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January 10, 1997

ThreeWave CTF Update
There's a big update on ThreeWave in which Zoid explains his thinking in not allowing you to drop a rune or flag. He is also putting out a call for levels, but he's going to "be a lot more picky about the levels this time around," so if you are interested, be sure to go there and read the details so you understand what he means.

Speaking of CTF, I got the following mail from Drew 'BZ' Davidson that describes a bot that will allow solo CTF:

CTF Bot is a totally new Quake C bot combined with ThreeWave Capture the Flag version 3.5. With CTF Bot you can play ThreeWave Capture the Flag by yourself, against a team of bots. You can also spawn bots on your team to help you kill.

CTF Bot is now available on the CTF Bot Home Page at:

To use CTF Bot you also need the ThreeWave CTF client side mod from:

CTF Bot has been coded from the ground up specifically for CTF. CTF Bot knows how to use the grappling hook, and will try to use the hook to get normally inaccessible items or to escort human players. For example, CTF Bot can use the hook to get the Quad, megahealth, and red armor in The Strongbox (ctf8).

In addition, CTF Bot uses a waypoint scheme on certain maps so that it can find its way in and out of the bases. The maps that CTF Bot currently has waypoints for include ctf1 through ctf8 (i.e. the maps in the ThreeWave CTF client mod). On waypoint maps CTF Bot may capture your flag very quickly if you're not careful! CTF Bot can also be played on other maps, it just won't capture your flag.

CTF Bot also features dynamic CTF map creation, so you can easily turn any map into a CTF map. With an impulse you can create the red or blue flag and team spawn points, or create a respawning base stockpile of health, armor, ammo and weapons.

CTF Bot contains many other features, including detailed scoring, ordering bots on your team to attack or defend, bot in-game chatter, and 100 different names for bots. Source code is included.

CTF Bot 1.1 is available for download now. Check it out!

(CTF Bot will soon be available at also.)

CTF Bot by Drew 'BZ' Davidson

Robin Russell wrote to point out the QCHQ has been evicted, so to speak, from their domain, which I presume is because they were sponsored by the now defunct QFL. Robin also forwards the word from babylou that the new URL is soon to come.

Quake-C Archives
The Quake-C Archives has moved to PlanetQuake... the new URL is

Shamblers Lair
The Shamblers Lair has become a site dedicated to Quake II.

Quake Underground
The Quake Underground has moved to

Dress Up the CrackWhores
I got an email from JoJo of Clan CrackWhore (woo-woo). They are having a "Dress Up the CrackWhores contest" (looking for a clan skin). Somehow I get the feeling this one is going to get some interesting entries...

There's a little teaser about MacQuake from the MacWorld Expo on CNET that says it won't be ready for "at least another couple of months." Thanks John Callaham.

QuakeWorld Rankings
Quebec Barf has updated the player rankings on his QuakeWorld rankings page (thanks Eucker).

QFL Defunct
The QFL has shut down. I got the following message from Mark L. Kupsc, which also appears on their website:

Because of various issues surrounding most of the QFL team, we can no longer afford to focus our efforts on the QFL project anymore. There is just too much going on in "Real-Life", and for QFL to work, it would require attention we can not give it. We made a run at revolutionizing Quake, but we fell shot. Thanks to everyone who supported us. We are sorry about this, but rest assured that in the future, when we have more time and a brilliant idea, you will see us on the block again. However, someone is trying to salvage the program. Check out the QFL Crisis Page at "".

Joost and I appeared on QuakeCast on Pseudo last night. Fargo (of Fargo's Frontpage), came by, as well as Curemode of Clan of the Caveman for some bizarre "annointment." Special call in guests were the Dank and Scud team (author Michael Houston and webmaster Andrew), talking about the 'net's coolest comic, and Devious from Kings of Capture about this huge upcoming two-on-two CTF tourney.

Once again, I had a blast, and we're talking about making it a regular thing... As in the past I am extremely interested in honest feedback, whether you love it, or hate it (or are completely indifferent).

