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Friday, July 25, 1997

More DirectX 5.0
The AVault posted a control panel (21 KB) that had been left out of the DirectX 5.0 archive earlier. (Unzip into your /WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory after DirectX 5 installation). Thanks ChrisP.

Paul Steed Too
Paul Steed also updated his .plan about the Myscha comments. I somehow managed to get burnt by his flame-thrower too.

Borg TC
The Borg TC (5.6 MB) has been released on the Borg TC Page. This TC has six new single player levels and two new DM levels, as well as new monsters, textures, graphics, and sound.

Tokay Responds
American (Tokay) McGee also updated his .plan to reply to Myscha's comments (next story):

>1. A female player--Like UNREAL
>2. A ponytail on the female player-LIKE UNREAL
>3. A male Player-Like UNREAL
>4. (of course their male player is bald too)

Uh, ok. These are the MOST moronic things I have ever seen anyone accuse us of stealing from their game design. I guess that in order to keep from stepping on this guys toes we should portray the character as a male cross-dresser, or a eunuch? Are those original enough for you?

We stole the ponytail? And baldness? Haha. Damn you Captain Picard! You bald bastard. You're stealing ideas from Epic... how dare you! I think the guys at Epic should start suing everyone that puts a bald character into their work from now on... I mean, jeeze... they came up with this great idea... bald guys. They should trademark it and make all bald people stamp EpicBald(tm) on their heads.

btw: we came up with this great idea for the chick... she's going to have tits. Don't steal that from us guys. We thought of it first.

>5. Game takes place after crashing your starship.

Oh My God. You guys thought of this too?! I mean, I thought that we were stealing this from the countless other people who have done it before you were even BORN. Is it just me or have people been crashing starships and encountering problems on alien worlds since before Captain James T. Kirk was in diapers or what?

Next thing you know Epic will accuse us of stealing the idea of putting arms and legs on our players. Everyone will have to start using a very hairy, quadrapalegic, wheelchair driving, crossdressing, non-starship crashing, eunuch as the main character in their game. Damn.

War of Words
A couple of responses have popped up to the following .plan update by Myscha the Sled Dog, of the Unreal team, (sent along by David Zeuschner):

Back in the days of Doom 1 and Doom2 I always imagine the creators these incredible games as creative ground-breaking game designers.

Over the past few months, I have noticed a lack of individual and company based creativity
I base this worrysome conjecture on the recent announcements that:

QUAKE 2 will have

1. A female player--Like UNREAL
2. A ponytail on the female player-LIKE UNREAL
3. A male Player-Like UNREAL
4. (of course their male player is bald too)
5. Game takes place after crashing your starship.

It's a good thing they are using hollow metal headed enemies, that way our Artificially Intelligent Organic monsters and enemies will at least appear not as blatantly RIPPED_OFF...

Please ID software do something we didn't do or model 12 months ago. :)

No offense-but these coincidences ruined my nap.

Disruptor updated his .plan with a brief reply:

In response to Myscha's .planfile update (go check

Is it just me, or did he stick a big peice of paper on his ass saying "kick me" ? I don't think he's in any position to speak of ripping other people off.

I'll leave it at that.

Also, one thumb goes into point by point detail on his disagreement in his .plan update, so much so that it's too lengthy to print here.

The Fray
The Fray page has been updated with a little promotion: One registrant per day will receive a free registration. Today's winner: Brett Honneus. Also, I find out that Levelord was one of the first registrants, and is the first volunteer to give a talk.

DirectX 5.0
DirectX 5.0 (5.6 MB) has been released by Microsoft. Thanks mars. Apparently (I can't tell for sure because I get a server too busy message), there is only an offer on the MS Website to have the huge development CD mailed to you, but I nabbed the zip from the Avault (thanks Kwiart).

There are four cool new screenshots of half-life over at sCary's. Also, a Half-Life Preview has been posted on GameSpot. Thanks Prophet.

