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January 3, 1997

American's .plan Part II
American McGee updated his .plan again:

Check it out! A Cash follower!
w00! Cash has a fan!

>Stop being such a bully...
>John Cash will play you when he's good and ready; and he
>will not play you until he is. So stop it with the taunts.
>(John Cash's #1 fan)

Whaleboy is a llama lord.
Gateway is just a llama.

QuakeWorld Update
Disruptor let me know that there is a big update on the RevCo Homepage in which John Carmack clarifies the "rate" command. There is also the good news that Disruptor and Bigfoot (the main stomper at Stomped) are planning an "ambitious QuakeWorld section that's sure to leave you amazed!"

War is Declared
American updated his .plan (thanks Tomason). Seems Tokay is trying to bring a little pressure to bear on John Cash:

Back from Las Vegas...

*Everyone* please send email to John Cash and
tell him that he needs to play deathmatch with
me NOW. Send him several emails... send him
pictures of naked llamas... whatever it takes
to get him to play. His email address is Thanks.

Yahn Bernier Interview
There is another interview with Yahn Bernier, author of BSP, on The Elite Quake Editor's Corner. Yahn discusses the future of his Quake Editor.

QPU 2.0
Version 2.0 of QPU (Quake Pack Utility) has been released. The new version has skins/model viewing with texture mapping, enhanced wav playing, pcx import/export, and the inevitable more! Check out the QPU Homepage.

Blue Dog
Just for fun... check out my new pet. Thanks to Peter Gransee for that one.

New Grappling Hook
Perecli Manole sent along beta 3 of his new grappling hook patch which has more physics to it, including the ability to climb up and slide down the chain, or even hop off the chain with a swinging jump.

Pseudo Online
I have no idea how it came across to listen to (their Quake page is down right now, so I can't check it out), but I had a lot of fun doing that QuakeCast at with Joost Schuur and the QuakeCast gang (JudgeCal, GirlBomb, and the irrepressible Mase Royer) last night... I'm interested in any feedback anyone wants to share...

Oh, yeah, while we were on the show, Joost Schuur and I decided to spill the beans that Blue's News is the site for which he's been doing the CGI work he mentioned (actually that makes it sound minor, but Joost's changes affect the nature of the site). I'll go into it in more detail later, but the upshot of these modifications will be the ability to search for information by keyword, and get the output as a page of all relevant stories. I think everyone will be very impressed with the result of Joost's work... (I guess it's never too early to start--thank you Joost =)

Fargo's Frontpage
Hot on the heels of his big year-end wrap-up article, Fargo has put up a helpful tome on his Frontpage intended for those of you embroiled in academia (y'know, students) called Quake University. This is a must read (even for non-students). Great stuff.

Check out the Ranger's Page for news on their upcoming movie, Ranger Gone Bad 3, with skins and stuff to be used in the production. Movie isn't the word, epic applies better, as they plan on "filming" from January 10 through February 15 (yep, over a month), and the finished product will run between 20 and 30 minutes in length. I can't wait to see this (though any movie with so many sequels should star Sylvester Stallone...).

Thanks Jason for pointing out the article on Next-Gen, which says MPlayer has announced that it will be holding a Quake clan tourney with a $5,000(!) cash prize. Unfortunately the article (dated 1/3/97) points out that clans need to register by January 2nd...

d a r k m a r e
Christopher Bolin (creator of has joined d a r k m a r e: of wolf and man (I just have to comment again on the beauty of their website) as their skinologist.

John Cash Predicts
Thanks sCary for the word that John Cash (or homeslice, as sCary put it) updated his .plan with some predictions for the coming year:

My predictions for 97
Hey, why not? Does anyone care? Maybe not... but here's a few SWAGs for the new year:

1) Network Computer:
(aka Web TV)
they'll flop again and again until people learn. Just like diskless workstations... they're a really good idea... for somebody else - *I* need a real machine.

