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February 7, 1997

sCary's got a letter on the Quakeholio from Gary McTaggart of 3dfx promising enhanced performance in future versions of GLQuake (framerates in the initial version are a bit inconsistent and disappointing, especially in multiplayer). On the subject of GLQuake, I've received quite a bit of mail from Vérité card owners excited by the prospect of Rendition's promised upcoming GL driver. Not to be a wet blanket, but it seems apparent that while such a driver will enable GLQuake to run on Vérité cards, it does not mean that they will achieve an acceptable frame rate. A more logical thing to look for in this case is that a future version of Vérité Quake include some of the lighting and shadowing enhancements of GLQuake.

Speaking of sCary's, he also posted a letter that the Romero sent to KillCreek regarding her challenge... it looks like we're gonna see a rematch.

How Crazy is That?
If you're wondering where the missing day in the craziness countdown went, I'm so crazed right now, I even had the countdown wrong!

Avatar (creator of my all-time favorite Doom collection, Avatar1) has released his DM TC based on UltraZone, called UltraQuake. The 4.75 MB patch is available at the Avatar's Abode. There is a server running the patch at, and version 2, featuring a new totally retextured map, new weapon models, and new QuakeC playthings is in the works.

Yep, I've been so nuts, I haven't had time to check out the Requiem patch, but it has received high marks (I notice Steve at the QuakeLab raving about it). Since the newly opened Requiem webpage is in Australia, I have received a couple of requests to post it for faster downloads, so here it is (145 KB).

Rogue CTF
On QuakeCast last night, the Rogue guys mentioned that their Mission Pack will also include the commercial version of Threewave CTF, made in cooperation with Zoid. All the maps in the pack will be CTF ready, and a few new modes will be featured. The Rogue pack is due around the end of March (one month after the Hipnotic pack).

The Fargo Manifesto
Also last night Fargo mentioned that he's fired off another one of his epics, this time on the subject of total conversions, specifically, things to keep in mind if you're doing one, or are planning to.

WorldCraft University
WorldCraft University, the IRC editing classes on Undernet's (which might change to ClanNET) #worldcraft, will be having a new session Saturday at 10:00 PM EST.

KillCreek Calling
KillCreek wants another crack at the Romero, and is saying so in no uncertain terms on the Quakeholio.

John Romero updated, (thanks Paul Tenny), but no response to KillCreek (yet). Tom Hall updated as well (thanks EmBRioNic P3t3).

WinQuake FAQ
Redwood has written a nifty WinQuake FAQ (that was quick).

Quake Superheroes
The Quake Superheroes page has moved to (yup) PlanetQuake. The new URL is


February 6, 1997

Colored Lighting
Whaleboy has decided to say nay to the naysayers and release the level he created to simulate colored lighting in Quake (also available here on QuakeX).

More Hexen II
There are also a couple of recent progress reports from Brian Raffel on The Chaos Sphere.

Al Dzurka sends word there is a new QuakeTV promo up at QuakeNet. I still can't believe streaming video works through a modem, but it does.

Scourge of Armagon
Thanks to Randy Perry for pointing out Activision's Quake Page promoting the Quake mission pack #1, Scourge of Armagon.

It's showtime! Heading off to QuakeCast, a RealAudio program that begins at 8:30 PM EST. I'm in catch up mode still, so I am a little vague on who will be visiting JUDGECAL and I. We will speak with Chris Bolin about AirFist (we missed him last week) and Gateway from Rogue will debrief us on da party, and maybe spring an announcement on us. We think we've got Ben Morris lined up, but we're not sure (live productions are exciting). As always, Mase will bring us the scoreboard updates and his unique insights, and Girlbomb will be our ambassador to IRC. Please join us.

SVGA Linux Quake
Zoid has completed a "late beta" of SVGA Linux Quake, which is available on Threewave. This is an unsupported release. Also congrats to Zoid in his new job.

Single Player Quake
The site for those who like to play with themselves, Single Player Quake, has undergone a complete overhaul. SPQ is also at a new URL,, please mark you records accordingly.

Oh Canada
The long awaited merger of The Gib & Nail and the Canadian Connection has occurred. The combined site, now the home for information on the upcoming Canada v. USA tournament, can be found at

Female Perspective
Thanks Lachlan Smith for pointing out the article on Wired News titled: All-Girl Quake Clans Shake Up Boys' World.

Can't tell the contests without a scorecard, can you? Well help is at hand with SkillZ Your source for Quake Contests and Tourney's, run by our buddy Toe, who organized BloodPool.

Tom "Paradox" Mustaine and Jim Dosé (Dim José?)'s .plans have been updated (thanks Lokatana). Paradox is threatening to win the Romero contest, and win Carmack's Ferrari, while Dim (hey, like in A Clockwork Orange) describes last minute scrambles to complete the level pack.

