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Friday, July 11, 1997

Paul Steed updated his .plan (thanks Rotwang) with word that he too was being impersonated:

Wholly preposterous imposters, Batman! I've been impersonated! Whoever you are, at least you were nice. And yes I welcome all suggestions, but am in no way without ideas for the presentation. Wow.

Paul confirmed for me that he was referring to the mail posted here earlier (and now deleted) asking for topics for QuakeCon seminars.

Skins Again
I received mail from Yojimbo saying the he's taken his Skins R' Us site down due to the large number of negative responses he's received (he's left a parting shot in it's place). I was also cc'ed on a cease and desist order sent to him by Carl Kidwell, Kenneth Scott, Dan Bickell, and the Skin authoring community, who still encourage the Quake community to send any skins done by Skins R US to in case there is need to pursue this further. If you're just joining us, here's what started this.

DirectX versus OpenGL
Another letter has been sent to Microsoft on the subject of DirectX versus OpenGL as this GameCenter article describes. The letter is signed by 254 developers (up from 54 who signed the first letter a few weeks ago), additionally, this letter includes an online (Java) form so supporters can add their names to the letter (here's a list of who's signed so far). Thanks Destroy.

$141 Revisited
Thanks to the two readers (Gerry Shaw and Kevin Jaget) who each wrote in with the same (logical) explanation for the $141.95 Quake 2 price-tag story: when that mail order house advertises games before they are released it uses a generic $141.95 price tag till an MSRP is announced (this apparently bounced around a flight-sim newsgroup when the same thing was discovered on a Falcon 4.0 ad). Just as a sanity check, I received this message from John Cash that leaves no doubts:

That 141.95 stuff is bullshit... you can quote me on that ;-)

onethumb passed along the following important news for attendees of QuakeCon (tons of quoted text today):

It's very very important that people bringing their own machines to QuakeCon read and understand the guidelines for computers and the network at QuakeCon. We've prepared a list of guidelines at

There is also local rental information on that page for renting machines while in Dallas. Decent prices too, for a whole week and such late notice.

I received the following very disturbing letter from a very disturbed Dan Bickell (super skin artist), describing a skin scam:

Hi everybody, I was recently very disturbed by something:

I checked out this page after some guy with an AOL account emailed me to call me an idiot for charging $50 US for custom skins when you can get a "better" one for cheaper at this Skins R Us site.

When I got there, I was shocked to see that the skins on display there were blatant rip-offs. All of them were nothing more than cut-and-paste jobs of original id graphics and other people's (including my own) skins, with some re-coloring (and bad re-coloring at that). They aren't even good rip-off's.

These guys are charging $10 US a piece to "make" these skins custom designed, and going so far as to require that they be credited on the skin itself as the skin's author. This is downright wrong, and I thought that I should get the word out about this guy. Guys like this give the Quake community a bad name, and need to be publicly humiliated.

His name is Garret Blair
this is the address of Skins R' Us

Operation Modesty
Vanessa "Modesty" Bell, as you may recall from a mention here recently is in the hospital after her recent auto accident. Now, Operation Modesty has been undertaken to create a body of art and writing to send to her in her hospital room, as a get well soon from her friends in the Quake community, in particular the organizers of the All Female tourney (I'm sure all who have had anything to do with Modesty in the past will be eager to participate). If you are not familiar with Modesty's unique projects, you should check them out her equally unique sideways homepage and read a bit about PhaseII, an editor to convert ASCII maps (like in Nethack) into BSPable Quake .map files, FraQuake, the fractal landscape generator for Quake, and her original Quake art. Get well soon Modesty. If you can deal with 358 KB, check out this really nice JPG for Modesty that Reptilian of The Quakeworld 32 Player Project cooked up.

Cool, But $141??
I don't know what the heck this means, but check out this webpage advertising the Quake 2 for Win95 CD-ROM from Activision to be released November 18, 1997 for (gulp) $141.95? Thanks Jalepeno^MiB (thanks also to Ryan who showed me this a while back, too). Weird, huh?

DNF Screenshot
There is a screenshot of Duke Nukem Forever up on PC Gamer (thansk Amsterdam). The shot is fairly blurry, as it's taken from a photo of the office that showed the screen with the level (Prophet tells me it is old, to boot).

There's a very enthusiastic preview of Prey on Avault. thanks Prophet.

