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March 21, 1997 Tip of the Day: GL Quake Performance Tips at the GL Quake Benchmarks

Michael Abrash to Leave id | WinQuake1.0 Released

Plans Part V
I guess I can't make fun of everybody for updating their .plans so often... if I didn't update so much, I could put them all in one story. Anyway, Bear updated his .plan to clarify Disruptor's employment status in case Clan INS is keeping tabs, and Mark Dochtermann updated talking about a survey on the Hipnotic Interactive page asking that age old question; Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

id Update
id software's Barrett "Bear" Alexander sent along an announcement covering a few of the recent topics at hand:

I have several things to let everyone know about today.

1. Quake Mission Pack No. 2 from id Software, Rogue Entertainment and Activision is due out on March 27th ...

2. Obviously many of you know that Michael Abrash is leaving id Software, today being his last day. Michael's leaving is not in anyway a negative departure, just people sometime feel a need to move on and tackle new challenges. Michael will be working on natural language stuff at Microsoft, and he is obviously very excited about it. We will DEFINITELY miss him around, he is talented

3. I must tell everyone about our two new employees. Christian Antkow (aka - Disruptor) has joined us, and is already proving to be a great asset. Christian will be working on a multitude of things, ranging from programming (primarily QuakeWorld stuff) to web construction, and others.

We also have Paul Jaquays, a new level designer. Paul has an extensive background with games and art. Unfortunately I don't work as closely with Paul as I do Christian, but everyone has been pleased to have him join us.

Jail Break Ends Tonight
Ooops, almost forgot to mention NAWC's Jailbreak Contest ends tonight at 11:59 PM EST.

Quake Baby Part II
Thanks to Coder for the word that Ranger leader ColdSun just had a baby daughter; [R2]Katie Marie, 7 lbs., perfect health. Congrats ColdSun-- Hooha! This goes perfectly with todays Mynx/Mental4 baby update (the first known Quake-related pregnancy--they actually met while playing Quake). They had an ultrasound and determined the little fragger's gender. It's a boy! In fact there's an ultra sound image of his little rocket launcher (which, Mynx says "i hope he wont hate me for when he's older") on the blessed event's homepage. Congrats!

Why is Sadman so sad? Because he needs a QuakeC coder to help with his work., and since he's a buddy I told him I'd spread the word, so check out the details on Sadman's World. Actually his nick doesn't really denote sadness, but it made for a good segue.

WinQuake 1.0
Not to leave a job undone, on Michael Abrash's final day comes word from Disruptor that Michael finished Winquake 1.0 (336 KB), Here's the read me. Also available on id's FTP Site.

CTF 4.0 Screenshots
There are screenshots of Threewave Capture the Flag 4.0 up at Threewave. This is great looking stuff...

Levelord Speaketh
I see on sCary's that Levelord's RealAudio interview on the Mark Shander Show is now available.

Plans Part IV
Janitor Bob updated his .plan (btw, for those that doubt all this, that .plan is coming out of Hipnotic). Jim Dosť also updated.

QTeam Moves
Quake Innovations, home of the QTeam teamplay mod, has moved to Stomped at

Plans Part III
Michael Hadwin update with a things that SUCK / things that Don't SUCK list. Levelord has some more to say about the gaming industry.

HeadHunters Patch
Version 0.95b of the HeadHunters patch is available on the Head Hunter's Page, featuring some bug fixes.

Kill The Llama 1.0
Kill The Llama 1.0, one of the more unusual recent teamplay mods is available on the Kill the Llama page. Version 2.0, in the works, features a custom llama model (there are screenshots and an animated gif for it up at the site).

Methods For Destruction
Here's the location of Methods For Destruction, a level editing group run by Onnatop, who we talked to on the QuakeCast last night.

Janitor Bob To Hipnotic
Hot on the heals of the Abrash announcement, it has been announced that Janitor Bob has left Ion Storm to join Hipnotic. You can read the release from Hipnotic, and the in-depth story on the New Vore Times. Since Bob started at id, I guess he's the first employee to work for id, Ion and Hipnotic.

