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Friday, June 27, 1997

Prey Movie
The Prey Movie (11 MB) that was shown at E3 has been released on the 3D Realms Site (thanks Epicenter). Also, thanks Prophet for passing along word that there is a smaller AVI version (626 KB) of the movie that loonyboi created up on Preystation.

Quake 2 Press
There is an article on ZD Anchordesk called Quake II Will Be Huge. Guaranteed (thanks Rabid Poodle).

E3 Photos
More E3 Photos at Cult of Phoebus (actually, a lot of Phoebus photos...).

Sandy Petersen Leaves id
Word that Sandy Petersen has left id Software to join Ensemble Studios has been revealed in this Gamespot article (thanks Chris Bachner). Christian "Disruptor" Antkow updated his .plan to say that this was not going to impact Quake 2's development:

Yes, Sandy Petersen has left, but for all you Quake fans, don't worry about the impact this will have on Quake 2. Sandy's departure from id was amicable because it was apparent that Sandy and id Software had different visions.

By leaving id Software, Sandy is now free to pursue his own goals. This will not tangibly affect Quake 2, because he had not been significantly involved

We wish Sandy and Ensemble Studios the best of luck with their future endeavours.

Screenshot of the Day
A nice Daikatana screenshot (that I believe was leaked) showed up on on a Swedish site, and is up on Sandmoose's (thanks to the S-Moose for the heads-up).

Newbie Guide
Two new subjects have been added to the Quake Newbie Guide: "Mods" covering the basics of the most popular Quake modifications, and "Quake Derivatives," which will provide information on upcoming games using the Quake/Quake 2 engine.

Skin Thing
Skin Thing is a new skin browser/selector available on the ZX Page that will allow you to select a skin and will update your .cfg files. It will even allow you to select a random skin.

Quake International
With so many matches now pitting one nation against the other, it was inevitable that a site like the International Quake Forum would pop up to cover these global Quake games.

Quake in Hungary
Speaking of international, Quake-Hu is dedicated to Quake in Hungary.

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Thursday, June 26, 1997

Big show on QuakeCast tonight, as we'll be speaking with John Cash, and Thresh (maybe from the cel phone in his new Ferrari?).

Der Quake Movie
Dal33t Faust Movie, a new Quake film has been released, but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. It's made by Die Fette Faust, a prominent German Clan, and is available on their homepage. I hope to get to see it before tonight's QuakeCast.

CDA Unconstitutional
The Communications Decency Act (CDA) was found to be unconstitutional in the US Supreme Court today (thanks Jason F. Moore). Here's CNN's article on the subject.

id's New Machine
John Carmack updated his .plan with word on id's new uber-server.

Daikatana Screenshot
The screenshots just keep on coming, thanks Sandmoose of the Daikatana Cabana for word on this Daikatana screenshot from PC Zone. There is also an interview on the Cabana with Ion's Jonathan "Nelno" Wright.

Hexen64 Released
Hexen64 has been released for the N64 according to this blurb from Thanks Prophet.

Edited Log
There are a bunch of edited versions of the #Quake2 log from the other night floating about. Thanks DR_Invictus for sending his edited version along.

Prey Preview
There's a Prey preview with screenshots up on OGR. Thanks Super_FX.

Blade Screenshots
There are screenshots of Blade, an upcoming game from Rebel Act Studios up on DigiCon's Blade Domain.

Yellow Pages
The Quake Yellow Pages plans to be a comprehensive listing of Quake websites that includes clan listings.

Quake C Site
The Quake C Mindset is a new site devoted to the (soon to be obsolete due to DLLs?) world of Quake C.


LAN Parties



Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Steve "Wedge" Bond of Valve Software (knowing Wedge, he asked for a new compiler).

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Hexen 2 Screenshots
There are some Hexen 2 Screens shots up on Battlezone (thanks Fragman). Also I missed two of the screenshots in the batch I posted yesterday (thanks sCary for the heads-up), so I just kind of stuck them in there today (shhh).

Quake Fishing
From the "you can't make this stuff up department" comes Quake Fishing.

Ken Alverson has released version 1.50 of WQBSP (73 KB) his Quake map compiler that supports transparent water. Here's what's new:

Ken also wanted to mention that the program supports the Hipnotic extensions (despite the lack of words to that effect in the docs.

