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Friday, December 12, 1997 Quake II Release Day! (International)

More Quake II Tips and Workarounds
I've been working on a page to be a resource for Quake II tips and stuff, and while it's unpolished, it's useful enough that I decided it was worthwhile to post, so here's a working version of Blue's Quake II Bugs, Hints, Tips, etc. I'll spiff it up as we go along. Here's some helpful new info:

GLQuake Optimization
There is a guide on Gamers Extreme on optimizing 3Dfx Voodoo cards for GLQuake written by Brandon (formerly of Brandon's Zone).

New Powerball
Powerball version 1.1 has been released on the Powerball page. The new release features new levels and QuakeWorld support. The next version of Powerball is expected to be the Quake II version.

.plans (Updated)

IRC Today

PReviews (Updated)

GameSpy 1.5 (Quake II Support)
GameSpy 1.5 (390 KB) for registered users has been released on the GameSpy page (the site has been down since I've been trying it, so I grabbed it from Redwood's). Version 1.5 adds support for Quake II. Also available from Stomped and PlanetQuake (thanks again Red).

Quake II Public Code Release
John Carmack updated his .plan to announce the release of the Quake II public code (1.6 MB) including QE4:

The Quake 2 public code release is up at:

This source code distribution is only for hard-core people that are going to spend a lot of time pouring over it. This is NOT a how-to-make-levels-for-q2 type dsitribution!

This should keep a bunch of you busy for a while. :)

New Qooles
Version 2.20 of GLQoole and WinQoole, described as a maintenance version, has been released on the Qoole Page. Thanks Prophet.


I keep forgetting to mention that it's been announced that Creative Labs is buying Ensoniq. Thanks John Callaham ... Until the Quake II doohicky bug is squashed, there is a driver and instruction on Buzzkill's Quake Page on how to get your mouse's wheel doohicky working in Quake II (and Quake, QW, etc.) ... The rumor that will never die appears again as this blurb on Next-Generation say that Tri-Star is about to start production on Doom: The Movie. Thanks Prophet ...

Thursday, December 11, 1997

Quake II Selling Well (Maybe in Germany Too?)
Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan happy with Quake II's brisk sales, mentioning that it will go on sale in most international locations tomorrow, and clarifying that in spite of a lot of speculation on news pages (not here, I'm proud to say) about Quake II's status in Germany, nothing is set in stone yet:

Update on Germany: I've seen a great deal of discussion on the news pages about the status of Quake II in Germany. To those of you in Germany that want the game - we haven't given up distribution yet, no matter what you have heard (even from Activision's German distributor). Let's face it though, the USK or UBS or whatever the name of the organization is, simply doesn't like id Software. Its like they're still mad about Wolfenstein. Anyway, I'm sure that it will be on sale in Austria, if you know what I mean ;)

Stealth II Overclocking Utility
There's a utility on Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo to overclock the Vérité 2100-based Diamond Stealth II.

StormFront & QuakeCast
StormFront (8:00 PM Eastern) and QuakeCast (8:30 PM Eastern) are going on without me this evening (I had a root canal, and in addition to being a bit loopy on pain killers, it just plain hurts to talk). JUDGECAL rushed off before I could find out tonight's guests, so I guess we'll just all find out together.

Quake II Server Browsers

ION on Wilson's Departure
The ION Storm website has been updated with an acknowledgment that Mike Wilson has resigned as CEO. Here's the announcement from today's Daily Informant (thanks CiDcO):

It’s official. Mike "Evil" Wilson has resigned his position as ION Storm CEO to devote himself wholly to his newest venture, a cooperative game publishing company called g.o.d. (Gathering of Developers), g.o.d. is an alliance of several top-tier developers and will "aim to establish the new status-quo in developer/publisher relations," according to Wilson.

"ION Storm has been a blast, and I know that it will be something that I will always be proud of having been a part of," Mike said, "but my goals and vision of developer-driven publishing do not currently work for ION Storm, due to their multi-title commitments to Eidos. I would love to start Gathering of Developers with ION Storm as a founding developer, but I just can't wait for us to release 6-8 products. The stars are aligned for something very special, and the time is now."

