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Friday, February 27, 1998

  Today's Headlines
- Praevus Screenshots
- Unreal Messageboard Monitor
- MotS Walkthrough
- Bring Me Their Heads!
- Miss Quake Universe
- Glen Dahlgren Interview
- Derek Smart Interview
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

Praevus Screenshots
Two more screenshots from Portal of Praevus, the upcoming Hexen II mission pack, have been posted on Activision's Hexen II page in a new installment of the Play Tester's Diary. Thanks Prophet.

Unreal Messageboard Monitor
Unreal Nation has launched an MMBoard monitoring system that sniffs the Unreal Messageboard for messages from the guys at Epic Megagames and lists the six most recent such entries on this page. Thanks Prophet.

MotS Walkthrough
There's an updated Jedi Knight Strategy Guide on Gamesmania that boasts a walkthrough of Mysteries of the Sith, the newly released JK mission pack. Thanks Prophet.

Bring Me Their Heads!
The QuakeEasel is doing something interesting: if you send in a scan of your head, they can superimpose it on the body of the Quake or Quake II character of your choice (as a portrait, not a skin). Send your head to

Miss Quake Universe
Get this: graffix from Clan Wicked Demise points out that his girlfriend Sonja Glenn AKA wd-lava|goddess, is a finalist (Miss South Carolina) in the Miss USA Contest! You can support a fellow gamer in her effort to become the rare combination of badass and beauty queen by visiting the Miss USA website and voting for Sonja as Miss Photogenic.



"...The plan has always been for the movie to be live action.  Threshold Entertainment also owns a digital effects lab (similar to ILM etc) and they would be doing the digital special effects in the movie.  There is no talk (nor has there ever been) to make the Duke movie 100% CGI.

Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
Man I got a lot of responses about my tease yesterday: I guess I should've realized I was making too big a mystery out of that: trust me, it's nothing that earth-shattering, in fact, it's only in light of recent events that it's interesting at all. Anyway (as if all that didn't make it worse), you'll find out in the next day or two, so don't sweat it. On another front, following a bunch of requests, I think I'm going to experiment with a cookie to store your preference on the throbber, so everyone who's gonna freak out at the cookie, feel free to share your feedback now, if there's a reason to talk me out of it before I try it.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

  Today's Headlines
- QuakeCast
- 3D Exposed II

- Unreal Preview
- Riot Screenshots
- Canopus Pure3D 2
- Hexen2World Alpha

- Daikatana Scoop From Romero
- Linux Quake II Exploit
- BSP Q2 CTF Entities
- Just the FAQ's (Updated)
- Voodoo 2 Doodoo
- Challenge Thresh

- Final Requiem Beta
- Forsaken Shots
- Help Wanted
- New QERadiant
- .plans
- Competitions
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

Off for the QuakeCast, where I believe the agenda is a spirited discussion of the fun names issue. As always, 9:00 PM Eastern, Real player required (if you miss it live you can hope the archived shows are working while you're still young enough to have your hearing).

3D Exposed II
GameSpot has posted part II of their 3D Exposed series, aimed at demystifying 3D. Thanks Redwood's.

Unreal Preview
Gamesmania has put together an epic (no pun intended) Unreal Preview based on their recent sojourn to Digital Extremes (thanks Stonage of Unreal Nation). Are they enthusiastic about what they saw? Check out this quote:

Much of our time spent looking at Unreal is spent saying things like "Wow!" and "My God." We'll try to be a little more descriptive than that for this report.

First, unless you've personally watched the sunrise on Earth from the surface of the moon, you are going to be astounded by the looks of Unreal. Those of you who are keeping a 3D accelerator warm for Unreal are going to be very, very happy when you see the absolutely gorgeous 3D world.

Riot Screenshots
Eight new in-game screenshots have been posted on the Riot: Mobile Armor page, as well as a really cool shot in their weekly screenshot section of an Ordog firing rockets.

Canopus Pure3D 2
Information about the status of the Pure3D 2, Canopus' entry into the Voodoo 2 field has been posted on the Canopus website, along with some Quake II benchmarks that suggest a stock Voodoo 2's performance gains over a Pure 3D will be noticeably less significant on machines with slower processors (P100, P133) than on faster machines, where the Voodoo 2 (as expected) races ahead.

