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August 31st

"Correct...we cut the retailers into the Quake registration revenue stream.

A bizarre twist to this story: most retailers will see more bottom line profit from the shareware version then they will in trading with the pirate/gray market full versions."

Now it all makes sense.

Sean also got on for teasing about his "sister" page... hehe--just funin' =D

"I think that a boycott of EB is a little excessive. I am currently employed by EB, but in no way do I feel that selling the full European version is justified at all. I have personally refused to even offer this verison to potential customers. This lame idea may have come about because a lot of the retail chains were upset by the fact (that) id was going to initially pocket the registration fees themselves, bypassing the retail level. This has of course been proven to be untrue by noting the SOURCE CODE on the back of the shareware packaging. So in my mind, a full boycott of EB? I don't think so, but asking for the resignation of the buyer who stocked the EB stores with this may not be a bad idea..."

Hey I have no malice against this guy or any EB employee, but screw EB. I mean, "because a lot of the retail chains were upset by the fact (that) id was going to initially pocket the registration fees themselves, bypassing the retail level" duh! Obviously that's what they were reacting to, but id has every right to distribute their software without the "help" of strip-mall software stores, while Electronics Boutique has zero right to bypass id by distributing unencrypted copies of the game that were meant for sale overseas. If anybody has any idea what that bit about the "source code" is, please tell me.

In the meantime, I got the following message from Bill MacEachern saying:

"The EB up here in Ottawa, Canada has the Europe Quake for $59.95 CDN."

And the following from Bill's friend Robert Chapman:

Just thought that you would like to know two things.

1) The Quake games were behind the cash, not on the shelf. - only the shareware was on display
2) The employee said, and it made no sense to me at the time, "I doubt that we will ever get any more of these."

Oh well, it does make for some good gossip. Aside from the labelling on the box, the game is exactly the same as the USA 1.01.

Screw 'em, I say. Boycott Electronics Boutique.

August 30th

"The SpaceOrb 360 is by the same company as the Spaceball Avenger (which was a _very_ useless product). The name of the company escapes me now, but the spaceorb is the result of a lot of research after hearing the bad reviews of the Avenger and is supposed to be a better all around product..."

"just a quick note of celebration; now that quake is in stores everywhere, the ride will truly begin. we should see a huge swell in participation in the phenomenon that we all helped to create. clans by the thousands!"

"i would also like to invite any and all of you to let those retailers that are selling the illegally-imported and pirated full versions of quake know how you feel about it. we have gotten many letters of support and reports of offenders from you guys and other quakers out there, and we really appreciate it. it's good to know that the vast majority of our customers not only care about playing our games, but care about us and our success as a company. thanks, and we'll see you on the net."

Please do not reinforce the behavior of the sleezeball retailers who are selling the European edition. If you want an unencrypted copy, call 1-800 IDGAMES.

"playing on our server here using the new "SpaceOrb 360" controller. This thing is fucking cool. We had one of the older models about a year ago that we decided we liked so much we smashed it into a wall. :) I have never liked playing DM with anything but a three button mouse... until now. This is as good as a mouse (not saying it's better). I sound like a commercial."

I've never heard of one before. I wonder if it's like those Spaceball Avenger things Cash has been dicking around with supporting. I've never heard a good deathmatcher endorse anything but the mouse, and American is the best deathmatcher at id (and was even before Romero left).

"no... it should be just about everywhere today, although some stores (like eb) will have limited quanitites until tomorrow."

"thanks for the tip. we are aware of EB's little scam, and several of the quake pages are calling for a boycott of their stores."

What a sleazy move by Electronics Boutique. I've got no problem supporting such a boycott. Besides their stores kinda suck anyway (and the name is so... femmy).

August 29th

Just a quick note to let you know that Electronics Boutique is selling the full European version of Quake for $44.95. From what I understand each store has received 8 copies to sell and that's all they are going to get.

August 28th

August 27th

The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for the exchange of messages on the subject of Quake editing.

