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Friday, August 1, 1997

Quake 2 Screenshots
Thanks [DC]GRiFTeR for pointing out that the screenshots corresponding to the animated GIF in Dis' .plan (next story) are up on id's Quake 2 page.

Flash in the .plan
From Disruptor's .plan (thanks Monkeyboy):

Quake 2 Screenshot
There is a screenshot from a level Paul Jaquays is working on posted on the Quake Workshop.

Deathmatch Essentials
A spiffed up version of the really cool Deathmatch Essentials demo (4.4 MB) that was premiered at QuakeCon has been released on the Deathmatch Essentials page. The demo shows RAzOR Entertainment's new patch (to be released soon), which allows for crouching, and will also show what weapon each player is holding in deathmatch. To show the weapons, a new player model is required for each weapon, which requires 16 MB of RAM to accomplish (one of the reason's id chose not to do it), but if you have the RAM, and most do at this point, the effect works with no slowdown on the machine (and looks beautiful).

Fray Stuff
Priority registration (which pre-registers you for all the tournaments, etc.) for the Fray ends this evening at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. There is also word on the Fray page that today marks the opening of the CyberWeb Cafe (there's an odd "name the painting contest" posted in honor of that), so congrats to them on the occasion. Thanks Prophet.

Half Life Screenshot
There's another new Half-Life screenshot out, this one on Jaspur's Half-Life.

The Sin FAQ, created under the watchful (sinful?) eye of Ritual Entertainment's Harry Miller has been posted on Elitegame's Sin page.

Paul Jaquays Interview
Paul Jaquays, id software artist and writer, sent along word that he did an interview that's posted on the Quake Workshop. Among other things Paul focuses level design and his approach to it. A very interesting, informative read.

Arch Mage
The version 0.1 beta of the Arch Mage TC has been released on the Arch Mage homepage (hey, that rhymes!). The release is in two parts, a zip of the .pak file (4.3 MB), and a zip of the progs.dat (288 KB), to easily allow replacement of one but not the other in the future. Note: you may not be able to use this TC is you have less than 16 MB of RAM. The Beta features 8 new monsters (4 combatant, 4 non), 43 spells, many new items, and a giant level with completely new textures. This fantasy TC looks very cool, and features a conversation mode where the story advances by talking to the other characters in the game.

Un-Unreal Movie
The Unreal movie that was posted on has been pulled because it was apparently the "wrong version". Also, a transcript of Mark Rein on IRC (unrelated to the movie, as Stonage was quick to point out) recently has been posted on Thanks Prophet.

DirectX 5 Caveat
There is a warning on Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo about DirectX 5 interfering with the windows versions of Quake, so proceed with caution. Thanks micron.

Modesty Update!
I just wanted to pass along to the many out there concerned by the lack of contact with modesty since her recent accident. You will be happy to know that the reason for her absence is that she has been convalescing with her sister, which also explains the disappearance of her wonderful webpage: she had it wiped to ensure there was room for all the email that would accumulate in her absence. She returns home soon, and hopefully is well on her way to a speedy recovery.

Quake C Editors

EQCP, The European Quake Contest Page
has relocated to, and their '4th contest' has begun.

LAN Parties
But a single LAN Party addition: Someone attempting to get a gathering together in South Jersey.

Oh, Baby!
Guess the exact time (to the nearest minute) of Mynx's impending baby on the Mynx Babywatch they had no prize, so I've offered to chip in a SpaceOrb ... I laughed out loud at sCary's Vanilla Fudge story (show's what's wrong with me, maybe) ... Got opinions? A Madman's Guide to Game Design is still interested in feedback on what makes a good deathmatch level ... Similarly, the implications of 200 Player deathmatch are discussed in this interesting essay ... News on Bots (the good ones, not the bad ones) on Dark_Skye's Scrap Heap. Thanks legion ... Making skins in 16-bit color is the new topic on Slaine's Skins Tutorial (I've mailed him about the hard to read background, hopefully it'll change) ... Enroll me now! Where else would you want to go, but Quaker Valley High School? Thanks CotE|DeathTongue ...

