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March 7, 1997

CustEnts 4.0 is available on the CustEnts page, featuring support for some of the entities in the Hipnotic Interactive add-on, Scourge of Armagon. Thanks Gregor.

European QHost Distribution
I received the following from Steve Otteson:

For those who "live across the pond" and don't want to send a check to Steve Otteson through snail mail, they can use their Visa card and order a QHost registration at:

BSP 0.71
Thanks Brian 'Plucky' Ploeckelman (Quake Level Editing News) for the word that the new version of the popular editor BSP has been released. Here's the 16 bit version and the 32 bit version of BSP 0.71 (there are new run-time libraries for the 16 bit version), also available, of course, at the Elite Quake Editors Corner, the official home of BSP.

Mystery Bot
You can download version 0.65 of the Mystery Bot from here. What does it do? It's a mystery.

Disc 1.1
Here is the new version of Disc (also available at the home of the Killer Quake Patch), the deadly throwable weapon by Howard Roy mentioned here yesterday. The update fixes an annoying bug that struck if you changed weapons while the Disc was in flight, and has also been enhanced so that you can not only behead your victims, but occasionally cut them clean in half (helpful when you only have small body bags available).

There is a large update to the .plan file of Ion Storm's Brian "squirrel" Eiserloh, talking a lot about Anachronox, their cool sounding upcoming third-person game using the Quake engine (thanks DaKoTa of Capture).

The new version of HeadHunters (formerly Capture the Head) had been released (thanks OBYTE), which clears up another server crashing bug. Here's HeadHunters 0.94, also available on the HeadHunters Page.

Back Online
After a move and some DNS woes, is back online. Also, the home of the terraFORMA design team has re-opened on its new host, Stomped.

Rocket Jumping
There's a unique contest being run on The Rocket Jumpers Guide to Quake that centers on (yep) rocket jumping.

Happy Anniversary
It was one year ago today that Redwood first put up his Quake Page. Congratulations Red!

I can't say when the same milestone will pass here at Blue's. It was probably around this same time that I added a Quake page to my Doom site, but it wasn't really a serious affair like Redwood's at first (I can't be sure of the date, 6/1/96 is when I added the counter).

March 6, 1997

Jay Wilbur Hired by Epic
Former id Software CEO Jay Wilbur has put an end to his short retirement, and accepted a position with Epic Megagames, according to this PC Gamer's article (thanks MoRT). Jay was always referred to as id's Biz Guy, and his title at Epic will be just as cool; Imperial Advisor.

Full show tonight on the QuakeCast from Pseudo, as always live at 8:30 PM EST. A whole gang of guys from Hipnotic Interactive to talk about The Scourge of Armagon and beyond, KillCreek to discuss her manbeating of the Romero, Hap the programmer from Future versus Fantasy Quake, and Anthony "DaKiller" Alphier from to tell us about Quake Rally.

CTF Bible
Email Q-Man if you are interested in helping to beta-test the web version of his comprehensive Capture the Flag "Bible" which is a very detailed CTF Strategy guide.

CTF Log Parser
The Rapier Clan have made their CTF Log parser available on their page.

Calling All Rambos
Thanks QuaziModem for the word on MPlayer's new competition which is for solo warriors; not clan or team based.

No id-RevCo Master Yet
There's an update on the RevCo Page revealing that immigration (from Canada) delays are what's preventing Disruptor from starting at id, hence delaying the move of the RevCo master server information. Thanks Lugnut.

The Definitive Quake Server Listing
There's an ISP problem that's keeping the The Definitive Quake Server Listing (yep a link to a broken site--duh) off-line temporarily. Expect the situation to be clarified shortly.

Unreal RFD
Kind of like Mayberry RFD (Ken Berry fans unite), there's information on the Request For Discussion on the creation of Unreal newsgroups here, containing the news that a Call For Votes (CFV for you TLA fans) has been announced.

