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Friday, August 8, 1997

Hexen 2 Demo Release Date?
According to, a demo of Hexen 2 will be released on August 22.

Response to onethumb
Willem Knibbe, AKA TheWeasel, the Quake Producer at TEN, has written a response to onethumb's recent editorial (TEN just has No Clue) called About that rant... presenting the other side of that story.

Thresh Results
My fly on the wall at the SIGGRAPH Conference, Spuds, has kindly supplies us with the results of the "how well can you do versus Thresh competition." Check out that final note: Thresh was fragged a single time through the whole event:

1st Place ($2000 & Voodoo Card): Dayvid Iannaci a.k.a. Da5id
2nd Place ($1000 & Voodoo Card): David Fallon a.k.a. Club
3rd Place ($500 & Voodoo Card): (TIE!) Kornelia Takacs a.k.a Kornelia and Jason Carlton a.k.a Unholy

Actually there was a tie for 1st place also. The tie was broken by Da5id and Club speed running E1M2. Da5id beat Club by 1 second (55 seconds)!

Club (of Clan Postal) was the ONLY contestant to frag Thresh, and then only once!

The Return of the Sniper
The Sniper is back with his weekly PC Games column full of dirty, nasty tricks, and their justification. Thanks Prophet.

Sin Screenshots (Sort Of)/Screensaver
There are some Sin screenshots up at Sin City, that Adam 'Bakshra' Krumbein extracted from the video recently released. There is also a new Sin screensaver at the Sin Asylum. Thanks Prophet for both of those.

More Log Parsers
The old equal time hotline saw some activity after yesterday's log parser story. Qlog is a set of Perl scripts to create HTML pages from the log files from either a Quake or a QuakeWorld server. Another log parser with a new version recently is called FragLog, at Mike D's FragLog page. Then there is Fragstats a log parser to output HTML from QuakeWorld logs. Also, on a semi-related note, server operators might also be interested in Qsmack a utility that extends the power of a server admin to ban players who don't play nice with others allowing you to ban based on player name, to ban multiple IP addresses, or entire subnets.

Map Validator
The Quake Map Validator claims to be able to help troubleshoot errors for level authors. Thanks Prophet.

Dario Casali
- There is an interview with Valve level/game designer Dario Casali up at Jaspur's Half-Life.


LAN Parties
The latest in LAN Parties is an addition in Surrey, England; Also, you can't make this stuff up: the latest from Fragapooloza '97 is that they are baking cookies for the event in the shape of Quake power-ups. Thanks Prophet.

A Sponsored Clan?
According to the QuakeLords page, this UK based clan has been approached by Renault to become officially sponsored (apparently due to Ettu's membership) ... Looking for a server down under? Check the Captain's Australian QuakeWorld Server List ... If you're interested in burning a little midnight oil, is looking for some help with their news page ... If you've got QuakeCon experiences to share, contact Process who is in the process (heh) of putting together his QuakeCon page, as noted in his recent .plan update ... There's still time to joint the Quake Elite Domination tournament ...

Thursday, August 7, 1997

StormFront & QuakeCast
On tap for StormFront & QuakeCast tonight: on StormFront an attempt to analyze the fascination with female gamers, and on QuakeCast, interviews with Zanshin the GL Guru from the GLQuake Dojo, Tony "fluid" Blackmon of the Terra 219 project, Mute from Cyberweb Cafe to talk about the Fray, and (we believe) Red Knight from Star Wars Quake.

MacQuake Maker Closes?
According to a USENET posting apparently written by Lion Entertainment President Douglas Grounds, Lion, the software house working on the Macintosh ports of Quake, Shadow Warrior, Unreal, and Deadlock, is closing up shop, leaving the future of those projects up in the air. Here is the posting, as reported by Webintosh (thanks Trephine):

From: "Douglas Grounds"
Subject: Re: lion died
Date: 7 Aug 1997 02:17:07 GMT

Lion Entertainment has indeed ceased business operations as of Wednesday, August 6, 1997.