2) DVD:
(whaveter the hell it stands for these days) it will be a success... eventually. They've botched any chance of a "take the world by storm" launch with all the public squabbling, but it's good technology and will make it despite them.

3) Cable modems:
flop. Cable companies can't even keep a unidirectional broadcast up reliably;
who expects them to do better with point to point bidirectional data? not me; I love my DSS!

4) 56kbps modems:
(or whatever the next step is after the 33.6kbps is) they'll have the usual initial compatability problems and lack of ISP support, but they'll do great. What is there to compete? Everything else either costs a lot more or just isn't going to work that well.

5) The Internet
No, there isn't going to be a "crash to end all crashes". Will there be outages? yes. Will there be slowdowns? yes. BUT... problems will be fixed and capacity increased because Corporate America (aka them, aka the guys with all the money) need it to keep working now.

There ya go. PLEASE don't flood me with email about this.
Agree or disagree to your heart's content, but I'm not trying to start anything here. Just felt like taking a few pot shots at the near future.

January 2, 1997

Joost Schuur and I are going to drop by this evening and check out their QuakeCast. These shows have had their ups and downs in the past, but they seem quite eager to get things cranking over there, so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks to Rob Holmes for the alert to John Cash's updated .plan which includes another German phrase:

More Cool German !?!
"Ich glaube mein Schwein pfeift!"

I don't know what it means, but just from past experience, I'd suggest asking a German speaking friend for a translation, rather than, say, your Grandmother...

Raven Interview
There is an interview with Raven Software lead designer Brian Raffel on Cult of Phoebus. Brian answers questions about Raven's eagerly anticipated Hexen 2 (he also sent along a paladin sketch).

Bubbah's Monsters
Thanks to Neal Spears (Epistaxis) for the word that there are several new monster mods at Bubbah's site, including a wyvern, new snakeman skin, the drone, the blarg, and a new Chthon.

CNN Year in Review
Joe Milton sends along news of CNN's 1996 Internet year in review that lists Quake's release as #8 of the ten significant net events of the year (yes, net events, not overall--thanks Joost). There ten events range from #10, Timothy Leary kicks the bit bucket to #1, The CDA and Net Decency. Number four, interestingly, was Syn-Floods, which regular readers will recall suffering with at one point here at Blue's News in 1996.

Ranger Parody
I told you things fall through the cracks here sometimes (not that I'm proud of that). Rodney Burns sends along word of Gonzo's parody film, Ranger Gone Plaid (on the Ranger's site), which I received a long time ago, and preceded to lose (sorry).

Cash .plan
John Cash updated his .plan to fess up that he did help out the QuakeWorld CTF grappling-hook, but to assure us that he's back on the job (thanks Tom Mason):

QuakeWorld Capture The Flag
yep, I jumped in and squashed the grappling hook
bug. Happy New Years and have fun; back to work
on Quake2 for me.

UnNatural Disasters
SknnyPupy dropped a line to mention that he's pulling the plug on his Quake News site, UnNatural Disasters. He's posted a detailed explanation of his reasoning on the site, and is interested in feedback if anyone is inspired with an idea for a Quake Site that hasn't already been done (though if you're like me, you might have trouble emailing him--yes Sknny, my last couple of mails to you have bounced...).

QuakeWorld CTF Grappling Hook
Apparently John Cash stepped up in the clutch and knocked off that last bug, so Threewave QuakeWorld CTF Server Version 1.1 has been released on Threewave. The new server includes the long awaited (well it seemed long) return of the grappling hook. This is an update to the server patch--clients do not need to download anything new.

January 1, 1997

There is a new BSP (level editor), Version 0.65b, on the BSP Homepage.

There is an update to the PowerBall page that basically says that bane is not going to work on the project anymore (though he leaves the door open to the possibility of changing his mind). It is uncertain whether PowerBall for QuakeWorld will ever be released. Thanks to J. Jefferson Gray.

