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April 18, 1997

Quake Baby
Word from our pal Digital1 of a happy event:

American Thomas Lovejoy (yes, this was discussed with Tokay) was born at 12:10 am Friday, April 18, 1997 at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The baby's weight was (is) 6 lbs 3 ounces. Baby, mother and father are all doing well. The labor was a VERY short 2 1/2 hours. I hope the labor goes as well for Mynx and I wish her and Mental the best in their new arrival. I also hope they have a little more noticed than we did - "Honey I think it's .... Whaaaaaaaa!" Pictures are forthcoming.

And thanks to [TE]VorpalKreep for the word that American celebrates the event in his .plan:

Another "American" enters the world!

American Thomas Lovejoy was born
at 12:10 am Friday, April 18, 1997.
Congratulations to Digital1 and his wife.

TeamFortress 2.5 Beta Is Available?
I've gotten a lot more email about the TeamFortress beta... apparently there is a 2.5 beta available for download. It's just not marked on the website(?), and the beta running on some test servers.

Daikatana Duel
The first Daikatana deathmatch has occurred. Dr Sleep and Squirrel each made .plan updates mentioning it. The "in" fashion this summer? Dogskin...

Monster Drivers
The confusion over whether the Drivers for the Monster 3D that were released in Europe recently can, hopefully, be put to rest as the version 1.07 drivers are now available from Diamond. Thanks esquire.

The demos sCary promised to post of the Hipnotic gang deathmatching are on the Shuga Shack.

Legoland the bizarre, promising TC that dropped off the radar shortly after appearing because the heavy interest it generated overloaded their web account has resurfaced at PlanetQuake. This was because of their emergency. If you have contacted me about hosting on PQ (or volunteered to help out), expect to hear from me shortly.

Wampey's Census
Wampey's Census (opinion poll actually) has been updated with new questions in a new format.

April 17, 1997

QuakeCast tonight. Couple of assorted QC notes... here's the Webcam that shows stills from the show while we're on the air from 8:30-10:00 PM EDT (we play around, so if you see nose-picking and stuff, know it's usually intentional). No StormFront this week, that's every other week (btw, have you checked out Ion's page lately? More redesign, it's spiffier all the time). Tonight is the guys from the Xenocide Flag Academy and the creator of the X-Men Quake TC. QuakeCast was actually briefly noted in a Sunday New York Times Article about Pseudo. Let me see how much like a huge news story I can make this little mention seem like:

Bubbah's Monsters
Speaking of the X-Men TC, Bubbah's Monsters is back with a new site, this week featuring the creator of the X-Men TC in an interview.

Texas Book Depository Revisited
I mentioned the infamous Texas Book Depository recently (the building from which JFK was allegedly shot, for those just joining us), and lo I find I've inspired a map project. Read about it on Quake 'n Bake. Here's a look:

No word yet on a Total Conversion, but can you imagine the deathmatches? "Camper in the grassy knoll!"

Voin Quake 2.5
A new version of the Voin Quake Partial Conversion has been released, which fixes some bugs.

TeamFortress All-Stars
Annastasia of the Jedi Knights is now organizing the first TF All-Star Match. Interested clans should email her by April 21st. Places in the match are on a first come first served basis, with preference given to those clans which are registered officially at the TF homepage. (Yes I know first come first served is not an all-star team, and that giving preference is not really first come first served, but I'm just passing along what was explained to me

Log Parser
If your still picking among the QuakeWorld log parsers out there, Richard's Quake Console.log Filter does the following: generates HTMLized stats level by level, generates tables like Doom, generates "per weapon" stats, supports basic CTF and the current Team Fortress, and can generate overall stats such as rank, skill, efficiency, deaths, etc.

Nasce la Pagina Ufficiale di Quake in Italia
If you can't read this: Nasce la Pagina Ufficiale di Quake in Italia don't bother clicking

JoinInAndDie! is back after a long bout of DNS troubles. The news page has been scratch, apparently because I'm the dog's bollocks (um, thanks), but they are now working on a Total Conversion project.

UltraQuake 2
As promised, Avatar's sequel to his popular patch, UltraQuake, has been released. here is UltraQuakeV2 (5.1 MB), also available on Avatar's page.