I got an email from Paradox (Tom Mustaine), legend of Doom, and Hipnotic level designer (and more), with some info on Hipnotic and their upcoming Quake add-on CD The Scourge of Armagon (formerly The Rift). Tom points out that some of the Hipnotic crew regularly update their .plan files "...about recent events, our Quake pack, or anything else thats on our minds. Expect some details on our upcoming quake-tech game in there soon."

You'll also notice an interesting challenge in there. Paradox is challenging both Cash AND tokay to a two versus one deathmatch (wow!).

Paradox promises to update "very soon" with some details about new stuff they have added to the engine to help the editing community stay on top of the new features they are building into the game.

Gameplay FAQ
This is interesting. The Quake Multiplayer Gameplay FAQ outlines its author's feelings about game design and gameflow, etc. Definitely worth a read, especially for those interested in creating TC's and game design.

Lost DOS Frag Counts
Dalias sends word of his Quake C server patch that fixes the problem of lost frag counts, and other messaging problems that plague players using B&W's DOS PPP stack to play Quake. Available on Epicenter.

Contest winners! Congratulations to the winner of the guess the score of tokay v. Cash contest, Ake Wallebom (who won on a tie-breaker drawing), who will receive a SpaceOrb. Also the winners of the big Worldcraft pre-fab contest are up on Impulse 1.

Romero's .plan
More from the Romero:

We have begun designing our new games and will be fully
staffed in a short while. Kee has added translucency to
the Quake engine so we can do some cool visual effects
with all the models and sprites.

Much more to come!

January 9, 1997

We Have a Winner
The deathmatch between American McGee and John Cash has finally taken place! American is the winner, by the narrow margin of 10-8. Here are the promised demos (one from each point-of-view), so this also provides a nice opportunity to see a couple of skilled players in action. I'll post the name of the winner of the contest tonight or tomorrow (thanks to all who entered). Patrick Cupka (of the Void) points out that John updated his .plan. Damn, I know tokay joked about mailbombing Cash, but I would have hoped no one would really do it (I guess I should have said so):

Well, we did it. American and I *finally* had our deathmatch.
He won 10-8; I guess I should be sad I lost, but since he was
expecting something like 20 to -2... I'll take it. The demos
are being uploaded so you can see for yourselves. I'm Hellrot
and he's tokay. OK, now for the hard part:

Congratulations American.

Oh yeah, you can stop the mail bombing now, OK.

And thanks to Craig (aka blastfemur) for the news that American did to:

Wow... Cash and I just finished playing our
DeathMatch. All this time I kept thinking
that I would beat him 64 to -10 or something
but he gave me a really good fight.

I will certainly give him more respect the
next time we play :)

Finger Romero
Kee Kimbrell from Ion Storm let me know that John Romero updated his finger. At least he didn't say he was going to "Prey" before going to bed:

My plan is to be a good little boy, and to pray before
going to bed at night. I also would like to do some
charity work on the side if I have time.
(File last updated on Thu 09 Jan 1997 at 11:23)

Joost is in town for another day, so we're gonna drop in on Pseudo again tonight (Live from 9:00-10:00 PM EST) to be part of the QuakeCast. As with last week, the idea is to focus a little more on content that is genuinely interesting to Quake players than perhaps they have in the past (I can be so gentle with my words when I put my mind to it), so I'm very interested in feedback.

ZeusBot 2.042
There were a couple of small problems with the recent ZeusBot release (the DeathCam was disabled, and DM2 didn't work), so author Nelno the Amoeba has released ZeusBot 2.042 (also available on QCHQ). BTW, Nelno says he has no self-esteem problem--"It's actually supposed to be a really, really large amoeba..."

Derrick McKay (of Derrick's QuakeMap page) sends along word of the release of QuakeMap 2.7, which includes a neat new feature that lets you change/add/delete entities in a finished BSP.

The new QuakeWorld Local, version 1.2 (which simulates a Master Server on a LAN), has been released (from the QuakeWorld Local homepage). This version fixes problems with CTF, and "should be generally more stable." Thanks Scott Andrews (a.k.a. SysWiz).

The new QFront version 2.8, one of the original, and best, Quake front-ends has been released (also at This is a Win95 app that can help you organize your patches, maps, etc.

