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Friday, August 22, 1997

At the Fray

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Fray Day
Of to the carnival of carnage. As usual, I will find out about my ability to update from there once I arrive.

I added a link above to finger an account that dweomer set up on QuakeFinger that will show a list of known bugs (as referenced in Rick Johnson's .plan) in the Hexen 2 demo to be released tomorrow evening.

Vérité Correction
To correct the Vérité reference posted earlier today, apparently, the plan is to bundle a variant called the Rendition Vérité 2100 on some motherboards, rather than the 2200 as mentioned in this bootNET article. Thanks Alastair Penney and Deadwood.

Quake II Screenshot
PC Gamer has posted another Quake II screenshot: here's today's screenshot and the thumbnail. Thanks Todd.

Carmack Confirms K6 Not Ideal for Quake II
I saw an email from John Carmack on Redwood's confirming AMD's K6 CPU's will be as disappointing (compared to comparable Intel CPU's) running Quake II as they are for Quake.

T3 Signups
Signups for T3 are underway. If you are a server administrator who can provide a server for the tourney, email Paul Baker, [giZ].

The Fray
The Fray kicks off today. If you've paid, your name should appear on the Confirmation page (but not if you're paying at the door). Also, Marvel comics has been added to the still growing list of sponsors. Thanks Prophet.

Hexen TC
The first beta of the Hexen TC for Quake has been released (coming out well before the Hexen 2 preview release). Thanks Oatmeal

Swedish Championships
Quake SM 1997 (warning, the page is mostly Swedish) is going to take place September 19-21 is Stockholm on a super LAN, featuring a Clan tournament as well as a free-for-all. Thanks Mr.Kill.

H2H, the guy who scores cool tournament prizes for events like QuakeCon and the Fray, is conducting a survey, mostly about on-line services. Thanks Prophet.

This week's edition of The Happy Puppy Radio show, will feature an appearance by Ritual Entertainment's Robert Atkins. The RealAudio show airs Saturday at 1:00 PM Central time, and you can call in at 1-888-ONRADIO to participate during the show. Thanks Prophet.

KrAy-ZeE's Modeling Guide
has moved to

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, an event in Ridgeland, MS; a pair(!) of events in Northern CA; better late than never, there's a gathering in Neuss, Germany starting tomorrow; and work in progress in near Manchester, England.

Peace is declared
- the domain has been reassinged to Polish and Monolith, apparently there was a miscommunication ... Just the FAQ's - Rene Post posted <g> the qME (Quake Model Editor) FAQ on the qME Page (thanks Prophet) ... Remodeled Heap - the Scrap Heap, dedicated to know all that's knowable about bots, has been remodeled ...

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

New Unreal Screenshots
Half-dozen new Unreal screenshots have been released. You can find them on Shadows (thanks Andrew Lee Wooldridge) and UnrealNation (thanks Kevin Stone), among other places.

Quake II Screenshot of the Day
PC Gamer has posted their Quake II screenshot of the day. I've had a few requests to link to them rather than display them (ŕ la, to avoid ruining the surprise for those that don't want to spoil too much of the game before it's out, which seems reasonable. Here's the PC Gamer Quake II Screenshot of the day (which shows visible damage on a monster), and here's a thumbnail. Thanks RedruM. Oh, yes, PC Gamer confirmed that every day in this context doesn't really count weekends, so it's five a week (still a lot).

Updated: Interviews

New QuArK
Version 3.9 of Quake Army Knife (655 KB), or QuArK, the ozone-safe, multipurpose Quake editing utility, has been released on the QuArK page. The new version includes a feature called "digger brushes" which allow you to move a set of brushes as a group, allowing level editors to easily move and resize things like doors and windows.

SpaceOrb Standard
Packard Bell/NEC and SpaceTec have announced that Spacetec SpaceOrbs will be bundled with NEC Ready PC's beginning this fall.

m3 Pics
Believe it or not there are still photos from m3 being posted. CRT of Keygrip has posted a few of his shots from m3. Thanks Prophet.

Still More Log Parsers
It's hard to contain the excitement as log-parser fever spreads through the community. Version 1.0 of Gibstats is out on the Gibstats page (thanks Turmoil[GNW]), and another parser worthy of consideration is RawStats.

