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January 31, 1997

Gone Ice Fishing
Hittin' those friendly skies in the old Bluejet for the land of 14,000 lakes. Be back Sunday. Have a lovely weekend (especially all of you in Dallas...).

January 30, 1997

Off to the big show... QuakeCast begins at 8:30 PM EST (with Promoter's Corner at 8:00). JUDGECAL and I will speak with id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead, Hipnotic's design genius Levelord, Chris Bolin, to talk about AirFist, and we believe we'll hook up with sCary and KillCreek as they prepare for their sojourn to the Mecca of our community, (Dallas), for the big Rogue party (btw, I hear that the cool dudes over at Gatsbyhouse will be providing the LAN for the party--very nice!). Mase will bring us the scoreboard updates and his unique insights, and Girlbomb will be chatting away with the IRC crowd as fast as her three fingers will allow. Hope you'll join us.

Qoole Tutorial
There is a Tutorial for Qoole (Quake Object Oriented Level Editor) as well as a new beta (.99d) up on the Qoole Homepage. The tutorials will be expanded over time.

Vérité Fix
Thanks to Jim Kaufman for pointing out that the Vérité support in version 5.3a of SciTech's Display Doctor actually fixes the problems accessing higher resolutions in QuakeWorld using this chipset. Way to go SciTech! (Now could you tell Rendition what the problem is so they can fix the BIOS?)

Plans Part Deux
There are updates to Mark Dochtermann's and Jim Dose's .plans. Thanks Lokatana.

The New Vore Times has started a classified ad section "because some dork who runs this big page with a big ego doesn't have it anymore" (that would be me--don't sweat it, he was kidding). They're accepting real and fake ads, so feel free to get nutty.

New QuakeMap and BSP
QuakeMap version 2.8 has been released, as well as a new version of the QuakeMap DOS runtime module (and source code) for non-Quakemap users to use files of the proprietary "QME" format. The new files are available, as always on Derrick McKay's QuakeMap Page.

Also, there is a new version of BSP (.69), which includes a 16-bit and a 32-bit release. Available on the home of BSP, The Elite Quake Editor's Corner.

Can't tell the .plan updates without a scorecard. Levelord updated his .plan (thanks DaKoTa of Clan Xenocide) talking about a bunch of stuff, including his plan to come onto the QuakeCast tonight (I'll put up a note with the full lineup when it's firmer), and the cool Ask the Guru column on The Worldcraft Editing Site he'll be working on . Paradox updated as well (thanks Lokatana), talking of The Scourge of Armagon's cool gib physics, among other things.

QuakeLab Lives
Labmaster Steve Fukuda has been having FTP difficulties, hence the lack of updates to the QuakeLab (apparently the current one is working its way through email). hang in there, it's being worked on. On a related note, scumm points out that Quake Level Editing News is back online after some technical difficulties.

January 29, 1997

The Tokay Songbook
There's been another installment to the Tokay Songbook with a song by Beau Harrington. Thanks to Lokatana for the word that American updated his .plan.

SuperHeroes Update
A new version of the Quake SuperHeroes patch (.944) has been released. Check out this interesting modification and its 66(!) different super powers on the Quake SuperHeroes page.
If you're having trouble reaching, hang in there a bit more, it's just that their new IP address is slowing filtering through the DNS's of the world, you should be able to reach it soon.

Linux QSpy
Paul Miller has released a new beta of Linux QSpy (as always, shift-clicking will allow you to download this file if your browser tries to display it). Here's the read me.

Bye Gonzo
I'm sorry to say that Gonzo has decided to hang up his typewriter, or whatever it is guys like us hang up when they retire. Either way, he will no longer be doing Tournament news for the ClanRing (welcome aboard to Gonzo's hand-picked replacement, Jokey Smurf). Thanks to Paul Baker of QCPL (where you can find an IRC log of a discussion with Gonzo).

Cash .plan
Thanks to DaKoTa:

Congrats to the Packers... but I'm still not wearing rubber cheese on my head. BTW, was it just me, or did the half time show actually not totally suck this year? "not totally suck": This does not mean I thought it was good. It just wasn't the usual "salute to something ridiculous"

Congrats to Romero for winning the nhuman contest. We need to run my M3 vs your 850 someday. On paper they are about a dead heat. I'll only go against the TR if I get to do the Hummer too ;-)

QuakeC Tip
Don't use the chain field. If you need to make a linked list, make your own link field. chain gets written by some of the builtin functions (like findradius) so your list can get screwed.

w00p list
Star Wars on da big screen again
"Da Party"
Redneck Rampage

llama list
Pat Boone's "Heavy Metal" CD
Diablo cheaters

January 28, 1997

Dear Fraggy
The Worldcraft Editing Site has added an Ask the Guru section. Interesting level editing questions will be passed along to Hipnotic's Levelord (now that's a guru!) for his responses.