TC Magazine
There is an interview with Chad Wheel of Time of Wheel of Time by Flood Anxiety up on TC Magazine.

CTF Demos
Strahd {GUN} sent along a zip containing demos (589 KB) of a run through of all the secrets of the new custom CTF4.0 levels. The demos were made by Dank and Strahd (not Scud) of The Gunslingers (the demos will soon be available at their page). For the comprehensive package, there is zip of demos of all the weapons and power up locations plus all the secrets in all 27 CTF 4.0 levels (the 8 custom maps and the 19 id maps) on Q-Man's CTF Bible.

West Side Quakers Guild
The West Side Quakers Guild is a place where clans from the West Coast of the US (well, not coast: west of the Mississippi) clans can meet and arrange battles.

April 16, 1997 Tip of the Day: Lighten your soul with some poetry (hey, it's Joost's!)

Gateway is looking for servers playing the Rogue Mission servers to post on their website, so if you are running Dissolution, email him with your servers information.

Text item:
QView/QHost 4.1a is available at Wasatchfault . The new version fixes a couple of bugs and simplifies the toolbar (again).

No Clan Page Moves
The No Clan page has moved to

ThunderWalker CTF Beta
ThunderWalker CTF is a partial conversion of Threewave CTF. Version 2.0, expected by the end of next week, will beta test will take place starting at noon CST on the 19th. If you are interested in helping on the beta testing, please contact to get on the list. Space is limited to the first few dozen people plus a handful of regulars.

GeoSlums is looking to host a Quake page. Interested? Send email to with a general rundown on your page.

LAN party
There's a large LAN party May 2, 1997 at 8:00 PM at ST Computers, in Lynnwood WA (near Seattle). Email Ben Dobbs if you plan on attending (if there are enough people it will be moved to a conference room where a minimal fee may be charged). Members of clans Legends, Xtreme Prejudice, Archon's Minions, Daemons of Armageddon, Rangers, SlipGaters are said to be planning on attending.

New QuakeWorld Master Setup
Disruptor updated his .plan with the information on the new Master Cylinders:

With the release of CTF4, I've updated the QuakeWorld Servers page a bit and we've set up four masters here at id for the community to use. Standard Progs (Most people will want to use this) Capture the Flag Team Fortress Modified and Experimental Progs

These four divisions are now available on the QuakeWorld Servers page on;

ServerOps: Please update your "setmaster" var for your servers to point to the appropriate master. (eg: "setmaster" if you are running a CTF4 server for QuakeWorld)

Big Kudo's to David "Zoid" Kirsch for an *AMAZING* job on CTF4 for QuakeWorld. The initial response amongst the players on our server here at id has been great!

There is a great article up on PlanetQuake by Bernd Kreimeier, called Planet of the Vampires, talking about Total Conversions and Trademark/Copyright issues from someone involved in the very first Doom Alien TC (before they were even called TC's).

As we imagined Trey Harrison's gain will be the editing community's loss, as ED3D, the very promising Quake Editor has in fact, gone the way of all things, as the description on the site formerly yada yada... says.

Newsweek Article
There's a write-up on business in Texas in the April 21 issue of Newsweek that mentions id and John Romero. Thanks [R2}Sphinx (*salute*).

CTF Secrets
TheClan has added the CTF 4.0 map secrets to their collection (the also have Scourge of Armagon, Dissolution of Eternity, and CTF 3.5 secrets) at their homepage.

Matt Tagliaferri sends word that the qED team has just signed a publishing contract with WizardWorks/GT Valueline for the retail distribution of the qED level editor. Details are on the qED homepage.

There is a new version of HeadHunters on the HeadHunters page.

Mech Map
There is a map up for the Quake Mech TC on the QuakeMech page.

Quake Battle Chess
dUa Clan has released a beta of Quake Battle Chess on their page, which is said to follow all the rules of chess strictly.

Dave v. Quake
A new "ishue" of Dave v. Quake is out.

The most dangerous such spot since the Texas Book Repository, is the Repository of Quake Stories, which is a, well, Repository of Quake Stories.

United Kingdom One on One League
The newly formed United Kingdom One on One League (UKOOL) already has had 30 entries including Sujoy Roy, fragga, and ettu. They are looking to end up with 100 players in 10 different divisions The UKOOL page will eventually be based on quonyx. If you are interested in joining, contact CC-Onyx.