Hexen2World Alpha
Hexen2World seems to be shaping up, as an alpha test was in the works. Raven's Rick Johnson updated his .plan with word on the limited test, detailing how to become eligible to participate:

We are going to try to have a private alpha test of h2w over the weekend of March 7-8. This private alpha test will only include the software renderer and the demo levels. A server version will not be released (which dictates you must connect to a server we will be running).

If you wish to be considered for the testing, you must be on a modem connection from 28.8 to 56 kbps. You must have an ok ping time to our internet (try pinging to You must also be able to retrieve files via ftp.

If you meet those requirements, send an email to with the following info:
Location in the world
Amount of experience with quake1, quakeworld, quake2
Ping results from pinging (paste the whole contents from the dos prompt)
Computer specs (processor type, speed, ram, modem speed)
Operating System (Win95 / NT4)

Do not expect an email response, as I'm sure I will get swamped. I will be selecting around a dozen or so individuals. Also, this is not a firm date for when it will be tested, but just a likely date as the way things appear to be working out.

Daikatana Scoop from Romero
Saw on Redwood's that ION's John Romero made several new revelations in a new GameSpot article called Daikatana Exposed that reveals, among other things:

"ION has begun preliminary work on Daikatana II and is using the services of Human Head, an outfit comprising former Raven Software employees who worked on Heretic and Hexen. Romero said DII would likely use Epic Megagame's Unreal engine..."

And this:

"...when's the title due? Romero says September is the date. He attributed the delayed release date to certain problems encountered with the Quake II engine - to say nothing of the fact that ION had to wait until Quake II was released before QII code was available for implementation with Daikatana."

Linux Quake II Exploit
Word of a security exploit for Linux users running Quake II can be found on Zoid is aware of the problem, and is working on it as I write these words.

BSP Q2 CTF Entities
BSP is among the ranks of editors equipped to turn out Quake II Capture the Flag maps, as a set of CTF entities for BSP are available at BSP Headquarters.

Just the FAQ's (Updated)
In addition to the next two reported earlier, a "minor update" to The Unofficial Quake II FAQ brings it up to version 1.7. Also, the The SiN FAQ over on Ritualistic got updated a few days back, spotted by eagle-eyed Frans P. de Vries of 3D Action Gamers', who notes that the Hexen II FAQ on HexenWorld, has gotten the "1.666 treatment" like the Quake II FAQ did the other day.

Voodoo 2 Doodoo (Updated)
In addition to all the following tidbits reported earlier comes word from 3dfx Mania that version 2.02 of TweakIt (305 KB) for Voodoo cards has been released with, you guessed it, better Voodoo 2 support. Brett "3 Fingers" Jacobs sent along version 1.07 of his Quake 2 GL Tweak Guide (42 KB), now updated to cover the Voodoo 2. The boys over at Voodoo Extreme tell me Tom of Tom's Hardware hooked them up with some Voodoo 2 overclocking info as well (so all that are disappointed with the speed of their Voodoo 2's can get to tweaking <g>). VE has also posted a complete set of benchmarks from Tom himself, including results from both the Diamond and Creative Voodoo 2's. If Voodoo 2 mania has not yet gripped you, check out Charlie Brown's .plan (keep your drool bucket handy). Finally, I see on VE that Diamond has officially announced their 12MB Monster 3D 2, which, as this GameCenter article (I saw on Redwood's) points out, represents a change in position for Diamond:

Diamond's Vice President of Marketing, Ken Wirt, had said previously that Creative Labs' intention to ship a Voodoo 2 card with 12MB of memory indicated Creative "didn't understand the market."

Challenge Thresh
Today is the day to sign up over at PC Gamer Online to see if you will be selected as one of the ten participants in their first PC Gamer Pro-Am Invitational Classic, which will earn you the right to be smacked down by Thresh in a deathmatch (or perhaps earn fame by knocking him off). The sign-up sheet is online (complete with buttons for your choice marked "Yes I wanna kick Thesh's ass!" and "No, I'm a coward".

Final Requiem Beta
The final beta of Requiem 2.0 for Quake has been released on the Requiem page, as well as a newer archive with Requiem for QuakeWorld 2.0a (featuring a new install.txt). Thanks Prophet.

Forsaken Shots
There are some new Forsaken screenshots over on Acclaim's site showing off both the PC and the PlayStation version of this upcoming 3D hover-bike battle game. Thanks Prophet.

Help Wanted
The Wheel of Time, the upcoming action strategy game using the Unreal engine, based on Robert Jordan's series of fantasy novels is looking to hire a level designer. Details are on the The Wheel of Time page. I added that and another new help wanted toto the want ads.

