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Friday, July 24, 1998

He Lives!  [9:42 PM EDT]
Finally got my FTP straightened out (full explanation of where I've been is Out of the Blue). Here's the update I hoped to posted in the wee hours: I have not tried to catch up more as I write this, but now that I can upload again, I'll try to get caught up ASAP (still could be quite late, after some food and perhaps some merriment).

New Kali  [9:42 PM EDT]
Version 1.5 of Kali95 is now available on their FTP site, as usual a bit in advance of any mention on their website, but Chris Tuttle who passes along this news says the new release is mainly new game support (ahh, but which games?).

Your Own Sin Easter Egg  [9:42 PM EDT]
Well, since I can't upload this page as I'm writing this, it's probably too late to be useful, but Charlie Wiederhold's .plan has an update on how a couple of folks will be able to write a couple of Easter eggs for Sin.

Shogo, Half-Life, Turok2 Previews  [9:42 PM EDT]
There's a big ole Half-Life Feature on 3DGaming.Net. The preview offers interviews and some new screenshots. Also, I saw on Voodoo Extreme that Next-Gen has a Shogo preview up taking a look at Monolith's upcoming LithTech engine game. Finally, there's a Turok2: Seeds of Evil preview on GameSpot.

WarGames Demo  [9:42 PM EDT]
Also ganked from VE is word that there's a WarGames demo up on GameSpot that's a 3D accelerated RTS based on the movie ("How about Global Thermonuclear War?").

Stereo 3D Mania  [9:42 PM EDT]
H3D Entertainment, Inc has announced that with Wicked3D's new WickedVision, that there are now more than 50 games offering H3D stereo support. A special offer is available on the glasses alone, or bundled with a Wicked3D for a limited time.

New Oak II  [9:42 PM EDT]
A new version 0.4 of the Oak II Bot is out. Looks like the Oak author is going to put together a Rocket Arena 2 type mod to create bots for, since the source for RA2 is not available.s

Robin Walker Interview  [9:42 PM EDT]
Another interview with Robin Walker of TeamFortress Software is up on the The Citadel (funny site). This one is pretty darned in-depth. Thanks Deadpool2 at Ethereal Team Fortress

Rainbow Six Screenshots  [9:42 PM EDT]
Four new screenshots from the upcoming the Tom Clancy-inspired Rainbow Six are up on Rainbow Six HQ, also two more segments of that RealPlayer "takedown" video are up on the Rainbow Six Media page.

Blood2 Arms Control  [9:42 PM EDT]
Monolith's Jay Wilson updated his .plan with word that defense cutbacks have reached al the way to their upcoming Blood2, which is to contain fewer weapons than originally planned, though I think it's safe to say 21 is still more weapons than most games offer:

We haven't really announced this anywhere, other than simply mentioning that we were in the trimming and cutting stages of development, but since I see regular posts on the Blood forum about the number of weapons in B2 I'll make it official. We've cut a few weapons from that original list of 30. Some were cut because of time, but most were cut because of redundancy and game balance. Basically, we eliminated any weapons that didn't serve a unique function, seemed out of place, etc. Our trimmed down list consists of 21 weapons. Almost all the announced weapons have remained. There are a few that we changed cosmetically. For example, the rocket/grenade launcher is now the Napalm Launcher, an improved version of Blood's original weapon of fire and destruction. Rest assured that these changes will only improve Blood 2 as a game, since they will allow us to spend more time perfecting and balancing the weapons that have made the cut. Also, we're keeping some of the best remnants of those that didn't make the cut, we may still re-work them for a Blood 2 add-on. We'll be doing an update to the weapon's page on the B2 site in the not too distant future to show off the improvements we've made. It is our goal to make the most awesome and powerful arsenal ever seen in a 3D shooter, and I think we are well on our way to that goal. :)

Unreal OpenGL Interview  [9:42 PM EDT]
A DreamForge interview on PlanetUnreal talks with the team doing the Unreal OpenGL port.

Wulfram Beta  [9:42 PM EDT]
A free beta of a multiplayer action/strategy hybrid called Wulfram (looks a bit BattleZone-esque) is up on TEN. Thanks [EH-2]NukeWinter.

ION: Dominion Patch, Deus Ex Genre  [9:42 PM EDT]
Word in the news over on ION Storm's website is that a patch for the full version of Dominion: Storm Over GIFT 3, is now available. There's also a reprinting there of a letter from Warren Spector to GameCenter correcting their description of Deus Ex as an action game, where he says "It's first-person perspective roleplaying game, plain and simple."

Quake Console Commands  [9:42 PM EDT]
Though admittedly not as timely as it could be, Jack Frost's Quake Console Commands is probably the most comprehensive such document I've seen (I'll brace for a slew of corrections having made such a broad statement). Also, Jack passes word of his updated scripts for Quake, also fairly comprehensive, offering settings for Action Quake, Catch The Chicken, Expert, Freeze Tag, JailBreak, Lithium II, Loki's Minions CTF, PowerBall, Rocket Arena 2, Superheroes II, Threewave CTF, and ThunderWalker CTF. Available on the PQ Download Center.s

ZDoom  [9:42 PM EDT]
Version 1.14 of ZDoom - Doom for Win32 (including NT) is now available. ZDoom builds on the publicly available Doom source to add features like mlook, jumping, higher resolutions, a console translucent, and much more.s

Tom Follow-ups  [9:42 PM EDT]
In response to some fallout from a couple of recent articles, Tom's Hardware Guide has posted a "little addendum" to the recent 3D preview, and an article on AGP and Memory following up on that thread. Thanks Don.

etc.  [9:42 PM EDT]
The PQ gang have opened up another planet in their ever-expanding universe, PlanetFortress is devoted to all the doings in the TeamFortress scene ... Here are a few PowerBall 2.0 servers:;; and ... PC Gamer sends a reminder that their Quake 2 Mod Contest concludes Friday, July 31 at midnight Pacific Time. Among what's up for grabs is $2,000, a Voodoo 2 from Creative and 3Dfx, and a signed copy of Quake II ...s

Out of the Blue  [9:42 PM EDT]
What an amazing day I had yesterday. I had a connecting flight to catch in Pittsburgh, and thunderstorms on the east coast delayed my arrival there just long enough to miss it, and of course that flight was the last one to leave Pittsburgh on time for the rest of the day, so I ended up with a seven hour layover (the Pittsburgh airport is one big shopping mall: conspiracy theorists could have a ball with this). And now I find myself locked out of my own FTP, and so, though I wrote this update in the wee hours, I can't upload it. I doubt that was a very worthwhile story for anyone, but I feel a bit better for having shared, thanks  =]

Thursday, July 23, 1998

Traveling  [9:00 AM EDT]
Off in the BlueJet, next stop Texas!

More on the Evolve Q2 Add-on Pack  [9:00 AM EDT]
eXodite Dimensions' Chris Holden updated his .plan with another hint about this Team Evolve Quake II project that was mentioned yesterday (story). Thanks Martin Edelius. Here's the update:

I've recently done some contract work for Team Evolve's upcoming Quake 2 mission pack: Zaero. What I like about it most so far is some of the really cool new weapons (some DM only, those are really fun), and the fact that we actually made a new boss unlike some other mission packs. ;)
There should be a lot of info on it and screenshots released soon, but until then, check out the Team Evolve web site at

No hint yet whether this project is authorized by id or not, though John Callaham points out that the release date listing on EB World lists the project's publisher as Simon & Schuster, who recently made agreements with Activision to release authorized Dark Reign and BattleZone add-ons. The release date they give is August 20, 1998.