Michael Abrash to Leave id
I received the following from Michael Abrash detailing his departure from id, stressing that there are anything but hard feelings involved. On a personal note, let me thank Michael publicly for all the help and support he has always provided me in what I do, in spite of his own busy schedule. Thanks Michael, and good luck! Here's Michael's farewell:

Today is my last day at id; I'm going back to Microsoft to work on something completely different, natural language parsing. I think that'll be a lot of fun, but so is working at id; the big reason is that my wife and I want to settle down somewhere for good, and having grown up in New England, have realized we'll never feel at home in Dallas, where there are no trees, hills, water, or even green for much of the year. Dallas is a great place in a lot of ways, but it's just not home for us.

Now comes the part it's really important that people understand: there is nothing at all negative about id Software in this decision. Id has been a fantastic place to work, and the people here are great. Quake 2 is going to be a killer game (what Quake should have been and then some), and John's next engine is going to be all by itself in the gaming world, farther ahead than the Quake engine was. This is not say-nice-things-in-public stuff; it's weird, but I'm leaving as id is really hitting on all cylinders, which has made this an even harder decision. But the decision is made, so thanks to all of you in the Quake community who have made this such an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Plans Part II
Disruptor updated his .plan with an update on upcoming QuakeWorld features. I (and my clanmates) are ecstatic about the inclusion of DM3 (a new deathmatch mode -- not to be confused with the map of the same name) as an option, we use Avatar's QuakeC DM3 patch religiously at all our LAN Parties:

Fixed the "switch to the lightning gun under water" bug in Quakeworld, and also implemented Deathmatch 3.0 rules (thanx to Avatar on EFNet #quake for bugging me so much =) Deathmatch 3.0 is totally nuts!)

For those who don't know, deathmatch 3.0 is where all the weapons stay but the items and powerups respawn as normal.

Those mods will make it into the next release of the Quakeworld server "soon"

Superheroes 1.0
Quake Superheroes 1.0 has been released on the Quake Superheroes page. The Superheroes team is already preparing to focus their powers on their next project (no details available yet).

FvF 1.99
Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.99 [Pre-Release] is out (2.0 has got to be pretty close) on the FvF Page . It has 18 New Models, 12 Unique Classes, and 80 Different Weapons. This includes a preliminary of the long awaited Deity class and Purge Mode, a religious cleansing war (??), and FvF version of "capture the flag." The Monk is also finished.

Wheel of Time
The beta of Wheel of Time is out. An actual TC release (wow!). They are aware that this is the beginning of that phase where several version will appear pretty quickly, as bugs are squashed. You have been warned.

Hexen 2 Preview
There is a Hexen 2 Preview with screenshots up at Next-Generation Online (thanks Ori).

Rangers Update
There is an update on the doing's of the my buddies the Ranger's Clan (thanks DaKoTa of Capture). You can read about ColdSun's thoughts on the upcoming new QuakeWorld, ThreeWave CTF 4.0, and Ranger Gone Bad 3, currently in production). There is also a promise of an upcoming Bloopers section "in the next night or so" and maybe some screenshots.

Couple of small updates. Disruptor and Nelno the Amoeba. Thanks Adam Hardman. And Squirrel updated with his own Death Toll table.

Quoting Carmack
There is a blurb (it will move in a few days, and that link will go bad) on PC Gamer Online quoting John Carmack's recent .plan update discussing operating systems. Their characterization of it as "...coming out strongly in favor of the Windows operating systems." is odd. Seems to me, more like he acknowledged its current dominant position.

I haven't seen anything from id on this, but this looks like the first of the local tournaments that will build to the big Ferrari giveaway. I got this from Brett Hopkins who works at a software consulting company called Catapult Systems Corp. located in Austin, TX. He says they are hosting an id sanctioned Quake tournament:

It's called "The Catapult Quake Challenge." The winner receives an all expense paid trip to Atlanta to play in the National id Software Quake Challenge. The tourney is Saturday, April 19th from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm An employee of id (I'm not sure which) will be driving Carmack's Ferrari down to park in front of the building that day =)

The entrance fee is $20 per person. That includes contest entry, t-shirt, & refreshments. We are accepting the first 200 people that register.

Also, there's Tourney in Madison, WI on Saturday, April 5 at the Underground Network. Contact Jeremy or call (608) 259-9472 for more information. First prize is an id Anthology.