Barf Goes Wild
Breaking his once a week pattern, Quebec Barf has updated his Definitive QuakeWorld Rankings site again. (Thanks Brad Schuetz)

More Quake Fiction
Peter Waterman caretaker of The Rocket Jumper's Guide to Quake is putting together The Bait Journal, he describes it as the journal of a guy trapped in the Quake world. He's finished the first chapter, which contains a slightly more in-depth story behind Quake than the one in the manual. (Warning: heavy load times.. users on slow links, start the coffee maker).

There's a new version of AdQuedit, as always, high in fiber and cholesterol-free. Version 1.21 is available on the AdQuedit page.

Gatling Gun
There's a new Gatling Gun beta on Means of Destruction.

There are two new patches on the TeamFortress page (thanks DiabloZ). Also, there's info on a workaround for a bug in version 2.11 of TeamFortress on Jord's Quake World.

For Fun
Thanks Jerz for the word on this guide to beating your Quake Addiction. And (I know, let it die, but...), did you ever wonder where Riblets come from? Read this (thanks Red Silencer).

American Plan
American McGee updated his .plan with his review of the severed patch (thanks Lokatana):

Severed patch gets 4 llamas.
I think this is something that
I've always wanted to see in Quake
and someone finally did it... very

Career Moves
Disruptor's spilled the beans on the RevCo Page that he's been hired as the new Special Projects Manager at id Software. There are details there, but not to worry about the RevCo Master Server; it will move to id. Also, Whaleboy's .plan is up at Ion Storm so get out your rubber gloves and finger the boy... (And again, big congrats to both...)

I got an email from John Cash, correcting my mistaken impression that his son (the birthday boy) was a sprite:

Whaddaya mean "the little sprite"? I'll have you know both of my boys are fully 3D. They got so many polys that I can't even count 'em all. They're animated at way too many fps and have skins that are just too real to believe. And frames of animation? These kids just keep making new ones up all the time; talk about yer AI!!! Man, those guys that write RealLife (tm) are good!!!

For Swinging Hookers
(I love a good headline). Perecli Manole's grappling hook, which employs realistic momentum and swinging is out of beta. Download (read me) and get swinging.

]-[ITMAN from The Lone Gunmen was nice enough to send along another copy of severed, the patch that allows you to dismember members of the other team. Credit for this project should go to Vengence of TLG, who also did the Dragon patch. Here's an ampu-tease:

Gross Image... be happy you can't see it.

QW Proxy
Achim Huegen sends along word that the new version of his Win95 Quake Proxy Server (version 0.95). The program now features QuakeWorld connections and remote control. Here's the read me.

Behind the Scenes
LOL. If you're interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the kind of nutty stuff that goes on here at the old Blue's Newsroom, check out the Pork Riblets page, which has a vey humorous (and true) description of what happened when Crash, the site's maintainer, first contacted me (um, repeatedly) asking me to look at his page. Thanks to Lokatana (Crash's co-worker) for the word.

Steve "Dipstick" Towle dropped me a line to let me know he's updated his .plan with the news that he'd lo longer be updating his Quake site, Putz. Here is the Quake-related portion:

I guess I should update my .plan sometime. Wow.

I also have to say that I am closing down Putz, because I feel like it. I haven't updated since who the hell knows when, so most things are going ka-put. The following will remain:

The NiGHTS Into Quake Page at:

And the Almost Authorative Quake Deathmatch Frag and Player List at:

nhuman has found a new ISP. The new URL of his page is The next contest starts this Saturday.

Killer Quake Patch
Word comes from Howard Roy, the author of the Killer Quake Patch (a combination of a bunch of Quake C mods), that version 1.0 of the patch is available.

January 27, 1997

3D Gaming on the Web
Check out this article in Next Generation about a new web-based 3D engine. (thanks Alex Dimson).

In a demo shown last week, our editors witnessed the first level
of Doom with monsters from Quake running under Netscape 3.0
on a Pentium 133 running between 11-16 frames per second.

Lone Gunmen
The Lone Gunmen send along word of their latest mod Severed that allows you to shoot limbs off your opponents. Actually they sent along the file, but it got corrupted, so I'll get a new copy and post it.

Quake TV
Al Dzurka dropped a line to mention QuakeNet's upcoming web TV show (they dabbled in RealAudio for a while). I checked out the promo, and was surprised (no, amazed) to get smooth streaming video through a modem.

AirFist in CTF
AirFist contributor Christopher Bolin sends word that the AirFist is now available in QW CTF. The Bloody Waters Quake World CTF server is connected to RevCo's master at and runs on port 27500.

SciTech Display Doctor
There's a new version of SciTech's Display Doctor out (thanks NetRunner). Display Doctor Version 5.3a features support for Vérité chips.

Thanks to Monty for the word that both John Cash, and American McGee updated their .plans:


My older boy turn 6 today. It still scares me to think of having *me* as a father.

