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December 20, 1996

QSpy Update
There's the email that fell through the cracks for my first update, a new QSpy (QuakeWorld Front-End). This from Don "One Thumb" MacAskill:

Here's the new QSpy that works with the new features we've worked into the QuakeWorld master server... you can successfully change your password without screwing it up, you can also enter a username in the "Query User" field rather than just a userid, and it will work... there are more, I'm sure, but those are the immediate ones. Enjoy.

Book of Skins 0.3
A while back Christopher Bolin sent me a zip file of some skins that he originally made for version 1.0 of the Reaper Bot (which it seems, alas, will never be made) to get some feedback. Now he has chosen to release them. Check out for one truly professional collection of skins (you won'rt be sorry).

I'm Back
And exausted. I've had two hours sleep in the past 48 (work)... I don't recommend it (the lack of sleep, or work). (Actually, this is hyperbole... I refigured this as of 10:00pm EST and it's two and a half hours sleep in the past 39).

Cash's .plan
Jason \"[Moogle]\" Ritchie sends along word that John Cash also updated his .plan today:

Cool song: "Jingle Hell's Bells"

congrats: Steve "Reaper" Polge
Wedge and Coryoth (Steve and John) of "Quake Command"
Dave "Zoid/CTF" Kirsch

lammas: people who slow down to look at accidents...
*especially* if they're on the other side of
the road!

Carl Sagan died early today :-(

American .plan Part II
American updated his .plan again (thanks Scot Cole):

It is a sad day. Carl Sagan died today.

Zeus Bot
Thanks to newshound Darren L. Tabor (aka DaKoTa-Xeno) for pointing out that the new, updated Zeus bot is now available at QCA. (He can now jump of ledges and such).

Intergraph's Bold Move
Randy Perry sends along word that Intergraph has renamed the Reactor the Intense 3D 100 game card (according to their site, The renamed Intense 3D 100 game card offers the same specs as Reactor 3D.

More QuakeWorld Sites
thanks to Mynx who sends along word that Mental's mini-QuakeWorld FAQ has become a full FAQ: Mental's QW FAQ... also The Focus of Quake has gotten a major make-over and it now features a QuakeWorld section, and Michael Freeth ([==FreeK==]) sends along word of NaT's House: QuakeWorld.

WorldCraft U
USteppin tells me the next WorldCraft University Class is this Saturday at 10:00 PM Eastern.

Riblet Gun
Steve Scheding sends along news of his "amazing riblet gun," which may be found at The patch replaces the grenade model with a box of riblets.

Registered WorldCraft Update
Preston Glenn saw this on the WorldCraft homepage...

The CD materials went to the printer early last week. The factory had some problems with the CD print masters, though - two got broken and they take 12 hours to make each time. We'll be receiving them tomorrow and they'll be sent out via air mail to registered users. Most people should get them on the 24th. If you haven't received yours by then, please send mail with the subject "No Package Yet" to to receive the registered version via e-mail in the meantime. Sorry for the delays.

New Editor
Check out AdQuedit: The Quake Editing Workstation. Version 1.0 of this shareware editor allows for editing bsp textures, entities, mdl skin, sprites, and wads, and a bunch of other things.

American's .plan
First thing I saw when I was back online was this update to Tokay's .plan:

Anyone who owns an ultralight please
email me :)
erm, this is the flying kind, not the
motorcycle kind. sorry bout that.


More QuakeMess songs!
this comes from our friend Sujoy:

Futo the smallest shambler

Futo the smallest shambler
Wasn't very tall at all
And if you ever saw him
You would even say he's small

All of the other shamblers
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let for futo
Go on any shambler raids

Then one foggy quakemess day
Shub Niggurath came to say
Futo with your size so small
you could fit my pan an all

Then all the shamblers loved him
As he was served with glee
Futo the smallest shambler
He went down so easily

December 19, 1996

Call Waiting
Due to the intrusion of real-lifeTM, I might not be on the ball here at the old Blue Tower till the wee hours of tonight/tomorrow... (aaah! HTML)

Quick Quake Rally/QuakeWorld Update
I'm running around like a madman, but I got the satellite uplink from the Bluemobile going, so I will let you know that the Quick and Dirty QuakeWorld Setup page has become the full-fledged site, Jord's Quake World, and that has got a QuakeRally Review page up. Ooops, there's the Bluephone. Gotta run (to the Bluepoles....).