More Quakeadelica  [9:00 AM EDT]
The Quakeadelica site is online, at this point only offering a small What's Quakeadelica? section describing this event which will ultimately pit Thresh against a UK champion, to be crowned through a series of heats on Wireplay (story

Blizzard Departures  [9:00 AM EDT]
Ten Resign from Blizzard is a Next-Generation article that talks of the resignation of ten employees from Blizzard Entertainment, including James Phinney, one of the producers and designers of StarCraft. The article discusses a few of the reasons behind the resignations of the group, who are apparently forming a start-up development studio, though no mention is made of the factors mentioned in James Anhalt's .plan (story).

Sin Movie  [4:24 AM EDT]
GameCenter has posted another SiN Movie in AVI format (around 4 MB) gearing up for the playable demo release, still slated for this Sunday. The page offers a warning: "As you'll see from the clip, SiN isn't kiddie entertainment. It's tough stuff with lots of firepower and over-the-top combat." Thanks Darren Day.

Earthquake II TC  [4:24 AM EDT]
Described as a TeamFortress style mode for Quake II, version 0.69 of the Earthquake II TC is now available, as a preview of the mod. This version offers three new maps and six classes.

Unreal Resources and "Cool Things"  [4:24 AM EDT]
New Page 4, AKA Tim Sweeney's Latest Unreal Technology News page, has word on a new resource, the UnrealScript Question And Answer Page manned by Stonage, GreenMarine, Yang, and Zarniwoop (thanks John B.. Sprague). Tim's update also has a lengthy list of suggestions for Unreal projects he calls "Cool things you can do with Unreal today." Speaking of Unreal resources, gary7 passes along this Unreal Resources page devoted to just that subject.

Half-Life Conceptual Art Contest  [4:24 AM EDT]
Artists Beware is a new contest on to be judged by Valve Software, is looking for Half-Life artwork (full rules are on the page):

Artists that are interested must design and create a piece of conceptual art (art that you design to capture a peticular scene you, the artist, wants to see (i.e. Government Grunt chasing after you down a hallway with grunts at the other end of the hallway shooting rockets or bullets at you). This art will either be sent via mail (for those of you who draw on paper and have a scanner or can get it scanned at office max) or via e-mail (for those of you who have the ability to design and create art with a artwork program) for the Valve Software artists to judge. The winners will receive Half-Life accessories courtesy of Valve Software.

Unreal TNT Shots  [4:24 AM EDT]
RivaZone has some screenshots of Unreal on a TNT

New Matrox NT Drivers  [4:24 AM EDT]
Version 3.61 of the Unified Matrox driver for Windows NT is up on the   latest drivers for Matrox Graphics Accelerators page. Thanks Jon Warner at Games Planet.

A3D Drivers  [4:24 AM EDT]
Aureal A3D Interactive Drivers page has new A3D drivers which apparently fix problems on Pentium Pro systems. Thanks Brendon Cassidy.

3Deep  [4:24 AM EDT]
Sonnetech Introduces 3Deep(TM) for Ultimate Lighting and Shading in 3D Games. 3Deep is a gamma control utility for DirectX6 (DX6) and 3D games, and Creative Labs and Matrox have already announced that they will bundle it with future products. Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance.

Turok2 Preview  [4:24 AM EDT]
PC Gamer Online previews Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

New BCK3020 Screens  [4:24 AM EDT]
Some new BCK3020 Screenshots are up on the BattleCruiser Website.

Tourneys  [4:24 AM EDT]
This Online Gaming League is running a bunch of ladders, some with several divisions: CTF (Open, Modem, and European divisions); Rocket Arena; Deathmatch (Open, Modem, European divisions); and  LM-CTF. Speaking of LMCTF, that's the focus of The Ragnarok, A Loki's Minions CTF Tournament, planned for Jacksonville, FL for July 31 to August 2. also the infamous Wu-Tang Clan is having a big tourney to celebrate their second anniversary. Also, the World Quake League is the first Quake Arena league I've heard of (with good reason), and they have just announce their inaugural 1999-2000 season.

Out of the Blue  [4:24 AM EDT]
I'm gearing up to fly to Dallas mid-morning today, and will be back in the Blue Tower Monday evening. I'll only find out when I'm there how well I do in remote access, there's a possibility I will have technical difficulties sending email (as opposed to my normal non-technical difficulties sending mail), either way, if you have something you want to write me about that's not a news story, you may want to wait until next week.

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

New Quake II Mission Pack?  [9:06 PM EDT]
PlanetQuake has word of a banner ad on Sgt. Hulka's Bootcamp from Team Evolve that hints about what they've been up to, which PQ says is a Quake II mission pack. Word on PQ is that a press release on this is expected tomorrow, in the meantime here is the text from the ad:

You were faced with an impossible mission... Save the mining colony from the Strogg Rebellion; destroy all resistance. The eggheads back home thought you were expendable. They thought wrong..

Descent into the Dementia  [9:06 PM EDT]
Today's Daily Dementia talks with one of the lead programmers of Descent III about the game, the engine, and what the D3 engine is capable of.

Daikatana Double Feature  [9:06 PM EDT]
Daikatana.Com has a feature up on what the team is working on for the game currently, as well as a new Daikatana background, suitable for wallpaper depicting Hiro Miyamoto

New jawMD2  [5:11 PM EDT]
A new version of the jawMD2 Quake II model viewing program is out on the just relocated jawMD2 Homepage. The big news is the new version is now freeware, and now offers pixel-detail zooming.

New Messiah Shots  [5:03 PM EDT]
Processed News has scored some screenshots from Shiny of their upcoming Messiah. He's posted three today with the promise of the rest tomorrow.

LavaCam for Quake II  [5:03 PM EDT]
On the newly launched LavaCam for Quake II page, is the their first release, LavaCam version 1.07. Here's a feature list:

Newer Wicked 3D Drivers  [4:01 PM EDT]
The new drivers they released yesterday (story) are old news, as Metabyte has newer Wicked 3D drivers up on this page. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Anachronox Designer Diary  [3:06 PM EDT]
GameSpot's Designer Diary for Anachronox features Tom Hall talking of the big A's failure to snag a best of show award at E3, his being misconstrued in his moment in Time Magazine's spotlight, and the big A team's hard work on the game, and at playing Banjo-Kazooie.

New Intel CPU's  [3:06 PM EDT]
bootWire reports Intel Announces Coppermine And Cascade Processors (thanks Dublin) talking of a pending Intel announcement of a previously unspoken of 366 MHz Celeron CPU, some Celeron release dates, a bit on the move to an .18 micron process, as well as the announcement of two new CPUs:

In addition, two new processors are officially being unveiled: Coppermine, a desktop and mobile processor family, and Cascade, a processor geared toward workstations and servers. Both will appear sometime in the second half of 1999 and adopt the new .18micron process. However, speeds, cache sizes, and branding are undetermined at this point.

Robin Walker TF2 Interview  [12:32 PM EDT] has posted an interview with Robin Walker of Team Fortress software with some Q&A on Valve's upcoming TeamFortress2.

