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LAN Parties / Local Events

Date Name Area Email
Nov 23 Armageddon LAN Party San Francisco, CA contact
Nov 24 None Bolton, England contact
Nov 26-28 MansaCon '97 Milwaukee, WI contact
Nov 28-30 BlazeCon Longmont, CO contact
Nov 28-30 Compushere Uddevalla, Sweden contact
Nov 29-30 WellyLAN 3 Wellington, NZ contact
Nov 29 Impulse '97 Bancroft, WV contact
Nov 29 Perry, Ohio Deathfest Perry, OH (Duh) contact
Dec 6-7 Impulse 97 Melbourne, Australia contact
Dec 6-7 FragStock London, England contact
Dec 6 Quakefest 3 Raleigh, NC contact
Dec 13-14 Ripfest '97 Cincinati, OH contact
Dec 13 I.C.E. Sponsored LAN Party Columbia, MD contact
Dec 13 None Elkhart, Indiana contact
Dec Uprising St. Louis, MO contact
Dec 19-21 SwissCon Basel, Switzerland contact
Jan 3-4 Global WARS Belgium contact
Jan 3 NWARK Gamers Northwest Akansas contact
Jan 9-11 Auck Tourney '98 Auckland, NZ contact
Jan 16-18 DC-Con 4 Washington DC contact
Jan 16-18 Tremors Dayton, OH contact
Jan 16-18 The Missouri Massacre St. Louis, MO contact
Jan 17-18 The Great Southern LAN Christchurch, New Zealand contact
Jan 18 Armageddon Sacramento, CA contact

(Semi)-Regularly Scheduled Events

Interval Name Area Email
Twice Weekly None Israel contact
Monthly West Kingston Frag Fest Rhode Island contact
Weekly Clan Friday Nights Flint, MI contact
Monthly SNGG Seattle, WA contact
Bi-Weekly Metro Seattle Games Seattle, WA contact
Bi-Weekly Tallahassee LAN Party Tallahassee, FL contact
Weekly Gibfest '97 Boise, ID contact
Monthly BUNGS Bristol, England contact
Bi-Monthly Fragmania Launceston, Tas, AU contact
Monthly Los Angeles Network (LAN) Los Angeles, CA contact
Monthly ClubShub Tasmania, Australia contact
Monthly PNGG Portland OR contact
Weekly Sanctuary After Dark BC, Canada contact
Monthly The Killing Grounds Placentia, CA contact
Monthly The Underground Network Madison, WI contact
Monthly DANGG Dallas, TX contact
Monthly IANG Indianapolis, IN contact
Weekly QuakeNight Independence, IA contact
Weekly Baltimore Quake Players Baltimore, MD contact
Weekly Hat Trick Fullerton, CA contact
Monthly South Florida Descent League Fort Lauderdale, FL contact
Monthly Tucson Quake Gathering Tucson, AZ contact
Weekly None Adelaide, Austrailia contact
Monthly None Melbourne, Australia contact
Monthly Golden Triangle Network Gaming Orange, TX contact
Weekly Blink Interactive Vancouver, BC contact

Regeneration LAN

Brisbane, Australia contact
Bi-Weekly Airdrie Network Gamers N.Lanarkshire, Scotland contact
Monthly None Friendswood, TX contact
Monthly None Belgium contact
Monthly ONGG Olympia, WA contact
Monthly None Morden, Manitoba, Canada contact
Weekly Norwegian LAN Organization Oslo, Norway contact
Monthly Splat Club Colorado Springs, CO contact
Random Nashua Area LanQuake Nashua, NH contact
Monthly Sniper Network Gaming Group Vancouver, BC, Canada contact
Weekly Cyberia Bloomington/Normal, IL contact
Monthly Multiplayer United Sydney, Australia contact
Weekly ICNet's QuakeFest Salisbury, MD contact
Weekly M.A.G.I.C. Morton, IL contact
Monthly Munich Deathmatch Munich, Germany contact
Monthly Crimson Cross Los Angeles, CA contact

Planning Stages
(people gauging interest in their areas)

Name Area Email
The Gathering Adelaide, Australia contact
None Ridgeland, MS contact
The FROG Toronto, Canada contact
Portland All Ages Gaming Club Portland, OR contact
QEY '97 Chicago, IL contact
MassQuake Boston, MA contact
N.C. Quakers Anonymous North Carolina contact
None Roanoke, VA contact
LFF II UK contact
None Stratford, Ontario, Canada contact
None Peterbough, Ontario, Canada contact
None Bolton, England contact
None St. Louis, MO contact