Prey Screenshots
There are new Prey Screenshots up on Gamespot. Thanks Magnus Jansén.

E3 Photos
Quakemania has posted a whole load of E3 photos. Thanks Prophet.

QuakeMUD Reopens
The following announcement details the re-opening of the QuakeMUD:

QuakeMUD has undergone a total rehaul and is better than ever. It now has improved support for clans, who can have a locked room with a message board for free; a version of Qcheck (a heavily modded Qstat derivative) inside the mud; other commands to help people set up matches, etc; and many other an many features that make it a good alternative to IRC. QuakeMUD also has a new MUD to WWW interface where anyone can come chat, and roam the MUD from their web browser. QuakeMUD is at telnet://

The .plan A file on QuakeLab:Editing has been updated with news on the latest development in Project Apocalypse: ducking/crouching.


LAN Parties


Tuesday, June 24, 1997

No Mas
Mike Gummelt updated his .plan to ask for an end to the feedback about his question about modem support in Hexen 2.

Fray Update
The reason registration for the Fray, the fabulous successor to m3, has not yet begun, has been revealed: it is not possible to find an appropriate venue available for the Labor Day weekend, so the event will be moved up or back one week, depending on the feedback received. Check out the Fray page for more info, or email your opinion to The Fray Date Poll.

Half-Life Preview
There's a nice preview of Half-Life up on OGR.

#Quake2 Log
Here is a log of the insanity when some of the id guys showed up in #Quake2 tonight (thanks Prophet for passing it along).

Screenshot Heaven
When it rains it pours... here are another eight Hexen 2 screenshots sCary found in the Activision press CD:

Sin Screenshot
I saw a new Sin screenshot on sCary's:

Hexen 2 Screenshots, AVI's
Thank you to Phoebus (Raven's Site, and Cult of Whatchamacallit) for sending along these new screenshots from Hexen 2 showing the Black Widow Spider in action (or is it Quake Widow Spider with that symbol on her belly?).

There are also five new Hexen 2 AVI's on Activisions FTP server (thanks UFoGoDz1)

The Swiss Quake Mall
The Swiss Quake Mall is a Joint-Venture between Swiss & European Quake webmasters to create a mega-site devoted to European Quake players. European Quake Webmasters are invited to participate in this new project.

Brian Hook on OpenGL and Direct3D
Brian Hook made a really large .plan update clarifying id's (and his) position on why id is supporting OpenGL over Direct3D at this point. He also points out that they are not going to be impractical about it:

"... Now the disclaimer:

That said, we have NOT ruled out supporting Direct3D. Yes, it has improved, but right now it simply is not a part of our mission or priority list. WE'RE NOT STUPID. If OpenGL's position in the PC becomes untenable, common bloody sense indicates we'd need to use Direct3D. BUT THAT TIME IS NOT HERE. OpenGL works. We prefer it. We give preferential treatment to IHVs that support it, and this counts for a lot in this world.

OpenGL is better than Direct3D. Period. But this doesn't guarantee its victory, not by a longshot. Hell, there's a good chance that Microsoft will bury OpenGL in the same pit they hid Bob and MSX, and that's something we have to be prepared to face. ..."

Support Modem Support
Mike Gummelt of Raven updated his .plan asking for opinions on modem support, as it seems to be in jeopardy for Hexen 2 at this point (here's Mike's email address if you want to share your thoughts).

QUESTION: What is the opinion out there about modem support? Do people care? I personally think it would be a deathblow to the game if modem support is not added (it's not planned to be implemented last I heard). This means, I believe, that not only could you not play modem-to-modem or null-modem serial connection, but also that you could not dial up a server on your modem and start a simulated network game. The only people who would be able to play multiplayer are the guys on LAN's or with TCP/IP connections. I personally never played on a network until coming here, and I've played a LOT of multiplayer. Coming from a not neccessarily computer-intensive background, I feel I represent the majority of the game buying community out there! What do you think? We'd like to know...

