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Friday, August 15, 1997

Newer Quake II Screenshot
The second screenshot of the day has been posted on PC Gamer. Thanks Slipgate of Jason Bates of PC Gamer clarified the plan for me: they will be posting a screenshot a day until Quake II is released.

quake2-03-small.jpg (7649 bytes)

New Quake II Screenshot
The UK version of PC Gamer is running their own Quake II feature in the October issue (on newsstands in September). they've got a ton (about 70!) screenshots, a full preview of the game, and a John Carmack interview. Here is a screenshot that Jim Flynn, the editor over there was nice enough to pass along:

quake25s.jpg (4371 bytes)

New Doc Holiday Poster
Today has become image day, Dhabih "Doc Holiday" Eng sent along another cool Quake II poster:

doc-q2-t.jpg (4869 bytes)

Zanshin Update
Zanshin updated the GL Quake Dojo showing his resolve to persevere. As I mentioned before, while he's grateful for the support, he would like to see an end to the seemingly endless public speculation about his situation.

New Visage
There is a new version of Visiage the Macintosh Quake editing utility on the Visage page. Thanks Prophet.

Half-Life Screenshots
Choryoth has sent out two new screenshots from Half-Life. These are in the software version of the game (as opposed to GL), taken from a level created by Dario Casali.

lab1s.jpg (4993 bytes) lab2s.jpg (4329 bytes)

Fantasy Quake Beta
The first beta of Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix has been released on the Fantasy Quake page. This is really intended as a beta (by downloading you become a beta tester), so check the details. Thanks Demandred.

Quake II Screenshot of the Day on PCGamer
PCGamer has announced that they are going to release a new Quake II  screenshot every day until their October issue goes on sale (in about a month), or maybe every day till the game is released (it says different things in different areas). That October  issue will contain a huge Quake II preview apparently with even more screenshots. Here's the shot of the day, showing the cool spiral trail of the RailGun (thanks DAnRAGE):

quake2-02-small.jpg (8080 bytes)

Sin on PCGames
On a similar vein, news on PCGames is that beginning next week they're going to begin some ongoing exclusive Sin coverage, including RealVideo interviews and exclusive screenshots. Thanks Prophet.

Helping Zanshin
I have received numerous suggestions, chain letters, word on web pages, etc., all devoted to the worthy cause of helping out pal Zanshin with his legal situation. At this point, considering we don't even know the company involved, I think it is best to wait and see what happens next. Rest assured, that if there is anything our community can do to help, I will do my best to help spread the word.

New Star Wars Release
A new version of the preliminary release (614 KB) of the Star Wars Quake TC has been released (I think I missed this yesterday). Thanks Prophet.




LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, a new event in the Mile-High City, Denver, CO;  Also, if you want info on carpooling to Fragapalooza (Canada) email strAtEdgE.

So long
to Zep who sends word he is closing his site, Eye On Ion (though there's no announcement on the page) ... Clan Carbine is a PaintBall-only clan (?) whose homepage also contains PaintBall news, tips, etc. There is also PaintBall Ring underway ... A new edition of the snipe is online on PCGames (thanks Prophet) ...

Thursday, August 14, 1997

Tonight on QuakeCast (8:30 PM Eastern time), we have Zoid (ThreeWave, QuakeWorld, GLQuake), lindril (T3 Clan Ring tourney), and David "Tolwyn" Shaw who is doing a CD of music for Quake.

New Skin Pack
Robs has been cranking right along since beginning his pinch-hitting stint at QuakeWorld Central, the QPlug page is now back on-line, and the latest skin pack has been uploaded. Here's QW Skin Pack #5 (5.9 MB). This contains all the skins that have been submitted to date, so it should eliminate most of those annoying skin downloads and skin not found messages.

Another Thresh Challenge
Another Thresh challenge has been propsed by Angel Muņoz. This time it be a rematch of the Thresh versus Entropy Ferrari finals, and would involve a more sane $2,000 from each side with half going to the winner, and half going to charity (basically the loser giving $2,000 to charity). the whole challenge is posted on Brutality.