QuakeCon Aftermath
QuakeMania has posted the first part of their QuakeCon wrap-up. Thanks Prophet. Also the organizers of QuakeCon are interested in feedback on QuakeCon. Constructive criticism, positive, or negative is welcome, as long as reasons are provided. Please send comments to

Ion Fortune
Here's a Fortune magazine article (apparently from the print edition) on Ion Storm. Thanks Playmate.

Legal Kombat
Nakedman's TC List, has two interviews with Cybermind, the leader of the Final Kombat TC. One about the TC itself, and a second dealing with their legal troubles with Midway.

SkillZ #4
The Quake SkillZ page, is having their 4th contest. First prize is an Intergraph Intense 3D 100 video card and a rubber sculpture of a Quake Fiend made by Jeff Allen.

QuakeRally Textures
The QuakeRally texture wad has been released, for all you aspiring road map makers. Thanks Thrill.

Names, Names, Names
Looks like the trend of the week is name makers: There is now a Windows version of QNom available. Thanks James Boswell. Also, Quake Script Maker is a Win95/NT application to will make names and macros. Finally, the broken link to QuakeArt (from yesterday), now works.

Telefrag is back in full swing, with a nice a redesign. Also, QuakeWeek, one of my very favorite Quake sites, has also been redesigned. I highly recommend this top-notch humor site.



LAN Parties
Added LAN Parties in New Westminster BC, Canada; Placentia, CA; Sydney, Australia; Findlay, OH; Also, from yesterday, the listing should have been Fayetteville, AR, not AZ.

Thursday, July 24, 1997

QuakeCon Video / Sin Preview
JUDGECAL has posted the video that he shot at QuakeCon (Real player required), it's pretty raw, but a cool look at the goings on. It also includes our tour of Ritual that has some of PardoX's Sin Preview. Here's the ISDN or better version, and the 28.8 version.

Tonight on QuakeCast: Thresh to talk about his Bible and the SIGGRAPH event, Monolith & Polish to talk about QuakeCon, and Grayson of Katana Software, makers of the cool TC Paradigm.

Glide 2.4 / OpenGL Follow-up
Apparently, in order to use the Glide 2.4 drivers for 3Dfx-based cards (from yesterday), you must also install version 2.1 of the 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics Direct3D Drivers, available here. Thanks Rukes. Also, if you are having trouble with the beta OpenGL driver because you're missing a file called msvcrtd.dll, you can get it here. Thanks Sam.

Frag Island
From the ashes of JQuake the cool Java Quake applet (since Foxed), comes Frag Island, once again a truly remarkable display of Java programming: a 3D shooter on a webpage. Thanks Matte.

X Quake Editor
Ice is a Quake map editing utility for UNIX X windowing system users. Still in development, an Alpha version is up on the Ice page.

What's in a Name?
QuakeArt is a new Quake utility to create and edit names and macros. Available on the files section of the GODS Outpost. Also, NT users who have experienced problems starting Quake Name Maker can get an updated OCX file from the QNM page that should fix the problem.

QuakeWorld 32 Player Release Party
The QuakeWorld 32 Player Project (dedicated to making 32 player deathmatch levels) is planning on releasing their six level pack tomorrow (Friday) evening, and are holding a release party on GamesNET in the #QW32 channel at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. At that time they will have a couple of servers with the new maps online.

New Wing Commander Quake
There is a new version of Wing Commander Quake on the WCTC Homepage (they are also looking for a texture artist).

Prey Message Board
Preystation, Lithium's cool Prey site has added a message board supported by 3DRealms (btw, I am told by my pal Adam Williamson that the LiveCam on the 3DRealms website mentioned here yesterday has been around for a while: I just never noticed it before, d'oh!). Thanks Prophet.

Quake Photos
Check out these cool photos (kind of slow to load) of a LAN party in Germany called Q-Nite. Among the pictures are shots of their full-sized (some over-sized) models of the health pack, NiN boxes, the quad damage, and even a rocket launcher. Thanks joXonoX. Also, you can add your own captions to these QuakeCon photos on NAWC. Thanks Prophet.