QuakeWorld Stuff
There is a bunch of info about little updates on fixes they did in the wee hours last night on the RevCo Page (thanks Don Peterson).

Also, there is a new version of QSpy (4.01) in the works that will fix a few QuakeWorld front-end problems, including the inability to enter an alternate master server (particularly vexing since they keep changing). Unfortunately, this might take a couple of days. In the meantime, you can circumvent this by editing your master.dat file with a text editor to add the missing server addresses in the format IP:port #.

Finally, Necro (Rick Cooper) passed along some valuable if you're having difficulty using the middle button on your three button mouse in QuakeWorld. Turn off the mapping of the third button. Logitech by default sets the middle button to send a double click (Win95 has no internal support for the middle button). So QuakeWorld (being a Win95 app) sees a double "mouse1" event rather than a "mouse3" event. Before starting QuakeWorld:

Go to control pannel settings
Activate the mouseware control center
Select buttons
Set the middle button property to "Middle Button"
Apply settings
Exit back to the desktop

Rick says he only knows this will work for Logitech, but suspects the same is true for other manufactures that allow mapping the middle button.

There's a new version of BSP (Quake editor) at the BSP homepage. Thanks to Steve Thoms (who has an interview with BSP author Yahn Bernier on the Elite Quake Editors Corner).

QSoccer Updated
Thanks to Don Peterson for the word that the QSoccer homepage has been updated with new screenshots, and promises a new release "this week."

Combination Locks on the QuakeLab
Steve Fukuda sends news an interesting addition to the QuakeLab's Tricks & Traps section. A reprogrammable combination lock (that doesn't rely on QuakeC):

"Intended for deathmatch, it allows the player to set a combination to lock a door to a room (presumably containing an item of value) and run around while others bang their heads in frustration trying to break the code. The example map is relatively simple to solve without knowing the combination since there are only eight possible combinations. (2^3). Then, should the player wish to change the combination, all he/she has to do is set the buttons inside the room in question which accordingly resets the combination. Convenient and practical."

December 18, 1996

QuakeWorld Update
"Skill" is fixed. From the RevCo Page:

Tarok and RonSolo found one of those "I should have checked my glasses" bugs (semicolon where there shouldn't be a semicolon) and the master at is now properly calculating skills for players.

QuakeWorld Sources
So, you say you're having trouble with QuakeWorld? Well here's a list of the resources available (to my knowledge): The Quake Newsstand's QuakeWorld Help (just scroll down, if you can stand the annoying java clock), QuakeWorld Help at sCary's, QuakeWorld@Impulse 1 at (yep) Impulse 1, Jord's Mini-How To Setup QuakeWorld, Quick and Dirty Guide to QW Server Commands, DaKiller's QWCL.EXE mini faq at

The Dip User Awards
I got the following email from the ever-witty Steve (Dip-ity-doo-da) Towle:

I would like to inform you that your work for Blue's News has gotten you nominated for both Quake News Page of the year and Person of the year. The voting form is at:

Plug this for 2 reasons:
1) So it can be through and offical as it can
2) So you can win win win!

Person of the year, huh? I'm flattered, and all, but, hell, I'm not sure I'd even pass the DNA test.

Online Services Reviewed
Thanks to Fargo (Fargo's FrontPage) for pointing out this review of all the major online services on YPN (Your Personal Net).

Eye Candy
Do yourself a favor and cruise by QuakeX and check out the samples of Whaleboy's texture work... very nice.

Site Seeing
If you want to know more about SuperHero Quake, check out Xanth's Super Hero Quake Page. Also, Crazed & Quakin has become Cult of Phoebus.

