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Friday, June 13, 1997

New QuakeWorld Client
Zoid and Jack Mathews have released version 1.64 of the QuakeWorld client (679 KB), featuring Open GL support. There is also a new server (251 KB), and a new QW Client / QSpy installer (1.5 MB). Older (1.55) clients will still be able to attach to 1.64 servers. The UNIX variants are also available on id's FTP site.

Off to LAN it up with some bros from the Brothers Gib and Rangers. If I can remember how a modem works, I may be able to update tonight/tomorrow, but it's possible I'll be off-line until Sunday evening.

TeamFortress 2.5 Final!
Well that was a short beta period (see below). The final version of TeamFortress version 2.5 (3 MB) has been released. The package contains the whole deal: a normal and QuakeWorld version (both client and server), and the cool TF 2.5 promo. The new release is also (obviously) available on the newly redesigned TeamFortress page which looks great. There is also a description there of a TF demo competition, as well as the news that they have been allowed by id Software to accept donations (so all you TF fans, get your checkbooks ready...). Thanks for word on this from Rooks, who has revamped his TF Strategy Guide for the occasion.

Doom Strategy Guide
For the die-hards: I've gotten a lot of requests to repost this since I pulled down the remains of my old Doom site, so here is a new link to Blue's Doom Deathmatch Strategy Guide.

Millennium II Correction
I guess there's Open GL support, and then there's Open GL support. I received the following from GL guru Zanshin of Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo:

For the record, you will never be able to play GLQuake on Millenium II. It doesn't have the hardware capabilities or the speed. Even the best OpenGL driver in the world would not make GLQuake possible.

TeamFortress 2.5 Final Beta
The final beta of TeamFortress 2.5 has been released on the TeamFortress Page (thanks orangE-[CE]). The cool TF promo was supposed to be released simultaneously, but I can't find it posted yet.

KC Life
KillCreek sent along word that there's an article in this month's Yahoo Internet Life (print) with quick interviews and pictures of herself, PMS-Phoenix, Marcus-Orb, and LA-Bitter. She says "The article is mostly players perspective on the Duke Guy vs Quake Guy." Also, this months CGW in the UK has a big article with picture about the KC vs Romero manbeating and shrine incident.

autolycus has posted a new version of QBSP by Ken Alverson on The Forge. New features include:

Open Letter on Open GL
A group of game developers released an open letter to Microsoft yesterday, calling on them to actively support OpenGL. Of course John Carmack is one of those who signed it, as is John Romero and an all-star team of gaming gurus.

GLQuakeWorld Stuff
Jack "morbid" Mathews updated his .plan with some more about OpenGL support in QuakeWorld:

Wow, two .plan updates in one day, how cool :) Anyways, wonderful news for you TeamFortress whores. FOV is now GLQW. No, we're not gonna put it in GLQuake right now, we may do it when we get time. Now, there is a certain page that advocated massmailing my good friend Zoid about this, and still maintains a glib attiture about it, assuming that if *he* didn't do something, how would *we* know? If you think that we're that out of touch, thanks for the vote of confidence. People like that actually *discourage* me from trying to add things in...

Also, for this next release, Alt-tabbing won't work right for a lot of people, because of a bug in GLIDE that the developers assure me they are working to fix. Is *will* put you in your Windows res, but it will freeze your video when you switch back. Oh well.

Also, Joystick hats *might* work again, they might not. If only some big company would send me *something* to test it with.

ToeTag 3.0
ToeTag Version 3.0 has been released on the ToeTag HQ. Taskmaster says the new version may be the last release for a while, but has some nice new features, including the ability to handle any key/value pairs now so plugging the entities and .QC from the mission packs is possible.

E3 Passes
Darren Reed says that he can make E3 passes available to members of the Quake community who contact him to arrange getting them.

Skin Tutorial Update
The Shotgun Messiahs Skins Tutorial has been updated with some new examples.

Deathmatch Maker
There is a chat with the developers of the Virtus Deathmatch Maker level editor scheduled for today from 2:00-3:00 PM (Eastern) on Happy Puppy. A java (and frames) capable browser is required to participate. Also, plucky (who says the new QLEN will be back on-line soon) sent along a quote from John Cooper (product manager) at Virtus promising a patch Monday:

"We will have a patch out on Monday June 16. Version 1.1 will reduce the initial memory footprint by 2/3 and fixes many memory leaks. This version also supports multiple .wad files and fixes the problem that caused 0 sized leak files."