Mike embarks on his new project with the full blessing of ION Storm. "Mike is a very driven individual with a unique perspective and genuine beliefs of how things can be done better in this industry as far as the publishing side goes," said John Romero, who now assumes the title of CEO. "I invited him to ION Storm to help us establish an identity of our own and to ensure that the world is anxiously awaiting our first products. He has accomplished that mission, and is off to pursue his own dream of a developer-owned publishing co-op... I wish him the best and can't wait to see what happens."

All of us at ION Storm wish Mike the very best of luck in his new endeavor.

Mike Wilson Leaves ION
There is an article on Next-Generation Online describing a new endeavor called the Gathering of Developers (g.o.d.) run by "ex-ION Storm CEO, Mike Wilson". The article goes into detail about g.o.d., and says that John Romero will be assuming Mike's role as CEO of ION Storm. As far as I know this is the first mention I have seen anywhere referring to Mike departing ION.

Demo With Point Release
Redwood (congrats to Red on his 3 millionth visitor) posted a response from John Carmack to his question about whether the Quake II playable demo would be before or after the release of the deathmatch pack (which will be the point release). Here's was Mr. Carmack's reply:

We will probably wait for the point release, so we can QA everything at once.

Quake Bugs Page
Disruptor updated his .plan to announce he's posted id's Quake II Bugs page, so you can see if you are experiencing a known problem. Here's his .plan update:

I worked on the bug page tonight, and think I got everything working well. I decided to "Do it right" and used a database in order to store everything, and just wrote a CGI to present the information to you (God I love SQL. It's much easier to manage things this way =) I'll go and tidy things up when I get in later today, add some more verbage and add a link to the bug submission form.

Please check out;

This is the new permanent location of the bug page. If you have a bug to report, PLEASE check the page first, and if it's not on there, feel free to e-mail me. I'll be updating the page as I get reports.
The bugs page also includes workarounds and notes about some of the problems
that have been reported.

New KeyGrip
Version 1.06 of KeyGrip, the powerful demo editing program has been released on the KeyGrip for Quake page. Here' the cool news about the new version:

The new version includes many enhancements, most notably a built in demo server.
This server allows you to preview the demo in real time with VCR like controls. You can even control the playback from WITHIN quake.. see a good frag? rewind, watch it again, in frame-by-frame..
More importantly, this gives serious demo editors a very simple and accurate way to make cuts. The demo server also includes the ability to allow freedom of view and freedom of movement. This means that you can FLY AROUND inside the demo while it is playing! Must see to believe!

Quake II Sever List List (Updated)
There is a beta version of PingTool on the PingTool page with preliminary Quake II support. Here's another  updated list of Quake II Server listings:

More Jedi Hints
LucasArts has updated their Jedi Knight hints and secrets to include everything through level 12. Thanks Frans P. de Vries of 3D Action Gamers'.




Brian Hook updated his .plan, on a bunch of topics, among them mentioning he's gotten the Voodoo 2 up and running with Quake II. It sounds like a match made in heaven, here's what he had to say about the combo:

However, we DID get the Voodoo2 up and running, both in SLI and standalone mode and all I have to say is OH MY GOD. Uh, ouch, it would suck to be one of 3Dfx's competitors right now. This chipset rocks. The numbers are just incredible, and through much of base1 you're zipping around at 60fps.

Quake2 is a different game at 60fps. Period. You can see everything with a very eery, silken clarity. Particles look like they're flowing through the air instead of flying through the air. Rockets look distinct instead of like hazy blurs.


