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April 25, 1997 Tip of the Day: Ferrari Tournament Sign-ups begin today

Duke Nukem 3D II Shocker
According to this article from PC Gamer, on Monday, 3D Realms will announce Duke Nukem Forever, a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D that will use, of all things, the Quake II engine from id Software. Thanks _Nuclear_.

Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana Moves
Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana has moved to Sanndmoose and Flatness are also working on another Ion related site called Eye of the Storm.

Hexen2 Preview
There's a large Hexen2 Preview up at Gamecenter. Among the revelations are that there will be NO Hexen2 shareware, just a demo. Thanks Rob Sternenberg. Also Reverb found a preview Hexen for N64 at N64.Com.

Quake II Preview Part V
Heh. From Disruptor's .plan:

Double doh.. ok, the news will be on Saturday night between 5:00pm-5:30pm
on Dallas area channel 11... Sorry for the confusion.

(From earlier): Thanks to Process for pointing out Dis updated his plan again correcting the night of the Quake II preview until tomorrow (but as Process points out, there doesn't seem to be a 6PM news on Saturday, so perhaps another correction is in the future):

Doh, just got an update that this will be on tommorow nights show for the 6pm news... (Saturday night)

There is apparently some form of Internet (as in don't expect miracles) video of tonight's Quake II preview on KTVT's website (thanks Servo). Earlier came word from Matthew Jackson that all is not completely lost for those of use too far from Dallas to get the Quake II preview on KTVT tonight. AudioNet carries the KTVT (channel 11) news live via RealAudio, so we can at least hear the proceedings. I know, it's going to be torture to listen to the audio saying how amazing what you can't see is, but it's something. If you're just joining us, this is a reaction to the following:

Christian Disruptor Antkow updated his .plan (thanks for all my finger change alerts to dweomer). I wonder if I got a really good antenna, could I puck up Dallas TV?

Want a glimpse of Quake II ? Watch Dallas channel 11 news tonight at 10pm =)
Tim was cool enough to demo one of the levels I've been working on for the

Ferrari Feedback
I see from my mail that the announcement that the Ferrari Tournament is being run over MPlayer has displeased a lot of people. Reactions from many on low bandwidth connections express disappointment that QuakeWorld is not the medium of choice here leaving them disadvantaged to the LPB's of the world, while many Windows NT and Linux users are upset to find they have joined those under 18 and those living outside the US in the ranks of those unable to compete.

CTF/TeleWeapons 2.4
CTF/TeleWeapons version 2.4 has been released. This new version adds support for CTF4.0, new admin and teamplay options for clan matches, and various bug fixes/enhancements.

Ferrari Sign-up
I first saw this flash by in Pseudo IRC last night. Sign-ups begin today for the Red Annihilation Ferrari Giveaway. The registration has moved to MPlayer (as this blurb in Next-Gen describes, thanks loonyboi), and in what's sure to be a major shot in the arm for the fledgling online service, players will have to sign up for MPlayer to participate. Registration begins at Noon (Pacific) today, and is limited to 10,000 entrants.


New QuArK Beta with Open GL Texture View
Armin Rigo has released version 3.1b of QuArK (formerly QuakeMap). 3.1b. It includes a true 3D textured view done with the OpenGL graphics library. Details can be found at the Official QuArK Homepage.

TeamFortress Beta E
TeamFortress Beta E has been released on the TeamFortress page. Contrary to previous reports, this is the first actual publicly available beta of version 2.5. It is, as pointed out, useless to you unless you can run a QuakeWorld TeamFortress server. Thanks Pat Mccomack.

Vertex Manipulation
There are some screenshots on the Forge which preview the upcoming vertex manipulation features in WorldCraft. That sound you hear is happy Quake editing types bouncing off various ceilings with anticipation.

Gunship Demo
A demo (as in viewable, not playable) of the upcoming Gunship patch has been posted on the Gunship page. The Mod Squad guys have, in fact, come up with a way to make a defender-style 2D game out of Quake.

Diablo Update Error
Thanks Thallid for the tip that word is on Blaed's Edge that the wrong progs.dat ended up in the new version of the Diablo Patch that was just released. Here is the good progs.dat.

Clanring CTF Mod
NB-Disciple just finished version 2.1 of Clanring CTF home server, now with Threewave CTF 4.0 support, available on the ClanRing page.