Quake-editing does not cover any of the following: tips for novice Quake players (or advanced ones for that matter), cheat codes, stuff that's in the FAQ(s) (RTFM, dudes!), modem/network connectivity stuff, rumors about Quake/Quake II/id, ethical debates on Quake (including discussions about the use of religious symbols), Quake competitions, map reviews, and anything else not related to Quake editing.

Due to the insane traffic level quake mailing lists tend to generate nowadays, off-topic postings are likely to result in forced unsubscriptions without warning.

Information about the list is available by sending a message to with the word "info" (without the quotes) in the body of the message.

To subscribe, send a message to the same address with the phrase "subscribe quake-editing" (without the quotes) in the body of the message.

If you do subscribe, please read and keep the information you receive.

Questions about the list can be addressed to the lists caretakers, the two Steves™

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Please contact us at, or via private email.

August 26th

"It's ok, several possibilities with more bandwidth are opening up. stomped will not be going away anytime soon."

Whew. And you never even knew there was a problem...


Bone, Minister of Beatings, Clan 'Tards

Made me laugh. Bone's got the right attitude. The 'Tards are cool.

Mk_Wad2 - Allows you to extract all textures from either the Shareware Version or the Full Version (auto-detecting). It will also extract the BSP files first if you have not already done so.

DoomTex - This program allows you to extract all textures from either Shareware DOOM, Ultimate DOOM or DOOM II and put them in the Wad2 format for Quake. (Note that these textures remain property of id Software and can't be distributed..distribute DoomTex instead).

QuakeDM!! - This program (to be released *soon*) allows you to convert DOOM/DOOM2 levels to Quake MAP files. DOOM level geometry and textures are converted into Quake format, and texture alignment is compensated for (as much as possible). Objects are also substituted, such as monsters and shotguns. To run this program you need a DoomTex.wad, and a version of QBSP (the Quake Map Builder) that is able to handle more than 16 faces, such as PowerQBSP. QuakeDM is out for beta testing! Michael Stokes, the author, knows as a fact that there are a lot of bugs in this version but everyone seems to want to try it anyway.. So, in return, tell him about your experiences!... If QuakeDM has a problem on a particular level, tell me so him can see what's wrong, because he can't test every level himself.

Oh. while I'm at it, Doom95 is up on id's FTP site.

August 25th

LAN Play
Awesome. Two P166's, two P133's and a P120 hooked up to a 486-100 (Overdrive) via Ethernet was flawless. Client's pings averaged around 35-40 ms.

We liked all of the external maps we tried except one (it seemed to be too big for five of us, but I won't name it, because we didn't give it a chance). Our ultimate conclusion: maybe the maps were good, but maybe we enjoyed all of them because we just like Quake--A level with guns and walls is fun. That having been said, the two levels we enjoyed the most were Catwalk (text file) and Skyhigh (text file), both because of their more extensive use of vertical architecture. We also greatly enjoyed the courtyard (text file) and the house (text file).

Quake C
It was very easy to implement on the server (look through the Quake C pages for info on how... please don't write me). We had trouble with teamskins, but it might have been an old version. Avatar's Deathmatch 3 is the way to go. We wish all servers would use this option.

We didn't record demos, because we didn't realize that someone gets to be the listen server to record deathmatch demos (unless someone knows otherwise...), so we bagged it.

August 24th

Of course we're listening! That does sound cool. I'll put it on the TODO list.

We've been concentrating on working out all the kinks in the new version of Quake Spy (3.0). I redesigned the user interface (menu, toolbar, status bar) and added some more options. In the middle of redesigning the UI, John Cash finally told everyone how to get player/rule information! So, we had to go back and add the player info stuff in (Tim wrote all that).

We're almost ready to release the next version.

I'm attaching the latest version (it's in beta). I'd appreciate it if you'd look it over and give me your comments on it. You can tell people about it, but don't pass it along yet (there may still be bugs).

I'm still busy killin' with my clan the Brothers Gib (this is an update from the front-lines) to play with the new version too much, but I took a look and it's awesome. You can get an update from a running server on the players in the game showing their connect time, frags, frags per minute. Just amazing. The interface is redesigned to look much more professional. Just a terrific program.