Girl Gamers
JUDGECAL has gone to the trouble of encoding the broadcast of The Site from Wednesday night called Girl Gamers (featuring KillCreek, Phoenix, Kornelia, and the decidedly male John Romero) for RealVideo. Here is the bandwidth hog version for better than one channel ISDN connections and a lite version for 28.8. RealPlayer 4.0 is required.

OneThumb updated his .plan to ask for help with hubs for QuakeCon:

We need ethernet hubs VERY badly for QuakeCon. Some wires got crossed (no pun intended) and we are running short of ports. Please please, if you are coming or know someone who is, bring or send your hub!! PLEASE!

A few people have offered to "loan" their hubs, that would be GREAT!

They are shipping them to me at:

Don MacAskill (guest)
Holiday Inn-Plano
700 East Central Expressway
Plano, Texas 75074

Also drop me an email with your name, return address, that sort of stuff and I'll be sure to get them back to you after QuakeCon.


3D Net
I failed to make note of Disruptor's .plan update that describes the current state of 3DNet: is registered with the internic!!! You can now connect to the IRC network using the following servers.

We also hope to have up and running later on tonight (the guys who worked on Blood).

Remember, if you are a 3D Game Developer and wish to help out with the network by running servers, please let us know at;

Also, I saw on Redwood's that OneThumb updated to comment further on this:

Disruptor recently updated about the new DNS and stuff for the 3DNet servers, but he left off one nice little thing I've done: - this will rotate between IRC servers, so you only have to remember the 1 name/address (pretty easy to remember if you ask me :) and it'll always connect to a server. Enjoy!

Daikatana Clip #8
Eye on Ion has released Daikatana music clip #8 in both .wav and mp3 formats. Thanks Rotwang.

Speaking of computer vandalism (next story), I have evidence that someone has been playing around with sending email through my SMTP server to appear as if it came from me. This has prompted me to have to go out and get a PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key (thanks templar who told me about the new version of Eudora that supports PGP), and from now on I will be signing all my messages with it.

Andrew of The Beauty of Madness has made public his list of Quake bugs (thanks Homeslice), and things seem to have settled down on that front. I see also that the reason his site was down recently was because it was hacked. A brief editorial (like anyone cares): The free exchange of ideas is one of the most valuable freedoms we can have. Anyone who feels justified vandalizing someone's website because they don't agree with what that site is saying is doing all a disservice. Sigh.

There is an excellent Half-Life preview with new interviews with most of the H.L. team, as well as some brand new screenshots over at OGR. Also, congrats to the boys at Valve, as Half-life edged out Quake 2, Hexen 2, and Unreal in being named Best Action Game at E3 by Gamepen's E3 best of show awards.

OpenGL versus DirectX
In this GameCenter Interview, Alex Saint John, recently fired Microsoft DirectX evangelist, reveals that his dismissal was related to comments he made on the OpenGL versus DirectX debate generated by the game developer community. Thanks doozy.

Quantum Axcess' Embrionic Pete is in Iowa for DMCon, and will be filing reports on the festivities on the NAWC pages.

YCam v1.2 (by Wes Morrison) is available at Yevs' QuakeC Mods.

Wing Commander Quake
Version 0.04b of Wing Commander Quake has been released on the Wing Commander Quake Homepage.

The PowerBall pages have been updated on news of the planned version 1.666. They are in danger of losing their server running the mod, so if you are a PowerBall fan, you are urged to get in their an play (Josh Dalcher the project leader is always willing to join you, so drop him a line).

Version 0.93 of GibStats is up on the GibStats page. GibStats now supports statistics for TeamFortress (only frags), PainKeep (full support) and Superheroes.

It's the Golgotha Demo (Dammit!)
The demo of Crack dot Com's upcoming action-strategy game, Golgotha has been released to the public (it was originally going to be for the press only). A couple of caveats: The demo is pretty large (35 MB), and requires a 3Dfx based video card to run. Here's the Golgotha Demo (35 MB). More information on Golgotha can be found, as always, on Fragmaster's definitive Golgotha site, It's Golgotha Dammit!

Free Web Graphics
BoNe is offering to do free graphics for web pages, so drop him a line if you are interested (enjoy the mail, BoNe).