The Requiem front-end has been released on the Requiem page ... Sybex has announced that Thresh's Quake II strategy guide will be in stores within a few days ... trixter sent along a cool Quake II icon (3 KB) ... The Canopus Pure3D FAQ has been updated with quotes from Tim Sweeney of Epic MegaGames, Mark Dochtermann of Ritual Entertainment, Eric Klein of Bungie Software, George Broussard of 3D Realms, and Bruce Rogers of Atari Games. Thanks Prophet ... Nakedman's TC List is on vacation for about a a month to remodel and expand the list to include all the Quake 2 TC's. Look for the list to return in all its glory on January 16th (a year from its original opening day) ... A couple of the Spotlights on Siren's Pic Page have been updated, including Impel Productions, and a certain webmaster ... Heh, here's a Quake II cartoon from User Friendly The Comic Strip ...

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

New 3D Blaster Drivers, BIOS
New BIOS and drivers for Creative Labs' 3D Blaster PCI (the new drivers require the BIOS update) have been released on Creative's FTP Site. Thanks Ned Bronson.

id Website Makeover
The id website has been redone with a cool update in honor of Quake II. Thanks Logik.

More Quake II Tips and Bugs

New ThunderWalker
Thunderwalker CTF 4.1 has been released. It is a server and a client side update, available on the Valley of the ThunderWalkers. Thanks Balthasar.

Quake II Commands and Variables Made Easy
John Cash sent along word on the easy way to determine the commands and variables in a Quake II .dll, by using the "cmdlist" and "cvarlist" commands, which should save significant effort in digging up the new features of the game:

A quick tidbit that will hopefully save people a some time. There are two commands in QuakeII called "cmdlist" and "cvarlist". As their names (hopefully) imply, they print out lists of all the commands and all the cvars in the game. Note that they only list what iscurrently active, so if you haven't started a game (and therefore have not loaded gamex86.dll) then none of that DLL's commands or cvars will be listed yet.

New BSP (Quake II Support)
Version .87a of BSP (1.6 MB) has been released on BSP Headquarters, featuring support for editing Quake II maps, though compiling them is obviously still an issue until the utilities have been released by id.

Quake II Tips and Bugs

Quake II Bug Fix
John Carmack updated his .plan with word on a Quake II bugfix (144 KB) to keep Internet Quake II severs from ping flooding id Software:


If you run multiplayer servers, download:

A serious bug got through... I thought the QuakeWorld master server code was completely disabled, because I was planning on putting a modified architecture in place in the point release. It turns out that the code is still in there, sending heartbeats to a unix machine here at id that isn't even running a master server.


This isn't the real point release -- there are no new features or bugfixes. I just went back to the release codebase and recompiled with one function commented out so we wouldn't have to worry about introducing new bugs with our current untested code.

Btw, all bug reports should go to Christian (, NOT to me, Brian, or Cash! We need a central point to funnel things through. Hopefully we can set up a web page or something to make public what we know about, so we can cut down on email traffic.

Quake II Server List List
Here's an updated list of Quake II Server listings:

Quake II Benchmarks Coming
Brian Hook made one .plan update and then another discussing the framework for his Quake II benchmark testing.

After the Fall
The release party for this was mentioned the other day, and now the After the Fall TC has been released on the ATF page. ATF features 16 huge levels, over 100 new models, hundreds of new sounds, and all new textures in a 50 MB(!) pak file (18 MB zipped).

The winners of week six of Activision's Quake II - 3Dfx Contest have been posted.

There is an interview with ace newshound Prophet on Focus on Quake.

GameSpot has posted their Quake II first impressions. Thanks CrusadeR.

The Quake DeveLS page has opened up, a resource for DLL news for Quake II developers. Thanks Prophet ... TEN has implemented a MadCam, allowing observers to watch Quake matches on TEN, more details are on this page. There are also new enablers for Quake on TEN, including one that works with WinQuake, more details are here. Thanks Prophet ... A pair of new Quake II desktop themes have come out, here's one (1.2 MB) by DaFragsta of 3D Gaming Spooge (also available there), and here's one (1.8 MB)  sent along by BowZer ... There is a Quake II versus Jedi Knight discussion board, of all things,  up on GameStats ... Liono's TF 101 is a new TeamFortress tips page ... Have questions about Apogee/3DRealms (like what's with the two company names?)? The Official Apogee/3DRealms FAQ has been updated to version 6.2. Thanks Prophet ...