Messiah Movies Vivo-ized  [12:12 PM EDT]
Jeremy over at AGN3D is on his way to becoming to Vivo encoding what JUDGECAL is to RealPlayer, converting everything he can get his hands on. Today the Vivomeister posted the Messiah AVIs from earlier (story) in Vivo format to be easier on your bandwidth.

Quake Arena FAQ  [10:21 AM EDT]
The Frequently Asked Questions for the game formerly known as Quake III has gotten a similar name update as the Unofficial Quake III FAQ (or I should say one of the several Quake III FAQs) has become the Unofficial Quake Arena  FAQ, now starting over at version 0.01. Interestingly this FAQ contains not even a single question.

GamesNET Does CPL Servers  [8:26 AM EDT]
GamesNET to Provide Tournament Servers for CPL Event is a new press release announcing my fine friends at GamesNET (hosts of this very site) will be providing servers for the event in Dallas this week.

BattleZone Pure3D II Workaround  [7:58 AM EDT]
[FoX]Madoc spotted a note on Purified3D with a workaround for the problem with the new Pure3D II drivers and BattleZone reported earlier (story), Here's the scoop:

"Just to let you know, I tried replacing the PURE3D2T.DLL file as was suggested and it worked like a charm. Battlezone, which was crashing my Pentium II 400 all over the place, now runs great. Finding an older file is no problem. All anyone has to do is copy the file from the driver CD that came with your Pure 3D II and copy it over the one that was included in the latest release."

Messiah AVIs  [6:50 AM EDT]
Saw on Cyrellis 3D that Shiny has released Video Clips from Messiah showing the character animations (no in game stuff here). Also, I see Billy spotted a move by Team Ego (the creators of Messiah) to (how could they be named Team Ego and not have their own domain?).

3D Guide  [6:50 AM EDT]
Principles in 3D can help you catch up on your ABC's of 3D. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme

Unreal Meets Dig-Dug  [6:50 AM EDT]
Oddities has posted their latest odd Unreal modification, the Dig-Dug gun. If you are unfamiliar with the sublime thrill that is/was Dig-Dug, the weapon of choice here is a dart gun that will inflate your victim with air until he makes like Yaphet Kotto at the end of Live and Let Die.

Requiem Preview  [6:50 AM EDT]
There's a Requiem Wrath of the Fallen Preview/Interview on 3DGaming.Net. There's also a discussion of the best sound-cards for this game (which is still in development), up on Hell on Earth.

Four Portals Source  [6:50 AM EDT]
Team Spleen HQ has released the source and all accompanying materials from their recently released Quake II movie Four Portals (they say they plan on always releasing such materials with their projects). There is also extensive technical info on their page that should be helpful to other movie makers.

Linux LMTE, Server Patches  [6:50 AM EDT]
The Loki's Minions Capture the Flag page has LMTE ports to Linux and Solaris up, as well as word on upcoming Eraser bot support, and word of a workaround to get the Eraser running in LMCTF in the meantime.

New Matrox Unified Drivers  [6:50 AM EDT]
Version 4.11 of the Windows 95/98 unified display driver for Matrox cards is now up on the latest drivers for Matrox Graphics Accelerators page. Thanks CGIB OverKiLL.

K6-2 Quake II SLI Benchmarks  [6:50 AM EDT]
HPC Hardware Guide has posted some benchmarks of AMD's K6-2 running Quake II in SLI mode.

Spec Ops Software AWAL Patch  [6:50 AM EDT]
SpecOps.Org has posted the software renderer version of the AWAL (All Weapons All Levels) patch for Spec Ops (thanks busy Billy at Voodoo Extreme). Also, seems the first version of the 3Dfx patch up there was corrupted, so if you had troubles with that, it should be good to go now.

BattleZone and Pure3D II  [6:50 AM EDT]
Sean Parque passes along a reply he got from Activision to his email about BattleZone's failure to work with the latest Pure3D II drivers:

Although I hate to blame another company, the problem is with the latest drivers from Canopus. Any version of Battlezone, from 1.0 to 1.31, will not work. It's not the best solution, but for right now, we are telling customers with Canopus Pure3D II cards to go back to the old drivers that came with their card.

Sorry for the problems you had.

Matthew Paul Associate Producer, Battlezone Activision

Dark Forces FAQ  [6:50 AM EDT]
Here's version 2.60 of the Dark Forces FAQ. Thanks Frans at 3D Action Gamers.

Single Player Unreal Heaven  [6:50 AM EDT]
Single Player Unreal Level Heaven.

Siege League  [6:50 AM EDT]
The brand-new Ancient and Venerable Siege League HQ (okay, so it's brand-new and ancient) is up and running, this six team league battles for supremacy on the HexenWorld teamplay mod, Siege.

What They Said  [6:50 AM EDT]
James Anhalt (Redline Games), updated his .plan with word on some of the fallout at Blizzard over the "accounting irregularities" recently found at Cendant (thanks PSX at Ritualistic). Also, Mike Werckle (Chaos) wrote a tongue-in-cheek sympathy update in his .plan for the producers at Activision who "suffer under RITUAL and RAVEN:"

The Name Game  [6:50 AM EDT]
This LEC logo story seems to have about run its course (most recent story if you're catching up). Here's a satire of the story: Nike Sues Sierra Studios (thanks Bryan), and Dakota points out the original claim on the eye theme should probably go to Rah, from ancient Egypt, here's his (uncopyrighted) "logo", the Wedjet, from this page.

Out of the Blue  [6:50 AM EDT]
Gearing up for the trip to Dallas. Got my SPF 2000 (proven to forestall human combustion for up to 20 minutes!), and I have hopes of doing a better job than usual of getting the site updated while on the road (kinda sucks to have a road trip torpedo the site for several days). Things seem promising in that area, but as always, the proof will be in the pudding (it always is, just ask Bill Cosby).

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

New Wicked3D Drivers  [11:05 PM EDT]
The Wicked3D Support Drivers page has new beta drivers for the Wicked3D. Thanks GL Gamers Resource. According to the Readme: "Metabyte's Wicked, super-high performance drivers optimize the potential of this 3D chipset, breathing visual fire into all of your 3D games."

Frag Master Debuts at CPL  [11:05 PM EDT]
Thrustmaster Will Unveil Fragmaster at CPL Event is a CPL Press Release announcing the debut of TM's new controller geared at the FPS genre. Here's some of the poop from the P.R.:

Frag Master, a two handed game control designed specifically for first person shooter games such as Quake™, Duke Nukem 3D™ and Unreal™, is the first controller of its type to utilize both hands to control a single device. Frag Master’s unique ergonomic design gives novice users higher accuracy in their shooting, and allows them to easily perform difficult maneuvers such as the popular circle strafe. Experienced gamers will appreciate the exclusive "MegaHurts™" mode which has the same performance and speed of a mouse (the most popular device for use with this type of game), but gives the user optimum control by using both hands.

S3 and Tom  [11:05 PM EDT]
I got the following mail from Paul Crossley of S3 Incorporated:

Saw your link to the 3D accelerator review on and just wanted to send part of a response I posted on Dimension3D:

".....Bottom line, as evidenced by reviews on bootnet, c/net GameCenter, Cyrellis3D, GameSpot, Next-Generation Online and OGR, the numbers posted on are incorrect. While I don't know the origins of the board that Tom has (it looks to be an early "first silicon" rev. being tested with Vsynch on.), the results it generated are clearly not representative of the performance levels Savage3D is capable of.

