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Friday, December 26, 1997 Merry Boxing Day (Canada, UK, and OZ)

ION Storm Christmas
The guys over at ION created a video interview as the StormFront Christmas Special. The interview (Real format) discusses the state of Anachronox and Daikatana with with Tom Hall and John Romero, and what's up with Dominion with Todd Porter and Jerry O'Flaherty.

Quake to Quake II Model Conversion
MeDLe version 2.01 alpha 3 has been released on the MedDLe page. The new version allows the conversion of models for Quake to Quake II format (though the page warns this has not been tested). Thanks Red Knight of Star Wars Quake.

Quake II Co-Op and Duel

QGraph is a program that can provide real-time data and graphics, log recording, off-line data browsing and printing of a Quake server over the Internet. Version 1.0, and more details, are available on the QGraph page along with word on the progress of QGraph 2. which will feature Quake II support.

There are just a couple of spots remaining in Quest32 if you have not yet registered for this 32 player Quess (Quake Chess) tournament.

MultiPlayer Quake has moved to

onethumb wrote a very funny homage to Voodoo Graphics (in rhyming couplets no less) in his .plan.

In the MailBag is some more poetry, with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe, and of course his beloved Lenore. Also, added a regular LAN party in Raleigh , NC., another in Phoenix, AZ, and updated the Help Wanteds.

Quake 2 Mod News is a new site devoted to the latest word on Quake II patches, and being a source for reviews ...

Thursday, December 25, 1997 Merry Christmas (Howdy Ho)!

John Carmack on New Quake II Executable
John Carmack made a .plan update talking about the new Quake II executable which will be released "Real Soon Now" (he thinks probably Sunday). Here's the update (which also includes a list of fixes to be included):

We are going to release a new quake 2 executable that fixes the malicious server crashing problems Real Soon Now. It also fixes a ton of other problems that have been reported, so we are going to have to give it some good testing before releasing it.

John Cash has two kids that would lynch him if he came in and worked on christmas, so we certainly won't be able to get a release candidate together before the weekend. I am fairly confidant we will have it released to the public on sunday.

I have been spending most of my time on trinity research but I have still made quite a few fixes to Q2. John Cash has made many more (he is just finishing up the IPX coding, among other things).

I have been doing a lot of testing over a proxy that gives me a very bad ping (400 - 800), so I was able to find and fix two significant errors with the prediction code.

The reason why you get a jerk when running forward and firing rockets, blasters, or grenades is that the client side prediction code was blocking you on your own missiles.

The jerky behavior on plats was due to a subtle error in the prediction error interpolation. A prediction error was causing oscillations as long as your latency, instead of smoothing out over just 100 ms. The plats are now smooth as long as you aren't dropping packets, and other mispredictions are also handled much better.

There are still a lot of other things that will be fixed in an upcoming release, but this will definately be an executable worth grabbing.

Shareware GameSpy 1.5
The shareware version of GameSpy 1.5 (1.0 MB), featuring Quake II support, has been released on the GameSpy page.

New Half-Life Shots
Word from the guys at Exponential Half-Life is that their site has been redesigned and they have posted some new Half-Life screenshots. I haven't been able to reach the site to check out either, though.

Doom Update
That was fast. Chi sent along the Doom source compiled for DOS (202 KB) including source (the diffs), and the .exe. This version lacks sound or network support. A few more tidbits about what's happening with the Doom source code in the short time since its release the other day:

Quake II Single Player Demos
Q-Man has done a series of single player Quake II demos on Quake II Single Player Demos getting 100% kills and secrets on hard difficulty.

Coop Quake II
Version 0.85 of COOP+, the cooperative multiplayer patch for Quake II has been released on the COOP+ for Quake2 Homepage.

Quake II Model Viewer
Jawed Karim has released jawMD2 v0.1, a MD2 viewer for Windows95 and WIndowsNT that uses OpenGL on his homepage. Here's what he has to say

Right now only wire frame (my first OpenGL program) but the rest is coming soon. Basically need some input for this first version.

WindowsNT users are fine, but Windows95 users have to download Microsoft's OpenGL drivers.

One more thing: forgot to put this in the docs, but you can ZOOM by pressing both mouse buttons. Some people asked me about this.

