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Friday, August 14, 1998

Rainbow Six Demo Status  [6:41 PM EDT]
Word from the Rainbow 6 Retreat is that a playable demo of Rainbow Six, the Tom Clancy inspired action/strategy game, is due this Monday as an exclusive download on PCGamer.

New RocketBot  [6:41 PM EDT]
Version 0.76 of the Rocket Bot, the Rocket Arena 2 enabled bot is available on the Rocket Arena page, offering improved teamplay support. Thanks SubHuman's Quake 2 Bot Outpost.

Heretic II Update  [6:41 PM EDT]
Heretic II Programmer Jake Simpson updated his .plan upon the game's new Alpha status talking about hardware and software issues, including a clarification that the previous announcement of the dropping of sprite tinting was meant for software only.

Sin/Half-Life Debate  [6:41 PM EDT]
A log of the IRC debate on the merits of the unreleased Sin with the equally unreleased Half-Life is up on 3DGaming.Net, featuring a visit from Ritual's Matthias Worch.

Daikatana Interview, Screenshot & Movie  [4:33 PM EDT]
The Daily Informant on ION Storm's site has a short interview with Matt "DaBug" Hooper talking about his work on Daikatana. Also, there's a screenshot on from the upcoming game's ancient Greek episode, along with some commentary by Dr Sleep, the level's architect. Finally, capping off the Daikatanarama, as promised, they have posted another Daikatana trailer, this the one shown at TheFRAG '97, currently only available in in heavyweight format. Here's a local copy (27.3 MB) on GamesNET FTP..

No More Linux Quake Beta Testers Please  [4:33 PM EDT]
Zoid updated his .plan to say he had enough beta testers lined up for his Linux Quake/Quake II beta testing.

QBS2 Fix  [4:33 PM EDT]
The QBS2 page has a teeny file to download that will fix the "QBS is not running" error this newshound system tray utility has been generating for a while now.

C64 Lives!  [4:33 PM EDT]
Startup plans to salvage Commodore 64 is a ZDNet story announcing the re-emergence of the venerable Commodore 64, or at least a clone, as a web computer. Thanks Phillip Hall. Here's the payoff quote for those of use who still have collections of 5¼" floppies:

Owners of outdated C64 software can also run the applications in a commodore emulator that WCI will ship with the system.

Half-Life and TeamFortress2 at Aftershock  [3:51 PM EDT]
There's an announcement on the Aftershock Homesite that Valve will be showing off recent builds of Half-Life and TeamFortress at this upcoming LAN even in Toronto, Canada, August 28-30.

Heretic II Screenshots  [3:51 PM EDT]
There are eight new Heretic 2 Screenshots on OGR.

Duke Nukem Movie  [3:51 PM EDT]
3D Realms' Scott Miller made a .plan update covering a few topics, including game design (inspired by Warren Spector's recent column in Game Developer magazine, that Remedy logo dealie, a puzzle (hey Scott, the QuakeGuy can jump, you must be thinking of the DoomGuy), and the part I'll quote here, on the Duke flick (no, not John Wayne):

Duke Nukem movie make a big leap yesterday. The most recent story draft is finally something that represents what we've been looking for. We (Threshold and 3D Realms) have been molding and rewriting this thing for six months, but now we have a concept that excites us, and therefore we think will excite Duke fans. Can't talk about details this early--sorry for the tease. ; )

Linux Energy Quake  [3:51 PM EDT]
The Energy Quake page has a Linux version of their Quake II mod.

New NT SB Drivers  [3:51 PM EDT]
Creative Labs' FTP site has new Windows NT drivers for Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE32/AWE64 cards. Thanks Billy at VE.

Quake II SpecMarks  [3:51 PM EDT]
APC Project Group Introduces SolidWorks 98, Quake II Benchmarks. Thanks Uwe Girlich.

Newer Matrox D3D Wrapper  [11:40 AM EDT]
The third time's the charm (hopefully), as Matrox has sent along another updated version of the D3D wrapper for their G200-based cards. The new D3D Wrapper (141 KB) is fixed to work on both Win95 and Win98 systems (the last version apparently only worked under Win98).

Trespasser Art  [11:40 AM EDT]
Trespasser Central has posted some concept art from Trespasser (apparently from a copy of the print Next-Generation), showing the planned appearance of Anne, the character the player will control in the game (up until now, all that's been seen are in game shots of her spindly arm).

Quake II Capture le Drapeau Manual  [11:40 AM EDT]
This page contains a version of the Quake II Capture the Flag manual in a Zoid-authorized French translation.

Capture!  [11:40 AM EDT]
A server-only version 1.06 update to Capture! for Quake II is now available offering several gameplay enhancements and bug fixes, and is available for Intel, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc, and Linux Servers. Version 1.07 is said to be still in the works.

Dead Reckoning Level Contest  [11:40 AM EDT]
A Dead Reckoning Contest is running that will award a $10,000 first prize to the designer who can cook up the best arena for Dead Reckoning. As is often the case with contests, your papers must be in order, this one is open to US and Canadian citizens only. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Daikatana Movies (Vivo)  [11:40 AM EDT]
Jeremy at AGN3D (AKA Binky of the Vivo) has put the Daikatana videos (next story) through his video slim-fast, posting some bandwidth friendly Vivo versions.

Daikatana Movies  [2:54 AM EDT]
Here's the blurb that accompanies the Daikatana movie (posted in three sizes) up on Daikatana.Com:

This is the Daikatana promotional video that Jake Hughes made for ION Storm’s office-warming party this past February. This clip, Jake says, "is half Quake I, half Quake II (engine) stuff. We had just changed over."

Here are local copies of (8.0 MB), (16.7 MB), and (29.1 MB). The movie from TheFRAG '97 is promised sometime today.

KHG Preview  [2:54 AM EDT]
Next Generation Online's Klingon Honor Guard Preview, inspired by the recent AVI release (story), takes a brief look at this upcoming Unreal engine Star Trek game.

New Recon Wars  [2:54 AM EDT]
The new version 3.25 of the Recon Wars CTF mod for Quake II adds some new weapons and bug fixes to this class based teamplay mod, as well as the first Linux version.

TNT on QE4/QERadiant  [2:54 AM EDT]
Nihilistic's Steve "Gateway" Tietze updated his .plan with a thumbs up for the RIVA TNT running QE4 (or QERadiant - he doesn't specify), pointing out that with the TNT on some maps the editor operates almost four times faster than his PERMEDIA 2 card.