Off With Their Heads!
A weapon patch came my way that's a little buggy, but still pretty cool (see the screenshot below). Xena:Warrior Princess fans will want to check out Disc, also available here, at the home of the Killer Quake Patch. Disc supplies you with a deadly (though it takes some skill to use) flying, ricocheting, boomerang CD to behead people with. Hopefully a new version will fix some of the problems I experienced switching weapons while the disc is in flight...

Disc Screenshot

Check out the New Vore Times for details on a contest that will net the winner a cool $75.00.

The version of the day for Future versus Fantasy Quake is FvF 1.91 (1.3 MB).

Brian "squirrel" Eiserloh and sCaryname updated their .plans (thanks to The Void's Mike Scott). Dr Sleep, Kee Kimbrell, and Paradox also have things to say (thanks DaKoTa of Capture). WhaleBoy updated as well.

TeamFortress Clans
TeamFortress clans might want to check out the ...(drumroll) ... TeamFortress Clan Page.

KillCreek Shrine
The promised shrine to KillCreek (the reward for her delivering the Romero's man-beating) has been put up on Ion Storm's website (thanks Jeff Hanna). Here are the demos of the action (4 MB). Don't ever say John Romero is not a man of honor. And from the mail I'm getting, it's pretty obvious that KillCreek has become Quake's first sex symbol.

Ten Competition
Thanks to Reverb for the word on a contest being run by Gamespot and Total Entertainment Network (Ten) called fragapalooza. The competition features a first prize of a $500 gift certificate to a Computer City or CompUSA.

There is an interview on Quake Level Editing News with taskmaster of the ToeTag level editor.

Quake Alaskan Style
Quake Alaskan Style is all about Quake from the unique Alaskan Perspective.

March 5, 1997

QSEP=QL Multimedia
The Quake Sound Editing page is back up, and, as promised is now QuakeLab Multimedia, housed on PlanetQuake.

Skin City
There's a new section on Telefragged with every skin known to man. Sites interested in joining Telefragged should email Raven.

Capture the Head
There is a new version of Capture the Head (0.93) on the Capture the Head page that fixes problems with server crashes, and speeds gameplay.

QuakeWorld Rankings
Barf's QuakeWorld Rankings have been updated again. Thanks RawMeat.

Thanks Mike Scott (of The Void) for the word that Dr Sleep updated his .plan.

Rotating Brushes
Check out Someone's Quake Page for a look at the rotating textures on The Scourge of Armagon via some cool (if slow-loading) animated GIF's.

Qoole 1.0
Version 1.0 of Qoole, the Quake Object-Oriented Level Editor has been released (thanks io|warped of the QCA). It's available on the Qoole Page, or right here: DOS Version (431 KB), WinDirect Version (429 KB).

The final beta (though, as they point out, nothing it that final in FvF-land) of Future versus Fantasy Quake 1.9 (1.3 MB) has been released on the Freeform Interactive page. The new release includes five new models, and the Doom Marine is now out of beta.

UKCL Tournament
The UK Clan League is running an informal one-day knockout QuakeWorld tournament, a prelude to their new 4X League. The tourney is open to all, Clan members or not, and will take place Sunday March 16, since the UK Clan Pissup on the 15th circumvents normal clan matches.

John Carmack's .plan
Thanks to TwinkieDemon for the word that John Carmack made a large update to his .plan, covering lots of cool things, like the possibility that id's editor will be bundled with an Open GL accelerator card in the future, and the imminence of the new QuakeWorld release. Interesting to note that CTF has joined QSpy as a kind of semi-official product, warranting simultaneous development. Oh, and about brain damaged price tags, I don't know about those other companies, but I've been a Data General customer, and I'm convinced it would cost you six figures to buy a toaster oven from them, with a six figure annual support contract to accompany it:

I have been soooo busy lately. (yes, thats my excuse for not having new glquake and quakeworld release yet)

Glquake works on the hipnotic pak now, but I still need to make a couple more changes. 3dfx has a new opengl.dll nearing completion.