Quake II Development
The Quake II Tip of the day is to check out Quake DeveLS which is chock full of tutorials and information to get you going modifying the game to your own ends.

As the Web Turns
Congrats to sCary,, who finally got the Internet rebooted, and reveals in his update the announcement that he's departing Ritual for the T3 laden pastures of VRGN. He'll be running all the servers and stuff over there and he sounds quite excited about it, so it's a Merry Christmas for him.

MarTim's Hexen II Christmas
The famed MarTim level design team has released their Christmas present in the form of Hexen II single player level on their homepage.

Here's a review of the The Empires TC.


If you're impressed by the level from VRGN's Twisted Christmas Contest, it was created by the Twisted Matrix team, so you may want to check out what else they are up to.

Version 1.1b of CuteLauncher (156 KB), the front-end that supports Quake II has been updated with a host of new Quake II specific features ... A new version of QuakeLaunch featuring Quake II support is available on the QuakeLaunch homepage ... Another LAN sniffer program like the one mentioned the other day is QLan (15 KB) which sits in the system tray and detects IPX Quake games (Quake II not supported) ... The Deathmatch Dungeon is a site dedicated to reviewing Quake levels that has been redesigned to reflect the new focus on quake II ...

Wednesday, December 24, 1997 Happy Hanukkah -- Happy Christmas Eve (eat lots of fiber!)

Unreal Christmas Movie
The gifts just keep on coming, as Epic Megagames has released an Unreal .AVI (11.0 MB) featuring a lot of action sequences as a Christmas gift on Unreal.Com. Thanks Stonage from UnrealNation, where the file is mirrored (it's also available on Unreal.Org).

Quake Done 100% Quick
Quake Done 100% Quick is the new release by the Quake Done Quick guys (the promised it in time for Christmas), and is described as the longest and bloodiest Quake movie ever made.

Obsidian Drivers
For those lucky enough to own one of Quantum 3D's Obsidian boards, Q3D has just released the Obsidian 100SB drivers (1.2 MB). Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

ION's Quake II Extravaganza
Rich (Zdim) Carlson passed along word that he and some cohorts over at ION Storm have been busy playing with their Quake II development CD, and have whipped up a few new deathmatch levels. Here are the levels along with Zdim's brief description of each (by the way, these are not official ION releases):

Talon has also reviewed all of these levels except Circular Death already on Talon's Strike.

First Jedi Add-On
Weegee's Workshop has the first beta release of their deathmatch modification for Jedi Knight (the first of its kind as far as I've heard) called the Blaster Tag TC. The full release of the mod is currently slated for February.

HTML QE4 Manual
Steve Gateway Tietze updated his .plan with word that the HTML version of the QE4 manual he released yesterday in Word format should be online shortly.

Beyond Belief Source
With the advent of Quake II, Matthias Worch has decided to release the .map files (911 KB) from his terrific single player episode Beyond Belief to allow other authors to examine the techniques used (also available on Additionally, he has also released his first Quake II level, called Armageddon 5 (931 KB), a DM level for 4-24 players, which is sure to be worth checking out (also up on All this stuff is also available on Matthias's site OCRANA.

Christmas Quake(s)

Hexen II CTF
Version 1.0 of CTF for Hexen II has been released on the Hexen II CTF Page.

Linux Quake II Release Status
There is an update from Zoid on the Linux Quake Page giving a general timeframe for a Linux Quake II release (thanks Linquake):

I'll be back on Sunday or Monday the 28th/29th. At that point I should be able to finish it up and release it a day or two later.

Deathmatch Classics
It was bound to happen, Deathmatch Classics is a new site devoted to tracking of all the Quake maps converted to Quake II, with plans on voting for the most popular conversions to be included in an add-on pack.

RIOT Update
There is an interview with Monolith's Craig Hubbard on Microsoft's Gaming Site and a conversation with him about RIOT multiplayer on Revolt. Thanks Voodoo Extreme. Also, there's word on how you can win free games up on the Monolith online store.

There is a preview of Messiah by Shiny Entertainment on OGR. Thanks Jordan.