OneThumb's Rantings
I see in OneThumb's .plan that he now has his Web Page online which promises more of the warm fuzziness we're grown from my digitally impaired buddy.

Lan Party
The Central Quakefest will be May 23rd in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area.

QuakeWorld in Poland
The Polish QuakeWorld Championships is accepting submissions. The tournament will be played one on one, best of three, with separate High Ping and Low Ping categories. Details are here (all in Polish).

Quake News In Spanish
You can get Spanish language Quake News from the [RR] Clan Page.

April 24, 1997

Ion Doings
There is a review of LucasArt's new game Outlaws by John Romero himself up on the Ion Storm Website (the review actually seems to be have been up since Monday), thanks Langsuyar and derek. There are also rundowns of recent Ion happenings at both Sandmoose's Daikatana Cabana and Eye on Ion. And of course at 8:00 PM EDT is StormFront on Pseudo (RealAudio 3.0 required). Followed at 8:30 PM EDT by the QuakeCast. (Though it is easier to listen afterwards than it is to listen live.)

UKOOL Levelab
The UKOOL, (Uk One On One League) has added a Levelab which allows members to learn more about the maps in progress, as well as reviews and downloads when they become available. Also, the UKOOL web page has moved to

New QPed
There is a new version of QPed, the .pak file editor. It now includes the ability to extract textures from compiled map files into wad files, ready for use in map editors. Available on the QPed page

QuakeLab Update
Steve Funkadooda updated the QuakeLab with several new files and an update to the Problems/Solutions listing, as well as the Authoring Sigs section.

SlipGates TeamFortress
Slipgate Central has added a TeamFortress page (thanks [UN]Falc[MOB]). Also, the latest version of Tangled waxes poetic about Joost's trip to New York.

More International Quake
Following the UK National Team Trials on Weds 23rd April, the UK National Team has now been picked for their debut match against the Swedish National Team on May 10th. More details are on their web page. Thanks RawMeat.

FvF 2.02
There's another version of FvF today. Version 2.02, the Bug Spray Version is at Freeform. The update takes the form of a file that updates FvF 2.01. This means you must must have 2.01 installed to use it, but the good news is that this makes the update only 200 KB (maybe that's the bad news, they'll be able to start releasing a new version every few hours now... and don't think I'm not worried that the last two versions have cute nicknames... eeek!).

Playing with Yourself
There is an article up on Next-Generation that reports that Quake64 will have no multiplayer capabilities. Thanks loonyboi.

Kill The Llama
TC Magazine has a new cover story on a TC Called "Kill the Llama."

On the Move
ToeTag HQ has moved to I also forgot to mention yesterday that the Repository of Quake Stories is now at Also, not moving, but shaking (I dunno, it's a segue) the QCHQ makeover is rounding into shape, and looking very nice.

Quess News: Tournament, Launcher
R-O-O-K is hosting and competing in a Double Elimination Quess (Quake Chess) Tournament (DEQuesT) and invites anyone who wants to compete to join. Also, there is a Win95 Qeuss launcher up on the Quess page, said to simplify game set up.

Northwest Quake Fest
If you are in the Seattle area and interested in a LAN party, stop by the (bare) Northwest Quake Fest page and express your interest (they are gauging interest to see whether to hold it or not).

April 23, 1997 Tip of the Day: Here is a List of QuakeWorld Console Commands

John Carmack on the Consolidated QuakeWorld
John Carmack made a .plan update describing the promising progress on a QuakeWorld client that brings some of the different Quake versions back together again (and promise of a cool new surprise in the next version of GL Quake), and talk on the toolset:

The consolidated QuakeWorld client has been working pretty well. I've been playing deathmatch with it in GL mode for the past week. There are still a number of things to do on it, and I haven't been working on it for a while due to higher priority tasks. A lot of other non-graphics things have changed in the new architecture as well.

It is really cool to be able to switch between software and gl without even restarting the game. We will be testing Quake 2 extensively in GL and even doing some specific development for it. My current wild guess is that about 15% of quake 2 customers will run the OpenGL version (there will be several cards coming out this year that are fast enough, besides just 3dfx), so it is definately a factor in our decisions.

The verite renderer will still be supported in quake 2, but it won't have the special features of glquake. (it will still have it's own custom features like anti-aliasing, though)

There is a very cool new surprise feature for you in the next gl release


For the past several days I have been working on a new version of qbsp that should be dramatically more robust for "crazy" maps. Raven is aproaching completion on Hexen 2, and they have a couple problems in their maps, so this is my top priority.