Please don't ask Joe for a copy. Certainly don't ask me either. BTW, the name of the file Joe sent me was called QW.EXE... QW, QW, hmmmm... QuakeWorld?

August 23rd

*first cut of IPX support for WinQuake
*center rankings screen for high res
*give blood
*prep work for additional controller support

differentiate between ranking screens for death and level change
make winquake IPX work with DOS IPX

I wonder if "additional controller support" means goggles 'n' stuff?

Give blood! What dedication.

August 22nd

Aug 22:

The rendition 3d accelerated version of Quake looks very good.

The image quality is significantly better than software - dithered, bilinear interpolated textures, and subpixel, subtexel polygon models.

It is faster than software even at 320*200, and at 512*384 it is almost twice as fast.

We do take a bit of a hit when we have to generate a lot of 16 bit surfaces, so occasionally the framerate gets a bit uneven, but overall it is a very solid improvement.

August 21st

August 20th

One quote:

"Two months ago we had a re-evaluation meeting and concluded that Prey would be a 1998 game"

August 19th

If anybody has another bot somewhere please mail Nicklas Andersson, since they would be interested in seeing how well Playmate would cope against another bot. Mail me too!

Things said about John Romero's departure by J. Carmack:

Romero had been on a sort of probation because of not getting behind projects and not pulling his weight. He was on final probation toward the end of Quake.

He basically had his resignation handed to him.

They parted on okay terms though. This seemed to be the case as Carmack, Cash, and Romero were talking together for a while inside about various things. Seemed friendly.


Stuff about Quakeworld/Quake II
Quakeworld client will be out in about 2 weeks. Likely to do crouching or crawling later (Quake 2?). Wants to add Clan specific support in Quakeworld. Multiskin support might be such that each clan can only use a specific Clan texture. Quake 2 should be about a 9 month project and will start in about a month.

Stuff about 3D Video Cards
All the [mainstream 3D video] cards pretty much suck and will only give you smoother pixels and higher colors rather than higher framerates. Some card ports (S3 ViRGe) might actually be slower than the normal Quake. People will be disappointed with the DirectX performance for a while. Even so, developers have to move to it because they can't possibly support all the 3D cards out there.

Stuff about Prey
Prey in late 1997 is pushing it. It is rumored that the engine programmer for Prey is looking for another job.

And so much more. Amazing.

People: Very short, and positive, mostly focusing on the game's lack of plotline, with a couple of quotes from Jay Wilbur and Tim Willits.

Entertainment Weekly: This one was more interesting... as Jester mentioned, they gave it a B+, but it's stranger than that. The rating was listed thus:

"It may not surprise you then, that I feel a deep inner conflict about assigning this game a grade. My superego says it deserves an F, but beware the monsters of the id, they gave it a B+."

Seems the magazine chose some cardigan-wearing wussy to review the game ("deep inner conflict" ugh). He just couldn't get over how the guns and violence made him feel all ishy. And I quote:

"So leaving aside the supposition that 90 percent of Quake's audience consists of sexually frustrated males, it's worth examining this game's incredible carnage quotient--and asking how society got to the point where it's acceptable to link up with pals over a worldwide computer network and blow their virtual heads off."

Yeesh. Personally, I think it should be against the law to mention the word "society" in a computer game review.

August 18th

I'm back from the land of 10,000 lakes, or, more accurately, land of over 14,000 lakes! Thanks to former Minnesotan Gefflyn for that tidbit. Lets see what happened while I was gone, I'm just catching up myself, so forgive me if this is old ground...