We are currently in negotiation with both MacSoft and Accolade to finish the Mac OS versions of Quake, Shadow Warrior, Unreal, and Deadlock. Those negotiations, while going well, are inconclusive at this time.

Those of us at Lion want to thank all of our customers over the years, and wish the Mac game market well.

Douglas Grounds
Lion Entertainment, Inc.

Then there is this posting, sent along by Jeff Allen, apparently by one of the MacQuake programmers, confirming the Lion closing, but maintaining that he is continuing on the project, in spite of its uncertain status:

Going out of business sucks. :(

I am still working *very* hard on Quake (though I'm a little depressed). As Doug mentioned, we are working with MacSoft to figure out the best way for it to get finished. Though I am now unemployed, I will keep working on it under the assumption something can be worked out with MacSoft. Hopefully this will keep Quake from being delayed by this mess.

I can't comment on the who, what, where, why, and how of our demise so please don't ask. I will leave any statements to Doug. You can still grill me on Quake though."

Bruce Burkhalter
ex-Lion Entertainment

Activision to Acquire Raven
Activision has announced the completion of a deal that will make Raven Software a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision in exchange for over a million shares of common stock. Thanks Doug from OGR.

New Oak Bot
Oak Bot 0.855 (147 KB) has been released on the Oak Bot page. This release is described as a half way build which includes new movement code. The update has a new progs.dat, but if you don't already have it, the most recent version with the .pak file (1 MB) is also required (thanks Night for reminding me to post that).

Half Life RealVideo
There is a Half-Life preview up at PC Games that contains an even lower calorie version of the AVI released recently: a streaming video version (Real player required). Thanks Prophet.

Barrel Jumping
John Cash made a .plan update describing a new effect in Quake II, Barrel Rocket Jumping, which involves rocket jumping off an exploding barrel. The effect sounds neat, but I'm just as excited to hear that the Doom-like exploding barrels are definitely back for Quake II (I saw them previewed in some levels American showed a few of us and kept forgetting to ask if they were definitely back: I love those things). Oh, yeah: ja, bier.

Free Models
There are now a bunch of models available for use in Quake projects up on the Free Models Page, including a neat Mech as well as a toilet and a security camera (for that Duke Nukem TC, perhaps). Thanks Prophet.

Quake Add-On Starter
A new version of Quake Add-On Starter is up on Johannes Weiman's Quake Page. QuADS is a front-end that supports loading of saved games, demos/movies and configuration files, and a neat new preview feature that will show a preview when you highlight a map to play (screenshots of all the id levels and 75 of the best SPQ levels are available for download).

Matrox OpenGL?
This article on OGR describes a new add-on board from Matrox that looks promising for GLQuake. Thanks Jim C.

WinQoole and DOS Qoole version 1.99 have been released on the QOOLE Page, along with word that version 2 is expected this weekend. Thanks Prophet.

Quake in Print
A bunch of stuff to mention from recent print magazines: Origen sends along word that the September PC Gamer has a Quake II preview that has a couple of screenshots that look new. There's a large Daikatana preview in the September issue of PC Games (there's also an article in that issue called For the Love of It, talking about gaming related websites, that has a blurb and about Blue's News along with a screenshot). Blue's is also mentioned along with a bunch of other sites in the Quake strategy guide in the premiere issue of ePlay. The July issue of the UK edition of CGW has all sorts of Quake stuff in a feature on Quake Culture (that also mentions Blue's News --w00w00), a Daikatana sneak peek, as well as previews of Quake II, and a look at "Quake killers". Bakshra says the September issue of UK PC Zone will have a review of Hexen 2 called, a "review of the game that's better than Quake." Also, Radar tells of an article in the Net magazine on Quake add-ons that mentions Quake Rally, Quess, and Kill the Llama.