When I first posted news of a new Quake editor called Q.E.D., a while back, I commented that they would probably have to change the name (because of Matt Tag's qED), hence yesterdays announcement of the name change to Quiver... The punchline of course, is that there is also already a Quake Editor (for the Macintosh, of all things) called Quiver (thanks Jim McQuillan).

The HPCL regular season is over, and they are gearing up for the sweet 16 playoffs to determine the first champion.

Fast Graphics Site
The Fast Graphics Site lives up to its name, with a lot of stuff for Quake player's to sink their teeth into on how to get the best video performance on PPro systems and with certain video cards (thanks Lucidity).

Matrox OpenGL
Speaking of fast graphics, thanks coreyfro for word on Matox's Millenium II which promises open GL support.

Arch Mage & Omen
Some nice looking screenshots of some of the levels of Arch-Mage, a TC declared "Fox-Proof" have been posted. Speaking of which, Omen (from the Alien TC creators) is apparently coming out in a few days and looks promising (no it has nothing to do with the movie). No, I have no idea (given what they've been through) why they picked a TC that was also a movie title...

Brother Can You Spare a MIP?
Gateway updated his .plan yesterday to describe Rogues effort to crack the RSA encryption code:

Well this update really has nothing to do about Quake or related games, but I’m want to see the power of how vast the Quake community is.

We at Rogue Entertainment have been attempting to Crack the RSA encryption for a while now. On our spare CPU times and weekends. Now I wanted to see if anybody out there when they have spare CPU time would help us. Currently we have John Cash helping us a bit, but I wanted to see if we called in the whole quake community and see actually how much CPU power we can push on this Encryption. Also there is a 1k prize to the team that cracks the encryption. We plan on throwing a big party if we do win.

Here is the site information.

this site tells you all about what’s going on for the contest.

Is where you can download the client software to get it running on your machines.

In order for you to count towards the Rogue team, you need to use as the team id on the command line when running the cracking software client.

Let me know if you want to help. Email me if you would like to tell me what machines you have running to help.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

More id IRC
Tokay and Disruptor (and "Alfonze Milson") made an appearance on Undernet #Quake2 again this evening, you can check out a log on the Quake 2 Channel.

Return Volley
The good natured kidding (yeah, that's it) continues between id and Ion, as StormWatch, Ion's daily newsletter has an interview with their new employee "Australian McGoo."

m3 Highlight Reel
The m3 highlight reel (3 MB), a cool music video showing some of the highlights of the over 80 MB of demos shot at the event, has been released on the KeyGrip for Quake page.

Half-Life Screenshots
There are some cool new Half-Life screenshots along with a new press release on the game.

Romero Interview
There is a John Romero Interview up on Verbosity Magazine (an online magazine).

Thunderwalker CTF (Moves Part 4)
The home of Thunderwalker CTF has moved to

Tokay on #Quake2
American McGee made an appearance on Undernet #Quake2. Thanks to |Fazed| for sending along the logs, both raw, and edited.

There is an interview of Glen Dahlgren, Project Leader for Wheel of Time, and part one of a two part interview with James Wilson and Garret Price Of Monolith, both up at the Cult of Phoebus, and both conducted by none other than Prophet.

Editor News
Thanks to TheMartian for passing along a couple of pieces of editor news. There is an update about the future of the Quest that was taken over by vile on his page, and Gingko updated his page with news of his new editor named Quiver (formerly called Q.E.D.). And thanks to prodigious Prophet for word on Epicenter a page with news about an upcoming multipurpose pak editing tool.

More m3 Photos!
m3 is now officially the most photographed event since the OJ trial. Here are more m3 photos.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Phoebus, Raven webmaster, and, of course, fanatical leader of his own Cult.

New Quake 2 Screenshots
Thanks |ruiner| for word on the new Quake 2 Screenshots up on id's page (actually id's was down so I snagged these from Quake 2 Channel, cause their naming convention was easy to follow).

