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Friday, July 4, 1997 Happy Independence Day, USA (belated Canada Day and cheers to Hong Kong)

Daikatana Shot Du Jour
Thanks Hudd of Hudd's Daikatana News for word that the UK magazine PCZone has posted an in game Daikatana screenshot.

PowerBall Release
Clan Defenders have released the first beta of the PowerBall deathmatch patch (5.1 MB) that they have been working for some time now. A server is supposed to go up at at port 26002. If you are planning on running a PowerBall server, please email Josh Dalcher.

New Deathpack
Thanks Randy Perry for word that there's an updated version of Deathpack (2.1 MB) available at id's ftp site. No word on what's different, but you can't connect to Underworld without the new map.


The Site, an MSNBC TV Show did a profile on female Quake Players yesterday, and their website now has a print article on the subject (thanks theReshE).

StormWatch has word up that Mike Wilson's interview on CNBC has been postponed.

If you are not running Windows, or want to manually install PainKeep, there is now a version of PK 1.1 available without the InstallShield setup. Also, the full Quake and QuakeWorld source have each been posted, and finally, a map diagram of the PainKeep vote hub has been posted to help find the level you want to vote. All on the PainKeep Homepage.

Deathmatch Maker
Virtus has released a version 1.1 patch for their level editor, Deathmatch Maker on their website, adding some requested features, and addressing some bugs. Also, the Happy Puppy Level Building Contest has extending the deadline for submission of levels by a month to compensate for the delays in the 1.1 patch. Finally, a new authorized Deathmatch Maker oriented site called DeathEd has opened up on Stomped, dedicated to being your primary resource for DMM news.

Quake Demo Launcher
There is a new version of the Quake Demo Launcher (a plug-in that will launch a demo from a link on a webpage, up on the Quake Demo Launcher Homepage. Thanks Prophet.

QuakeWorld FAQ Proxy
There is an alpha QuakeWorld version of FAQ Proxy available on the FAQ-Proxy page. FAQ Proxy is a program that will allow you to start and stop recording demos at anytime, and connect multiple clients to observe through one proxy.

QuakeOn (Quake front-end) Version 0.94 Beta has been released on the QuakeOn Page. Changes include: System Tray Problems Fixed (I've heard that before <g>), QFig/Config File Editor integration, Command line support for QuakeOn, lists available demos and maps while in Quake, and more.

New QuakeWorld Console
Thanks mulder for word on the screenshots up on showing the new console for the next version of GLQuakeWorld.

Trinity: The Site
Jim Lowell, webmaster of the Thred site, has a new site for information about John Carmack's next engine, Trinity, called Trinity: The Site.

Skin Tutorial
The Shotgun Messiah's Skin Tutorial has been updated with new material showing the differences between QuakeWorld and normal Quake skin formats and how to import/export between them.

EuroQuake High
Thanks to Chris (POVRAY webmaster) who wrote with word on the previous rendering EuroQuake High in the Internet Raytracing Competition some time back. Here is a new entry titled Kinetic energy@EuroQuake High, by the same artist Johan Stribeck (here's his webpage, here's the text file). Looks like a good candidate for a desktop to me.


LAN Parties / Competitions


Thursday, July 3, 1997

New Daikatana Screenshots, Music
Another new set of Daikatana screenshots has surfaced in this preview, thanks, as usual to the Sandmoose of the D-Cabana for the skinny:

Also the fourth Daikatana music clip has been posted at Eye On Ion, as well as the first clip in its entirety (due to popular demand). Finally, on the Ion Front, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Storm Front, or QuakeCast for that matter. I'll be back blabbering away next week (presuming JUDGECAL forgives me).

Prey Interview
There's an interview with Prey developer Paul Schuytema on OGR. Thanks Prophet.

4 Million
Thanks to all who expressed kind wishes on the occasion of this site's 4,000,000th visitor (albeit delayed by the counter's downtime). I can't thank the visitor who hit the number, because for the first time ever I have a dispute (between several people) as to who it was. Thanks also to all of you who are part of this community who make this all so fun, of course, thank you to all the newshounds that help so much by keeping me clued in. Also a thank you to the guys at Digiweb who have kindly supplied with the huge chunk of bandwidth required for over 3,000,000 of those visitors.