Log Parsers
After recently mentioning a program called FragZ, designed to parse a QuakeWorld server's log file into HTML, I pulled the story to investigate this a bit because program upset Nathan S. Phillips, the author of a program called fragXtract, over the use of his program's look and feel. It seems that FragZ is intentionally written to mimic fragXtract, while overcoming a limitation of the original which is only able to store statistics for 1250 players. While Nathan, is, as I say, unhappy at this, there is no actual wrong-doing, as far as I can tell, but is is certainly only fair to mention the original program along with the subsequent one. So there: two QW log parsers to check out fragXtract and FragZ.



LAN Parties
The latest in LAN Parties: something trying to come together on short notice in Sydney, Australia; Also DC Con is kicking off this weekend, follow the action on the DC-Con webpage. Thanks Jokey Smurf. On a similar note, Fragapooloza '97 (Canada) will also be online, as they will have a cable modem feed from the event. Thanks Prophet.

A nice facelift
has taken place at the Quake Literary Guild ... Available Server - if your clan would like to reserve a QuakeWorld DM/CTF server for a match or practice, contact Knight to see if you can reserve his ( ... Quake Baby - Congrats to Rumble and Mrs. Rumble on the birth of their son, Michael Joseph Bousquet ... Senior League? -- contact bytedisk.mop if you're interested in participating in an age 40 and over Quake league ... VRML! Here's a VRML Rocket launcher for that cutting edge web experience, or an AVI version ...

Wednesday, August 6, 1997

Response to Casablanca
Harry Teasley of Valve Software has written an editorial inspired by Fargo and loonyboi's recent "Casablanca" articles. Check out his editorial called Casablanca One More Time, or The Problems of Game Designers Don't Amount to a Hill of Beans in this Crazy World.

LOD in Quake II
Subsequent reports from attendees of John Carmack's lecture at SIGGRAPH confirm that this morning's report seems to be inaccurate regarding the level of detail (LOD) enhancement, which, apparently John said would probably not be part of Quake II.

Got $100 on Thresh?
According to his recent .plan update, Jason Hall, CEO of Monolith says he's got $100 that says Monolith's Craig Hubbard can beat Thresh in Quake. Thanks Andy C. Williams.

Half Life MPG
Thanks cyanide for converting the Half-Life AVI released yesterday to MPG format (6.8 MB) for a more digestible download.

Carmack at SIGGRAPH
Xanadu Prime sent along this pretty detailed report on John Carmack at SIGGRAPH:

Just got back to the office after another full day at SIGGRAPH. Today was the day John Carmack participated in a 9 hour lecture series entitled "Designing Real-Time Graphics for Entertainment." Gary Tarolli of 3Dfx and several SGI notables also presented.

John's presentation focused on his experiences in software development and speculated on the direction that 3D gaming will take in the next 5-10 years. A good deal of the info would already be familiar to most avid Quakers, but I will summarize the stuff that was new (at least to me):

- [Trinity*] will have level of detail (LOD) implemented using intricate models that are simplified by removing some vertices and curve-fitting those that remain. This produces a loss of detail when the object is seen from a distance. The process will save approximately 200 polys per object. The difficulties involve determining which verticies can be removed so as to leave a still-recognizable model intact.

- Trinity will probably use skeletal modelling. Ideas thrown around included "skeletons inside nurb-type surfaces" and implementing a continuous skin through the use of meshes.

- Wolfenstein3D took 6 months to finish. Doom took 12. Quake took 18. John stated that he has no intention of letting Trinity take 2 years of development time. Hence, he is reconsidering his tradition of starting each engine from scratch with no code carried over from earlier games. However, he still finds the "fresh start" approach very attractive in that it frees him from having to live with past choices that may no longer be appropriate in the current game (i.e. the poor file access methods in Doom were trashed in favor of making the highly flexible ones in Quake....the result being a much more end-user-configurable game.) We'll just have to sit back and see what happens. ;)

- John reaffirmed his interest in continuing id's current release cycle pattern. Thus, Trinity will be a high tech, bleeding-edge game that shows off the new engine and attracts would-be licenseees. Elements such as storyline, goals, etc. will be marginalized....along the lines of Quake (although probably not as severe). Then, about a year and a half later, the game will be tweaked and released as Trinity2....a full-blooded idsoftware masterwork..:)...along with all the Trinity-derivatives.