A SinRing and a SkinRing! Here is a new Sin Webring. Thanks Prophet, and here is a Webring for Skin artists. Thanks ceegee.MA.


LAN Parties
The LAN Parties just keep on rolling: new listings are up for South FL; a large event in Brisbane, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Portland OR; Fayetteville, AR; and a possible Tucson, AZ event.

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

New Glide Drivers
Version 2.4 of the Glide Runtime Drivers for 3Dfx Cards are up on the 3Dfx website. Thanks GGarf. Also, the alpha of the full OpenGL driver for the 3Dfx is available here (which does not have all the features yet). Ken Alverson, who passed that along points out that this release will not speed up GLQuake at all, but "is cool nonetheless."

3D Realms/Apogee Web
Check out the newly redesigned Apogee/3DRealms website. Whaleboy did the graphics (which are awesome), and in addition to stuff about their games, the site now includes the slightly bizarre live-cam, which gives a peek into the world of Apogee/3DR (when I checked it was someone watching TV).

The Fray
As the dust from QuakeCon settles, it becomes time to start eagerly anticipating the next mega convention/LAN event. Priority Registration for the Fray has begun, brought to you by the CyberWeb Cafe. There are several packages to choose from, ranging from simple one day registration, to the deluxe, which includes a private room for the duration of the event. As promised, if you signed up for m3 and were denied, you will be given automatic priority treatment if your registration is received within the first 72 hours. Please note that the registration form is not a secure document, so if you are not comfotable submitting your credit card that way, you should use one of the alternate forms of registration.

Version 0.82 of BSP, the Quake editor used by at least one professional designer I know of (Giggler), has been released on Thanks Prophet.

Sin Preview
Sin City has posted their third, and largest, preview of Sin, based on the showing at QuakeCon.

I'm not sure why so many of the men in our community feel threatened by the All-Female Quake Tourney, but there is definitely some backlash on the subject. The Quake Literary Guild has a little point/counterpoint on the subject in their debates section between Figin and Witzbold (neither of whom, as far as I know, is a female).

Thresh Challenge
The ClanRing is holding the "Thresh Challenge" at SIGGRAPH, August 5-7 in Los Angeles. Thresh will face all challengers, and there will be prizes (as well as poundings) handed out.

Quake 2, Daikatana Marketing
This article in Computer Retail Week predicts the retail packaging of both Quake II (a full retail version), and Daikatana (unencrypted shareware). Thanks Tweakman.

Thanks hex for sending along this Quote from a Quake article titled Clannish Behavior in the current Boot magazine (#12, which mentions both Blue's News and Redwood's, first pointed out to me by CptHook):

It's been interesting to see such a large and pervasive subculture arise around a single game in so short a time, with its own heroes, roles, organizations, events, and rules of conduct, all linking people form many walks of life and corners of the world in the single and noble purpose of blowing the crap out of each other.

The version of the day for QuakeRally is 1.1a (but the day is still young yet). Thanks DeathMonger[MD]. Also, the Mud Flats is is the first QuakeRally map site.

Version 2.97 of QFront, the Quake front-end, has been released on the painful to the eyes QFront page. Thanks Wormburner.HOPw.

It's QuakeLab:Multimedia Dammit!
Congrats to Fragmaster who has taken over the reigns of QuakeLab:Multimedia.

Tremor Review
There is a review of Tremor: Classic Quake up on Gamedesign, a madmans guide to...

Web Server Space
Damien "CodeMan" Karolev has an NT4 Server running on a PPro200, on a high-bandwidth connection, available to host interested Quake websites. Drop him a line at if you're interested.

Quake Name Makers
Qnom v1.69 release 1 is a name making utility available on the Void Page. Also, the new Quake Name Maker, version 0.51, fixes some bugs for NT users.

To the Breast of My Recollection
To correct a slight inaccuracy in Levelord's .plan. They were 38DD.