Tom rarely makes mistakes and we like to think we're perfect, but in this case something is out of whack. Suffice to say that we're working with Tom to get back on track."

Heavy Gear II Video  [8:30 PM EDT]
Phoebus sends word that the Heavy Gear II video from E3 is up on Activision's Heavy Gear II page in AVI format. Here's a local copy (3.8 MB).

Crack Texture CD  [8:30 PM EDT]
Word comes from Crack dot Com that they're making a CD of some textures available for purchase:

Crack dot Com, developer of the cult-hit Abuse and the anticipated 3D real-time strategy title Golgotha, has made available a CD specifically tailored for game artists titled "Game Textures CD1".

Crack dot Com released "Game Textures CD1" today for sale.  CD1 is a compilation of textures gathered from outdoor environments, buidling faces, and military and civilian vehicles.  These high-resolution textures were specifically designed by Crack artist Kevin Tyler for use by game artists who demand high-detail tileable textures for use in 3D games, and many of the textures appear in Crack's upcoming title Golgotha.

CD1 is currently available only directly through Crack dot Com. An order form and index of the textures is available at For more information about Game Textures CD1, e-mail

Rainbow Six Videos  [7:08 PM EDT]
Billy over at Voodoo Extreme passes along news of a short Rainbow Six movie in RealPlayer format in two flavors: Higher quality, smaller screen and Lower quality, larger screen.

New GameSpy  [6:58 PM EDT]
Version 2.02 of GameSpy 3D is out. Here are local copies of the full installer (1.3 MB), and the upgrade for previous versions (664 KB). Here's the dope on the new release ganked from the page:

AGP 2.0 Spec Finalized  [6:58 PM EDT]
Intel Announces Final Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Interface. Thanks wwmd. Here's a quote from the press release:

Details on the AGP Pro interface specification, included as an addendum to the AGP Interface Specification Rev 2.0, can be found at

AGP Pro is expected to deliver up to four times the electrical power of today's AGP interface specification. It includes an enhanced connector, improved cooling system, form factor specifications such as graphics card size, and layout specifications to meet the demands of workstation graphics users on both IA-32 and IA-64(TM) platforms. The new specification will be supported in both AGP2X and AGP4X modes. AGP Pro includes advanced capabilities such as high-performance single and multiple image display, integrated video and 3-D functionality, and advanced realism. These features will significantly improve performance for users of simulation, mechanical CAD, financial modeling and digital content creation applications.

ION Webmasters Interview  [6:58 PM EDT]
An interview with William Haskins, Dave Cash, and Bill Nadalini of the ION Storm Website is up on the Daikatana Cabana at Stormtroopers.

New Incoming for CL V2 Bundle  [6:58 PM EDT]
This 3D Blaster Voodoo2 Download Incoming page has word on how customers in the Americas can download a new version of Rage Software's Incoming. A 3D Blaster Voodoo2 serial number is required to download the game, and the CD from the original bundle must be in the drive to play. Thanks Randy Perry.

Alt.Hype.Banshee  [6:58 PM EDT]
3 Fingers sends word that 3Dfx has a new newsgroup on their news server (News Server: dedicated to discussions of their upcoming Voodoo Banshee accelerator. The new group is 3dfx.products.voodoobanshee.

Quake Announce Moderator  [2:09 PM EDT]
Bad Mr. Frosty sends word that he's the new moderator for, so posting to that newsgroup can re-commence.

Gateway Does Voodoo2  [2:09 PM EDT]
Gateway Offers 3Dfx Voodoo2 Technology On G-Series Multimedia Systems. Thanks Cipro.

Mr. Doom Interview  [2:09 PM EDT]
GrayDays 3D Gaming Cul-de-Sac. has an interview with Mr. Doom, one of the oldest of the old-school webmasters (though I still never got a link on his Quake links along with Bad Peon's Gaming News, Gary's Quake Page, and Ventana's Quake Site).

Out and About  [2:09 PM EDT]
Out and about for a couple of hours... for snicks and giggles, here's the funniest link I've seen in a long time (or maybe it's just me). Peep! Thanks toe. Oh yeah, it turns out I am indeed going to make it to Dallas this weekend to help with the spontaneous human combustion experiments.

Levelord Profile  [12:55 PM EDT]
Levelord rules over game design is an article in the The Dallas Morning News.

CPL Article, etc.  [12:55 PM EDT]
The Cyberathlete Page has a scan of another The Dallas Morning News article profile on the CPL event (actually mentioning the Gamer's Guide). also, the CSN Cyber Sports Network coverage of the event has begun. Also the Gathering of Developers has announced a live edition of the Oracle from the event.

Vintage id/Apogee Interview  [12:14 PM EDT]
Joe "Dopefish" Siegler has posted an old NBR newscast on the Apogee/3D Realms Site that is a profile of Apogee and id from back in 1992, talking with Apogee's George Broussard and Scott Miller about shareware and id Software. The profile also speaks briefly with John Romero (sporting a nifty John Stamos look), then of id software, who's seen hard at play with Jay Wilbur (also at id at the time). Here's a local copy of the profile (6.0 MB, zipped) in RealPlayer format (the link on the 3D Realms site is to GamesNET's copy since Joe was having trouble with his FTP today). Here's the word from the page:

The other day I was going through some videotapes of mine, and found this little tidbit of Apogee history.   It's a 2.5 minute long interview with Scott Miller & George Broussard done in the summer of 1992.  It aired back home in Philadelphia in November of 1992 on the NBR show that is on PBS.  It was a report on Apogee (and id Software) and how we were changing the face of computer gaming.

This interview was done in the post Wolfenstein 3D hysteria (as Wolfenstein is all over this video), and also has an interview with John Romero (now of Ion Storm). In addition to Scott, George, & John, you can also see some others in the background (but don't talk) - our own Steve Blackburn, as well as Jay Wilbur, John Carmack, Adrian Carmack, and I believe Kevin Cloud of id Software.

AI Article  [12:00 PM EDT]
An OGR special guest Column features Harvey "Witchboy" Smith talking about enemy Artificial Intelligence in games.

Unreal GameSpy & Master Server Tweaks  [12:00 PM EDT]
Saw on Unreal Nation that Unreal Times has reported that GreenMarine of Hardtech Industries has been hired by Epic on a contract basis to work on getting better GameSpy support into Unreal as well as re-writing the master server.

Multitexturama  [12:00 PM EDT]
Billy at Voodoo Extreme has a story up with a gang of links to articles on multi-texturing for your reading enjoyment.

Shogo Extension Pack  [10:20 AM EDT]
Instant Access has announced a partnership with Monolith Productions Inc. to produce a Shogo: Mobile Armor Division extension pack. Here's the scoop:

Monolith Production's "Shogo", currently scheduled to ship in October and tipped to be one of the hottest games of the year, will be followed by an extension pack currently being developed by Instant Access. Greg Rice, Managing Director of Instant Access said, "We are extremely pleased to be working with Monolith. Shogo is going to be one of the most spectacular games of the year, it will develop a following amongst game fans who will crave more once they have conquered the original, and this extension pack will keep that momentum alive".