OpenGL versus Direct3D: The Saga Continues
John Carmack updated his .plan to reflect on the most recent efforts by the big guys in Redmond to get a handle on this darn Direct3D/OpenGL controversy:

This little note was issued to a lot of magazines by microsoft recently. Just for the record, they have NOT contacted us about any meetings.

All the various dramas in this skit haven't quite settled down, but it looks like microsoft is going to consciously do The Wrong Thing, because of politcal issues. Sigh.

Our goal was to get the NT OpenGL MCD driver model released for win-95, so IHVs could easily make robust, high performance, fully compliant OpenGL implementations. Microsoft has squashed that. Flushed their own (good) work down the toilet.

The two remaining options are to have vendors create full ICD opengl implementations, or game specific mini-drivers.

Full ICD drivers are provided by intergraph, 3dlabs, real3d, and others, and can run on both NT and 95 (with code changes). Microsoft still supports this, and any vendor can create one, but it is a lot of work to get the provided ICD code up to par, and bug prone. On the plus side, non-game tools like level editors can take full advantage of them.

Minidrivers certainly work fine -- we have functional ones for 3dfx and powerVR, and they have the possibility of providing slightly better performance than fully compliant drivers, but partial implementations are going to cause problems in the future.

We will see some of both types of drivers over the next year, and Quake 2 should work fine with either. We also intend to have Quake 2 show up on several unix systems that supports OpenGL, and I still hope that rhapsody will include OpenGL support (we'll probably port a mini-drivers if we can't get real support).

Once again, we won't be idiotic and crusade off a cliff, but we don't have to blindly follow microsoft every time they make a bad call.

Subject: Microsoft D3D vs. OpenGL
Author: Julie Whitehead at Internet
Date: 6/23/97 10:01 AM

Dear Editor,
You may be aware of a press release that was issued On June 12, by Chris Hecker, former MS employee and developer of D3D [sic]. The statement asks Microsoft to develop a stonger link between D3D and OGL.The press release, was signed by several game developers representing the top tier 3-D game developers. Microsoft is dedicated to maintaining an active relationship with its DirectX developers. In response to this request Microsoft will host the developers included in the statement at a developers roundtable in July. The purpose of the roundtable is to openly consolidate input and feedback from developers. Tentative date for the roundtable is immediately following Meltdown, July 18.

Direct3D is Microsoft's recommended API for game developers with more than 100 developers using Direct3D as the defacto consumer API. OGL is widely regarded as a professional API designed for high precision applications such as CAD, CAM, etc. Our hope is that this round table will provide Microsoft with the feedback required to evolve our 3D APIs in a way that delivers the best platform for our developers.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with a Microsoft spokesperson, please let me know.

Julie Whitehead

Worldcraft's Future
Ben Morris dropped a line to pass along the happy news that Worldcraft is not dead, but, in fact, a new version is in the works:

"Worldcraft is being actively worked on - the new version, 2.0, will be out in August. It will have about a hundred new features over the last version, as well as a revised interface and expandability for future games such as Hexen 2 and Quake 2. Stay tuned to for news, screenshots and other information in the immediate future."

QSPy Map Data
Upon the release of PainKeep v1.1 and the new versions of Death32 and Base32, QSBN has released a new QSpy Map Data file. Thanks Rotwang.

SSPing Fix
Microsoft has posted fixes to remove the vulnerability Windows NT and Windows 95 computers have to corrupt Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) datagram fragments (basically it is possible to crash a Windows machine with a malicious ping command), called the ssping bug. Thanks to Mad_Dog for word that MS has posted the Win95 version of the fix for this problem (though they came up with the NT fix a couple of days ago, there was only an unofficial home-brew Win95 fix). Here is the Win95 fix (176 KB), the NT Fix for x86 machines (216 KB), and the NT fix for Alpha machines (284 KB).

There is a profile of Anachronox on CGW online. Thanks Prophet.

CTF Strategy Guide
Another CTF Strategy page is on-line: Nail's CTF Strategy Guide.

Looks like TeleFragged is mostly back up and running after the recent attack on WarZone.