Paul Steed updated his .plan again to elaborate on his statements about school being unimportant to certain computer industry jobs. From what I've seen, as much as it sounds counter to everything we try to tell kids, he is not lying about education's role in this industry (which is not to say that prospective computer game professionals would not be wise to have an education, as a fall-back in case the gaming job does not materialize).

Zanshin Foxed
I ran into Zanshin on IRC who tells me he just posted word on his GLQuake Dojo that he has been served with court papers ordering him to refrain from distributing or discussing the technology known as ZGL (Zanshin's GL Library for 3Dfx). He requests that you refrain from mailing him about this matter, as he is not at liberty to discuss it at all.

Paul Steed FAQ
As promised, Paul Steed updated his .plan with a huge FAQ answering many of the questions he's received. He dispenses some advice for aspiring game professionals still in High School (forget about school), College (forget about school), as well as tips on books and programs for art and 3d modeling, as well as a few new Quake II tidbits, and, of course his eagerly awaited middle name.

Reapers on DM4
Hades has created a new patch that allows you to play against the feared Reaper Bot using DM4 (everyone starts with all the weapons) rules.  Here is the Reaper DM4 patch (163 KB). Thanks to legion of the Scrap Heap (the super bot news resource).

Quake 64 Delayed, Multiplayer Back
The bad news, according to this GameSpot article, is that the release of Quake64 (Quake for the Nintendo 64 console) has been delayed. The good news is that this is because Midway has relented, and is putting multiplayer play back in. Quake without deathmatch: could you imagine? That would be as bad as Quake without a mouse (oops). Thanks Brian Nelson.

CTF Strategy
The strategy section on Paco & Cromwells CTF page has been considerably beefed up with a bunch of new non-level specific (use of runes, weapons, etc.) strategies.

Name Maker
Quake Name Maker version 0.70 is now available from the QNM Homepage. The new version helps create names, animated names (ugh), and chat macros. You can also read about QNM's new addition, QNM [Namer].

Turok for the PC
There is a preview of Turok for the PC on PCGamer (for everyone who longed to attach a mouse to their console). Thanks Prophet.

Web Page 101
There are a pair of articles on PlanetQuake about building a better website: Webpage 101 Part 2 (by Fragmaster) is a follow-up to Webpage 101 part 1 (by Fargo). Both articles share some quality recommendations for aspiring webmasters.

Log Parsers Daily
A new version of jawFrag, the multi-platform log parser, has been updated to 1.0 (quite a jump from 0.1), reflecting the level of stability it has achieved. The program, along with speed comparisons that show this to be the fastest of the log parsers are available on the jawFrag page. Also, CTFrank is a log parser for ThreeWave CTF that generates HTML and a player database. On the CTFrank page.




LAN Parties

Quake II Mailing List Resumes (again)
- check The Nebula or The Sentinel for details ... The Baby Watch continues(!): The Mynx Babywatch is accepting new entries again since the the little Quaker has seen fit to stay put long past the dates most anyone guessed ... The Home of Polish Quake is Quake w Polsce, and yes, the page is all in Polish ... Quick Quake ISP Survey: If a local ISP had private Quake servers (giving a great ping) would this entice you enough to switch ISPs? Please respond to Bill Redmond ... id Patent Infringement? That's the case according to QuakeWeek (thanks Opafaf) ... Thresh PostScript - Jason Hall updated his .plan talking at length about his belief Thresh would have lost ... New Challenge - There is a post on Redwood's from Tim Willits betting Paul Steed can kick Thresh's ass in a fistfight, and Disruptor posted his own challenge in his .plan ... Been a little behind on the first update of the day lately: I'm working very hard on a new files section, and though it shouldn't take much longer, I think I'll rearrange the way I'm doing it so it stops messing up the early updates anway ...