March 20, 1997 Tip of the Day: CTF Skills need work? Attend Xenocide's Flag Academy

Off to the show. On the slate for the QuakeCast tonight are Fragmaster from The New Vore Times, Ignatu from ClanRing, and Clan P.M.S.

A couple of .plan updates, American McGee (thanks DI-Raven), and Dr Sleep, who mentions this level from their new level designer, whi isn't working on Daikatana (btw, Another new Daikatana news page: Daikatana: Cutting Edge, has popped up) as he said at first, but rather Tom Hall's game. Also Shadow's .plan has been fixed so it's still legible after my script HTMLizes it. American has some grooming tips for sCary:

Note to scary:
If you would stop using toilet water to slick
your hair back you wouldn't keep dropping your
brush in there. I've told you this before, I
won't tell you again.

Interview With a Doomguy
There is an interview with the Doom guy on the New Vore Times. About time this publicity shy Marine broke his silence.

UK Clan Meet Wrap-up
Here is a wrap-up of the recent UK Clan meet.

Congrats to good buddy Embrionic Pete (NAWC) whose hard work has paid off in a new job with Quantum Axcess as their Internet PR dude (ala the sCary one).

Redwood is wondering on his page why I didn't announce that I'll co-host Storm-Front on Pseudo, a RealAudio extravaganza designed to find out more about Ion Storm. The 1/2 hour special was apparently announced in GameSpot for tonight, but it is not tonight, it is scheduled for next week (it looks like GS pulled the blurb -- I couldn't find it). So there's the poop, I'll give you more details on what's up with this next week. Of course, the QuakeCast is tonight at 8:30 PM EST just like every week. BTW, if you get weird messages when trying the QuakeCast, it's possibly because you need to upgrade to RealAudio 3.0.

American's Llama Contest
American McGee updated his .plan to update us on his contest (on Zith's Quakew00d). The winning entry is in (and no reported shootings by irate llama farmers reported, either), but there are still the coveted second and third place finishes up for grabs:

The "Bleat to your llama" contest is now at
home on Zith's Quake w00d:

I have received many really funny entries
so far... keep them coming. Although 1st
prize has already been won, there is still
2nd and 3rd place to be awarded.


Thanks to |-Thud-| for this llama link:

Thanks to NeeDleS for this llama link:

A couple of these to throw at you (and a policy explanation too boot!). Human Ingenuity Quake Tournament: March 22nd, 1997, in the San Francisco Area in Northern California (but anyone is invited). It's free (sponsored by Human Ingenuity), and there is an opportunity for the winner to play Thresh, generally considered to be one of the very elite of Quake players. Also, the sequel to the very successful Perry, Ohio Deathfest will take place on March 29, 1997 starting at 12:00 PM EST and running for 12+ hours. Contact the_DM {GUN} for more information.

A word on tournament announcements. I stopped announcing all but the most striking Quake Tournaments a while back, due to the overwhelming number of events in the works. I kind of slipped recently and opened the door to a flood of requests, but since the tournament page I was deferring on this topic seems to have closed up shop (I've said this before only to receive irate responses from the maintainer, but it hasn't been updated for two months), I am going to move forward with the plans I discussed in the past to start up some form of community calendar for this kind of stuff. In the meantime before that happens (which I expect to be "soon"), I'll try and hit the high points (I know this'll get me in trouble, but...).

New Qoole
Qoole 1.10 is up on the Qoole Page. New features include fast solid and texture mapped rendering. A few bugs (mainly GUI) were fixed as well. You can find PatrynDMF's Qoole Object Pack there as well.

The C++ client-server communication code for mikeBot, a client-server bot (but not a proxy) has been released by the mikeBot Project. Says programmer Mike Warren

This will allow fellow bot developers a quick start into AI, since this code will handle all the client-server and entity-tracking jobs. Also included are some skeleton classes for the AI.

Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh updated his .plan (thanks loonyboi), among the things discussed is the existence of Noel's "Shadow" Stephens' .plan which contains deathmatch results -- unfortunately my CGI which turns text into HTML has turned the HTML in that plan into a small mess. It's still readable, but I'm going to have to take a look at what crossed it up. Also Lone Wolf updated his finger with an essay on how Quake has altered a lot of our lives called Times A Changin'.