No Vérité QuakeWorld
Jack Mathews updated his .plan with a little QuakeWorld update which comes out and says what's been written between the lines for a while now: that while the next release of QuakeWorld would have Open GL support, but at this point, Vérité support is not in the cards (remember that GLQuake is a Windows app, and VQuake is a DOS app, which is probably a reason for why only GLQuake would be folded into QuakeWorld, which is also a Windows app). here's what morbid has to say:

Well, this is fun. Looks like QuakeWorld is gonna be released really soon. This includes a *load* of bugfixes and other fun stuff like chasecam and GL support. Man, Zoid is good. There's plenty of other things that have been done also... But I mainly wanted to say one thing people have asked... No Verite support. Sorry.
Please don't email me or Zoid about that.

Raven Questions
Nathan Albury from Raven has a clarification on the game design questions he wants answered. These are the topics he's most eager to hear about, you can email him with your responses:

1) How do you feel about automatic weapon switching when you pickup a new weapon. IE you grab the supershotgun and change over from the shotgun OR you grab the rocket launcher and accidentally shoot a wall?

2) Should weapon balance be in the weapons themselves or in the level construction. In other words, do you prefer weapons that are hard to get but are more powerful, or weapons being rather fairly distributed with each one having it's own strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, this is a very different issue for single-player games and multiplayer games.

3) What about armor? Quake's armor is much more, well, significant than do you feel about this? Is this a largely positive or negative thing?

4) Do most of you prefer the utterly random style of deathmatch that centers exclusively on killing everyone in sight, or do you prefer more teamplayish variations?

5) Do you like the fact that you lose everything in your posessition when you die or, conversely, your oppenent is rendered essentially helpless after you have killed him once?

6) Item collecting in general: is the focus on item-collecting in Quake generally a good thing or a bad thing?

The Grail
The Grail is now online. The first batch of articles on this Quake webzine include interviews with Joost Schuur, Sujoy, Nomad, Uther, Zoser, pRy, and Cantona.

HOver Development Kit
The M.O.D. has released a developers kit (containing movement code) for authors to make maps for h0v3r, the futuristic hovercraft racing mod they are working on.

TeleFragged Message Boards
TeleFragged has setup a whole bunch of Message Boards covering most every 3D game going.

New Film@11 (Moves Part 1)
A new beta (version 0.95) of Film@11 (the cool demo editor) is up at the Film@11 page, which has moved to

QSBN (Moves Part 2)
Quake Server Browser News & Reviews (QSBN) has also moved, the new URL is

KQP (Moves Part 3)
The homepage of the Killer Quake Patch has moved to

Golgotha at E3
Crack dot Com has announced that they will be showing a preview of Golgotha at E3 in the Diamond Multimedia booth (#329), please email ddt if you plan on stopping by.

The CD's are in the Mail
As promised (rumored?) the Ultima Online CD's have shipped to beta testers. Thanks Edward.

More 3D Fantasy
On the subject of Ultima Online, EverQuest is another game that looks like it wants to conquer the massive multiplayer fantasy universe. Thanks Prophet.

As the Blue Turns
Sorry if I'm a little slow these last few days... it's because I'm so fast now: I've been fooling around with my new motherboard (PPro 200) zoom! Actually, it's fair to point out that my schedule is going to be flakey through next weekend. I have a private LAN Party with my bro's from the Brothers Gib and the Rangers this weekend, and next week is E3, which I might end up attending for just Thursday, because my brother is getting married... when it rains it pours. I better gas up the BlueJet now...

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

The Return of w00d
Brace yourselves, w00d is making a comeback. This is from American McGee's .plan:

go check out the interview with our new employee at my bud Zith's page:

This interview marks the start of the new Quakew00d, which Zith is turning into an all-around humor page. Anyone who wants to write for the new page should send him email:

Underworld Server
Disruptor updated his plan detailing the move of id's QuakeWorld server, Underworld.

The popular Underworld Deathmatch Server that's been running here at id has been moved. It's new home is; or

Also, the server pages that were hosted at Underworld have now moved to under the QuakeWorld section.