Tournaments / Events

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Blasting Off From the Planet
It is time to announce that I have resigned my post as Captain Planet of PlanetQuake. Though this has actually been in effect for some time now, I still would have held off a bit longer in making this announcement, because I would have liked to have worked out exactly what the association between Blue's News and the Planet would be going forward. Unfortunately, enough people have asked me about this that I know that the word is out already, so I felt it was necessary to address it. The other factor prompting an announcement is, of course, that the people who continue to write me about hosting their sites, etc., should know that I am no longer the proper person to ask about these things. As for reasons, there are a few: one being that reporting news about Quake websites, and deciding whether or not to host them is an awkward position for me, and, now that there are a bunch of meta-sites hosting Quake pages, I am uncomfortable in a position of being accused of a conflict of interest in what I cover. I have tried to be fair, but continuing my PQ association as it stood would leave me vulnerable to charges of favoritism, which I would like to avoid. I am very proud of the improvements made to PQ during my brief stay, and want to give my thanks to that all of those that offered their support and enthusiasm.

Daikatana Screenshots
Thanks to Sandmoose of the Daikatana Cabana for word on these two new screenshots from PC Zone (UK), which has features on Daikatana and Quake 2 this month. Also, on the subject, Oatmeal ( sends along word that John Romero is interviewed in Gamesmania.

QuakeWorld Central Speaks
Rick ^Drag0n^ Brewer updated his .plan with his view on how QuakeWorld Central's role will change in the future with the opening of (thought of the day ^Drag0n^ is cool).

New Death 32, Base32 and DM3
Disruptor has released the final new versions of Death32 and Base32 (2.1 MB) with radiant lighting and transparent water support in Death32 and transparent water in Base32 on id's FTP site (thanks to the good Doctor, DR_Zith). And a version of DM3 (433 KB) re-vized for transparent water support has also appeared on id's FTP site. Thanks Richard H. Pistole. Disruptor updated his .plan accordingly:

I've uploaded to;

It's death32b (which features subtle QRAD lighting and watervis)
and base32a (which features watervis) running in a loop.

As usual, these maps are running on inferno.

The IP address for Inferno is

New PainKeep
Version 1.1 of PainKeep (14.6 MB!) has been released by the Evolve team. The new version has a couple of most requested features: transparent water (in GLQuake) and full QW support. News on the many new features and changes since the original release are on the PainKeep page, as well as a split version of the file in floppy sized portions. PainKeep is a very well done commercial-quality (but free) deathmatch modification. Highly recommended.

Daikatana Song #3
The third music sample from Daikatana has been released on Eye On Ion, this time as both an 8 KHz stereo .WAV file and as a 44 KHz MP3.

The Ritual domain seems to be working (for me at least), as sCary's site no longer resolves properly to Hipnotic. Thanks The Fluffy Bunny of Chaos.

Aircraft Final (Sort Of)
If you are a Quake greybeard then you recall the days when the world feverishly awaited the release of Wedge and Choryoth's Aircraft beta on Quake Command. So as to not leave that loose end dangling, Wedge has released the latest version of the source code as ACFinal (1.2 MB), also availble from As for using the source, here's what Wedge has to say in the accompanying text file:

The source is included with this release, do as you please with it, but be sure to read and observe the conditions as described in the AIRCRAFT.QC file.

If you plan to rework the Aircraft source into your own project, please make your own models.

Requiem QuakeWorld
Beta 1.01b of the QuakeWorld version of the popular Requiem patch (218 KB) has been released (though a couple of the features of Requiem SE had to go in the conversion) on the Requiem Homepage. This is a server-only patch, so clients need only connect to a Requiem QW server to play.

Unreal Screenshots
Some of the Unreal screenshots that were shown at E3 have been released on the web, you can check them out in this Gamespot article (thanks Prophet).

New QuArK
Thanks Prophet for word that QuArK (the Quake Army Knife) version 3.5 has been released on the QuArK Homepage.
Embrionic Pete has opened up his own little corner of the web with the Embrionic Files, covering exclusive news on Quantum Axcess' current project, contests, and "anything Embrionic feels like ranting about". And remember, we're talking about the only member of the Quake community with green hair.

Thanks to CotE|DeathTongue for finding this Sherman's Lagoon comic on Sega Online. A world of Sherman's Lagoon is available at

Battles of the Sexes
It was bound to happen that someone would create an All-Male Quake Tournament in reaction to the Female Quake Tournament. Also, thanks Prophet for word on this Gamecenter article on the Female Tournament.

