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February 21, 1997

Life's a Hard Drive, and Then It Dies
Apparently troubles accessing this site the last couple of days are attributable to a hard disk that crashed (repeatedly).

*Sigh* The StoogeBot, a proxy bot that will allow a newbie to destroy a master at Quake has been released by the Stanford Quake Project. While it's easy to ban a Stooge from your server, I still fear that this is the beginning of the end of fair Quake as we know it.

QSpy 5.0
The last thing I saw before I ran out the door to the QuakeCast last night was the news that QSpy 5.0 has been released. Then, of course, Technical DifficultiesTM have prevented this update since then. Featuring new custom tabs and filtering the new version is receiving a very positive response. Here's the full QSpy 5.0 (328 KB) plus all the optional files (181 KB), which includes stuff like the .wav files, a QSpy .avi intro and a custom CTF tab.

QHost/QView 4.0 has been released on Wasatchfault. QHost is now shareware, while QView remains freeware. New features include enhanced QuakeWorld support and WinQuake suipport.

QuakeWorld Rankings
Barf's QuakeWorld Rankings have been updated. Thanks RawMeat.

EmBRioNiC p3t3 sends along word of the NAWC's doings. Results of their reaper contest have been posted. The new contest called Jailbreak starts February 22.

Wired Article
There's an article in Wired called Quake Players Swap Wads for Profit. Thanks Homer.


February 20, 1997

Online... For Now
Host borked my page, sorry for the downtime. Rest assured I'm stalking the responsible parties. Off to the QuakeCast... I think we have done no scheduling this week, you have been warned...

QuakeFest Aftermath
The complete results of the Purdue QuakeFest '97 have been posted. Thanks MooD DoG.

Ion Storm
Which has more gravity, a PlanetQuake, or an Ion Storm? Dr. Sleep dropped a line saying he has left Epic as an Unreal designer to Join Ion Storm as a level designer. Congrats to the good Doctor. For you .plan fans, you now have a new place to stick your finger: Dr Sleep. Also I don't think I ever congratulated Dave Riller, a good guy who recently signed on with Valve Software (not Ion as I originally wrote: thanks Sandeep), according to a recent update on the RevCo Page. Speaking of Ion, John Romero updated his .plan (thanks Richard Pistole):

The E3 Ferrari Quake Contest. I am entering.

To Dim Jose:

You must be talking about Shadow, he drank some of my milk yesterday.

New WorldCraft
Version 1.1a of WorldCraft has been released. Thanks Jan Martin Mathiassen.

Deathmatch Manifesto
There is an article in Wired News about Deathmatch culture, focusing on an upcoming book by Robert Waring.

There is a CTF League starting up for those in the Northern Ireland area, check out the website for more information.

Silver is planning on giving up maintaining the Clan Leaders' Page, which will be taken over by Fu.Rye and the Fu.Fighters this weekend. Good luck to Silver in his plans to set up a CTF HPB League.

Single Player Quake
Lt. Dan (first OneThumb, now Lt.Dan!) has posted his first top 20 list of the most popular Quake levels designed for single player play on Lt.Dan's Single Player Quake Page.

Happy Birthday Zoid
Belated (it was yesterday).

32 Player Quake
There are mentions of tests of the new QuakeWorld client that will support more than 16 player games on both the RevCo Page (thanks WilyKit), and sCary's Quakeholio. I've been working my way into my new lifestyle (I'm out of town--if my darn laptop had arrived as scheduled, I wouldn't have missed updating last night), so I haven't been able to personally check out the new client, but those that have sound very enthusiastic.

Also, reptilian is getting a group of designers together to try and create a good 32 player-oriented map collection to take advantage of this exciting new development. Progress of this project can be tracked here.


February 19, 1997

Linux QSpy
As seen on the QSpy Homepage, Linux QSpy has emerged from beta. You can download (hold shift when you click on the link) version 1.0 of Linux QSpy (826 KB) from Paul Miller's page (Paul did the port). Here's the Read me. Paul promises an SGI version "soon."

32 Players!
John Carmack wrote another .plan update (thanks Heathen) letting us know that the next version of QuakeWorld would support up to 32 players. sCary also posted an exchange with John that confirms that there are no plans at this point to support more than 16 players in "regular" Quake. He's Mr. C's update:

I made significant improvements to the scalability of QuakeWorld. You have probably noticed how a 16 player game is a lot worse over a modem than a 4 player game, even when you aren't around the action. All of those factors are now gone, so big games play a lot better now, and I have bumped the maximum players to 32. There aren't really any levels that will be reasonable with that many players, but if someone wants to create one, it should be possible now. (obviously you are still going to go slow if all 32 people decide to congregate in the same room)

The next release of QuakeWorld is going to be completely incompatable with the current release. Both the client and server have changed protocols, and the fate of the master server is still undecided.

I have one more really significant thing to try with the network protocols that I should probably hold up the release for, because it would be yet another incompatable change.

Ion Storm
There is an article on Gamecenter called Inside Ion Storm. Thanks David Laprad

Dim Josť has some words of lactose-induced wisdom for Ron Jamero in his .plan (thanks DaKoTa of Clan Xenocide):

To Ron Jamero:

Remember, Milk does a body good!