Tuesday, December 9, 1997 Quake II Release Day! (US)

Quake II Servers Updated (Again!)
Quake Domain, always on top of these things, has got their Quake II server list up (if you have a server, submit it here). PlanetQuake has got their server list online, you can find games there, and if you have a server, you can easily submit it via a form. Also, if you're interested in running a server, Termy the servermeister at PQ sent along a quick and dirty guide to running a Quake II server. From earlier, here is one manually updated Quake II Server list, and here's another. Manual lists will probably be popular for a while, as the Quake II version of GameSpy is not due until the version of Quake II with the final network code. As for servers, the guys at VRGN have put up a bunch of servers on their stupid-fast connection:    

And here are more Servers:
Clan 311 Quake 2 -
The Bleeding EDGE - (according to KillMe's .plan) (According to Disruptor's .plan)

Finally, Disruptor updated his .plan mentioning an experimental dedicated server:

We're trying to debug an issue with dedicated servers in Quake II. I'm running a server under the debugger here on my PC at; (

If a bunch of you could hop on and play there as well, we'd all appreciate it. Please note: This is *NOT* a permanant server.

More Reviews
A couple more Quake II reviews are online, UGP Online has posted theirs (thanks GhOsT_95_), as has Next-Generation Online. UGP doesn't just call Quake II the best game ever, their review is titled: "At last, the perfect game."

SpaceOrb Config
A SpaceOrb config for QuakeII has been posted on Birdman's Lair. Thanks Chad Alderson.

Ritual's Newest 3Dfx Hire
Ritual Entertainment has raided 3Dfx once again, hiring Scott Alden to join their programming team.

New ClanRing Mod
Version 3.1 of the ClanRing Mod has been released on the ClanRing Mod Page. Thanks Xtreme.

New QStat
Wow, that was fast. Version 2.0a of QStat has been released on the QStat page with preliminary Quake II support.

Quake II Model Viewer
Crack dot Com's Trey Harrison has released a Quake II model viewer (93 KB) on his homepage. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

Vérité Quake II Support - Overclocking
I see on Björn's 3D World that the Vérité support from Q2Test does not work in the retail Quake II. No word from Rendition yet on when a new driver will be available. There is also word there on the discovery of how to overclock V1000 chips. Finally, there are instructions on Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo on overclocking V2x00 cards as well (this was sent along to me also, but I have nothing to test it on).

Quake II Cheat Codes
Here's a list of the Cheat Codes for Quake II, brought to you by the QuakeMarines, in case you're stuck already.

Quake II Release-O-Rama
Wow, Quake II's release made the cover of the Marketplace section in today's Wall Street Journal (thanks Y0), and was also featured in an article on online gaming in yesterday's Journal (thanks Ritalin). Quake II is also apparently spotlighted in the new Time Magazine, albeit with a Quake logo. Thanks macbooray.


Volunteer Help Wanteds
Psoriac volunteered to take over the volunteer help wanted ads that I recently discontinued. He's got the page back up here, check it out if you're looking to work on a project or are looking to recruit volunteers yourself.

Blahbalicious (10.8 MB) is a new movie by wendigo and Avatar (also available on It's a series of short sketches that had me cracking up, the funniest Quake movie since Operation Bayshield, call it Kentucky Fried Quake Movie (mature audiences discouraged). More information can be found on the brand new Blahbalicious H.Q.. In conclusion, I'd like to say blah blah blah blah...

ZGL Lives
An update on the news page of Zanshin's GLQuake Dojo reveals that his legal case has come to a close (not in his favor), and one of the upshots is that portions of his OpenGL implementation will ultimately be released.

Mysteries of the Sith Revealed
LucasArts has put up a "Sneak Preview" of Mysteries of the Sith, that solves many of those mysteries, describing the new character, weapons, Force powers, enemies, deathmatch modes, etc., that their upcoming Jedi Knight add-on will contain. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

New Clan Arena
The Rocket Arena team has released Clan Arena 1.2 (243 KB) a server patch with all sorts of features to aid in the conducting of team matches in Rocket Arena (Final Arena client required for both clients and servers.) Also, there is a project underway on terraFORMA to create another add-on pack for Rocket Arena, starting with some of the maps that didn't make the final cut for Final Arena.