Adding a bunch of new stuff to the Quake II Tips page today, including the Quake Skins Tutorial by Slaine.

Version 1.1 of QuakeOn, the only Quake front-end with a helping head, has been released on the QuakeOn page, now featuring preliminary Quake II Support ... There is word on the GLQ+ page on how to use this program that can greatly improve your GLQuake framerate to do the same in Quake II. Thanks Prophet ... Wanted to pass along word that Game-Wire, the gaming resource Prophet was the publisher of. has closed its doors (or whatever websites close), and you can expect an exciting announcement about what his next project is shortly ... I was corrected by aBNoRMaL about the origination of Fahrenheit 176 (mentioned yesterday), which  is apparently more correctly described as the temperature when "electromigration" takes place (often in an overclocked CPU), not when it actually melts ... Argh, I hate to sound like a broken record, but sorry about the downtime last night, this morning, it is being addressed. On a related note, it seems like every time sCary asks me to mention that his site is down, mine is as well, but now that we're back, I can let you know that sCary is working out the difficulties withhis ISP even as we speak ...

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

QE4 Manual
Rogue's Steve "Gateway" Tietze sent along the Manual for QE4 (1.7 MB) he's been working on (QE4 is id's Quake editor). The manual is a Word document, and the red "x"'s are images (double click to view them).

How To Be An Animator
Raven's Mike "Chaos" Werckle wrote a .plan update he calls How to Become a Great 3D Animator in the Computer Games Industry. This is a sequel to his colleague Eric Biessman's  lesson on How to Get Ahead in the Gaming Industry as a Designer, Part I and Part II.

There is an interview with Valve's Chuck Jones up on Jaspur's Half-Life.

The Unofficial Quake II FAQ is now up to version 1.2.

Due to his increasing commitments to the Cyberathletes, Polish passes along word that he's closing down Brutality. A page will be posted shortly with forwarding addresses for Brutality's hosted sites.

Presents From Paul Steed
Paul Steed has sent along a set of holiday gifts, a hi-rez/30,000 face special version of the Gunner designed to center nicely as a 1280x1024 Windows background (606 KB), the same image for 800x600 (398 KB), and a pair of Excel spreadsheets (210 KB) for mod makers which detail the actions of the character and weapons animations (the same data Paul handed off to John Cash for the Quake II progs.).

Doom Source Released
John Carmack updated his .plan to announce that the long awaited source code for Doom (355 KB) is now publicly available. His entire update goes on to list the contents of the read me, which mentions that this is for non-profit use, and will only compile under Linux for the present. At the end of the text he also gives some project ideas:

The DOOM source is up.

Merry christmas!


Some project ideas:

Port it to your favorite operating system.

Add some rendering features -- transparency, look up / down, slopes, etc.

Add some game features -- weapons, jumping, ducking, flying, etc.

Create a packet server based internet game.

Create a client / server based internet game.

Do a 3D accelerated version....

...I don't have a real good guess at how many people are going to be playing with this, but if significant projects are undertaken, it would be cool to see a level of community cooperation. I know that most early projects are going to be rough hacks done in isolation, but I would be very pleased to see a coordinated 'net release of an improved, backwards compatable version of DOOM on multiple platforms next year.

Have fun.

John Carmack

Crash Fix "Within a Week"
John Carmack sent a reply to my question about a time frame for the fix for the Quake II crash exploit. The crash fix will be available "within a week" along with what sounds like part of the original point release. That release will include the crash fix and other bugfixes (and it sounds like possibly some features), to be followed by another release with whatever remains. Here's was what he had to say:

A new release within a week.

We could just rev the old codebase, but instead we are going to try and get all the bugfixes we have so far stable enough for a release.

It won't have all the bugs fixed or all the new features (still no coop), but it will have lots of stuff.

Who is Crashing the Great Servers of Quake II?
Well, it's hard to tell, but it's pretty obvious that they are enjoying doing it, as Internet Quake II servers are having a tough time staying running. It seems there is some sort of problem being exploited to crash the Q2 servers all over. John Cash made the following update to his .plan with the status of the fix, and what you can do right now if you run a server (or an ISP):

OK, here's the scoop on the Q2 server crashes... Yes, some dork with nothing better to do has found a way to crash or tie-up a QuakeII server remotely.