Shogo uses Monolith's LithTech - one of the most advanced next-generation 3D engines in gaming. LithTech supports: hierarchical key-framed, rigid envelopes and shape deformation, and motion captured animation, coloured lighting effects, dynamic lighting, light mapping, and translucency and transparency for water and glass effects, large scale particle systems, custom textures for models, real-time shadows, and up to 32-player multiplayer games.

The extension pack being developed by Instant Access will feature:

The extension pack will give players hundreds of hours of additional gameplay. Jason Hall, C.E.O of Monolith Productions said "This is a great deal for everyone, the customer gets extended life for Shogo, We can focus on future development with the knowledge that there will be a follow up product which will extend the life and interest in Shogo, and with advance information and proprietary tools, Instant Access will create a great follow up product that will be out within 3 months of the original".

The Shogo extension pack is scheduled to ship in December 1998 and will be co-published by Monolith Productions and Instant Access International. Distribution for North America, Japan and Russia will be managed by Monolith. Distribution for all other territories will be managed by Instant Access.

CU-See the CPL  [10:20 AM EDT]
The CU-SeeMe Online Events Calendar has word of live video coverage of this weekend's CPL event in Dallas and a free temporary CU-See Me serial number so you can use a copy of this video-conferencing software to check out the live festivities. On a side note, I may have spoken too soon about my attending the event myself, arrangements are being a pain this late in the game. We'll see.

Lithium Quake II  [9:11 AM EDT]
Version 1.16 of the Lithium II Mod for Quake II is out, with versions available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. The new version has VWep support built-in (IT can be toggled on the client  end like Q2 v3.15+ with cl_vwep), admins can now add and remove bans in-game, and a number of bugs have been fixed.

New Drakan Screenshots  [9:11 AM EDT]
The Surreal Software Screenshots page has some brand-new Drakan screenshots up. Drakan is a 3D action / adventure game in the works that will offer sword-fighting and airborne combat on dragon-back.

Quakeadelica, UK Thresh Challenge  [9:11 AM EDT]
NetGamer has word of a search for the UK's greatest Quake player kicking off today as Wireplay plans a series of heats throughout September to find a challenger to take on Thresh in a mid October event called Quakeadelica, a winner-takes-all deathmatch in London.

Gaming in the Workplace  [9:11 AM EDT]
Just how unacceptable is gaming in the workplace is a CNN article examining this question which might elicit a different answer from you than your boss. Thanks devilbunny.

More G200  [9:11 AM EDT]
The Adrenaline Vault reviews the Matrox Mystique G200.

On Mac Trespasser  [9:11 AM EDT]
The Trespasser page has a request to halt requests for the Mac port. Thanks Trespasser Central.

Bot Aids  [3:49 AM EDT - Updated 9:11 AM EDT]
Quick Start - Eraser Bot Wizard is up to version 2.22. The Eraser Bot Launcher is up to version 2.20 adding a couple of features and bug fixes. Version 1.7 of FrogBot Edit adds a QWSkin option to skin your bots, among a few other new features.

GX Quake II Tourney Mod  [3:49 AM EDT]
The first beta release of the Gamers Extreme Tournament Mod for Quake II is out. This mod is designed to manage team matches as well as one-on-ones, offering what is described as a comprehensive voting system, three chasecam modes, and control over many different types of matches including practice modes. It's a server only mod and you must submit your email address to download it.

New Spec Ops AWAL Patch  [3:49 AM EDT]
A second beta All Weapons All Levels (AWAL) patch for Spec Ops is up on SpecOps.Org. Beta 2 is 3Dfx only, as some bugs are being squashed in the OpenGL version. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Multiplayer Requiem  [3:49 AM EDT]
A letter from Cyclone is up on Hell on Earth briefly outlining how multiplayer play will work in Requiem: Wrath of the Fallen, via services like Mplayer and Gamezone.

The Eye's Have It  [3:49 AM EDT]
POV David vs. Goliath is a GameCenter article that casts an eye on the LEC--Remedy logo story (original story). Also Scott Miller's .plan shows that he hasn't been following along on the logo antics over here (tsk Scott, you know there's a test at the end of the semester), as we've already covered the Melbourne House logo here, but Scott did beat me to the punch on this one that I was gonna post today (I guess I just did).

etc.  [3:49 AM EDT]
It's time for OpenGL on Stepwise calls for Apple to support OpenGL. Thanks QSA.Lazlo ... Happy one year anniversary to Medusa & Stheno's Candid Quakeworld Camera ... Ultima Ascension Producer Leaves reports GameSpot, saying that Origin has confirmed the departure of Ultima: Ascension producer Ed Del Castillowith the project's executive designer Richard Garriott (Lord British)to take charge of the project. Thanks Jazzzzz  ... That Quake 2 Server Ops page I mentioned recently has been down more or less since then with a techie glitch, but it's back online now ... Not game related, but sooo cool: Settlement in first antispam law. Thanks Deicide ...

Out of the Blue  [3:49 AM EDT]
I kinda waffled on attending the CPL thing, but I've decided to go. The neat thing about waiting until the last minute like that is that airfare only costs like a million dollars (the BlueJet is in the shop).

Monday, July 20, 1998

Tim Sweeney on Particle Systems & The Org  [10:40 PM EDT]
Tim Sweeney updated his Latest Unreal Technology News (also affectionately called "New Page 4") mentioning an article he wrote on how to make particle systems work in Unreal, as well as some commentary on the occasion of the closing of Unreal.Org he calls "The Changing of the Guard" (thanks John B. Sprague). Here's an excerpt:

Yet, the mainstreaming of Unreal does not discourage me, because I know the best is yet to come: there is a tremendous amount of new progress being made in the Unreal community toward new mods, new levels, and new tools. We have a lot enhancements in the queue, and our partners such as Legend Entertainment, Ion Storm, and 3D Realms are coaxing the engine into doing things we didn't dream possible. And, the team is beginning to see a rough outline of the things to come for our next project, and some of the possibilities are immensely exciting.

Prax War Release Date  [8:30 PM EDT]
Rebel Boat Rocker Randy Pitchford updated his .plan with a clarification about the release date for Prax War:

I've noticed some confusion lately about our 'release date'.

Let me clear it up:

Right now, we have no official 'release date'. We hoping for Q1 '99. We used to be hoping for the end of this year, but there's just too much cool stuff we wanted in the game we're not going to cut just to make some date. EA's got a nice plan for us...If you haven't heard an official 'release date' directly from them, than any release date you've heard is conjecture.

The systems have to be solid, the game has to be insanely rich in content and the engine has to be cutting edge, or it's not 'done'.

It's really damn cool to me that some dudes seem to be anticipating the game so much that it hurts them to hear that it may come out later than the end of this year. I'm sorry it hurts, but I'm hyped that there's so much concern about whether or not it's late.

Anyway, as far as I can figure, we're not late, we hope not to be late and if we are late it's only to make the game better. Since we've not announced an official release date, the definiiton of late is TBD.

So, I'll say it again: We have not officially declared a release date. Any 'estimations' that have been out there have been made with a clear understanding that things change, development is dynamic and the only real ship date can't be found on a calender, but within the quality of the product.

So, this industry doctrine of unknown origin is just about the sweetest thing developers who care about quality have ever heard:

"A late game is only late until it ships. A crappy game is crappy for eternity."

Cheapo Proxy  [8:30 PM EDT]
QuakeWorld Enhancements has the Cheapo Proxy for QuakeWorld, which has fewer bells and whistles than Qizmo, but is also free (now that's cheapo).