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LAN Parties

Thursday, July 10, 1997

The Fray
The Fray Page was updated (thanks Mike Jaegle) with the location: the Sheraton Meadowlands in East Rutherford New Jersey. There are a few more details up there and registration should begin very soon.

Hoc Opus
Hoc Opus, Wedge and Choryoth's page has been updated (thanks Prophet) with their tales of E3, word on the Aircraft patch and links to a page of Half Life AVI's and screenshots.

Online Gaming Review
I'm proud to announce that Blue's News has begun an affiliation with Online Gaming Review. Covering the computer gaming scene down to the last byte, OGR is a fine gaming site, and I look forward to working with them. This is a good association for both sites, as we can each give the other the scoop on the areas where our coverage overlaps. There will not be any change in editorial policy around here (you know, where I run around sticking my foot in my mouth), as those guys are cool with my continued coverage as usual (look at the two stories after this one). I'll probably get some sort of graphic to link for them online tomorrow.

Big show tonight on the QuakeCast at 8:30 PM Eastern, with Anna from the All Female tourney, Andy Bay who brought you VISpatch, Polish (one of the QuakeCon organizers), and the ELM guys, authors of the new six level deathmatch pack, Cenotaph of the Magi (2.3 MB).

Quake 2 Preview
Gamespot has a Quake 2 preview online. Thanks Mohammed.

Sandy Petersen Update
There's an article on what Sandy Petersen is up to at Ensemble Studios on Gamespot. Thanks Prophet.

QuakeWorld Master Monitoring
Dweomer and Hank (the mad scientists behind QuakeFinger) have cooked up a really cool doo-dad on the front page of PlanetQuake that shows how many players and servers are currently playing on the PQ master server.

Dear Mynx
The new Dear Mynx column is up on PQ (thanks Prophet). If you have never read this page, I strongly suggest you check it out. Here's my quote of the day (on why someone would have an All-Female Tourney):

Quake is still a penis-dominated field

AMD Redux
Jack Mathews (morbid) updated his .plan reflecting on a few things, among them this article about Quake's use of the FPU, which he dismisses. Brian Hook also updated his .plan (thanks QuakePsycho [MR]-yeah!) to correct this misinformation:

Saw that article on why Quake is so slow with non-Intel CPUs. While the original author seems to know things technically, he's actually incorrect with his assumption that memory copying is the issue. It's not. We don't do that much memory copying to begin with, and we don't use the FPU to do it at all.

The reason that Quake is slower on AMD and Cyrix CPUs is that they don't have good floating point. Period. They don't pipeline as well as the Intel processors (if at all) and a lot of our code really benefits from pipelining, e.g. dot products and matrix operations.

Hopefully this will be addressed in future versions of non-Intel processors.

Modeler Wanted
The Dimensionality team is looking for a modeler for their commercial 3D 1st person action adventure game:

Model Designer Needed!
Dimensionality is searching for a highly skilled model designer who can create high quality character and object models. This person should be able to create low and high poly count models, as well as their accompanying skin. Previous experience with advanced 3D modeling including: inverse kinematics, skins, and animation skills is a must. Coding experience in C, C++ or Java a plus, as well as work in texture mapping.
Prospective designer should be able to work in a team environment and have good communication skills. Being an obsessive game player is a must, and you should be able to produce work with a basic description in mind. You must be at least 18 to apply.
Please submit examples of your work to Please include at least 5 two dimensional renderings of your work, and at least three 3D models (3DS meshes are acceptable). If you have a model in Quake, this would also be a plus.

If you have any further questions please contact:
Head Designer
Matthew Keller (
Head Artist
Stephen Whittam (


Local Interest


Wednesday, July 9, 1997

The Site
The Site will air their female gamers story tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern on MSNBC (thanks Brandon Wilkerson). I believe this story features interviews and footage shot with KillCreek and Phoenix at m3.

Ion Stormtroopers
I forgot to mention earlier a funny .plan updates by Jeff Wand and Sverre Andre Kvernmo describing Ion's internal playoffs to find their team for the team tourney at QuakeCon.

Help Wanted
Rogue Entertainment's Steve "Gateway" Tietze sends along the following (which is also the subject of his .plan update):

Team Member-Level Design!

This individual will be responsible for the creation and completion of levels for Rogue's next exciting project! He/she must possess a solid knowledge of level and game design. You must be skilled in the manipulation and design of 3D environments utilizing the Quake engine, or similar technologies. Samples of completed or published works also a must.