The team forming Respawn has got big plans in the editing world (so big I don't understand them completely). A recent addition to the project it General WarT of The Trench of Mental Warfare (CustEnts).

QuakeWorld Rankings
QuEbEc BaRf has updated his Definitive QuakeWorld Rankings (thanks RawMeat).

New HeadHunters
Version 0.95 of HeadHunters (formerly Capture the Head), where players that are heads can bite other players is out on the HeadHunters Page. This release also fixes problems on some servers that had crashing or lag problems.

Mods on MPlayer
There's an article on Quake mods and MPlayer up on Next Generation Online (thanks loonyboi).

The Moving Deadmeat
DeadMeat's Quake Editing Tutorial, which specializes in BSP, has moved to

Remember Skillz, the site that keeps track of the contests? They're holding a contest.

Divisions have been set up and pre-season matches are being scheduled in the High Ping Capture League. As of last count there are 38 teams signed up.

March 19, 1997 Tip of the Day: There is an excellent GL Quake FAQ up at

Thanks Two Million
I don't know what to say. The support you guys have provided this site cannot be measured. You're a great bunch, and you have my sincere thanks. I don't know where I'd be without you (well, I do know--I'd be updating this page, but no one would be reading). For the record, the Blue's News' 2,000,000th visitor since the counter was installed was Peter Ordal a.k.a. Sonic. Thanks to Pete for writing to tell me, as well as to all of you who wrote in with kind words. Once again, I can't go off thanking everyone (I'd like to thank the academy...) without thanking all the frantic web surfing tipsters out there that keep us all in the know (you know who you are). As for the future? Things are just getting interesting. Watch for a big announcement or two "soon." :-)

Whaleboy Says
WhaleBoy updated his .plan to give us his own graphical "What's Tired / What's Wired" list (.plan file or web page--you make the call). He emphasizes that this is meant for humor value only, and asks that no one take offense. Web pages about Quake are tired, eh? No reference to the Tired/Wired quotient of .plan file updates...

Updated PCI 3D Blaster Drivers
Thanks to TeamQSpy bud Kev "Zob the Slayer" Brown for the word that Creative Labs has posted updated Win95 Drivers for the PCI 3D Blaster.

Contest Clarification
American McGee added the following addendum to his rules announcement (thanks DI-Raven). Yes, controversy strikes again, obviously American got some mail (I know I did) commenting that many of the most die-hard Quake players don't actually have a box, having received their copies via direct mail order. American is also declaring Zith's Quakew00d the home of the contest:

Just to clarify: You can use either
the Quake CD case or the box. Also...
2nd and 3rd place prizes will be
awarded to funniest or most original
pic. This contest will be on Zith's
Quakew00d soon.

Shambler Internet Explorer
Jeff Hayford has concocted a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer that caters to Quake fans with a Shambler throbber and links to Quake sites built in. You can download it from Twitch.

Now That's A Contest
Tokay updated his .plan to describe his own contest. I hope this doesn't result in some headline like: Contest Becomes Tragedy: Llama Farmer Shoots Camera-Wielding Video Game Addict. Here's the skinny:

Since everyone else has one...
heres my contest:
First person to send me a picture
of a llama with a Quake box wins
something cool out of my office.
(Not sure what yet, buy it could be
anything from a 10mw laser to a piece
of paper Timmy blew his nose on :)
Depends on how good the picture is...
and no fakery (this means you |2|)

(There will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd

For those whose curiosity was piqued by Disruptor's QPlugin reference yesterday, FRAGaLOT has updated his Quake Server Browser Reviews (the authority in this area) to give a fuller description of the new plug-in's function, including a more recent screenshot that the plug-n displayed by Dis' .plan (which has been replaced by a screenshot here... at first I stupidly assumed everyone could see it like I could, because I had the plug-in installed -- duh).

Levelord Speaks Out
Wow, I just listened to the promo for the Levelord's (all hail) upcoming appearance on the RealAudio extravaganza the Mark Shander Show that sCary mentioned. Talk about hard hitting... it's quite a no-holds-barred discussion about his hard feelings towards a former employer.

Thanks L0rdCha0s for the Tip of the Day.