Well, I was always hesitant to add Java to this site out of concern for compatibility issues, and I now see that my concern was justified. I removed the Java counter this morning, and, coincidentally am also pleased to find that my C code version is now compiling correctly (with no change to the source... one suspects a previously corrupted library on the server was restored). My apologies to all who suffered problems with the Java version. For the record, complaints about it included: crashing Netscape Navigator running on Linux or UNIX, crashing or displaying improperly on Netscape Communicator, not working at all on Macintoshes, and being slow (in short, it was not a popular addition). Thanks to Abraxas for assuring me that it was in fact not my fault, and that something was wrong on the server (as I have pointed out in the past, I'm a monkey about programming).

Dank and Scud QuakeCon Release
There is an update on the Dank and Scud newspage announcing out that issue four of the Adventures of Dank and Scud will be released during QuakeCon (thanks QuakePsycho (yeah!)). If you were not already aware, the first public showings of United Ranger Films' new epic, Ranger Gone Bad 3, the Fist of Set, will also take place at QuakeCon. is now on-line as a QuakeWorld resource, with info straight from da keepers of da code, Zoid and Jack Mathews (thanks Rotwang). Wow, I just had a flashback to the Quakeworld versus Fakeworld thing a while back, and just out of curiosity, checked with the Internic... there's no website online, but damn if those guys never did actually transfer the domain to id (talk about following up a story).

Now That's a Trophy!
The trophy for the All Female Quake Tournament is a Quake symbol garter. Here's a photo of it in action (it can be the razor's edge between news and pr0n around here). For the record, I believe the model is Nabeo, the tourney's organizer.

Expert Quake Follow-up
I made a mistake yesterday (and previously, as well, I'm sure I said this before) in saying that JTeam introduced the runes used in CTF. This is not the case, as I am told that Zoid introduced the runes when he created Threewave CTF. I'm sorry for creating any confusion.

Apocalypse Update
Steve Funkadooda updated the .plan A section of the QuakeLab:Editing with the news that Project Apocalypse will possibly use limited (two colors) colored lighting (as far as I know, a TC/PC first).

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses, the Gallop Poll of Quake, has been updated with a new week's worth of questions/results/responses.

Absolute Quake
Absolute Quake, the Quake editing site, has had a nifty revamp.

There's an interview with Quantum Axcess business dude (and Hawk shooting guard) Steve Smith on NAWC Gold. Thanks Lisa.

The Brotherhood Of The Axe are hosting the 1997 Quake 1 on 1 Tournament.

LAN Parties

QFront, the Quake front-end, has moved to

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

The Unhappy Hooker
Brian Hook updated his .plan with his closing thoughts on the argument that he has been involved in.

Radiant Light Death32
Disruptor updated his .plan (thanks illusion) to announce a beta test of his map Death32 with radiant lighting and transparent water on id's QuakeWorld server, Inferno (

John Carmack allowed me to QRAD my death32 map and release it.

I am running a *BETA* version of it right now on Inferno. Please do *NOT* distribute this. I will probably have a final version sometime in the next 24 hours, but if you want to take a peek at how a Quake I map looks like with QRAD, feel free to connect to the server and download the map (1.8 megs).

Death32AB (as it's called temporarily) has been BSP'd for transparent water as well. Yes, I know that some areas of the map are dark, but that's what playtesting is all about.

Dallas Blowout
Speaking of Mike Wilson, Cat Daddy sends along word of another outing this Saturday with a whole load of folks from the Dallas gaming community getting together to rock out, and pig out (perhaps literally):

Well, it's that time again... time for Ion Storm to invite all area gamers and rockers for another fun-filled evening with Society of the Damned. No elaborate pre-party this time... we'll just get straight to the moshing/drinking/pool at The Galaxy Club (corner of Main and Oakland) in Deep Ellum at 10:30 PM this Saturday (July 5) . Last time we had 100+ folks from here, Ritual, Ensemble, Paradigm, Apogee/3Drealms, Rogue, Terminal Reality, and Rebel Boat Rocker. With all the fun we had last time, I'm sure this one will be no different... except that William 'Writer on the Storm' Haskins has vowed to bite the head off a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig onstage. Here's a flyer courtesy of our own mad Samoan, Jeff Wand.

QuakeWorld Central Logo Contest
^Drag0n^ is having a contest to design a cool logo to match the coolness of QuakeWorld Central, the definitive QuakeWorld resource. The logo will be part of what's described as a "major facelift" the site will be undergoing over the next few days. Details are in the QWC news section.

Daikatana Music Clip 2
The second Daikatana Music clip is up on Eye On Ion. Also, here is a site with mp3 format (smaller) versions of these clips.