If you're a forward looking individual, with the drive to seek out new opportunities with a team-oriented company and are willing to relocate, submit your resume and sample works to:

Rogue Entertainment Inc.
18601 LBJ Freeway, Suite 660
Mesquite, Texas 75150
c/o Jim Molinets

Or, e-mail us at:

Interested parties who are going to be attending Quake Con should let us know in advance. We may be able to set up an interview on site there.

Human Decision Required
The first beta of the Human Decision Required (HDR) TC has been released on the HDR Homepage. the patch features:

- 72 new models
- 8 new weapons
- Totally new console artwork and graphic
- 3 monsters out of 8 scheduled for the final release
- more than 40 new sounds and effects

Shrak Winners
The full list of winners from the Shrak Secret Level Contest have been posted on the SHRAK Contest Page.

Tanks for the Memories
QTank public beta v0.1 is out on the QTank Homepage. The first version includes the new vehicle, new weapons and ammo, plus three custom levels.

New QSpy Map Data
Thanks Rotwang for word there's another new QSpy map data file (2 KB) on QSBN.

New Vispatch
Andy Bay has released the newest (and the intended final) version of VisPatch which allows you to quickly re-vis maps for transparent water. Here's VisPatch 1.2 (27 KB), also available on the DeathDealer's QuakeDeck. The new version fixes NT infinite loop and disk space problems. Andy says version 1.1 wasn't intended to be released which is why the docs didn't reflect it.

Opinion Poll
Next Generation Online is conducting a poll of PC owners to find out what games best represent the future of online gaming. The choices they offer are Quake, Unreal, Ultima Online, Meridan 59, Diablo or none of the above. Thanks Prophet.

Hexen IRC has a new IRC log with two of Raven's Hexen 2 developers.

Future versus Fantasy 3.0
Hap sends along word on the future of Future versus Fantasy:

FvF 3.0 is expected to be released within three weeks. FvF 3.0 will likely be the final FvF. FvF [Shareware] will be the first released and uncrippled. This will soon be followed by FvF [Registered], costing $10, with have 13 levels with 382 new textures. (Yes, that three hundred eighty two textures.) FvF QW start porting after FvF 3.0 is released.

Clan Database
The Clan Database at Quake Clan Central is up and running, set to handle the daunting task of tracking the seemingly infinite number of clans out there.

Why Quake Dislikes K6 Processors
Here's an article (originally a USENET posting) that describes in technical detail, why AMD's K6 processors do not perform as well as Intel processors for Quake. Thanks Chrisco]3[.

Quake at MeccaWorld
Quake at MeccaWorld has resumed doing full level reviews, and has opened up a new section, Screenshots at MeccaWorld.

Compiler Beta Test
If you are interested in helping to beta test a new Quake C compiler / IDE for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 called Turbo QC please email Troy Tomasky.

DLL Site
WM_QUAKE2 is a new site poised to be the authority on Quake 2 DLL's (once we have some).


LAN Parties


Tuesday, July 8, 1997

Mike Wilson on CNBC
It seems that Ion Storm CEO Mike Wilson's interview on CNBC is airing today (thanks quiksand). Apparently the main topic of discussion is Daikatana.

Teamplay Article
Fargo, the J.D. Salinger of Quake (reclusive writer joke), has written a new article for PlanetQuake called A Brief History of Teamplay that discusses the difficulties of trying to merge complex teamplay rules with the simple approach of Quake deathmatch, along with a few suggestions on how to do so. Good stuff, highly recommended.

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses has been updated with new questions, results, and responses. This week's new questions include topics such as enemy AI, and underwater projectile behavior.

Midnight CTF
There is a new version of Midnight CTF, the patch that turns out the lights in CTF and gives each player a flashlight, up on the Midnight CTF page. The new version is a server-side addition to traditional CTF, meaning clients no longer need any files to play.

New QSpawn
Version 0.95 of QSpawn, the Quake front-end, is out on the QSpawn page. Thanks Prophet.

John Carmack IRC Appearance? No.
The apparent John Carmack appearance on EFnet #quakeed described here this morning turned out, in fact, to be a spoof. From his reaction to my question, it sounds like future visits to IRC by John Carmack are to be viewed with serious skepticsm:

Nope, wasn't me. I have never typed a character on IRC in my life.