Help Wanted

LAN Parties
LAN Parties added: Los Angeles, CA; North Central TX; and Tasmania, Australia. Also, attendees of Fragapolooza interested in a bus ride from Toronto to Edmonton for the weekend of the event should email strAtEdgE.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

QuakeCon Pics
Wendigo and Phoebus, the Weegee and Peter Parker of Quake event photography, have each posted their QuakeCon photos. All 168 of Wendigo's are online here on QuakeMania, and Phoebus' are up on his Cult.

New Visage
There's a new version of Visage, the Quake .pak editing utility for the Macintosh, up on the Visage page. Thanks Prophet.

id's New Level Designer
Tim Willits sent along word of id's newest employee:

I would like to announce that Brandon James (KillMe) was just hired on here at id to become a permanent member of our level design team. Brandon is the author of the exciting Manson Deathmatch series on the net. id Software was very lucky finding someone so talented.

Paco & Cromwell
I have some sad news to pass along. Two of the members of Paco and Cromwell's CTF Page, nicknamed RatBoy and Michael J, both passed away in the hospital this weekend after being involved in a Fourth of July boating accident. Understandably, those at the page are depressed by this, but they are determined to carry on. Cromwell asks that concerned members of the Quake community drop by the page and send Paco an email, as he, being closer to the deceased, is particularly affected.

Hackers On Planet Earth
The long awaited sequel to 1994's Hackers On Planet Earth taking place in New York City, August 8-10. They are looking for a Quake Server Master to run a LAN Party during the event. If you are interested email or call (516) 473-2626. More information can also be found at Beyond Hope or 2600 Magazine.

Head Hunters Fix
The Headhunters Client Side Pak version 1.0a has been released on the Headhunters homepage.

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses has been updated with new questions, responses, and results.

New QuArK
Quake Army Knife (QuArK) version 3.7 has been released on the QuArK homepage, featuring minor enhancements, and a few small bug fixes.

Net QuakeRally
There is a beta of the lag-reduced, Internet friendlier version 1.1 of QuakeRally up on the QuakeRally page, as well as a zipped version of the archive for Linux users. There is also the announcement that there will be no QuakeWorld version of QuakeRally. Thanks Scorp666.

loonyboi has posted the news that he is looking for someone to take over as webmaster at his fine site QuakeLab:Multimedia:

... unfortunately I am going to have to resign as head of this page. Read: I am not shutting this page down. I will continue to update for the time being. This page is the only place for Demo Movie tutorials, and sound editing information. I love this site, and want to keep it going.

However, my schedule simply doesn't allow me to continue to update it as often. I am looking for someone to take over the reigns as webmaster of QL:MM. I would like to continue to write articles for this page, on a semi frequent basis, but I simply cannot continue as is.

New Requiem
Version 1.04 of Requiem for QuakeWorld is out on the Requiem Page. The new version has revised weapons, a load of bug fixes, a new lights-out feature, and the Bots now appear on the QW-Scoreboard. This is a server-Side patch, so clients need not download anything.

QuakeFinger Hits a Half-Million
dweomer sent along the following happy announcement reflecting the success of their fabulous QuakeFinger. Congrats to both dweomer & hank for becoming such valued members of the community so quickly:

dweomer & hank productions is pleased to announce that QuakeFinger reached the 500,000 hit mark this weekend. In just under three months of operation, QuakeFinger has recorded and stored over 1,400 plan updates by over 100 plan authors from companies that represent the best the 3d gaming community has to offer. We have tried to make QuakeFinger an easy to use resource for the Quake community, and the response has been nothing but positive.

Crash Quake
Crash Quake is an unusual looking TC that is a bit surreal, adding froggies and such to the game. The newest version is out fixing some problems with key bindings in the original.

Version 1.0 of the PaintBall patch has been released on the QTeam page, featuring new models, sounds, textures, and maps. The page also has the address of a PaintBall server.

Omen TC
The Omen TC has been released on the Omen Homepage.
Amy Harmon of the New York Times wrote in because she's working on a story about the bill in the Senate that aims to ban government employees from playing computer games in the office. She'd like Quake players with .gov addresses to drop her a line and provide some feedback for her article.