New QERadiant
Build 0.44 of QERadiant, the Quake level editor based on id's own QE4, has been posted on the QERadiant page. Also, Ravages of the Radiant, the QERad support site, has gotten a makeover. Thanks MiZ.




Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
Lots of stuff in the works: stay tuned for an interesting announcement in a fairly short time.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

  Today's Headlines
- Alpha Vérité 2x00 OpenGL ICD
- Half-Life Preview
- Sinformation

- KeyGrip Goodies
- PGL Sign-ups

- File Funnies Updated
- Quake II 3.13 & CTF 1.01
- New jawMD2
- Server List
- Qoole Q2 CTF Entities
- Gabe Newell Interview
- Scott Miller Interview
- PReviews
- .plans
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

Alpha Vérité 2x00 OpenGL ICD
An alpha version of the Vérité 2x00 OpenGL ICD (173 KB) has been posted on Rendition's website (thanks John Wheatley and paranrml, whose mails couldn't have arrived closer together), along with the following note:

This ICD release provides full accelerated OpenGL support under both Windows 95 and NT. As this is an alpha release, some features have not been implemented yet, and many bugs may still exist. Be sure to read the included release notes before using.

Half-Life Preview
OGR has posted a large Half-Life preview that goes into great depth at looking ahead at Valve's shooter in progress (words cannot describe the guilt pangs this brings out in me over my own overdue look at Half-Life). Thanks Frost from The Underworld.

Phoebus passes along word that Mark Dochtermann made a post to the HardCorps SiN Messageboard to put the rumor that Sin would not have co-op support to rest., and another talking about client side .dll's and why, contrary to the original plan, Sin will probably not have them.

KeyGrip Goodies
There's a setup available on the KeyGrip page that allows you to view the T3 Finals demo from any vantage point, moving freely through the level, even replaying scenes in slow motion, using a special version of the demo and the magic of the KeyGrip Demo Server. There is also the first screenshot of KeyGrip 2 for Quake II.

PGL Sign-ups
Registration for the Professional Gamers League's second season have begun over on The PGL Website. Games included in this go 'round are Quake II, Total Annihilation, and (teamplay) Quake.

File Funnies Updated
A note about downloads: the one sour note so far on the new server seem to be with files made available for download. Something odd happens on some executables, where even though the entire file is uploaded, users only download part of the file (this happened with my first upload of the 3.13 archive this morning), and some .exe's can be downloaded in their entirety, but then don't execute properly (as was the case with my first upload of the 3.12-3.13 updater this morning). After a couple of re-tries, both those files worked, and the, you guessed it, stopped working! (I'm 90% sure this is a MIME-type problem again, because they work when I skip the browser and download them using an FTP client). I am working on both these issues, but I wanted to apologize for the problems bad uploads are causing people. To try and prevent this, I'm re-downloading all uploads to test them from now on, and I've killed the links to files that don't consistently work Thanks to those that wrote in with helpful suggestions (or even the not helpful ones: after a couple of years running a web site I am already aware that FTP clients need to be set properly to ASCII or Binary mode). Anyway, thankfully, I think the logical course will finally be followed, and we will set up FTP access here, hopefully that'll be in place this afternoon.

Quake II 3.13 & CTF 1.01
John Cash updated his .plan announcing the Quake II 3.13 release, itemizing what's changed since 3.10, as well as word that the game source is expected in a day or two, which should make some mod authors happy. Disruptor made a .plan update with the locations of Quake II 3.13 (8.8 MB), also available as a 3.12 to 3.13 updater (no local copy - .exe problems), as well as a Q2 CTF 1.01 patch (no local copy - .zip problems), and a 3.13 patch for Linux (871 KB). I'm happy to say the mime types for tar files is working on the new server so Linux users can enjoy a local download. I honestly don't know what the deal is on the Unix archive, because it clearly doesn't contain the new maps.

New jawMD2
Version 1.29 of jawMD2 has been released on the jawMD2 page, featuring color control for smooth shaded models, internet version upgrade checking, and improved zooming.

Server List
The always cutting-edge Quake Domain Active Quake 2 Servers has been updated to reflect server that report to id's master, so if you set public=1, your server will automatically be listed there. Of course, server admins can also add their server to the list manually through this page.