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Tonight on QuakeCast (no StormFront tonight, it will be next week), we have Dank and Scud, Thresh (if he answers the phone) and the proverbial lots more. The show airs live at 8:30 PM Eastern, and of course will live on forever after that in the archive (eeek!).

GL Screenshots
There are some cool screenshots up on QuakeWorld.Net of the new colored lighting effect for Quad and Pent carriers that will be in an upcoming version of GL QuakeWorld. Thanks Monkeyboy.

Version 0.83 of the BSP level editor is available on

New SoundBlaster Drivers
I saw on Redwood's that new Win95 Full Duplex Sound Blaster Drivers (300 KB) for SB16/SB32/AWE32/AWE64 have been released by Creative Labs.

New Gatling Gun
Gatling Gun version 1.5 has been released on Means of Destruction. Thanks Top Quark.

QuakeWorld Map Beta
Brian Vannatta, author of the famed Danzig series of Doom 2 deathmatch maps (considered to be textbook examples of well made DM levels) is going to be testing his new QuakeWorld map, titled Veni Vidi Vici (Latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered", or "I sat, I napped, I fished", or something) this evening at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. Here is beta 4 of Regular Vici for Quakeworld (692 KB) and Vici compiled for GLQuake (696 KB), also available on Strag's Place of Quakeness. Brian (aka Strag) is looking for more servers to participate, so email him if you can help. The test is currently scheduled to take place on these QuakeWorld servers:

The Fray Games
If you are planning on attending the Fray (and you are, aren't you?), you should probably stop by the Fray Games, which is collecting information about who is planning on playing what games there (other than Quake, of course), to allow attendees to be properly prepared when they arrive.

BuzzKill's Quake Page has a section up devoted to the use of Microsoft's Intellimouse (the one with the little wheel-doohickey). They have also posted a freeware utility to allow you to use the wheel to switch weapons in Quake.

Quake 2 Editing
Plucky posted an email exchange with American McGee on Quake Editing News, discussing what's involved in level editing for Quake 2 maps. Many questions get appropriately vague answers, but the post does reveal that the textures will no longer be held in the .bsp file, though there is no explanation of how id will copyright their maps now (the reason for the inclusion of the textures in the first place.

GL Quake Stuff
Jack Mathews updated his .plan talking a bit more about upcoming features for GL Quake. morbid has been working a bit on the GL miniport which is opening the door for better performance, and more cool effects. Jack also makes a point of crediting Gary McTaggart over at 3DFX as an unheralded hero of GLQuake.

X-Men Page
Marvel Comics has posted their own page on the upcoming X-Men TC (titled X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse).

Midnight CTF
Version 4.2 of Midnight CTF has been released, supporting Zoid's latest fixes and more. There is also a patch there to allow any QuakeWorld CTF to enable the QW1.64 feature that drops the quad and ring powerups when the player is killed.

New Qoole
Version 1.982 beta of WinQoole has been released on the QOOLE Page. the new release fixes the texture crashing bug. Thanks Prophet.

Star Wars Double Header
The Star Wars TC has released a little preliminary demo (450 KB) that turns the super nailgun to a blaster and adds stormtrooper skins to the grunts to give a feel for how this project is going. Thanks Ant. Additionally (and coincidentally), Star Wars CTF has been released, apparently based on ThunderWalker CTF (which is based on Threewave CTF). Thanks David Koskamp.

Quake Name Maker
Version .60 of Quake Name Maker has been released.

Snipe You Say?
PC Games has a new feature called Snipe's Soapbox, where their Quake commentator can do his thing. On tap for the first episode? Why a justification of sniping, of course.

Quake Modeling Association
The Quake Modeling Association, or QMA, has opened its virtual doors. The site has the goal of being a home base for those who make models, and their first featured activity is a monthly low-poly count modeling contest.