QuakeWorld Update
On the RevCo Homepage (thanks Don Petersen) "Skill" is broken, but response times are up:

both OneThumb and I are running the new master code now on our servers so go play and hack on them =) and

If it survives the night intact, we'll be giving the source and executables back to the boys at id tommorow.

Sound Blaster Update
Creative Labs has released a new set of drivers for the SoundBlaster that are DX3 certified (thanks NineInchNed). These drivers, that I wrote about earlier, work on the SB16, SB32 and the AWE64 ("It goes to eleven") not just the AWE32 (Thanks to Mike Roy for pointing that out). Good news for those (like myself) who've struggled with DirectX on their Sound Blaster.

Reactor News
An updated BIOS and and a set of new Windows drivers have been released by Intergraph. Thanks Ernie Miller.

Revco Moves
The RevCo homepage has moved (as promised), to their new home on Stomped. Christian says he will be taking down the master to work on it. He says the one should be up indefinitely now that the RevCo page has moved to Stomped, but the server to use as your primary master until id's master server is back up, is Thanks S.Bryan Loyd.

QuakeWorld CTF
Threewave has been updated with the news that there is a QuakeWorld CTF server on Planet Quake, tied into One Thumb's master server (read the note on Threewave to ensure you don't end up downloading all the custom models, etc. when you connect). Thanks to Darren L. Tabor (aka DaKoTa of Clan Xenocide) sending along the word.

QuakeWorld Info
Couple of QW related resources. Jord has put together a page called Quakeworld Setup, a mini-how to, and Peerless[Entropy] has put together a Quick & Dirty Guide to QW Server Commands, that includes stuff you can't find in the docs.

Fargo's Forecast
My buddy Fargo, of the famed Fargo's Frontpage, has written an extensive article that attempts to pick up what the coming year will hold in terms of first-person games, discussing the probable release dates of all the Quake add-ons, Prey, Unreal, Jedi Knight, etc., and their potential impact over the course of 1997. Fargo's writing is, as always, top-notch professional stuff, highly recommended reading.

December 17, 1996 [QuakeWorld Client Released]

Master Server Problems Part III
The RevCo Homepage (which promises to move in the next 24 hours) has more info on alternate master servers. The bug that's been causing the masters to crash is being referred to as the "filegrow" bug (like knowing the latin name for the germ that made you sick).

Alternate master servers:

Best Internet: (Multiple T3's -- Preferred!)

RevCo Server
Older RevCo Server

The second update on this: John Carmack updated his .plan file with info on the status of the Master Server (thanks Zith):

dec 17:

QuakeWorld went up, got to around 4000 users, then the master server exploded.

Disrupter and cohorts are working on more robust code now.

If anyone did it on purpose, how about letting us know... (It wasn't all the people that tried %s as a name)

The first note on this: Yep the master cylinder broke under the weight of client requests. The RevCo page has the latest on its status and the IP of an alternate server to use.

QuakeWorld Mini-FAQ
I see on Redwood's that Chris Bailey, aka Mental4, has created a QuakeWorld Mini-FAQ, an impressive work, especially on such short notice.

Speaking of Redwood, there's a letter on his page from Michael Abrash describing the woes of WinQuake debugging, (to which I can personally attest). Also go check out the interview with big red over on Sujoy's marvelous Quake Pages. If you're wondering about the meaning of this quote from the interview:

"Oh, and I love Dr Pepper. Note that we spell Dr without a period in the state that it comes from."

That's a well deserved poke at me, as on a couple of occasions in the past I've professed my love for the magic elixir, but then misspelled the name Dr. Pepper.

Now for my pennance:

Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr. Pepper **oops!!** Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper Dr Pepper.

QuakeWorld Client Released
Here's the moment you've been waiting for, the QuakeWorld Client (1.4 MB). Here's the read me, the server (202 KB), the server read me, the new base skin file (17 KB), and the new skins file (1.4 MB). By the way, everyone who couldn't stand waiting a second longer for the client owes a large debt to Christian (and others I'm sure), who toiled all the way through the night on this.

Here is the lowdown from id Software's Michael Abrash on the "Cannot load wdirxxf.dll" message.