Low Ping Capture League
Anyone interested in participating in a low-ping CTF league should email Gonad.

Quake Name Maker
Quake Name Maker version 0.5 has been released (for those times when typing is just too easy).

Help Wanted


The names of the winners of the Vigil Contest and their demos have been posted on the terraFORMA page.

New Sites


LAN Parties
LAN Parties added: Jacksonville, FL; Perry OH; and two events in Australia.

Monday, July 21, 1997

Is Bill Gates Reading?
Well that's pretty funny: Microsoft has removed id Software from their list of Direct3D software partners just a few hours after this story. Coincidence? Thanks Joseph E. Miele.

QuakeRally Races Along
Version 1.0e of QuakeRally has been posted. Thanks Justin Hall.

VQuake2 Revisited
To follow up on the Vérité story earlier today is more encouraging news on the prospects for Vérité support in Quake 2 from id Software's Barrett "Bear" Alexander:

I was reading your Verite support news, and had a bit to add. First, I spoke to the guys at Rendition just last week, and apparently they have hired a new programmer from Compaq (yes, that one sort of confuses me too, actually I think this guy is more of a programmer manger or something). Anyway, he was supposed to arrive at Rendition this last Friday, and I am to contact him about proceeding with getting V support taken care by them.

According to their Vice President of Business Development, they do NOT want to miss the opportunity to have native Verite support in Hexen II and Quake II. Now, this DOES NOT MEAN FOR CERTAIN THEY WILL GET IT DONE, but I do have the confirmation from them that they want to attempt to get both games done. It is my opinion that they will probably get the Quake II support done, but not Hexen II simply because of time constraints.

Quake Rally
The odometer on Quake Rally versions is spinning. Version 1.0d is now up on the QuakeRally page. Thanks Rain-FE.

Sin Poster
sCary posted an image of the cool Sin poster that, as he put it, is being shown around. Among other places, it was up on the wall at QuakeCon.

New Assassin Drivers
Version 2.01 of the Assassin 3D drivers have been released on the FPGaming Site. Thanks Coyote.

Final Kombat on Hold - Foxed?
The Final Kombat TC has been suspended until firther notice. According to the Final Kombat website, the release version has been leaked to Midway, and as a result the release is suspended as they seek permission to go forward.

QCon Tourney Results
Gamespot has posted their coverage of Quakecon that includes the results of the tournament. Thanks Prophet. In addition to the mega-computer from Micron the winner got an amazing bronze Q statue that weighed at least 30 LBs (40 according to this article). Here are the top 12 from the GS article:

1. Rix
2. Forego
3. Grayson
4. AceJas
5. Walter
6. Yossman
7. Club
8. Kornelia
9. Indubious
10. Duke of Earl
11. Darenth (was misspelled in the GameSpot article)
12. T-Man

id Software Not a Direct3D Partner
Regarding Microsoft's contention that id is partnered with them in Direct3D (next story), Todd Hollenshead, id's CEO sent along the following:

For the record, we are NOT a D3D partner with Microsoft. We have been listed on this site for several weeks, in spite of mail I have sent them requesting a correction.

He also added his thoughts on the statement's Microsoft made after the Meltdown conference:

In a follow-up to your exchange with Carmack, one of the oldest "spin-doctor" tricks in the books is "when you can't beat your opponent's argument, simply change the subject". This is exactly what Microsoft has done in the publicity concerning their "Meltdown" conference. It is clearly an attempt to dupe the public and undermine Carmack's credibility by having an "intern" work on the D3D conversion and then crow about fps performance while using incomparable hardware. This debate is much deeper than fps, but the D3D guys are shrewdly looking for a soundbite they can sell to the public. I, for one, haven't been fooled.