Expert Base
Expert Base, a new CTF map created by combining e1m1, e2m1, and e3m1 by Myrkul and Publius of the Expert Quake team, has been released on the Expert Quake page. The map is said to be a new combination of the three id maps that's smaller than base32 (targeted at 14-22 players),
with the maps in new relative positions, and new "high-bandwidth connections" between the original  maps in place of the small tunnels in base32.

HexDev is a new site dedicated to "Hardcore Hexen II Development" that is home to the HexMatch anti-cheating mod, to build all their future mods on the HexMatch base. The first project they've got underway is a Hexen II CTF picking up where the now-defunct Siege left off.

IRC Events: Romero Chat, Quake II Release



There are photos and accounts of the activities from the Sydney Australia Quake II Premiere Party on the Tormented Souls page ... Screensaver whiz Tim Hitchings of Visual FX Software sent along this screensaver (381 KB) that uses the Quake II enemies from the online Quake II Manual that's kind of a recognition chart, so study up soldier ... The UnrealNation Polls have been updated with new questions and responses ... Got rid of the ad in a frame, kudos to IGN for getting that done in 3 weeks after estimating a month (you'd usually expect the opposite) ... 

Monday, December 8, 1997

IRC Release Parties: ATF TC and New Movie

Brian Hook on MS' Open GL Announcement
Brian Hook updated his .plan with a detailed look at the contents of Microsoft's press release about OpenGL. Here are a couple of points he made:

Not only that, but not a single game developer was quoted, and when we asked SGI, they specifically said that "some people" were uncomfortable with id being a part of the press release. We even gave them a quote:

"Microsoft's endorsement of hardware accelerated OpenGL across both of their desktop operating systems has given us exactly what we want -- the API of our choice on the distribution platforms of our choice." said John Carmack, technical director of Id Software.


I think it's awesome that the likes of Chris Hecker, John Carmack, SGI, and, of course, myself :-) managed to stand up to The Man and get this type of concession.

and sums up his analysis with:

Of course, this being Microsoft, I trust them about as far as Chris Farley can sprint without puking. Just looking at the press release the following two portions ring alarm bells:

[Microsoft will...]

"* Distribute a new, high-performance OpenGL Installable Client Driver (ICD) developed in cooperation with Silicon Graphics for the Windows 9X and Windows NT environments."

No timeframe was established, and Microsoft has the option to drag their feet indefinitely. What can you do if Microsoft decides not to provide the OGL ICD kit to someone that asks? Or if they just don't return e-mail?

"* Implement a new certification testing and logo branding program for OpenGL drivers as well as Direct3D drivers created with the DDK through the Windows Hardware Quality Labs. Upon final certification from Microsoft, developers will receive one of the following three branded logos for use with their drivers: [rest deleted]"

This is the killer. They could make the WHQL standards so demanding that NO OpenGL driver can pass certification, or only a very few. That would not be cool. Ideally the agreement would tie OGL/D3D together -- in order for a developer to get D3D certification, they have to be certified for OGL, and vice versa. This makes it in Microsoft's best interests to see OGL drivers up and running and conformant quickly. Unfortunately, I don't think this is how this was negotiated, probably because of some other backroom politicking we're not aware of.

Not only that, but there is the chance that they'll claim they're "resource limited" and thus drag their feet on OGL certification while at the same time pushing D3D drivers out the door at superfast pace.

A more formal and complete statement from game developers will likely be forthcoming in the next couple weeks. But the fact remains the same: it's now okay to write OpenGL drivers for Windows, and thus it's now okay to write games using OpenGL.

And we hope that Quake2 is a testament to OpenGL's applicability for games.