DEMentED II Derailed  [8:30 PM EDT]
The home of the Quake II demo editor, DEMentED II, has word that the reason so little has been heard from this project lately is that the author has been hired by Surreal Software as a game programmer. He hopes to return to it to finish some things off, but it is uncertain when. Thanks Woburn.

Scott Miller Interview  [8:14 PM EDT]
Universal Gaming Network interviews Scott Miller of 3D Realms. Thanks 3DNews.Net.

id's New Hire  [6:44 PM EDT]
id finally sent around an announcement with word on their new Director of Business Development Anna Kang:

id Software appointed Anna Kang as Director of Business Development. Kang brings her experience as the creator and producer of the QUAKE(tm) All-Female Tournament (AFT), an on-line gaming competition for women. She will be responsible for overseeing business issues, marketing opportunities and public relations. "id Software continues the tradition of hiring quality talent," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software. "Anna's work on the AFT is a remarkable showcase of her marketing abilities while highlighting her overwhelming respect for the world of gaming." As a result of Kang's commitment to the AFT, the event secured coverage in countless media outlets, from Newsweek and New York Times to Wired and CNN. In addition to that success, she also brings her business expertise as vice president of marketing for Toucan Enterprises, a telecommunications company and as director of marketing at the west coast based franchise, Koo Koo Roo, Inc. "I have a great appreciation of the awesome games developed by id Software and an even greater admiration for the team behind the success of this cultural phenomenon," said Kang, Director of Business Development for id Software. "id Software leads 3D gaming. They forged DOOM and QUAKE, who wouldn't be proud of being a part of this team? id Software pushes the envelope every time they develop a new game and I'm proud to be a part of that. I'm looking forward to growing with this influential company for years to come."

Voodoo2 Reference Drivers  [6:44 PM EDT]
The Voodoo2 Drivers for Windows 95/98 page has another new set of Voodoo2 reference drivers. These are the drivers released by Creative Labs recently (story), without the need to sign up. The release includes Glide 2.53, Glide 3, Direct3D, DirectX and the Voodoo2 Control Panel, described as "the minimum set of drivers that you'll need to run your Voodoo2 board," and a separate file is available with a control panel that to allow you to disable v-sync, sacrificing WHQL compliance. Thanks Billy "Compliance" Wilson, Voodoo Extreme.

Action Quake Interview/Profile  [3:37 PM EDT]
Gamers Digest's look at Action Quake 2 offers a look at this Quake II mod, and an interview with Cail, the Action Quake coordinator.

Crack's Situation  [3:13 PM EDT]
Dave Taylor, ex-id Software programmer, and current Crack dot Com head-dude, made a very serious update to his .plan today, showing the difficult road taken by the small independent developer. Here's hoping things work out well here:

Conventional biz wisdom says you shouldn't announce this sorta thing, but I do so because of an annoying decency streak. So before the rumors start to fly, I should announce that Crack is in deep financial shit. We're not in debt and refuse to enter debt, but we just ran out of cash and are not making payroll. We have a lot of potential opportunities, but the easy ones tend to be short-term band-aid-ish opportunities that detract from the company mission, which is Golgotha, Golgotha, and oh yes, Golgotha. Those of us financially stable enough to weather some time without being paid will stay on. We're all confident the money will come in, including those of us who can't afford the loss of income. There is just too much value in the project, it's inexpensive to complete, and there are too many opportunities even outside Golgotha. But two of us, Gene & Stephen, don't have the reserves to miss a single payroll, so I'd like to help place them at other companies. Gene is a simply brilliant composer, and it will totally hurt to lose him. I count my lucky stars that we at least got the game's soundtrack done. Whoever gets Gene wins The Big Prize. I've worked with a few great composers, including Bobby Prince, Thomas Dolby, and Trent Reznor, and I know what I'm talking about. Gene is the shit. Stephen is an absolute expert at all things military, passionate about it, and a damn good artist when it comes to modelling, texturing, and animating the same. He's a consistent source of excellent, pragmatic design ideas, he's ex-military, and a perfect employee to groom as a lead designer or producer. You can check out his portfolio & resume on his home page. Give me (or them) a write if interested. I pride myself on rolling in all the good resumes, and these two guys are real winners. My e-mail is Theirs are and Anyway, wanted to dispell any rumors that we've "closed our doors." We've tightened our belts, we're now working on our personal dimes, and our eyes have a few more bags under them, but Crack isn't yet headed for the crapper.

Links Page  [3:03 PM EDT]
I got a few requests in the last couple of days to update the ole Links page here, and since the newsdesk has been fairly quiet this afternoon (cue crickets: *chirp, chirp*), I dusted the page off and made a go of updating it. Feel free to send corrections and additions here (simply, with a Subject "Link Page"). I'm sure I've forgotten some very obvious and important things, so if it's your project I neglected, please don't be offended, just let me know (otoh, please understand if you send me a link that doesn't seem to share something in common with the ones already posted, it may not be suitable).

Tom on the Coming Wave of 2D/3D  [11:56 AM EDT]
Tom's Hardware Guide has posted a preview of 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee, NVIDIA RIVA TNT, and S3 Savage3D. As usual, thorough and interesting throughout, here's a clip from the summary:

First of all I would like to remind you that this is a PREview, not a review of final products. TNT is at very early stage, but all the other chips will certainly go through several improvements as well.

What we can say now though is that Savage3D did certainly NOT live up to the claims of 'Voodoo2 performance at S3 prices'. As a matter of fact Savage3D is not by far as fast as Voodoo2, it's not as fast as Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo Banshee is selling for almost the same price as Savage3D. Savage3D will be an interesting competitor to Matrox' G200, since those two seem pretty close to each other, also in terms of 3D quality. G200 has an edge with its larger local memory support of 16 MB though.

The real winner of this test is still a dual Voodoo2 in SLI mode. I estimate that nothing will come close to it until 3Dfx will release their next Voodoo3 (?) chip.

South Park Quake II  [10:40 AM EDT]
South Park Quake II, the mod that stays dead about as well as Kenny, has released an alpha version of the project from a few months back and a test map that is said to contain a never-before seen surprise (thanks squire). Okay, so what is the deal with Kenny in this project? Here:

For those of you who've asked, Kenny does not have a weapon, nor can he pick one up, or steal one from someone else's uncle. Kill him, you lose a point, and he gets a point.

Shogo Level Shots  [10:40 AM EDT]
Shogo Mobile Armor Division page has some shots of the entries in the Shogo level contest. They've also posted that recent "bootleg" movie, so I guess it's official now. Thanks Revolt: Shogo Intelligence Division.

Quake versus Quake II  [10:40 AM EDT]
OGR Meanderings of a Medusa examines the semi-burning issue of "Quake 1 vs Quake 2?"

PC FFVII Review  [10:40 AM EDT]
GameSpot UK's Final Fantasy VII (PC) Review is up offering opinions on the game, as well as a chance to win a copy of your own to judge for yourself.

The Intel Factor  [10:40 AM EDT]
3D Over-Time has a new article up called Is Intel Really Such a Big Deal examining the big I's actual impact in the 3D accelerator marketplace.