"Unless you want to run -dibonly (which is usually slower, and is a lot slower at low-res such as 320x200), you *must* have all 6 files (wdir62.dll, wdir62f.dll, pmpro62.dll, pmpro62f.dll,, and wdirnop.pif. You must also have the latest versions, dated 12/9/96."

Michael asks that everyone avoid distributing just qwcl.exe (or at least, if you do, not to send him or John Carmack mail asking why things aren't working).

TeamFortress Updated
Version 1.37 of the TeamFortress patch has been released. This is described as the first version designed for Internet servers. More details on the TeamFortress Homepage.

When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Get There...
Quake Command has been updated. Apparently Choryoth has an endorsement deal with UPS. Thanks to Gary McClendon.

December 16, 1996

PowerBall Update
There's a large update on the PowerBall Page with new rules which includes a bonus mode (I'll trade for Door Number Three, Monty). Thanks to Patrick Cupka of The Void.

Dark Hour
There's a four-level playable demo of Dark Hour, Microforum's new 23 level Quake add-on available for download at the Dark Hour Homepage. Thanks to Crypter.

QuakeWorld Update Part II
There's an second update (thanks Matt) on the state of the QuakeWorld on the RevCo page. John Carmack is running their new master server code, and there is an extensive QuakeWorld Q&A. The earlier update pointed out that the code is probably going back to John Carmack today. (Thanks James Mitchell.)

The Tokay Calendar
American's .plan has been updated with a little end-of-the-weekend message (thanks to Chuck Mays):

Monday again. Bah.

Quake Clan Prefix/Suffix List
The Quake Clan Prefix/Suffix List is now easily available on the ClanRing website, in the place that's been teased at for months: (or via the "Members" section of the clanring site). Clan leaders can add their clan by going to: The manager of the Clan Prefix/Suffix List, Walla__ (of 311) wants to assure everyone that no clans were "left off the list" on purpose... clans need to register using to above web site (even if you're already listed as a ClanRing clan; this is a different database).

Australian News
Any Australian Clans who want to participate in an Australian Clan League in the new year, visit Quakemania's Clan page and fill in the form. If you are already listed, you might want to make sure your details are correct. Any questions, contact Chuq. They're also encouraging all Australian Quake players to join the #quake channel on Oznet (Australian undernet) from time to time to keep up with the latest.

December 15, 1996

Grappling with Losing the Grappling Hook
A sentiment I've seen expressed in several reader emails is disappointment that Threewave Capture the Flag in QuakeWorld is not going to include the grappling hook. In a recent email Zoid dropped the hint that we might still have a grappling hook in our future in QuakeWorld CTF:

The QuakeWorld CTF conversion has gone through initial stages and is up and running. The flag lags behind the carrier pretty badly, so Whaleboy is working on a new player model that will fix this. Of course, the hook is gone. But it may appear in a future version of QuakeWorld. :)

It's nice to know that Threewave CTF will be ready for the QuakeWorld release. BTW, Zoid is also the one who did all the 1.01 to 1.06 bug fixes in the Quake C for QuakeWorld.

Master Server Difficulties
Those who questioned the wisdom of distributing the QuakeWorld server program in advance of the client should bite their tongues now that it's been discovered that running so many servers caused the Master Server to pop its master cylinder. Details on the problem and progress towards a solution are on the RevCo page (thanks Darren L. Tabor AKA DaKoTa from Clan Xenocide).

Skin Guidelines
Since there is a little confusion about this, Rick Brewer, aka ^Drag0n^, the QuakeWorld ClanSkins Administrator has sent along the guidelines:


1. Get this file from id's ftp site or any of it's mirrors. It contains the base skin PCX and expanded directions on creating skins for QuakeWorld:

2. Using BASE.PCX as your template, create your clanskin. All skins should be created and saved in the form of a 320x200 (256 color) PCX file using the default palette from base.pcx. If you save in hicolor or truecolor QuakeWorld will not display the skin properly. Remember that anything appearing outside of the boundaries of "Mr. Quake" will not appear on the model. I suggest that you do as id did, and place your name, address, and clan in one of those areas.