Unreal at E3 Photos
Epic has posted their photos of E3 showing demonstrations of Unreal and the Unreal editor. Thanks Prophet.

The Fallout Continues
Another reaction to the accusations printed recently in the Beauty of Madness has appeared. John Carmack updated his .plan to actually address the contention that id Software is deliberately ignoring bugs in their software, and Brian Hook updated again, reflecting on his lost productivity. To catch up quickly, Beauty of Madness (a site dedicated to the upcoming Unreal-engine Wheel of Time game) recently printed allegations that id Software is "lying" about the status of bugs in Quake, and that the dropping of native modem support was evidence of this. Brian Hook exchanged some mail with the author, and made a .plan update to address the issue, but a subsequent interview with Andy of BoM came out, restating the allegations, which seems to have lead to John Carmack's involvement. John's update is rather large, and should be read in its entirety, but I'll excerpt a couple of quotes:

The quality of Quake's software has been a topic of some discussion lately. I avoid IRC like the plague, but I usually hear about the big issues.

Quake has bugs. I freely acknowledge it, and I regret them. However, Quake 1 is no longer being actively developed, and any remaining bugs are unlikely to be fixed. We would still like to be aware of all the problems, so we can try to avoid them in Quake 2. [...]

The idea of some cover up or active deception regarding software quality is insulting.

To state my life .plan in a single sentance: "I want to write the best software I can". There isn't even a close second place. My judgement and my work are up for open criticism (I welcome insightfull commentary), but I do get offended when ulterior motives are implied. [...]

I want bug free software. I also want software that runs at infinite speed, takes no bandwidth, is flexible enough to do anything, and was finished yesterday.

New IRC Network
Disruptor updated his .plan discussing a planned new IRC network (both Disruptor, and Brian Hook have recently been involved with incidents on UnderNET that have apparently dimmed their enthusiasm for that network).

Daikatana Shots
The Daikatana screenshots keep appearing. Thanks to Sandmoose (of the Daikatana Cabana) for word that two new (dark) shots have appeared, from time periods we haven't really seen much of yet: future Japan and San Francisco (the shots are a bit dark):

QWatch 1.1 beta has been released on the QWatch page. This program allows you to monitor a QuakeWorld Server refreshed at intervals of five or more seconds, tallying total frags for up to three teams.

The New Thresh Times
Quake and Thresh were both mentioned yesterday on the front page of the Business section of the New York Times (thanks Bitstream).

3D Card Info
A new 3D card information site is online called, covering Vérité and 3Dfx based accelerators. Thanks Prophet.

New Vispatch
Thanks Oatmeal for word that there is a new version of Vispatch up on the DeathDealer's QuakeDeck. Version 1.1 fixes the problem with duplicate backups being made when you use two part patches (like CTF).

32 Player Quake Update
The guys over at the QuakeWorld 32 Player Quake Project (to create maps appropriate to 32 player QuakeWorld), are set to release their first .pak in two weeks (apparently, as in 14 days, rather than "two weeks" in quotes). They are also opening up an invitation to join them for their next project. More details on the QuakeWorld 32 Player Quake Page.

Thankz to CR-Skorpian for the newz that Skillz haz their new competition (#4) online. Today'z update wuz brought to you by the letter Z.

Haiku You
The submission pages for Quake, the Universe, and Everything are back on-line after a two-week downtime, so you can once again submit your Quake haiku and limericks.

They Clan Help
Gamer's Alliance Quake has started a new department devoted to clans called The Clan Complex to post clans news, help in designing clan sites and graphics, etc.

UK Quake Awards
Thanks Mr.BoomBastic for word that the first UK Quake Awards, voted on by UK players, have been posted.

Clan Meet ii
Speaking of UK doings, the recap of Clan Meet ii has been posted (thanks RawMeat).

Female Skins
The Quake Women's Forum now has the female skin pack available for download, under the QWF's Fashion section. The pack includes over 30 female skins and the full set of Paperdoll skins created by Dan Bickell.


LAN Parties / Competitions

Quaker State


Monday, July 7, 1997

QSpy 5.3 Beta
Here is the beta of QSpy 5.3 (361 KB). This will not work if you are not a registered QSpy user (thanks dweomer).