Shadows of Reality Designer Diaries  [3:45 AM EDT]
Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance for word that the Shadows of Reality site has the first installment of the Designer Diary for Shadows of Reality an upcoming Internet Cyberpunk game using the LithTech engine. Here's the lowdown on part one from the page:

In the first in what will be a series of Designer Diaries chronicling the Shadows of Reality development process, we demonstrate the steps that took place during our first cyberspace prototype. Follow along as we go from empty world to a fully realized Data Fortress. Screenshots included

Action Quake2  [3:45 AM EDT]
A server-only version 0.94 upgrade to Action Quake2 is now available. The new release tweaks falling damage and a couple of weapons, fixes a couple of bugs that occurred while bandaging, and re-adds the semi-automatic pistol. Thanks Loe.

Trespasser Vivos  [3:45 AM EDT]
AGN3D has some Trespasser videos up in Vivo format.

More G200 and A3D  [3:45 AM EDT]
HardwareCentral's Matrox G200 review is up, as is Combatsim's, and a Turtle Beach Montego A3Dxtreme review on Voodoo Unlimited Power. Saw all of those on Cyrellis 3D.

Quad Launcher  [3:45 AM EDT]
Version 2.0 of the QUAD Launcher Quake/Quake II front-end is out.

One-on-One Tourney  [3:45 AM EDT]
Darkside Quake II 1-on-1 Tournament will have a low-ping and a high-ping division with 32 players in each.

New Sites  [3:45 AM EDT]
-={[PEST]}=-'s & -=Busta=-'s Weapons Factory Strategies,, Half-Life Down Under, Dead Reckoning (3D Space Game, thanks Gamer's Alliance), Quake 2000, and LinuxGames.

Eye Carumba!  [3:45 AM EDT]
Seems folks are enjoying the idea of playing eye for an eye with LEC over this eye logo dealie with Remedy (story. and follow-up). QuakePsycho points out that Time Warner Cable and NVIDIA both share the eye theme, and there were many to point out the granddaddy of them all, but Raul Rios was first, and he even sent a visual aide:

logo_cbs.gif (725 bytes)

Out of the Blue  [3:45 AM EDT]
Horrid jokes? You must be thinking of some other Blue  =P (thanks Ant).

Sunday, July 19, 1998

Levelord Interview  [9:35 PM EDT]
There's a Levelord Interview on LA Reviews. Here's a favorite question and answer (careful Levelord, you can bite your tongue when you keep it in your cheek):

Question: From what we gather you're currently working on Sin. So where might we have sampled your work in days gone by?

Levelord: Well, I have done a few levels before, but nothing significant until SiN. It's all been 'warm up' until now ;)

QuArK RingMap Site  [9:35 PM EDT]
The QuArK Ring-Map Site is a chain-map style site for users of the QuArK map editor, where each mapper works on his own copy of the map which are eventually re-circulated, hence ring-map instead of chain-map.

Unreal Energy Drain Gun  [9:35 PM EDT]
Oddities has their latest Unreal mod, which is not as odd as much of their work: It's a refined version of the ASMD Gun where the alternate-fire projectile is a a tazer-ball that will stick to its target and drain the target of health, and then will return to the firer and imbue him with the "stolen" health.

New QuakeLauncher  [9:35 PM EDT]
Version 2.00 Final of QuakeLauncher is up on Schmitt United Software. What is QuakeLauncher? Endlich, ein Windows '95/NT Programm, dass Quake, Quake 2 und Hexen 2 ohne lästige und überflüssige Batch Dateien startet. Ihr könnt sie alle vom Desktop löschen!!! (A Windows '95/NT program for launching all versions of Quake, Quake 2 and Hexen 2. NO BAT Files for different configurations needed any more!!! ).

New Chaos DM  [2:18 PM EDT]
Chaos Deathmatch for QuakeII version 1.02 is out, offering many enhancements for a more LAN and Internet friendly mod, as well as a new Respawn-Invulnerability, greater configurability, and some bug fixes.

Eye, Now That's a Logo!  [2:19 AM EDT - Updated 2:18 PM EDT]
Let me re-word this... I wonder what the National Film Board of Canada thinks of LucasArts' logo? (Related story.) Thanks Robert Carroll. Hmmm, then there's the Melbourne House (thanks Geoff at GameSlice).

HacX2 Screenshots  [12:28 PM EDT]
There are some new HacX2 Screenshots on the Banjo software page.

QuakeMovie Beta 5  [12:16 PM EDT]
QuakeMovie Homepage has posted beta 5 of QuakeMovie, the in-Quake demo filming aide along with the source code. The new version adds a load of new features, including Fades and Gamma flashes, a completed in-Quake help system, two new morphs, and the availability of cheats in deathmatch to help with special effects. The next version will be the first official non-beta release.

Qizmo  [12:16 PM EDT]
A new QW 2.29 beta compatible version of Qizmo, the QuakeWorld proxy (15 minute timed shareware) is out.

Ladder Utility  [12:16 PM EDT]
Rage-on HQ, has word of the Rage-on utility, designed to easily allow those running ladders to post results on a webpage. There's a sample of the program up to try before you see if you want to spring the £10 Sterling or $20 US that the proggie costs.

onethumb's Sound Thinking  [12:16 PM EDT]
Ritual's single digit Jedi Master updated his .plan and then added a follow-up with some sound advice on sound cards talking about the strengths of the A3D PCI cards, giving one thumb up (sorry, the best he can do) to the Turtle Beach Montego PCI specifically.

I can add here that I picked up one of those very cards recently and just love it. The midi sounds like crap (I believe a daughter board or something can be added if this really bothers you), but everything else about this card is terrific, including a small framerate increase in Quake, the ability to play sounds that would preempt each other on many other sound-cards (play .mp3s during Quake -- sweet!), and all that cool 3D positional stuff in hardware (check out games like Unreal that address this -- very cool), and priced to sell. I'd have to give Montego PCI two thumbs-up myself (not to one-up onethumb or anything). I totally dig it.

Heretic II Update  [12:16 PM EDT]
Jeremy Statz updated his .plan with a Heretic II update:

Heretic 2's moving along really well... a lot of minor control issues are going away and the cool little details are starting to emerge. I'm starting to feel really good about it and how everything's going with my maps. The fire kicks ass, the gore and severed limbs fly freely (well, when you use your halberd... tough to sever limbs with a fireball), and the AI stuff is getting really neat. The buoys give enough control that monsters can be made to do some really interesting, complicated stuff if the situation calls for it.

Also, Scott doesn't kid, that blood Nathan implemented just rules.

Unreal De-Org  [12:16 PM EDT]
Unreal.Org has closed its doors, capping the event posting their history with an explanation of why they shut down, and what this means for you, as well as a Shouts page. The guys who ran the Org were an interesting crew with a strong sense of ethics, and we need more folks like them in this scene, not less. Good luck guys.

Expert Quake II  [2:19 AM EDT - Updated 12:16 EDT]
Version 2.4 of Expert for Quake II is out. The new release works around a friction problem with the expert grapple and Quake II 3.17, and fixes and tweaks a few other things.

Ken Hoekstra Interview  [2:19 AM EDT]
Raven's Ken Hoekstra is interviewed (here's a blast from the past) by Jo Nat Han in Lone^Wolf's .plan.

QW Server and Client on One Machine Again  [2:19 AM EDT]
Metropolis has an updated version 1.3 of Priority, the program that allows a QuakeWorld server and client on the same Windows machine (Linux users can do this without Priority, BTW, Linux users, here's the new  LinuxGames.Com).