I figured out something about CSG / BSP operations that had been kicking around in the back of my head for almost two years now. The seperate (and epsilon issue prone) CSG phase is not needed at all if you directly contruct a BSP tree from volumes instead of from polygons. I have that part working, but there is just so much work in the tools that getting the rest of the stuff working again is taking quite a lot of effort.

I will make another tool release when things calm down, but understandably that is about at the bottom of my priority list.

MedDLe -- Lack of Harmony?
There is news on the MedDLe page that the team is breaking up. According to the story, MedDLe is not dead, it's kind of splitting into two programs. There is also talk of forming a larger group to pool some programming efforts.

GameStats is a new service that tracks player rankings in various games, including Quake and QuakeWorld. The system works by simply having both players register a match, and then report the results. The results are then correlated using a system derived from traditional chess rankings. The service is free, and there is a $200 prize for the players atop the QuakeWorld (and Red Alert) rankings as of May 31, 1997. (Thanks Kevin Greiner.)

Escape to New York
Looking forward to seeing Joost Schuur again, he is coming to New York this Friday, and updated his .plan in commemoration:

New York City, here I come. Starting this friday i'll be in the
Big Apple for about 2 months on a business trip. I'm so psyched.
NYC is way cool.

I will of course have full net access there ;)

X-Men Model
There is a WildWing enforcer replacement model on the X-Men Quake page (yes, I know it should be on a Mighty Ducks TC, but don't give anyone any ideas). The model was created quickly (20 hours) and contains no new Quake C (as the eventual X-Men models will), but still serves as an indication of what to expect from this TC.

Busta Move
FDP Quake Movies has released their first movie, a Busta-Rhymes music video. Here is the PG-Version (969 KB), this is a family show. It's not Quakey, there's no gibbing--it's a music video--but it's pretty entertaining.

Diablo Patch Update
An updated Diablo Weapons Patch is up at Blaed's Edge. Version 0.80 includes QuakeWorld support. Here's the weapons patch (1 MB), the update from a previous version (473 KB), the read me, and diabwep.txt.

Dank and Scud
There's a couple of do-dads up on the Dank and Scud newspage, a really cool looking banner to link to them that I would display, except that at 124 KB is larger than many quake patches. Also up there is something I missed from last week, a photo of the Deadly Duo with Mace Royer, of our very own QuakeCast (stolen off the Live Studio Cam):

Ladder Correction
I gave the wrong URL for the TeleFragged CTF 4.0 Clan ladder yesterday... If you are interested in signing up the proper location is here.

Cool Doings on the Planet
Three really fine articles went up on PlanetQuake yesterday: An article on Direct3D by loonyboi, a Quake University essay from Fargo on how to create a Quake Website, and an interview with ReaperBot author Steven Polge (currently working on Unreal). All three are highly recommended. Oh yeah, and check out the Bastard and Blue masks at QL Multimedia.

Quake Server Browser News
Quake Server Browser News & Reviews has a preview of the latest beta of QuakeSpy (v5.2 beta 1), with screenshots.

LegoLand 3D Article
There's an article on Entermedia on the LegoLand 3D Quake TC

Wampey's Censuses
Wampey's Censuses (I'm told they know what a census is, but just like the sound of the word) has been updated with new questions, new results, and a new section.

FvF 2.01
Future versus Fantasy Quake 2.01, described as the "lazy admin version" is up on the FvF Page.

Duke's Revenge
Version 2.1 of Duke Nukem's Revenge, a Quake partial conversion (I'll let you guess the subject), is now available on the Duke Nukem's Revenge page.

CTF Tourney
The Foundation CTF 4.0 Tournament is online, with separate Low Ping and High Ping divisions.

April 22, 1997 Tip of the Day: The Quake and 3D Video Cards FAQ has been updated.

TeamFortress 2.5 Beta D
There is an updated Beta of version 2.5 up on the TeamFortress page.

Subject: Wheel of Time Quake 0.66
After promising the versions would be slower coming in the future, there was a "huge" bug in 0.65 that had to be fixed, so look for version 0.66 on the Wheel of Time Quake home page.

CTF Bot update
The CTF Bot page has been updated with some eagerly anticipated news about upcoming Threewave CTF 4.0 support.