Society of the Damned
An .mp3 recording of Freedom Drug, a Society of the Damned song, has been posted on Eye on Ion, to let you check out what has become the Ion Storm house band. Thanks Prophet.

Help Wanted

LAN Parties
LAN Party updates: I mentioned yesterday someone trying to organize a large Northern California event, but I think I forgot to add it to the page, it's there now; I also added what looks like a huge gathering in Finland; Also, thanks to loonyboi for passing along this page, of vital interest to those planning on throwing, or attending a LAN party: a list of Denny's locations

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

200 Players
John Carmack updated his .plan (thanks Slaine) describing something he discussed a bit at QuakeCon: the limit, or lack thereof, to the number of players possible in a Quake 2 game:

quake2 +set maxclients 200


The stage is set for ultra-large servers. Imagine everyone at QuakeCon in one gigantic level! A single T1 could run 80 internet players if it wasn't doing anything else, a switched ethernet should be able to run as many as we are ever likely to have together in one place.

There will be a number of issues that will need to be resolved when this becomes a reality, but the fundamentals are there.

There will probably be issues with UDP packet dropping at the ethernet card level that will need to be worked around with a seperate qued thread.

Quake 2 isn't as cpu intensive as QuakeWorld, but I'm not sure even a Pentium-II 300 could run 200 users. An alpha 21264 could certainly deal with it, though.

The new .bsp format has greatly increased size limits, but you could still make a map that hits them. The first one to be hit will probably be 64k brush sides. Ten thousand brushes can make a really big level if you don't make it incredibly detailed. Loading a monster map like that will probably take over a minute, and require 32+ megs of ram.

I should probably make an option for death messages to only be multicast to people that are in the potentially hearable set, otherwise death messages would dominate the bandwidth.

Everyone should start thinking about interesting rules for huge games. A QuakeArmies dll has immense potential. Enemy lines, conquering teritory, multiple clan bases, etc.

Cooperating servers will be possible with modified dlls, but I probably won't include any specific code for it in the default game.dll.

Yes Jib!!
American McGee has made a pair of updates to his plan that I hope will (but fear will not) settle once and for all that the proper pronunciation of the word gib is, in fact, jib. Thanks Monkeyboy.

**Ugrent update to the Gib-Jib Debate**

The TRUE inventor of the word "Gib" turns out to be Adrian Carmack, who explains as follows:

"Gib is short for gibblet. Gibblets are guts of a chicken. I first heard a friend of mine use the term. Once I started working at id, I would call the guts I drew "gibs"."

Thanks Adrian. Now we can all sleep a little easier.

Following the original:

As far as I know, the word "Gib" was invented here at id during the DOOM days. At first it was how we referred to the little chunks of meat that we left laying around the level in order to add atmosphere to a level. The editor included all types of "Gib". The editor entities were created by John Carmack and John Romero. I am pretty sure that Romero was the inventor of the word, and I know for a fact that he (and everyone else at id) pronounces it "Jib", not "Gib".

When Christian started working here he would say "Gib". After much beating and torture I have convinced him that he was wrong. If you find yourself having a hard time saying "Jib" then please whack yourself in the head a few times and try again.

When You're Hot, You're Hot
KillCreek made it into Rolling Stone's Hot List this month, which also earned her a spot on Ion Storm's website, where they have a copy of the picture (of KC trying to stick a SpaceOrb up her nose) and the article. The article mentions how she cracked the Romero's skull, so apparently he is talking rematch.

Half-Life Screenshot
sCary posted another screenshot from Valve's upcoming Half-Life.

Unreal Movie
Epic has released their Unreal Summer Movie in Quicktime format on the Unreal Homepage. Thanks Anyware. I had mirrored this but Epic asked me to remove it, sorry.

New Testament
Thresh's Deathmatch Bible has been updated with new sections covering underwater fighting and one-on-one strategies. Thanks Anyware.