High Res Corrections  [2:54 AM EDT]
For the record, a couple of corrections have been made to the Return to low res I think not article that refutes some of the contentions in the Return to Low Res recently posted on Redwood's. The article originally erroneously reported that Redwood resampled the images (it was Kraemer), and the original examples in the article failed to use bi-linear filtering. We haven't heard the last on this as Redwood tells me to expect an updated version of the original article from Kraemer that responds to all this.

Todd Porter Interview  [2:54 AM EDT]
A "mini-interview" with ION Storm's Todd Porter on the Dominion section at Stormtroopers gives a Doppelganger update and talks of future additions to Dominion.

CPU Article  [2:54 AM EDT]
The Microprocessor - Revolutionary New Architecture Dream or Reality? is a techie article on AnandTech that attempt to compare different CPUs without the influence of external factors like the L2 cache to draw conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of different processors. Thanks Jeff Tom of AMD Zone.

Pure3D II LX Giveaway  [2:54 AM EDT]
In conjunction with a big article they've done giving a behind the scene's look at the Canopus manufacturing plant, GameStats is holding a contest with a Voodoo2 based Pure3D II LX as the grand prize.

Unreal.Com  [2:54 AM EDT]
Nifty redesign over at Epic's Unreal Site, by the Picasso of PhotoShop, Walter |2| Costinak. Not only does it look great, but I can't recall ever seeing such a graphically rich design being so low-bandwidth friendly.

g.o.d.'s .plans  [2:54 AM EDT]
Former id and ION biz dude, and current g.o.d. boss Mike Wilson has started his first .plan file and debuts it by cheering the birth (in that publishing sense) of the Gathering of Developer's first baby, Jazz Jackrabbit2 (what, no cigars?).

Clan Arena Tourney  [2:54 AM EDT]
The Grundfest Clan Arena tourney for classic Quake is now accepting entries.

Out of the Blue  [2:54 AM EDT]
Wow, been a while since we've had an image of the day, huh? Okay, here's one sent along by r0tter appropriately called called not my job. Be warned this one probably qualifies as gross to some, and please don't give me grief: I'm a big animal lover myself (not like that--settle down Billy).

Thursday, August 13, 1998    New (8/13) TNT/Voodoo2 Benchmarks

Linux Quake/Quake II Beta Test  [11:04 PM EDT]
Zoid made a .plan update describing his work on Linux for Quake and Quake II, which will now include a Linux 3Dfx OpenGL minidriver. The update caps off with a request for those interested in participating in some serious beta testing of the Linux ports.

Rogue Does Shooters  [6:46 PM EDT]
Some love it like a best friend while others watch as if viewing an accident, unable to tear away from the horror. But no one ignores the RealPlayer tour de force that is Shooters (well, that's not true, countless people ignore it everyday -- this isn't very good hype I'm dishing out here, is it?). Anyway, tonight on Shooters we will have a bunch of the Rogues from Rogue Entertainment to talk about their upcoming Quake II mission pack, Ground Zero, and answer questions about life as a Rogue. The fun begins at 8:00 PM Eastern time, BYOB.

Quake II Server Monitoring  [5:45 PM EDT]
A pair of new programs to monitor Quake II games are available. TraySpy is a freeware system tray utility that can notify you when your buddies are playing and other stuff like that. Also, version 4.7 of a program called TalitaSpy is available in this directory. TalitaSpy is a freeware Q2 query tool that interacts with ICQ. An actual homepage is promised soon with more info about this utilities functionality.

M2M Quake to Quake II Map Converter  [4:43 PM EDT]
Version 1.1 of m2m, the Quake to Quake II map conversion utility is now available on the 5thD team page. This release, said to be the final version, fixes the "plane with no normal" error, adds an OS2 version, and kills all the remaining known bugs.

Tony Tamasi on Voodoo2 Rev3  [4:34 PM EDT]
Billy at Voodoo Extreme sent along some evidence to back up some rumors that are buzzing about Voodoo2 Rev3 boards. Here's a quote from 3Dfx's Tony Tamasi that was posted on this article on Silicon Investor:

We have developed a new board design (the rev-3 board) that makes better utilization of memory, and does run substantially faster if populated with faster memory. We . are working with OEM's to help them bring this new board to market, but the chipset is unchanged.

Heretic II Designer Diary  [4:24 PM EDT -- Updated]
Blue on crack update: This is not new, see my note at the end. The Heretic II: Designer Diary Part 2 is up on OGR offering Heretic II Project Leader Brian Pelletier's thoughts on Heretic II's inspiration and roots, and a look at where the project is going. Note: I was sure I had already posted this, but when I first looked for it I missed it because of a bad link in my own archives that caused me to skip the page where it was (thanks Jacek Fedoryñski for the alert).

John Romero's Apple II Reunion  [12:19 PM EDT]
Games of yore — and Apple II too is the headline of MSNBC's article on John Romero's recent bash to bring together movers and shakers from the glory days of Apple II programming. Thanks Jesse Blacklow.

Tim Sweeney Interview  [12:19 PM EDT]
There's an Unreal Interview with Tim Sweeney on the Intel Owner's Club.

Cliffy B on AI  [12:19 PM EDT]
Epic's Cliff Bleszinski (gesundheit!) updated his .plan pointing out the paradox presented by some comments about Unreal's AI and weapon lethality:

You want a smart monster. The player sees said monster. The player has a gun.

Barring boss encounters, the average player is used to this particular encounter lasting a total of 1-3 seconds before moving onto another foe.

You also want powerful weapons. (yes, I agree about the weapon sounds, we'll be improving that down the road)

So, if it takes you 1-3 seconds or less to kill each monster in the game...


You also want AI that behaves like a bot.

Two HUGE points about the AI of a bot: Bots decide what weapon to use, and are constantly running around for ammo and guns.

SP monsters do not do these, traditionally. So, where is this monster going to run in the level? What is he going to do? You see the monster, and he's either going to run AT you or AWAY from you. He can also duck behind a box or a wall, or run to a switch, or go to alert friends of your presence (Unreal does all of these.)

If you have a monster that the player is in a great gunfight with, what happens if the baddie is sitting behind a box? What is going to stop the player from just walking up to the foe and blowing his head off? The only things that will prevent this are the monsters having-

1. Inhuman aim 2. Extremely lethal shots 3. Really high hit points

Do any of those two sound FUN to you? :-)

So, I invite you to discuss this topic on the MegaBoard. (

I assure you, we'll be watching and jumping in from time to time.