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

The Thresh Challenge: The Final Words?
Disruptor and Tokay updated their .plans detailing the high stakes they had riding on the Thresh/Craig Hubbard challenge (late addition: Craig Hubbard is into the bug eating). I say had riding, because I received the following from Craig Hubbard that seems to but the idea that this match will occur to rest (though the QBert challenge is still alive):

I find it incredibly flattering that there are people in the gaming community--including Jason Hall, our illustrious CEO--who think I could defeat Thresh in a one-on-one game of Quake despite his reputation and demonstrated skill. As Jason stated in the plan file that instigated this now mythical challenge, I did indeed proclaim that I thought I could beat Thresh, although I must note that the term "WHOOP" is not in my vocabulary and was supplied by Jason. My statement is an example of what we gamers call "talking shit."

So do I really believe I could beat Thresh? Sure. He's a great player, but even great players can be toppled. Do I believe he could beat me? Of course. He didn't win John Carmack's Ferrari by accident.

The real question is whether or not finding out is worth $25,000, $2,000, or even $100. To that, let me say that I wouldn't stake my own money on it, so why should I be willing to stake someone else's?

The only reason I've even decided to acknowledge this increasingly ridiculous affair is that it's starting to interfere with my productivity. Every day, I receive challenges from other players  wanting to test my mettle, angry protests from gamers who are insulted by Jason's suggestion that Thresh is defeatable (the audacity!), votes of confidence from various gamers and industry people, and, perhaps most disturbingly, consoling messages from those who think my inevitable defeat would somehow equate to physical death.

I am busting my ass to make a great, exciting game and also deliver it on schedule, which is the perpetual challenge in game development. All my time and effort are going into ensuring that Riot is as polished and fun as possible. There's no room in that equation for a high profile match with insane stakes against someone I've never played or even met.

I would love to play Thresh, but not until Riot is done and not for $25,000. And that's all I have to say about that.

Now about that QBert challenge... ;)

QuakeWorld Central
My good pal Robs (Rob Selitto) has temporarily taken over the reigns of QuakeWorld Central in Rick ^Drag0n^ Brewer's absence (anybody remember Al Haig? "I'm in charge here."). He has been working hard to bring the site up to date, and having gotten on top of that, is promising a new look and a new section to be added to the site soon.

Jedi Knight Release Date
The release date for LucasArt's Jedi Knight is October 14, according to MeccaWorld. Thanks sCary.

New QW FAQ Proxy
Version 0.9 of QW FAQ Proxy is out on the QW FAQ Proxy page. This program allows flexible recording of demos from player or observer mode (start and stop recording mid-game), and connect multiple observer to one client, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Fragapalooza, UnrealNation, and Blue's  in PC Games
Prophet sent along this article that mentions both UnrealNation and Fragapalooza, and this web version of an article I mentioned when the the print version appeared called For the Love of It, about user created websites (that mentions Blue's News).

Quake-Killer Poll
On today's theme of everyone having an opinion,  there is an opinion poll up on bootNet asking what game, if any, of the Quake-killers currently in development will actually kill Quake. Thanks Stormer.

TeamFortress 2.6 Final Beta
What's described as the final beta of TeamFortress 2.6 has been released on the TeamFortress Page (2.6 requires TF 2.5 installed to work). The new release is designed to take advantage of the new speed functions in QuakeWorld 2.0 to restore individual speeds to the different classes. Thanks [DoS]ForceTen.

QuakeWorld Server 2.01
Version 2.01 of the QuakeWorld server has been released (as noted in Disruptor's .plan) on id's FTP site. Here's the Win95/NT version (223 KB), the Linux version (200 KB), and the Solaris version (448 KB). Jack Mathews updated his .plan saying we would probably have to wait for next week for the 2.01 client (they are currently unable to access the source code for the installer), which will fix the color glitches (he also is not at liberty to reveal his cool news yet).