QSpy Beta Release
An IRC release party (Bring Your Own Electronic Beer) is planned this evening to celebrate the release of the beta of QuakeSpy 5.3 to registered users. Bastard sends along the following:

TeamQspy is releasing the 5.3 beta to registered users for feedback and testing at 5:00PM PST today. There will be a release party open to everyone at the QuakeSpy chat network (, where members of team qspy will be available to answer questions and comments.

This new version features a great number of enhancements and upgrades and it's anticipated that several thousand registered users from over 70 countries will participate in this beta test.

The final release date will depend on the feedback, but it's anticipated to be only a few weeks away.

New KasCam
Version 1.8 of KasCam (249 KB) has been released. The new version of this camera patch fixes some bugs and features enhancements to spectator modes, including more cameras at once, locking on individual players, and forced follow mode.

More Daikatana Music
Zep has posted the sixth Daikatana Music Clip on Eye on Ion. Thanks Prophet.

A3 Multiplayer Gaming Convention
A3 is described has the "largest gaming event ever in Oz", and sounds like one of the largest ever, anywhere:

This is David Vandenberg here.. I run the Armageddon multiplayer gaming conventions in Brisbane, Australia. My next event (A3) will be the largest gaming event ever in Oz. It's on July 27, 1997 in the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center. There will be 200-250 computers there and 500-1000 people.
The main attractions of the day will be the 2 Quake Tourneys (one for singleplayer and one for clans) and the special preview release of Dark Reign, presented by the programmers. I'm expecting well over 20 clans to attend and so far around 3 clans have formed just for A3. The Dark Reign developers are also forming a clan to compete at A3. We will be running a very fast network with 10M branches running off a 100M backbone. There will be 15 dedicated Quake servers and another 15 public access PCs for those not able to bring one. The public PCs will be Pentium IIs with Diamond Monster 3D cards, 19" monitors, Monster sound cards and more. Auran will also have 8 PCs on a separate network running Dark Reign. Greg Lane, the Auran head-guy, will be demonstrating Dark Reign one of the 2 big-screens. These screens will be projecting all the action of the main games throughout the day. We'll also be showing previews of the latest games under development. There are huge prizes for the tourney winners, including Diamond Monster 3D graphics and 3D sound packs and other hardware, games, shirts, posters, internet accounts and more. Nintendo will also be there with their latest products on show. There will also be many other game industry companies with stands there.

There's heaps more happening at A3, but I don't want to bother you too much. Check out the web pages at for the full scoop.

Brian Hook Q&A
sCary's posted a mini interview with Brian Hook that contains a few Quake 2 tidbits (I see that the Q2 demo at QuakeCon is in doubt now--bummer).

Hunted Demo
There is a non-playable preview of the Hunted TC up on the Hunted page.

Quake Newbie Guide
The Quake Newbie Guide has two new topics under Quake Derivatives: Hexen 2 and Daikatana, with the other upcoming Quake engine games to follow.

QMET Renamed
The model editor formerly known as QMET has been renamed to Unscrewed. Thanks caesar4.

Quake Rally
There was an update to the Quake Rally page yesterday (thanks Pizza Pie) announcing that the first version of Quake Rally will be geared towards single player and LAN play, with Internet support to follow. There is also the unfortunate news that Modesty, author of the Quake utility FraQuake,who's doing half the QR texture set, was "hit by a car and has been layed (sic) up in hospital for quite a while!..." Best wishes to Modesty for a speedy recovery.

A Rose By Any Other Name
My comments yesterday Star Wars Quake TC were more appropriate than I thought. Send suggestions for a new name for this TC to, and help prevent a "Foxing."

Game Design
Game Design, A Madmans Guide To... is a new site devoted to the art of designing computer games.

Les Descendants de Doom is a 3D Games news page in French.

Lan Parties / Competitions


Sunday, July 6, 1997

Transparent Water Redux Redux
Christoper Bolin sends along word of his new project that fits right in with transparent water day:

I've been working with Ken Alverson and Andy Bay to help with a project that will allow those with glQuake to download a small patchfile and a home-grown patch utility (VISPATCH) and within a few minutes have fully re-VIS'd levels for transparent water effects.

It works very well and is very easy and quick (and even has a non-destructive option that will just make a new PAK and not overwrite any of the original files). I threw up a web page with screenshots, instructions and all the latest patch files for everyone to grab.

