, Capture the Shambler, Paintball, King of the Hill, DeathTag, and QfragFest modes. QTeam also has built-in remote administration features for Server operators. There is a toolkit for Map designers to not only create new maps for the games listed above, but to combine the custom options and entities to create new types of games.

Quake Server Browser Reviews has gotten a makeover. Currently featured is a sneak peak at beta 0.60 of Qtracker.

Quake College Players Listing
The Quake College Players Listing (wow! a Geocities URL without, Times Square, or something in it, how'd they manage that?) now lists over 300 members, and looking for more more entries.

Dimensionality Screenshots
There are screenshots of the upcoming Dimensionality level pack on the Dimensionality page.

Evolve Moves
The new home of the Evolve Team (AirFist) is

Definitely Out-of-Hand
I found the following in my inbox, from Ronny Tepoole, Head Janitor at Ion Storm:

Well I gotta tell ya, this Janitor Bob stuff has gotten WAY outta hand. You see, I taught the kid everything he knows about cleaning up after those filthy game designers! The bastard has the nerve to call himself a "Hunk O' Studliness" when, in fact, I taught him HOW to be a stud. I can tell you we spent many a late nights practicing how to be true studs...strutin around in our undies and unloading on the fellow stormers' keyboards. I just wanted to set the record straight that janitor Bob may in fact be good in bed with all members of the sex, however he needs to remember who is TRUE mentor was and give credit where it is DUE!

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...
I'm a little slow, and didn't realize that the Q-Scar awards would be handed out at the same time as Hollywood's Oscars (duh). Here are the winners of the Q-Scar awards: Best Quake page: Blue's News (thanks all for voting), Best level editor: WorldCraft, Best TC: Quess, Best CTF Page: Threewave, Best Quake clan - The Notorious Wu-Tang Clan. The official lists of votes tallied (by Price Waterhouse, no doubt) and runners-up will be posted today on the quakecast tribute page in the Q-scar section.

March 24, 1997 Tip of the Day: Look for solo play maps on Crash's, Lt.Dan's & SPQ

E3 Update
The page devoted to the upcoming E3 Ferrari Tourney has been updated with more details (thanks stiletto).

Dr Sleep updated his plan. The only thing worse than being Oscar Wilde, is not being Oscar Wilde. Janitor Bob also updated with some of his own special sunshine.

TAMU CTF Tourney
Gib 'Em '97 is a CTF tourney at Texas A&M April 25 through April 27.

Stooge Bot Kicker
Ilkka Rajala, author of FAQ-Proxy (client side demo recorder) has made a QuakeC (Stooge)Bot detector/kicker, that works by detecting the bot's unnatural movements.

Here's a reminder to all you clans on "The Continent," that the European Clan Council is always on the lookout for new members.

Janitor Bob Controversy Grows
There's a 3D Realms press release up on the New Vore Times written by none other than Apogee President Scott Miller that adds fuel to the Janitor Bob "situation."

Joost Schuur Interview
The New Vore Times continues it's series of interviews with the movers and Quakers with an interview with Joost Schuur from Slipgate Central.

John Cash's .plan
John Cash updated his .plan:

Just got back from a field trip with twillits. We had to go down to the Porsche dealer to pick up his new 911. What can I say? It's german and it's fast, so of course I like it. It's a 97 911 Carrera, silver/gray.

Contrary to a fair number of email reports I've received, the Girl Scout cookies I like are still called Samoas here. Maybe they are Carmel Delights" come places, but not here on the great nation of Texas.

Demo Control Centre
Uwe Girlich's LMP/DMO/DEM Demo Control Centre (LMPC) has been released (thanks Ray Van Dolson) on the Games Page of Uwe Girlich. The demo doctor is working his magic (he pioneered the dissection of Doom's LMP format) for Quake. Here's the on-line documentation. Here's the Win32 Package, the DOS Package, as well as the Full Package, the Source package, and the Linux Package (all linked from Uwe's site -- I seem to screw up .tar files--any suggestions on why? I use CuteFTP).

John Romero's .plan
John Romero updated his .plan. Halcyon Days looks very cool, I'm gonna order a copy myself. I loved Rescue From Fractilus, and played it on my Atari 800 (a couple of things the page mentions):

March 24, 1997
The only stuff left to create are all the
artifacts. The design doc should be done Friday.

The www-book Halcyon Days is finished. Check out
this URL:

I'm gonna miss Abrash, he's a great guy and an
amazing codesmith.

Quake Down Under
There is a new Austalian Quake Page, and my buddy Simon Garlick has moved his New Zealand Qauke news site to

GL Quake Tip Caveat
John Harries sent in a warning about the GL Quake tip that recently appeared on Redwood's, and referenced here:

Just a quick note to point out that half the 3dfx cards refuse to set to 512x384; but, most importantly, getting rid of the wait on vertical retrace to speed up GL-quake will cause most machines to crash. I believe this is because the FIFO overflows (it was a bug we had last year when tidying up our Glide interface). Anyway, using no retrace causes GL quake to hang with extreme regularity on my machine - its going too fast for its own good now :-)

John Carmack's .plan
John Carmack made a large .plan update discussing Michael Abrash's departure, N64 Quake, and the "new rendering architectures:"

Michael Abrash is working at microsoft again, due to external reasons. This is the only time anyone has ever left id that we aren't better off without. :(

That does give me an excuse to visit seattle more often and pester the folks at microsft about various broken things...