Qoole Q2 CTF Entities
A set of Quake II CTF entities for the Qoole level editor are up on Ingenuity. I am also told that CTF support will be built into future versions of QERadiant, though the QERad CTF entities released yesterday will certainly do in the meantime. Once level authors start pumping out CTF maps with these entities, the newly opened Reaper's CTF II Level Review can help you sort through the good 'un's and the not so good 'un's.





Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
I don't know what to say about the version of Qtest I kept uploading to the server that seemed to stay corrupted: I have no idea what went wrong, but it's finally working (even though I changed nothing). Really weird, it was almost like the server was unhappy with the .zip MIME types (and this on the day when I finally got .tar files working properly for download). As my nanna, Nanna Rosannadana used to always say, "If it's not one thing, it's another." Off to the dentist again this afternoon, see if you can spot the Vicodin inspired posts when I return.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998 Happy 2nd Birthday Qtest!*

  Today's Headlines
- Quake II FAQ
- New WinGlide

- X-Men Quake Patch
- Q2 CTF QERad Entities
- New Battle of the Sexes
- New Lithium Mod
- More Quake II DM Tips
- Praevus Screenshots
- Tweak Your Voodoo Online
- The Two New Video Cards
- .plans
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

Quake II FAQ
An updated version 1.666 of the Quake II FAQ, called the Qtest anniversary edition, is now online.

New WinGlide
There is another new version of WinGlide, the .dll that allows Voodoo Graphics output in a window up on Voodoo Software, that apparently further speeds up performance by using DirectDraw (thanks Voodoo Extreme). By the way, I should mention while the subject is at hand that I've been told by people that had WinGlide installed that it caused them problems when they tried installing the point release, so you might want to delete your copy if you use it and have had troubles.

X-Men Quake Patch
A version 1.11 patch for X-Men: The Ravages of the Apocalypse, the mutant Quake TC, has been released on the  Ravages of Apocalypse Homepage fixing   several problems listed in this text file. Thanks Frans P. de Vries of 3D Action Gamers'.

Quake II CTF QERadiant Entities
A set of Quake II Capture the Flag entities for the QERadiant level editor have been posted on Capture^2 to make it easier for authors to make their own CTF maps.

New Battle of the Sexes
Version 2.7.2 of Battle of the Sexes for Quake II, the gender-based teamplay variant loosely based on the 1960's romantic comedy "Pillow Talk" (okay, not really), has been released on Spinoza's Quake 2 Mods Page. The new version is still incompatible with Quake II 3.12 (as are most all Q2 mods until the new game .dll source is released), though BotS can be played with the new Quake II CTF maps.

New Lithium Mod
Version 0.87 of the Lithium Quake II mod, which features a ton of customizable server options that can be toggled on or off, has been released on the Lithium Quake II Mod page as both a Win32 and Linux package. Again, until the game source is released, this is not compatible with Quake II 3.12.

More Quake II DM Tips
Thanks Tony Tonns for pointing out my buddy Vik Long has an article on ZDNet called Gamer's Edge - Quake II that is a rundown of deathmatch strategies for Quake II.

Praevus Screenshots
There are four new screenshots from Portal of Praevus, the upcoming Hexen II mission pack on Activision's Hexen II page.

Tweak Your Voodoo Online
Voodoo Kit is a beta version of an online utility on Accelerate! to help you tweak your Voodoo Graphics card, featuring preliminary Voodoo 2 support.

The Two New Video Cards
Stories are popping up about the two newly announced 3d accelerators, the next generation PowerVR (Highlander/PMX1), and the next generation RIVA 128 (called the ZX). Here's a write-up of the new PowerVR in Games Mansion (thanks Voodoo Extreme), and a bootNET article on the PowerVR. Also, I saw on Voodoo Extreme that Tom's Hardware Guide has a skeptical article about the PowerVR announcement, as well as a look at the RIVA 128ZX announcement.



Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
Some of the mail inspired by the 10 millionth visitor is so nice, I am genuinely touched (you know, moved: I've been touched in the head all along). Let me just thank all the participants in this daily dose of gaming scoop once again for making it so much fun for me, you all are the best. Excelsior!