I pulled the counter a couple of weeks ago when the traffic on this site overloaded PERL's capabilities. Since then I have had an insane amount of difficulty getting a C counter to work (either there's something very flaky about SunOs 5.5, or file locking is simply not working properly on my server), so I have installed a Java counter (recommended by a few people, first by RedDog{MIB}). Please let me know if it causes any problems (I use a counter because I do not get access logs for this site--this will still not count non-Java browsers, but it's an estimate). For the record, I set the counter to the last number of visitors I was aware of when it broke Friday, June 20.

Female Quake Tourney (Follow-Up Part II)
Thanks Rotwang for word on this Next-Gen article on the Female Quake Tournament. The article was originally printed with a couple of inaccuracies (listing KillCreek as 12 years old, and describing her as winner of the recent the TEN tournament, which was actually Clan 311's Kornelia (thanks Taz9, and Dr Sleep) Thanks Da Gimp[GUN] for word that the inaccuracies have since been corrected. Speaking of inaccuracies in articles, I got word from one of the editors at GameSpot saying we can expect a follow-up to Gamespot's Quake 2 preview correcting the misleading references to Native 3Dfx and Direct3D versions of Quake 2, as soon as the author can be contacted.

Ion Newsletter
The new edition of Ion Storm's monthly newsletter, has been released (Thanks Hudd), chock full of stuff, including regular features, as well as their E3 debriefing. There is also news there that Ion Storm will be hosting the awards presentation at QuakeCon. I also have to give out the first of many huge personal thanks here to Ion Storm for expressing a willingness to get me down to QuakeCon this month... there's a whole lot of cool stuff planned for this one, and I would of hated to miss it (thanks Cat Daddy).

Give Them the Finger
I was going to ignore the commentary accusing Brian Hook of "lying" about modem play that was posted on the Beauty of Madness, but I see on sCary's that Brian Hook updated his .plan file to refute the idea that there are any lies, or cover-ups involved in id's decision to drop native modem support from Quake 2. The update is quite lengthy, so you can read it here.

Name That Gun
Avatar has created a very cool new weapons patch, which, for the time being is simply called the GasGun beta (607 KB). The weapon is a sleeping gas gun (there is also a gas mask power-up) and features six models and 19 sounds. Canisters launched from the gun begin to billow clouds of gas, which will briefly knock out anyone who breathes it (including the firer, if he's not careful). Knocked out players will revive shortly, but naps during deathmatch are probably not a great strategy (remember the phrase, "you snooze, you loose"?). Avatar is stuck for a snazzy name for the Gas Gun, so if you're inspired, feel free to share your ideas with him. Also available on Avatar's Abode, home of his other modification, UltraQuake. The weapon is designed to be easily added to to other modifications, and the source for the final version is promised.

QuakeC Primer
The QuakeC Primer attempts to unravel the intricacies of QuakeC for those with no prior programming experience.

QSpawn Bux Fix
If you have persistent trouble with bugs in QSpawn (the Quake front-end), there is an intricate walk through on how to fix it by editing your registry on the QSpawn Page. Thanks Prophet.

Expert Quake
Expert Quake is a QuakeWorld modification based on John Spickes' JTeam patch (the modification that introduces the friendly fire scoring options that are part of the basis for Threewave CTF). There is word on the newly formed Expert Quake page on new Expert Quake and Expert CTF rings underway.

New Transparent Water Utility
Alex R. Moon sent along his new transparent water compiler (42 KB) that will add GLQuake transparent water to any Quake map, using the .bsp, rather than requiring the .map file.

New Skin Address
From now on QuakeWorld skins should be sent to QuakeWorld Central's Rick "^Drag0n^" Brewer at this email: (the old addresses for skin submission no longer work). If you submitted a skin within the past 2-3 weeks, resubmit it to that address (there was a mail server problem). ^Drag0n^ is working on an automated system to make new skinpacks weekly, more word when that's on-line.

Recruiting at QuakeCon
Rumble sent along the following heads up that he's looking to hire some hands for the Quego project, and that he's interviewing at QuakeCon:

Dallas/Ft. Worth, July 1, 1997: Centaur Interactive will be interviewing artists, level designers, modelers and sound specialists at QuakeCon 97 July 16-20th at their suite in the Holiday Inn, Plano. The prospective employees of Centaur Interactive will be hired to work on Quego (a Quake Total Conversion) as well as potentially work on future Centaur projects. All candidates will need to contact Kyle Bousquet, Centaur’s Director of Communications and Business Development, to schedule an interview during the Con. Mr. Bousquet can be contacted either by phone or email:
Phone: (903) 886-2971

Brian Hook Interview
There's an interview with id Software's Brian Hook up on PlanetQuake. Thanks Prophet.