PGL Season 3  [12:19 PM EDT]
AMD Professional Gamers' League has opened up season three registration. Season three will offer $70,000 in cash and $40,000 in prizes, including $20,000 in total cash prizes for each of the Season 3 one-on-one categories, Action (Quake II) and Strategy (Starcraft), and $30,000 in cash for the top four teams in the Action Teamplay category.

New Cheapo  [12:19 PM EDT]
Version 2.2 of Cheapo, the freeware QuakeWorld 2.1-2.29 proxy is out offering several bug fixes. the Cheapo FAQ ha also been updated with a bunch of new Cheapo questions and answers.

Howto Play the Sin Demo Online  [12:19 PM EDT]
Hexagon's guide to multiplayer Sin is designed to help those having trouble getting death,match to work over the internet. The procedure outlined is essentially the same as getting online for Quake  or Quake II.

Q2 CTF Guide  [12:19 PM EDT]
S.A.S's Guide to CTF looks top enter the field of Quake II CTF howtos, with a nicely illustrated guide that should be helpful to beginners.

Benchmark-O-Rama  [4:27 AM EDT]
New RIVA TNT drivers from STB sent me back to the Blue Labs to run some more benchmarks, and sure enough the updated drivers (still in beta) showed marked improvement on several of the tests. Also, due to popular demand (or enraged outcry), I ran the TNT benchmarks for Quake and Quake II using the new drivers with my machine clocked down to 233 MHz for a look at what performance will be like on a more typical system. Here's a new Benchmarks page with the updated results (and the last one if you want to see some of the TNT's performance increases with the newer drivers).

Messiah Technology  [4:27 AM EDT]
The technology section on Shiny Entertainment's Messiah page has been updated with some newer in-depth information on the engine including how it handles models and backgrounds. Thanks Billy "Shiny" Wilson at Voodoo Extreme.

Multi-part Sin Demo  [4:27 AM EDT]
onethumb updated his .plan with news that he has gotten the Sin demo split into more digestible chunks if you haven't managed to download it already. The split apart demo is up on this page, and once again, since Ritual's server is sitting right next to the Blue's News server in GamesNET high command (listen, you can hear it humming), putting up a set of local copies would be redundant.

Requiem AVI's  [4:27 AM EDT]
Hell on Earth has posted three new AVI's from Requiem Wrath of the Fallen, showing gameplay from this upcoming first-person action title.

Turok 2 Preview  [4:27 AM EDT]
The Adrenaline Vault Previews Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

id's Anna Kang  [4:27 AM EDT]
GameGirlz.Com Weekly Women Spotlight this week profiles Anna Kang, id software's new Director of Business Development, offering some background and a short interview.

Noname CTF for Unreal  [4:27 AM EDT]
Version 0.3.0 of Noname CTF for Unreal is out on the Noname CTF Homepage. The new release of this Capture the Flag variant, named for the horse in that America song, offers a bunch of new feature and bug fixes, as well as a new flag models and skins.

Texture Programs  [4:27 AM EDT]
A a pair of 'em: A new version 1.20 of Wally the texture viewing/editing program that supports Quake II's .wal format (and can also be used for other games, including Unreal)) is up on the newly relocated Wally's Home. Also, Trey Harrison updated his .plan with news of the release of a new version 1.2 of SinView, his Sin model and texture viewing program that now also boasts a bunch of other features like viewers for all sorts of graphics formats, converters, etc., as well as a shareware fee of $10 if you find the program worthwhile.

What is Glide 3.x?  [4:27 AM EDT]
What’s Glide 3x you ask? is the opening line from morbid's new article on Voodoo Extreme (I don't recall asking, actually, but I'm willing to play along).

Rendition "Fact of the Week"  [4:27 AM EDT]
The Rendition RRedline Multimedia Accelerator 'Fact Of The Week' giving out a new tidbit about the next Rendition chipset on a one tidbit-per-week basis sounds a bit goofy, but there is an awful lot of techie info there on 3D technology  if that's your cup o' tea. The topic this week is "Dual Pipelines."

Equal Time for High Res  [4:27 AM EDT]
Return to low res I think not is a short article in response to the Return to Low Res recently posted on Redwood's. The rebuttal argues that Kraemer's low-res argument is flawed, using graphics to illustrate that the "average texture does NOT look any worse in higher resolutions than it does in lower resolutions, even if the texture was made to fit at lower resolutions, and has to be resampled to fit the higher."

Out of the Blue  [4:27 AM EDT]
Nothing but nonsense today: Quake alert Could the Net survive a major disaster? Sorry, hard to resist with a headline like that one. Thanks Mordred. Alright, to make up for it (huh?) here's another nonsense link, but this one is actually on topic, thanks Scott Stewart for sending along Gib-Kitty's Adventures in Quake (damn, I remember that handle...I think she's fragged me). Told you OotB would be weird sometimes if I updated it at 4 something AM...

Wednesday, August 12, 1998    More TNT/Voodoo2 Benchmarks

Sierra Sale No Impact on Half-Life  [10:36 PM EDT]
More biz buzz is that Cendant Software is looking to divest itself of its entire software unit, which includes Sierra software. I just received an email from Valve's Gabe Newell who wants to reassure those eagerly awaiting Half-Life's release that these business issues will not impact the game's release:

I'm getting bombarded with emails about this from concerned fans. Can you let people know that we appreciate their interest and concern, and that it isn't going to affect Half-Life's ship date anymore than it's going to affect Diablo 2 or Fisher-Price Little People Discovery Farm.

OK. Maybe it will affect Fisher-Price Little People Discovery Farm because the Little People decide to pull the trigger on their Golden Parachutes when whatever IPO/sale occurs, but everything else is business as normal. So please stop sending me email about this and go back to sending me mail asking me when exactly this summer the game will ship.

Sin Demo Double Binding  [10:08 PM EDT]
Ritual's Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine updated his .plan on double binding, which can occur from eating too much bread, and is also a nifty config feature of the Sin demo:

I'm pretty sure most people don't know about this, but we implemented the coolness of double-click binding in Sin. You can doublebind any key, or mouse button to any command. Quite useful for those who want to save on reaching, or just want to put lots of cool stuff on one key!

Heres a few common doublebinds I use:

doublebind mouse2 +use doublebind mouse3 +moveup

Other doublebind related commands

undoublebind - undoublebind the doublebound keys doublebindlist - list doublebound keys K_doubleclicktime - max time in milliseconds max for double click to register. (250 default)

Have fun!

Zaero Q2 Add-on Interview  [10:08 PM EDT]
An interview with Steve Schafer from Macmillan Digital Publishing on talks with the producer of the upcoming Zaero add-on for Quake II in a conversation that, among other things, talks about the add-on, MDP's past as a publisher of unauthorized, and admittedly low-quality shovelware (which they are putting behind them), and their planned add-ons for Battlezone and Dark Reign.