3. Save your skin using the first eight (8) letters of your clan's name. For instance, if your clan is called "Impulse 9", save the skin as IMPULSE9.PCX. If your Clan begins with the word "the", such as "The Brothers Gib", shorten as necessary, to something that makes sense such as BROS_GIB.PCX. Other valid names would be DARKREQ.PCX (Dark Requiem), SILVSURF.PCX (Silver Surfers), and REVCO.PCX (The Revolting Cocks). If any filenames are duplicated. I will rename as appropriate, and e-mail you the new name given to the skin.

4. When submitting the clanskin, submit *ONLY* PCX files as described in (2). All others will be heartlessly tossed aside, as I am processing on the order of 50+ skins per day since the server was released (this means no GIFs, RIFs, TIFFs, JPGs or BMPs, and *ESPECIALLY* NO MDLs).

5. Mail *ALL* submissions to, *not* to my cyberportal address. The mailing should be in the following format:

Subject: Skin

Body of the message follows:

Clan Leader: [Put clan leader's name here]
Full Clan name: [Put full clan name here]
Clan Email Address: [Put official clan email address here]
Clan Web Site: [Put full URL to your clan's web site here]

Name of Skin: [Put the file name of the skin here]

Attach the .PCX file (no .zips please) in MIME format.

(PS: If you have sent me a skin, and didn't send me this information, please do so now).

Thanks For your cooperation.

See you on QuakeWorld!

Rick Brewer
aka ^Drag0n^
QuakeWorld ClanSkins Administrator

New QBall
Beta 1.1 of QBall has been released on the QBall Homepage, featuring a new play variation called Zombie chase.

Wedge Updates!
Wedge updated his side of Quake Command with a little on the skinny with future updates to Quake Karts (probably not), the Aircraft (probably), and stuff like that. Thanks to Dean Hacker (Weasel of Doom).

New Idea
Check out Anna's Frag Bag a column on the Gib and Nail. It's sort of the Ann Landers of Quake. Thanks to Mr. Gone for the lead...

In case you hadn't seen yet, Both sCary and Redwood are sporting new looks. I see sCary cracked on the logo, too. I might just have to reach into the logo stash for a new one...

CTF Map Feedback
Anyone interested in providing feedback on brafish's CTF map before he sends it off to Zoid, it's at

December 14, 1996

John Cash's .plan
Jason A. Farque's sharp-eye's caught the fact that John Cash added another credit to his .plan update from yesterday:

Dave "Zoid/CTF" Kirsch

QNN Moves
The rapid success of QNN has pushed it off its original server to a new home as part of the ClanRing, at and (due to exams), will be fully operational again after Christmas Break.

Chris Danek, QNN's maintainer, sends along a reminder that the ClanRing Finals are this weekend and suggest's checking things out at the ClanRing or on EFNET #clanring where things "will be surely updated every few minutes on the scores, etc." Coverage of the tourney and the clan scene in general can also be found, as always, on Fargo's Frontpage

If you're French, or simply would like to be, check out Pandemonium, which features French translations of Blue's News ("LE site des news de Quake" =) and the Thred tutorial. Even if you don't speak French the site also has some truly impressive original freehand Quake art.

TEN Enhancement
Randy Perry sends along word of a GameSpot article announcing an interestingly timed (in light of QuakeWorld's imminence) announcement of Total Entertainment Network (TEN)'s multiplayer network's lag reduction enhancements, called DART. TEN is making some pretty remarkable promises, says the article:

"TEN claims the new technology now makes Quake gameplay on a 14.4 bps modem run as if it's on a 28.8 bps and a 28.8 will perform like a T-1"

Redwood's Moved
To his spiffy new home at Gatsbyhouse. Here's the new URL:, please mark your records accordingly.

QuakeLab Update
Steve Fukuda, the Dr. Quakenstein of the QuakeLab, sends along news of the lab's latest experiments. Both a QuakeC type and plain-edited version of the Combination Lock demo map (the edited version is semi-programmable), and the Shootable Lights demo map by Brian Osman are available for download (for you tricky types...).

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