Just thought I'd make sure to spread the word that there was a misunderstanding about what went on with the Master Servers crashing, and if you were hatemailing or mailbombing Price Hall, you should cool it because you are punishing an innocent man.

Redwood's not dead. I've exchanged a couple of mails with him at Compaq, and the reason his page hasn't been updated is because he still doesn't have a home phone. He's expecting it to be hooked up soon...

January 8, 1997

ZeusBot author Nelno the Amoeba (obviously a self-esteem problem there) sends along word that ZeusBot 2.04 has been released (also available on QCHQ and Nelno's homepage). Here's what's new in this version.

There's an interesting editorial on Fargo's Frontpage (also accessible though the "Gibbage" section on PlanetQuake) that reflects on the difficulties inherent in trying to create some order out of the Chaos of clan warfare, as well as whether or not such organization is called for. Related reading is the ClanRing League.

Shake 'N' Quake
There's an explanation from O-Dog on Shake 'N' Quake about why he is giving up updating the news portion of the page, and that it is likely that SNQ will continue without a news section.

Xenocide Trinity
The maintainers of Ender's Flag Strategy, Point of Vantage, and Bounty Hunter's Quake CTF Tips have formed Xenocide Trinity, a co-op to share information between the three pages, which are all dedicated to tips and strategies for Threewave CTF.

John Carmack Interview
This is very cool. I received an email from Dark Requiem's DR_Bone that contained an interview with John Carmack. It will end up being posted on DR's site, but since it is chock full of information of interest to Quakers, he was kind enough to send it here (thanks Bone!). This interview answers some serious questions about the recent rash of departures from id (which I know from my email is a topic of concern for many of us), the Next Technology (which has been dubbed "trinity" for the moment, we learn here for the first time), John Romero's departure ("Romero was pushed out of id because he wasn't working hard enough."), Unreal, and more. Please read the comments both Bone and John make about the advisability (or lack thereof) of bugging John with email, questions, and interviews. Here's the John Carmack Interview.

QuakeWorld Stats
William Anthony Stubbs has cooked up a cool web page, BAz's QuakeWorld Stats Query, that allows you to query QuakeWorld player stats through the web. You can also add a link from your own home page so visitors can get an up to the minute listing of your stats.

Haiku II
Yep, when I wrote about Buzman's Haiku page earlier, I was thinking the Quake Haiku Page had gone the way of all things... and of course I was wrong, it's alive and well (better than ever, in fact...). Sorry about that, thanks to Ramirez for setting me straight. Or, in Haiku format*

Haikus are still here

Not sure what I was thinking

Please forgive my slip

From earlier, Buzman's Quake Page has become a home for Quake Haikus, and other literary works (send submissions to

* For the inevitable question about Haikus: They are poems consisting of three stanzas; the first five syllables the second seven, and the third five again.

QW Now
Thanks to Troy Newman for getting rid of the hitch in the animation on the QuakeWorld Now! button (all right it's not gone, but it's much better).

BSP Version 0.66b (335 KB) has been released on the BSP Homepage. Thanks to Steve Thoms of The Elite Quake Editor's Corner. First time users of BSP need these RTL's (301 KB).

Brandon Ording sent along word of his QCFE 1.0 (570 KB), a Windows 95 patch launcher that finds your patches and can load maps and all that good stuff.

The Quake Associated Poll, the larger of the upcoming clan polling endeavors (in addition to the CLP), has got a small temporary page up to explain a little about itself. Ryan Pohlman (sin), is encouraging all clan members to check it out and ask any further questions they may have, as it will help him in the development process.

Bubbah's Models
Thanks to -DiabloZ- for pointing out that Bubbah's Models for Quake added a step by step guide to making Quake models to augment Bubbah's monster plug-in FAQ (he also point out I never added a link, till now--oops, sorry Bubbah). While I mention this, those interested in such things should also check out the Creating Models section of QuakeX, and the MedDLe Page, which has a how-to section.

January 7, 1997

Master Servers Online
Disruptor's Master server ( is back online. As described earlier, you will now have a lower userid on that server than before. Here is the procedure for obtaining your new userid (from the RevCo Page):

qwcl -master
user "name"
Replace "name" with your name and don't forget to include quotes if you name has a space in it. It will spit back all the userinfo including your userid.