Yes, I did track it down a couple of nights ago. We already had one of the things fixed and I fixed second one then. The fixes have been tested on our servers.

The upcoming point release will include these fixes. It also fixes the BFG crash and the unset entity number  crash (the two most common crashes by far). The main reason I've not been posting a work log is so I don't end up giving these people a "how to" book for making the game crash.

I know, I know... "WHEN?". I can't say exactly right now. What I will say is it will be "Real Soon Now".  There are a couple of more fixes we consider critical and we want to make sure they are in and working first.

What can you do for now?

If you can get packets filtered, stop incoming IP packets from the loopback (127.x.x.x - why do routers even let these come in off the wire?) and incoming packets from your own IP address; this will stop the looping attack. BTW, if your ARE an ISP feel free to help track down the source of these spoofed IP's; I'll help out any ISP who is endeavoring to do so.

The crashing attack is caused by a hand crafted connect packet that has "connect $" in it. There's no simple  (non-patch) fix for this one. OK, some routers can be setup to filter this, but it is a very non-general thing.

I'm looking at what the impact would be on getting a point release out if I were to stop and create another  "just fix these two problems" release.

Sorry if the reporting of this seems delayed to those of you suffering with the server crashes wondering what was going on, as this problem started a few days ago. For a while it seemed that the problem was still somewhat limited, and as John says, you don't want to provide a how to on crashing the game. Since last night, however, the problem has become so widespread that it's hard to find a server running.

Quake II  Console Commands
Fahrenheit176's Quake 2 Info has a complete list of Quake II console commands. This resource (and the usual assortment of other good stuff) has been added to the Quake II Tips page. Apparently the name comes from the temperature at which a processor begins to melt. How, um, comforting.

Star Wars Prelim Release II
the second preliminary release of the Star Wars TC is available on the Star Wars TC homepage. Word is that work from now on will be to continue the TC as a Quake II project.

Saturn Quake
Stephen Hutchins, producer of Quake for the Sega Saturn, passes along word that Saturn Quake has been released. It is apparently quite a feat of programming to have achieved smooth gameplay on a console with the Saturn's horsepower (or lack thereof).

Six New Jedi Knight Levels
Six new levels for Jedi Knight (four from yesterday and two from today), made with the recently released JK editor, JED, are available on JediKnight.Net.



There's an article on AVault called Children of Doom, talking about kids and the games we (I mean they) play ... Quake II skin sites seem to be all the rage, here's another couple: The Chosen's Quake2 Skins and Snowballs House Of Skins ... TF Honor List is a listing to help TeamFortress players keep in touch ... In the print world, apparently Quake rated another mention in yesterday's Wall Street Journal (thanks FauxPas), and there's a Sin preview in January's Next-Generation (thanks madcruz), also DaFragsta passes along word that Quake II was mentioned today on Good Morning America, of all places (I can see it now: "Nice frag, Joan!") ... More poetry: 'Twas the Deathmatch before Christmas from ION Storm. Thanks SirRush ... Thanks spamdog for the Quake II-ized version of the Christmas wreath ...

Monday, December 22, 1997

New Sin Shots
There are two cool  new Sin screenshots over on on The Ultimate SiN.

Quake II Mods (Updated)

A couple of notes, though the verified version of the Famke Bot is version 1.6, though it said version 1.5 in the read me (this had both me and OpenQuake confused at first). Also, Adam Williamson liked the Q2MidiMod so much he created this collection of midi tunes (32 KB) from Doom to use with it. Finally, The Quake II Review is a new page devoted to reviewing Quake II mods.

Interview (Updated)
QuakePsycho tells me ION Storm's Anachronox Project Leader Tom Hall is interviewed on Square Net. Thanks Hell Blazer for the link to the interview.

LAN Sniffer
Jeff sends along word of a LAN sniffer program available on his Projects Page. The program is a Win95 System Tray utility that detects when a LAN game is launched and will blink to notify you (it currently supports Quake and Quake II). Perfect for large LAN's (though you want to make sure that your grumpy systems administrator doesn't get a hold of a copy). Winsock 2 required.