DM4 version 2
CurMo of YPOD has released an updated version of his patch to bring the new DM4 rules to all. DM 4 version 2 (65 KB), fixes all known bugs, and adds the new variations that Disruptor has made to the original.

Star Wars Skins
Skin stud Dan Bickell has redone his Star Wars Skin collection (383 KB). Check this out:

The Ripper
Kenneth Scott has posted a cool-looking new monster called the Ripper on the SkinForge. Thanks Prophet.

Daikatana Site
Ion Storm's Daikatana site is on-line. Thanks Hudd (Hudd's Daikatana News).

Word on the Stingray 128/3D Drivers
Zanshin, the 3D authority from Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo, has sent along a bit of info to shed light on why the new beta Windows drivers (1.8 MB) for the Hercules Stingray 128/3D are actually slower in GLQuake than the previous drivers.

"...I had an excellent conversation with a source at 3Dfx, who assures me that all is not lost. The reason for the release of the beta drivers is Mechwarrior 2 Mercanaries. It was not their intention to alienate all the GLQuakers out there. Second, the triangle setup problem IS fixed, but there is a new issue with fill-rate being caused by GLIDE internals on the Rush chipset. This is something they will probably be able to fix. ..."

QOOLE Iteration
WinQoole v1.981 beta fixing some bugs that were in v1.98 beta, and DOS Qoole v1.981 beta are up on the QOOLE site . Thanks Daniel. There is also a new version of the QOOLE QuickBar at Matt Lee's QOOLE Page. Thanks Prophet.

TEN Flame
Well, there's been some talk among the participants in the All-Female Quake Tourney about the pros and cons of using TEN as the host. In a development that will shock no one familiar with onethumb, OT has some strong opinions on the subject, and has posted an essay called TEN just has No Clue on his webpage that recounts some of the dialog that has surrounded TEN's participation.

All-Male Tourney
There are two websites up for the All-Male Tourney: and

Word from the Defusion team is that the QW port won't be ready by next week, as originally [promised, because they are working on version 1.0. Also, Monolith sent along the addresses of two known Defusion servers, as there has been some trouble with those previously announced:

HPCL Signups
Some unreliable info turned in by teams signing up for HPCL Season 2 has caused all the sign ups to be discarded. Teams wishing to participate are required to register again (HPCL Season 2 only: other leagues are not effected). HighPing Leagues have added staff members to assist in observing matches. Staff may usually be found in Efnet #highping. Check their website for details on how to become an HPL Observer if you are interested.

Levelord is sitting on some laurels. Okay Rich, get back to work!

Server Admin Help
I get a lot of requests for info on a website to help server administrators: here's a Quake Server Admin Help page being run by the DeathStar Consortium.

Quake for Charity
The details on the Australian Quake for Charity event have been posted on Quake for Kids.

LAN Parties
LAN Party updates galore: a firm date for Phoenix; someone trying to organize a large Northern California event; a monthly tourney in Madison, WI; a monthly Dallas, TX event; a tourney in Wichita KS;

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

The Fray
The Fray page has been updated with news that the event has moved from the Sheraton to the Nanuet Inn in Nanuet, NY, which has cut the room prices almost in half, as well as providing a location with more going on in the vicinity (though no Denny's that we know of). The winners of free registrations from over the weekend have also been posted.

Linux Glide
The Glide 2.4 Rasterization Library for Linux (Voodoo Graphics) is now available from 3Dfx. Thanks dink[LpL].

Chex Quest 2
From the truly offbeat department, comes Chex Quest, a non-violent game based on the Doom engine, available on CD-ROM in specially-marked boxes of Chex cereal. Thanks STZ for sending along the URL of the Chex Quest 2 Page.

Wampeys Census
Wampeys Census has been updated, with news answers and questions. The new results show over 81% of the respondents prefer the pronunciation Gibbed over Jibbed (even though it's short for giblets, which is pronounced jib-lets). Interesting new query: "Given the close relationship between the game companies and the webmasters of the major Quake pages, do you percieve (sic) a possible conflict of interest in reporting *all* the news?"