Monday, February 23, 1998

  Today's Headlines
- 64 Player Quake II DM Maps
- Quake II Server List
- 10,000,000
- New Daikatana Screenshots

- DM6 Chapter of the Quake Bible
- New TweakIt

- Final PaintBall
- Ez Server
- More Error During Init
- Riot Update
- TF Poll
- PReviews
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

64 Player Quake II DM Maps
Disruptor passed along the word that id Software has released three new 64 player DM maps (7.0 MB) on their FTP site. He also updated his .plan twice: to mention the release and id's 64 player map server at Here is the read me from the map installer:

Here are three large deathmatch maps that we've cooked up for Quake II. It is recommended that, as a client, you have at least 32 megs of RAM to use these maps. As a server, you should get the beefiest processor and as much memory as you can get your hands on if you wish to run a 64  player server. In tests that we ran here at id, a PPro200 peaks at about   50 clients, and our 400mhz Alpha started sweating at about 64 players.

The maps should be extracted to your \quake2\baseq2\maps directory and they are named as follows;

base64.bsp  - Tim Willits
city64.bsp  - Paul Jaquays
sewer64.bsp - Christian Antkow

These three maps run in a loop.



Quake II Server List
Disruptor updated his .plan a couple of times, once with the news that he has launched id's Quake II server list:

Worked on the webpage today to display servers from our master.

The URL is It's updated every 5 minutes or so (Hit reload in your browser).

The next task is to get QPlug working with Quake II servers...

/me goes back to work

An another time to mention he'd moved it:

I forgot how much NT bites for deleting files that are in use, and as a result, I moved the server page over to my Linux machine at;

10 million visits on the counter. Who'd have thunk it? To all that wrote in with kind words, as well as all who visit, thanks very much. Today has been productive as we got the DNS for Blue's straightened out, and the CGI's running over on Jedi Knight.Net. The server seems to be screaming right along, so here's to the next ten million! Tally Ho!

New Daikatana Screenshots
There are eight new screenshots from Daikatana up on Eye On ION and a ninth on Daikatana, Just In Time showing off the Battle Boar and the Doom Bat.

The DM6 Chapter of the Quake Bible
A new installment has been made to Thresh and Kenn's Quake Bible on Gamers Extreme to give level specific deathmatch strategies for DM6.

New TweakIt
TweakIt 2.01 (309 KB) is the version of the day of this 3Dfx tweaking utility that now features support for the Voodoo 2. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

Final PaintBall
Version 1.1 of PaintBall, the popular Quake/QuakeWorld simulated simulation mod, has been released on the Quake Innovations Home Page. The update, said to be the final version, is a server only patch, so clients who already have version 1.0 need not download anything new.

Ez Server
Ez Server is a program to allow you to easily configure a Quake II dedicated server. Version 1.0 features support for Quake II CTF, on the newly opened Ez Server page.

More on the Error During Initialization
The responses to my post yesterday about the "error during initialization" after installing the Point Release leave me with the theory that the cause of many people's problems may be insufficient space on their installation drive or in their temp directory. Certainly the erroneously truncated installer was not the culprit as the problem has occurred with versions of the patch downloaded from other locations. The greatest number of responses I've received are from people who have been deleting their game .dll and reinstalling with success.

Riot Update
This weeks update to the Riot: Mobile Armor site is by 3D artist Rick Winter, and contains no less than five AVI's showing enemy character animations, two death animations each for a pair of enemies, and an idle animation. Thanks Config_Guy.

TF Poll
There's a TeamFortress Poll up on Keeg's Fortress looking to tabulate information about TeamFortress players.



Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
A little frustration at messages from people unable to reach this site: I think there's a problem with the DNS entry bouncing around a bit, and I think clearing your cache fixes the problem, but posting something about it here doesn't really help, does it? (If a tree falls in a forest...) Oh well, I feel better at least.

Sunday, February 22, 1998

  Today's Headlines
- Carmack on Patches
- GameSpy 2.0 Preview

- New TweakIt
- Error During Init Fix
- id's Server List
- Zoid IRC Log
- Cyborg CTF Skin Fix
- MotS Secret Level
- Used Card Lot
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

John Carmack on Patches
John Carmack updated his .plan with a revisitation of the issue of quality control with patch releases, as the extra time spent beta testing this release doesn't seem to have been well spent:

Don't send any bug reports on the 3.12 release to me, I just forward them over to jcash. He is going to be managing all future work on the Quake 2 codebase through the mission packs. I'm working on trinity.

3.12 answered the release question pretty decisively for me. We were in code freeze for over two weeks while the release was being professionally beta tested, and all it seemed to get us was a two week later release.