QuakeWorld should be released soon, synced with a new version of qspy and CTF progs. I thought I was in feature freeze a week ago, but day before yesterday I couldn't help myself and I started implementing the last big thing I know how to do to improve the net play. I might as well get all the incompatible stuff done in one release, rather than breaking things again later. This release should make a lot of people happy.

We got our new SGI Origin-2000 server, and I have been tuning all the tools to work better on eight processors. I really wanted to buy an intel system running NT, but all of the big (8-16 processor) systems from Sequent, Data General, and NCR have incredibly brain damaged price tags assigned to them (in the neighborhood of $40,000 PER PROCESSOR).

I finally broke down and wrote a 3D model painting program for our artists. We have tried four seperate commercial programs, and none of them really do what we want. If you want something done right... The models in Quake2 are looking better in a lot of ways -- more polygons, more texels, more exacting texture work, smoother movement, etc.

I have been doing some cleanup work on our map editor, because we may wind up bundling it with an OpenGL accelerator card in the reletively near future. The terms aren't worked out yet, so I can't say much more.

Aaron Seeler from midway is coming down in a few days and we are going to start thrashing out the architecture for Quake on the N64. I'm really looking forward to that -- I have some clever things in mind that should really leverage the N64 hardware and deliver an awesome game. All of our previous cart ports have been just trying (and failing sometimes...) to equal a mid range PC game experience, but Quake on the N64 should be a lot closer to the vquake / glquake versions than the vanilla software version that most people are fammiliar with.

Corpseyard II
Here is the finally the map that Tom Hall talked about in his .plan, Corpseyard II (here's the readme). Thanks Natas from Ion Storm for pointing me towards its location (my SMTP server is rejecting your email address Natas--weird).

Smurfy News
I'm no longer the only blue newsman in town, now that Jokey Smurf is up and running with Jokey's ClanRing News, trying to fill the big muppety shoes of the dear-departed Gonzo.

And Another
32 Player Quake, the project to create maps appropriate to 32 player QuakeWorld, is also going to move to Stomped.

Picks of the Pickers
/\\onty Gonzales has updated his review of all the server pickers including some info on a few that have fallen by the wayside.

Janitor Bob Quits?
The New Vore Times reports that Bob's finger (yuch) says that he's quit his job at id Software, and that's the reason American McGee asked sCary to help him clean up the llamma pewp.

Quake Women's Forum
The Quake Women's Forum is new and improved. There's a "Not For Llamas" cartoon in the style of those old National Lampoon cartoons (foto funnies, or something?) with the photographs and the voice balloons (or maybe it's just me...).

March 4, 1997

Camper Contest Part 2 -or- Planet Stomped?
Results of the TerraFORMA "Camper Contest" had been posted (thanks AR-HellKnight), along with a demo of the winning camper (zzzz), but ryan n. freebern ("what's it you want to hear? freebern.... freebern..."), the site's maintainer, tells me TerraFORMA is off-line for another day or so, as they are moving to Stomped.

SPQ Competition
There is a competition being run by the three larger single player Quake sites; crash's Single Player Quake Page, Lt.Dan's Single Player Quake, and Single Player Quake, called the Quake Combat School challenge. Details can be found on all three sites.

x2 Review
There is a review of the 56.6 Modems on CNET. Thanks Indiglo, who points out this is of interest "for those of us not fortunate enough to have an ISDN (cough cough)."

Word comes from Lucifer (eek!) about a mod called RuneHunt running on their server at:

Scary Plan
sCary updated, responding to Tokay's offer. Thanks Mike Scott of The Void.

Paco And Cromwell's
Paco And Cromwell's CTF page has been revamped. CTF news and weekly movie quotes at no extra charge.

Ferrari Tournament
Here is a press release for the upcoming tournament to find a new home for John Carmack's "old" Ferrari. Thanks santaClaws. Go check out the Quake Rally page (where better for Quake auto information?) for a photo of the F40 that Carmack bough to start all this.

Quake and 3D Video Cards FAQ
Helpful and timely, the Quake and 3D Video Cards FAQ hits a useful vein, as I know how many Questions on the subject of 3D cards I receive.