Witchfinder's Quake for the People
GameSpot has a new section called Witchfinder's Quake for the People to, in their words, "guide you through an armory of independently forged software add-ons for the unholiest of 3-D games". Thanks Fletcher.

Special Forces Quake
Version 1.0 of Special Forces Quake (6.4 MB) has been released on the Special Forces Quake page. The patch features eight new weapons, 10 new enemies, nine new levels (plus two new Deathmatch levels), as well as new sounds, and music.

DM4 Update
CurMo has released a patch for Quake or QuakeWorld to implement the insane DM4 rules that are being run experimentally on Inferno ( You can find it on the YPOD pages (the regular Quake patch also includes the DM3 rules). Also, Disruptor updated his .plan again to further reflect upon DM4 (I played it, and it's got to be the wildest deathmatching I have ever experienced). Here's Xian's update:

Man... It's talking me 3 hours to vis my latest map on all 16 R10k's =(
*sigh* But at least it's a pretty cool looking outdoor/cavy type area.

Here are some of the more recent additions made to DM 4.0 rules (and for everyone who e-mailed me about it, yes, it will be released with the next version of QuakeWorld)

More Deathmatch 4.0 Addendums:

attain a free "Bonus Invulnerability" *AND* "Bonus Oct". You lose all your cells during the duration, and when it wears off, you regain your cells, and are reduced to 100 health and no armour.
- When you pick up a Quad, you lose all your armour, lose your cells but you do *8 TIMES* (OctaPower) as much damage. When it wears off, you regain your cells, and are reduced again to 0 armour.
- The grenade launcher is back (temporarily). We're testing some new rules due to popular demand. The grenade launcher fires every 1.5 seconds and you lose 2 health points for each grenade you fire.

(Oh, and incase you are wondering WTF I am doing this, well, if it works out we'll have a similar idea for a deathmatch mode in Quake II. Doing this as a proof of concept)

I've gotten to play around with the new GLQuakeWorld client (still in closed beta), and I am blown away by the performance improvement in GL since morbid implemented his 8-bit texture mode. In a complete turnaround, I think that the OpenGL version of the client now offers better gameplay than the vanilla version (I can't wait for a new version of GLQuake using the same technique). The new version has loads of other goodies, like the flood protection (we need that in regular Quake, as well), and the transparent status bar, but most importantly, the gameplay feels much more solid. I am a die hard regular net Quake fan, but QuakeWorld is rapidly winning me over.

Gaming WebCast
GameCenter is planning a live webcast (Real player required) this Friday at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. The show features John Romero "and his buddies from Ion Storm," Paul Schuytema (project leader on Prey), and some unnamed members of Ritual Entertainment , as well as special guests "to be announced later." If you have questions for the panel, Send them to Gamecenter, and they may be used for the show.

Adding Reapers to Other Patches
There are patches on Decker's Quake Page to allow you to add Reaper Bots to the PainKeep patch and Scourge of Armagon. Thanks Faustus.

QuakeRally Stuff
Here are a few QuakeRally-related links that Prophet dug up: A Quake Rally server list, the Official UK QR Site, and the Speed Zone (QR news and info). There is also an interview with Rally-meister Ridah up on hyper@ctive.

Demo Specs
Uwe Girlich, the keeper of all knowledge pertaining to demos and demo recording, has released his Unofficial QWD Format description, which demystifies the QWD file format of demos recorded with QuakeWorld as of version 1.64. Also LMPC, The LMP/DMO/DEM/QWD Control Centre (version 3.1.2) now has rudimentary support for QWD files. the Linux, DOS, Windows, and source code are all available on the Games Page of Uwe Girlich.

Operation Modesty
Anyone with an idea on how to contact Modesty (Vanessa Bell) please contact Bryan Logie so that Operation Modesty can reach her.