- Where will we be in 10 years? John envisions worlds that simply aren't possible yet, due to the immaturity of our software tech. He can see games where you're flying in the air over these majestic mountains when you spot an ancient castle perched on high. You enter the castle....walk around in it....take in its detailed architecture...then accidentally fall off a
balcony and into the moat below. :)

I can't wait. =]

* - Originally said Quake 2 here, Xanadu wrote in to correct himself

Thresh at SIGGRAPH
A buddy of mine, Spuds, who is at the SIGGRAPH conference gives the lowdown on the Thresh challenge (which he wants a crack at, good luck Spuds):

Each day of the show (Aug 5,6,7) Thresh will play 5 contestants (first come first serve). Thresh picks the level and the game lasts for 20 minutes with no frag limit. They are running a ClanRing mod with Pentagram, Quad and Invisibility disabled. The trick is that contestants do not have to beat Thresh to win a prize (thank goodness). The top three performers against Thresh (with the largest frag advantage or the smallest frag disadvantage) will be declared winners. The prizes are:

First Place: $2,000 and an Intergraph Intense 3D game card
Second Place: $1,000 and and Intergraph Intense 3D game card
Third Place: $500 and an Intergraph Intense 3D game card

The Fray site now has a Classifieds page for those looking to share rides or rooms, and a Tournaments page with sign-up sheet (not required if you made priority registration).

Prophet's Project
Ace newshound Prophet has become part of a new website called Game-Wire dedicated to reporting up to the minute information on a wide range of game genres. (By the way, if you were wondering, he promises this will not jeopardize his ability to contribute news to other websites):

I would like to formally announce the Launch of Game-Wire, a gaming news site covering anything related to gaming, from Adventure gaming to 3d Action, We will attempt to cover it all. We plan on keeping the content fresh and as up to the minute as possible. I am happy to join Game-wire and call myself a member of this exciting venture.

Some of the many features of Game-wire (some are still being worked on , so please bare with us)

Job-Wire - a place where companies will post positions that need to be filled

Company News - participating companies will be posting press releases here. Some of the companies that are participating include such names as 3DO, 3DRealms and GT Interactive.

Game-Wire Fingers : pretty much self-explanatory =]

Prince Mystery has relaunched his site, formerly QANS (Quake Automated News Server) as CgANS (Computer Games Automated New Server), with an appropriately broadened range of coverage. The site tracks a number (962 at last count) of gaming oriented sites, showing the headlines for each that have been updated since your last visit (quick William Hickey impression: "Want a cookie?" -- Pritzi's Honor).

Final Fantasy 7 TC Beta
The first beta of the Final Fantasy 7 TC (272 KB) has been released on the FF7 Page. I didn't really see the point of this until I hit the chasecam view: the model looks a little out of place in the Quake environment, but it's surprisingly fun to run around watching yourself slash guys up with a sword from a third person perspective (beta bugs and all). Thanks Rick Thackeray.

Cut Scenes in Hexen 2
There's word on the Cult of Phoebus (thanks Prophet) and that there will be cut scenes in Hexen 2.


George Broussard
- There's a very brief interview with 3D Realms' President George Broussard on the Myths and Facts of Duke Nukem Forever. Thanks Prophet.

LAN Parties
Death in the desert with two hot (get it?) new LAN Parties: One in the biggest little city in America, Reno, NV; and the other Los Lunas (20 miles south of Albuquerque), NM.