TC Betas
The first betas of three TC's have been released:

New AdQuedit
Version 1.3 AdQuedit, the cholesterol-free Quake utility that can edit virtually any of Quake's many file formats. The new release is a bug fix to while work progresses on version 2 (which will be shareware). On the AdQuedit page.

Newer Jedi Movies
Thanks to AmpVamp for passing along word on this Next-Generation preview that has some QuickTime movies showing Jedi Knight action (more recent that the one posted Monday).

Acclaim has opened up their Forsaken website, dedicated to their 3D action shooter, due "first quarter 1998." Thanks Nick Baynes.

UUNET Servers
Bone Displacer sends along the following plea for help to save the UUNET servers:

The quake servers that I have been operating will be going down (hopefully temporarily). I have been working to make them permenent. I need everyone who plays on them to e-mail me at '' who would like them to stay. State the importance of the servers & the quality of players that play there or make any other comments. There is a decent chance that I can get much more than 9 servers up again soon, so I need you to e-mail me. If you have mailed me already (thanks to all of you), another mail is fine. I am the only contact reguarding the servers. - status: down (quakeword ports 27500, 27502, 27600, 27525) - status: going down soon (netquake ports 26007, 26008, 26009, & non-public clangib port)

Log Parser Wars
Hmmm, this won't end: DeFile's QuakeWorld Server Log Parser claims to again raise the bar as far as speed and number of players is concerned. Also, FragLog has been revised, now claiming to be four times faster itself, with the number of players tracked limited only by RAM.

WorldCraft Tease
There are some animated gifs up on the Worldcraft page showing the interface for the upcoming version 2.0 of this dolphin-safe Quake editor. Thanks Andy.

The first German One-on-One Tournament is being organized. The winner gets a Diamond Monster 3D.


LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, a new event in Enloe, TX.

Should've mentioned this yesterday
, Canopus has announced a new Voodoo-based 3D card called the Pure 3D that has 4 MB of texture RAM and a connector to play on your TV (they're also running a Why I Really Want It essay contest where you can win one) ... I'm sorry to pass along word that the Rocket Jumpers Guide to Quake has succumbed to RealLifeTM, and will no longer be updated (at least for the foreseeable future) ... New Ring - The 3D Games Programming Ring is now underway, to link sites working on game modifications ... Help offered? This is unusual, TC's that need a quality sound person can contact Kevin Crocker who's volunteering for work ...

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

New QuakeSpy
The QuakeSpy 5.32 Installer (1 MB) has been released on the QuakeSpy page, fixing the bugs that affected unregistered users.

New PC Gamer Quake II Screenshot
The new screenshot has been posted on PC Gamer. Thanks Aaron Stackpole:

quake2-05-small.jpg (7880 bytes)

Hexen II Preview
There is also a Hexen II Preview at PC Gamer with 8 new screenshots. Thanks Todd. Here is a shot of a deathmatch character (non-GL):

hexen8-small.jpg (11235 bytes)

The official homepage of QuakeCon has reverted to apparently because Gamesmania refuses to release the domain to Polish and Monolith, inspiring an angry plan update by Disruptor.

Return of the Jedi Movie
The Jedi movie posted yesterday is not new (it's apparently about a month old). Apologies to anyone who downloaded that mother a second time.

Happy Birthday sCary
Saw on the ShugaHolio that sCary is 22 today. Happy Birthday! Be sure to send him some noogies or email or something.

Doom Source
John Carmack updated his .plan with some reflections on the possible future of the Doom source code:

I get asked about the DOOM source code every once in a while, so here is a full status update:

The Wolfenstein code wasn't much of a service to release -- it was 16 bit dos code, and there wasn't much you could do with it. Hell, I don't think it even compiled as released.

The DOOM code should be a lot more interesting. It is better written, 32 bit, and portable. There are several interesting projects that immediately present themselves for working with the code. GLDOOM and a packet server based internet DOOM spring to mind. Even a client/server based DOOM server wouldn't be too hard to do.