Version 1.85 of Future v. Fantasy Quake has been released, adding some new models and sound effects.

Fargo Foregoes
Fargo is going to be giving up the Clan news portion of his duties over at PlanetQuake. It seemed like this might me in the cards, he'd hinted before that he was finding the clan scene a little daunting to track. Fortunately, he'll continue to focus his considerable talents on the general Quake scene as Bastard's right-hand man. Thanks Dr Sbaitso (cool nick, I was just thinking about that program).

A new teamplay QuakeC patch, QBall, has been released on the QBall page.

You can get a beta of QMET, a DOS-based model editor, at the QMET Homepage (thanks Cecil).

February 18, 1997

Bunch of updates to .plan files, Tom Hall, Levelord, and Jim Dose all having something to say, thanks Patrick Cupka of The Void. Tom informs us that The Corpseyard II and The Corpseyard IIsb (for "Skull Bar") are being uploaded to various places (not here I guess, after the way I poked fun--just kidding). Also, American updated (thanks Viper):


Ferrari Frag Fest
John Carmack has updated his .plan with the semi-final decision to have his fabulous Ferrari giveaway at E3 in Atlanta:

Ferrari update. Unless someone can come up with a compelling objection, I think we have an end plan now:

Intergraph is currently holding a very cool clan tournement that will have the finals at E3. The ClanRing guys are managing the tournement, and intergraph is picking up the bill. It's going to be great, with clan banners and projection screens. They allready have a pretty good prize lineup of cash and systems.

The current proposal is to expand the event to include one on one deathmatches in addition to the clan fights. The grand prize will be my 328. I don't think it would go over too well to have a ferrari as clan property :-)

Intergraph is willing to pay for travel and accomadations for twelve to sixteen contestants.

We still need to figure out how to select the finalists. The idea is that we can tell all the press types about the event now, and have a last-minute runnoff of some sort the month before E3. That way even people who aren't usually active on the internet can find out about it through a magazine and take a shot at it.

Thanks DemonEater (who's got a QuakeFest '97 story with photos on this page).

Quake Women's Forum
Check out this very funny site, the Quake Women's Forum, "Where backseat driving is considered an artform!"

The finalists for the Dress up the CrackWhores competition (to find a clan Skin for the danger gals) are up for public voting. Cast a ballot for your favorite.

QuakeNet TV
There is video up at QuakeNet TV from this week when AL and Crazy Chris visited us at the QuakeCast. Unfortunately, the audio is pretty rough in the beginning due to the use of the camcorder's built in mike, but the portion taped during the QuakeCast uses the pseudo feed, and gives a look at the studio during the show.

To the Batpoles Robin. There is a Tournament on the Quake Superheroes page, hurry it's limited to the first 64 entries. Also Entropy9 and Saturn-LoD are interested in setting up a QuakeWorld only clan tournament. Interested clans should write, specifying whether they would be entering an open team, modem team, or both.

Here's the latest on the QuakeLab from Labmaster Steve Fukuda:

1. Architecture/3D editing Reference Book listing
This is already in place, the first entries having been sent in by Impulse 1's Toby Goldstone. It will (hopefully) become a very long list of useful level editing related books.

2. Communal Texture Wad Project
This was just announced today, in response to a comment that there weren't many texture wads out there. This project aims to gather photorealistic PCXs/LBMs/BMPs and to organize them and compile them into themed texture wads. (e.g. Forest.wad, Stone.wad) Once sufficient artwork is collected (it will be posted on a new section of QL as it is received) they will be tried in test maps for quality and put together in downloadable texture WADs.

One or two pieces of good, high-quality art from each member of the Quake community readership will ensure a good selection and a new, worthwhile texture WAD to provide an alternative to Quake101.wad.

Piecemeal Quake
Piecemeal Quake T&Pc's now has an in da werx page with screenshots of skins, levels, and mdls.

USA v. Canada
There is a new site up to track the progress of the US versus Canada North American Challenge. This is in addition to the official site (the USA page has a link to the Canada page) devoted to the event.

QCFE 2.0
Version 2.0 of QCFE (QuakeC Front-end) is available on the new QCFE Homepage. The new release will save your configuration for each patch.

CLP Rankings
The new Clan Leader's Poll rankings are up. This week's featured clan is Impulse 9 with an interview with Entropy9 and Smirnov9.

The Moving Amoeba
Nelno the Amoeba has taken his various QuakeC mods (Cujo, the Blaze Gun, the Plasma Gun and the BFG) and slithered them over to the QCA on PlanetQuake (where his Zeus Bot already resides). Nelno will continue to place his mods on his homepage as well, at good old

The Quake Monster Ideas page revives the idea of collecting and listing user's suggestions for monsters to enhance the game.


February 17, 1997

qED Released
DoomCAD author Matt Tagliaferri sends along the news that a public beta of qED, his new Quake level editor by has been released (the buzz about this editor has been very positive). Read more about it and download it from the qED Homepage.