How he ever noticed is a mystery to me
, but Monkeyboy points out that there's a little Easter egg in two of the GIF's on id's website. If you're curious, check out this logo (and Riveen pointed this one out as well!), and this one, then wait for the animations to cycle ... The Designer's Guide to Multiplayer Gameplay, part of the Expert Quake site has been rewritten and split into two sections: game design and level design (based on experience gained implementing the Expert Quake mod) ... Another recent redesign is on the terraFORMA page, which also explains that the entire team is currently working on the X-Men TC ... A fascinating, lengthy article called Some Thoughts on Game Design delves into the topic of interactivity in games (the topic of a recent Fargo article) in intricate detail. Thanks Jonathan Graehl ... Oh yeah, the Counter exploded again (for the record it's holding at 4.77 million) ... Funny email of the day, a piece of spam with an offer to help get me off of spam mailing lists. ROFL ...

Tuesday, August 5, 1997

TEN Contest Winners
TEN has announced the winners of their Map and Mod creation contest. The best Quake Maps was Scatter, by Michael Reed, and the best Quake mod was Painkeep, by the Evolve team.

Return to Casablanca
Fargo, once appropriately described as a good writer of them word thingies, has written an article called Play it Again Sam for PlanetQuake that follows up loonyboi's recent Casablanca article with a fascinating look at interactivity in gameplay.

Wampey's Census
Wampey's Census has been updated with last weeks responses, and this week's questions. The response was pretty even on the question about news page objectivity, and almost 82% of the respondents would rather have Quake's networking follow its current model, where each player's quality of connection is different, but allows for 16, 32 (and in the future unlimited) players, over the doom-style peer-to-peer approach with no lag one-on-one play.

Quake II Preview
OGR has posted their extensive Quake II preview featuring a couple of new screenshots and an interview with Barrett "Bear" Alexander.

Version 0.84 of BSP (670 KB), the level editor, has been released on Included is BSP author Yahn Bernier's new QBSP, called YWBSP which has a new function to make it easier for map authors to find those pesky leaks.

Half-Life AVI
A large Half-Life Movie (28 MB, zipped) in AVI format has been released on Sierra's FTP site. Described as a movie trailer, the clip is done in that style, with cuts between highlights. It's 90 seconds long with a stereo music soundtrack, finishing with the tagline: Coming in November 1997. Thanks Prophet.

Wall Flashes Will Live in Quake II
There's a response from Brian Hook posted on 3Dx to a a question on whether you would still be able to see light flashes from explosions through walls in Quake II. Thanks Prophet:

>Q) Someone from id mentioned that rocket explosions are still seen through walls in Quake2. Is this going to be fixed?

This won't be fixed.

Why No QW QuakeRally
There is a large update on the QuakeRally page on why there is not going to be a QuakeWorld version of the popular driving patch, as well as lots of detail about other aspects, the skins in particular. Thanks o_dog.

TC Magazine
Flood Anxiety, formerly the ace interviewer at TC Magazine has taken over the reigns of this site dedicated to Total Conversions.

GL Paintball Fix (Really)
There is another fix up on the QTeam page for QTeam's Paintball patch that (again) is to allow it to work properly in GLQuake.

(Recorded) Live From the "Big D"
The RealAudio webcast recently conducted by GameCenter with John Romero, Robert Atkins(?), Paul Schuytema, Tom Hall, Jim Dosť, and Todd Porter has been reposted here. Thanks Rotwang.

DirectX 5.0 Official
The version of DirectX 5.0 posted here last night is indeed official, according to the Microsoft DX5 page. Thanks Rotwang.

There is an interview with the members of the Anachronox team up on PCGames. Thanks Prophet.

Clan Lists
The European Quake Web Site (European Player and Clan lists) has just signed up its 100th Clan. And Quake Mountain is completely refocusing on becoming a Clan Site with listings and news, much like Cental Allience and, of course, the classic ClanRing listings.