QuakeWorld Update
There is an update on the RevCo page (thanks Jason "[Moogle]" Ritchie) that discusses Disruptor's master server temporarily running on a beefier machine, as it's currently the only master server (while's is down). Though apparently the Australian M.S. is on its way. He also mentions that he's going to ask John Carmack about Joystick/SpaceOrb support under QuakeWorld.

Site Seeing
I see on Redwood's (that he saw on the Void--follow?) that Mr. Wolf's Game Den has supplanted Mr. Wolf's Tomb Raider Stuff, which of course rose from the ashes of the late, lamented Mr. Wolf's Quake Den. -DiabloZ- noticed an odd update on Means of Destruction, that leaves the future of that site, and the Gatling Gun modification quite unclear. I hope all is well with Tritian. Meanwhile PlanetQuake strikes again, as the WorldCraft FAQ has moved there "temporarily" according to the site, "...until the new improved version is done." Only the second RC-oriented site I've seen is Digital Savior's Quake Alias Page. Finally, what would you call a site dedicated to cool Quake stuff, but Cool Quake Stuff.

Grappling Hook Update
There's an update on Threewave on the status of the QuakeWorld CTF Grappling hook. There's a nasty bug that's being a bit elusive, but Zoid is optimistic about finding it.

Happy New Year
Wishing all a happy and a healthy. Thanks to loyal readers and contributors alike for making 1996 such a success here at the old Blue Tower. Here's looking forward to bigger and better things in 1997. One of my resolutions is to try and be more on top of my email in the coming year (I feel like things are constantly falling through the cracks). Towards this end, I will be trying to start fresh, so any backlogged messages are going to go in the hopper. My apologies to any and all I have failed to maintain a proper mail thread with--as I say, my goal is to be able to stay on top of this from now on. Please understand the effect of the explosion of this site; by the time I realized that my mail load was so large that it needed a different method of maintenance, I was already hopelessly behind...

In his latest update to SlipGate Central, Joost Schuur drops the intriguing hint that he's "contributing to another major Quake site soon with some CGI work, to make it even better". He promises the full scoop soon. Thanks to Void maintainer Patrick Cupka for that.

Single Player Quake
There are some people out there who, for whatever reason, prefer the single-player version of Quake to deathmatch. When therapy won't help, the only alternative is to embrace the situation, and visit Single Player Quake, which focuses on the best maps designed for one-player enjoyment.

Future v. Fantasy Quake 1.6
Here's the latest version of Freeform's Interactive's popular patch, Future v. Fantasy Quake 1.6 (594 KB). Here's the read me.

Techie Department
I mentioned Dimensionality and their new Quake C "frames" class... For those who find this stuff fascinating, FiSTY has doped out his own version of this function (which allows, among other things, animated brushes), and has released the source. Read about it on Manero's QuaKe Page.

December 31, 1996

QuakeWorld Skins
A new set of QuakeWorld skins (2.5 MB) has been released (also available on id Software's FTP site). Dave Riller has this to say:

This is not a replacement -- just additions and revisions...

ClanRing League
Todd Jewell sends along word of the ClanRing League, exploring the possibility for league-play in Quake.

Thanks to Jason "[Moogle]" Ritchie for sending along word that RevCo's Homepage has word of a few more servers (including Disruptor's) joining ClanNET. Here's the current roster:

Canada v. USA
Toyman sends along word about the upcoming international tournament:

There's been a small adjustment to the arrangements for assembling Team USA. AM_Smash is now handling all of the arrangements for Team U.S.A. We are also looking for some talented map designers to develop one of 3 custom maps that will be used throughout the tourney.