Told You So
I mentioned yesterday that I knew it wasn't a coincidence that Tokay and sCary were nowhere to be found amidst all this sheep cloning. Thanks to Sean Baker for the news that American updated his .plan:

I have successfully cloned a llama.
As soon as I have managed to clone
w00d my life will be complete.

note to scary: can you come over tonight
and help me clean up all this llama pewp?

CTH Test Server
Clan WarLords are running a server with the Capture the Head patch at:

Deathmatch BSP
Thanks to Joost Schuur (Slipgate Central) for the word that the Quake BSP Expansion Project have released their first deathmatch compilation (and they are already rolling on their second project). It's available at (4.1 MB) or right here (the new high speed connection is going to make it so much easier to make files available locally from now on).

Blue = LPB
It works! Thanks for all the advice (and sympathy).

My buddy EmBRioNiC p3t3 of the North American War Council wanted to let everyone know that the NAWC isn't dead. The reason for the missed updates these last few days is a sever crash at their host, but they're hoping to get back on track later today.

Telecom Update
Well after all weekend off-line, and all day (literally) working with NYNEX, I got to the point where my ISDN circuit is up. Now if I could only get Win95 to stop GPF'ing when I use it for digital communication. I finally gave up and I'm using my modem as an analog device on the ISDN line for this update (talk about a lot of work to end up back on a 28.8 connection). The light is at the end of the tunnel, I just may go the coward's way out on this nagging software conflict and buy a different brand of terminal adapter. Thanks to all for their feedback on the design issue, a majority of those who wrote in felt the site should remain the same. Also thanks to all who wrote nice things to Mrs. Blue the other day...

Vérité Quake
Thanks to Walt Donovan over at Rendition for sending along this beta of Vérité-enhanced Quake version 1.07 (which I guess means VQuake 1.06 never got out of beta). Walt said it was going to be a while before it was on Rendition's website, but is now also available there. This is the version of VQuake that will work with Scourge of Armagon.

Open GL v. Direct 3D Continues
Thanks to Gustav Taxén for the pointer to Direct 3D Analysis, An OpenGL Perspective, a detailed, technically-oriented article from SGI.

Hipnotic Page
The Hipnotic page has been updated by sCaryname T. Webp1mP himself with word on the future of that site and Quakeholio. Thanks Digital1.

Updates from Dr Sleep and Tom Hall (thanks Paul Tenny), Michael Hadwin (thanks Lokatana), Kee Kimbrell, and Squirrel (thanks DaKoTa of Capture).

The Clan Leaders Poll has completed its move to Welcome aboard to new maintainer Fu.Rye.

March 3, 1997

From the Unofficial Buckles Page thanks paranrml

Boy will Buckles' owner be surprised to find SpaceOrbs don't yet work in QuakeWorld...

I'm still off-line, but I have I hopes that the phone technician who comes today will have actually heard of ISDN before, as opposed to yesterday's guy (hey he's incompetent, but he works on Sundays!).

A new site dedicated to Threewave CTF news and information has opened; check out Capture, run by Friend o' Blue's DaKoTa.

Custents, the patch to help map authors create smoother func_trains, missed a new release yesterday, but is back on track with version 3.1 today. On the Custents page (thanks TGR).

Rail Gun
Get the new gat from the cat who rattled off the Gatling Gun. The first beta of the Rail Gun by Tritian who made the Gatling Gun, is available on Means of Destruction.

TeamFortress fans might want to check out Ethereal TeamFortress, a site dedicated to the mod.

Random Thoughts
The wacky
Lone Wolf is always updating his .plan, I see I missed his birthday, Happy Birthday Lonewolf! ... Thanks to Blade for sending me the URL of Blues News (how shocked were they when they tried to register this domain) ... On that subject, I've never minded all the sites that have adopted design elements from Blue's (after all there's only so much you can do with HTML), but it's gotten to the point that I'm contemplating a redesign, cause seeing my layout so many different places is making me feel a little bored, or stagnant, or something. I'm interested in feedback on that (no design suggestions, just whether or not it's a good idea) ... Is it just a coincidence that hot on the heels of the announcement that scientists have successfully cloned sheep, that sCary and American have both seemingly dropped out of sight?