We have patches for: All the registered Quake levels, Mission Pack #1, CTF 3&4, Shrak, Cenotaph of the Magi, Dimensionality, DeathMatch eXtreme, and various other popular DM maps.

Transparent Water Unwarning
This reply was sent by Shaitan to the following post about transparent water problems.

"...I can verify (or send screenshots if needed) that there is no such problem. I was a part of the vispatch effort and have done ctf 1 & 2, the id levels, several DM levels (for vispatch) and the hipnotic pack (has one buggy level but it doesnt crash, the water always looks normal) with no problems ... I'm not saying the problem isn't there. It must be. I can say it will not be there for everyone. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, baring software problems it WILL work. Also, you CAN see players in the water IF the server is running modified maps. Otherwise, as Carmack pointed out, the data simply isnt sent over to the clients.

Transparent Water Warning
Awaken sends along the following caveat to anyone planning to re-vis levels for transparent water in GLQuake:

"... You may want to mention that if a person takes the time to re-vis all the levels then they may not all work correctly. I re-vis'd all my ctf and quake levels. I haven't tried them all, but I can say for sure that ctf2 from capture the flag's pak0 will crash with some kind of a brush mismatch error in glqw when loading the level. It doesn't crash glquake. However all the levels from pak1 (ctf2m1 - ctf2m8) work fine. I've only played a few of the original quake levels, so I can't say if they all work or not. Two other points that probably haven't been mentioned: 1. Re-vising levels takes a long time. They took over 24 hours on my p-200 w/128 megs of RAM. 2. Glqw doesn't allow you to see players or other entities in the water when you're not in it and visa-versa."

Screenshot Archive
A couple of webmasters from, as they describe them "ancient" Quake websites, Jason Springer (Quakeworld) and Doug Porter (the Quake Seismograph) have teamed up along with Jody Vining to create The Screenshot Archive with screenshots of games coming out in the near future that use 3D like game engines.

Canada v. USA TeamFortress Match
Thanks Meat Hook for word of the Canada USA TF Match yesterday in which Canada won the first match by 15 points, and apparently romped in the second match. A demo of the first match, as well as scores, screenshots, etc., are available at the Electronic Xecution homepage.

Shrak Attack
Embrionic Pete sends along word that the Top 8 winners of the Find the Secret Shrak Level contest (that were announced Thursday on QuakeCast, are posted on The Embrionic Files.

I just added a couple of links I forgot with earlier stories (thanks Spike from Impulse 1).

Requiem News
There has been a simultaneous release of Requiem - Special Edition version 1.03, and Requiem QuakeWorld Server version 1.03 on the Requiem Homepage. There are also some demos to download and some new information about the patches.

More Transparent Water
Thanks to Simon H. Garlick for word on Vispatch, a new utility to aid in the struggle to bring transparent water to all. The program and more information can be found on the DeathDealer's QuakeDeck:

"Vispatch is a program written by Andy Bay to allow vis data to be extracted from a bsp and imported to another bsp, even within PAK files! This was written for the purpose of extracting vis data from levels re-vised for transparent water by using bsp2prt, and allowing a fast patching process for other users of the levels."

Unreal Firing
Thanks Prophet for word that according to the Unreal Nexus, Unreal recruiter (not level designer, as reported, thanks James Hills, Dimensionality for the correction) Vince (Quatto) Cavin was fired from Epic yesterday, due to "political reasons".

Search Siren's
Siren's Pic Page has been updated with a search engine, so you can now easily find those shots of your Quake buddies.

I forgot to mention the other day that Jesse "Sknny" Glen, maintainer of TC Magazine, has opened up a site dedicated to Raven's upcoming game, Mage Slayer, called The Mage Slayer Times.

Clan Defender's PowerBall patch is running on, if you want to check that out. Also, another PB release (version 1.666), is in the works (in about "two weeks"), which will include admin codes, a new map, and several fixes. Email Josh Dalcher with questions, comments, etc.

Camper Heaven
Some new light on the not-so-noble art of camping (thanks Prophet): Fine Young Camper is a pro-camper site, and there's this article on Camping and Guarding on RocketMount.