Thresh Responds
I was wondering what Thresh thought of all the words and money being thrown around in the name of the Thresh challenge (check here to catch up if you're just joining this one). Thresh has now posted his response on the Frontline Page on Gamer's Extreme. As I suspected from the nature of the public statements, neither Angel Munoz nor Jason Hall, who have been talking this bet up, have actually spoken to Thresh about this. Nonetheless, Thresh says that though he was originally tempted to ignore the whole thing, not only is he willing to take the match, but he is not going to hide behind someone else's funding, as his company (Gamer's Extreme), is willing to put up the $25,000! (No, I don't know how legal any of this is.) Thanks Ajax. BTW, man of all games, Thresh also sounds like he might be into Cat Daddy's QBert challenge, too! This situation is also being followed now by Matt Waggoner, who, shortly after commenting to me on the insanity of the participant started up the Thresh Challenge News

Quake II Art
Always a sucker for a cool piece of Quake art, here is one of the coolest I've received in a while. Check out this Quake 2 image created by Dhabih "Doc Holiday" Eng:

doc-quake2s.jpg (6953 bytes)

Patent Update
tookycat has posted a copy of the fax that Apogee received regarding Apogee's alleged patent violation, and here is the SPA's analysis of the situation (thanks Pat).

Quake Front End
Push Button Quake (PBQ) is a new front end for Quake, available at the Push Button Quake page.

Quake Back End
Jawed Karim (author of jaw3d Model Viewer) has released jawFrag, a multi-platform, high-performance QuakeWorld log parser. The 0.1 alpha is available on the jawFrag page, promising:  true multi-platform support, unlimited number of players (other parsers often have limits on the number of players tracked), and speed.

Hexen 2 at CDROM.COM
Joost Schuur sends along word that he's gearing up for a Hexen 2 FTP section in the idgames archives at Walnut Creek (CDROM.COM):

With the upcoming release of a Hexen 2 demo, i'd like to address the issue of a centralized Hexen 2 FTP site. I'd like to continue to promote as the definitive resource for all quake engine games. /pub/idgames2 was always intended as a host for all games using Quake's engine. This includes Hexen 2, Sin, Daikatana, Half-Life and Quake 2.

Walnut Creek offers plenty of file space, plenty of bandwidth and what's probably the most important, dozens of already established  mirroring sites worldwide.

I'll probably house general Hexen 2 utils under the normal idgames directory structure, create a hexen_2 subdir under levels, a hexen_c dir and some sort of mirror of the official hexen 2 demo release site. comments on the dir structure are of course still welcome. a symlink from /pub/hexen2 will be made to point to /pub/idgames2 to make it easy for people to find.

Brutal, Ain't It
Monolith and Polish, those cool QuakeManiacs, have expanded the focus of their site, moved it and renamed it all in one fell swoop. Now called Brutality, the site covers 3D gaming, and plays host to several related sites. Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to Polish, who turned 23 yesterday.

Quake II Music
There are now RealAudio versions of the Quake II mp3's up on, and The Sentinel. On this subject, to paraphrase the wise man, opinions are like orifices, eveyones got one. Therefore, it is not that surprising that the recently release Quake II mp3's have generated mixed responses to the Quake II music: Redwood and Zanshin both blasted it, onethumb defended it,  personally, I thought it was cool, but what do I know (and what do you care? That's why they were released: listen and decide for yourself). Now, to confirm that there will not be 100% consensus on whether the music works, Dyno's Quake News has posted an opinion poll on the subject. Thanks Prophet.


Gib Fest '97
is a non-QuakeWorld, TeamFortress tourney that's just gearing up. Interested clans can sign up on the Gib Fest '97 page.


LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page is word on a new event in Dallas, TX (oooh, Denny's!).

ThunderWalker running
- there's word on the ThunderWalker CTF page that work on this patch is kicking back into gear (thanks Catalyst) ... Congrats to Phoebus, whose new project, HexenWorld managed to garner a mention in GameCenter (thanks Prophet) ...

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Happy Birthday Ritual
Today is Ritual's first anniversary: it was one year ago today that Hipnotic's formation was announced. Congrats guys. Thanks Mike Wilson.