The reason for all these changes is that I'm working alot more on Quake II as of late, and Underworld is the only computer in my office that can run the new code Cash and Carmack have been working on. I could not run both qwsv.exe and quake2.exe simultaneously.

Rogue Server
Gateway posted the IP of a non-QuakeWorld Rogue server: He encourages you to mail him the IP of your server, if you're running the Rogue pack, and reminds any programmers that are looking for work to email your resumes to

DreamWorks Job
Speaking of help wanted, Will Bryant sends word that the ClanRing Page has news of a job opportunity for a lead game designer with DreamWorks, Steven Spielberg's company.

Otaku Quake
The creators of the upcoming Otaku Quake (check out the java bells and whistles on this website) are polling people on a title for their Hexen2 based release.

FAQ Proxy Revisited
Version 1.04 of FAQ Proxy, a Quake proxy, has been released on the FAQ-Proxy page. After hearing from the author, Juha Kujala, I feel I need to clarify that while this proxy can indeed allow Quake clients to connect to the Internet from behind a firewall, it will only work if the proxy is running on the firewall machine (which is not the case for most who are stuck behind firewalls). The main features of FAQ-proxy are the ability to record demos across level changes , an observer mode (up to 30 observers can watch the game), and packet filtering, which can help on slow links. The new version has better WinQuake and GLQuake support and offset modes for observers to use a multi-monitor setup.

Quaker's Convention
There's a LAN Party in Seattle, WA, planned for July 12. Details can be found here.

Masters of E1M7
Gibmeister and I Stinky are organizing a Masters of E1M7 tournament. Check your ping at (QuakeWorld), which almost always runs E1M7, and contact them if you're interested.

More GL QuakeWorld
There are some more nifty screenshots of GL QuakeWorld on the Ranger's page.

John Cash Speaks
A log of John Cash's appearance last night on IRC posted on the Quake 2 Channel.

Levelord Deathmatch Map
I saw on sCary's that the Levelord has released his new deathmatch map. Here's Hipside (409 KB).

WorldCraft Info
The Forge news page has a small log of Worldcraft author Ben Morris answering some common questions on subjects like vertex manipulation, Worldcraft, and car crashes.

King of Skins
Rorshach has updated his website to have even more content related to the creation of skins, and has been renamed the King of Skins.

The Quake community's funniest website, QuakeWeek, has moved to

Still More m3 Photos
Photo's from m3 continue to trickle onto the net (though they will all, no doubt, beat OneThumb's oft promised "Da Party Pics"), as Clan The has finally posted a few of theirs.

Quake Keyboarders Anonymous
Quake Keyboarders Anonymous is for those afflicted with the sad problem of using the keyboard as a Quake controller.

Clan Tournament
Clans interested in joining the VisiNet Quake Clan Tournament should email Lame[Deadly Rage].

Hexen 2 Screenshots
There are some new Hexen 2 screenshots as part of eXcape's Hexen 2 preview.

Raven Request
Nathan Albury of Raven Software is asking for some feedback from the Quake community on some key game design issues. You can email Nathan with your observations on game design issues, and though he probably won't be able to respond to many or even any of the letters, he promises to read them all.

Version Watch
A clever idea by the Chemical Brothers Clan is Version Watch, to help you keep tabs on the latest and greatest versions of Quake mods and maps.

Commercial TC Discussion
There is a discussion of commercial add-ons on TC Magazine , including commentary from members of the X-Men, Quego, and Painkeep add-ons.

Wing Commander Quake
Version 0.04 of the Wing Commander Total Conversion is available at New features include: a holographic decoy, the Tachyon gun, and some degree of GLQuake compatibility.

Expert Quake
Expert Quake 1.0 is a mod that seeks to add better weapon balance to Quake (Why? The rocket launcher feels perfectly balanced in my hands...) with weapon damage and other attributes tweaked to promote different capabilities and uses in Deathmatch. Expert Quake includes full support for Deathmatch, Teamplay, and soon-to-be released CTF modes, and can be downloaded from

Wampey's Censuses
The newest questions, results, and responses have been posted at Wampey's Censuses.

Doom TC Screenshots
There are a couple of screenshots (one GLQuake and one regular) of the Cacodemon from the YPOD: Doom TC up on Moxill Interactive: QuakeTC HQ.