Stingray 128/3D Drivers
There are new beta Windows drivers (1.8 MB) for the problematic Stingray 128/3D, up on the Hercules page. Thanks Cipro. Zanshin of the fabulous Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo warns that they seem to actually be slower than the previous drivers.

Rumble Rolls
Rumble, the Quego biz-guy, has announced he is leaving Centaur Interactive to pursue real life (among other things, he's soon to become Mr. Mom). Best of luck to Rumble in his future endeavors.

Quake Utils for SGI IRIX has been renamed Quake for Irix (QFI), and relocated to Thanks Prophet.

LAN Parties
More, more more! Here are some new LAN Parties: San Francisco, CA; Dallas, TX; and London, England; Also the confirmed date for QuakeFest II (Australia) has been announced..

Monday, July 28, 1997

Custom CTF Skins Fix
Grey_Ghost has used the occasion of the release of Threewave CTF 4.2 (Zoid's last CTF for Quake), to repair the remaining bug in CUSTOM-CTF. CUSTOM-CTF allows you to play CTF and have the anti-crossdresser skins (those clever players that use the other team's color as their shirt color) whether you play the version with or without the client-side models. The anti-crossdresser patch and the bug-fix can both be found on the CTF Skins Page.

Quake 2 Music
American McGee updated his .plan to clarify the plans for music in Quake 2:

There seems to be some talk in the Quake community regarding the Quake 2 music and who might be working on it. I'd like to let you guys in on what's going on in the music area, and set some things straight.

Sure thing:
The majority of the music in Quake 2 is being done by Sascha Dikiciyan and his partner. These are the two guys who did the "Methods of Destruction" CD for Quake. You can find their homepage at: They will be contributing as many tracks as possible, hopefully allowing us to have at least one track of music per level or level group.

Possible things:
Sony records is interested in doing a compilation CD to which you would play Quake 2. Most of the songs on this CD would be previously released material from bands on Sony labels that we here at id enjoy listening to. There is also a chance that there would be one track on this CD done especially for Quake 2. This CD would be a separate product that you would purchase to listen to while playing Quake 2, driving your car, etc. Basically this product would have no connection to id aside from the Quake 2 logo and an id "stamp of approval".

The guy most likely to record the special Quake 2 track is Ozzy Ozbourne. He has shown interest in this project and might also do the player sounds (death, pain, etc...)
>From what I understand Ozzy is very interested in this and chances are that all will go well... but this is the music industry, and things could just go nowhere. We'll have to wait and see.

Trent Reznor has also sent word to me that he may be interested in doing some music for Quake 2. Again, this may or may not happen, but I am going to try my hardest to make it happen again.

For now you can be assured that even without the contributions of Trent and Ozzy the Quake 2 sound track is going to kick ass. The music that Sascha and his partner have been contributing is nothing less than amazing. But if things go as planned we could end up with a game soundtrack unlike any other done before. Cross your fingers.

More Thresh
Thresh appeared on CNET's television show CNET Central this weekend, as this accompanying GameCenter article describes. Thanks QuaziModem.

Transparent Water Server Listing
Timothy J. Uhl is compiling a list of Servers running with maps VIS'ed for transparent water. If you submit a server, please include the server IP address, the server domain, and whether it's CTF, DM, or QW, etc. (example: - - DM - NONQW). There is also a plan to create a tab for QuakeSpy users to locate these maps. Also, the GLQuake Outpost is a new page devoted to... GLQuake.

Braindead Explanation
An explanation for the odd note recently about Braindead's Art page. The site is not moving, however, since Braindead is on vacation, art submissions will be accepted for him on this temporary page by CO2's Design page.

There is a server running the Defusion patch, which requires players to compete to be the one to disarm a bomb on the level, up at Thanks Prophet.

QuakeCon Forever
A personal take on QuakeCon: Locke's Spiffy QuakeCon Experience.