March 18, 1997 Tip of the Day: Sharpen your game with Quake Weenie Deathmatch Tactics

Paradox updated his .plan, a little of this, a little of that... he's planning on starting a challenge page of his own soon....

QuakeWorld Sites
The Clans of QuakeWorld and The QuakeWorld Clanring Tourney Page have moved to Stomped. A QW site just opening for business is QuakeWorld Central.

Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana
To my knowledge, Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana is the first Daikatana news page.

I kidded Bear before about his .plan update, but he was obviously working on it live. He's finished his update, it contains insights on the recent comings and goings at id, a word about copyright issues on the web, and a welcome aboard to Disruptor. For what it's worth, I can confirm the absolute truth of what he says about the copyright issues; I was asked to put up a small notice that this site used id's images, but never anything like a hassle (they were downright apologetic about it). Tom Hall also updated his .plan with lots of tidbits (he really is threatening a harder contest!). Thanks Gunfighter.

More Mark D
There's an interview with Mark Dochtermann on the New Vore Times (to go along with the one on QuakeLab: Multimedia).

New QuakeMap
QuakeMap version 3.0b4 is out on the Official QuakeMap Page. Also, only three days left for entries in the "New Name for QuakeMap" contest.

Shadow's Challenge
Shadow updated his e1m5 Challenge Page (thanks breuhaha). The time to beat is now 20 seconds (and two kills).

ClanRing Elite League Dead
The Elite League planned by the ClanRing League has been scrapped (thanks Tower). Ambitious by design, the Elite League was intended to bring high-profile, scheduled matches to spectators via a Quake TV proxy. The League succumbed to difficulties in scheduling and other problems coordinating logistics it presented. The obituary for the project looks forward optimistically to the upcoming Field of Battle, a detailed rankings-based ladder "which can be used by everyone" that will begin in a couple of weeks.

Disruptor QuakeWorld Update
Disruptor made a large .plan update (thanks Jammin) on the imminence of the release of the new QuakeWorld Client (promised "soon"). This is a very detailed description of what to expect, including the master serverless paradigm, the new "fixed" rocket collision physics, the inclusion of a nifty spectator mode, 32 player play (of course), and he also provides a first look (embedded HTML in .plans is cool) at the QPlug Plug-in which provides one of the exciting new features of the new QuakeWorld, the ability to launch a game from your browser (I replaced the actual plug in with an image to keep it from crashing some machines):

Find the Contest Winners
The winners of Tom Hall's devious Find the Contest have joined the solution on the Ion Storm website (thanks Don Hinshaw).

Kee Plan
Ion's Kee Kimbrell updated his .plan, saying he is answering all the mail he's receiving (no cracks, please) with ideas for their game-in-progress Daikatana. Thanks VorpalKreep.

Quess Corruption/Screenshots
My buddy Embrionic Pete of the NAWC (check out their new interactive events calendar, btw) wrote in with a few things of interest. First he mentioned there are screenshots of Quess up, in case this hasn't caught your eye yet. Thanks once, Embrionic. BTW the .zip that the Impact Team uploaded yesterday was corrupted. The link to Quess 1.3 has only been to the proper version since the middle of last night.

New Requiem
There's information popping up on the Requiem Page about the upcoming version 1.08 codenamed Tormented Souls which they say is going to be big (hey if it's got a codename, it's got to be big). Thanks twice, Embrionic.

Shrak Reviews
There is a review of Shrak up on Games Domain (thanks three times, Embrionic.) :-)

More Reviews
There is also a review of Shrak up at Gamespot as well as a review of QZone and Dark Hour. Sorry I screwed up this credit at first, thanks to D|S-RedDog for sending the word on these.

Mysterious Homepage
The Mystery Bot I vaguely (mysteriously?) mentioned a while back now has its own homepage that helps clear up a little of the mystery. It's a client side bot that is said to understand, seek, and use all the Quake powerups intelligently (except for the "incomplete" biosuit AI), can operate the grappling hook to get items and knows the rules to CTF, deathmatch, and teamplay.

Capture Back Online
PC problems fading in the rearview mirror, Capture is back online.

Rocket Jumping Contest Ends Tonight
The Bait the Reaper rocket jumping contest on (where else?) The Rocket Jumpers Guide ends tonight at 11:59 PM CST.