Sin Preview
There's a preview of SiN, based Millennium's visit to Hipnotic, err, Ritual Entertainment this weekend. Read all about it on SiN CiTY.

QSpawn Moves
QSpawn, the Quake front-end, has moved to, thanks Prophet.

Quake School
There's a new service to improve your game called Quake School that promises to provide IRC lessons and even one-on-one tutors on the battlefield.

Quake Done Quick
Quake done Quick is a demo of a run all the way through Quake on Nightmare skill (done in 19:49). As well as being available as a regular demo, the run is also available reshot from a different camera and includes production changes. available here.

Special Forces Interview
There's an interview with Hitman of the Special Forces TC up at Time 2 Quake.

Team Canada
Information about joining or challenging Team Canada are available on the Team Canada Page.

Female Quake Tourneys, Etc.
There is a sign-up form here for an All Female Quake Tournament. Also, the female Australian team has finished their selection process, and are now presumably turning their attention to challenging the rest of the world. Info is available on the Tormented Souls page (there is also an update to the cool collection of Quake art there).

New CTF Level Guide
There is a new guide to all the levels on Threewave CTF that was created as a cooperative venture by Paco and Cromwell's CTF page and Phantom Lord's Quake Lair. The guide is available at either site.

LAN Party
Clan BloodThirst is hosting a LAN party in Dallas for the weekend of July 4. This public/private event will require RSVP. For more details, email or call (409) 866-2621. More drtails are on the web page.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Quake 2 = id Only
There is a misconception floating about that I have perpetuated myself , that anyone but id is releasing any games using the Quake 2 engine in the foreseeable future. Here is the note on the subject I received from id's CEO, Todd Hollenshead:

To clarify a point that is apparently confused (even though Carmack has made this statement in his .plan file), id Software has not completed the Quake II engine, so no game company has it yet. The only game with the Quake II engine that can be reasonably anticipated to ship this Christmas is Quake II. We won't release the code until the game is done and on the shelves. Thus, it is not accurate to say that any company (even Apogee) has the Quake II codebase. So it is inaccurate to say that Half-Life is a Quake II engine game.

GLQW Screenshots
Here are a couple of the cool new screenshots of Jack Mathews' and Zoid's work in progress, GL QuakeWorld (still in closed beta) that were posted on Redwood's page (thanks process for letting me know I could lift them):

TeamFortress Quake
The new beta of TeamFortress 2.5 that has been posted on the TeamFortress page, is promised to be the last beta before the final release of version 2.5. I received a well done demo that was kind of like a music video, to promote TF 2.5. The demo was pretty nifty, I presume it will be made publicly available eventually.

The Company Formerly Known as Hipnotic
Hipnotic is now known as Ritual Entertainment, apparently due to a trademark conflict.

Paul Steed on Quake 2
halogen of the The Quake Resource Center has a bunch of info from Paul Steed about Quake 2 in his .plan.

One Thumb Revealed
There is an interview with my digitally impaired buddy, OneThumb himself, up on NAWC Gold, talking about the Internet and the gaming industry, etc.

WoT Bulletin Board
There is a Wheel of Time message board up to answer questions about this upcoming unreal engine game, thanks Prophet.

The Clan Leader's Poll (CLP) and Quake Foundation League (QFL) are each back online. There is also a free raffle on the CLP Page to get celebrate the restart.

Another Quake 2 Monster
id Software's Quake 2 Page has been updated with another cool animated gif of a Quake 2 monster, thanks C4.

Rangers on the Move
The Rangers homepage has moved to its own server at

ParadoX Interview
There's an interview with ParadoX by Fragmaster up on PlanetQuake.

QSoccer 4
QSoccer Version 4 has been released on the QSports page. There is also a permanent QSoccer server online at (

Ole Yankee Quakeshop
The Ole Yankee Quakeshop, Quake model making page, has been updated to include instructions on how to animate models.

The always entertaining QuakeWeek has been updated with some new articles, including one by Fragmaster.

Redwood is having a Quake trivia contest in honor of his one millionth visitor.