Speeder Bike
The Star Wars TC Page has been updated with some nice shots of the model for the speeder bike. INAL (I'm not a lawyer), but maybe this TC ought to consider a name change soon (Space Fight TC? Galaxy Battles TC?). Thanks Matt Stevens.

UK Quake Movie
Quake War: Invasion is the official site of the UK Quake movie. Thanks Prophet.

Who's Who in Irish Quake
Thanks Prophet for word on the Who's Who in Irish Quake page.

Midway's N64 Quake Site
Midway has put up a new site (really just three screenshots at this point) for the upcoming N64 Quake (thanks Thrashing Rage of Quake64).

LAN Parties / Events

Wars Between the States

Saturday, July 5, 1997

Custents 5.2
Custents version 5.2 has been released on the Trench of Mental Warfare, which has reopened following the attack on Warzone/TeleFragged. The new version has a bunch of new features, and to aid in learning how to use Custents, there is now a Help Board for Custents questions and answers.

Daikatana Movies
Thanks to TheSnipe for word that PCGames has a Real Video version of the Daikatana E3 Trailer on-line. Also, thanks to whomever uploaded the Quicktime Daikatana trailer (4.2 MB) to my FTP site. I believe this was the one that came with the CD in the July issue of UK's Edge magazine.

Cenotaph of the Magi
ELM has just released their first project, a deathmatch pack called Cenotaph of the Magi (2.3 MB). The pack's six original levels range from one-on-one to large "cat and mouse" levels. The pack can also be found on its homepage.

Paradigm is an upcoming commercial TC from Katana Software. Paradigm is to feature new weapons and gameplay, and the team includes Quake C guru Howard Roy of the Killer Quake Pack. Here's the blurb on the game, and a couple of screenshots:

Ever want to play Wing Commander in quake? Jump into an alien ship and kick ass? Well now you can in Paradigm and thats only one of the cool features in our TC. We will be demoing at Quake Con 97 and check out our web site daily for screen shots at

Dan's Paper Dolls
Dan Bickell, skin artist extraordinaire, was working on some skins for the Quake Women's Forum female skin pack, and he ended up creating a whole new little project called Paperdolls (185 KB). Here's a description in Dan's words:

Basically, it is a set of graphics that are designed as components to put together female Quake player skins, sort of like playing with paper dolls. You get to dress up your female skin however you like, with about 40 different components of clothes, shoes, hair, weapons, and other accesories.

DEMentED, programmed by Tom "PharCyde" Vykruta is a new demo editor. Actually it calls itself a "Demo Editor and Movie Studio," appropriate since it's being used to edit United Ranger Film's: RGB3, as well as several other high profile movie projects. the DEMentED site (run by Jonathan "W_Wallace" Daughtrey) is now up to make this project available to the public.

Requiem Update
Version 1.02 of Requiem for QuakeWorld (a server-only patch) has been released on the Requiem page.

WaterHack is a utility written by Dr.Splat[GT] to allow non GLQuake users to see into and out of the water if the server is running maps vis'ed for transparent water. Available on the WaterHack page.

The Adventures of Axeboy
Hook sends along word of his project in progress, a Quake on-line comic called the Adventures of Axeboy. The first couple of pages from the first issue are online, and he is now willing to subject himself to feedback from the community, so if you feel like Siskel or Ebert, check it out and let him know what you think.

Deathmatch Strategies
Frag-o-Matic Tactics page contains level by level tips and demos on how to frag like a champion in deathmatch.

Updated CTF Tips
The CTF tips co-maintained by Paco and Cromwell's or Phantom Lord's Quake Lair (the tips are accessible through either site) has been updated to cover all the CTF4 levels.

Fixed Map Data File
There were boo-boo's in the QSpy Map Data update posted on QSBN a couple of days ago, so a corrected version has been posted. Thanks Rotwang.

TeamFortress Page
The Unofficial OZ TeamFortress Page (called the home of Australian TF) has opened for business (thanks VuduChild).

Name Animator
Personally if I never see another message scroll across my tally screen (half the time generated by someone with an invisible name) in deathmatch again, I'll be happy, but that's just my personal opinion (I feel better having shared that, though). My feelings notwithstanding, Tony Browneller, author of BspBuild, is creating a new name animator program, and is seeking beta testers, so if you are interested in testing the program, check the BSPBuild page for details.

LAN Party

Movement (Correction)

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