One of the original teamplay patches, JTeam has been ported to a QuakeWorld version (with the authors permission) by Charles Kendrick. JTeam is a mod that ThreewaveCTF and some other patches use to allow customizable teamplay.

sCary has a funny update explaining how he's lowering the cost of education (what a guy!). ParadoX updated, as did Mark Dochtermann who put back the missile command link. I wrote and asked why that disappeared the other day after it first went up, and this was the reply:

I tried running it on my PPRO here at work, and it turned out to run, but no mouse cursor was visible do!

I was going to fix it and repost it tomorrow. Sorry, I only had it up for about 30 minutes, but you know how Quake people are ;).

Yes I do.

April 15, 1997 Tip of the Day: Forms & Info for US Taxpayers can be found online

Drifter is a Quake level editor in the works that is using the Quest source. Saw that on the Void.

Redwood's moved to his new home over on Stomped at Congrats to Red and the Stomped team on their new marriage.

Shaker Dead
The Shaker Project is dead. The source to this incomplete Quake editor has been released here (thanks Mork).

Voin 2.0
The new Voin, a patch to make Quake a little "Doomier" is up on the Voin Page.

Tokay's Plug o' the Day
American updated his.plan:

Stamp your own clan dog tags!

CTF 4.0
Threewave Capture the Flag 4.0 has been released on (where else?) Threewave. Here's the Server (563 KB), and the Client (6.4 MB).

What a wild time in #threewave on GamesNET today as the release of CTF 4.0 approached. Well over 300 people crowded in and jabbered away for hours, before things started breaking up late in the game. The luminaries were there in force, including Disruptor and John Cash.

New Skin FAQ
Dan Bickell has released an updated version of his FAQ on making skins in Quake (10 KB). Sorry about the bad link earlier, thanks to Slayer (the first) and all others that wrote in about this.

The Real Pewp On Bob to 311
You might not have seen, but I posted a letter (briefly) yesterday that seemed to be from Janitor Bob announcing that he had joined 311. I pulled it when it turned out that it wasn't from the "real" Janitor Bob (yeah, I know, shhh...). As it turns out, even though the letter was a fake, the offer was real, I received the following from Dr. Sleep, which is Bob's reply to the offer to Join the good Doctor in 311 (The Quoted Text at the top is Dr Sleeps original mail to Bob):

>Say, why don't you reconsider joining our Clan 311. We've got one id guy
> (Cash), one Ion Storm god (my humble self), so we thought having a
> Hipnotic member would help round things out. It really isn't something
> we're crazy about, but seeing as how it's you, we might put up with it.

I ain't joinin' no clan that 1) Doesn't know that it's 911, goddammit and 2) Spoofs my G*()#$*($# email address. Even tho you aren't as bad as a greasy punk as the others, you still work for the high greaseball himself, Romero. And Telopopo or whatever is there. So fergit it. You may continue to worship me tho...

UltraQuake 2
CTF 4.0 is not the only cool release set for tomorrow. -*Avatar*- is planning on releasing UltraQuake 2 the sequel to his popular add-on in the wee hours of tonight/tomorrow on his website (I'll have it here as well). Anyone interested in running UQ2 on their server should contact him.

Log Parser
Q-Czar has written a generic Frag Log Parsing program compatible with the new QW server. It tracks username, frags and deaths and sorts by frags. It's available for download from . The output could easily be converted to HTML for inclusion in a web page and the author is willing to supply the source code for this purpose.

The week two results are up on the High Ping Capture League (thanks Targon).

Monster 3D Drivers
Told you something was funny about this yesterday... The new Monster 3D Drivers that were released on Diamond's European FTP Site, but not yet in the States were really the old drivers with a new version. Thanks Havoc.

There is an update on the QuakeRally page that says to look for the project to put you behind the wheel of a Quakin' automobile may be released "sometime in May." Thanks Jason.

First of all, my page QuakeStuff, the home of QStart and PakExplorer, has moved to In celebration of the move, version 1.12 of PakExplorer has been released.