Monday, June 9, 1997

New Half-Life Screenshots
Hot off the presses (or whatever the screenshot equivalent of presses is), here are new screenshots of Valve's upcoming Quake II engine game, Half-Life. Shots that include monsters are promised in the future. The shot on the right is an example of their 16-bit rendering: colored lights that blend naturally, all done in software (red, green, and blue lights create white light when mixed).

Wedge and Choryoth will also be attending E3 (though they aren't sure where)... if you want to contact them, you can catch them at the Hipnotic party, or email Choryoth to make arrangements.

There is an interview with Ion's biz dude Mike Wilson up on (thanks Reverb). There is also a log from a Disruptor appearance on IRC that's appeared in a couple of places, including the Quake 2 Channel (thanks Prophet) and Means Of Destruction's Quake ][ Section (thanks again Reverb).

Quake II Image
I saw on Redwood's that there is a cool new image of a Quake II model up on id Software's Quake II page:

Duke Image
Thanks Lithium for word on the new Duke Nukem Forever image up on 3D Realms' Duke Nukem Page (see if you can identify him in the lineup below):

New QuArK
Thanks Mike Morton for word that version 3.3 of QuArK, the Quake Army Knife, has been released on the QuArK Page.

TeamFortress Tips
The Sawmill is a page with tips for how to play the Heavy Weapons Dude in TeamFortress (so you can go take out those damn snipers). Thanks Prophet.

Nightmare Speed Demos
Nightmare Speed Demos is a collection of demos with the best times and 100% kills on nightmare skill (thanks Prophet).

The NAWC has launched a couple of new sites, NAWC Gold to carry interviews and articles, and the Unreal Cafe, serving up Unreal news (and, presumably, coffee).

SWAT Update
The SWAT Team Page has been updated describing a very clever sounding weapon: tear gas (thanks Prophet).

More Quetiquette
Quetiquette (Quake etiquette) has been updated with more tips from Emily Post.

Tokay Interview
American "Tokay" McGee stopped by Undernet #Quake2 and chatted a lot about Quake 2. There are edited logs of the conversation up on several sites, the one's I'm aware of are the Means Of Destruction's Quake ][ Section, the Quake II Channel (thanks Prophet), and Quake Level Editing News.

Server operators running ThunderWalker CTF should get version 3.01 which fixes a few bugs with 3.0 (clients need not download anything new). The update is available, along with further details on the Valley of the ThunderWalkers.

Ganslick Interview
There's a new interview by Flood on TC Magazine, this time with Ganslick of Quego.

Q-Fig Box
The Q-Fig Box is another site dedicated to collecting and presenting aliases.

CTF News
GamesNet has found a new webmaster (lucky7) for the CTF News page which being updated once again. Thanks luvless.

Thanks Antagon for sending along word of Dietmar's Software Corner which contains a program to get VESA 2.0 modes on video cards using S3 chipsets.

LAN Parties
There's a LAN Party June 28 in Scottsboro Alabama. More information is here, also the home of the LAN Party Connection Page, a list of other upcoming LAN Parties.

Free Web Page Design
This page has information on how you can get a web page designed for your clan, etc., for free in return for providing a link back to the designer.

Sunday, June 8, 1997

qED InstallShield Fix
Thanks BloodWolf for pointing out the note on the qED page saying that files would again be available for download this weekend:

"All downloadable files on this site are being rebuilt with the newest version of InstallShield to correct for instabilities reported, especially on Win-NT4. The qED-Lite is also being updated to correct for a problem with the qbuild.bat file that conflicts with some NT4 settings. These new files are scheduled to be posted to this site this weekend (9 June 97)"

Hexen 2 Screenshots/Info
There are some new screenshots of Hexen 2 and a whole bunch of information gleaned from last night's HexCon3 up on Among the details revealed by the Raven developers about their upcoming game (Oatmeal promises to post the entire log later):

More Wheel of Time Screenshots
Thanks Prophet for word on Next-Generation's Wheel of Time preview that contains some more screenshots (though as Spike points out, I don't believe any of these WoT shots with monsters and characters are in taken in-game).

Chris Bolin Interview
There is an interview with Chris Bolin of The Evolve Team on QuakeMania by our pal Prophet discussing Evolve's new release, PainKeep.