Linux ThunderWalker CTF Beta  [10:08 PM EDT]
ThunderWalker CTF's House of Fixins has a the Linux version of the new beta 2.0a of ThunderWalker CTF.

Junior does Quake
An article on ESPN SportZone called Junior takes his swings has the following cool quote of the day from Seattle Mariner All-Star Ken Griffey Junior (thanks [pi] mujahdin):

We're all computer junkies. My cousin, Michael Littleton, who lives in Kansas City. My dad in Cincinnati, my brother in Florida, me in Seattle. We play video games -- Quake, Quake II -- on the Internet all day. Sometimes I'll get home about 10:30 p.m. here, and it's 12:30 a.m. in Kansas City, 1:30 a.m. in Florida, but we'll still play, send messages, tease each other, see who wins.

So who knows, in addition to having possibly played Robin Williams (previous celebrity Quake confessor), some of us may have played in a Quake or Quake II game with Ken Griffey Junior and Ken Griffey Senior.

Newer Matrox D3D/OpenGL Wrapper  [7:01 PM EDT]
Matrox sent along an updated version of the D3D/Open GL wrapper for Matrox G200-based cards first released earlier today (story). apparently the version released earlier had a corrupted Opengl32.dll. Be aware that this updated version (141 KB) is not yet posted on Matrox's site (it will go up sometime tomorrow morning).

New Kali  [6:37 PM EDT]
Version 1.52 of Kali is out on Kali's FTP site. There are several patches to upgrade previous versions, and here's a local copy of the full installer (2.4 MB) on GamesNET FTP. Thanks (NBK)-ABUSE.

Daikatana Screenshot  [6:10 PM EDT]
Daikatana.Com has posted a new Daikatana screenshot, along with an explanation from Steve Rescoe, the designer of the future Japan level depicted, describing the action.

Glide 3.0 SDK  [3:07 PM EDT]
3D programming types may want to take note of the Glide 3.0 Software Development Kit just released by 3Dfx on this Glide Rasterization Library v2.x Win32/DOS page. Thanks Billy "Glide" Wilson at Voodoo Extreme.

Shogo Preview  [3:02 PM EDT]
There's a preview of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division on OGR. I just got a peak at a yet-to-be-released AVI of Shogo, and I have to agree with Monolith's Jason Hall when he says that the game, with it's fast-paced, twitchy action, looks more like a typical first-person shooter like Quake, than a giant mech combat game like Mechwarrior.

Heretic II: Why No First Person  [3:02 PM EDT]
Activision's Heretic II page has posted a quote from Steve Stringer, Activision's Heretic II Producer, on why the game will maintain a third person view throughout, not allow a switch to first-person perspective. The post describes the design problems this presents, which certainly jibes with experiences with previous first-person games that allow switching to the third-person point-of-view (in fact, most pure third-person games have troubles with camera viewpoints, and clipping through walls at times, much less first person games that allow a switch to the third person). Here's a small portion of a much larger quote:

Contrary to popular belief, offering a player the choice between 1st and 3rd person has significant ramifications on game design. Weapons that work well in one mode lose their appeal in the other. The same holds true for combat and gameplay mechanics, level design, and especially the multiplayer experience. To offer a choice between the two points of view means making two similar, but different games. While it doesn't quite double the amount of work necessary to create both, it does come close.

Matrox D3D OpenGL Wrapper  [12:46 PM EDT]
Matrox has released the OpenGL/Direct 3D wrapper for their G200-based video cards. The link on Matrox's page is broken as of this writing (they have failed to change the links after placing copies of the wrapper in separate Win95 and Win98 directories, though the file is the same). The package includes the IdGamma utility, and (the fine fellows who passed along this news) have posted some recommended IdGamma settings for G200 cards. (Update -- see newer version, story).

KHG Video in Vivo  [12:46 PM EDT]
Jeremy (AKA Binky) over at AGN3D has vivo-ized the Klingon Honor Guard movie released earlier (story), so that the high-bandwidth version of the movie is now just of 3MB, some eight times smaller than the original 25+ MB AVI.

Scott Miller Interview  [12:46 PM EDT]
A short interview with Scott Miller on OUTPOST21 talks about 3DRealms' upcoming Duke Nukem Forever, and other Dukely interests.

Redline Preview  [12:46 PM EDT]
A Redline Preview on Gone Gold talks with Ted Tahquechi about Redline, Accolade's upcoming car combat game.

HasbroProse?  [12:46 PM EDT]
In the biz buzz, Hasbro to acquire MicroProse for $70M. Thanks JLF.

The Bob Love Saga  [12:46 PM EDT]
A tale from the land of confusion - by Bob Love is a web page that's keeping up with the story that Raven Software's Bob Love has been cranking out in his .plan for some time now (no joke, this guy is up to Chapter 38!). The site should make it easier to read the ongoing story than trying to catch up with it scattered through a bazillion .plan files.

Lara Pinups  [12:46 PM EDT]
A New Lara Gallery on GameSpot UK's Tomb Raider III Preview, shows off no gameplay elements, but does do a nice job of showing that the engine seems equipped to handle many polygons (I'd say she certainly passes Paul Steed's F.P.B. standard). BTW, there's currently a funny Lara thread in the Foxtrot comic strip (no freely postable links on that one: the web versions are by subscription only, sorry).

Ritual at Two!  [12:46 PM EDT]
By the way, today is the second anniversary of the formation of Ritual Entertainment (originally Hipnotic back when they believed painting the company name on the door constituted a trademark). So happy birthday to the Ritual killers, and many more. Lets just hope they don't give us too much trouble during their terrible twos.    =]

More TNT/Voodoo2 Benchmarks  [5:30 AM EDT]
As promised, more Quake and Quake II benchmarks on the RIVA TNT and the Voodoo2, the new wrinkles this time out being the addition of Voodoo2 SLI numbers for comparison, and the addition of 3 Fingers' savage crusher demo for Quake II (which I received several requests for). I'm going to call this simple (and compellingly ugly) page the 3D Benchmarks section for now, and will try to keep it updated with the speedometer readings of other high-end cards that come into the Blue Labs. As I note on the page, this is not meant to be comprehensive for all cards and all systems, but to answer the single hardware question I get the most: "What's the best video card for Quake/Quake II."

New KeyGrip2  [3:59 AM EDT]
Version 2.041 of KeyGrip 2 for Quake 2 is out, fixing all known bugs in this user-friendly Quake II demo editing/movie making program, adding a couple of oft-requested features, and enhancing the documentation and help files.