The Ever Rising Ante
In reaction to Jason Hall's .plan update that seems to up the stakes in the Craig Hubbard/Thresh challenge to a $25,000 bet, the Avault's CEO Angel L. Munoz makes his reply (thanks Prophet for forwarding the letter) in an email:

Hi Jason,

I just read the following post from your .plan:

"You know, I never figured that a casual comment like " I believe that Craig Hubbard can WHOOP Thresh" would generate the kind of interest that it has. For those of you that are
wondering what the response has been like, it has been fairly interesting!

People are not ONLY betting on Thresh. A lot of people are betting on Craig!! (I found this REALLY interesting) You know, The C.E.O of thinks that his $2000 bet is gonna scare me. Screw that! Let's get serious! $25,000 is more like it! Let's make the stakes worth sweating over..."

You grossly underestimate me. I am VERY serious about this bet and if it takes $25,000 to see you break a sweat, well hell then it's worth it to me. So bring Craig, your checkbook and your sweat glands to Dallas for an Adrenaline Vault ( sponsored deathmatch. Yes, I'll bet you $25,000 US Dollars that Thresh completely shreds Craig to pieces, quickly and effectively. And because I think you are bluffing, I'll throw this
little incentive for you: For every frag that Craig nails on Thresh I will pay you $1000.

So what's it going to be?


Angel L. Munoz, CEO, Inc.

BTW, Mike "Cat Daddy" Wilson says "I'll bet Jason Hall AND Angel Munoz 5k that neither Thresh nor Craig Hubbard can last 5 minutes with Ion Storm's own Rob Legg in Qbert".

Game Design .plan
Paul Schuytema, Prey project leader, updated his .plan with an interesting essay on game design issues, in particular the effect the lethality of combat has on gameflow.

Quake II FAQ
The Quake II FAQ over at has been updated to version 0.2d.

Final PainKeep
Version 1.11 of PainKeep (12.6 MB), the Evolve teams fantastic deathmatch TC has been released on the PainKeep page. There is also a patch to upgrade PainKeep 1.1 (2.4 MB), but no full install shield this time out. The new version, said to be the last,  irons out the remaining bugs and is QuakeWorld 2.0 compatible. If you haven't checked out PainKeep, you should, it's a really well done professional quality product.

Prophet sent along word of this Game-Wire story on a letter making a patent claim sent to Apogee Software by the holder of this patent (link from Redwood's, thanks RonSolo). I am not a lawyer, but this patent seems to cover games that use digitized video playback that branches based on the players selection, and wouldn't apply to the current realm of 3D shooters. The letter nonetheless claims that the infringing game is Duke Nukem 3D. Obviously, if it is found that this is a valid application of the patent, this will have an impact on a lot more games.

Unreal Screenshots, Music
Stonage wrote to point out that I missed UnrealNation's opening day treats: two new screenshots, one of Unreal deathmatch and the other of a new level with an unknown monster. They also have an interview with Alex Brandon, who's doing the music for Unreal, that includes a music sample.

QuakeWorld 32 Player Map Update
Version 1.1 of the QuakeWorld 32 player map pack (5 MB) has been released. There is also a version on the QuakeWorld 32 Player Project page that is broken into a few smaller chunks.

New QSpawn
Version 0.97 of QSpawn (713 KB), a Quake front-end has been released on the QSpawn page. Also available is an upgrade version (45 KB), containing just the .exe for users of  previous versions.Thanks Prophet.

New Server Browser Beta
A beta version of QMaster, a new shareware program to find Quake servers on the 'net, ā la QSpy is on the QMaster homepage.

QSpy Skins
Speaking of QSpy, the winner of TeamQSpy's skin competition has been announced on the QuakeSpy page.

Mac Server Browser
It's server browser day: Information on QFinder, a Quake server browser in the works for the Macintosh, is available at Scott's MacQuake Utilities.

Unreal Preview
There is an Unreal preview with a detailed look at the game, as well as screenshots and RealVideo footage on PC Games Online. Thanks Prophet. Speaking of Unreal, the UnrealNation has launched. Run by the former maintainers of the former sites, Unreal Immersion, The Unreal Editing HQ, and The Unreal Infobahn, the new site looks to be a definitive Unreal resource.