I originally intended to just dump the code on the net quite some time ago, but Bernd Kreimeier offered to write a book to explain the way the game works. There have been a ton of issues holding it up, but that is still the plan. If things aren't worked out by the end of the year, I will just release things in a raw form, though.

My best case situation would be to release code that cleanly builds for win32 and linux. Bernd is doing some cleanup on the code, and some of the Ritual guys may lend a hand.

One of the big issues is that we used someone else's sound code in dos DOOM (ohmygod was that a big mistake!), so we can't just release the full code directory. We will probably build something off of the quake sound code for the release.

I think I am going to be able to get away with just making all the code public domain. No license, no copyleft, nothing. If you apreciate it, try to get a pirate or two to buy some of our stuff legit...

Fray Update
The Fray page has been updated with all sorts of news. The schedule has been posted, as has a confirmation page to ensure your registration went through properly (registration has been closed). A bunch of new sponsors have signed on. Still have questions? Read the FAQ. It is requested that all attendees bring a 10-15 foot piece of Ethernet cabling, and, if possible, extension cords and power strips.

Anachronox Sketches
There are some previously unreleased design sketches of Anachronox up on The Bricks, a brand-new Anachronox news site. On a related note, Prophet points out that Tom Hall's Anachronox Deigner's Diary continues on GameSpot.

- There is an interview with Hanzo, head of the CTF Expansion Project, up on Paco & Cromwell's CTF Page.

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, the date for the Middle Tennessee Massacre has changed.

New Vérité
- Rendition has issued the press release officially announcing their next generation 3D chipset, the Vérité 2200. Thanks mve ... Patent Protest - A webpage to protest the patent claim against 3D Realms has been put up by 4AM Productions. Thanks Prophet ... AFT mention - there is a blurb about the finals of the All-Female Tournament on Next-Generation Online. Thanks Prophet ... Quake on Finnish TV - this page details (mostly in Finnish) how there is an actual broadcast of a Quake deathmatch planned in Finland. Thanks Poltsi  ... Decaffeinated - Jonn Gorden (Professor X of the X-Men TC) tells me the X-Men TC page now defaults to the non-java version so no more errors (unless, as he puts it, "you want them") ...

Monday, August 18, 1997

Jedi Knight Movie
A preview movie of Jedi Knight in .avi format (13.8 MB), here it is zipped (11.4 MB), has been released by LucasArts. This teaser shows very little of the actual game, mostly relying on cut scenes and full-motion video. It's cool and all, but might not be worth a few hours download at 28.8. Thanks Prophet.

Congrats Mynx & Mental4
As the subject says, congratulations to Mynx & Mental4 on the birth of their son Christopher. I quote the following from the Mynx babywatch page (thanks MrBeetle):

Mynx gave birth at 11:14 am this monday the 18th to a 10 lbs 11 oz. baby boy. His name is Christopher, and mynx, mental4 and the baby are doing fine. That means Spanky who was off by 6 minutes wins first prize, the Space Orb, 33.6 Modem, and QuakeSpy. Second place goes to ]KrONuS[ and he was off by 9 minutes. And 3rd places goes to FrOStByTE for his guess of 10 am.

PC Gamer Quake II  Screenshot O' the Day
PC Gamer has posted their third screenshot du jour (Thanks Beech):

quake2-04-small.jpg (7760 bytes)

Interview Update

New Eliminator Bot
Beta 6 of version 2.0 is available for download on the Eliminator Bot homepage. Thanks Meanstryk and legion (who has an editorial about the Eliminator up on the Scrap-Heap).

Skin Gallery
Slaine has opened a section on his Skins Tutorial site for skin authors without webpages to display their work.

X-Men Screenshots
The X-Men page has been updated with a bunch of screenshots and some animated gifs (and lots of java).

QuakeSpy Recall?
Version 5.31 of QuakeSpy has apparently been found to cause some problems for unregistered users. If you have been having problems it's probably best to go back to version 5.3 for the time being (available in the QuakeWorld 2.0 installer). Thanks ghostcat. The following is the MOTD on QSpy:

QSpy version 5.31 has been pulled offline in preparation for a 5.32 release. UnRegistered users reported several problems resulting from the registration code. Registered users experienced no difficulties. I have gone ahead and taken the code offline while the 5.32 release is prepared.