Quake Proliferation
According to Ben Wallace, in the Beavis and Butthead trivia cdrom, at the end of the credits it says:

'And special thanks to id software for making quake'

Also, I got the following intriguing tidbit from F.O.O.M. Todd Sayre (or am I the only one around here old enough to remember Friends Of Ole Marvel--or the M.M.M.S. for that matter?) about something he noticed in The Uncanny X-Men Issue #341:

In the February issue of The Uncanny X-Men on page 14 (including inside cover), panel 3, there is a crude Quake symbol on some guys computer screen. I think this may hint at the reason for Marvel's recent downturn in the quality of their books and that whole bankruptcy thing.

While I've been accused of being a mutant, I'm a life-long Spider-Man fan myself...

Cash .plan
Apparently the nitpickers got onto John Cash about his year 2000 reference, so he amended his .plan (thanks once again to Jason "[Moogle]" Ritchie):

New Years: with 2000 coming up, these next three will seem boring
OK, OK... I *know* the next millenia actually starts at 2001...
I didn't say it started in 2000!!! sheesh!!! ;-)

There's an article in the New Vore Times that says I am a smurf. Actually that's a Quake TC that I'd pay cash money to play: where you could gib Smurfs and Barneys (remember that Doom patch? hehe) till you got to the big boss--Tickle Me Elmo! There's also more there on the .plan mischief at id yesterday... apparently even Janitor Bob's .plan got hacked.

One of the reasons I held off on my local-events calendar is because someone who was devoting their site to that subject asked me to leave that territory to them. Since their site doesn't seem to have stuck, I think I will do it... In the meantime, let me mention the upcoming GibMania for Australians in the Melbourne area.

Site Seeing
Have you checked the North American War Council Page? Very heavy with java and graphics, but pretty durn cool. Also, today's the last day to vote in the 1996 Dip User Awards.

My patience for the downtime on this site is coming to an end... my apologies to all who were locked out again last night. I am now told that the problem was a simple matter of a hard disk that was full...

December 30th

Tim Willits' CTF Map
Tim Willits just sent along his CTF map (772 KB) designed to work with Threewave CTF (here's the read me). This is a real treat, as Tim is a brilliant level designer. If you want to try it, he is running a server at id at:

He also wants to be sure to note that this is not an official id product, just a map compatible with Zoid's modifications.

While he was at it, Tim also set the record straight about his odd plan update:

"I did not update my .plan, American did that crap about me liking WOOD"

Check out Megalinx where they have five different Quake Servers running, including one with the Mechwarrior patch.

I got an email from The Watcher describing some interesting Quake C developments by the group working on a project called dimensionality:

I am writing you to annouce the release of our animated brush class. This new QuakeC class allows the editor to create true animated brushes (like a full clock, throw switches, a fan, slicing and dicing cutters and so much more). This new class has a great deal of potential, which my group has only just begun to make use of in our new episode. Also included in the progs.dat is support for non-Euclidian geometry (ie something bigger on the inside than the outside), a gib fountain, new pushable objects, reusable BSP models, and earthquake zones. We shall be using all of this and much more in our episode, which we anticipate to release sometime mid february.

Quake Rally
dakiller of dropped a line to let all you map authors know that they're looking for maps to include with the initial Quake Rally release. They anticipate include ten maps, so it's sort of a contest.

UKCL Meeting on Sunday
Nick Rigby sent along the following:

The UKCL shall be restarting soon and this weekend there will be a meeting on IRCNET ( to discuss the format of the restart, we shall also be playing some quake, if you have not received an email from myself then please could you email me @ and i shall send you all the necessary details.

QuakeWorld Stuff
For those curious as to when the id Master server will go back online, I see on the RevCo homepage that John Carmack is apparently contemplating having OneThumb maintain the "official" master server at Disruptor is also planning on seeing if Bigfoot wants to host the official QuakeWorld rankings page on In the meantime, check out Barf''s World which has the QuakeWorld top 500 rankings (thanks to Friggin_Todd for that), or you can read this word document, which Barf sent me that also contains the rankings.

CQA Returns
Chris Connolly sends along word that his site, the Quake C Archives is back online after some ISP problems (they're still running their modeling contest, btw).