Another Quake II Server Browser
Q2Find 1.3 (1.7 MB), is a freeware server browser program for Quake II that I have not heard anything about before Jason Olenick sent along word of the Q2Find homepage, but it is already up to version 1.3.

Quake II Editing

More on Quake II .DLL Standards
Skylord has written up some additional thoughts on the subject of Quake II .dll standardization in his own Quake 2 Standard Multiple Modification DLL Proposal.

There are some new screenshots of the current build of Monolith's RIOT: Mobile Armor on Revolt. Also Todd Clineschmidt, RIOT Level Designer updated his .plan with news of the first ever RIOT deathmatch.

Quake-Related Music CD
In Your Face is a new CD by Gorebag and the Grunts of music to frag by (to?). I've gotten to check this out, and it tends towards the funny, rather than the menacing, with themes that any Quake player will recognize, and a particular bent towards CTF (with such tributes as "Am I Red, or Am I Blue?", and "Goin' for the Flag". There are samples on the Gaming with Gorebag page so you can see what you think.


Screw 2 is a QuakeWorld (not Quake II) CTF tournament, accepting sign-ups now.



Another Quake II skin site: The Skin farm ... Quake II got you in the holiday spirit? It certainly had that effect on Zedek who sat down and wrote the 12 Days of Stroggos, and coincidentally, the AVault has posted their own A Quake 2 Christmas, another homage to Clement Clarke Moore's classic poem ... Congrats to Paul Bettner who says he managed to nail a job at Ensemble Studios through the Blue's News Want Ads. Now that's pretty darn cool ...


Sunday, December 21, 1997

Version 0.89b of the BSP Quake editor (719 KB) has been released on BSP Headquarters, featuring some bugfixes, and improved Quake II support. Thanks Sir Rush.

Paul Steed Clarification
id's Paul Steed made another .plan update clarifying that he has no hard feelings about the mod authors of the world.

New TF Bot
Version 0.77 of the TeamFortress playing TF Bot has been released on the TFBot page, which has relocated to Thanks SpaceMan Spif of the Team Fortress Newswire.

Quake II Server Browsers

Quake II Walkthroughs
The Quake 2 Marine Survival Guide contains walkthroughs to help you get past sticky spots in Quake II single player. I've added this to the new additions to the Quake II Tips Page. Also, on the subject of Q2Tips, the Q2 modem to modem howto page has been updated.

Quake II CTF / Runes
Aaron Goldsmith has written a patch to add the runes so familiar from Threewave CTF to Quake II. The patch, available here is currently being verified by the OpenQuake guys (see next story for more on Quake II programming/security issues). Also, on a similar track, is a new site for the latest in Q2 CTF News.

Quake II Mod Discussions

Shareware Deathmatch Pack
The Black Star Coven Home Page features the preview of their shareware deathmatch pack for Quake called Carnage.

H3D Stereo Quake/Quake II
Word on the H3D Entertainment page is that their 3D stereo glasses for Quake/Quake II are now available. As anyone who got to check them out at QuakeCon or The FRAG can tell you, these things are amazing, turning Quake into a 3D experience even Henry Fonda (old GAF Viewmaster spokesman) would be proud to play. Thanks Schrade.

More Skins
Another Quake II skin site I meant to mention yesterday is Scarred -THE Quake 2 Skin Database, and here is a Quake II skin creation tutorial by V-Die-Nice from the GIB clan.


Avatar and wendigo, creators of Blahbalicious, are interviewed on the Quake Movie Library, which has just found a new home at



Process sends along word that Stomped will be once again coordinating the Quake stuff included on PC Gamer's CD's, so mod authors interested in being included on the disk should email him ... Here's a Quake Demographic survey run by the Clanberries (who call themselves the "worlds juiciest clan") ... Front-end of the Day is QSpawn, now up to version 1.52 (beta), with Quake and Quake II support. On the QSpawn homepage. Thanks Prophet ... Looks like VRGN has a very twisted Christmas up their sleeves ... Sorry about the late update today: I think I have food poisoning (chili and cheese stuffed potato skins. Eeek!) ...