LAN Parties
New LAN Party: An attempt to create a Lexington, KY get-together; Also, Fragapalooza, the mega-get together in Canada has announced some cool prizes from Valve. Thanks Prophet.

No restrictions on ping
in the Open Tournament ... New ISP blues - Disruptor updated his .plan describing why ping times to Inferno might be bad for a while ... Does Ion inspire stalkers? The Daikatana Shrine has opened for business ... That QOOLE guy, Matt Lee is willing to host other QOOLE-related add-ons on his website, he also now has GLQuake benchmarks there. Thanks Prophet ...

Monday, August 4, 1997

DirectX 5.0 Final(?)
OGR has posted what is described as the official (though it's still a good idea to proceed with caution) end-user version of DirectX 5.0 (5.5 MB). Thanks Prophet.

Sin Movie
A movie of ParadoX's BioMech Level (3.3 MB) has been posted on Sin City in mpeg format (very cool, showing the shootable architecture, as well as the operation of the Big Gun). Also, I must be slow because until I read in on Sin City I didn't realize that more Sin screenshots were released today. Thanks Prophet.

GLQuake and DirectX 5.0
There are some tips up on Operation 3Dfx on how to fix problems with GLQuake and DirectX 5.0, as well as on how Monster3D owners can work with the Glide 2.4 runtime drivers. Thanks RonSolo.

Sin Screenshots
sCary has posted two new Sin screenshots from ParadoX's test level. ParadoX showed us this level in action when a few of us visited Ritual, and the big controllable gun is as cool as it looks (full sized versions of the shots are at sCary's):

Looking for Work?
Saw on sCary's that Ritual is looking for level designers. Want to work in the game industry? Want to make a good living? Want to work in the same room as Giggler, ParadoX and Levelord? Um, scratch that last question...

Paul Steed Interview
Check out the Paul Steed Interview on PlanetQuake. A funny, informative read.

Deathmatch Levels
Muny Pak 1 (1.2 MB) has been released, also available on Munyul's homepage. The author Munyul, shows his Doom roots in this 9 level deathmatch pak, as the maps are small and tight with with weapon placements that remind me of classic Doom deathmatch maps (well suited to one-on-ones). Also included are new weapons and deathmatch modes (including deathmatch 4), which can be used if you choose (they are turned off by default). While I'm at it, I never did mention how great Hobbit's map, Rangerbase (510 KB), turned out, did I? I want to correct that mistake here (it was released a while ago). It's a single deathmatch level that has drawn comparisons from many to id's original deathmatch maps. I'd like to see this in the mix on some net servers, it's that good.

Terra 219 is a new Quake project that seems to be just underway. I don't usually mention efforts that are in the very early stages, but there are so many familiar names working on this, that the biggest threat to its success is if too many of them get jobs in the industry.

Are you a badass? No? Okay, then do you know one? Are you afraid he'll kill you if you don't tell people about him? Then vote for him (or her) in NAWC's Badass Quaker Contest.

The Core
The Core is collecting an Access database of entity definitions (keys, flags, bounding box sizes, etc.) for various Quake patches. The ultimate, quite ambitious goal of this project is to create an application that generates custom entity sets in the proper format for any and all of the popular Quake editors, utilities, etc. Thanks Prophet.

Fray Site
If you have had trouble reaching the Fray page recently, it's because the CyberWeb Cafe just went live, so the website is now on their T1, which is still getting the bugs worked out of it. The site should be back on line by this afternoon.

Mac Server Finder
There are screenshots on MacQuake Nexus of QuakeFinder, a server browsing utility in the works for the Macintosh. Thanks Prophet.

GL Paintball Fix
There is a fix up on the QTeam page for QTeam's Paintball patch that allows it to work properly in GLQuake.

X2 Workshop
The Quake X2 Workshop provides solutions for common problems with 56K X2 Modems. Thanks Prophet.

