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John Cash's .plan
(March 14, 1997)

Busy, busy, busy workin' on Quake2. I wish I could tell you about it, but I can't.

For now, I'll introduce "the Cash diet" to the world. I'd never really formalized my secret diet before, but the guys and girls (w00p) in my clan dragged it out of me one night. So here it is. [drumroll]

The Cash Diet Plan
What to eat:
Red meat
Lots of it. Cooked rare or medium rare.
Burgers, steaks, meatballs.. whatever.
No steak sauce, but gravy or juice is good.
Fried stuff:
Mainly potato chips and french fries.
Not those lame baked ones; real ones with
salt and oil and fat (and flavor) and maybe
bbq, vinegar, or something hot/spicy.
Good stuff, not that low fat/low calorie crap.
Whipped cream is a definite plus. Important
note: you are not restricted to only one.
Feel free to start out with a dessert as a
pre-appetizer appetizer.
Loaded nachos, Buffalo wings, Onion rings.

What to drink:
Non-diet soft drinks (preferably with high
levels of caffeine)
Real beer

Yes, of course. Anytime you want. I find
a snack to be good right before or right
after exercising. Contrary to what you might
be thinking, fruit is actually OK as a snack...
as long as you "wash it down" with a candy bar.

Hey, what kind of diet doesn't include exercise?
This is the key to my diet. There is only one
exercise that is aerobic, burns lots of calories,
and you'll actually enjoy doing. As an added
bonus it can be singles, couples, or even teams.
I'm talking, of course, about good old fashioned
sex. The more the better (but take it easy when
working out alone!) BTW, here's where that
whipped cream on the desserts can come in handy.

There you have it. I think it'll catch on.. I mean,
what is there not to like?

So, I hear you thinking: sounds great, but does it really work? Well, it does for me. I'm 5'10" and
weigh 125 pounds. I eat what I want, when I want, and "work out" as often as possible (w00p!!!)

Warning: There is one possible side effect of this diet... ummm... I have two of 'em... both boys So practice safe dieting.

QuakeC Tips
Don't use the chain field. If you need to make a linked list, make your own link field. chain gets written by some of the builtin functions (like findradius) so your list can get screwed.

If you don't want an entity to touch things anymore, don't change it's .touch to SUB_Null. Instead change it's .solid to SOLID_NOT. Both ways work, but having the the entity still solid means that the engine must still go through all the steps of detecting collisions and calling the null function (IOW, it's slower).

If an entity does not need to think then just do not update it's nextthink field. Having a think function that really doesn't do anything is bad for the same reasons as the touch function in the previous tip.

Do not have an entity think more often than is necessary. This is mainly to keep your prgs net friendly. Let's say you have an entity that thinks every 0.05 seconds (20 times per sec, the default max rate for a dedicated server). Yes, you could do some really cool stuff. The problem is that you are potentially causing that entity to be updated in every single message from the client to the server; it depends on what you do in the thin k, but it quite likely. Remember: The bigger the messages, the more likely it is
the clients will see lag.

w00p list
The Cash diet plan
Female Quake players
Girl Scout cookies
Samoas are the best. Sorry, news dudes.
Thin Mints (and the peanut butter ones)
are good too, but Samoas rule. They
give you more reason to "diet" ;-)

llama list
a minor bot rant:
complete bots are cool. I mean bots that
try to play entirely by themselves with
absolutely no human input (Reaper style).

augmentation bots (aka proxy bots, like
the stooge bot) are NOT. I am sick and
tired of lamers using these things and
trying to lie and saying they are not.
Those fools are giving llamas a bad name.

John Cash