Daikatana Preview
There is a Daikatana preview on AVault. Thanks Pete.

Wampey's Censuses
You can set your watch by Wampey's Censuses. Regular as clockwork, last week's answers have been posted along with next week's questions.

qwrap is a Perl script for Linux QuakeWorld server administrators. The script wraps around the QuakeWorld Server, logs crashes and restarts qwsv after crashes. Compatible with QW 1.64 and 2.0, the script and more details are available on the qwrap page. I assume that's pronounced "q-wrap," and not "crap" (you've got to be careful with names).

SQuake From X
For the UNIX crowd, there is a tip on More 2 Cent Tips and Tricks Issue 20 on how to run SQuake from within an X session. Thanks Krakken.

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties scene, the Volcano Gods' regularly scheduled event will be a week early this month.

Expert news:
there's a lot of news on the Expert Quake page, including the release of the first map from the Expert map pak, and info on the new DM modes, deathmatch 4 and 5 ... Aspirations of working in the game industry? Check out part 3 of So You Want to Be in Game Development: Game Designer. (Prophet) ... Apologies to Quake2 Cheese, who were trying to run a "guess what the infantry guy is saying" contest before I spilled the beans yesterday ... More than 2,100 sites are now being tracked by Prince Mystery's Computer Games Automated Server ... I've gotten questions lately on why after following a hyperlink on this page and then hitting the "back" button you do not return to where you started, but rather, to the top of the page. I believe this is because the news page uses server-side includes, but am not positive. If anyone has any insights into anything I can do to affect this, I look forward to hearing them ...

Monday, August 11, 1997

Paul Steed's .plan
Just wanted to comment on Paul Steed's .plan. Jim Lee rocks! Also (on the Quake-front), Paul says he'll do a Q&A in his next .plan update with some of the questions he's been receiving.

Brian Hook IRC Interview
There will be an interview on Undernet #idsoftware with id Software's Brian Hook on August 29.  The interview will be moderated and it is suggested that you submit questions in advance. More details are on Thanks Prophet.

Quake II mp3's Part 3
I pulled the unzipped versions of Sonic Mayhem's Quake II mp3's that I posted. Sonic's suggestion was a fine one, but I couldn't seem to get them uploaded without corrupting them. Sorry.

id's Cool Website
Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan talking about id's new look website (which really is tremendous), kudos again to the high-priest of Photoshop, Walter |2| Costinak. I mentioned yesterday that there's a secret area on the site that I wouldn't reveal, but how about another cool Easter egg? Check out the large image of the infantry guy. After a few seconds his head turns and he mouths something, a couple of alert readers wrote in saying it looks like he says "wow" or "spooge", but to paraphrase George Bush, read his lips... he's saying "Quake II". Congrats to Matt Allen for being the only one to guess before I posted this.

GL Stuff
Jack Mathews updated his .plan explaining why the new GL code is both slower and faster, and promising a cool update today or tomorrow. Also, Zanshin updated the GLQuake Dojo with a new version of his FAQ. He also strongly recommends that everyone replace the opengl32.dll in their \quake subdirectory with the new version, and passes along word that there are some color errors in distance mipmapping with the new texture scheme in GLQuake and GLQuakeWorld. Thanks Faustus.

Mario Foxed
In a not particularly startling development (I'm sorry to say that, but TC's based on copyrighted material know the thin ice upon which they skate), the Mario TC has been shut down following a cease and desist letter from Nintendo. Thanks mooch.

HeadHunter Server
According to the HeadHunters page, the QuakeWorld 2.0 version of the patch is imminent with the discovery of the grapple bug, and there is now a server running the HeadHunter's client-side patch (thanks Faustus) at: or

Quake Map Validator
Version 0.12 of the Quake Map Validator (QMV) has been released on the QMV page. Thanks Prophet.

Air Quake
There are screenshots and info here about Air Quake, a cool looking flying patch in progress, currently up to test 7. Thanks Flatline.