The University Quake League I mentioned the other day now has a web page up.

LAN Events

Monday, June 30, 1997

Daikatana Music Clip
There is a clip with the first 75 seconds of music from the first level of Daikatana posted on Eye on Ion. Zep received a CD with music from nine of the game's levels, and he plans on posting a new clip every day or two.

Who's Who in Quake
kolinahr (maintainer of the QuakEncyclopedia) has posted his Who's Who in Quake with a listing of 256 bios from the 3d gaming world.

Hexen 2 Interview, IRC Log
There's an interview with Raven Software designer Eric Biessman up on OGR (thanks David Laprad). Also, thanks Prophet for sending along this edited IRC Log featuring Mark Morgan (Raven artist) discussing Hexen 2.

Ritual (Still) = Hipnotic
They're still straightening out some DNS woes over at Ritual, so for the time being all their pages, including sCary's, must be accessed using the old Hipnotic address.

Daikatana Video
Matt Sefton (of Single Player Quake Level Heaven) sends along word there is a movie trailer for Daikatana, showing various scenes in different areas, (including the San Francisco falling skyscraper scene) on the CD included with the July issue UK's Edge magazine (Next Generation in the US, though it's uncertain whether the US edition has the video).

Prize Drawing
A bunch of the Shrak Secret Level prizes will be drawn on QuakeCast this Thursday. Embrionic Pete sent along the following release describing the process:

Quantum Axcess, along with Planet Quake, are pleased to announce the "Find the Shrak Level Contest" has come to an end. Now it's time to give away the 'loot'. What loot you may ask? This Thursday, Blue and JudgeCal will be pulling the names of the top 9 winners on Quake Cast. The show starts at 8:30pm est; it's byorl 'Bring your own Rocket Launcher', Grand Prize is a 'stacked' NEC p200 with a 17" monitor. Don't be surprised if you get a call live on QuakeCast.

Rest assured, Quantum Axcess will hold a second drawing for the remaing 30+ prizes to be posted 7/8/97 at . With over 40 prizes to give away, I think we're going to need a U-Haul to deliver them all =) Special thanks go to NEC, Diamond, PlanetQuake and FP Gaming for their superb support..

WarZone Aftermath
Some sites affected by the recent hacking incident at WarZone are coming back online: The HPCL Site is back with news on what's been going on and how it impacts the Sweet 16.

Skillz Test #3 Results
The winners and cheaters have been named as the results have been posted in Skillz Test #3. There are about 45 demos available on the Skillz Page.

Mailing List Difficulties
The (just revived) Quake 2 Mailing list is experiencing some technical difficulties, and will not get rolling until at tomorrow at the earliest, according to the Faultline (thanks Prophet).

Case's Ladder is now offering a Quake Ladder (thanks Megahertz).

There's an update on the QuakeOn page to the popular Quake front-end that fixes some problems with QuakeOn's system tray icon. There's also the sad news that the project to bring artificial intelligence to the Helping Head has ended (though there is apparently a new Helping Head concept in the works). Thanks Prophet.

Free Models
The Serpent Lord's Free Models Project is just that, a project dedicated to making models freely available for inclusion into levels and TC's, provided proper credit to the model's author is given (thanks Prophet).

looni News
Our buddy loonyboi's (QL:Multimedia) PR department has been working overtime, as this profile in The Spectrum (an NYU magazine) demonstrates.

Quake in the Plains States
GreenMarine's Kansas Quake Players is devoted to the local Quake scene in Kansas. Players in the Kansas area can get a listing with their handle, URL, clan name, and email address by mailing in the appropriate info.The Kansan's advantage? According to the site, "Hell, when you live in a state like this, what can you do but practice?"

LAN Party



Sunday, June 29, 1997

New QSpawn
Version 0.94a of QSpawn, a Quake front-end, is available at the QSpawn Homepage. The new version fixes a severe problem that occurs if version 0.94 is installed on a machine that had no previous version of QSpawn.