Hexen II
The Cult of Phoebus has more interview answers from Brian Raffel, and an update on Hexen II.

Todd Porter's Challenge
Thanks Rich Schmidt for the news that Todd Porter's Challenge has moved to a different spot:

Stooge Bot
I got a message from Joel Baxter regarding my comments about the Stanford Graphics Quake Project 's Stooge Bot. Joel points out that whether or not people consider client-side bots "cheaters", they should know how to recognize the Stooge and how to get or keep it off their server. This information is on the StoogeBot pages, but I'll repeat it here wider dissemination:

Thanks to Redwood for the word that WinQuake .99 (314 KB) has been released as an unsupported product...


February 5, 1997

Ferrari Update
Thanks to RENster[HW] for the word that John Carmack updated his .plan with some reflections on the Ferrari giveaway:

Feb 5

I've been following the ferrari discussion on r.g.c.q, and here are a couple clarifications:

The final rounds will definately be one on one deathmatch over a LAN, probably double elimination.

The big question is how do we get the number of people who would like to take a shot at it down to a reasonable (64?) number of people for a proper tournement.

We don't know yet where the final rounds are going to be held, either. E3? #Quakecon? A microsoft event? A totally specific event?

I know that whatever we come up with won't be 100% fair to our entire customer base, but it would be really unfortunate if some people got bitter over it.

Stanford Graphics Quake Project
I've been meaning to mention the Stanford Graphics Quake Project for a while now, kind of hesitant because of the nature of the Stooge Bot (a client 'bot that may have beaten you in the past--I'm a maniacal cheater-hater), but that's my problem. Anyway, a note from winzig about their Quake proxy reminded me of all this, so you might want to check out what these twisted geniuses are up to (nyuck nyuck nyuck).

UK Modemer's Clan War
Today is the last day to register for the UK Modemer's Clan War and the UK Single Player's Championship. If there are any more UK Clans or UK Players who wish to participate, they must contact Uther Pendragon though the MCW WebPages by midnight GMT.

Free Quake Page Art
The QuakeC Archives is offering free artwork for Quake pages (thanks again to DaKoTa of Clan Xenocide):

"Free QuakePage Artwork - Well, one thing I love is, to work with Photoshop 4.0, I have been using it for a while with the AlienSkin, Kai's Power Tools, and now, Eye Candy plugins. I love making artwork for Quake pages, so If you send me an email with a description of what you want, I will do some "Free" artwork for your page, Also, you will have to display the QCA Banner on your page somewhere"

Michael Hadwin updated his .plan (thanks DaKoTa of Clan Xenocide).

The Quake College Players Listing has been updated, and now lists over 160 players and features a small demo section.

February 4, 1997

Gone Baby Gone...
Quake Command has disappeared from its former home, replaced by a note saying the new location would be posted there shortly (stay tuned!!). Thanks -DiabloZ-.

QuakeWorld Rankings
The Definitive QW Ranking Page has been updated (thanks Darkblade).

New TeamFortress
Version 2.12 of the TeamFortress patch is out, featuring a few bug fixes. Thanks DiabloZ.

Todd Porter's Challenge
If you're not up to Romero's Challenge, check out Todd Porter's challenge (you might want to avoid this one around mealtime).

Things have been erratic here both in terms of lifestyle, and hardware (*cough*) since the beginning of the weekend, sorry about the spotty updates. There is no need to worry that this site is going under, in fact, there are changes in the works that mean that things will only get bigger and better from now on. Um... w00p!

Romero's Challenge
John Romero is issuing a challenge on Ion Storm's recently opened website. The idea is to beat e2m5 in less than 1 minute and 2 seconds on skill 0. Thanks Jonathan Gordon AKA Smoky. There are also demos of Romero's matches with KillCreek from Dallas. Apparently there was some controversy over a sexist remark included in the description at one point (intended, I presume, as a joke about the man-beatings (girl-beatings?) the Romero and KillCreek gave each other) but not to fear, it's been removed (sort of).

Aussie Master Server
The Australian QuakeWorld Master Server is now online. You can find the QZone Australian Master Server at :

Minos Master Server
The dreaded filegrow bug has affected the Minos (European) Master Server. A consequence of this weekend's growth, which saw the users.dat file grow from 10Mb to 800Mb, is that they are restoring the user.dat file from a backup. This means that all QW accounts numbered 8501 to 10455 inclusive will be wiped. They apologize for this, but are faced with no choice. All inquiries about lost or changed account data should be sent to

OneThumb has revived his long-dormant page to house pictures and stories from the weekend in Dallas. Did I mention pictures? Lots of pictures. 150 pictures. Also video clips, demos, all sorts of stuff. A monumental effort; I give it two thumbs up (more than Don can do). There is also a place to get involved in OneThumb's new top-secret project, and a little reality to douse rumors about the reliability of OneThumb's QuakeWorld master server--someone's really pissed at Barf.