X-Men Article
There is an article on X-Men Quake on EnterMedia.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 200 pictures should be worth a novel. Siren's Pic page on the Burn Zone now has over 200 pictures of Quake players you may have heard of, or played (or both).

CTF 4.0 Release Party
There is an eagerly-awaited announcement on Threewave that CTF 4.0 is going to be released tonight in an unprecedented online IRC party:

Come join the ThreeWave Gang for a online CTF4 Release party. The party starts at 6PM PST on the GamesNet IRC network. CTF4 will be released at the online gathering on channel #ThreeWave.

April 14, 1997

Star Quake?
Steve Funkadooda of the famed QuakeLabEditing sends along word of a cool project fearlessly jumping into the spotlight in the wake of the Alien thing. Here's the virtual USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D which has got all sorts of neat details, new sounds, textures, QuakeC (the transporter is brilliant). It's billed as a deathmatch level, and I don't know how that would be, but it's nifty. It's made by Andrew Wyllie and is also available on his page.

Alien Interview
Speaking of Alien, Flood Anxiety's interview with John of Alien Quake is up on TC Magazine.

Plans IV
Wow busy .plan Monday: Disruptor updated:

I've been getting questions from people writing servermods for QuakeWorld about the "Info string length exceeded" error.

Presently, serverinfo is limited to 512 bytes. This means that all the data contained in key/value pairs is limited to 512 bytes. Use smaller keys if you wish to have lengthy information in the values.

This is hardcoded into the server and you cannot allocate more memory manually to get around this limitation.

Fonts revisited: I'm currently using the Arial typeface at a normal size combined with the typewriter tag. The tt tag shrinks the type on most state-of-the-art browsers while displaying it at a normal size in older browsers that don't support font faces. This seems to be a logical solution: An overwhelming majority of those responding to my question about quoted text said they like the new way better, but I still want to be sensitive to those who say the text is too small to read (the newer browsers allow you to increase the size of this on the client end). I doped this out by myself, and it seems terribly clever, so I anticipate being told there's a reason it doesn't work out right for some users, bit until then, I'm going to walk around patting myself on the back.

Earlier: Kee Kimbrell did the .plan thing on the subject of DLL/Quake C question, and Dr Sleep updated (smoking is hazardous to your health). And earlier: Joost Schuur updated suggesting you get tangled. Earlier still: Mark Dochtermann updated thanking all for their responses on the DLL issue. He also has a link up to his first real programming effort, a missile command "homage," including source (subsequently removed -- Atari using Fox's lawyers?). Tom Hall also updated with a review of Ion's press junket through New York and England (it was a lot of fun meeting all those guys when they were here).

More Birthdays
I see on sCary's that it's Bi||iard's birthday, too (morbid's is also today, in case you've missed the subtle notices), and John Cash updated with Birthday greets for his better half:

Happy Birthday to my wife Mary!!! I'm still not sure how or why she puts up with me, but I'm glad she does.

International Deathmatch
An historic "official" Sweden versus Finland LPB deathmatch took place yesterday in QuakeWorld. The fight featured no less then the 15 best players from each country. Played in two half hour rounds on Death32a (not DM2, thanks Jesper Hansson), Sweden won 1437-901. Fifteen on fifteen and over 2300 frags. How cool is that?

Further news about the game (player reports etc.) will be available soon on Hobbex's (who was kind enough to send this report and the screenshots) A Frag in the Darkness.

Mortal Kombat TC
Check you legal briefs, another beta TC is out, the Mortal Kombat TC.

I Already Said That
morbid updated his .plan to make sure the Birthday message got out (see next story):

Monday, April 14th is my 20th birthday. Buy me something :-)

And remember, QSpy 5.1 and 5.1a are carcinogens. Upgrade to 5.1b now and there won't be any lasting effects.

Also, read my new New Vore Times article!

New QuakeWorld
Here is version 1.55 of the QuakeWorld Client Installer. Here is the upgrade if you have the previous version, here is the patch to upgrade from 1.50 server. BTW, it's the Birthday of Jack "Morbid" Mathews (part of the QW Team as well as Team QSpy), so everybody who sees him today, be sure to give him his Birthday noogies.

April 13, 1997

Hipnotic Water Util
Ken Alverson sends along the new version of his Transparent Water QBSP (54 KB), which has been updated to include support for the Hipnotic pack.