March 2, 1997

Labmaster Steve Fukuda sends along word of the latest doings at the QuakeLab. At the conclusion of his large update is the latest on the QL's status (since a QuakeX merger isn't going to occur with Whaleboy now working for Ion Storm). In the Lab's future are plans to create other QuakeLabs at other locations. The existing QL is QL Editing, and one of the other early moves, the Quake Sound Editing Page, (QSEP) will move to PlanetQuake and become QL Multimedia. "QL QuakeC" and "QL 3D" are also in the works. This sounds like a fantastic proposal, and we can all only hope that these new sites can live up to the high standards of the original.

Canadian Club
There is an all Canada QuakeWorld competition in the works, which will have one team from each provence.

Now that they've defined a common currency (very small EEC joke), the European Clan Council (ECC) is online.

Scourge Stuff
CyBeRwoP sends word that he's running a server using Hipnotic's mission pack, the Scourge of Armagon. You can find the IP and more details here. Also, on Stomped there is a complete listing of all the secrets in the mission pak. More servers running Scourge are:

More Direct 3D Open GL Discussion
On the Dimension 3D Homepage there is a reprint of an article from USENET's made by Alex St. John, who isn't an official MS spokesperson, but "Microsoft's dually appointed DirectRepresentative for this technology" (Direct3D). The article comments further on the Microsoft/John Carmack/Direct 3D/Open GL controversy. Thanks to PL Destroy.

Things are hopping over at Ion Storm, where WhaleBoy updated his .plan (thanks Smoky), Kee Kimbrell's .plan is finally working, and Ion designer Brian 'Squirrel' Eiserloh's .plan is now up as well. Additionally, big congratulations go out to Ion's newest employee Steve Rescoe, author of the levels Village of Dread, Shadow over Innsmouth, Liquid Despair and Drakopf. Word on that hiring comes from Steve's buddy Matthew Sefton of Single Player Quake. Finally, getting off of the Stormfront for the moment, thanks to DrProd for the word that Hipnotic's new Web p1mP sCary has worked up his first .plan update.

Got Milk?
Speaking of Ion Storm, KillCreek got the best of the Romero in their rematch, winning two out of the three matches they had, so expect a shrine to KillCreek on IonStorm's website (which has evolved a bit lately) soon. Thanks to Mike Scott of the Void (who saw it on Stomped). Congratulations KC.

New Qoole
The new version of the Quake editor Qoole on the redesigned Qoole page. The latest is version 0.99z, but there is a promise of version 1.00 in a day or two. Thanks Matthew W. Lee.

Worldcraft University
There is a WCU (editing classes on IRC) class today (Sunday) at 3:00 PM CST on ClanNET (main server: in #worldcraft. Today's topic is Prefab Creation.

Thanks to Axe-Boy for the news that Beta 2 of version 3.0 of Rene Post's QuakeMe has been released.

There is a beta of PakExplorer, a Windows 95 Explorer-style pak file browser available at QuakeStuff.

Contest Results
The winners of Henry's House Contest have been announced.

SamuraiCat sends word that in the Saturday papers a comic I have never seen called Buckles, has a reference to QuakeWorld:

The last frame of the comic shows Paul locked in his study "working on something important". However, it turns out he's testing out his new Spaceorb 360 and the sound from the computer says "Welcome to QuakeWorld"

March 1, 1997

Movie FAQ
There is a FAQ on the Rangers page where ArchV answers questions on how those cool Ranger movies are made.

Quake Level Editing News has been redesigned.

Quake Superheroes
There is a new version of the Quake Superheroes patch (0.96) on the Quake Superheroes page. Thanks Smoky.

Song Parody Page
The Stayin' Alive parody mentioned earlier has given birth to a Song Parody Page that was quickly absorbed into the New Vore Times. Things move fast around here.

The North American War Council has a new streamlined framed design, which cuts load times considerably.