TeamFortress 2.6 Update
There is a large update on the TeamFortress page describing the future of version 2.6 and the mod in general. Confirming the rumor reported here yesterday, most of the the new class features that have been added since 2.5 are being removed. When finalized TeamFortress 2.6 will be the final version of TeamFortress 1, and aside from bug fixes, the TF team will then concentrate their full efforts on TeamFortress 2 for Quake II. Thanks Prophet. Also, on the TF front, the TF newswire has posted TFigurationV1.3, a freeware utility by Ryan Haney to allow you to quickly and easily make TF configs.

Star Wars TC on Hold
There is a notice up on the Star Wars Quake page that the TC is on hold while legal issues are worked out with LucasArts. I have no word whether this latest twist in the attempts to maneuver the Star Wars TC clear of legal hurdles is a bad sign or just a normal part of the process, as they had already announced their intention of negotiating. Thanks Ant.

New QTank
The good news on the QTank page is that the first beta of this tank TC has been released. The bad news, posted subsequently, is that the most recent version of the source was lost, and must be recreated.

New Expert Quake
Expert Quake 1.2 has been released on the Expert Quake Page. The new version features all the QW 2.01 QuakeC, a new highly configurable weapon switching and firing system, and lag-reducing performance enhancements.

New Quake Name Maker
Version 0.70 of the Quake Name Maker is up on the QNM page.

QView/QHost Public Beta
A public beta of QView/QHost 4.2 is now available on the QView/Qhost page (now part of a larger Xoanan Industries site).

QuakeCon Stuff
The endless aftermath continues: Process has put up his QuakeCon section on Stomped, and have posted all their pictures (over 150!) from the event on their QCon Pictures Page.

Messiah Screenshots, Caveat
There are screenshots from Shiny's upcoming Messiah up on Hot Games. Thanks Prophet. Also, Brian hook included an open letter to Dave Perry of Shiny in his .plan strongly suggesting he reconsider patenting some of the technology being used in Messiah.

QuakeMech Source
As he is committed to other projects (X-Men, Hover, and a Quake II project), cl2 wants to hand off the source code to MechQuake to the interested party who seems most likely to finish the project. Contact him if you're interested.

TC Magazine
Flood Anxiety is cranking along since taking the helm of TC Magazine, there's a new cover story up there profiling Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix.

Log Parser of the Day
There is a new Linux version of QLog, re-written in C to boost performance (allegedly now fast than the parser that claims the speed advantage). The new version and more details are on the QLog page.

Unofficial QWD Specs, Demo Utility Updated
The deviner of demo data, Uwe Girlich has struck again, updating The Unofficial QWD Format Description to version 0.5, with info on the inner workings of QuakeWorld 2.0x demos. Also, his utility formerly known as the LMP/DMO/DEM/QWD Control Centre has been renamed the much more user-friendly Little Movie Processing Centre. It has been updated to Version 3.1.3, and now supports the QW 2.00 protocol as well. Versions for Linux, DOS, and Windows, as well as the source are all available on Uwe Girlich's Games Page.

The Truth About Mice is a page with advice about using the proper controller (i.e., the mouse) in Quake. Interestingly the discussion starts at the very beginning at the mouse pad. I was discussing this with some people at QuakeCon, and it reminds me: I want to mention my personal favorite: the 3M Precision Mousing surface (I believe the pad generically described on this mouse page as "...the hard-to-come-by strange rippled surface mat...". These odd colored, slightly expensive (~$18 US) mousepads are amazing. Highly recommended.


LAN Parties

The chaos of deathmatch at the Ion Storm offices
is captured on this short RealVideo recording (as always, Real player required) posted on the Ion site (they show a couple of Romero in frustration, but no good "suck it down" victory woops). Thanks Prophet ... Ever a more valuable Clan resource, Quake Mountain has added a QPlug page of QuakeWorld servers for clan action ... Mac Attack - apparently there were MacQuake ads in many Sunday papers advertising MacQuake available in CompUSA for $39.99 ... A 32 Player Map Archive is underway at Quakeworld 32 Player Level Project, send 'em along if you have any ... The Internet as an addiction is the subject of this article sent along by my buddy the Ant (though it's probably not that big of a shock to some of us) ... Screensaver updates on the Screensaver Archive, with updates to the Quake II, Half-Life, and Sin Screensavers, as well as a new one for Hexen II ... PaintBall Map - Hell Survivors, a new PaintBall map has been released on the QTeam Page ... 