The UK Clan Mailing List (Correction)
Due to technical difficulties, the UK Clan mailing list has moved to Old subscribers will have to resubscribe by sending email to with a subject line of 'subscribe'.

Bug Fixed QuakeWorld "Soon"
Disruptor updated his .plan with word on the status of the bug fixes in QuakeWorld:

We'll be releasing a new version of the QuakeWorld client and server "soon". This suite, along with fixing bugs, will support -gamedir which will allow you to play addons such as CTF and Team Fortress.

Your patience is appreciated.

TeamFortress Beta
There is a beta of TeamFortress 2.5 running on a couple of servers, featuring two new classes. Sketchy details are on the TeamFortress page on how to connect to a server and check it out. Thanks VomitGod.

Op Bayshield Source
The source of the patch used back when to create the hysterically funny Operation Bayshield movie has been released by cRUm on this page. There's a warning that this is not meant to be a "universal" patch, since it was written specifically for what they were doing on their project, but it may be helpful to some aspiring Otto Premin-gib out there.

Sujoy versus Fragga
Apparently there was a highly anticipated match recently between two of the UK's most feared players, Sujoy Roy and Fragga, which resulted in fairly convincing a Fragga victory. Thanks to Boywonder for sending along the word on the remarkable coverage on QuakePerfect. There were observers, and there is almost frag-by-frag coverage, including screenshots. It is a great write-up, and coverage like this is one of the things that will help propel Quake forward as a sport.

Inside Quake C
There's a section up at the QCHQ called Inside Quake C that gives from scratch lessons in Quake C programming.

Worldcraft University
The next WCU class is this afternoon at 2:00 PM PDT. The scheduled topic is Worldcraft's FGD file format, and how to modify or add new entities to it to support quake TCs and other QC mods. Class will be held on PlanetQuake's IRC server:, port 6667, #worldcraft

Have you heard about the upcoming Lotus shooter called Qwake? I hear it's just a rip-off (as opposed to Microsoft's MS-Gun). Read all about the suspicious origination of this new game in the New Vore Times in a hilarious expose by Team QSpy's own Jack Mathews. Thanks Digital Hippie.

QuakeMech TC
There is a public release demo of the QuakeMech TC up on its homepage.

QuakeWorld TeamFortress
Here is a page that lists most of the TeamFortress QuakeWorld servers.

QuakeWorld Logger
There is a perl script that calculates all the fraglogs a QW server generates and makes them into web pages available for download on the Braveheart TF Rankings Page.

Frag N Tag
The Frag N Tag tournament starts tomorrow. Here's the new location of the page:

April 12, 1997 Cool Site of the Day: The Quake Name Maker (More Java)

Mark Dochtermann updated with some interesting questions about the Quake C/DLL question:

- Jim and I are trying to figure out which way we want to go with QC. Ion Storm and Id went the DLL route. We are considering the following:

QC - multiple progs.dat with a plugin architecture similar to DLL's. This would allow you guys to use the Reaper Bot with our pack for example.

DLL - Fast and furious but no security. This also gets rid of most portability possibilities. Hard to make without commercial compiler, and you guys don't pirate your software do you? I am surprised Id and Ion went this route to be honest.

JAVA - Not quite as fast as DLL's but with JIT compiler, it should still crank. Great security and portability. New paradigm of thought when creating objects, but that is bound to happen anyway.

What would you guys like to see out there. Are you happy with Id and Ion's decision to go with DLL's. Do you care?

I got one response that hated the new smaller quoted text... I think it's spiffy. If you've got an opinion to share, I'd like to hear it. Should I go back to the typewriter look?

FvF 2.0
Future versus Fantasy Quake version 2.0 been released on Freeform's page.

Configurable Auto-Mount in QW
Thanks the Exalted Weenie, Andy Geisler (Quake Weenie Site) for suggesting to my old buddy, author of the BFG FAQ Tony Fabris for sending along this cool information (straight from his homepage) about the death of the auto-mount "feature," as of the latest QuakeWorld:

Big news, here. The new version of QuakeWorld (1.5) has finally fixed the auto-mount problem ... All too often, you would be chasing down another player with the super nail gun, only to crank the wall with his rocket launcher when you finally fragged him.