Look for a hardcover compilation of nearly everything Michael has written later on this year. Michael and I are probably going to add some hindsight notes to many of the articles for the new edition.


N64 quake is looking really awesome. We got DM5 (the only level small enough to fit before we take a lot of space saving measures) running perfectly in only two weeks. It looks about like glquake with "picmip 1", and it runs 30fps.

We are going to have transparent water in all the maps, and all the lights will have full color control, so it should look great.

We don't know what maps we are going to use yet. There will probably be a combination of modified quake, level pack, and new maps. The biggest pain is the tiny size of the cartridge. I am going to implement some more space efficient file formats, and all the maps are going to have the non-essentials crunched out, but we are still not going to be able to fit as many on as I would like.


Work is progressing well with the new rendering architectures. I have a test harness that can dynamically switch between using a ref_soft.dll and ref_gl.dll for rendering in the same window. I have a lot of work to do before the entire game will run like that, and there may be some incompatabilities with normal quake, because this is aimed primarily for Quake 2.

The interface to the renderers is very cool -- it only takes a single file of code to harness and exercise all the rendering features. If we actually release with seperate DLLs, people are going to link the refreshes into their own programs and use it as an object level rendering toolkit... You could write a Quake-like game in visual basic. There is a whole mess of biz type issues with that that I don't even want to think about now.

Mystery Bot Moves
the new homepage of the Mystery Bot is

Dr Sleep Interview
There's a Dr Sleep Interview on Sandmooses Daikatana Cabana.

Shadow interview
There is an interview with Noel "The Shadow" Stephens on Bog'z 4-1-1.

Human Ingenuity Tournament
Congrats to Whitewolf from Clan Legends, winner of the Human Ingenuity Quake Tournament.

March 23, 1997 Tip of the Day: id did not break up yesterday. Tokay's .plan was a joke

Another Broussard Interview
There is another interview with 3DRealms President George Broussard on the Adrenaline Vault. Thanks Ed Paradise.

QuakeCon 97 Map Contest
The organizers of QuakeCon 97 are having a contest to create the default deathmatch map for QuakeCon 97. Which means the winner will get a chance to have the guys from id, Ion Storm and Hipnotic, as well as everybody at QuakeCon to see and play on their map.

QuakeWorld Rankings
QuEbEc BaRf has updated his Definitive QuakeWorld Rankings (thanks RawMeat).

QuakeC Front End/Compiler QCBud 1.0 has been released on WickedC.

QNews is a web magazine specializing in Quake Leagues and Clans, published weekly on Sundays.

Experimental Pits
The Experimental Pits is a server designated to showcasing the best freely-available non-id maps for Internet play. The current map rotation showcases the 7 winners of a month-long 100-map "talent search." The server also features a limited version of the AirFist defensive weapon.

Congratulations to Chris Carollo (co-author of Quest) who has accepted a job with Looking Glass Technologies (Ultima Underworld I & II, System Shock, Terra Nova).

Worldcraft University
I'm sorry, I blew this, and forgot to remind everyone earlier about Worldcraft University's class this afternoon at 4:00 PM EST on ClanNET #worldcraft (thanks to kolinahr for the nudge). Today's topic is Using the New Hipnotic rotation entities. There is an example map/bsp available at the WorldCraft Editing Site in the files section.

FvF 1.99b
Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.99b (only 24 letters to go before version 2.0) has been released on the FvF page. Thanks BLOODGORE.

RGB = Ranger Gone Blue
There's an update on the Ranger's page on how their latest recruit is none other than yours truly. That's right, I have proudly accepted the call (as proud as one can be after begging to be let in). Seriously, I am very proud to be joining up with this clan full of terrific guys, I will try to make them proud. (Apologies to Unknown Soldier for taking my headline from his story). There's also a bit on how promising the real RGB; Ranger Gone Bad 3 looks, and talk of the hope of delivering it within a month.

Scourge Secrets
HERESY.[HSM] is working on a webpage with the secrets from Scourge of Armagon. He has all the secrets from Episode One up now and plans to finish it with the remaining episodes and add frames support by the end of the week.

Lag City
LagCity has moved to Stomped at, and has had a bit of a makeover, to boot.

March 22, 1997 Tip of the Day: If you can't find it on Slipgate Central, It's not worth finding

Janitor Bob updated his .plan (the Alfred thing is perfectly explainable. My butler was on vacation, and old habits die hard...). American McGee updated (see below) btw it's a joke -- get it?. Bear updated his .plan to express his feelings abut local law enforcement (sweet talk 'em Barrett, that'll help).