UK QuakeWorld Master
The UK QuakeWorld Master is now live at:

The following message accompanied the announcement:

This master should mean that European players don't have to plough through 150 US servers in order to find a decent game. It is possible to attach a server to more than one master, so the European servers currently attached to the id Master need not make a choice between masters as was the case with old QW. There is also a webpage where all servers currently attached to the master can be viewed using Qplug...

Most technical aspects of changing to the new master are covered on the MINOS webpages, but if you have any enquiries then you can email

Quake 64
Here's a page dedicated to the upcoming Quake 64.

Central Frag Logger
Anyone wishing to log frags from a QuakeWorld server or group of servers with real time logging of frags (without waiting for the server to have a sufficient amount to flush to a file or to change map) should contact Adrian Garside about his central frag logging daemon on which runs a small server patch and supporting program which can forward all frags from a server to a central site for collating to produce statistics.

The QWRing is having a ladder tournament. The ladder is for members only, so all clans interested who are not in the QWRing, should sign-up now. Also TeleFragged now has a clan ladder. There are currently two seasons, a CTF 4.0 season and a QuakeWorld season. Any clan is welcomed to join.

The Raven website has gotten a facelift from its new webmaster, Phoebus of Cult of Phoebus.

JTeam 0.95
JTeam 0.95 has been released with the following new features:

Disruptor updated his .plan with the news that Mesquite is not the mecca of French cuisine (wait until he tries ordering the beef chili in Paris).

Also John Cash updated his .plan spilling some more Birthday Beans:

Big news day: three, count 'em, three major events today.
In no particular order they are:

It's Earth day
It's Tom "Paradox" Mustaine's birthday
da big 21 - w00p!!!
It's John "Hellrot" Cash's birthday
hey! that's me ;-)
I'm a bit past 21

April 21, 1997

Qtracker Beta v0.60.
Beta v0.60 of Qtracker has been released on the GunSlingers page. This Win95 server browser that keeps track of scores on Quake servers in real-time, and automatically dumps then to a text file when levels change. The program supports both TCP/IP and IPX based Quake servers.

TeamFortress 2.5 Beta C
TeamFortress 2.5 Beta C has been released on the TeamFortress homepage (I saw the link in the news section with my own two eyes--I'm not crazy, I tell you!!) you can download all the mdls/sounds that TF 2.5 beta C needs, but it doesn't contain the source code or the progs.dat. Also, apparently the concept of donateware is off the boards, because id wasn't into it.

News From the Front
News From the Front is another nifty UK Quake Clan newspage.

The quakEncyclopedia, a compedia of quake related names terms and definitions, is now on line with over 100 Quake insider terms from Actura Software to Zoid.

There's word on the Mod Squad about a bizarre project they are undertaking: A quake TC that is a side-scrolling spaceship shooter. Nope, I have no clue what that would look like either (but I'm eager to find out).

Congratulations to Brian 'Whaleboy' Cozzens, who recently left Ion Storm, on his hiring by Apogee/3D Realms as an artist. Brian wanted to express the following:

"I want want to thank my good friends on #QuakeEd, GamesNET, and all the people at Tarok's Place (You know who you are) for being such cool people.. And everyone else thats supported my work.. Also a special thanks to American for originally helping me break into this industry..."

Today is also the birthday of Mark "Natas" Fletcher of Ion Storm, so here's a shout out to Natas.

FvF on TC Magazine
There is an interview with Hap and Darwin of Future versus Fantasy Quake on TC Magazine.

Top Ten Tips For A Successful Games Web Site
Joost Schuur updated his .plan with a lengthy dissertation on how to run a successful games web site; required reading if you are interested in doing do. Joost says he's possibly going to expand this into a page on Slipgate Central.

There is a new version of jaw3d, the 3d Model Viewer that supports Quake's MDL format, on the jaw3D page.

Spanish LAN Party
On May 3. there will be the largest ever LAN party in Spain, with 75 t o 150 players expected to attend. It's bring your own computer, and admission is free, even though there will be competitions with prizes. Details are on this page (it's Spanish only, but visitors from all lands will enjoy the midi Another One Bites the Dust).

Steve Towle updated his .plan with a gone fishing notice, he'll be back in a week, so if you've got anything going on with the demo archive at, it will be on hold for that long.

Message Board
The Friends of Phoebus message board is up at Cult of Phoebus.

The National Gib League is a new clan league that's getting underway. They are looking to start a season soon with 40 clans.