Hexen FvF
On the Future versus Fantasy page there is word on plans to create a Hexen version of the patch called FvF: The Specialists. There is also a mention there of a possible late August release of FvF 4.0 (registered only). Also, on the subject of FvF, Prophet sends along a tip on the FvF Tips Page to aid in get the most out of this mod, and an FvF discussion forum called Death From Above.

TeamFortress Specialties
In one fell swoop, Prophet has also sent along a bunch of pages that can help get you going in TeamFortress: There's The Shop (dedicated to the Engineer class), The Demoman Guild (yep, for Demomen), Triggerman's Sniper Hide and Sniper Central (devoted to the brave art of sniping), and finally for general help, there's the TeamFortress Newbies Guide.

Quake Mods for Dummies
The makers of Special Forces Quake have put up a Quake Mods for Dummies page (this is kind of frightening, you like to think the people making these patches know a thing or two).


The QPU (Quake Pack Utility)
page has moved to There is also information there about a new version.

LAN Parties
LAN Parties Added a definite date for Southampton, UK's BangBash; also, Siren has written up her DC-Con experiences (she had a blast).

There are now over 400 demos
in Demoland, the home of Quake demos, maintained by the Void's Patrick Cupka (thanks Prophet) ... The German Quake scene is the focus of Quake Over Germany ... Similarly, is a LAN party listing all in German ...  It's never too early to start getting the latest, so head on over to Anachronews to get the skinny on Tom Hall's upcoming Anachronox (thanks Prophet) ... Doom as a benchmark? There's an article on MSNBC comparing different hardware platforms based on their performance playing Doom (thanks Paul Steffens) ... Free Quake logos are being offered by Jesper Christiansen, you can see an example of his work here ... 

Sunday, August 10, 1997

John Carmack at SIGGRAPH
John Carmack updated his .plan talking about his SIGGRAPH presentation, also going into detail about the way Quake II will handle animations.

Yes, there is a secret area on id's website (but don't you think it's more fun if you find it yourself?).

New Quake II Screenshots, Animations
Also released on id's newly revamped website are some new Quake II screenshots and animations (thanks ^Strider^).

quake2_berzerk_anim.gif (11983 bytes) quake2_hover_anim.gif (22036 bytes)  quake2_infantry_anim.gif (61348 bytes)

08099701_small.jpg (3719 bytes) 08099702_small.jpg (3462 bytes)

New Arch Mage Beta
Beta  .04 of the Arch Mage TC has been released on the Arch Mage Page. The new released changes the Raise Dead spell, and adds a rudimentary ChaseCam. Thanks Prophet.

DM 4.0 CTF
An interesting combination of ideas here, [KT]Stress has put up a server that's running Threewave CTF 4.2 along with the Deathmatch 4 rules (where everyone starts with every weapon). You can give it a try at this server: port 26001

QuakeRally Map Guild
Speedzone, dedicated to Impact's QuakeRally, has begun a mapper's guild for authors of QuakeRally tracks.

Ranger Update
There is an update on the RangerWeb giving word on the status of RGB3, as well as general Rangerliness.

New GLQuake GLQuakeWorld, QW Server
Okay, the problems abated, here are the missing goodies: the full QuakeWorld 2.0 client install (1.4 MB) which includes QuakeSpy 5.3 and the GL QuakeWorld client, the new GLQuake (269 KB), which, like the GLQW client, uses 8 bit textures for greatly enhanced performance, the QuakeWorld server (221 KB): it should be noted that only version 2.0 clients can connect to 2.0 servers, though the new client can still connect to older servers. Finally, for the UNIX aficionados, here's the Linux client (163 KB) the Linux server (200KB), and the new SVGALib Quake (200 KB).

QuakeWorld 2.0 and QSpy 5.3
The cool happenings Disruptor referred to in his .plan have happened (sort of): the release of the new QuakeWorld and QSpy. The new GLQuake and GLQW Client were also supposed to be released, but a last second bug was discovered, so the new GL clients with the cool 8 bit texture mode are still unreleased. But here is the QuakeWorld 2.0 client install (1.2 MB) which includes QuakeSpy 5.3 (morbid says that a separate installer for the new QSpy should be available Monday). id has also unveiled their new look for their website, designed by Walter |2| Costinak, and you really should check it out, it is the beans.