Entire id Staff Quits
American McGee buzzed me to let me know he updated his.plan to reveal news of the latest shakeup at id, by far the most "serious" yet. Here's Tokay's .plan:

The "Bleat to your llama" contest is now at
home on Zith's Quake w00d:
The contest is over with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
winner. They will be announced after the weekend.

---------------------------------------------- Breaking news!

MESQUITE, Texas--(NEWS WIRE)--March 21, 1997--id Software is once again undergoing personal changes this week. On the heels of Michael Abrash's departure comes news that the entire staff of id Software has left the company for good. The staff intends to start a new company tentatively named "id2". They hope to license their own "Quake" engine for use in the new company. In a press release John Carmack and Adrian Carmack stated that the new company "will allow us to get that fresh clean feeling." And that "We wish id well, but we're glad we are leaving."

Please direct all distressed inquiries to dev/

Impulse 1
Toby wanted to let everyone know he was back on the job updating the news on Impulse 1 after a week-long absence due to abscess (dental work).

GL Tip
There's a neat tip on how to lower the resolution in GL Quake to 512x384 to improve your framerate on Redwood's.

Call for Level Designers
I got email from 3DRealms President George Broussard (see next story) who wants to let all aspiring professional map authors know that 3DRealms is looking to hire some "kick ass Quake mappers to work on [their] upcoming game, Prey." Details are on their website.

George Broussard Speaks
There's an Interview on the New Vore Times with George Broussard, President of 3DRealms. He discusses the Hipnotic situation among other things. I have to say Fragmaster does a really great job with his interviews, and this one stands out. He asks some very intelligent, very direct questions.

Ion Bashes Bob
Can't we all get along? Ion Storm has posted a press release saying that Janitor Bob and his new employer Hipnotic Interactive (see related story Janitor Bob to Hipnotic) are distorting the truth in some of the statements surrounding Bob's role at Ion. Here's an excerpt:

"This claim distorts the truth well beyond the breaking point."

"While it’s true that Janitor Bob of Hipnotic was a "janitor" while at Ion Storm, The above statement suggests that Janitor Bob was wholly responsible for the janitorial duties of all of Ion Storm, which has outraged the real Ion Cleaning Staff."

Thanks to HERESY.[HSM] for telling me about this last night (I couldn't find the release due to a bad link on the Ion Site) and to Morty for sending me the right link today. In honesty I have to mention that Bob actually worked for some time in the custodial department here at the Blue Tower, but my attorneys tell me that speaking publicly about that situation will impact several pending legal actions, so I'll say no more (I hope I haven't screwed anything up by saying that much).

Slipping Into Unreal
Joost has added an Unreal Section to Slipgate Central. Unreal is currently said to be due in the third quarter of 1997.

Map authors will probably be interested by the promise of QuakeScape, a 3D landscape generator for Quake, which will allow you to import the landscape you've created into most editors.

Quake and 3D Video Cards FAQ
Quake and 3D Video Cards Frequently Asked Questions has been recently updated. Now up to version 2.3, this is a valuable resource on a hot topic for Quake players.

QWF Comics
There are some funny new funnies up in the Not-for-Llamas section of the Quake Women's Forum. Get their perspective on three of the odd obsessions of the Quaking man; w00d, llamas, and sheep...

QW Ring
QuakeWorld Clans are urged to sign up for the QuakeWorld Ring. The also tell me they plan on running a ladder tournament, which will be start as soon as possible after the release of the new QuakeWorld.

Quest For Food
The is a cry for help to those of you familiar with the Dallas area. Some of the guy over at Ion Storm (Shadow, Squirrel, Mad_Samoan, Kee, and IDM_GUY are all frantically looking for good Chinese/Thai/any-type o'eastern food restaurants. Apparently badly shaken by some Fido-Foo-Young (woof!) they need our help. Please email Shadow with suggestions.

Romero Interview
Speaking of Ion, when SandMoose sent word that he had a John Romero Interview up on his Daikatana Cabana, I couldn't access his site, but it's up now.

Superheroes 1.01
It's the good news and the bad news. The good news Quake Superheroes 1.01 has been released on the Quake Superheroes page, fixing a couple of the bugs from the initial release. The bad news is that SoulScythe accidently deleted all his archives (as he put it: "I would like to recommend to everyone out there that they not leave batch files laying around with 'deltree /y *.*' in them"), so he's asking that anybody who can manage to decompile his source code to email him. In fact, he's gone so far as to refer to it as a contest where the first to do so will win a "huge gigantic prize. Something really awesome."

Browser Picker Picks
FRAGaLOT updated his Quake Server Browser Reviews to include a new browser called Qtracker. He's also added a rant about his "bias" (he's on the QSpy Beta team).

Nakedman's TC List Moves
Nakedman's TC List has moved. The new URL is

Help Wanted
Map authors interested in submitting levels for use in ClanDefender's PowerBall Levels Pak can find details on their site of what a PowerBall map entails and where to send it (they are also looking for some good skins too...). QCHQ needs another webmaster. If you are interested in helping, email

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