Congrats to the Packers... but I'm still not wearing rubber cheese on my head. BTW, was it just me, or did the half time show actually not totally suck this year?

Congrats to Romero for winning the nhuman contest. We need to run my M3 vs your 850 someday. On paper they are should be about a dead heat. I'll only go against the TR if I get to do the Hummer too ;-)

"Da Party" - W00p!!!

Well Happy Birthday to the little sprite. As for the half-time show, that would probably just be you, John...

As for American:

This weekend Christian and I were drinking
some beer and playing some Quake and we decided
to hop onto id_public and beat the shit out of
people with our ~30 ping. Well, some guys from
NightBreed happened to be there that night too.
NB_Pud, NB_Cub, and NB_HokieNuts to be exact.
They had low pings... but not 30ms pings.
I learned very quickly that regardless of ping,
if someone is better than you at DM you are going
to get your ass kicked :) These guys were maniacs
and destroyed everything in thier path. I have
never seen three guys work together so well to
dominate a level. My respect goes out to these
guys. I will have to practice some and beat their
heads in someday soon :)

CTF Stats
Check out the cool stats on the Sanitarium from a CTF Server at Texas A&M (Redwood's alma mater).

Quake Proxy
I got mail from Rajala Ilkka creater of FAQ-Proxy who has released the first version of his program, which allows observers to log into a game and watch through the point of view of one of the players as well as client-side demos. This may be the first step towards Quake as a spectator sport. Check out all the details on the FAQ-Proxy page.

There is a new version of ToeTag (editor) on the ToeTag page.

nhuman Contest
Because you guys went and busted nhuman's account, the contest results, Romero's winning demo, etc. have been moved to the Ruthless Bastards' page.

January 26, 1997

There's a new Quake editor on the scene. Qoole stands for Quake Object Oriented Level Editor. Here's the no-frills homepage, where you can download the public beta. Thanks to Jeff Borenstein.

QuakeWorld Rankings
The Definitive QuakeWorld Rankings page has been updated. Thanks Eucker.

Aussie Tourney Link
Duh. I forgot to give the link for the Chariot Quake server page in yesterday's Australia tournament story.

TC's and Classifieds
As I mentioned yesterday, I am discontinuing the TC and Classified sections. I recommend that anyone looking to share or get TC information, check out Nakedman's TC List, which is as up to date as mine was, and is dedicated to the job. Likewise, those with classified type advertising (including TC's) should go to Red_Silencer's House of Frags. (RS is also looking for someone to host some CGI scripts on their server, please email him if you can help).

I've received a couple of throbbers since my first one (the little "N" meteor shower when Netscape Navigator loads a page). This one from _LoTeK_ is cute, it's Sujoy's cool flaming Q logo. Just unzip the two bitmap images in (26 KB) into the directory with your Netscape.exe (version 3.0+). For more info, check out Throbbers PC.

Quake in Germany
Yup The Q Continuum is in Germany, and in German. Here's their link to me (I get a kick out of this stuff, even though I don't know what it means--he's probably calling me a llama, or something):

Blue's News: Falls Ihr mir die News nicht abkaufen wollt, könnt Ihr Euch ja noch mal auf der besten News Page der WELT erkundigen. Bei Blue's News!

nhuman Contest
John Romero won the beat the nhuman Contest! How cool is that? You can go there and download the winning demo. (It seems this link has become dead... might have been too many downloads, I'm looking into it).

January 25, 1997

Carmack's .plan
I see on the Void that John Carmack updated his .plan:

I fixed a couple problems in glquake with some addon stuff -- the goats demo actually showed up a crashing problem with 256*256 textures, and the rangers demos showed that players with non-player models and colormaps were all messed up.

I'll make another release when 3dfx has their next driver drop finished.

Operation Bayshield
This movie is hysterical, you must check it out. In a recent email, ColdSun of The Rangers mentioned a great movie made by the Undead Clan (apparently all done in one take with no splicing), so when I saw a link on sCary's (that's the link if you're still having trouble reaching the Quakeholio, btw) to it on The Undead page, I went to get it. But it wasn't up anymore, because that bad boy weighed in at three megs or so and busted Polish's bandwidth allowance. So I've offered a mirror. Here's Operation Bayshield, enjoy. American updated his .plan about it:

The new demo from The Undead is about the
coolest thing I have seen. Granted the
Ranger demos are a little more polished...
but "Operation Bay Shield" is the most
humorous Quake movie out there.

I would have to give it five llamas.

Aussie Tourney
If you're in Australia and feel like a little killing, check out the Chariot Quake server page.

 The Shrine has had a facelift, which turned out very nicely (if you're not in a rush... it's pretty high bandwidth).

Site Stuff
I blew out the Classifieds and Total Conversions sections, I wasn't able to give them the attention they need, my apologies. I think there's something wrong with my email right now, I am not receiving any messages.

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