LAN Photos
Chaos, leader of the Ruthless Bastards, wrote to say they were listing the sites with photos from the I9 LAN Party that took place this weekend on their page. As Chaos says:

Now you can see real-life pics of your favorite Quake heroes from the Ruthless Bastards, Impulse9, IHOS, and more. And it proves that we Quakers CAN interact physically ;).

More Campers
Another place to roast your marshmallows is the Quake Campers Page.

QuakeWorld Master Server Update
I got word from Disruptor that his Master Server ( will be going down at 6:00 PM this evening for about an hour of maintenance and a rebuild of the userbase. The rebuild means that when the server goes back up, most users will have a new (lower) userid. There are details on the RevCo page on how to deal with your new userid, as well as more information on why this is necessary.

Meanwhile, thanks to Noah Eames for the word that the Master Server ( is back in action.

A site similar to that "Quake Associated Press" poll I mentioned yesterday has sprung up. Smaller than the QAP the Clan Leaders Poll, or C.L.P. the intent is to have Clan leaders vote for the Best Clans by category... the idea is to perhaps ultimately have an "All-Star game" of sorts.

Italian QuakeWorld Site
Here's a small QuakeWorld site in Italy which has files and info for a faster link to a lot of European locales.

The Million Mystery
I was wondering yesterday if the millionth visitor was going to drop me a line, and he did today... it turns out Travis "duck" Driscoll thought the counter was frozen in some commemoration of the occasion. Nope, Travis, you were the one. Thanks for writing.

European Master Server
The European QuakeWorld Master Server is now up and running. The related webpage (currently pretty bare) will support users of the server. Feedback on the server's operation should be sent to The new Master Server's address is:

Future v. Fantasy
Future v. Fantasy Quake is up to version 1.75 (thanks yugo nakai ). This is a server-side patch, so you don't have anything to download, just log into an FvF Server.

Hexen II-oriented The Chaos Sphere has a new address (and a new message board) ... The weekly newsletter CounterStrike, which you can get from the CounterStrike Page, summarizes the week's Quake news happenings and includes all the related files ... There's more on that new CTF-type mod (now Dubbed the "Red Alert" CTF Mod) at Hermiti's Alaskan Quake Page, which is now that project's homepage ... Okay, try this on for size: The site formerly known as the Gulf Breeze Quake Site (a bad name for a Quake editing site) is changing its name to Quake Level Editing News (better, no?), which, as you may recall, was the former name of Means of Destruction (which was briefly the Quake Newsstand in between, just to keep you on your toes).

January 6, 1997

ClanNET Homepage
ClanNET, the new IRC network designed to create a meeting place for clans without some of the problems inherent in other IRC networks, has got a homepage. Check in to keep tabs on this fast growing (currently 5 servers and over 50 channels) network.

Worldcraft CD Woes
There is an explanation on the Worldcraft Page of why the CD's are just going out now... there are a few factors involved, and they are apologizing for the lack of Christmas delivery.

QuakeWorld Server Lists
Brian Smith of Focus of Quake dropped a note to let everyone know he's finished his QuakeWorld server listing page. I'm a QSpy man myself, but Brian isn't, and if you're like him, maybe this is for you. Also, apparently [deicide]'s QuakeWorld server list has been up for a couple of days, and [deicide] informs me that he's almost completed his next project, a web mirror of entire idgames archive from in htmlized form with descriptions/sizes/emails etc. listed.

Mike Wilson Leaves id to Join ION Storm as CEO
Mike Wilson is leaving id Software to join John Romero, Tom Hall, and Shawn Green at ION Storm, as he details in the following email:

I don't have a .plan file. :)

My last day here is tomorrow. I resigned as Director of Marketing and Distribution at id, and after a brief stop in Cancun, will start work as the CEO of Ion Storm on Jan 15th.

Congratulations to you Mike, and thank you for being an invaluable help to me (and most other Quake webmasters) in the past. I hope this all works out well for you and Ion (and id, for that matter).