Microsoft's OpenGL
Big doings! Andrew Sturgeon sent along a press release (HTMLized for your protection) from Microsoft detailing a new joint initiative between Microsoft and Silicon Graphics to deliver a new OpenGL Device Driver Kit for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows NT 5.0, planned for distribution in Spring of 1998 as well as an OpenGL Installable Client Driver (ICD) for all those operating systems.

Return of the Mailing Lists
PlanetQuake has straightened out their recently announced Quake II mailing lists, which filled up shortly after opening, and they are now open for enrollment again. You can get more info, and sign up at this page.

The Advent of Quake II
There's a nostalgia piece on terraFORMA called The Advent of Quake II memories of the beginning that talks about the good "old" early days of Quake.

Help Wanted
Added postings to the Help Wanted section for ION Storm and Quantum Axcess, who are each searching for texture artists: QA for a possible future TC/Add-On, and ION for Anachronox. onethumb passed along a help wanted for some sort of gaming web daddy, so that's in there too.

DM4 II and DM2 II
American McGee made a .plan update talking of the deathmatch maps he's working on, a new, new DM4 that has superseded the old, new DM4 he had previously mentioned, and a new DM2:

Just finished work on a DM4 type map for Quake2. I built a map called DM4_V2 a while back and was hoping to release it at some point. It contains most of the same elements and features that made DM4 such an enjoyable 2~4 map, but it didn't come off as well. So I started work on something pretty much from scratch and I am happy with the way it turned out. Since one on one play in a small map is my favorite type of DM I had to make sure that there was at least one really good 2 player DM map done. Starting work on a map that is inspired by DM2. I love lava and I really love watching people die in lava, so I felt that doing another map similar to DM2 would be a good idea. Mostly I am going to carry over the central lava pit idea and then work from scratch. Hopefully these two maps will be as well recieved as the original DM2 and DM4.

Quake II Timedemos
Brian Hook updated his .plan with a story and an elaboration on his earlier discussion. On the Quake II front, he promises some comprehensive Quake II benchmarks using timedemo soon, and the syntax of timedemo has changed as well. Here's the skinny on the "real" news:

First, the "real" news: in the coming days I plan on getting some new benchmark numbers for Quake2 using TIMEDEMO. For those of you interested, TIMEDEMO's semantics have changed, you need to do the following:


In other words, TIMEDEMO is a variable now, not a function. Make sure when doing a TIMEDEMO that sound is disabled (do S_INITSOUND 0 then SND_RESTART at the console, or do a "+set s_initsound 0" when starting up Quake2).

When I get the freshest drivers from IHVs I'll be running the benchmarks and posting them. These are going to be very comprehensive.

And yes, we have a Voodoo2 (SLI even!), although we haven't tested it.

Final Arena
The Client (6.7 MB), and Server (including source) (292 KB) for Final Arena have been released on the Rocket Arena page. Final Arena is the last version of Rocket Arena before the Quake II version, and features 46 total Final Arena maps, including 20 maps from previous versions of Rocket Arena, 9 Maps from TeleFragged Arena, and 17 new Final Arena maps.

New X-Men DM Maps
A pair of new deathmatch maps for the X-Men: Ravages of the Apocalypse TC are available on the terraFORMA page. One is a 16 player map, and the other is designed for up to 32 players, and each uses new X-Men textures and entities.

OpenQuake is an interesting project that could be quite valuable in the brave new world of Quake II. Dedicated not only to creating useful documentation as a reference for Quake II programmers, but also a verification service to address security issues with user released dll's, to hopefully allow you to download and use them with confidence.

GL Underground goes Under
There's an announcement on the GL Underground, the site dedicated to a group developing their own OpenGL port, that the project has been disbanded. Though the binaries for their Open GL port will not be distributed from the site, word there is that the beta testers for the project have full permission to distribute the programs and documentation from the project. Thanks Fragman and TheWalt.

Jedi Knight Goodies




In today's MailBag, a tiding of the season: 'The Night Before Quake II", a variation on Hank Leukart's classic "Night before Doom".