John Carmack on OS'es
John Carmack updated his .plan with a large set-the-record-straight essay on the subject of operating systems, and his feelings about developing on each of them (thanks Sean Baker). Like his essay on 3D cards this is a beautiful thing, honest, lucid and unadulterated.

Scourge Review
PCME has its at-a-glance Scourge of Armagon Review online. Not to give away the punchline (for you suspense fans), but I will. They give it a 93%, and add:

This is one of the few titles we feel is worthy of our coveted PCM&E Excellence in Achievement Award.

Squirrel Update
Brian "Squirrel" Eiserloh updated his .plan with his insights into the QuakeC/DLL "debate."

MOD Banner Contest
Means of Destruction is having a banner contest.

Netherlands QuakeFest
April 26 and 27 will be Q-Day(s?), a 30 hour Quake-party in the Netherlands with room for about 400 participants.

Scourge CTF
Camp Quake has cooked up a marriage between ThreeWave Capture The Flag and Scourge of Armagon on their server, the required pak file and the source are available in their files area.

There's word up on sCary's that the announcement has been made about QuakeCon97, the sequel to last year's wildly successful (by all accounts) QuakeCon96. Here's the Official QuakeCon97 Homepage which says ION Storm has already committed to be a sponsor.


Seems like just a couple of hours ago we were talking about the QuakeLab: Editing (we were), and then in comes some news from LabMaster Steve Fukuda (or Steve Funkadooda for QuakeCast listeners). Steve sends along the following:

After sending a question about the trigger_command entity from the Hipnotic pack to Hipnotic, I received an interesting reply explaining why it wasn't working (an actual solution.) It's all posted on the latest update at QL Editing.

This trigger_command is a very useful entity (stuffs a command to the console when triggered, allowing palette shifts to emulate flashing colored lighting, gravity changes, world physics alterations, etc.)

A new alpha (beta?) of QFront, the Quake front-end is available on the QFront News Page.

GL Quake Reviews
There are reviews of the new GL Quake here (thanks long-lost Fiend) and here.


March 17, 1997 Tip of the Day: Don't Drink and Drive. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

TC Magazine
A long time in the making, TC Magazine, covering the total conversions scene is up, maintained by Sknny and hosted by The premier issue is a cover story on Quake Rally.

QuakeLab Multimedia
There is an interview with Mark Dochtermann of Hipnotic Interactive over on QuakeLab: MultiMedia (how cool are both this and QuakeLab: Editing?) about the sound effects in Scourge. Also available at QLM is .DEMolition (37 KB) an actual demo editor by Pharcyde (it looks like they might have actually found this on Stomped).

There is a new QHunter (197 KB), the within Quake server picker, up on the QHunter Homepage. Here's the patch (37 KB) to upgrade a previous version, and here's the read me. It sounds like the unsupported alpha phase is almost over, and beta testing is soon to begin.

CTF 4.0 Sneak Peek
There are some nice screenshots of The Ruins of NeoMinonk one of the planned CTF 4.0 Levels up on Dark Messiah's page.

Combat Photographer
Now this is a little different. Ermac of clan FLAG! will record demos of clan matches. Email him with the time and day of the match. He says he has made demos of ten or so matches, and all the clans he has worked with have said how much they've liked his work. I received a confirmation of this from a member of The Qusaders saying they did like his work on their recent match a lot, and pointing out that the demo of that match, and others are on Ermac's Quake Page. Brings new meaning to the phrase "be sure to shoot my good side."

German Quakefest
Here's a page (all in German) describing a proposed gigantic upcoming German Quake party. Speaking of Euro-Quake, there's a banner on the European Clan Ring page for ECC member sites to post.

QuakeWorld Glitch
There's an outline on the QSpy Homepage of what to do if you can't connect with a QuakeWorld server that you're pretty sure is actually out there somewhere (it's a problem that occurs if the server switches Master Servers). It's a bug in the QuakeWorld front-end that will be fixed in the future.