KHG Movie  [3:59 AM EDT]
Microprose sends word that they've released a movie preview of Klingon Honor Guard, their upcoming Star Trek game using the Unreal Engine. Here's a local copy (25.2 MB) of the AVI (requires Intel Indeo 5 drivers, an installer for these is included). The movie shows off several different scenes of in game play, including the use of what looks like a personal cloaking device, and some zero gravity combat.

Duality Screenshots  [3:59 AM EDT]
Duality Net Screenshots has four new images from this upcoming first-person game using an original, portal-based engine.

Independence War Gold  [3:59 AM EDT]
The I-war Page has word that Independence War has been sent to replication and will be on sale September 1. Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance.

Sin Add-on Officially Announced  [3:59 AM EDT]
An Activision press release officially announces the Sin add-on pack being made by a team called 2015, though the short interview a few weeks back with 2015 president Tom Kudirka during the event formerly known as QuakeCon (story) kinda stole the thunder on this one.

Unreal Map Optimization  [3:59 AM EDT]
Myscha the sled dog updated his .plan with a handy crash course on Unreal map optimization for level authors.

Ping Plotter  [3:59 AM EDT]
BONG-Agressor sent along an endorsement for a graphical traceroute program called Ping Plotter that looks like a handy way of telling where your packets are going and how well (or poorly).

Type-Kill Bug Kill  [3:59 AM EDT]
Otser's Site has a bug fixed version of the type-kill prevention skin posted recently (story).

Out of the Blue  [3:59 AM EDT]
Another day of benchmarks yesterday... on tap are the two most requested follow-ups, as the crusher Quake II demo, and SLI mode are added to the mix, I'll post them as soon as I get them all prettied up.

Tuesday, August 11, 1998     New  Heretic II Screenshots

On Prax War's (Non) Curves  [5:54 PM EDT]
Rebel Boat Rocker Randy Pitchford updated his .plan with a bit on the "trademarked curved surfaces" comment quoted earlier about the Prax War screenshot (story), pointing out that in truth, "surfaces are neither trademarked or really curved."

Duke Nukem Forever Teamplay  [5:23 PM EDT] has a brief post from George Broussard about teamplay modes in 3D Realms' upcoming Duke Nukem Forever, putting a damper on speculation about the inclusion of modes like CTF out of the box.

Prax War Screenshot  [4:45 PM EDT] has posted a new screenshot from the upcoming Prax War (the last one on the screenshots page), along with commentary pointing out nuances like "the RBR1's trademark curved surfaces."

Dave Perry Interview Part II  [4:45 PM EDT]
Part II of the interview with Shiny Entertainment's Dave Perry is up on the new discussing Shiny's upcoming Messiah, as well as a couple of questions about other projects including MDK2.

Cleaner Interview  [4:45 PM EDT]
The Daily Informant on the ION Storm site has posted an interview with Cleaner Namaksy, the first of a series of conversations with ION's level designers,talking to Anachronox's Cleaner about his former life as a physical architect (before taking up as a virtual one), his gaming influences, his "unique and varied hairstyles," and advice to future level designers.

Sin Viewer  [3:25 PM EDT]
Trey Harrison updated his .plan mentioning what he's up to in his post-Crack dot Com life, which includes beta 1.1 of SinView, a program on Trey's Fantastic Home Page that allows you to view the textures and models within the Sin demo.

New ThunderWalker CTF Beta  [3:25 PM EDT]
ThunderWalker CTF's House of Fixins has a new beta 2.0 of ThunderWalker CTF. A corrupted zip was originally uploaded, but it is apparently fine now.

New PCI 3D Blaster Drivers  [3:25 PM EDT]
New drivers for the Vérité 1000-based Creative Labs 3D Blaster are up on Creative Labs' FTP site. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

New IdGammma  [3:25 PM EDT]
The IdGamma Home Page has a new version of this utility that helps the visual quality of Quake, Hexen II, and Quake II on RIVA 128 cards, where the images tend to be dark. Thanks Voodoo Extreme again.

Permedia3 Facts  [3:25 PM EDT]
A Permedia3 Facts page gives a look at what to expect 3DLabs's upcoming 3D chipset. Thanks busy Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

DOS ZDoom  [2:36 PM EDT]
A new version of ZDoom is out that is a DOS port of ZDoom, which is a Win32 port of the original Doom (for DOS), a roundabout route that leads to ZDoom for DOS with a ton of enhancements (freelook, etc.).

Incoming Add-on Screens  [2:36 PM EDT]
Gamer's Alliance has posted several screenshots from the just-announced Incoming extension pack being made by Instant Access.

Heretic II Screenshots  [12:02 PM EDT]
The birds over at Raven Software sent along a few new screenshots from Heretic II showing off the Katlit'k Canyon level:

Htic2-18.jpg (81670 bytes) Htic2-27.jpg (86841 bytes) Htic2-35.jpg (109534 bytes)

The above are linked to reasonably compressed JPGs. For the purist, here are the pre-Jenny Craig versions in original TGA format: image 1 (2.3 MB), image 2 (2.3 MB), and image 3 (2.3 MB).

Spec Ops AWAL OpenGL Patch  [11:30 AM EDT]
Cash's Special Warfare has posted the OpenGL version of the All Weapons All Levels (AWAL) Spec Ops patch. The patch has only been tested briefly, so caution is advised.

Rainbow Six FAQ  [11:30 AM EDT]
The unofficial Rainbow Six FAQ on the Rainbow Six Retreat has more than doubled in size after the latest update.

Quake II War Mod  [11:30 AM EDT]
Version 1.0 of the Quake II War Mod has been released, offering class-based teamplay. New in this release are enhancements and tweaks to a few of the classes, and some other tweaks like VWep support, realistic falling damage, and new team skins.

RTIME Interview  [11:30 AM EDT]
An interview with John Allred on NetGamer discusses the RTIME networking technology that is to be used for multiplayer play in the Spec Ops multiplayer patch, and Turok2: Seeds of Evil.

Shogo Dialog Graphics  [11:30 AM EDT]
The Shogo Mobile Armor Division page has some new in-game dialog graphics. Thanks Prophet.

Xatrix Spotlight  [11:30 AM EDT]
The Developer Spotlight on Xatrix Software on Exscape takes a look at the company that designed the Quake II: The Reckoning and Redneck Rampage. Thanks Amer at Cyrellis 3D.