A version of QBSP optimized for QuArK has been released on The Official QuArK HomePage. Thanks Prophet ... Death's Domain, the Australian Quake Site, has been revamped ... Star Wars? I have two word on Starship Troopers TC's, one with beta versions available at Coo Online, and Prophet tells me the Mod Squad has announced the Starship Quakers TC as one of their spurious projects (seemingly as a joke on the movie's plot. rather than a real project) ... There's a feature on Gamers' Alliance called Blood & Guts Forever, based on the results of their recent poll on game violence ... Log Parser of the Day is QRC QuakeWorld Stats Generator, now up to version 1.11 ...

Sunday, December 7, 1997

Quake II Server Goes
Disruptor followed up on his earlier .plan update with word that he pulled the plug on the 64 player Quake II server at id, something being rotten outside of Denmark.

Hmm. I checked out the Q2 server that was running, and found it packed at 64 clients, and most of them were not from Denmark =(

The server will resume operation on Tuesday, December 9th.

Quake II Server
Disruptor, or Disrupted, as he jokes, updated his .plan with word that he's put up a Quake II server at id, and a 64 player server at that. For now there will probably be a bunch of guys from Denmark playing there, as the screenshots of the final boss and other evidence confirm yesterday's reports that the game is already in some people's hands. Here's Disruptor's update:

With Quake II due out in stores in the next couple days, I've set up a Quake II server here at id. It's on; (

It's cycling through all the maps with a 30 fraglimit or 10 minute timelimit. It's set for 64 players right now, but we'll see how things go.


- "Disrupted" =)

More on the Quake II Premiere Parties (Updated)

New 3Dfx Drivers
A bunch of new drivers have been released by 3Dfx (all of these thanks to Voodoo Extreme):

Future versus Fantasy Feature
Future versus Fantasy 4.0 is featured on TC Magazine.

The AVault has posted the winners of their Quake II Giveaway. Thanks Pete "Mostly Harmless" Nilson.

Totally Unreal has relocated to Thanks Prophet.


Voting for your favorites in the Quake Women's Forum's year end polls ends December 31 (they've posted the results so far) ... Gamer's Alliance has a new poll up asking about piracy, and have posted the results of their previous poll on violence ... There are a bunch of new message boards up at TeleFragged, additionally, some of the existing boards have been expanded ... Here's another TeamFortress Strategy Guide with class-by-class strategies ... The Mod Squad is soliciting ideas for SuperHeroes II, the Quake II sequel to their popular SuperHeroes patch. Mail them if you have any input to share ...

Saturday, December 6, 1997

Quake II in Denmark? (Updated)
Is something rotten in Denmark? Though Quake II is not supposed to be available until early next week at the earliest, reports of copies purchased in Denmark are trickling in. I don't know what to make of this, but to support the claim, there are some deathmatch screenshots on the Dance Homepage, and now on The Sentinel, and this page, and some screenshots, and what are apparently the release notes and the read me on Operation 3Dfx. Here's one shot from the Dance Homepage supposedly showing the BFG in action:

q2_03s.jpg (3800 bytes)

PGL Rankings
The PGL Rankings have been posted. Thanks Beazer.

Mysteries of the Sith Screenshot
The first screenshot from Mysteries of the Sith, the expansion pack for Jedi Knight, has been posted on The Jedi Knight Outpost.

Quake II Premiere Party (Updated)

Patches (Updated)
I spent this morning catching up on some of the many Quake patches that have come my way in the last week or two that I've wanted to try out. Here are some that stood out:

Omicron Mirror
As a result of the difficulties retrieving the archive from a single source, the exclusivity on the Omicron Bot (940 KB) has been lifted, and the file is now available here for download, as well as at the original source Ramshackle (and no doubt elsewhere soon as well).

Viper 330 FAQ
Zone 128 has posted Diamond's Viper 300 FAQ.


There is an interview with Dakota talking about All-Star CTF on Clan CNN's page.



Another write-up of one of the Australian Quake II release parties with Paul Steed and Tim Willits on Chris' Page ... Congrats to nihilism Unlimited as they are featured in a two-page spread in this month's issue of PC-Zone Benelux with Zerstörer ...

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