John Carmack and Microsoft on OpenGL v. Direct3D
The second Open GL and Direct3D story of the day (here's the first) has a couple of interesting notes to add to the eternal struggle: Microsoft now lists id Software as a D3D software partner. Thanks B. Rorex. Also, here's an article (thanks Andreas Johansson) on a webzine called the Wave describing the following scene at the recent Microsoft Meltdown conference:

In a stunning demonstration Microsoft showed GLQuake running faster using Direct3D than OpenGL. A Microsoft summer intern, with no prior experience in Direct3D, had written a wrapper in three weeks which intercepts the calls from Quake for OpenGL and converted them to Direct3D calls. It was claimed that GLQuake ran 1 f/s slower with DirectX 5.0 version of Direct3D than the original GLQuake on a 3Dfx card. However, using the nvidia RIVA 128 chip it runs 1 f/s faster. It was stated that GLQuake uses 50 of the 360 calls in OpenGL. To a hushed crowd the intern was introduced, stood up and received an applause. Microsoft claims that developers have the opportunity to run their titles " on lots of installed base [compared to the narrow sales of titles targeted to specific API’s]." Microsoft also stated that developers can now create titles that will run " on a par or faster than OpenGL."

I wrote John Carmack to ask him for his reaction to this, and he replied with the following:

They wrote an OpenGL emulation layer that translated the calls to D3D. It was a perfectly reasonable bit of technology, but microsoft put an ugly spin on the presentation.

The "Runs faster on D3D" headline is real bullshit. In the body of the text, it admits that it ran slightly slower on identical hardware, but slightly faster on different hardware (the unreleased nvidia RIVA chipset is indeed faster than 3dfx in many cases). That was misleading journalism.

In any case, the D3D / OpenGL argument hasn't been about speed, but about usability, robustness, and portability. Unquestionably D3D has gotten a lot better with DX5 and DrawPrimitive, but it still isn't the best solution.

Nvidia is going to have OpenGL support, so D3D still doesn't offer us any other viable platforms. All the fast cards will have OpenGL support, and the other cards couldn't run Quake anyway. They could have run their D3D emulator on an S3 Virge for a crowd-pleasing 5 fps demo. The apples to oranges headlines could have then read "OpenGL five times as fast as D3D!".

In a related note, Alex St. John, former MS D3D evangelist is now going to write a monthly column for BootNet, according to this BootNet article. Thanks Tim Nikkel (QWAB). In that article is a link to this open letter from St. John clarifying his situation that includes this quote:

As many of you know, my last stand was in the area of 3D. For the record; In my opinion John Carmack is a God, and has my complete respect. The longer I've known him, the more he has impressed me. In theory John is absolutely right about OGL, but in practice it will never be for reasons that have little to do with technical purity, and a lot to do with cold market forces, politics, and NDA's.

I have to say it will be nice to look at the industry again through my own eyes when the Borg implant scars have healed. I'm hoping things will seem simpler now to me to.

Romero RealAudio
The Happy Puppy radio show, featuring a RealAudio interview with John Romero has been posted here. Thanks Prophet.

Vérité Support Update, New Sierra, Rendition Drivers
I spoke with Zoid & morbid and John Carmack about Vérité support in QuakeWorld and Quake 2 respectively. When OneThumb, the other ardent Vérité (and Denny's) supporter around here, and I asked Zoid about Vérité QuakeWorld support (morbid said he wasn't into it), he said if we could get him a card and the VQuake source code from Intergraph, he would look into the possibility, so OT is going to see what he can do to get the required items. John Carmack, on a similar note, said that Vérité support in Quake 2 hinges on Rendition's ability to help with the project. This may, unfortunately, be hindered by their loss of two employees integral to the original VQuake port.

On the driver front, Release Candidate 1, AKA version, of the Win 95 drivers (1 MB), for the Intergraph Intense 3D 100 have been released recently on the Intergraph support page. Thanks Randy Perry. Also, there are new drivers for the Sierra Screamin' 3D (1.1 MB) at Sierra's FTP Site. Thanks Prophet.