Quake 2 Modem
There's a petition on the Fault Line asking id to add modem support to Quake 2 (thanks Prophet), but already word that it might be discontinued, as Brian Hook appeared on IRC and dismissed the idea that it was practical for id, or impossible for others to implement modem support (thanks Rotwang for the log). Here are some Quotes:

<Hook> Modem to modem is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
<Hook> okay, this is the choice you'd have to make - modem-to-mode, or internet play, but not both.
<Hook> They require radically different programming models.
<Hook> As for modem support...
<Hook> Okay, here's the problem.
<Hook> We have a client server architecture. This means that if two people are playing head to head that one of them will have to be the server. The person who is the server will have ZERO ping.
<Hook> ZERO
<Hook> With a modem, the other person will have ping over a hundred at least.
<Hook> Maybe even more.
<Hook> This means that whoever is the "host" for the session will absolutely destroy the other person.
<Hook> It won't be fun, it wouldn't be fair.
<Hook> null modem doesn't solve the problem either.
<Hook> If you want to do some hack like using DUN, that's fine by us, just don't bitch when someone gets 80 frags vs -3 because the former is on the server.
<Hook> We have specifically told people that we wouldn't do NATIVE support for modem-modem.
<Hook> We have no philosophical problem with modem-modem, just technologically it's not a good match for what we're trying to do with regards to networking.

Sin Avi
There's a short promotional Avi for Sin over on sCary's.

Quake 2 Mailing List
The Faultline's Quake 2 mailing list has been revived. Thanks Prophet.

Sure enough, Brian Hook updated his .plan yesterday (thanks Keith Reid) to refute the inaccuracies in the Gamespot Quake 2 preview.

The GameSpot article that says Quake2 is supporting Direct3D and a 3Dfx-native version is INCORRECT. At this time we have NO intention of supporting Direct3D. We also do NOT have a 3Dfx-native version of Quake2 planned -- GLQuake and Quake2's GL renderer provide this functionality.

New GLQuake Commando
GLQuake Commando version 1.3 (46 KB) has been released on the GLQuake Commando page. The new version fixes problems with the installer, and adds a few new options (actually, I still had trouble with the installer, but it works fine after manually unzipping everything).

QSpy 5.3 Screenshot
There is info and a screenshot up on Quake Server Browser News about the upcoming QuakeSpy 5.3.

University Quake League
BigSquid and DMS are starting the University Quake League. Currently only UK universities are on board, but there is no rule on the subject. Teams of four from Universities should contact BigSquid, who welcomes LPB's: "With the other main UK league's (UKCL and MCL) clamping down on LPB's, this is a safe haven :)".



LAN Party

Saturday, June 28, 1997

Quake 2 Screensaver
Thanks Terrible for sending along this Win95 Quake 2 screensaver (1 MB) that will fill your desktop Quake 2 screenshots as it fills your dreams with thoughts of Quake 2.

Quake 2 <> D3D
A few readers have commented on this Quake 2 E3 Article in Gamespot (thanks Dave, the first to pass along word) which throws a monkey wrench of confusion into the Direct3D versus Open GL debate by making this statement, which, as far as everything id has said is inaccurate, as Quake 2 will support OpenGL, not Direct3D (there is no native 3Dfx version planned either, that's GLQuake):

Quake II is tentatively scheduled to be released late this year, and it will ship with native support for Rendition Verite, 3Dfx, and Direct3D compatible accelerator boards. Watch GameSpot for more details as they become available.

Updated First Person Thresh & Entropy Demos
Update: The chase cam was not a popular choice for the mode of demos in the Ferrari finals, but thanks to Sbj (who did the conversions) we now have first person perspective versions of the demos of Thresh versus Entropy (1.3 MB) in the Red Annihilation Tournament. This is an updated version of the zip that corrects an error in the original that dropped some packets.

Unreal Screenshots
There are some new Unreal screenshots up on OGR. Thanks Prophet.

Ken Alverson has released version 1.60 of his Transparent Water QBSP (73 KB) that fixes a few bugs, including the rotation quirk that caused problems for a number of users.

IntroMaker is a new program to allow you to create intros for demos and movies. Available on NiKoDeMoS Presents (thanks Prophet).

TF Server Listing
Looking for a TeamFortress game? Here is a TeamFortress Server Listing.

Ion Storm Game Designer Todd Porter has a review of Ensemble Studio's Age of Empires up on Ion's site. Thanks Prophet.



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