New Visage
There's a new version of Visage, the Mac .pak utility, on the Visage page. Thanks Prophet.


Leagues / Contests


LAN Parties
Added but one LAN Party: Perth, Australia.

Sunday, July 27, 1997

sCary has posted a couple more Half-Life screenshots. Speaking of sCary, there's a cool interview with him here that discusses deathmatch strategy.

Monster Sound Review
Process has reviewed Diamond's Monster 3D Sound Card over on Redwoods.

Disruptor updated his .plan to describe the experimental new deathmatch rules being used on id's QuakeWorld server, Inferno (

Haha... OH MAN!

While one of my maps was BSPing, I hacked in DM 4.0 rules on Inferno (something American and I were discussing as a novelty feature).

Everyone starts with all the weapons and has unlimited ammo. Try it. It's nuts.

He followed that up with a second update describing refinements already being added:

American and I were talking some more this morning, and we added the following to DM4.0 rules;

- You start with 250 health
- You start with 200 red armour
- Every time you pick up an enemies pack, you get 10 additional health
- For obvious reasons, weapons and ammo do not spawn
- If you pick up enough packs to attain 300+ health, you automatically attain a free "Quad Bonus"
- In order to prevent camping, the grenade launcher has been removed

And one more revision:

- If you pick up enough packs to attain 300+ health, you automatically
attain a free "Bonus Invulnerability" (This was changed from a
Bonus Quad)

GLQuake Tweak
I get the question all the time about my preference for VQuake (Vérité Quake) over GLQuake, and my answer is simple: I play deathmatch, and GLQuake's framerate tends to slow down severely in the midst of heated combat. But there is good news on the horizon for GL lovers: In Jack Mathews' latest .plan update, he describes his success in getting GLQuake to use 8 bit (rather than 16 bit) textures, which will reduced the texture thrashing that contributes significantly to the problem. morbid also has a bit to say about the imminence of QSpy 5.3, the coolness of QuakeSpy 5.4, QuakeCon, and OpenGL versus Direct3D. In his own words, "a monster of an update".

Quake Demo Launcher
A new version of the Quake Demo Launcher has been released. QDL is a browser plug-in to allow you to launch and view Quake demos, but the new version also associated DEM and QWD file with DemoLauncher so you can also launch demos from Windows Explorer, WinZip, etc.

QuakeCon survey
Any attendees of QuakeCon that care to add their comments to the NAWC's humorous QuakeCon survey can submit them now, as it will be updated again soon with more feedback.

There is a public beta of WinQOOLE 1.98, the Windows version of this object-oriented level editor up on the QOOLE Page in preparation for an upcoming version 2 release. A new beta of the DOS version of QOOLE is promised shortly. Thanks Fogleman.

Dream Machine
When Avatar's latest project was in beta it was called the Gas Gun (but was looking for a new name). Now the final version, renamed the Dream Machine (the patch's new weapon adds sleeping gas and gas masks to the game) has been released, featuring new models and Quake C, on


Tournaments / Leagues


LAN Parties
Razing Arizona? The LAN Parties added today are in Mesa, AZ; and Tucson, AZ.

Saturday, July 26, 1997

In case you are curious about ace newshound Prophet, he sent along this picture of himself, in his natural environment (Ultima Online), in his, umm, natural outfit.

m3 versus QuakeCon
dweomer has written an article on PlanetQuake called QuakeCon & M3: a Look Back that chooses to compare the two events.

Defusion, the bomb-squad TC, that was previewed at QuakeCon (though I didn't get to see it), that sCary is very high on, was released the other day (which I missed too: I'm behind the ball on this one). There is now word on their page that the search for more servers is on, as well as a request for server operators running the patch to let them know so they can compile a list.

GLQuake Optimizer
There is a utility to tweak you GLQuake setting for performance, promising up to a 100% performance increase, on the Spawn Clan page.

Future versus Fantasy
There is an update for registered users of Future versus Fantasy up on the FvF Homepage. Thanks Prophet.