E3 Carnage
At E3 a lot of those who stayed more than one day (I'll try not to let too much jealousy seep through here) went down to Terminal Oasis, a Multi-Player Computer center in Atlanta, where they deathmatched deep into each night, culminating in a Quake Birthday party Saturday night, with John Romero springing for everyone's food and drink. Now here's the cool part, they've posted pictures and demos of the whole shebang, including demos of Romero, ParadoX, KillCreek, sCary, and Giggler, and pictures of all the festivities including shots of those mentioned in the demos and Carmack, Thresh, the Ferrari, OneThumb, and even a yuchy semi-obscured shot of Mrs. Blue (which I hope she doesn't see). Also, on this subject, the Internet Shambler Page has the impressions of Sir-Real (the program's author) of those festivities.

Definitive Server List
SkyLord's uber-list, the Definitive Quake Server List is down temporarily as it's being migrated to a new home. Sky is also continuing work on QHunter, the Quake server browser that allows you to find servers from within Quake, but since the latest revision is almost a complete re-write, a new version might not be forthcoming right away.

Thresh Postscript
It almost went unnoticed, but I'm told by one of the guys at Falcon Northwest Computer that as an afterthought, Thresh also won E3's Haunted House Doom tournament taking home a $10,000 Falcon Mach V PC.

Half Life Screenshots
A couple more screenshots of Half-Life have been released showing some really nice detail on the level design (shamelessly ripped from sCary's Shuga Shack):

QuakeSpy Patch
I missed this earlier: there's a teeny patch to fix a problem that will occur in QuakeWorld using QuakeSpy 5.21. Thanks DeathMonger[MD] for pointing out this note on Threewave:

There was an error in the default settings for QuakeSpy 5.21 that turns off player prediction. This can cause severe loss of updates when playing and cause QuakeWorld to seem jerky or not as smooth. Please download the file predict.reg and double click on it in the Windows Explorer, or execute it from your web browser. This will enable cl_predict_players which smooths out other player movement and greatly decreases the 'walk' through other player problem.

Quickspy, the Linux QuakeWorld server browser has been updated.

New SoA and DoE QW QC
New versions of the QuakeWorld server QuakeC patches for both Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity are available in the files section of The QuakeC Source. The updates include proper handling of variable gravity in SOA and the anti-grav belt in DOE (The Rogue pack still requires a QW Client pack, also available there).

Wampey's Census
Wampey's Census has been updated with new questions and new answers.

Female Skin Pack
The Quake Women's Forum is collecting skins for their all female skin pack. If you have a skin to add, send it to

Levelab Back
The UKOOL Levelab has been redesigned, and has posted the next three levels in their series.

Quake in German
Thanks Julian for word on the Quake article in Der Spiegel (all in German) which apparently covers such topics such as The Rangers' movies, KillCreek, Campers and QuakeC programs. According to Julian:

Der Spiegel is Germany's biggest and most prestigious newspaper weekly. It's arts sections usually have very intellectual undertones, so it's surprising that they cover Quake in a positive context and not in a this-violent-game-is-banned-in-germany context.




LAN Parties


Free Graphics
Gollum, is offering to do free web page graphics work. Contact him for more details.

Monday, June 23, 1997

According to an IRC log from #Quake2 sent to me via Prophet from Slipgate, there will be a three level Quake 2 demo released (ala QTest):

<downinit> so we should be seing a Q2test.
*tokay* * thinks he needs to get back to work
<tokay> it will be a test to see how the engine runs on everyone's machines
<tokay> kinda like the qtest thing, yes

My First E3
Team QSpy's Jack "morbid" Mathews has written up his account of the E3 proceedings in My First E3.

Happy Birthday
Our old pal Doctor Zith turns 19 today, and I hear from a clanmate of his that he'd love to get some Happy B'day email.

New Oak Bot
Version 0.85 of Neil Henderson's Oak Bot (135 KB) has been released on the Oak Bot Homepage. The new release features improved Chasing AI, the ability to spawn a single bot at a time, and bug-free scoring.

Japanese Champion Follow-Up
Thanks to HIROSE Tsutomu for providing a little more information on the Japanese Quake Champion John Carmack referred to earlier in his .plan. Highroller is a member of the Japanese National Team for Quake (JNT) (written in Japanese) currently ranked at #12. Members are selected by Skill ranking in 5 days battle. Any resident in Japan can register anytime (regardless of nationality). JNT is now heading on to the South-East Asia Tournament, which begins today.

Thresh Demo
What you've been clamoring for, thanks to Flynn for word on the demo of Thresh v. Entropy (1.6 MB) in the finals at E3 from the MPOG site. John Cash mentioned Thresh in his .plan as well.