*** _Bear ( has joined #quake
<_Bear> a whole bunch of us just went by quakecon
<_Bear> great! tons of people, must be 40-50 people showed up
<^Fiend^> Bear: Any speculations on when Quake 2 will come out?
<_Bear> fiend long time
<^Fiend^> Bear: a long time = a year?
<^Fiend^> Bear: How is the Quake win32 version coming along?
<_Bear> fiend: we're working on quakeworld now, long time, the developers are having meeting working on quake2 general things, but long time
<_Bear> fiend: win32 is coming along well, saw a ver running today
<^Fiend^> Bear: Any ideas on when the first version of Quakeworld will be released? < a month?
<_Bear> fiend: soon, we should be doing some testing in the next few weeks
<_Bear> woop: just jumped on to tell everyone how cool quakecon was and that the id gang stopped by
<_Bear> looks like everyone is having a really great time
<^Fiend^> Bear: Any ideas on when we might see the first level pack for Quake?
<_Bear> fiend: no
*** _Bear has quit IRC (Ping timeout for _Bear[])

Aug 17:
The remote server console commands are fully implemented for QuakeWorld. To allow remote administration, the server must set the "password" cvar. By default, remote administration is turned off. On a client, if you set the "password" cvar to the same value, you can issue "rcon" commands to the remote server : rcon <server command> <arguments> ...

You can go to different levels, shut the server down, change cvars, ban people, etc. The output from the command is redirected over the net and will be echoed on the remote console.

You can also execute commands without even connecting to the server (if it was full) by setting the "rconadr" cvar to the full internet address (including port) of the system you want to administer.

2:00 in the morning:

My testarossa snapped another input shaft (the third time). damn dman damn.
>1000 HP is bad for your drivetrain.

Aug. 16, 1996

More Prey news for you all. Tom Hall has left to join John Romero's
startup company. We wish Tom well and his leaving was very pleasant, and a little expected as he and John have been friends for a long time. I will continue to be Executive Producer on Prey as I was with Duke 3D and will likely bring in someone new as Asst. Producer to help guide the project and relieve the workload. Again, we know how this looks to the outside world, but rest assured that we aren't panicking at all here. These folks will be missed, but the bulk of the Prey team is here, more motivated than ever and things will go on.

[From Tim Willits finger info. (]
>>Discussed game ideas with the Ex-Prey team guys. Their level pack will be cool.
>>Discussed game ideas with Rogue Entertainment. Their level pack will be cool.
>>Discussed game ideas with Quake 2 design team. Our levels will be cooler!

Yes, you can see from the above that the ex-Prey guys have selected a Quake level pack as their first startup project. Interesting. We wish them luck.

--George Broussard,
President, 3D Realms Entertainment

"Everybody: GO check out the new section of our webpage called QuakeWorld. It will be the future area for... well, you know. But for now, we are offering signups to become an official id-recognized clan for the insuing world. All the info is on the page, as well as the first few clans that have signed up."

August 15th

Not a rumor. Completely true. Tom Hall tendered his resignation on Black Monday (this last Monday) at the same time the Prey team tendered theirs. Tom is now a Game Designer at Dream Design.

More to come! :)

I can't wait to see what the two of them do with the Quake engine.

Well I'm off to Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes(!) and Stomped. Unless there's an early a.m. update (which I doubt), I'll be back Sunday night.

August 14th

"I am considering increasing the default sv_friction value for QuakeWorld from 4 to 6 or 8. It might take a little getting used to, but I think it gives more precise control for wide area network play. If anyone wants to run some experiments with different friction levels on a current Quake server, I would be interested in hearing some feedback."

"C/net just reported via a ticker tape, type thing. That Tom Hall the lead guy on Prey has left 3drealms to join Romero's new company and that "apogee staff is poised to flee"."

August 13th

Here's what George had to say:

>> John Carmack's Finger info: Aug 12:

Apogee's Prey team (and Duke's Levelord) leave 3drealms to work with Quake technology as Hipnotic Interactive. :-) >>

3D Realms' response:

Correct, but a little misleading. The entire team did not leave. Far from it. What happened was two programmers left the project, leaving the main engine programmer, William Scarboro working on the engine. We see little setback, and will begin interviews immediately for the two open spots. (Tools programmer/Editor and Net code/general game programmer). We expect this will only be a little 'speed bump' in Prey's development. Nothing to worry about at all.

Richard Gray/Levelord left to join them also, but we will simply bring on a new mapper from the net as soon as we find someone who builds really promising Duke maps. We are looking for people with Build experience and a love of gaming.

The REST of the Prey team is still here and will stay. This includes musicians, several artists and other map designers.