Demo Launcher Plug-In
There's a Plug-In available to on the Quake Demo Launcher page that allows Netscape Navigator users to launch demos from a website (the previous version was an Active-X component that only worked on Internet Explorer).

There's CTF LAN Party in Grand Rapids, MI on July 12th. Details are on Grand Rapids Capture or email Celtic.

m3 RealVideo
Wanker has converted his 12 MB AVI (a little extravagant for under two minutes of video) of footage he shot at m3 to RealVideo format, which trims it down to a little more digestible 2 MB. On the QuakeCafe.

Ultima Online
Thanks Dredd for pointing out this Ziff-Davis article that speculates that CD's are shipping soon to beta testers for Ultima Online, one of the more anticipated games of recent memory.

Saturday, June 7, 1997

Zerstörer Will Rule the Cosmos
Our old friend Darin McNeil (Quake Will Rule the Cosmos) has teamed up with some other talented partners to form Nihilism Unlimited, who will be releasing a PC called Zerstörer - Testament of the Destroyer. To whet our appetites, a really cool non-playable demo (875 KB) made using Darin's revolutionary cut scene generator has been released. Cut-scenes will apparently integral to advancing the plot of the PC, though this demo is more like a movie trailer than an indication of what the modified gameplay will be like. Here's the release:

June 7th, 1997 -- Nihilism Unlimited is proud to shed some light on their upcoming partial conversion for Quake, 'Zerstörer - Testament of the Destroyer'. A non-interactive demo has been prepared to instill fear in the hearts of men. The demo is a level showcasing our amazing cut-scene technology to set the stage for Zerstörer. A unique experience, promising to bring together the best single-player and deathmatch elements of first-person action games into a fresh, well-balanced product. The player will find themselves wielding fantastic new weapons, facing challenging new monsters, harnessing the power of incredible items, and making their way through insane and challenging locations. Go to to begin your journey into madness.

New Killer Quake Patch
Version 2.1z of Howard Roy's Killer Quake Patch (2.8 MB) has been released on the KQP Homepage. The new release features several enhancements and bug fixes.

Extreme P.A.I.N.
Beta 2 of Extreme P.A.I.N. (2.5 MB), formerly P.A.I.N. Gold, has been released. Other download sites and more information are available on the P.A.I.N. Page.

Thanks Prophet for word on the new screenshots of Wheel of Time, available at the Beauty of Madness, former Unreal site now dedicated to the upcoming Unreal-engine Wheel of Time game.


Those interested in a LAN Party near Boston on June 29, check out the MassQuake Page. Clan Meet II is a LAN event planned in London for 5th July. If you have any questions or would like to confirm your attendance please contact either RawMeat or Uther ASAP. Also July 5th and 6th will mark the first ever Albuquerque Quake Tournament, the deadline for entries is June 29. If you're interested in participating in a (yet to be planned) LAN party in Boise, Idaho, email Michael Durrant.

Final 16
The 16 finalists in the controversy fraught Red Annihilation Ferrari tournament have been posted here on the ClanRing News page.

Quake Newbie Guide
A couple of new topic areas have been added to the Quake Newbie Guide in the past week. A section on Quake-related IRC, and a section on names, covering everything from "how not to be Player" to "animation."

Ion Party Recap
Polish and Monolith's account of the Ion Barbecue is up on Quakemania (thanks Prophet).

Second-Generation Vérité
There's a story about the next version of Rendition's Vérité on GameCenter. Thanks Prophet. The Vérité 2200 promises improved performance over the 1000, though there is no mention of whether there will be a version of VQuake that takes advantage of the newer chipset's features.

American McGee Interview
There is an interview with American McGee on the QuakeWorkshop discussing Quake II editing issues.

New jaw3d
Version 2.84 of the model viewer jaw3d has been released on the newly redesigned jaw3d site.

QuakeOn the Quake front end featuring the fabulous Helping Head, has moved to Version 0.92 of QuakeOn has also been released with the following new features:

Deathmatch Tips
Tips on the the first three deathmatch levels are available in demo format on Schindler's Quake Deathmatch Page, with a promise of demos of DM4-DM6 to come.

H0v3r Map Specs
The specs for creating maps for H0v3r the Means of Destruction's upcoming modification have been posted on M.O.D.


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