Dank and Scud
I guess I did kind of buried this in my first QuakeCon article, but issue #4 of Dank and Scud, titled Pretty Head Machine has been released. D&S is still the premiere work of its kind: The art is beautiful, and the plot intriguing, but the cliffhanger is a bit frustrating with the length of time between issues. We can only hope issue #5 comes sooner than did #4.

More QuakeCon
RAzOR has posted their QuakeCon reminiscences, and sCary's is the repository for this edition of Wendigo pictures. Also, stuff I failed to mention (it was bound to happen): It was at the Centaur Interactive party where people got to play with the Daikatana E3 demo, and 3D Realms was also represented (I finally got to meet Whaleboy, though none of the other 3DR/Apogee people).

API Wars
According to this GameCenter Article, Microsoft now says it does plan on supporting OpenGL. Thanks TitusC. Here's a quote:

"If you look at our 3D strategy, we've got two goals. First, make Windows the best platform for OpenGL, and second, invest and innovate in Direct3D."

Quake Server Info
Quake Server Info, or QSI, is a QuakeSpy-like server browser written entirely in Java. version 1.01b1 is out on the QSI page.

Gamers Extreme
Gamers Extreme is a new site that looks really slick, and contains, among other things deathmatch tips from Thresh (Thresh's Quake Bible). The first set of tips is pretty basic (but solid info nonetheless), with more advanced stuff planned in the future.

Future Versus Fantasy
FvF 3.0 has been released (uncrippled shareware with nag screens), on the Freeform Interactive page (though the file didn't seem to be at the link there when I tried it).

HeadHunters 1.0 has been released on the HeadHunters page.

Female Quake Star
This GameSpot article describes id artist Paul Steed striving to create the female Quake 2 character more like tough-egg Vasquez from Aliens, than a more typical video game bimbo. Thanks Ant.

Captain Kangaroo & Quake?
Captain Kangaroo and the Quake marine: separated at birth according to GameCenter (this explains my passion for Quake... I grew up watching the Captain). Thanks Ant.

WQBSP 1.65 (60 KB), the transparent water compiler, has been released by the author, Ken Alverson. The new version fixes a bug and adds a couple of enhancements.

New QuArK
QuArK version 3.61p has been released on the QuArK Page, featuring minor bug fixes and enhancements.

New QSpawn
QSpawn version .96 is out on the QSpawn Page. Thanks Prophet.

H3D Follow-up
As promised yesterday, here's H3D's website. Thanks Hoot Gibson.

Newbie Guide
The Quake Newbie Guide has been updated with a couple of new sections, including a TeamFortress section.

Visage is a Mac utility to manipulate the images in Quake .pak files. Thanks Prophet.

Movie Archive
The newest spawn of the Screenshot Archive is born, the Movie Archive.

ROTT Article
When Fragmaster told me on several occasions that he was writing a huge article on Rise of the Triad, I thought he was pulling my leg, but sure enough, the comprehensive history of one "the most underrated games of all time" (Fragmaster's words, not mine) has been posted on PlanetQuake titled, ROTT in Hell.

QuakeWorld PowerBall
There is now a QuakeWorld version of PowerBall in the works, as Chris Little, who converted the Mission Packs to QW, has joined the PB team. Ironically, the original PowerBall was planned as the first TC for QuakeWorld, but the new team completed it as a Regular Quake mod. Anyone interested in running a PowerBall server, email Josh Dalcher.

This page can help you get the SpaceOrb 360 to work with WinQuake, GLQuake, and QuakeWorld. Thanks Prophet.

Clan Listings
The Clan Complex wants to become the authoritative clan database.



Local Quake

LAN Parties
Added new LAN Party listings for the LAN Party Ring, and events in Pana, Illinois; Eagan, Minnesota; La Spezia, Italy; Bristol, England; Sylvania, (Austrailia?); Southampton, UK; Dayton, Ohio; Miami, FL.