To sum it up: Prey has had a minor setback; new people will be brought on board at once to fill the new spots; The engine technology is solid and intact; Prey lives and you can expect it in late 1997, according to original plan, or "when it's done" :)

The only reason for this finger is to avoid the mass amounts of disinformation that will be filling the net by now. This finger will be updated as new developments occur.

From American McGee @ id Software: >> Here's what tokay (American McGee) said on #quake earlier today:

<tokay> Prey is not going to happen. <<

Uh.. Yes it is. :D

--George Broussard, Pres., 3D Realms

August 12th

Aug 12:

Apogee's Prey team (and Duke's Levelord) leave 3drealms to work with Quake technology as Hipnotic Interactive.


August 10th

QuakeWorld structural addendum:

After hearing many arguments against the single master server, ranging from coherent and well reasoned to paranoid whining, I now agree that the single global master server isn't sufficient.

During the R&D phase, there will still be only the single server, but after all the kinks get worked out, I will allow a small number of sites to run private master servers. This will not be a general release, but only to properly licensed third parties. That will still allow me to collect my 100% coverage data, and it will prevent a single network/computer/software failure from preventing all QuakeWorld play.

QuakeWorld technical addendum:

I am reining in the client side prediction to a fairly minimal amount.It has too many negative effects in different circumstances. The problem of running away from or in front of your missiles was so bad that I considered simulating the missiles on the client side, but that is the second step on a slippery slope. If just the missiles were simulated, then a missile would fire through an enemy until the server informed you it exploded on them. Then you consider simulating interactions, but then you have to guess at other player inputs (which is hopeless)...

Lesson learned: Simulating 300 ms on the client side in a Quake style game is just out of the question. It probably works fine for flight sim or driving sims, but not in out twitch reaction games.

I am currently using client side simulation to smooth out the beat frequency interactions between server packet arrival and client frame times. In the shipping version of Quake, some latency was introduced on purpose to keep the displayed frame simulation time between the last two packets from the server so that the variability in arrival time could be smoothed out. In QuakeWorld, I am always starting with the most current packet, and using simulation to smooth out the variability. This <100ms of client side motion seems to be very manageable, and cuts out some real latency as well as doing the gueswork.

It looks like I am going to split the QuakeWorld client into multiple threads to reduce the avg 1/2 frame latency between input and packet sending. This is also a step towards building a multi-threaded Quake renderer, which will let multi-cpu NT machines render twice as fast. Lets hope the windows thread scheduler is decent...

I have been cutting down the message sizes a bit here and there as well.On a modem link, every couple bytes I save translates into a millisecond of latency saved. I cut an average of 17 bytes from the server to client and 8 from the client to server today.

August 9th

In a personal(!) email, John told me, "I have many surprises in store for the gaming world." I love surprises (and email from the Romero).

"i said we STARTED shipping monday and tuesday. my fulfillment center tells me we should ship out the last of the July logjam today and are back on 24-hour turnaround."

Thanks to Sean Martin of Redwood's Quake Page for dropping me a line to keep me in the loop (he predicted the release date a week ago).

From the readme:


Crack is out of time. We are doing full-time development of our next game and have plenty on our plates. We can merge in one or two more versions of Quake (if necessary) and release them, but we will not be fixing bugs unless they're trivial.

August 8th

"I have placed a native Win32 dedicated Quake server, on the ftp site in idstuff/unsup/qwded103.exe.Please let people know about this."

"This is an unsupported release, but we have tested it quite a bit over the last few days, and it seems to be the best Internet Quake server available at the moment--and of course it support NT, so it should make a lot of people happy. One note: you have to have the registered Quake levels to run this dedicated server." --Michael

The file is 208 KB, and here's the text file.

"I spoke with ddt on linuxnet monday night (this week) and he said that linux-quake 1.01 should have been out this week, but he didn't think he'd have time to get it out this week because of something else he had to work on. However, he said it will be available real soon, probably next week."

August 7th

I'm going to jump on this .plan bandwagon just this once.

I have decided to leave id Software and start a new game company with different goals. I won't be taking anyone from id with me.