More Unreal OpenGL  [2:19 AM EDT]
Tim Sweeney made another post to his Unreal Technology News page on OpenGL Unreal giving more details on specific cards (thanks Preacher at Unreality.DK). Here's the post:

More on OpenGL People have been asking about performance on other cards such as the ATI Rage Pro, Permedia, and some high-end OpenGL accelerators. I don't have any numbers on these cards, but the OpenGL alpha will be out soon enough, so people will be able to check them out and compare numbers.

Keith Leonard @ DreamForge (one of the two programmers working on the Unreal OpenGL support) reports that the Rendition v2200 is now up and running slightly faster than Voodoo 1, thanks to a heroic programming effort by Rendition on their OpenGL driver. He also feels that Intel i740 performance is mainly being held back by their driver: the i740 hardware supports 8-bit textures but the OpenGL driver does not -- so there is a possibility of much better performance if Intel enhances their driver. It looks like driver optimization is going to be crucial.

Trespasser Interview  [2:19 AM EDT]
Raptor's Den has an interview with Rolf Mohr talking about Trespasser.

Quake II DX CTF  [2:19 AM EDT]
Version 1.4c of Dimension X Capture the Flag for Quake II is out, fixing some bugs from the previous release.

G200 Previews  [2:19 AM EDT]
There's a new Matrox Mystique G200 Review on Anand's Hardware Tech Page, and another on AGN3D.

DMPak2 Servers  [2:19 AM EDT]
Here are a list of servers currently running DMPak2 (story) by Feartech:

Quake Clan Hosting  [2:19 AM EDT]
Quake Clan dot Net is looking to host Quake Clans and will host the first 30 clans that sign up for free (sounds like the rest have to pay).

GN DM Tourney  [2:19 AM EDT]
Results and demos from late round action in The GamesNet DM Tournament have been posted.

Help Wanted  [2:19 AM EDT]
A job opening:

Eclipse Entertainment has an opening on Dragon for a programmer with experience developing bot AI.  Dragon is a fighting and exploration game set in a 3D world.  Dragon will be published by Microsoft in 1999.  We are looking for a programmer to work exclusively on the fighting and path-finding AI.

You must live in Austin, Texas or be willing to relocate.  Eclipse offers a great work environment, competitive salaries, stock options and a comprehensive benefits package.  Experience is less important than ability.

Applicants should send their resumes to Michael Sandige at

To learn about our products visit our web pages at and

Out of the Blue  [2:19 AM EDT]
Thanks for all the nice letters to GrandmaBlue (I think I'll show them to her). Funny, if I had started early enough, she could theoretically be a great-great-grandmother right now... though I like to think I make up for the missing pitter-patter of little feet by being especially immature. Image of the Day (now remember this rarely works out to be daily) is the x-ray with this news story that shows the side effects of playing with nailguns (sounds like it waxed his FPU -- ouch!) Thanks Shinote.

Saturday, July 18, 1998

New JK PowerVR Patch  [8:49 AM EDT]
PowerVR Game Patches has a new PowerVR Jedi Knight patch. Thanks Frans at 3D Action Gamers.

FragStats  [8:49 AM EDT]
The Fragstats Homepage has version 1.05 of their FragStats frag-logger for Quake II, now offering GS standard log support, deaths no longer includes suicides, an "Alias" option, and more.

Carmack & Cash at CPL Tourney  [3:38 AM EDT]
The Cyberathlete Professional League has announced that id Software programmers John Cash and John Carmack will be giving a talk at their upcoming event. Here's the word from Polish:

We are pleased to announce that John Carmack and John Cash from id Software will be discussing Quake III Arena and related issues, at the CPL Event on Friday, July 24th at 3:00 PM.

The CPL Event Schedule page located at:

Unreal, OpenGL, and 3D Cards  [3:38 AM EDT]
Tim Sweeney made a huge update to his Unreal Technology News page (thanks Jeremiah and Rebecca) that give a load of detail on what's going on with 3d support, including recommendations about hardware. Here's just a small chunk:

Here's where it stands. With current 3D cards other than 3dfx, the OpenGL results are disappointing. 3dfx is the only current hardware that is delivering great, steady performance for next-generation games.

Rendition delivers decent performance for Unreal, edging out the software renderer's performance.

The Riva 128 and i740 run slower than the software renderer in complex scenes. They have serious performance problems due to an inability to efficiently handle large quantities of high-res textures, dynamic lighting, and algorithmic textures. We can't tell whether the performance problems are primarily in their OpenGL drivers (which would be good, because the drivers could then be optimized), or in the hardware itself (which means the performance problems are unsolvable on existing hardware).  We're working to squeeze out as much performance from the hardware as possible, as are the hardware companies, but the results aren't very promising.

At the heart of the issue is texture usage. Unreal levels use a huge quantity of textures. Our typical levels use 10-15 megabytes of 8-bit texture maps created by the Digital Extremes artists. In addition, there are 10-40 megabytes of light map textures, which are created on-the-fly as you run around the levels. We try to design our most complex scenes so that just under 2 megs of textures are visible, keeping visible detail to a maximum. In addition, Unreal's rendering approach calls for switching among textures many times during rendering.

Ridah on Q2 Sampling  [3:38 AM EDT]
Ridah updated his .plan with some observations on the mouse sampling story from yesterday:

I'd just like to add my thoughts to the comments recently expressed on Bluesnews and Redwoods, regarding the mouse sampling issue.

Firstly, 10hz mouse sampling is not correct, the mouse is actually sampled every frame by the engine, yet Windows only returns NEW data every 25ms. So if you are to have more than one client frame rendered within the 25ms gap between mouse samples, you are going to get no change for some of them, and then a new result once the 25ms has elapsed.

Now, what Thresh was talking about (I believe), was the method the engine uses to smooth out the appearance and movement of objects in the game. What this method results in, is the VISUALIZATION of objects, at up to 0.1 (+ network lag) of a second behind where they ACTUALLY are. Each time the server sends the client's new position and orientation information, that data is used to smoothly move that object over the next 0.1 seconds. So therefore, you won't actually see that object in the new position, until 0.1 of a second after the server actually moved it there. Add in network lag, and that figure could rise even higher.

QW used to send this data every 0.05 of a second, and didn't have interpolation, so the visualization delay was much lower (pretty much restricted to network lag).

That having been said, Redwood was completely accurate in his comments. Quake2 uses the "fluid graphics" method of interpolation (but with added lag), whilst QW used the "jerky graphics", with more accurate representation of the actual data.

However, both Q2 and QW suffer from the mouse sampling issues, which effects systems running at over 30 fps, but should only be noticable to the advanced player.

No Software Colored Lighting for Gore  [3:38 AM EDT]
Also Joel Huenink of 4D Rulers sends a clarification about yesterday's gore screenshot:

The screenshot is 2 months old, showing a beta version of colored lighting in software mode. It has been confirmed by slam (our engine developer) that colored lighting will only appear in the hardware accellerated version.

Don't Pass the Bong  [3:38 AM EDT]
The Bong East LAN party had a last minute change of venue, check the page if you are attending.

Out of the Blue  [3:38 AM EDT]
Off for the day to visit GrandmaBlue on her birthday, I will probably not be home until quite late (grandma knows how to party!). Oh yeah, I'm definitely losing mail  =\

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