Pure3D II with Reference Drivers
How to get Pure 3D II (LX) to work with 3DFX V2 Reference Drivers is an article on Purified3D that described the registry setting tweaks required to get a Pure3D II to work with the 3Dfx reference drivers, allowing the use of Glide 3.0, etc.

Low Res?  [11:30 AM EDT]
Return to Low Res is an opinion piece on Redwood's 3D News that theorizes that texture stretching issues are going to promote a return to lower resolutions so that textures will look better. Having seen what hi-res textures can do for a game, I can say I don't agree this is the case. I think both the game manufacturers and card manufacturers are working hard towards the exact opposite, and that the deciding factor in this issue is more likely to be the artist man-hours required to create hi-resolution textures.

'scuse me While I Paint the Sky  [11:30 AM EDT]
An updated version of the SkyPaint 3D Panorama tool is available. This shareware(!) paint tool allows level designers to easily paint sky textures for Quake II levels. Thanks Neil Manke and Spleed.

On DF3 Rumors  [3:06 AM EDT]
A little team investigative work by JediKnight.Net and The Jedi Knight Outpost using their combined reliable sources, seems to lay to rest the rumors that the sequel to Jedi Knight would be a game called Jedi Master (story). Apparently all future Star Wars games from LEC will be based on the upcoming "prequel" movies.

3rd Person Action  [3:06 AM EDT]
GameSpot's Tomb Robbers looks at over a dozen upcoming third-person action games, ranging from the sublime (Messiah) to the ridiculous (Space Bunnies Must Die). Thanks Billy "Space Bunny" Wilson at Voodoo Extreme.

Requiem Interview  [3:06 AM EDT]
There's an interview with Phil Co, Lead Level Architect for the upcoming Requiem, Wrath of the Fallen, on GamerzEdge.

More Obsidian2 X-24  [3:06 AM EDT]
Fresh off their review of the AGP version (story), there's a review of the Quantum3D X-24 SLI 24MB Voodoo2 on Cyrellis 3D, also reviewed today by GameCenter (story).

Unreal Status Report  [1:47 AM EDT]
A Mark Rein Status Update on the Epic MegaBoard gives the latest on the eagerly awaited multiplayer patch, and OpenGL/Direct3D support. Thanks Apache:

OpenGL - The first test release (which we should really call an alpha) should be this week or next week. There are still a few things that need to be worked out but I've asked Dreamforge to prepare release notes describing all known issues and some performance and configuration recommendations. Right now it works pretty well on Rendition and Intel is apparently very close on new drivers that provide good performance on i740. This is good news.

Direct3D - No additional news right now. Now that DX6 is released things should start moving along on D3D.

Multiplayer - Tim is still working hard on this. I believe he's finished his portion of the next patch and is working with Green Marine on some server querying issues. I'm not going to venture an estimate except to say that the next multiplayer patch is pretty close.

We're going to improve the feedback loop on future multiplayer patches by creating a form users can fill out on our web site. It will be used for users to describe their system, their connection and the specific problem they're experiencing.

Tim has also put in the ability to log internet play sessions to a text file. That file, like the Unreal.log file, will provide us with all kinds of important technical data pertaining what's going on inside Unreal's multiplayer. If people experience problems with internet multiplayer they can email this to us and it will provide us with a detailed log of what was happening when the problems occurred. This should help us find solutions to internet multiplayer problems more quickly in the future.

Shogo Screenshots  [1:47 AM EDT]
Four new Shogo: Mobile Armor Division screenshots are up on Gamer's Alliance.

Starsiege Tribes Preview  [1:47 AM EDT]
Here's Next Generation Online's Starsiege Tribes preview. Thanks Skankin'Monkey.

Unreal Music Interview  [1:47 AM EDT]
An Interview With Alexander Brandon on Quakelab Multimedia talks to the composer of the music in Unreal about his work.

Defending 'Nam  [1:47 AM EDT]
Raven's Jeremy Statz updated his .plan with some praise for the 'Nam, which has received some negative reviews.

PPro to PII Overdrive  [1:47 AM EDT]
Intel Introduces Pentium II OverDrive Processor For Pentium Pro Processor-Based Systems. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Obsidian2 X-24 - Matrox G200 Reviews  [1:47 AM EDT]
GameCenter's Obsidian2 X-24 review takes a look at Quantum 3D's single-slot Voodoo2 SLI board. Also, there's a Matrox Millennium G200 review  on the HPC Hardware Guide.

Mouse Pad Review  [1:47 AM EDT]
A Mouse Pad review on the House of Mouse looks at the impact of a few different mousepads on gameplay

Out of the Blue  [1:47 AM EDT]
Blue's News dropped out of the top spot of that Websites Top 100 poll. Since it seems the poll is designed to create movement, holding onto the #1 spot for 10 out of the first 18 weeks is pretty cool. Thanks once again for the support there. Also, goodnight bootNet.

Monday, August 10, 1998      TNT versus Voodoo2 Benchmarks

Quake II Surround Sound Beta  [7:01 PM EDT]
The EAR Quake2 Patch Beta Download page has a beta surround sound patch for Quake II. Thanks Aaron Lesch.

More with the Gurus  [7:01 PM EDT]
Part II of GameSpot UK's Gaming Gurus Feature again speaks with these gurus: Christopher Weaver, Roberta Williams, Peter Molyneux, Scott Miller, Tom Hall, David Perry, Todd Porter, and Gavin Rummery.

Akolyte Developer Diary  [7:01 PM EDT]
A new installment of the Akolyte Developer Diaries look at the creation of 3D special effects for Revenant's upcoming 3D action/RPG. Thanks Lorien at Gamer's Alliance.

Unreal Engine Dark Forces III?  [3:17 PM EDT]
JediKnight.Net has a report up about a rumor in the September print edition of PC Gamer UK that Dark Forces III: Jedi Master, the sequel to Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, will be using the Unreal engine:

'The Spy also learns that Lucasarts' list of forthcoming PC releases may include a couple of intriguing titles set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Insiders claim the first will be called Rebel agent, and will appear on 1st January, 1999, while it's claimed the second - Darkforces III: Jedi Master - will use the Unreal engine'

NVIDIA Interview  [3:17 PM EDT]
A Chat with Jen-Hsun Huang on  Jon Peddie Associates talks to the NVIDIA CEO about 3D graphics. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.

Grayson Interview (Updated)  [3:17 PM EDT - Updated]
An interview with Monte 'Grayson' Martinez on Ion Troopers talks to this level designer for ION's upcoming Unreal-engine RPG, Deus Ex, though it's been pointed out to me that the interview doesn't really cover the game at all.