Quake II mp3's
As promised, Sonic Mayhem has released a pair of mp3's of music from Quake II on their website. Here's track 1 (1 MB) and track 2 (967 KB), and Winamp (202 KB) in case you need an mp3 player.

Saturday, August 9, 1997

More on the Hexen 2 Demo
Steve Stringer of Activision sends along more info on the upcoming Hexen 2 demo release, including word on an IRC release party:

The demo will be available on our FTP sites on August 22nd, and will include:

* The first two levels of the game plus one deathmatch level
* Two character classes: the Paladin and the Assassin
* Multiplayer support
* Both Software and GL versions will be included

Zentron and Oatmeal, the web masters of, are hosting a Hexen2 iRC Release Party on the night of August 22nd in the official EFNet Hexen2 channel #hexen2 . Brian Raffel, myself, and some of the development team will be there.

The Thresh Challenge?
Angel Munoz, CEO of Avault has responded to the challenge posted in Monolith CEO Jason Hall's recent .plan update. Angel has upped the ante considerably from the $100 Jason has willing to stake on Craig Hubbard beating Thresh in Quake. Thanks Embrionic Pete:

Challange from Angel Munoz, CEO of Avault
Ok Jason I'll bite, I bet you $2,000 that Thresh kicks Craig's ass. And more I will gladly host the event here in Dallas in a special location for and invite the media to witness Crag's humiliation.

Now let's see how serious you were when you posted this on your .plan.


Angel L. Munoz, CEO, Inc.

Ritual Chat
nite sends along the following describing a chat session with the guys from Ritual:

On August 13th @ 7:00 PM CST, members of the SiN development team of Ritual Entertainment will be on stage at the EnterMedia iChat Theater for a special 1 hour chat session and public interview, along with an unveiling of all-new screen shots of the game! The event is sponsored by EnterMedia and 3Dx (""). Details will be posted on EnterMedia's Web site ("") over the next few days, and all questions should be sent to "".

Phoebus (webmaster of Cult of..., Raven Software), along with PlanetQuake, has opened HexenWorld, a mega site devoted to being a major Hexen 2 resource. The site will also play host to Hexen 2 related sites.

Jokey's Levels
Jokey Smurf has released the maps he was working on for DC-Con. All but one of his four new creations are variations on original id maps, including his Abandoned Base 2, which is a new version of DM3 (making use of the original source, given to Jokey by John Carmack). I want to try deathmatching in Jokey's Madhouse 2, his variant on the Bad Place (DM4), which looks as wild as the original. All available on Jokey's Quake Level Page.

QuakeWorld Paintball
The first beta of the QuakeWorld version of QTeam's Paintball patch is up on the QTeam page. You will need the original patch installed to use the QW upgrade.

Version 1.0b2 of Quake Servers Info (QSI) is out on the QSI Homepage. This is a Java application (not an applet) that allows you to search for Internet Quake servers, ā la QSpy.

WorldCraft 2 Preview
PCGamer has a preview of WorldCraft 2.0, which will be shipped with Half-Life. The article stresses that the new version will be a better Quake editor than ever, as well as being ideal as a Half-Life editor. Thanks Prophet.

More MacQuake
Another newsgroup posting sheds more light on the status of the Macintosh Quake port after Lion software's demise. You can read it on Next-Generation. Thanks Prophet.

Janitor Bob Resigns
Janitor Bob is hanging up his mop (as close as he's ever come to cleaning), and retiring from Ritual to pursue his dream of working in pr0n. Get the full scoop in his .plan update.


LAN Parties
A couple of new additions to the LAN Parties page: an event in Israel; something trying to come together in Hastings, NB.

A logo contest
is being held over at ... It's never too early, so here's another Trinity page to whet your appetite ...

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