Scourge on QuakeWorld
Oskilla sends along word of his QuakeWorld patch (103 KB), also available on his webpage, which allows server operators to run a QuakeWorld server with the Scourge of Armagon without allowing users to download the .pak files (dynamic downloading can have its drawbacks). There are still apparently compatibility problems between QWCL 1.25 and Quake 1.07 but the patch is said to be highly playable and enjoyable nonetheless. There are currently a couple of servers running QuakeWorld Scourge on the PlanetQuake Master:

Oskilla's server:
Clan On A Stick's server:

Levelord Interview
A new interview with the Levelord, this one on the New Vore Times, quite a bit less serious than the recent Lord of the Levels from Gamesmania. I also see on sCary's Shuga' Shack that June's Computer Gaming World Magazine CD will include a special all new Levelord deathmatch level.

The new version of Quess (thanks Adam Krumbein) is a complete re-write (so there's no patch, you must download the whole deal), Quess 1.3 has new sounds, skins, and even includes a movement rule many novice chess players are unfamiliar with, the capture "en passant."

Jim Dosť's .plan
Jim Dosť updated his .plan (thanks Soul-Stealer). This update brought on a wave of nostalgia from my misspent youth, I'm sure it will do the same for a lot of you as well.

Race Car?
Welcome to Activision, joining Shrak as an advertiser here at Blue's. Hope the double ad isn't bumming anybody out too much (is it too much like a race car with decals all over it now?).

Custents 5.0
For you editing types, Custents 5.0 has been released on The Trench of Mental Warfare with support for all the Hipnotic Quake C enhancements.

There's no real MacQuake port yet, but there's work underway on Quiver, a Macintosh Quake editor (or at least its webpage). I'm greatly looking forward to the Mac port so I can deathmatch with some friends who have stubbornly stuck with their CTCPQ (Computers That Can't Play Quake).

Blue Interview
I did an IRC interview with my buddy Embrionic Pete over the weekend for the NAWC pages this morning.

ToeTag Tweak
As Taskmaster put it, the "inevitable" patch for ToeTag is now available. ToeTag V2.0a, available on ToeTag HQ, contains several fixes and two new things, a major speedup for the texture view, and a new toolbox for groups.

Jord's Quake World has a couple of discussion boards up. One is a Quake C Issues Board (part of the QC Issues Section) for discussing the move from the current Quake C format to a Windows .dll format John Carmack recently described. The second is board devoted to Quake help to which Jord plans to have several members of the Quake community contribute responses. This will ultimately be the basis for his FAQ.

Quake C Reference Manual
Andrew Wu dropped a note to say the FAQ Section of the Clan of the Implementors has David "Dark Grue" Hesprich's QuakeC Reference Manual, "a rewrite of Ferrara Francesco's excellent QuakeC Manual 1.0."

Stomped co-webmaster Process sends word that they have posted some snazzy screenshots from the upcoming Rogue Mission Pack.

Dear John
There's a Dear John section on the Ion Storm website asking you to send in questions for John Romero to answer in StormWatch Ion's Monthly Newsletter. Thanks Heresy.[HSM].

Check out the QNN for details on a contest in which you could win an id Anthology Pack, or a Quake Mission Pack.

Ooops. Forgot to thank Douper.Lag for yesterday's Tip of the Day, sorry about that. Thanks Douper! Please feel free to send in subjects for the T.O.D.

March 16, 1997 Tip of the Day: There's a Quake Player's review of 56K Modems on Lag City

Remember, there's a star-studded Worldcraft University tonight at 9:00 PM EST on ClanNET IRC, #worldcraft. The special guests are Hipnotic Interactive's Levelord, ParadoX, and Giggler. A list of ClanNET IRC servers is on the ClanNET homepage.

Pretty sCary
The new art is up at sCary's... now I finally know what a Shuga' Shack is. But I wonder what happens if he's updating when one of the other Hipnotic guys has to use the outhouse? Maybe there'll be more stalls in his office when those guys move. (Just kidding... the new art is very nice.) :-)

Maybe if John Romero had read this sign before the big rematch he would've reconsidered?:

From (where else?) Thanks DarkSky

New QPed
There's a new version of QPed, the .pak file editor that uses OpenGL to view the .mdl's.

Capture Offline Temporarily
DaKoTa sends word that he's having some computer problems, and that Capture is not dead, it's just that he might not be able to update for a couple of days.