New TeamFortress
There is a new version of Teamfortress, version 2.13 on the TeamFortress page (thanks Bundy).

CTF Variations
If you are interested in helping to beta test Quake Stat Version 3, which extracts information about CTF matches, and assigns "bounty points" based on individual performance, email Robert.

There are also a couple of modified CTF's running out there that may be of interest. SCTF is a ctf mod which has new weapons, new rules, and runes. Info is available on the homepage. The mod is running at: port 26000
and port 26001

The guys at ShredCo have modified modified Threewave CTF to use the the AirFist mod, and contain three new levels, Gloom Castles, No Chance, and Athena's Training Ground. Their server is running this new PAK (as well as CTF 3.5) at:

They have also "ctf'ed the rest of the id levels, and plan on releasing a server mod that allows for this, to be released "soon."

There is a pirated version of a MacQuake alpha floating about, according to MacQuake News. If my sources are correct, there were concerns that this alpha would be leaked (it was being demonstrated at some trade show), so it's fairly crippled. Thanks Jason Keeley.

GL RGB3 Preview
There are some GL Quake screenshots on The Rangers' Page that ColdSun made during the filming of the upcoming epic Ranger Gone Bad 3.

The Moving Weenie
The cool Quake Weenies Deathmatch Tactics website has moved to (apparently Bastard at PlanetQuake was the one that told Andy Giesler to go out and grab Weenie). There's also a new QuakeC trivia section containing tidbits like this:

Purdue Quakefest
The big Quakefest at Purdue concluded yesterday (keep an eye on that page for followups, pictures, etc.) with whosyerdaddy? from UIUC taking the $500 first prize. Thanks for that to to kill-9 of UA, who adds:

"the tournament was run very well and all the players I met were very cool. Overall it was a great success!"

QW Rankings
Barf updated his QuakeWorld Rankings Page. Thanks Quicksilver.


February 16, 1997

Another editor leaves beta! Check out ToeTag 1.0 which features a pattern matching texture browser and leak fighting tools.

Euro Quake
The UK Clan Council is apparently becoming the European Clan Council, in order to attract a wider audience. Leaders of European-only clans should visit the site and register, or drop an email to Rudolf. There is also a UK/Euro Clanring underway which may be of interest to those same clans. And on the subject, if you've been looking for your daily dose of Quake news in German on the Q-Continuum, the site is back online after a bit of a crash.

Clans of Clans
QS HeadHunter is trying to create an "Ivy League" composed of Quake clans from Ivy League schools. The beginnings of his efforts are here, and he is looking for more preppy killers to add. Grunt of the Silver Surfers. meanwhile, is putting together the Clans Of QuakeWorld page to try and organize clans that play on QuakeWorld.

Contestmania sweeps the globe (this is my way of saying I think we're about OD'ed on contests). terraFORMA is holding a Campers' Challenge Contest. And an old newsgroup bud, Adam Williamson, is running a most frags versus a reaper until you die contest. Also the Henry House contest has been extended another week.

What a Good Boy
Well my schedule may have calmed down, but real life still does strike. I'm off to Grandma Blue for the day. Back this evening.

Private Server Registration
SkyLord sends along word of his latest brainstorm. Private Server Registration:

I've just added a cool, new feature to The Definitive Quake Server List: Private Server Registration. Now, you can check the current state of your server via, where IP is your private Quake server IP (and :port, if not at 26000). To access this service, simply register your Quake server via and select the Private checkbox. Your server will be queried approximately every 10 minutes.

Note: Private servers are NOT displayed in the general Quake server list. They are only visible via

This is an experimental service which will be expanded in the near future to include QuakeWorld servers as well.

Future vs. Fantasy
Build 9 (v. 1.84) of Future vs. Fantasy Quake has been released. Here is the current features list:

9 Unique Character Classes
57 Different Weapons
15 Professional Custom Skins
13 Class-Specific Power-ups
3 Custom Models
Direct Support for Single-player Mode
Quest Mode allows for a hybrid Coop/RPG game of Quake
"9" and "0" switch classes, nothing else to learn!
No bothersome IMPULSES to bind or learn!
Remote Op Commands via Freeform Passcode 1.0
Complete Enhanced Teamplay
Highly Customizable Play without Quake C knowledge.


February 15, 1997

New WorldCraft
As Ben Morris threatened on QuakeCast the other night, the new version of WorldCraft has been released on the WorldCraft homepage (note the new URL for that is to Hipnotic Web PimP sCary for the clue. The patch for users of registered version 1.0b will be available "soon."

Driver Updates
Revision 8 of the Win95 drivers for SB16, SB32, AWE32, and AWE64 are available on Creative's website. Also, version 1.05 of the Diamond Monster 3D driver for Win95 is also now available from Diamond. Thanks to Robert Miller for both of those.

Nachos CTF
Sysops interested in downloading the betas of the programs that create the stats pages for Nachos CTF should email St. Stephen.

Contestmania continues to hold the Quake community in it's compelling grip. Today's entries: The Mushfest from MDC (Myscha Design Collaborative), a site from a Quake and Unreal level design team. Here's a contest to make you get 100% kills and secrets to win.

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