The two new commands allow you to set the weapon switch independently of the backpack switch. You specify a number that determines the highest weapon you want to auto-mount. In my example, I have chosen to auto-mount the rocket launcher if I run over it (but not the lightning gun. I hate running over the lightning gun in DM4 and having to switch back to the rocket launcher.). I have also chosen to auto-mount the grenade launcher but not the rocket launcher in the event of a backpack snag. My theory is that if I do frag someone with the grenades, I've got a couple seconds to get clear before the grenades go off.

Note: You have to use SETINFO for these, I don't know why.

// NEW! Automount is fixed in QuakeWorld 1.5!
setinfo w_switch 7
setinfo b_switch 6

Another option would be to auto-mount only non-explosive weapons:

setinfo b_switch 5
setinfo w_switch 5

Or, for the experts who've mapped their favorite weapons to special keys, you could disable auto-mount altogether:

setinfo b_switch 1
setinfo w_switch 1

New SGI Quake
Saw on the Void that there's a new version of SGI Quake available on Quake Utils for SGI Irix.

Thred Dead?
I also saw on the Void that the Thred page is acknowledging that the future of this one-time cutting edge editor is in question:

Jon Mavor has not said if he will release another version of Thred or not. At this point, I'm starting to wonder...

I have received a copy of a manual for Thred. I'll be posting it here this weekend.

Q-Ball 2.0
QBall v2.0 has been released on the Home of QBall. New features include a single-player bot, a grappling hook, and a revamped level.

Diablo Patch Update
There has been an update to the Diablo Weapons Patch. They're looking to distribute the download load (Blaed's Edge, the homepage, is in Alaska), so here's Version 0.76 (940 KB) of Rayme's Diablo Weapons Quake Patch, Here's the update for previous versions (360 KB). Here's the two text files, the read me and, diabweap.txt.

X-Men TC
Hope it doesn't get "Foxed," but they seem to feel they'll be able to work out a deal with Marvel. Anyway, X-Men Quake looks like a really serious effort:

Quake Mod Fraternity
The Quake Mod Fraternity is a newly formed group looking to make some waves with Quake-related projects. Mod Fraternity, huh? How about a kegger patch?

DC Cam
On sCary's is word that you can get still-cam shots of DC-CON II on the web.

Alien Quake Update
There is an update on the status of the Alien Quake TC on the website formerly known as the Alien TC Homepage. They want to let us know that the Fox guys aren't being nasty about it, and that there's possibly even a happy ending in the future for this story..

New Stoneless
Version 0.99 of Stoneless, the Quake Map builder is available at the new location of the Stoneless site:

32 Players x2
The QuakeWorld 32 Player Project and the Quake BSP eXpansion (whose second project was also 32 player QuakeWorld levels) have combined their most recent projects.

Sporbed Clan List
Spacetec has created a list for Clans that has any members using SpaceOrb 360's. If anyone in your clan uses the SpaceOrb and want to have your Clan listed, email Arc or visit the SpaceOrb ClanList Page.

Clan League
The Genocidal Quakeworld Clan League has now been running for 1 month now.

Qoole News is a newgroup on (open to the public) for people who need help or want to share tips for editing with the Qoole map editor. Thanks [DPC] Reverend.

Quake Server Browser News & Reviews
The Quake Server Browser News & Reviews page has been updated.

Hexen 2
Thanks to Phoebus (CULT OF PHOEBUS) for word that Next Generation has news on the development of Hexen 2 for the PlayStation and Saturn, though there's no mention of a Nintendo 64 version of the game.

Spice v. Quake Redux
Adam Williamson passes along word that the Spice Girls vs. Quake cartoon was drawn a couple of months ago by a Charlie Brooker, a cartoonist who works for the British PC games magazine, PC Zone (it appeared in the February 97 Issue 47 according to ledge). Most of his cartoons are on his website.

A few pages have moves to QNN: Army of Darkness TC, Jaw3d Model Editor, QuakeMech TC, Dave Vs. Quake, and Head Hunters (where you can now find version 0.996).

Quake Tattoo
A photo of a Quake Tattoo at the Tormented Souls web page. Eeek!

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