Lunar Base
I've been clearing up some backlogged mail (see next story), and this stood out. Check out the first in Wendigo's slick-looking Lunar Base series (360 KB), here's the read me. There are screenshots here.

I'm plowing through some old mail, and found some stuff I could share. My apologies to those whose stories got stuck behind some of the technical difficultiesTM that plagued the Blue Tower a while back. Here is a dash of quick Quake stuff: There is a Java-based Quake Chat area here at Editing site owners might want to join the Quake Editing ring. Speaking of editing, there's a web-based archive of the Quake-editing mailing list, updated hourly. Further proof that the end of the world is upon us is a 25 frame animated GIF of Mr. Quake doing the Macarena (thanks Mike Scandizzo). The Genocidal Clans Quakeworld League is now up and running. Here are instructions for joining a new Quake mailing list. Speaking of mailing-lists, there's a new email Quake News service, send a mail to with No Subject Line (if you put a subject it wont work) containing the following (only); SUBSCRIBE qnews your e-mail address. There's info on attempts to turn that SWAT map mentioned here the other day into a full conversion on the SWAT website.

QuakeWorld Rankings
QuEbEc BaRf has updated his Definitive QuakeWorld Rankings (thanks RawMeat).

Toe Tag 2.0
Version 2.0 of the ToeTag level editor has been released on ToeTag HQ. This is a pretty major rewrite, featuring map importing, a texture view mode and dockable toolboxes. The 2.0 release might be worth a second look if you weren't nuts about a previous ToeTag. Here's the read me.

Dank and Scud
There's a pair of large graphics on the Dank and Scud newspage that Michael (St. Patrick's Day is his Birthday, btw) based on an Escher etching and a Dali painting (the Escher is my wallpaper now). There's also now a PDF section of back issues.

Dr Sleep updated (thanks Smoky). I agree Doc, Ewoks suck--Star Wars meets the Muppets. Speaking of .plans, RonSolo from Stomped dropped a line to mention their cool new finger section.

March 15, 1997 Tip of the Day: 4 out of 5 Doctors recommend the John Cash diet

Progs.dat Scrambler
Thanks to SoulScythe of the Quake Superheroes project, the solution to the problem of how to protect a Quake C patch from being reverse engineered might be upon us.This is the solution Jim Dosť recently wished for in his plan (btw, Jim dropped a line to let me know I was correct about that accent mark). Here is SoulScythe's progs.dat scrambler (15 KB), which he says renders a progs.dat jumbled beyond the power of a decompiler, while still allowing it to work. He has not had any problem with it so far with his programs, and invites other Quake C patch authors to likewise use it to protect their work. Bravo SoulScythe.

Levelord Interview
Thanks to Alisdair Walker who noticed Hipnotic's map design genius The Levelord updated his .plan yesterday mentioning an interview in Gamesmania called Lord of the Levels.

As Long as He Didn't Soil the Bucket Seat
Thanks Slacker for the word that Disruptor updated his .plan:

Mar.15.97 - 1:46am

John Carmack walked into my office and says, "You want to take a ride in a *really* fast car?" He took me out for a spin in his Testarossa.

I think I soiled my boxers...

I'm going to try to do some work now =)

BSP version .73 is out (thanks QuakeMarine) on the Elite Quake Editors Corner.

Run The Gauntlet
FRAGaLOT sends along his recommendation to try BoneDisrutor's map The Gauntlet which is an example of changing the nature of gameplay simply through map layout. According to FRAGaLOT:

The best way to describe this game is it's a "Campers Wet Dream!" And if you like rocket launchers, you'll love this map.

You can find this map playing on the following QuakeWorld servers (it's a small map to dynamically download) on the PlanetQuake master: 27500 27500

QRally Update
There's (finally) a new labshot on the QRally page. Ridah says you might not hear as much about progress on the QuakeRally project for the short-term so he can crank on Quess a little more. Quess is going into an upcoming game magazine as a feature, so expect even more updates between now and his Thursday deadline-- 1.27 is up there already (thanks Guard|aN). He says to expect the QRally project to make some long-awaited progress soon, though. BTW, I forgot to mention that this week Hipnotic's Paradox signed on to do a QRally deathmatch track.

NaTs' QuakeWorld Help has gotten a facelift.

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