April 20, 1997

The New Vore Times is going on hiatus. Frags tells me he's not shutting his fine humor site down, just taking a break.

Even Newer Qoole Beta
A public beta of Qoole 1.31a has been released on the Qoole page, fixing a bug that prevented 1.31 from running on NT. Earlier today 1.31 was released (thanks Ezzelin) to fix the vertex/edge/face manipulation crash bug.

qME Beta 4
qME (Quake Model Editor) Beta 4 has been released on the qME page. The new beta has a 10 day time limit on its use, but according to the page, Beta 5 will be out by the time that Beta 4 expires. Thanks NanooK.

Deathmatch Camera Update
Version 1.6 of KasCam QC deathmatch camera patch has been released, fixing the startup bug in version 1.5.

Voin 3.0
Voin Quake 3.0, which is tested for deathmatch has been released on the Voin Quake page.

Wheel of Time Quake 0.65
After "the longest stretch of no new versions WoTQ has ever seen," version 0.65 is here, featuring new model and female sounds. Available at the Wheel of Time page.

Retail Requiem
The creators of the Requiem Quake Patch are now recruiting level designers and model makers for their new retail TC called Tormented Souls. For more information visit The Requiem Page or email

Disruptor updated his .plan with his feelings about some IRC Ops.

April 19, 1997

New Qoole Beta
A public beta of Qoole 1.30 has been released on the Qoole page (thanks Fluroclown).

I'm not sure what happened but suddenly the total and partial conversions are appearing left and right. Now GLMario Quake is out on the GLMario Quake page (thanks Kyle).

DeathMatch Maker
The DeathMatch Maker page reports that this new level editor will be released in demo form on April 26, with the retail version appearing on shelves May 7 (thanks Dudley Bryan). Also, there is already a new section devoted to DMM on Quake Level Editing News.

Deathmatch Camera
Version 1.5 of KasCam QC deathmatch camera patch - 1.5 has been released. The new version is even smarter in automatic deathmatch filming and it is said to be capable of being used to make simple movies.

The first public beta of PAIN v1.20 (AKA. PAIN Gold) is now available on the PAIN homepage

Did you check out Mynx's new Dear Mynx column on PQ? Funny stuff, with info on Quake, llama's and sex change operations (really). It includes never before reveled insights into the female mentality (stuff that will help Quake playing guys everywhere). For instance this week, she reveals the existence of each woman's mental list: Things Men Will One Day Pay For... Mail your questions to Mynx.

MedDLe Page
There is a new MedDLe Page up with word on the upcoming Version 2.

Quake Women's Forum
The Quake Women's Forum has been updated with new comics in the Not for Llamas Comics section. This month's topics: Spicey Quake, and of course llamas. On a personal note, I have still apparently not gotten any votes in the Sexiest Quake Man competition. Sure I don't have a photo submitted, but it's still frightening when you check the photos of people who have gotten votes.

Rogue RealAudio
DeathDealer passes along word that the All Games Network has posted a RealAudio interview with Rogue Entertainment's Jim Molinets.

French QuaKonnection
DaNoLd sends along word of a French Quake Page ring at the French QuaKonnection.

Something (yup) is a page tracking of all clanwars played in Denmark. Thanks [TGM] Viper (who also helped me with a little JavaScript recently as well--thanks Viper).

Skillz, the page about Quake contests, has moved to There is a new contest up there: a reaper challenge. Prizes include a Monster 3D, a Spaceorb 360, and a Scourge CD.

Is There a DR in the House?
Just want to pass along the word that in spite of rampant rumors ofd their demise, I am told that Dark Requiem is Not Dead, and I'm told there is no intention to disband the clan.

Dissolution of Eternity Review
Red-Dog{MIB} passes along word that Gamespot has a review of Dissolution of Eternity up.

AZ Dial Up Beta
Sunset Online, in Tucson AZ, is testing their local intranet QuakeWorld servers, so until April 30, anyone can call (520) 297-3022, and connect via PPP to Sunset Online, using the account gamenet, and the password tester. The IP of their QW sever is, and CTF quakeworld is They say average ping times for local players over their modems is 100-110ms. Send questions to Nebbish, or call (520) 297-3355, (520) 519-0732.

A in Quake
James Curtis sends along word that will inspire many: He's getting an "A" in Quake (kind of) by getting a professor to allow his QuakeC code as one of his programming projects for a Computer Science class.

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