Next Generation
I got an irate remail when I failed to post this immediately, so rather than risk the wrath of Eben Gulick (aka Dungo) again, I'll tell you that Blue's News apparently is briefly mentioned in the February issue of Next Generation (print) Magazine. They apparently erroneously describe this site as a source for a server list (I'm actually thinking of starting one just to prevent visitors from being disappointed).

New Editor
Matt Tagliaferri's eagerly awaited editor (no joke--I sense a lot of anticipation for this program) qED will be available in the form of a public beta on February 16. Details and screenshots of the editor are available on the no-frills qED homepage.

New CTF Bot
There is a new version (1.2) of the famed CTF Bot available on the CTF Bot Page. Thanks SysWiz.

New QuakeMe
There is a new version of QuakeMe that actually allows models to be made from scratch. It also does parent-child movement, as well as full control over skins, with built in painting tools using the quake pallete, among other funky things. Thanks to Matt Estela.

Reaper Contests
There's a Reaper contest on Clan Triad's page that features a $50 cash prize. Also, there are only three days left for the NAWC Reaper Contest, which ends Friday February 7.

New Clan Leader's Poll results are up. The page also features an interview with Chaos and |nhuman| of the Ruthless Bastards

Free Web Space
If you are looking for webspace for your Quake, or game related site, check out which is offering to house pages like this for free.

Whaleboy and Levelord updated their fingers (thanks DaKoTa of Clan Xenocide). Joihn Cash also added some QuakeC tips (thanks Paul Tenny).


February 3, 1997

Contents Frame
Did I fix it? (BTW, my new theory is that it was busting on Netscape Gold, rather than Windows NT).

The new nhuman contest is getting underway. The new challenge is called the Royal Contest, and nhuman is issuing the challenge to not let the Romero win again! Check it out on the nhuman's page.

Cash's .plan
Thanks to Lokatana for the word that John Cash updated his .plan:

Congrats to Polish for winning the Quake tourney at "da party". Honorable mention to Redwood for coming in second (and suprising the hell out of his early opponents).

Problems with Digiweb on my return prevented an update late night. I'm in a real time jam, so I'll try and catch up quickly. More to come...

QuakeWorld Rankings
The Definitive QW Ranking Page has been updated (thanks Eucker).

Fargo Interview
There is an interview with Fargo in the New Vore Times. Rather than a humorous blow-off, it's more like Fargo's overview of the industry. Very interesting stuff.

Carmack's Ferrari
The coolest news I missed over the weekend is the fact that Carmack is going to give away one of his Ferraris (I wrote originally wrote Ferrari here, but mistakenly put Porsche in the headline-thanks for the heads-up Disruptor). Thanks to Jonathan Gordon aka Smoky for the word that Carmack updated his .plan:

Jan 31

I went down to the ferrari dealership today with Ann and American with the intention of buying a new f355 as a "sensible" car (in contrast to my other twin turbo monstrosities).

There was an F40 sitting out front.

Umm. Sensible car. F40. Sensible car. F40. Hmmmm.

American played the evil conscience and Ann played the good conscience. For a while. Then Ann got infected by the Dark Side. :-) I bought the F40.

Ok, I now have too many ferraris. I have a plan to fix that. This hasn't gone through all the legal crap necessary yet, but it is my intention to give away my first ferrari as the grand prize of a Quake tournement.

Yes, I am serious.

DO NOT SEND ME ANY MAIL ABOUT THIS! When we have more to say about it, we will make a formal announcement. This would be a good time to start a heated debate in the newsgroups about what the fairest tourney rules would be, though.

The specs:

1987 328 GTS with turbocharged engine.
Feature in the january, 1994 issue of Turbo magazine. Made 360 HP at the rear wheels on a chassis dyno. New engine (I melted the first one...), new paint. The interior could use a little work.

I plan to also include enough cash to cover tax and insurance.

Zith's Page
Check out this new page (as mentioned in Tokay's .plan): Zith and DR_Destructor: Zith's Quakew00d. Also, email Zith with any suggestions for new sections for the site.

QCA QSoccer Tournament
The Quake-C Archives is holding a QSoccer Tourney with a SpaceOrb 360 for the winner.

3D Chipsets
Karsten Jennissen translated a German article on 3D Chipsets and posted on this page.

Bastard dropped a line to pass the word that there's a new message board up on PlanetQuake.

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