Future releases are going to be of the fast/multiple release type, but clearly labeled as a "beta" release until it stabilizes. A dozen professional testers or fifty amature testers just can't compare to the thousands of players who will download a beta on the first day.

I have spent a while thinking about the causes of the patches for Q2. Our original plan was to just have the contents of 3.12 as the first patch, but have it out a month earlier than we did.

The first several patches were forced due to security weaknesses. Lesson learned -- we need to design more security conscious to try to protect against the assholes out there.

The cause for the upcoming 3.13 patch is the same thing that has caused us a fair amount of trouble through Q2's development -- instability in the gamex86 code due to its decending from QC code in Q1. It turns out that there were lots of bugs in the original QC code, but because of its safe interpreted nature (specifically having a null entity reference the world) they never really bothered anyone. We basically just ported the QC code to regular C for Q2 (it shows in the code) and fixed crash bugs as they popped up. We should have taken the time to redesign more for C's strengths and weaknesses.

GameSpy 2.0 Preview
There's a preview of version 2.0 of GameSpy over on the GameSpy page that gives a rundown on how some of the new features of the next version of the world's most popular server browser, including Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith support.

New TweakIt
I posted yesterday's updated TweakIt 1.0.23 in today's etc., and today there's already a Version 1.0.25 of TweakIt (301 KB), to help you get the most performance out of your 3Dfx video card. Thanks again to those hardware accelerated news junkies at Voodoo Extreme.

Error During Init Fix Revisited
I'm told by AlcoholicA of Clan Death Bunny that a consistent fix for an "Error During Initialization" from Quake II after installing the 3.12 patch, is to simply delete the gamex86.dll and re-install the patch. I have also gotten a couple of responses that make me wonder if some or all of those suffering with this problem may simply not have the full version of the installer (possibly because they downloaded the truncated version that was uploaded on my old server), so let me speculate: If you have these initialization problems, make sure your installer is 8.8 MB (here's a link to a working version if you're in doubt). If you got the installer from this site the night of the release and it did not have an "a" on the filename (q2-312a.exe), then this definitely could be the problem (in which case, my sincere apologies). Since the old server was running NT, there was no way to delete the bad version once it was being downloaded (due to my inexperience using NT as a web server, I shouldn't have blamed the OS here as I did originally), so although the link here was changed to a working version quickly, the link to the bad file was posted on several sites, and I was not able to delete the corrupted file off the server for good until 3:00 AM Eastern Time. Other than that, I have nothing more than Disruptor's suggestion (from his .plan) that you use the icon created by the installation (thanks Dire Wolf for the reminder to mention this):

If you are experiencing "Error during initialization", make sure you are running Quake II from the icon that was created when you installed Quake II off the CD.

id's Server List
Disruptor updated his .plan with word on an HTML server list he's working on, and how to get your dedicated server to report its presence on the 'Net to id's master server.

I'm doing some work on a webpage to display a list of servers from our Quake II master, however, by default, dedicated servers do not report their presense to our master.

If you would like for your server to start reporting to our master, "set public 1" in the console of your dedicated server (by default, servers run at "public 0"; They don't report to us).

I should have more news in a few days, and thanks in advance for your co-operation.

CTF Mania
A couple of items of interest with the recent release of CTF for Quake II:

MotS Secret Level
If you have Mysteries of the Sith, the Jedi Knight add-on pack, you might want to head over to JediKnight.Net and read about how to find the secret level hidden there that allows you to do battle as Luke Skywalker versus Boba Fett, Dark Kyle, and Dark Mara in the city of Bespin. Just remember: if you kill me, I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Nanoo nanoo.

Playing the Fuel
There is a cool new Quake II player model on Deconstruct called Fuel, featuring news skins, sounds, and even taunts.

Used Card Lot
Voodoo Exchange is an interesting idea cooked up by Rumble and Radar whereby owners of Voodoo Graphics cards who are planning on getting Voodoo 2 cards can offer their old card for sale.


Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
I'm getting questions about an "error during initialization" on the Pont Release from some people, but I have not heard of a consistent solution, I will post it if I do. Nigel from has posted a list of "possible" solutions in his .plan. A minor correction: from when I explained "fun names" yesterday: I mentioned animation: for the record, animated names work in Quake II, it's the other characters, including the colored ones to which the petitions in question refer. There turns out to be a huge load of files still to be transferred from the old server to the new one, so I know what I'm doing today.