Sunday, August 17, 1997

New QuakeSpy
QuakeSpy 5.31 (805 KB) has been released on the QuakeSpy page. This is an update fixing a few bugs that requires you already have 5.3 installed. Thanks Bryan.

Thresh News

Hexen 2 Preview
A couple of things I've been meaning to mention are this and the next one: Rick Johnson updated his .plan confirming that the Hexen 2 Demo would be released this Friday. The demo should be around 12 MB  containing two demo levels and one deathmatch level, and the Paladin and Assassin characters. Thanks Phoebus.

Quake II Preview
I forgot to mention this when we learned it from someone on chat on QuakeCast, but Cross (Thresh's bro) points out that Gamer's Extreme updated their Quake II Preview.

Sin City Expands
Aaron 'Lithium' Corcoran is merging Evil Intentions in with Sin City to create a mega-Sin site. To celebrate the occasion, they have posted Lithium's interview with Mark Diochtermann, and they have also announced a Scourge of Armagon giveaway.

TeamFortress Reverts?
According to the TeamFortress Newswire, the current plan is to remove the changes that were made between TF 2.5 and 2.6. Thanks DieHard.

QuakeWorld Future versus Fantasy
Darwin of the FvF Team says that Future versus Fantasy 4.0 will contain the first version of FvF for QuakeWorld.

Log Parser of the Day
Version 1.1 of jawFrag is out on the  jawFrag Page.



MacQuake this week?
That's the rumor passed along by crt of Keygrip fame ... Dark_Skye of the Scrap Heap was in a car accident recently. If you get a chance, drop by and send him a  get-well-soon e-mail. Thanks legion ...

Saturday, August 16, 1997

Half-Life Screenshots, New FAQ
PC Gamer is on a roll, they just posted their Half-Life Preview that has nine new screenshots. Thanks Mohammed AlQuraishi. Also, Jaspur has posted version 2.0 of the Unofficial Half-Life FAQ on Jaspur's Half-Life.

Sin Screenshot
There is also a new screenshot from Sin up on EnterMedia. Thanks Prophet.

Prey Screenshots
There are screenshots from Prey that were scanned in from the new Next-Generation (print) up on PreyStation. Thanks Prophet.

Malice Screenshot
Embrionic Pete sent along a screenshot from Quantum Axcess' upcoming commercial TC, titled Malice. We were watching a little of this at QuakeCon, and it looks really cool, with combat segments that take place during some sort of parachute freefall:

dam_ba_fires.jpg (5202 bytes)

FvF 4.0 Screenshots
Finally, to round out screenshot mania, there are some screenshots from the upcoming Future versus Fantasy 4.0 up on the FvF page.

QuakeWorld 2.0 problems and Solutions
QuakeWorld.Net has been updated with some useful solutions to the most frequently reported problems with the new QuakeWorld (thanks Jeff Phillips):

CyberDawn TC
Cyber-Dawn TC Preview release 5 (1.3 MB) is out here on SIMITAR. Thanks Faustus.

Bugz TC
There is a playable preview of Bugz (196 KB), the new TC from the team that had been working on a now Foxed TC about a certain copyrighted plumber, is up on the Bugz TC page. Thanks Prophet.

Parser of the Day
Version 1.03 of FragStats has been released on the FragStats Homepage with a bunch of enhancements.


Snake from Clan Gib has begun an LPB only CTF league called CTFL.


LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, new events in Toronto/Brampton, Canada; Murfreesboro, TN; and a monthly Descent event(!) in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

A ThunderWalker CTF Ring
is underway, check out The ThunderWalker Webring ... Happy   Birthday to FRAGaLOT who has taken over the reigns as webmaster on the QuakeSpy page ... <tease> Something kinda cool is in the air for Blue's News, it might even happen within the next 24 hours </tease> ...

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