Saturday, December 20, 1997

Final AirQuake
Version 1.01 of AirQuake (161 KB), the remarkable air combat TC for Quake by Iikka Keränen has been released on the AirQuake TC homepage. The new release, a progs.dat upgrade that requires a previous installation of AirQuake 1.00 (3.1 MB), is a bug fix, and is the final version of AirQuake, according to the news on the page.

New Requiem
Beta 2 of Requiem for QuakeWorld has been released on the Requiem page. The server-only upgrade is said to feature "Better weapons, better teamplay, and fewer bugs. :)".

Quake II Skinorama
Here are a couple of Quake II skin sites (obviously just getting underway), Quake2Kill, Skinner's Skins, and Quake II Skins. Also Prophet passes along word that Kenneth Scott of Banjo Software has posted his first Quake II skin on the the SkinForge. Finally, GateWay (from GameHut's Quake II Page, not Steve Tietze from Rogue) sent along this skin (21 KB) which allows you to look like the Quake guy in a Quake II game of all things.

PowerVR Colored Lighting?
Zanshin made an update to his GLQuake Dojo talking about Quake II colored lighting (or lack thereof) on PowerVR's PCX2 chipset. There are accompanying screenshots in his news section comparing PCX2 colored lighting to Voodoo Graphics, and here's a quote:

I just recieved the supposed "full colored lighting" dll for Quake II from a contact at Videologic. On behalf of all the PCX2 users out there, I'd like some updates on whether they are going to be able to make this work or not. So far, only the entities and the weapons are lit. The blending got better from the original miniports, but I have heard over and over again that they found some trick to implement full colored lighting in Quake II on the PCX2.

New RIVA Tweak
Saw on Voodoo Extreme that RIVA Extreme (hmmm) has posted version 2.0a of the RIVA Tweak utility (39 KB) that squeezes more performance out of RIVA 128-based video cards..

Quake II Weapon Tips Straight From the Source
DuvalMagic's Quake 2 Weapons FAQ is a guide to the functions of all the Quake II weapons (including the true nature of the BFG10K) written by Rebel Boat Rocker's Randy "DuvalMagic" Pitchford after examining the source code (as Randy mentioned in his .plan).

First Jedi Knight Level Editor
DarkJedi.Com has released the first beta of the first ever level editor for Jedi Knight, called JED (454 KB), OpenGL is required. Thanks Aristotle (JediKnight.Net).

New New GameSpy 3D
Beta 3 of GameSpy 3D version 1.5 (487 KB) for registered users has been released on the GameSpy 3D Homepage fixing a bug that Joe Powell says  in his .plan has existed for over a year. Also the release date for the shareware GameSpy 1.5 is now December 24 (ho ho ho).

Speed Beyond Belief
Speed Beyond Belief is a new release from the speed freaks over at Quake Done Quick featuring a speed-run through Matthias Worch's Beyond Belief (done by the QDQ guys, not Matthias himself, as I wrote originally).

New Video Drivers

More Quake II CTF
Vanilla CTF is another Capture the Flag for Quake II, which runs on the server side only. Available on the Vanilla CTF page. On the subject of CTF, in one of Paul Steed's .plan updates yesterday (outlined below), he mentions his work on id's upcoming Quake II CTF release:

"...just finished up the first half of the CTF animations for the player characters today and the new weapon model for the grappling hook...."




Quake II Tips
Added a couple of new reviews to the Q2 Tips page and a link to a 10 step editing guide for using Worldcraft for Quake II.

Quake to Quake II conversion of the day (joke--I think) is this DM3 conversion (500 KB). Some spiffy looking screenshots are up on this page ... there's an editorial on terraFORMA called Do the GameGirlz have the wrong focus? ... According to Ain't It Cool News, the Doom movie they recently said was still a possibility may star Arnold Schwarzenegger   (who certainly would be able to portray the subtleties of the role). Thanks Thomas Winzig ... Congrats to Paco and Cromwell's CTF Quake Page on one year of providing support for CTF players ... By the way, thanks to all who who wrote in correctly deducing that the problem with all the machines at Valve crashing when they tried to run Java being caused by the 24 bit color desktops all those nutty artistic types use, once I switched from true color to hi color the problem disappeared ... Here's the image of the day that finally explains the NetPacket errors ... 

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