Thanks to Jason "[Moogle]" Ritchie for the news that American updated his .plan to reflect his feelings for Tim's courage:

Boy, I admire Tim.

True Confessions of Tim Willits
Last time, when Tim said in his .plan it was his "last regular update" who knew he didn't mean it was his last update, just the last "regular" one, as he's chosen to add:


Um, okay. Thanks for the word to Dark.

Fallen Soldiers
I got an email from Jason Springer letting me know that Fallen Soldiers is officially online. Not the comprehensive gaming site originally intended, this is a smaller Quake site, focusing on files, maps and patches. The larger site, still in the works, will be called GameQuarters, and has the ambition of being a major general gaming site along the lines of Gamespot or Gamesmania.

Hearing from Jason reminded me of the fakeworld "scandal." Just out of curiosity, I went and checked the old Quakeworld domain, and there's still a notice up there that it's been transferred from the guys to id... after being forwarded to the bart site (QuakeWatch) it seems apparent that they have gone the way of all things...

Site Seeing
Spanning the globe... check out Hermiti's Alaskan Quake Page.

Mechwarrior Patch
Thanks to O-dog from Shake N' Quake who sent along the news of this cool Mechwarrior Patch by Lando (AKA Conan). Here's the read me.

More CNET on Quake
CNET listed Quake as fourth best program (not game) of 1996. Thanks Ron Bangel.

December 29th

Gatling Gun
There is a third beta of the Gatling gun (here's the read me) on Means of Destruction complete with skin by ace skinster Christopher Bolin (who made that skin collection I posted a while back).

The Quake C Headquarters has gotten a nice facelift. Apparently until now the site was inaccessible to Microsoft Internet Explorer users.

QuakeWorld Grappling Hook
The Rangers page has the good news that Wedge re-wrote the grappling hook from the ground up to work under QuakeWorld. It says they're testing it on The Ranger's Threewave CTF server, and after all bugs are worked out it will be sent to Zoid. Cool stuff.

QuakeLab Update
Steve Fukuda sent along the latest from the QuakeLab (he also dropped a hint about these screenshots):

1. Rotating Brushes II (no QuakeC) - straight/pure/etc. edited version. It works. Impressive, yet simple. By Nicholas Ivan Fisher

2. Dynamic Doorway Lighting - how to make light 'spill' over from a bright region to a darker region through a door as it opens.

3. A minor twist on the wind tunnel concept called the Airlift...think of it as wind tunnels for a military base setting.

4. More Architecture bits and pieces. Netherworld slipgate prefab, wrought iron fence prefab, etc.

5. An updated Subway train, different in approach from the first one.

Jords Quake World
Jords Quake World, dedicated to QuakeWorld information has moved to http://jord.sbc.EDU

I had a lot of fun at Bloodpool... It worked out well and everybody seemed to have a blast.

Looks like the main news page bit the big one all day yesterday. Sorry 'bout that.

I got this email from Ian Baxter describing an IRC Network in the works called ClanNET:

EQ (Clan EarthQuake) and some others are currently forming a Quake IRC network entitled ClanNET -- if your sick of all the lag on Undernet/EFnet and you are a Quaker, then come down and check it out. Clans are welcome to setup a channel there and even put your own bots to keep your channel safe. We currently have two IRC severs linked together and are looking for more. So if you looking for 0 lag and quake only discussion, then you've found the right place! Our main channel is #Quake.

For more info about joining e-mail [EQ]GriDLocK or join the irc servers below.


December 28th

Off For a Bit
Gotta go back to wrestling with a new NIC for this Bloodpool dealie today (who'd have thought on the brink of 1997 I'd be scrambling to find an updated DOS LSL driver--yeesh). Couple of projects that are different: check out Quake Slam (wrestling), and Piecemeal Quake T&PC's (where you can be part of a Quake project without being totally committed). Back this evening...

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