Slipgate Central Moves
Slipgate Central has completed its long-awaited move to its own domain. The new URL is, please mark your records accordingly.

I also see on Slipgate Central that Joost mentions that his site, Stomped, and Blue's News all are winners of 1997 Webbie awards from Academy of Web Design. Congrats to all of us:

QuakeWorld Rankings
Barf's QuakeWorld Rankings have been updated again. Thanks Best Of British.

In the two weeks following my stab at NYNEX on the QuakeCast, my data line has gone out twice, and my ISDN installation is screwed up, leaving my data line dead again. In light of the coincidence(?) just want to say that I really admire and respect NYNEX, and in spite of what everyone thinks, I'm sure that they'll stay in business hours, nay days, after other TelCos start competing for local business in the Northeast US. On with the show. The stuff I added to yesterday's news (before I gave up on an upload last night) is there, and I'll just continue here. Huge thanks to Mrs. Blue for cooperating with my rewiring the phones in the Blue Tower allowing updates all weekend (at the expense of voice communications). One of the many reasons I married that woman is her priorities....

Vérité NT Driver Revisited (Again)
You may recall some NT drivers for Vérité-based video cards were posted here recently, and then pulled, as they weren't official. Thank you to Peter Markström for the word that Intergraph's web site has been updated to mention these drivers (specifically mentioning the ones that were listed here). They say, while they aren't official, and are not that amazing (apparently simple frame-buffer drivers), they aren't harmful either, and will, in fact, work. So in the interest of all you power-hungry NT users with Vérité-based cards, here are the "unofficial" NT Vérité Drivers. Also, Canopus has released beta versions of "the world's first accelerated Windows NT 4.0 display drivers for the Rendition-Vérité chipset on their website. This release is said to work on all Canopus-manufactured Vérité-based graphics cards.

Thunder Arrives
As promised earlier this week, you can download the first beta of Thunder, a new Quake editor on the Thunder page.

DirectInput Support for Quake
Thanks to Zugzwang for the word that FP Gaming has an update on their site about a recent trip to id Software that heralds the dawn of DirectInput support for Quake.

Armagon Armageddon?
For those that have been having problems (hunk_alloc errors in high resolution modes) with Scourge of Armagon, Paradox sends word that he updated his .plan with the suggestion that you allocate more memory, if available, via the -winmem 12 parameter. Also, for those complaining about Vérité support in Scourge, look for VQuake 1.07 soon.

QView/QHost 4.02
Featuring more bug fixes, QView/QHost 4.02 are available on Wasatchfault.

QFront Homepage
QFront, the popular Quake Front-end, finally has a homepage, where you can download the latest, version 2.94. Necromancer, the author, is eager for user suggestions for new features for version 2.95.

Don't Email Him!
I got mail from sCary, who is still in transit, and apologizes that he won't be able to update the Quakeholio for another couple of days. He sends his love, and echoed his famed war cry "Please don't Email Me!" until he settles in.

Custents 3.0
That was quick. Custents, the patch to help map authors create smoother func_trains, is now up to version 3.0. On the Custents page.

3D Card Roundup
There is a review of the available 3D cards on GameSpot called 3-D Accelerators Making the Right Choice.

CTF & TF Entity Support in qED
Gregor sends along news that he has created a custom .QET file to add entity support for TeamFortress and ThreeWave Capture the Flag to Matt Tagliaferri's qED map editor. The patch is available here or on the qED page (just replace your exisating entities.qet).

FYI, Blue's News is mentioned in an article in the March 7 print version of boot Magazine, in an article about Carmack v. Direct 3D (first mentioned to me by Andrew Sanchez, boot's Reviews Editor).

Reaper Results
Results one of the Reaper contests have been posted at

Organizing the Troops
Another QuakeWorld Clan league is forming, check here for registration details, or email for more information.

Stayin' Alive
I don't even think the guy who did this page (CheeseWhistle) knows that there's a Clan called the Brothers Gib, much less that I'm in it. Funny stuff.

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