More Unreal (Sorry)
I've bounced this Unreal thing situation (specifically my negative comments) around a bit more, and, not to be tedious, I've decided I really need to address this once more. I would like to apologize to the Epic for criticizing Unreal in such an off-hand way, considering the limited exposure I had to it. In retrospect I think that if I had any negative impressions, the responsible thing to do is to dig deeper before making any statements that could damage the image of a work in progress unjustly. I think I engaged in some bad journalism there, and I hope that I have not unfairly harmed anyone's appetite for this game.

Paul Jaquays Interview
There is an interview with id Software's Paul Jaquays up on PlanetQuake. Suggested subtitle: Smurf Porn and Quake 2, The Agony and the Ecstasy.

Speaking of unfair, I did not see the notice on the PC Gamer Prey story earlier that noted the screenshots were old. Thanks Reign.

Unfair to Unreal?
I only received two responses criticizing my comments about Unreal at E3, but I will respond, since one of them was from someone at Epic (I also see that the Unreal Cafe makes a point about their journalistic integrity by making a snide reference to "id worshipping" pages). Lest I be misconstrued, let me clarify my feelings:

Unreal, like all the games I mentioned from E3, is an unfinished product, and though I didn't make this clear at all (my bad), I am not judging the performance of this game against all the Quake engine games at this point (that's not fair, since Unreal is the only one making a new engine from scratch). I'm also told that the measured framerate never dropped below 25 FPS. I was a little disappointed that it seemed so much like Quake (which was the main point I wanted to make). I did want to find someone to talk to about Unreal, to discuss enemy AI and some other things that I was interested in about the game, but couldn't find anyone (a consequence of my abbreviated stay--again, my bad). Had I succeeded, I would have been able to get some perspective on my questions.

I am still looking forward to Unreal, and keeping an open mind. I want nothing but more and better games of this genre, and am disappointed that anyone would take my comments as id-centricity. Trust me, if Unreal had blown me away, and I was disappointed in Quake 2, I would have said so... the reason I went to E3 was to find these things out.

DES Encryption Crack Follow-Up (Follow-Up)
A correction to an earlier story: Thanks to Brian Conneen for clarifying that the DES Encryption Crack I mentioned earlier from this CNN article that Wayne sent me, is not the scheme that Rogue is trying to crack. Details on these competitions can be found here. Updates on Rogue's effort in their competition can be found here (thanks OaXlin).

John Carmack's .plan
John Carmack updated his .plan with his reactions to E3:

Ok, I'm finally updating my .plans at the top like everyone else...

E3 was interesting, and the tournement went extremely well.

You would think that the top deathmatchers would be an evenly matched group, seperated by mere milliseconds of response time, and the matches would be close.

Its not like that at all. There are master players. And there is Thresh.

We were watching him play with our jaws hanging open. I don't think he was killed a single time in the finals. He did things we had never seen before. It was amazing to watch.

I feel a lot better about the contest now, because even if the sixteen finalists weren't necessarily the sixteen best players due to internet issues, I do think that the grand prize winner IS the best single player.

The level of sportsmanship was gratifying, especially given the stakes. No sore losers, no tantrums. Everyone was cool.

After the finals, a japanese champion (highroller) asked for a match with Thresh. I expected him to pass, considering the pressure of the tournement, but he happily accepted, and delivered an eighty-something to negative-three beating (which was accepted with good grace).

I don't see much point to any more big tournements until a few more of these mutant superpowered deathmatchers show up...

As far as everything else at E3 goes, I saw a bunch of good looking games, but I am fairly confidant of two things:

Nobody is going to eclipse Quake 2 this christmas. Different tradeoffs are being made that will appeal to different people, and there are going to be other products that are at least playing in the same league, but Q2 should be at the top of the pile, at least by the standards we judge games. Several licensees will be picking up all the Q2 features for their early '98 products, so games should get even better then. (ok, I guess that is just my cautious, long-winded way of saying Q2 will rule...)

Some notable companies are going to ship longer after us than they are expecting to, or make severe compromises. I wouldn't advise holding your breath waiting for the quoted release dates. Relax, and let the developers get things out in due time.

Ugh. I haven't coded in three days. Withdrawal.