How sCary
sCary's Shuga Shack has had a spiffy makeover: frames and everything. Thanks Prophet.

Speedier GL
Brian Hook updated his .plan with some techie stuff about what he's working on to enhance Open GL support in in Quake II. Jack "morbid" Mathews translated part of it explaining that an immediate use of multitexturing would alleviate the need to draw the world twice, as GLQuake currently must do. I asked Jack if he and Zoid were planning on quickly implementing this use of multitexturing in the GLQWCL and GLQuake after the spec for it is released, and he replied "very quickly", so there could be more performance boosts on the way shortly for GLQuake users.

BSP Tutorial
Deadmeat's BSP Tutorial has been updated to reflect the updated version of the editor (version 0.83).

Quake II Soundtrack
The guys slated to do most of the music for Quake II, are now collectively known as Sonic Mayhem, which rolls of the tongue a bit better than "the Cyber-Age Studio guys," or the "Methods of Destruction guys" (though that is who they are: they did that cool Methods of Destruction music CD for Quake). They have a brief update on their status, and promises of more in the future, on their Quake II Soundtrack Page.

Songs of the Apocalypse
More music: A pair of mp3's of music from the upcoming Apocalypse project have been posted on QuakeLab: Editing.

QuakeRally 2097
A TC of a TC? QuakeRally 2097 takes the world of QuakeRally 100 years into the future.

Inside 3D
With the upcoming demise of Quake C (the DLL's are coming, the DLL's are coming!), Inside QC is becoming Inside 3D, reflecting the site's newly broadened focus.

The MedDLe page
has moved to

LAN Parties
One new LAN Party: The Gathering II in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Another QuakeRally news page
is called, simply enough, QuakeRally News ... Perhaps demonstrative of an ego problem is the name of this modeling page: Pathetic Quake Modeling ... Is Prophet an Alien? Apparently QuakeMania thinks so ...

Sunday, August 3, 1997

New QuakeRally
Version 1.2 of QuakeRally has been released on the QuakeRally page. The new version promises huge reductions in the bandwidth required for net QuakeRally, which is said to be quite playable over a 28.8 modem (single player code has been largely untouched). Thanks Robs.

Quake II=Game of the Show
Here's an online version of the extensive story on Quake II at E3 from Computer Gaming World calling Quake II the game of the show. Thanks SwanSong.

3Dfx versus NEC
An extensive article on GameCenter tries to analyze statements made in a recent "confidential document" obtained by GameCenter (allegedly used by 3Dfx in presentations) in which "3Dfx makes a number of disparaging claims about [NEC's] PowerVR". The article contains quotes from John Carmack and Mark Dochtermann in an attempt to separate the facts from propaganda. Thanks Chris Bell.

Extreme Pain Update
Version 2.0a of the Extreme Pain patch is up on the Pain page, fixing a couple of bugs including the "invincible player bug" (now that does sound like a problem).

Another patch, already released, that allows you to see the weapon your deathmatch opponent is carrying (see Deathmatch Essentials) is the Multi-Weapons patch (889 KB) by Wes Morrison, also available on CDROM.COM.

Vici Conquers
Strag's new QuakeWorld level, Veni Vidi Vici (the beta test was mentioned the other day) has been released on Strag's Place of Quakeness.

Star Wars Screenshots
There are some nifty looking screenshots of the Star Wars TC (still going like the Energizer bunny, in spite of fears of "Foxing") up on the Star Wars TC Page. My final attempt at helping: the Battlestar Galactica people got away with changing only ONE of the words in Star Wars to a synonym! How about something like Star Conflict; Star Conflagration; I'm sure you follow my point...

TeamFortress Bot
The TeamFortress Bot page has news on the progress of the TF Bot, which uses a waypoint system similar to that of the CTF Bot. So far, bots for four TF classes have been created. Thanks legion.