I got the following from Ryan Pohlman:

I'm going to begin constructing a page that I think clans may find of some interest. I dont want to get too into details since I havent even finalized the web page, but what it is going to be is a system that will act as a ranking system for the top clans, muck like the ones used in college football and basketball. It's tentatively titled the 'Quake Associated Poll'. It involves voting from clan members so I'm hoping it will do good for the Quake community. If you could post something on your page directing questions and comments to me I would appreciate it.

Quake Article
There is an article about Quake in today's Wall Street Journal (thanks to T.J. Arrowsmith), paid subscribers can access via the WSJ Online. The same article, it turns out, is in the San Jose Mercury News (thanks to Alex Dimson). The author of the article, Dean Takahashi, interviewed me, but I guess I was too boring, or something, to be included... The article turned out okay anyway <g>, and he did find some expertise, as he does quote Bastard from PlanetQuake. Of course the usual compliment of errors are included, like listing Quake's RAM requirement as 32 MB (sure to convince 99% of the article's readers they can't play the game). Other funny quirks include an odd glossary that defines things like "Lagard: Someone with a slow modem" (I've never seen the word laggard used in Quake--reminds me of old drug awareness pamphlets that listed 'Mary Jane' as a slang term for marijuana), and a screenshot of a player fighting two Hell Knights captioned "A 'camper' about to 'frag' his opponents." Still, the mass awareness increases...

Stoneless 0.9a
There is an update from version 0.9 to version 0.9a of David Jewsbury's Quake editor, Stoneless on the Stoneless homepage. This fixes a boatload of bugs. Thanks to Caliban Tiresias Darklock.

Thanks a Million!
What can I say on the occasion of Blue's News' one millionth visitor(!), but thank you all for helping make this site one severely out-of-control success. Thanks to all you loyal readers (hell, even the un-loyal ones), thanks all of you who go to the trouble to mail me to keep me up-to-date and straightened out, and thanks to everyone who actually produce Quake products, projects, add-ons, artwork, stories, and all that good stuff. On some levels this site is a one man show, but on others it is also one huge cooperative effort... thanks to the so many of you who are part of it. Thanks, thanks, thanks... I'm sure I sound maudlin (I'd like to thank the academy... *sniff*), but I do appreciate everyone's help.

Mystery Promo
I only have a vague idea of what's being hyped here, but the QuakeLab is cool, so:

QuakeLab Promo

Deathmatch Weenie Tips
There are loads of tips recently added to the Quake Weenie Website, as well as a little mascot with "Quake Fortune Cookies" you might want to check out.

New CTF Variant
There's a FAQ on Hermiti's Alaskan Quake Page about a changed form of CTF in the works from Archon's Minions.

January 5, 1997

New Dank & Scud
Dank & Scud Issue 3: Marine Corpse, has come out. Here's the new location of The Adventures of Dank & Scud (though the old one won't be removed--they need the mirrors for these graphically intensive works). As for the future, author Michael Houston explains:

Before we start creating issue 4, we're going to spend the next few months creating a sort of "Dank & Scud Interactive" section of the site. This'll include all the odd ideas we've had for D&S that couldn't be done with a comic. Rather than make the comic more media-infested with animations, sound clips and what-not (thereby making it less of a comic), we decided to create a new section which would contain all these things and more. Quake, combined with the Internet, spans countless forms of media, and we don't want Dank and Scud to be limited to just one.

So, please don't ask when issue 4 will be out - we won't start it until after March. Instead, ask when The Official Dank & Scud Win95 Desktop Theme will be out!

PlanetQuake Master Server
Bastard sends along the news that PlanetQuake has launched their QuakeWorld Master Server:

Dip User Awards
The results of the 1996 Dip User awards at Putz have been tallied. Congrats to all the winners. Thanks to everyone who voted for Blue's News (winner for the best news site), I appreciate that. I also appreciate being voted "person of the year" (eeek), though I've gotta say, I would vote for just about every other nominee over me in that category...

Sujoy's Name Change
I didn't think the email from the Future Cafe with a subject line "Greets from Hong Kong" was from anyone I knew, but much to my surprise, it was Sujoy Roy! He sends his regards from his vacation (he'll be back soon), and tells me he's looking to change the name of Sujoy's Quake Pages, so anyone with suggestions should email Sujoy.