John Romero

Just my opinion: I think it's going to be difficult for both Carmack and Romero in the future (I know... poor bastard millionaires). Everything that each produces from now on will be judged against Doom and Quake. If these future endeavors fall short (easy enough to do--those are tough acts to follow), it will be said that the disappointment is the result of the break-up of their winning chemistry. It's got to be a drag always hearing that what you're doing now lacks the genius of what you used to do. Carmack& Romero stand a chance of being the Lennon & McCartney of computer game software.

I hope I'm wrong...

Thanks to everyone who mailed me about this, the first one being Abducted of Abductor's Quake Page.

Two more tidbits from Abducted's: WAX, the first working third-party Quake editor (DOS) is out, available on the WAX Home Page, and the new version of Quake Spy(2.6) is out. QSpy is a terrific Win95 utility to locate and connect to Quake servers. Highly recommended. Here's the text file.

August 6th

"i just want to thank you guys and gals for all the responses to my request for help in identifying and crushing quake pirate assured that your time won't be wasted in responding. we need as much info as we can to do a thorough job here, and hopefully we can send a clear message to the bastards who are driving our industry into the ground and continually raising the price of software."

"i have forwarded all of your messages to the pirate-hunters at the SPA, and i'm sure they will be all over it. thanks again."

"btw, july quake orders started shipping monday. a few shipped on saturday. they don't all go out on the same day mind you, but most of you and your patrons will have their quake 1.01 legally this week. :)"

August 5th

August 4th

"If you buy Quake now, all you'll have to do when you get a3D-Blaster is use the Verite version of Quake, which is just a different.exe. This will certainly be available from our web site and Rendition's web site, and probably a lot of other places, and may come with the board.There'll be no charge for it; I just don't know if Creative will have an official upgrade or distribution plan."

Thanks Dan.

August 3rd

"For those who seem to have forgotten... I do with closely with Carmack on this stuff ;-) Don't tie the QuakeWorld Master Server thing together with the latency reduction strategies. Although we'e working on both of them at the same time, they are not one and the same."

"The latency reductions will be done no matter what. The 50msright off the top is done and working nicely. What's done so far of the client side prediction is working great. There's a ton more to do for that.We really do hate to see the nice clean model of the "dumb as a stump"client go away, but I think anyone who's played internet Quake over a PPPlink knows that it's just not practical at this time. It's playable sometimes,but its not got the level of quality that we want there to be. When John was describing how it works, he was mostly saying how its working right now (like how firing works). In the end, we'll do whatever gives the best game play. There will, no doubt, be some compromises required. For example(not that this has been decided this way): if the choice comes down to smooth movement with firing that sometimes seems to come from behind you or jerky movement with firing that is always correct, I think most people would go for the first choice. We are trying to make the first option even better than that... we'll see."

"We do want to have this in your hands at the end of this month.The front end will probably still be fairly crude at that point (a la qtest),but the focus right now is on great internet play. It will probably be TCP/IP (yes, incuding PPP) only. There will (finally) be support for external drivers. Like we've said, there's a ton of stuff we want to do; we're just trying to prioritize them and get something out to you."

John Cash

August 2nd

Here's a heavily summarized version of what he had to say (read the original):

"...I am focusing on the internet play aspect of the game...I can expect to start testing it around the end of the month (august). I still have my grand plans for the future, but I want to get some stuff going NOW.


There will be a single master server running here at id. Whenever anyone starts up a server, it will register itself with the master server,and whenever a client wants to start a game, it will inquire with the master to find out which servers are available.

Users will have a persistant account, and all frags on the entire internet will be logged. I want us to be able to give a global ranking order of everyone playing the game. You should be able to say, "I am one of the ten best QuakeWorld players in existance", and have the record to back it up.

Technical improvements.

There are still a lot of things I need to work out, but the basic results are as hoped for: even playing over a 200+ ms latency link, the player movement feels exactly like you are playing a single player game(under the right circumstances -- you can also get it to act rather weird at the moment)."

Remember, this has been trimmed down... to get the full story, read the full version.

August 1st



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