Quake C Editor
Quake C Editor version 1.0 has been released on the Quake C Editor page, which is now on TeleFragged.

New QuakeOn
Version 0.96 of QuakeOn, the Quake front-end that features the famed helping head, has been released on the QuakeOn page.

Help Wanted
Steve "Gateway" Tietze updated his .plan with a help wanted ad for a conceptual artist to work at Rogue.

id Novel
Witzbold has posted a very long (but interesting) essay about id Software's history, and their effect on the gaming industry on the Quake Literary Guild.

QuakeCon Reactions
NAWC has posted the feedback they've received on a humorous survey they passed around to some of the well-known QuakeCon attendees. Funny stuff.

CTF League
The Crazy CTF League is now accepting entries for both a low-ping and a high-ping division.

Pseudo Tour
Wanker has posted a video tour (RealPlayer required) of the Pseudo studios (home of QuakeCast/StormFront) featuring the antics of Mace Royer on the QuakeCafe.


GibStats, the most versatile log parsers and statistics program has moved to

LAN Parties
Grab your Ethernet card, more LAN Parties on tap: Langley, B.C., Canada; Auburn, AL; Northwest AR; and a contact trying to organize a large gathering in Ohio.

CTF 4.2
Zoid has released Threewave Capture the Flag 4.2 (559 KB) on Threewave (only required for servers). Thanks DeathMonger[MD]. According to the accompanying update, this is the final version of CTF for Quake, as Zoid will now be concentrating on the version of CTF that will be built into Quake 2. Further updates to the Threewave site will now be handled by DaKoTa of the Xenocide Flag Academy, who is clearly a fine choice for the post. As a way of commemorating the final CTF, Zoid wrote up a history of the patch from it's origination through today. It's funny that he mentioned the first posting here, because I actually remember it well (I just dug through the archives, it was October 2, 1996), as I was doing my updates from a road trip to Virginia at the time. Excuse me while I wax nostalgic...

QuakeWorld 32 Player .pak
The QuakeWorld 32 Player team has released their deathmatch .pak, featuring new levels designed with enough elbow room for 32 players.

Peace is Declared
The dust seems to be settling from yesterday's brouhaha. Paul Steed and I exchanged a couple of emails to clear the air, and he went so far as to update his .plan to apologize to me. Paul subsequently updated again to note that this matter seems settled, as id had also received an apology, which Tim Sweeney (of the Unreal team), also copied me on:

I'm sorry about the recent flame war that resulted from one of my team members' .plans. I guess this is a result of the pressure one should expect when two competing development teams are working months of 95-hour weeks for the final stretches of their projects.

Speaking on behalf of Epic, we don't feel that id Software has copied our work. The designs of both Quake 2 and Unreal are obviously influenced by other art forms like movies, past games, and so on; it's unsurprising that we have independently arrived at some similar decisions on the themes and characters of our games.

We have ultimate respect for id's track record in creating great games and great technology, and we owe a lot of gratitude to id for creating the first-person genre which has brought 3d gaming to the mainstream.

While many of us are Quake fans, and id's games have influenced some aspects of Unreal, our ultimate goal here has always been to make a great game that appeals to gamers on its own strengths.

We realize that we're competing with the "best of the best" and we know we'll succeed or fail based on whether we can create a great original game, rather than whether we can get a competent "Quake 2 clone" to market, or whether we can win the ".plan wars". I truly believe that Unreal will be a fun game and will live up to everyone's expectations, but gamers will ultimately decide whether we measure up.

I hope that id Software will accept my appologies for the unfortunate comments, and I wish id the best with Quake 2 -- we know it will be a great game and we look forward to playing it.

New Headhunters
Version 1.0b of Headhunters is out with a couple of bug fixes. Thanks Prophet.

Thresh Interview
Gamecenter scored their own Interview with Thresh. Thanks Prophet.

As David Laprad points out, doesn't this John Carmack .plan update make you nervous?

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