Congratulations to Thresh (Dennis Fong) for winning the John Carmack's Ferrari in the controversial Red Annihilation tournament. Thresh, controversy or not, considered one of the best players in the world, won the car by beating Entropy in the final at E3. Thresh was also the winner of DWANGO's Deathmatch '95 Doom II Tournament.

Happy Birthday Quake
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the release of the Quake Shareware. Thanks John Faulkenbury.

New Monster 3D Drivers
Version 1.08 of the Monster 3D Drivers (1 MB) are up on the Diamond Homepage (here's the read me). Thanks Kalthak.

Half-Life Video
There is a (large) Quicktime Movie showcasing some of CUC/Sierra's upcoming games that has some cool scenes from Half-Life on Sierra's home page. Thanks TheRedDeth.

Prey at E3
There is a PC Gamer write-up on the Prey showing at E3 (thanks Prophet).

More Romero on Daikatana
There is a John Romero interview on Next Generation Online. Thanks Hudd.

UK vs Denmark
There is a report of the recent UK vs Denmark match up on BoyWonder's Fragbook. The UK Triumphed 1220-867.

TeamFortress News
There is a large update on the TeamFortress page describing upcoming features. There is also some sad news to report from the TF world. Many members of the TF Community have mailed me wishing to publicly express their sympathies to PlagueBearer[CoC], a prominent TF player, whose brother passed away in an auto accident. Condolences to PlagueBearer and his family.

New ThunderWalker CTF
Clan ThunderWalker has released version 3.03 (a bug-fix hot on the heals of version 3.02) of the ThunderWalker CTF server, featuring a few bug fixes and the long awaited non-QuakeWorld (regular Quake) version of the patch. On the ThunderWalker Homepage.

Final Fantasy 7 Quake TC
The first beta of the Final Fantasy 7 Quake TC is out at the Final Fantasy TC Homepage.

QuakeRally News
The Quake Rally page was updated today with a bunch of information, and a new GL Quake screenshot. Thanks Adam Williamson.

Aliens Foxed - Postscript
Thanks Eric Eslinger for pointing out this Yahoo article that provides a pretty good clue as to why Fox became so concerned with the Aliens TC; they have just announced Aliens Online. On a similar subject, check out the UAC Homepage, the home of the upcoming project from the Aliens TC team.

Commercial Hover?
The Means of Destruction has been updated with news that the Hover TC will not be a commercial project after all.

New FvF
Future versus Fantasy Quake 2.18 (2 MB) has been released by Freeform Interactive. There is also an upgrade patch (232 KB)if you have a previous (recent) version.

Giana Quake Beta
Thanks Prophet for word that the beta of the peaceful Giana Quake TC has been released on the Giana Quake Page.

Who Do Voodoo and Other 3D Stuff
There is a comparison of the three Boards using the Voodoo Chipset (the minimum practical requirement for GL Quake) recommending which to choose and why, at 3DReview. There is also a blurb on the Electric Playground about the future of GL Quake on non 3Dfx boards. Finally, here are also some Benchmarks for 3d Accelerators. Thanks Prophet for the last two.


Requiem Servers
Here are some addresses of servers running the Requiem patch (nothing but Quake is required on the client-side, though you can also download Requiem Special Edition to get the full impact):

Also the QuakeWorld version of Requiem is in the works, look for that soon.

SGI FAQ-Proxy and LMPC
Clan 9 From Outer Space has made SGI versions of the FAQ-Proxy and the LMPC tools available on their download site.

Jawed Karim, author of jaw3d Model Viewer, sends word that Sean Barrett has released QMAP, a utility to view Quake's .BSP files so they look the same as they do in the game. There is also a port available made by Jawed using DJGPP (the same compiler that is used for Quake). Speaking of Jawed, he's also looking for people to test his new version of jaw3d, which has been rewritten from scratch. More information is on the jaw3d page (thanks Prophet).

Internet Shambler
The new version of Internet Shambler, the Quake-enhanced version of MSIE has been released on the Internet Shambler page (thanks Prophet).

Queen of Quake?
There is a Computer News Daily Article on KillCreek, calling here the Queen of Quake. Thanks sith.



Contests / Tournaments

HeadHunter Level
The HeadHunter Quake team is looking for one more map to bring the number of levels in their client-side pack up to a lucky seven.

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