Saturday, February 21, 1998

  Today's Headlines
- Q2 CTF - Linux Point Release
- Daikatana Screenshot
- Battle of the Sexes
- Demfix0r
- WinDoom
- .plans
- Interviews
- PReviews
- Competitions
- etc.
- Site Seeing
- Out of the Blue

- Yesterday

Quake II CTF - Linux Point Release Update
Zoid made an update to his .plan about the state of the Quake II CTF release, discussing the two minor bugs encountered so far, and the plans for dealing with them, as well as the status of the Linux version of the Point Release:

Q2 CTF is the result of about two and half months of work. I'd like to thank the beta testers for working out most of the bugs (the release seems to be pretty stable 'cept for the server crashing problem that isn't Q2 CTF specific), Kevin, Adrian and Paul at id for putting out some amazing art and models for the pak, and Tom 'Bjorn' Klok for putting together some kick ass grapple sounds.

There only seems to be two major issues in Q2 CTF--one being if someone
has the cyborg model they appear as the default male/grunt guy so you have no idea what team he's on. The other is aliases for grapple switch/fire, unlock/switch weapon back don't seem to work well. You get stuck to the wall. I've fixed the grapple one and I'm working on the model/skin one (just politely ask the player to switch to using either the male or female models when playing for now).

I'm going to hold off on any patches and the Q2 CTF game source code release until I see how Q2 CTF shakes down over the next few days. Want to make sure I cover any bugs that pop up over the next few days and release a 1.01 server dll and source in one shot.

As for Linux, I'm working on a point release for it right now. I've already fixed the save game problem that plagued Linux 3.10. I'm working on fixing some of the security problems mentioned on rootshell--quake2 will refuse to run if it's setuid since loading shared libraries under that condition is evil and bad. You will have to su or login as root to run the SVGALib (soft) or MesaGL (gl) renderers. Since they only work on the system console there isn't much problem with that. As usual, the X11 version doesn't require any special permissions. This isn't an ideal solution. The ideal solution is for the next GLIDE that uses /dev/3dfx so you don't need root to do 3DFX GL stuff, and for software, supporting a ref_ggi that doesn't require root. These won't be in my next release, but I'm still planning a ref_ggi in the near future.

Hope everyone enjoys the new release! It's amazing to see all the Q2 CTF
servers popping up and people having a blast on them.

You can find an updated version 2.3 of Cable's Quake II Configs on The Knoll set to work with the Quake II grapple, etc. Also, speaking of configs, Red mentioned the beta testers' cfg's are in the Q2 CTF pak: mine is one of them (a little boring, but it's a variation on the same config I've been using since Doom, so it's comfy), just exec blue.cfg, but don't blame me if your frag count dies.

Daikatana Screenshot
There's a very cool looking screenshot from Daikatana up on Eye on ION showing an in-game shot of a "battle-boar." Thanks Bruce Ladewig.

Battle of the Sexes
Version 2.7.1 of Battle of the Sexes, the gender-based teamplay variant for Quake II, has been released on Spinoza's Quake 2 Mods Page. The new version is incompatible with Quake 3.12, but there are instructions on how to get version 2.7.1 going with Zoid's Quake II CTF maps and Quake 3.10.

Version 1.0 of Demfix0r has been released on the Demfix0r page. Demfix0r is a utility for Quake that fixes middemo level changes, as well as usually fixing demos that give the max_msglen error, demos that don't start, and demos that cause Quake to crash. The program can also extract single level sections of a demo, and can be used to extract a log from the demo. Finally, it will also fix GL recorded demos to run windowed or in low res modes.

Version 0.95a (a quick fix on the heels of 0.95) of WinDoom has been released on The Official WinDoomGLDoom Homepage along with the source code. Thank Wicked of Voodoo Extreme.


ION Storm's Warren Spector is interviewed on Unreal News - Australia.

All eight deathmatch levels in the point release are reviewed on MultiPlayer Quake.

Apparently NM-Quil, the winner of the $1000 prize in Mplayer's Big Bang Tourney, is a modem player. Go figure. Thanks TUF-AEclipse.


Site Seeing

Out of the Blue
Still getting used to the new home, I'm still shocked when uploads go through on the first try. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with nice things to say about the new server: in response to a few requests, I'll gather together some details about the server and its connection and post them. Please feel free to drop a line if you find a missing link or something else I've screwed up in the move (or with any other feedback for that matter: though I historically don't answer most of the mail I receive, I read and appreciate it all).

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