Win98 Update Update  [3:17 PM EDT]
In contrast to some contentions that the planned Win98 update is bug-fixes (story), this CNN article says that the updated (planned for an August 18 release), is almost entirely new multimedia technologies. Thanks Chris Lawer.

Zaero Quake II Add-on  [1:53 PM EDT]
Macmillan Publishing and Team Evolve have sent along a press release on their upcoming Quake II project, Zaero. Here's an excerpt:

Macmillan Digital Publishing USA today announced the release of Zaero. Through the use of add on levels, the title extends the original QUAKE II(TM) story line by providing the player with familiar game play in an exciting environment, complete with new terrain, monsters, weapons and equipment. The title is scheduled for release in September with a retail price of $29.95.

"Zaero provides an all-new mission with 14 professionally designed levels of heart-stopping action," said Steve Schafer, producer, Macmillan Digital Publishing USA. We've also included 'spawnable' deathmatch items to allow map designers to make their QUAKE II(TM) compatible maps usable with Zaero."

Zaero will be developed by Team Evolve, a dedicated group of game developers whose earlier effort "PainKeep," an add on for QUAKE(R), was the first place winner of the Total Entertainment Network (TEN) Mapstravaganza competition. Hailed by some as the "Kings of Deathmatch," Team Evolve is recognized for crafting exciting deathmatch weaponry and power-ups.

PaintBall II Beta II  [1:53 PM EDT]
Digital Paint has released beta II of their PaintBall for Quake II mod. the new release adds new maps, paint grenades, smoke grenades, and tons more.

Shiny Interview  [1:53 PM EDT]
An interview Dave Perry of Shiny Entertainment talking about Messiah, kicks off the interactive festivities at the newly opened This is part one of a two-parter, with the follow-up to be posted tomorrow.

LAN Article  [1:53 PM EDT]
Virtual and Real World Combine at LAN Party is an article in the LA Times that talks about LAN action, focusing on the monthly PQ beatdowns.

Sin versus Half-Life  [1:53 PM EDT]
This Sin vs. Half-Life dealie looks to spark a debate on the merits of these two yet-to-be-released games. they will select a pair of debaters on each side of the "issue" to have at it on IRC (Thursday, opposite Shooters: like there are that many 'net broadcast events to schedule around). Ritual's Matthias Worch's .plan gives an opinion on this effort I can sympathize with (is this a debate about Half-Life's press releases versus Sin's, or is it the Half-Life press releases versus the Sin demo?).

Rage Add-on  [12:40 PM EDT]
Instant Access is developing an authorized add-on pack for Rage Software's Incoming that will offer new enemy and allied vehicles, 48 diverse missions, and brand new worlds. Thanks Gamer's Alliance.

Banshee Benches  [12:40 PM EDT]
Voodoo Banshee Earns Top Score in 3D Winbench Tests Run by Mercury Research is the proclamation of a 3Dfx press release bragging on Voodoo Banshee 3D Winbench98 scores. Thanks 3 Fingers.

What's Next, a Good Times Report?  [12:40 PM EDT]
I've received several messages saying the shipping CD's of the commercial game WarGames, may be infected with a Marburg virus, so caution is advised. Thanks Jag for his follow-up on this.

TNT Versus Voodoo2 Benchmarks  [4:31 AM EDT]
I finally polished up and posted those TNT versus Voodoo2 benchmarks with numbers on Incoming, Forsaken, Quake, and Quake II. When I had a fresh Win98 install at my disposal after my hard disk crashed, I couldn't resist going back and re-running all the numbers. Rigorous testing in the Blue Labs (I've got the combat sequences in these benchmark demos memorized) showed the lone Voodoo2 to outperform the TNT in Quake and Quake II, while the TNT outperformed the V2 in Incoming and Forsaken.

AGP Voodoo2 Review  [4:31 AM EDT]
There's a review of the Quantum3D S-12 AGP TV Voodoo2 Card on Cyrellis 3D.

TF Variant  [4:31 AM EDT]
Shaka's Modified Servers has word of their custom TeamFortress Quake server that allows you to create custom classes on the fly in the game, using a resource system that involves spending money on the new classes. he game also features a few new wrinkles, including a new class, the Scuba Commando.

New Q_Check  [4:31 AM EDT]
A new version of Q_Check, the mIRC plug-in that announces what server you are away playing on is now available.

Railing Guide  [4:31 AM EDT]
The Clan KING page has a guide to using the Quake II railgun effectively, divided into high and low ping sections.

Rail Tourney
After you've read the guide in the story above, you may want to check out the Clan KR Rail Tourney.

Half-Life Desktop Contest  [4:31 AM EDT]
Half-Life Haven is holding a contest that will award a free copy of Half-Life (when available) to the best and most original Half-Life Windows 95/98/NT desktop background.

Overclock Your 3D Accelerator  [4:31 AM EDT]
CC Overclocking Your 3D Accelerator shows you how to simultaneously improve your 3D performance, warm your room, and void your warranty on the ATI Xpert, the Creative Labs 3D Blaster Voodoo 2, Hercules Thriller 3D, and the STB Velocity 128.

Mail Call  [4:31 AM EDT]
The redesigned MailBag is online where the RIVA VV7 patch, the Type-kill Skin, and the FPS argument are all subjected to reader rants.

Out of the Blue  [4:31 AM EDT]
I'm going to flesh out the benchmarks with some SLI numbers, and post it as a benchmarks sections and update the shebang periodically, the feedback I've been getting about the benchmarks tells me there's more of an appetite for that than I would have guessed.

Sunday, August 9, 1998

Trespasser Shots  [12:56 PM EDT]
Two new Trespasser screenshots on Trespasser Central bring their week of screenshot mania to a close, as all 11 in-game shots they've received have now been posted.

Levelord Interview  [5:26 AM EDT]
Life After Bloody Sinday! - GameGirlz interviews Ritual's Levelord talking about the Sin demo, his recent globe-hopping, and other lordly concerns.

Chaos Has Left the Building  [5:26 AM EDT]
Ritual's Mark Dochtermann updated his .plan to announce the departure of another tribesman, as Mike "Chaos" Werckle is taking a leave of absence, perhaps to return:

- Mike Werckle has headed back up north. He is pursuing a freelance job in Chicago which will last approximately 3 months. At the end of that time he may come back to rejoin the tribe. His leaving was amicable and we wish him the best of luck.

Blood2 Update  [5:26 AM EDT]
Jay "Shade" Wilson updated his .plan with the upshot of his recent query about whether it was desirable to be able to play through Blood2 as any of "the Chosen," or just as Caleb, finding a nice compromise in alternate "action" and "story" modes that will allow play as any of the four Chosen, while maintaining single player cutscenes only for Caleb.