Impulse 1
Readers of Toby Goldstone's site, Impulse 1, are probably a little concerned (I know I was) at the way updates suddenly stopped. Toby just returned my email, and it turns out he was simply on vacation, and had arranged for someone else to update his site, which obviously didn't happen (for reasons yet to be determined). But Toby is okay, and wants to mention that winners of the WorldCraft contest will be announced "around Thursday or Friday of this coming week."

Calling Mr. Blackwell
Now this is different. Check out the Clan Fashion Page, which critiques clan skins. This page is hysterical (thanks to Anders Hallberg for the word). Also, you tent-pitchers out there (that sounds like a stronger euphemism, doesn't it?) might want to check out "campers paradise," one of the sections on the recently completed Brain-Dead Quake Page (and they say all the good names are taken).

Quake Desktop
Thanks to Fredrik Alstromer for sending along this image of a table with Quake artwork (92 KB) that makes a nice desktop (640X480). There's also this Windows 95 Plus! Quake Desktop Theme (1.3 MB) by, which is old, but seemed appropriate to mention, since Paul Howe's letter about it coincidentally showed up at the same time as the desktop (you may need msvcrt40.dll (151 KB) to run this).

Aussie Dial Up Server
There's a dial-up service starting up in the Sydney, Australia area called HeadRush. It's going to become a pay service, but $30 a month for unlimited time of what's described as 115-160 ping Quake might be something you killers down under might be interested in knowing about.

QuakeWorld Local
Here's version 1.1 of QuakeWorld Local, the popular program that simulates a local master server, allowing you to play QuakeWorld on a LAN without an Internet connection. Now with support for server lists and skill & efficiency calculations. The program's author, Nick Maher, has also added a table view of all user statistics which can be sorted by any key. For stat freaks, it will even export all the statistics so you can load them into a spreadsheet. Here is the QuakeWorld Local Page.

January 4, 1997

American's .plan
Thanks to Vorpal Kreep for pointing out that American added sCary to his .plan (I am not at all jealous at being left out of this one):

scary is a burnt monkey.

Shawn Green to Join Romero and Hall at Ion Storm!
I got an intriguing email from Shawn Green suggesting I check his .plan:

As of 1-2-97 I have resigned my position
at id Software as Project Manager.

I will start my new programming job
at Ion Storm on 1-9-97.

GLQuake Screenshots
There are exclusive, ooops, I mean 'leet, screenshots of GLQuake on sCary's Quakeholio.

Couple of goodies on the QuakeLab from Steve Fukuda :

1. Mini (emphasis on mini) blurb/interview with Tim Sweeney (Unreal programming team) with more of an emphasis on editing and some similarities and differences between Quake and Unreal.

2. The speeder bike brush model looks nice. It does. Really. :)

Site Seeing
Two sites that are trying to evolve away from the news scene: Check out Red Silencer's page, which has become a repository for help wanted ads for TC's and stuff. And Infernal Newz which is (and I quote) "an all out wacky Quake Page for the Quake Players" (nope, I'm not sure what that means either).

Japanese QSoccer Server
No, not a Japanese QSoccer patch, a server in Japan running QSoccer. Check it out at:

There's a new Quake Editor called Stoneless that's just sprung up. The program's author, David Jewsbury, tells me he plans on making it the best editor around.

The Elo´nz site (Quake Editor) has been updated, and contains info on the upcoming 1.0 release.

Ranking's Update
Thanks Roc Wolf for the news that Quebec Barf has updated his QuakeWorld Rankings page.

Ping Improvements?
There's a very interesting interview with a guy who runs an ISP (which the author reputes to be the fastest in the twin-cities area) on the Night Breed Clan's page. The article has some hints on how to get your best ping and how to look for a good ISP for Quake players.

School Daze
Thanks to Dennis Leung for sending word of this paper a student named 'James' wrote for his anthropology class on the "ethnography culture" of Quake Clans (don't laugh--he got a 99, and maintains a 4.0 GPA). In the process, he reviews the line of id shooters starting with Wolf3d... 

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