More Wheelies in Quake
There is a new config file on BuzzKill's Quake Page to allow you to use the wheel doohickie (apparently on the verge of being the wheel's name, according to the FAQ) on a Microsoft IntelliMouse to quick fire rockets and grenades.


There is an interview up on the Quake Literary Guild with spRocket, proprieter of QuakeWeek, the inspired Quake humor site.


LAN Parties
The latest in LAN Parties: Regular events in Independence, IA; Baltimore, MD; Fullerton, CA; and a planning stages entry for Portland OR.

Apologies for the lack of updates since yesterday AM
, there was a problem when my host accidentally assigned my userid to another user, and my password stopped working (I hate when that happens) ... The Quake Women's Forum Mailing List can be used for any constructive Quake postings, they need not be by, or about Women. More details are here ... Got a server to spare? Special Forces wants you! Thanks Prophet ... If you want a free logo for your web page, preacher will create one, in exchange for a link. Check his site for more details. Thanks Prophet ... Hey lookie, an Award! Thanks to the guys at Cool Banana, who voted Blue's News the Cool Banana Site of the Day (though I'm a little frightened by being described as the "Dan Rather of Quake" What's the frequency, Kenneth?).

Saturday, August 2, 1997

Magnificent 7
GameCenter has a preview of the "Magnificent 7" upcoming 3D games (Quake II, Half-Life, Daikatana, Sin, Prey, Unreal, and Jedi Knight). Thanks Prophet.

Half-Life Screenshots
There's a short GameSpot Half-Life story that has eight new screenshots, and a Next-Generation story with seven more (but I think I've seen some of those before, or some just like them). Thanks Prophet for both of those.

Screenshots Explained
Disruptor updated his .plan to debrief us on the new Quake II screenshots:

Friday: Got five monsters into the game this week, and hope to have another one programmed in later on tonight. They are really looking great.

We'll be doing a code merge tommorow night, so hopefully, we'll be able to start placing this batch of monsters into the game then. Really looking forward to seeing what kind of evil AI John Cash has cooked up in the past few days.

Things are moving right along and everyone's really busting their asses.

With respect to the batch of screenshots that I released today, I just wanted to answer some questions I saw people had on 3DNet #quake.

frame1: The monster you see is monster_infantry (aka: Paul Steed). The weapon is the rocket launcher. This is one of Tim Willit's base levels which appear near the start of the game.

frame3: The monster is monster_soldier (There are three different variations of this monster, with varying degrees of toughness and each of them has a different attack. The weapon that the player is holding is the grenade launcher. This is one of American's levels, The Factory, where the aliens chop up captured humans and turn them into cyborgs =)

frame5: a monster_soldier with his back turned to you. This is one of Tim Willit's base levels which appear near the start of the game. Notice the gorgeous sky with the mountain range in the background.

Hope this answers your questions. Back to work for me...

Writers on the Storm
The August issue of StormWatch, Ion's monthly web-newsletter is up on Ion's Daily informant. Thanks Prophet.

Future versus Fantasy
Future versus Fantasy 3.7 (Episode 1) is available for registered users on the FvF page, featuring all new textures.

loonyboi has an editorial up on PlanetQuake called Waiting for Casablanca that bemoans the lack of artistry in present day game design.

New WinQoole, DOS Qoole
Version 1.988 betas of both WinQoole and DOS Qoole have been released on the QOOLE Page. Thanks Phil Hall. The new release squashes many bus, including a tendency to SIGSEGV fault.

LAN Parties
The latest LAN Party addition is a bi-weekly event being worked up in Indianapolis, IN.

The baby watch continues
- When Will It Be? The Prize for the one to guess the time of Mynx's baby's birth is now a SpaceOrb, a Hayes Modem, and a Registered QSpy ... Time is running out on the fourth Skillz Contest, which ends tomorrow ... Quake II will surpass other upcoming shooters as the successor to Quake's crown, according to this GameSpot survey. Thanks Prophet ...

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