TNT Giveaway  [5:26 AM EDT]
The Viper V550 Trivia Quiz offers a RIVA TNT based Viper 550 to the winner (there, I just gave the answer to the first question: I bet you were guessing it used the "Voodoo2 Calamazoo" chipset). Thanks GHOST.

The (Censored) Incident  [5:26 AM EDT]
The Varginha Incident is an upcoming Brazilian-designed first-person action adventure game expected to be released soon as a Portuguese version. An English version is promised eventually, though it's not clear if a name change is planned from the original (settle down Beavis). The game is based on what is said to be a true incident involving extra-terrestrials. Thanks Moondog.

Model Viewer  [5:26 AM EDT]
The quick3D model viewer version 1.0 beta is out, offering support for viewing Quake and Quake II models. Thanks Bill Sherman.

3Dlabs Sues STB  [5:26 AM EDT]
3Dlabs Sues STB Systems for Breach of Contract is the headline of the AVault story describing a breach of contract lawsuit filed by 3Dlabs against STB alleging that STB owes them more than one million dollars for chipsets that STB has purchased from them. Thanks QuakePsycho.

Cut & Glue BFG Update  [5:26 AM EDT]
A few new file formats have been added to the cut & glue paper BFG model on FnW´s Q2 Page. Thanks Steven Cox.

Carmageddon II Movie  [5:26 AM EDT]
Pedestrian Precinct has posted the fourth Carmageddon II preview movie in QuickTime format.

With Apologies to Sting  [5:26 AM EDT]
Just when I said I wouldn't keep posting the Quake-themed User Friendly Comic, comes a musical number I can't resist mentioning... ("Oh can't you seeeeeee...") Thanks Markus Mårtensson.

Out of the Blue  [5:26 AM EDT]
Hard drive woes under control (knock wood), I'm back on track to post those benchmarks today (whew!).

Saturday, August 8, 1998

Messiah Interview  [3:53 PM EDT]
Gamer's Alliance interviews Team Ego about their work developing Shiny's upcoming third-person game, Messiah.

New PingTool  [3:14 PM EDT]
Version 2.2 of PingTool, a server-browsing program, is out of beta, polishing off a few bugs and adding a few new features since the last beta. Here are local copies of the full install (2.5 MB), the upgrade for previous versions (300 KB), and the static (no .dll) version (926 KB), all on GamesNET FTP.

Real3D StarFighter Drivers  [3:14 PM EDT]
New Windows 95/98 drivers for the AGP version of the Intel740-based Real3D StarFighter are up on the StarFighter Drivers page. Thanks Billy "The Last StarFighter" Wilson of Voodoo Extreme.

John Romero Interview  [12:56 PM EDT]
There's an interview with John Romero on the Ultimate Commander Keen site talking about the old days programming the little sprite.

Unreal Model Skinning & Import Tutorial  [12:56 PM EDT]
This Model Skinning and Importing for Unreal page offers step by step instructions on how to add your own skinned models to Unreal.

Quake & QuakeWorld Bugs, etc.  [12:56 PM EDT]
After their recent request for Quake and QuakeWorld bug and abnormality reports, the Quake Info Pool has been updated with some problems, information, and workarounds for some of the game(s)' foibles.

Myscha's Unreal Level Contest  [12:56 PM EDT]
Epic's T. Elliot Cannon (Myscha the sled dog) updated his .plan  with word that if you mailed an entry to his Unreal level design contest, it may have been deleted by a filter, read the update for details on how rot re-submit your level.

LMCTF Rundown  [12:56 PM EDT]
CTF Central has posted an overview of all of the new Loki's Minions CTF TE maps, with tips for both offense and defense.

WSJ Does Gaming  [12:56 PM EDT]
The Wall Street Journal has been doing their share of gaming lately, as an article in yesterday's Journal talks about Gathering of Developers and their revolutionary approach to dividing the profits from a game (thanks John "Dirty Harry" Callaham). Also, there's another article in the marketplace section about Cliffy B's Cat Scan contest (though oddly saying "the winner will get a free copy of the computer game Mr. Bleszinski co-designed" without mentioning Unreal by name (thanks NoidJr[ss]).

Win98 Update Controversy  [12:56 PM EDT]
Is it a service pack, or a "multimedia update?" Controversy over Win 98 update is a News.Com article that looks at whether Microsoft's announced multimedia update for Windows 98 planned for an August 18 release is, in fact, just that, or really just a service pack that proves Win98 was too buggy to ship. Thanks neevo.

Max Payne Interview  [3:16 AM EDT]
Next Generation has posted an interview with Remedy's Petri Jarvilehto talking about Max Payne.

Heretic  II Screenshots  [3:16 AM EDT]
MeccaWire has posted some new screenshots from Heretic II.

New RocketBot  [3:16 AM EDT]
SubHuman's Quake 2 Bot Outpost has word on the release of version 0715 of the Quake II RocketBot.

Loki's Minions Server Upgrade  [3:16 AM EDT]
The Lokis Minions Capture the Flag page has word on their LMCTF Tournament Edition version 4.1 server upgrade. Word is "Overflows, annoying grapple sounds, erratic chasecam toggles and all your favorite bugs were fixed."

Dreamcast Unreal  [3:16 AM EDT]
Unreal Engine Running on Dreamcast is the headline of a Next Generation blurb, citing those "reliable industry sources," who have apparently been wagging their reliable tongues again.

AnachroLog  [3:16 AM EDT]
The AnachroLog from last night's IRC AnachroChat is up on Ion Troopers.

Death In Sweden  [3:16 AM EDT]
The second half of the Swedish international challenge match between Death Row and Clan Nine ended much like the first, with C9 taking four out of the five matches played yesterday to romp in their classic Quake/QuakeWorld tournament 8 matches out of 10. for all the details, PQ has match by match reporting here.

Top 10  [3:16 AM EDT]
The Top 10 Signs You're A Computer Nerd (don't spit up your Dr Pepper).

More Mail Security  [3:16 AM EDT]
The Eudora Pro Email v4.0 Updaters has a version 4.0.2 patch to fix the security problem mentioned yesterday (story).

Out of the Blue  [3:16 AM EDT]
Phoebus mentioned that today is the first anniversary of HexenWorld, congrats on that. Also, on the anniversary front, I just noticed that yesterday is the second anniversary of John Romero leaving id. Two years... just doesn't seem like it was that long ago...

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