Sunday, July 20, 1997

QuakeCon Redux
Safely back in the Blue Tower, here's more QuakeCon wrap-up (by the way I couldn't resist fixing a couple of spelling errors and stuff in yesterday's report). Let's see if I can remember to cover all the bases on this and clear the decks to resume our regularly scheduled carnage for tomorrow:

Miscellaneous blatherings: I was so pleased to get to meet so many people I hadn't before, as well as old friends. I also got to spend time for the first time with a lot of my Ranger clanmates, who couldn't be a better group: that was a real treat. A neat personal moment for me was getting to introduce Heath Fowler (Mr. Wolf's Quake Den) and Darin McNeil (Quake Will Rule the Cosmos) face-to-face for the first time. Heath and Darin more-or-less invented the Quake web scene (back in the old days), and it is their footsteps that I proudly follow today. Just before posting this, Redwood dropped me a message suggesting I include my impressions of Texas. The people there are exceptionally nice (southern hospitality), but man is that place hot (to quote Biloxi Blues: "Africa hot"). Hot and flat. Oh yes, and big... your most distant destination in Manhattan can be walked to in less time than a nearby spot can be driven to in Dallas.

Irony was rife on my trip down: the Northwest Airlines travel magazine had an ad to raise your own Alpacas (if it's not a llama, I can't tell the difference), the cab I got from the airport was the Ranger Cab company, and on our return from id, we passed a huge billboard with a single graphic: a huge blue smiley face. As I am given to say in these spots, you can't make this stuff up.

Saturday, July 19, 1997

He Lives!
Yes I am indeed alive. Unfortunately, the temporary net connection we were trying to work out from QuakeCon did not work out, and though a few people very kindly offered to allow me to update from their connections, in the way of hectic conventioning it has never worked out until just now. Thanks to PCGames for allowing me to use their connection now. They are here covering the proceedings. (here's a RealAudio interview with me they did, and they have a bunch more up online. Things have been pretty wild here. We had the traditional power difficulties the first evening but there was a command decision to bring in generators, and we resumed with close to 200 computers online, which is an amazing sight.

I've gotten a chance to play a bit but the big action in the tournament (which continues as we speak) has been of the high end variety, as it should be, as it turns out they scored a totally tricked-out Micron Pentium II 266 with a DVD drive, a 24X CD ROM, a Zip drive and a Monster 3D, and a 19" monitor as the prize (woo woo). Just to be nice, Thresh actually did not enter this tourney, giving the opportunity for someone else to win.

Cool things we've seen: The Daikatana E3 demo was here, the Raven guys showed Hexen II, we're expecting a Sin demo later, it's been a star studded event with appearances by almost all the id guys, with John Carmack captivating an audience with a talk on the state of Quake II that at times got extremely technical. Tokay had a rematch with SwanSong (I don't know the result), John Cash has been here, hanging with the Rangers, Brian Hook, Paul Steed gave a seminar on modeling. John Romero, Squirrel, Tom Hall, Mike Wilson, and a whole bunch of Ion Stormers have been here (apparently Romero talked Thresh into cracking his skull). The Ritual Guys have been here in full force, as are the Rogue guys: Ritual and Rogue teamed up on an all-star level editing seminal with Paradox, Levelord, Gateway, and Jim Molinets. It's been a terrific opportunity for the community to rub elbows with the movers and shakers of the industry. There are more things I want to go into more detail about (but I've got to rush off this connection), like the H3D goggles that have blown everybody who's seen them away, and a couple of TC demos, oh, yes and the segment of Ranger Gone Bad 3 that was shown that has everybody spooging. Dank & Scud and QuakeRally have been released, though we haven't seen the QR demo here yet, and though the D&S release was scheduled around this convention, apparently there is nothing happening here in conjunction with it (I can't wait to read it). Anyway, I have to thank Nash and Marcale of PC Games again for letting me on their machine (I'm a pretty painful typist, so it's been longer than you'd assume).

Zo-id Software
Oh yeah, my one little scoop: Zoid has signed a contract with id to include Capture the Flag support in Quake 2, and other programming projects. Congrats Zoid!

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